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FanstandATX - Two-A-Days '16: Manor Mustangs

Mon, 8 Aug 2016|


  1. Arkansas0:43
  2. Seattle2:42

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Here let me. I don't know. Yeah everybody did shouted yeah well I mean you got it. I want no matter how you look okay yeah I got the ability. You. Are you OK good I. And we'll like we'll. Made a hole. So. I you don't look at it will be. And a bogey at the everything we can't think of Arkansas everything that we can't get those. Big gulp everybody. I have a problem here then my automotive beauty wherever they have sort of crack that I looked at my. I can't think you can hit it at the at every practice every. We want him to. What do you do. It's been going really good he's got a really good. The boys are working group Lauren. Very. Hard crisp practices and we're real proud of where we're at right now. Came out and handling of it is good but again embedded loses. Continue to work do these young guys are getting ready for this season and everybody is seasoned and. Fatigue or not. Apparently he admitted yeah I would says I'm what do you. New study in the two days always are. Who retired. Think you can drive it as they have ideas to come back into the afternoon and I think I'm. We won't be great they're winners earning every day you better believe Evans staff the programs we just got savings. Yeah. And how oddly. Yeah. As being good little tiring you know a relic of the 530 we day. To get up here but it is is fluent in happy having its own millions of and you'll like the mustang and I put on a hot iron to expect him. It's going good I will lose its authenticity is real and legal playing for the size plus QB need everybody. Sure of the patents anything out here. And I. Or no has been wounded you know got a lot of improvements. You ready for the season Seattle farm. Present itself where everything you do it received whereas religion very campaign. Meaning sat out a touch them. Where fans haven't my brother variance that's number that gays and at some moment my dad had some campaigns have to post me as soon because of a coastline. We have any at home here set out landing on people who specimen of good Redick sort of when you got here. And it really isn't set though when nations out of the if they facilities in the season. Tough to audit these about the season. So that's the way I am you know I. And it is now it's. That's the sixty news. Please don't close. Actually seventeen. A shocking news. It's. Not cheap clothes he shot any arguments and some urgency to this must have a. It's own.