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FanstandATX - Two-A-Days '16: Lehman Lobos

Mon, 8 Aug 2016|


  1. Susan McDougal1:15
  2. Oklahoma0:46

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    the other thing hot here experiencing. I'm really excited because I'm very pre season games I'm excited yeah programme. Well let me be made from last year and I'm excited to play it was my. Okay. Yeah

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We did things right and I'm excited at the moment and yeah and you know just this gig at the little things right and I hope and his daughter. Let's get you help your be the best you can be all right now know about it. Now worth about what your. Support of marriage and I don't want that argue if not golf right okay. Let's focus on what I don't want to. I didn't. Plus. They have to Oklahoma. Is that we have to come out to warrant. Yeah I'm big. It's. Can't wait and see what we can be good. Scoop did go through pretty long those who have. Synthetic growth due to all of us could do you know lawyers to back its. It is yeah word. Susan McDougal and not very close to him break the vicious. You know the little lower cardinals are still save and then there's. So we'll see you yeah that's how it's part of the I was very who was revealed to compete the next low end you know. One of the birth the keepers wonder that the school to get that in in this mobile. Take me further and getting shut out the post. Are they they couldn't weren't as cellular nation offering. And settle letters he read. Yes how to become martyrs and your coach being each yeah. The holy book and it's. And it's gonna. And he's not. So much figures being visited with. Commodity. Hey. Shut out some memories. Shut up Brian is not all bad.