KJCE 1370AM>Audio on Demand>>Bigfoot is the subject of a new feature film. What are the realities vs the fiction of the elusive creature?

Bigfoot is the subject of a new feature film. What are the realities vs the fiction of the elusive creature?

Nov 30, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome film maker Dallas Morgan to talk about his new film - Sightings. THe story involves a family being terrorized by Bigfoot. We talk about the research involved in weriting the film, and the portrayal of the creature. We also sort through some fact vs fiction about the bigfoot story. 11/30/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Out west coasters and he's knows many mistakes and we're in between welcomed me on really ridiculous myself just cause it was awesome. Davey Johnson you have some of the comes in years studio and now cleans up all the spider webs. Knew nobody comes in studio numbers and that's probably not a bad thing but I really need some to do what this little spider webs and here I don't understand what's or not all of a sudden disappeared like overnight like there was an invasion of spiders in my speech I mean it's cold outside says it's coming this probably like thousands of morality and you can see right now that's really unsettling. I mean to pace that is not something I wanna I wanna envisioned or think about to walk into the woods and nine you know how many eyes on you but you can't see what's in there so all great I give you nightmares welcome to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio and we are going to be talking about a film tonight called sightings which. Is encrypted piece. I think it's considered a horror movie may be a thriller but the director writer producer tells Morgan and join us and tell us about it and that is what talked about when it comes to this kind of thing. Yes not to be confused with sightings back in the nineties with the legendary Stevie tell him that was a TV show or what another what was there was an alien movie. Let us dollar Gibson right what was that called was this sort of thing yeah thought so so no signs that science that's us that's right Santiago will be talking about this in terms of encrypted that is our harassing me dysfunctional family living on a ranch in Texas and this is the kind of stuff that sounds and gives people who will lease which are thinking about things Livan in the woods but isn't every Shanley. Dysfunctional. And it's only. I think it is this is gonna summit an oxymoron but if you're not dysfunctional your your strange. Because I think. Everything where you boring welders that to happen so I mean I know I love much in my in my Tim astray but. We're extremely dysfunctional family I mean there they got a father's a plumber months coasted in and it's just it's just a we have him in general. Yes well it's a little weirdness and everything only goes a long way you know if you have a detonation you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com and in the say it's actually being updated so. But check it out and you can download the free iPhone and android operate there which allows listen the show on the go can slide shows past shows join me online chat more. A you can also click on the station time final stations. That we're live there where arm across country which list is ever changing and ever growing some issues statement on that. Or just click the listen lines tavern on the website enjoying answering your online chat javy and iron there all the time is a great community people. And it's wonderful place to hang out if you download the showed us a favor and I see a lot of people have been reading lately so thank you very much. But just do us a favor and rate national forest because it helps push forward and makes it easier for people to find. Yeah and there are some really cool comments are coming along with those ratings too as we appreciate people taking the time to write that stuff out we should mention we've got some pretty cool stuff coming up on the show of course tomorrow night we've got to guest joining Cheryl Costa. Will be discussing the latest news in the UFO sightings around the world. And she Yvonne who is a medium bowl talk about medium ship and all aspects of how that works he has talked about. The fact that we are all a spirit inside a physical form but it's two different things we can all communicate with spirits. It's setter etc. but next week he had great stuff coming. Good friend of mine actually a little friend at first off forever Friday as the best of machine soon and that that day but now Monday we get a good friend of mine a couple different. Actually nick Graf and Katrina we'd meant a lineman ansari and media of course you know them from paranormal lockdown. And index a great guy him down and talk to the many times to train as well remember back when she's on internal state so. Be great to have them on and and talk to them. Are we talking memorable moment Michelle kernel lockdown and a lot of things coming up on written expressly with the season three's and so for itself. And then Tuesday we go will heart. Is author you a full and ancient alien investigator so of course it's going to be of their reached a night. And then Wednesday we can't we've got another very good friend of mine Jack cannot colonel investigator and author and we're going to be discussing his new book haunting skills in demons. Which is now available on Amazon.com. So what do you think about the very seismic shift in retail. Where. I think records were set for online shopping on Friday. Saturn now we have Friday Saturday and Monday every each of those days that we exceeded the record prior to that. So much retail is moving on the line that malls are scrambling in desperate to find tenants to fill empty store spaces and I think it's got a lot of consequences but it's almost an impossibility due avoided it's so convenient. Well and and that's a big thing and I think it was it was the times or whatever that just to this report. Saying that it's done that Black Friday is pretty much dead net instead in the water and that the only way the source are going to be able to compete. He is by having pretty much just. There and the whole month the whole month of November and so forth as the special deals this Hillary it's the only way people are really going to head out. And and grabbed Ese sings and so forth I gonna be honest I'm one of those guys where. If I need something. And electronic lies or whatever I'll tell a lot of times him by at just because I want it my hands at that time. But nine out of ten times just don't want our score online and find it. And grab that they're. Well it was a couple things that happen when you shop online and listen this is not a commercial and certainly I as somebody's been in radio for very long time and I say that I mean as an owner I lived. On advertising which was came from local retailers that's where that's a bread and butter so I am fully in support of people going out. And shopping and supporting the local retailers these retailers exist in the communities that you live and they feed their families they send their kids to school they pay taxes dates so anytime you can shop at a local retailer I wholeheartedly recommend it however having said that. Like you just said when you go online to buy something usually. It's immediately available you'll have the women a day or two and you're gonna get a great price on those are the three things that everybody looks forward to shopping and. Hard to beat and a lot of times even talk about the great press I mean if if I go on and I look something up online. Usually I can find it for like four different crisis when I go to the store it's just one price. And I noise and no campaign and ornament a pay right there but most of the time. Yeah free shipping everything else and I still get it cheaper because in have to go to the store and they don't have. Then you know these big stores in these big storefronts and ran and everything else is paying for. So it I totally get it knows me wrong I'm I'm big government LaMont pop stores and and so forth but. Even where you are JV I mean if you have to head out to about aspire something it's it's an hour away it's an hour and half away yeah I've got an hour drive to get to basically she's so I mean the convenience of aegis. Instead of investing three hours to head somewhere in back. Me go online you order in all you have usually a lot of times the next day. Why are light go for a three hour car ride which is pretty much of the time that would take me detract from here in New York City. And distanced by some means it's just crazy. Yet it it is I'm having again going back and just retreating and moment having also that are really encourage people to you don't support whatever moment Popper local retailers are under still wanted to community's problem is there's just not a lot of room. And the ones that exist are pretty specializes in on what general merchandise itself. Off the soapbox there but there is something else that it's pretty interesting that we need to talk about. Because we brought up I think you brought up last night the volcano in Indonesia that has been threatening to two hours to talk about the volcano drink shall have no wonder what that means comfort and a void that those that. That discussion comes scientists are now talking about the fact that we are overdue we are way overdue. 48 cataclysmic super eruption we've never seen one during civilized man's presence on earth. Yeah our and they happen every what they're saying is they used to think it was about a hundred every 100000 years or so. But in new information is now saying that these things occur much more frequently and they can now beef it's anywhere from. Fifteen. To about 50000 years and it's about 50000 years section about 45000 years that as civilized man has existed. On the planet so we haven't seen one yet and we're due. Ports are saying the Subaru OK it was and yeah the Yellowstone. Well there that's that's one they say could be could be coming super volcano on these things are there's there's you know several spots around the world. That could turn into this type of eruption. I don't know the we've identified the mall but the point is these things happen have happened all throughout Earth's history. They just haven't happened happened during our history because we really are just a blip in the clock of the planet earth right now. I've soul and and one of those crap I mean if it's great it's going to be Dennis well they're talking about it actually changing means that the thing that can wipe out the wiped out the dinosaurs is the same concept changeable tetris blocks outside the blocks up the sun forum. Dozens if not hundreds of years which can destroy all life I'm not gonna be a Debbie downer here or mean Merry Christmas season we should. At B but still visceral I won't have to hype to cope act any residue of this three mile comical very immediate Astrid serie a on our numbers on diamond. In in December 1 in afternoon we'll talk about that later on it but you know on another note did you care about this this guy in India way that they removed all the schooling and so forth from stomach no but would they would elect. Only valuable with the old point and certainly like hello Allen it was a Roman Roman color certainly like the guys in oak island criminal finding the old now well actually I guess that this guy was an oak on island they finally would have found a spectacle like that took us home about a now hires or doctors or remove. They get Christian 263. Points. Razor blades. Chains. In needles from Lance was discovered part of a circus sideshow news paid to swallow those he he had Soviets some issues this time in anybody using the status matches about a minute India was suspected of with suspected food poisoning was found have a lot of metal objects has had some allotment. When Mohamed mosque -- Was rushed to the hospital in November 18 after experiencing severe stomach pains was believed that he had been suffering from a case of food poisoning. When doctors review to centuries. There this BRC a shock of their lives he would somehow managed to ingest assortment of 263 points several razor blades for large needles. Urinary Jim how were largely hollow needles and in a metal machine in several males. In this that is what they say we were shocked to discover coins nails nuts bolts and everything else in this comic. This man looks mentally unstable as no sane person would do something like this. It's believed that he had started swallowing these metal objects or suffering from depression. And fortunately the surgical team was able to remove them. But. I just I don't know how swallowing these things going to help. Reduce truck. Fresh mind and I mean people do some strange things when they're depressed and they cut themselves a commit suicide than he's ever seen very very strange things nobody mil a year is maybe he was just trying to mess with TSA when we use it as a traveler may be just wanted to. Messinger onto the the the scanner there. Directly restaurants a little better like maybe is iron intake was on for and it's a no obvious now and I was grasping at straws on the court so I felt well anyway there's a lot of cool so we should take a quick break here I'm gonna bring our guests and a little while but we come back here a couple more things who want to chat about. K but somebody still has knocked on that card so we need to try to get people to pick the skirt so if you don't know we're talking about innocence news stations on board. We chose a car about two weeks ago it's a regular part of a regular playing dec. And and we still have that same card people Ming calling in for two weeks than men unable to guesses current. This year hopefully somewhere else there's just been eliminating a recurrent a summary says because you beat down to the wire. Same card with head. So at some point throughout tonight we're gonna open up phone lines and do that again the numbers 84468776. Weeks and until free date for four. 6877669. You listen Jason. And dvd on really radio will be back. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. The easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's not a reality radio Jason and James seemed. And bring our guests in just a few moments a segment it's going to be very very short ones arrest solid go soundtrack plan on there that some lake so blue earth wind and fire there they're really were great band and it's really cool stuff. Over the phone numbers 8446877669. You'll either need that to talk about our topic tonight when our guest is on later when we open up the phone lines or you'll need it when we decide to. Revisit the psyche experiment that we've been doing his Jason's talking about before the break. I'm I'm amazed we haven't gotten this car yet. I'm at all. Leaders I don't know it just aren't gonna do government is bailing out encourages. And we did and to there are some people of throughout the same article that at times but. Mean if if you're sitting there and just taking out the courage from the debt elimination. And a you gotta be down to the bare metal. It seems like math and be on your side at this point especially been listening for two the last couple weeks he's in the throws up total concept of remote viewing right. Which is the whole idea here I didn't bring up this one topic is we just have a minute here before we've been breaking again Tom just. There is police in a town called little Egg Harbor. In New Jersey. So they were called to a wooded section of eighty residential area. I near route nine in New Jersey for reports of trash bags containing 22 decapitated birds. Those birds including roosters hands Guinea hens and pigeons and there's a fear now that is a significant COLT. Or satanic worship situation going on in that area and police are looking for information from anyone who might know what's going on. Well that's just that first off that's sick and sad but Tom when I was younger I remember a situation of a couple crazy kids. Who were literally be adding chickens and the whole idea and it's it's grow some sorry but. They were doing it as like a competition to see who's because when when you do it it's it's it's gross but they they run they take off running an end. And they're trying to see whose would last long and then that. Are probably not enough what they deserve but. He had when it comes to the call it's tough man who we did a case we do case on Maine where at people's cats were all disappearing. And that's what was going on so it does happen. Mo if anybody has any information. I know the we have a lot of listeners in New Jersey. There is a phone number it's 609. 2963666. And if you've got information on what might be going on. In this community and why people might be doing and again it's little Egg Harbor township in New Jersey. I've been altar so he anything of course cults out any time when it comes down to a cruelty to animals something is just. It's disgusting these things have no idea what you know what you were doing to them. Are it's a few haven't yet made she head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like to FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality radio dot com again you can download the free iPhone and android operator which shall listen live sketch pad shows trying online chat more all ago. You click the listen life tab and that your connection to an online chat room javy and Larry in the coolest race there from the web site. We're just click the station tab and find Oleg rescissions we are across the country were constantly updating so make she's Sam top of that. Are we're gonna take a quick break Mordechai on new listen Jason. Dvd on really revealed that. Jot down on number 84. 46877669. They wanna call and join our discussion as we get into whether guest Dallas tonight Dallas Morgan. Or you may wanna call little bit later in the program when we re introduce our psyche experiment to see if we can find somebody in our audience who has the ability to tap into our minds. As we are frantically and very methodically focusing on this plane car that we drew two weeks ago that everybody's guest every card but. And yes those are in my in my in my it was so we Aaron like thirty something states forty you know almost forty states that you think that somebody which states tunnel and which stay composed in Cleveland State is a vision of state and some analysts do there's nothing to us. That is exploring some pretty interesting ideas as certainly as it relates to our topics of conversation here. But particularly it's about a dysfunctional family living on a ranch in Texas were being threatened by encrypted in the woods. And ultimately they have to overcome their interpersonal conflicts in order to unite and survived Dallas welcome to be on reality radio is great to have you on the show with us tonight. I. Thanks for coming out so before you get into the film let's learn a little bit more about you I tell us about yourself how you got started in filmmaking. Yeah I I'm originally from North Carolina and I'm Val Los Angeles. Shortly after high school. Go to the old school and graduated from the Los Angeles so old school out there aren't. Immediately whipped into working in the industry working very act these nets and different auction companies and. Worked on some other cell. Production manager location manager script supervisor is still a lot of different saints. And then ultimately decided to start my own production company with my wife. And we we got started producing and various works Berger other companies in. Basically pretty girl and wept shell and then this is our first feature links well that we did together. And my wife also start and it you know also produced it with meat so that exciting to work together and finally bring. Eight feature length film you permission. While some kind of assembly effort that's great now. He said that for askew on Gregory from I think he's at school you went out to LA to beginning. Learning and becoming a filmmaker learning about him becoming a filmmaker. What was it during your childhood the may June interest in pursuing that path. So I have to give credit to. The movie Jurassic Park. It was seeing Jurassic Park as I guess call it a thirteen year old. And and it also very specifically after I saw Jurassic Park my brother and I went to blockbuster video. And rented them making them Jurassic Park VH yeah actually like two hour documentary. Hosted by James Carroll Jill. On the making of Jurassic Park and so that was the first time I ever saw people actually making a movie. And that is certainly what initially inspired me to explore that further as a potential career in. From their started making you know little movies with my my brother and neighbors and ultimately led to worry about now. A lot of people don't realize in my work that goes into making movies I've I've been on yeah and onto movie sets and it's just it's insane let alone in my work goes on there on them when it goes the editors and and you got the guys don't whether whether they're using whatever. Special effects that they're using an artist it's a huge complicated it's complex and. Yeah alone per applicant that there be Hume we spent. About two to three years in your writing and financing stage before we ever even got to go into production so. They're even work beyond that shooting and editing. Yet when the cameras start to roll three quarters of the work has been done Tom did you find. It was a surprising to you said you made some kind of I would upon amateur films for lack of a better drug. Name I guess. Before you went to LA he fooled around with that stuff. Did you find is as the technology has improved and I mean gosh you can make we can make a movie on your iPhone now did you find it was a lot easier to get into that business. Than you thought originally. You in some ways it's much easier to may. Content now it's much easier to get a camera negotiate something. But in any way to become a little bit more difficult to use stand out because so many people are able to do it now. So is it accurate tied up the same because where where it's gained. Traction is the ability to get your hands on high quality. Content. Equipment to negotiate something that looks great. But you're now competing with so many more people to get your film or your material out there and do that scene. What specially in a day and age were some of those things that people create their own and put on YouTube. Are just as good as some of the some of the motion pictures the major motion bestseller author yeah. Whether they're making it with Adobe after a factor or anything else I mean it just opens up such such a wide range of abilities but it also. Is nice because it. Opens it up to talent that would have never had this ability before and I know some directors and and producers who literally gone on YouTube and looked and looked for certain people certain. People with certain skill sets to hire in four different production jobs because of the things that they've actually posted on YouTube. Yep yeah it actually happened who aren't especially when it comes to you know finding actors and talent you said. Bringing people from the social media world. Is great because you concede they may not done anything. In television under armour in motion pictures but you can see them in either talent right there in and they also are coming up bring an audience with that well people that are preempted then that that that that add clout your salute well. Yet Bolton following. So when you arm started. The filmmaker processor this again I don't wanna talk but the specifics of this before we go to break of this particular summit is when I took the process. You wrote you directed and produced there's that's a lot of hats to Wear. In any film making project in which do you like the best. So it directing is definitely my passion. IE set out to be a director and being able to work with and collaborate. With your crew and your classic Kraft. This story together is what really gets me excited. The they're writing I found the love it in the process of writing yet another thing that I've written. And then that the Purdue and part of it's almost like you buy and eat all I produce so that I could. Hire myself as the director. Yacht for did produce that I can I can do that really low which is the direct our. That's great and as you. He said this took about. Two years before he started filming to our right and to get the finance department has another hat all unto itself that's part of the Purdue our producers. A job I think to raise the money the man that's a job unto itself. Oh yeah it was a it was a definite challenge I mean. Especially considering I don't have that huge track record as a director so we went out and pitched a lot as. Investors in our potential financiers and had to convince then that I would man for the job though it was a lot of knocking on doors sliding door shut but ultimately we found a group of people. That put money into it believed to not have believed in the project and story and the potential for it. Got behind didn't put their money on the table and hope to make it to make it happen. Well that's what we're gonna get into when we get back from the break this story we're talking with the Dallas Morgan who is the writer producer and director of a recent release recently released feature film called sightings. Which is about a cricket who is harassing and maybe even more threatening definitely a family in Texas and there's a lot to talk about here will do it all after the break Paris so real quick break. We come back a lot more you listen Kissinger. Now my wife soon. We were questioned. What you wanna hear its first. So many irons. So envious. Below the struggling Mets. We you know. Yeah. What do you got just our key. My fellow but always in the field yesterday you an alien skin but it doctor with a scalpel. Paranormal mr. mayfield and my researchers estimated need Tommy you in your daughter should take precautions. Well thank you Lorena women know whenever I'm not yeah. Music all of windy go to malls Cody Alan. We got ourselves bingo area. What's more. Being attacked me. Tiger welcome back to the show be on reality radio that is the audio from the trailer of the recently released feature film called citing spike. Our our guest tonight Dallas Morgan he wrote it produced it and directed it and Dallas again thanks for being with us one get your take on. The point at which she decided when you're going to make your first feature film. How did you choose this particular topic. Yes so. Obviously going in Q first of all he wanted to make something that is. You're passionate about your excited about and so. Some of my favorite movies. Are the science fiction genre mean. Close encounters of the third kind is in my top ten list movies like jaw it's. Signs. Is another big one for me so I knew I wanted to make something that could be inspired by some of my favorite movies in and in the late in some way. So doubt in my mind was that and then I was having a conversation with a buddy of mine telling him you know I'm I'm trying to put together scripts from movie. And he says the eighty and didn't clip of the guy in the back woods of North Carolina who had claimed to have seen a task watched. And when I saw this clip I was very fascinated by the individual that they were interviewing and that was making the arraignment. So very interested in the topic and so. I started getting more research and wanted to do something I was gonna make a movie that dealt with. Big foot I wanted to do it in a different way I mean there's been a lot of big movies and so I knew I need to be something unique wicket. And. Without giving too much and go away at the movie and not based on our researcher started discovered something about Georgia bigfoot some theories out there about where he comes from. But I thought we really need to explore. In a movie. And to go to the initial pieces that started to come together that inspired me to write its story that it would from the air is really about figuring out. Who are these characters and who's the Stanley in order their relationships and how does that mean changed over the course of these extraordinary event taking place. But now a script does neurology Benz something that you always been passionate about oh. Yeah it yes so you know I've always been one I I personally have not had any type of experience. In that realm. But I always. Interest data and material out there supporting it not you know watch to write it shows the mean. Ancient alien has always been a big shill for Mia I enjoy watching and in Jewish exploring. Those ideas been. I'm the evidence out there to support them. And yet it's definitely been something that I follow it read about it in any primary day. Finding bigfoot episode on TV usually stuck watching it back. You you mentioned apple gonna have to walk some fine lines here and if we get to a point where we ask a question that reveals too much. Of the film of the plotter though or any other dismay you know stop us that's not a problem are. But if you had mentioned something about a lot of big foot movies one of the things that I find pretty interesting is that. When you talk about bigfoot movies in the volume of work that's out there are SaaS watch movies. A lot of what you think about is some of these really sure lock key if films that came out in the seventies and there's some really bad ones but Rex recently. There seems it's better renewed interest in this particular story in in the story of SaaS squad too big foot and eight in this creature as a character in the film. And equality has increased dramatically is or something going on that were just unaware of it's making people pay attention again. Yeah I'm not I'm not really shore I think that. This particular creature has always been assassination of people. And it may be a good back what you were saying earlier about the accessible equipment and technology advancing that allowed more people view. Make movies and so. This. This topic is have been able to edit content. To the limelight again it's you know I think one thing I have noticed is most of the bigfoot movies that have come out in the recent years typically. Have been kind of found footage sub genre. And so I I bet we wanted to steer away from that well we're making sightings and be something that was more the traditional narrative. I'm so sick I was thank you Terry Henderson could. But that's not one that I'm sick and of the that's funny ha. You brought up the found footage. Idea and we're gonna talk about that extensively in the next hour because I think it's really important to. But you're right about that as that being the format that a lot of these newer bigfoot movies have brought to the screen but one of the things it's also seems to be happening and I'm in Tennessee in the mall when I seen a bunch of them. Is that they are making. Big foot angrier and angrier and more. Frightening I mean honestly I would be able to get more damage and and actually in a way more civilized in that they're communicating with each other and able to coordinated I mean there's a whole bunch of changes going on. Would just the concept of what bigfoot might be. Yes I think you know we had that we there's obviously a lot of different ideas about that in in the weighted that he keep it this. Species communicate in. Others different opinions on whether or not there are actually violent or non stop like that so. You know when it comes to movies obviously you have to use big east you the truth a little bit so that there's an entertainment value that they air. And I know when we were developing the script in every saint. I've had some conversations. With people that. Are probably even closer to the world and I am to express flight. They're not not only senior piling creature that may not be violence so having that in the movie and it seems. You're you may be stepping out and 'cause they airplay kinda need a little bit of that excitement and danger to make the move here Cheney. Or most of the people we talked to on this subject of the professionals in the field talk about how he sings it just they're trying to co exist or trying to be left alone by it. Where ending up their territory and and Brett that's for the situation is Alex Ferrer. Seeking just says they're causes harm it's just when your in their territory and not leaving. As when they. That's when they supposedly get violent start throwing things in and wails of stuff. I imagine you'd be a pretty boring movie is bigfoot in men never met in the movie in her know her action Dallas and everybody heard all right. Yeah all right so we're talking with Dallas Morgan and the film by the way is called sightings we're gonna on talk a lot more about it on the other side of the break. But it's a pretty an interesting story about a scripted threatening a Stanley living in ranch in Texas in the Stanley is not only afraid of this creature but they're having issues amongst themselves again overcome those issues. To be able to handle what they're dealing with don't forget tomorrow night we've got a couple of guests coming on the program Cheryl constable beyond discussing the latest news and your foes has been a lot of cool sightings recently. Data were to be talking about a make just to get Charles take on some of these reports. Yen in the second guess let function on action medium hour of talking about medium ship and pretty much all the aspects in that area and how we are all spirits in the human body and how we can all communicate with spirits. So on the next week get a bunch or gracious or Friday of course is at best but come Monday we've got my good friend nick Graf Katrina a lot of large mound. From paranormal lock down their become an analogous talking for awhile on the new upcoming. Third season. And Tuesday we go will Hart will Hart author beautiful ancient alien investigator. Jimmie talking about his books. And then once we get my good friend Jack Kana coming on paranormal investigator and author will be discussing his new book while ghosts and demons which is now available on Amazon.com. Yeah a lot of great stuff coming up again wrecked on the phone number 28446877669. We'll take your calls about a big foot and films for that matter later in the program and also we'll continue with our psychic remote viewing experiment that Oakmont later in the program as well see only the phone number for that. All right so you listen Jason GB. The West Coast there's youngsters. Started. Us welcome beyond reality reviewed Jason in GT. Organs saved and in between one. And actually a total brain fart at one minute I was reading something that I just as easily anyways as it had to make sure I was saying rattled. Lol so I think science has turned a major corner when it comes to life. And I don't even know what else I know the implications can be pretty huge but apparently scientists have. Created artificial DNA components. In which they can you know how you know I don't know if you remember any genetics but there's there's like Ford. Gene markers that they use in the use a letter designation for them I think they're. It's like a seat. AT and G are the four. Any stand for certain protein on the Indian name on the DNA strand well currently science the scientists have created two artificial ones that they've been able to implant. In two bacteria. And the bacteria. As a result of these new genetic markers are now creating custom. Artificial. Never before created by nature proteins. Or so dead so. That's one way to look at it and that's an area that we look at the way I fear however what they're hoping will happen this'll allow them to create customized medicines they think that by BA buying by being able to control these DNA markers. They can actually have these. Bacteria. Manufacture. Certain proteins to fight disease. Yeah but in the same there's always a weaponry. Aspect well he's so does that also mean that. Same thing that they will be looking. To create this super flu super bugs snow blowers create something that is slowly becomes a super bug yet I'm not gonna say that's an apostle because it certainly is the weapon is nation of this stuff is always the fear. But anyway there is some promise for some good things but. Anytime signed sturtze playing god like sings. In regional concerns. Or is speaking in DNA and everything from now science has pretty much killed the big four. Yeah wives the Andean mountains of ages you know Harry. Wait creatures that you speak about and you're talking about the abominable snowman on on Rudolf the red nosed reindeer that's when I'm thinking. Well that's mumble mumble out a tourniquet so it's always America Tom and again column. It appears that. The DNA they just ran DNA on a bunch of these so called bones and everything that the people in an amount that is you're claiming realities for forever. And it came back it's pretty much no physical evidence those bones that were collected and away it what is policy hair skin tooth bones fecal matter and all that 78 basic and fecal matter part. It appears it's that they were all Asian black players. Asian actors and one is an actual domestic dog which is strange that some weird. So what you're telling me is not that just proved the Eddie were the bigfoot but they just the stuff that people collected didn't come from one Malia and these are things that people collect for a long period of time there planning were we're. Yeah Eddie bones. But it's an I probably did there isn't it probably didn't. Get them off of the Eddie probably found them on the grounds are sitting there analyst at odds are I mean yeah if you rip Obama yet he had me get this story and yeah exactly so. Also all that evidence is coming back here is if him why there's so. Speaking of yet he's so worried or who were going to continue our conversation with Dallas Morgan in just a few minutes here in Dallas is a writer producer and director of her newly released feature film called sightings which. Explores the idea of a family. Actually dysfunctional family. On a ranch in Texas being threatened by encrypted and we've already let the cat out of the bag equipped it is a SaaS watch type creature. Living in the woods near the family and it's a great story. It's a great film we're gonna continue talking about the film and learn more about the inspiration in the research that went into to making. So aren't so you wanna enjoy to take a break before we do than do that a white. Our and so we're gonna take real quick break and remember we're also gonna do this whole. You know remote viewing figure out what card we picked two weeks ago and and I see people and Chad have beaten some mean Chad just posted a little while ago the throwing like twelve cards let Judy so. They know I think I think this might be the night we'll CO goes but are you listening Jason GBM be unrelated really to pray. Guys. Guys and are standing out in the fields farmer's field and you look off into the distance and the edge of the woods forced line is a giant seven foot creature covered with hair you can actually. Smell the order of this creature before you even see him. And the thing looks that you gonna threatening manner and stretch coming toward you. What are you gonna do well. Interest doctored in trucks you know exactly. Technique and abilities didn't hit a similar spirit she called in about two months ago tells Nancy did you know seeded. But that's a frightening thing that I would think the only option bureau. So you know you're probably knocked out run a seven of foot creature to but our guest try it helped our guests tonight might have some answers forest as I'm sure some of the support trade. In the film sightings Dallas Morgan is the writer producer director of that film it was released I Dallas what just just a few weeks ago right. Yet at the beginning and that's what it came out. Okay and what were people going to be able to see it it's on video on demand. Yes so it's currently available on demand through all the major platforms like iTunes and Amazon did you do it. A couple of the cable and demand providers having as well and then these physical copy dvd will be coming out December. Now when you started to write this and in you started doing research what took her research did you do to build the story. Was fired he. I was inspired by. A lot of. Law. In various capacities there's a lot of he you know there's a lot of because groups in different states that have web sites in record instances where big people pat sightings or encounters and so. A lot of those inspired some of the ideas and the story. In the end I mentioned earlier that I'm a big fan of ancient aliens in there actually are very specific episode. That talks about cap squads in ancient aliens so that was a big resource for me as well. Did you how I'd take any time to go out in doing any big foot hunts or investigations in the field to a test is gonna get a sense of what people might feel like when their. In year or expect to be near these creatures. You know and I didn't and I now kind of regret that I wish you you know they'd be all and that out in the future as I feel like that would have. There's very informative for creating told an atmosphere. You know watch the show finding bigfoot on Animal Planet. Quite a bit is so obviously some of the scenarios they find themselves on the air can be influential but me personally going to I didn't I was fat. What about the option of interviewing. And people who actually investigate the and he says it encrypted type creatures. So I didn't interview people that have investigated I yeah I did speak with several people who are believers who have either had. At personal encounters. Or at least wish they had that personal encounters. But no in the professional realm was within your game but. You know aren't part of this story. Is about the family and and there are tight knit group of people or at least they ultimately become that you know through the story. And though. We wanted to pick them up personal film in that sense of how and people that work. Out there writing books or. Doing that Bernard you know Al speaking per actually able or just people that are down to earth individuals to. Are experiencing the same go to the story that we wanted to capture. We mentioned the if term or phrase found footage earlier in the discussion. And you had referenced it in terms of the fact that a lot of films that use bigfoot as the central character of the villain or what have you are found averaged type films and that is really bend. I'm a staple of horror films anyways sense basically since the Blair witch project hit in what 98 or 99 whenever that was. What are your thoughts of the found footage as a genre. You know I think that it say it it's a definitely over saturated genre in my opinion. I think it it was good unique perspective when it was introduced and I think there have been a couple of films throughout that sub shocker who have done that well. But. I think you wouldn't be inducted in to be the case since the filmmakers rely on that techniques. To be he'd be source. Fear or terror. And I think that could be that he limiting could what really scares people it is. Story and caring about the character when you care about the characters. Were in the situation. You feel the fear for the hammer you feel that skier that they are experiencing. It doesn't happen peace sound. Kind of manipulative technique that you year out. Yet he can be done well in your mood that a little bit and we're going to do well we are done well because of the story is is well executed it well crafted. A lot of times it found footage approaches used by the filmmakers speak that may not have a budget for anything more significant than that it's a little bit easier I think. To shoot dead because the equipment can be less sophisticated. I think it's hard style the shoot it and do it effectively but as far as a filmmaker's perspective and you cannot agree disagree with this. It's probably a little bit easier to make an entry level so month and and that style. Oh absolutely yeah I mean for her for having to do is coach used up he ought to. Like that not to worry much about lighting. You can shoot a lot quicker he got a shorter shooting schedule so economically. Yet felt for the genre great or independent filmmakers. Now you said you haven't ever and had an encounter yourself. But she did grow up in North Carolina and North Carolina. Seems to have its share of big foot type sightings did you. Hear about these as you're growing up in did you investigate any of those local sightings since admit it was where you came from. So growing up we. Definitely hurt some some stories Indian my brother. We're big fans of going out in the woods. Andy we had a lot of time on the woods playing in creeks and in the dirt in the trees at all that kind of stuff so we would go out there and we you know we had our imaginations cute so we could imagine that we saw staying there we would scare ourselves by camping out or would there. Things like that in growing up what we we get a lot of camping trips and we would hear things and they and that treaties and you're paying out there. That we would imagine what it can be well we can eat you know hearing. And so those things as a child growing up. Your imagination. Can really scare you and I think a lot of that influences you the filmmaker you can now you. It yet can't he can't help but do that. What what part of North Carolina we've from. So I grew up city called high point is here like the Greensboro. They don't air it in the middle the state. Strain in the middle of like textile country on the our own to turn her very very familiar with a when you but. If you look at this case that he cameo look Jason that they figured you know idea of the data tomorrow that doc fix. When you are writing a film like this. And you're creating characters and Jiri in those characters are being pursued by a beast if you will. On oh. What type of so emotions are going to these characters might as a curiosity your will is a complete terror particularly in yourself. Well so the great thing about. This movie is they're actually. A lot of characters. And so there each character kind of has their own emotional reaction to what's happening to our lead character who is the data that Standley. His transformation in the stories you'd probably the biggest part of that he started the skeptic. Wants nothing to do with these ideas in acting start on pole you realize that there may be some truth to them and ultimately become a believer. And so did that it is obviously much different then the daughter in the family who is an aspiring. Journalists too is. That much more investigative personality in she wants to go out there and investigate he what's actually happening and then there's. The brother in law who is a believer and an experienced consultant. Citing contained and so he. Feel like he knows exactly what's happening in his old ideas. What this creature after an electric sucks so it'd there's good but oddly enough there's the local detective. Regarding the scared cat. Actually the one that just sit on the run its east totally out of his element doesn't have a clue what's happening so each character kind of has their own emotional reactions to it recoverable in. Now or any year cast members true believers in. Bigfoot. Not that they expressed the need. I don't know if it was submitted wanna share lower maybe they didn't wanna dress for the public. But yeah I don't I don't know for sure a note. Where the actress stepped in major who plays a character named Rebecca who is sacred that you colleges in the story. I'm she definitely. Is very much up personality wise very much that character he cheats. Some of the art jewelry that she wears in like the crystal rocks and stuff that she had in the movie were hurt that she brought with her so I know she has some. Very earthy connection to the world and all I can stop but she never expressed specific belief in in big foot. When you on. We're wrapping this thing up do you germ. Beliefs in this particular creek did go one way or another for actually did it start one way ended it and differently or. And are you a believer. Yes so he it never it never really changed throughout the story arc through the course of making the bill that solid here not this belly it. There are a lot of people who have seen and experienced some pain and I don't IE. Still think everyone's at a Phoenix Rivera had. Our line. So I believed. That there is something out there that people are seeing that people have experienced. And I hope to be able going to be one of those people today perhaps but. So it yet so I mean I can't say. That I've seen it but I can say that I I feel like those living according to see this creature or even even other experiences and you oppose it and. I'm alien encounters an attack sustain an adult I can't believe it all the people are just lying about what they have cheap. That's what it. And when we get from back in the breaker wanna ask you how you created this creature having not seen the film yet myself I'm curious as to how you appropriate port you portrayed it physically. And and and what type a personality you give it. So let's take a break by the way just a quick reminder tomorrow night Sheryl constable join us. Talking about UFO's the latest news latest in sightings and also chiffon who is a medium will be talking about medium ship in the fact that. We are all a spirit in a body. And we can communicate with spirits will talk about how she does that also talk about the different signs that we can get from spirits and help Bob Papa stern course reliance. And I and if you have any enemies she had to be on reality reviewed dot com. And download the free iPhone and android app which traders say it's currently being updated so it but it's still functioning so we can get on over there and checked out now. And again you can download the free capital socialists and the shoot a listen to show life catch past shows home ago he can also join me online chat. He generic from the website to have you ever wanna listen online or just click on the station tab and find any superstitions we around all across the country. Or take a quick break more to come to us in the Jason dvd honor odor yeah. Now my wife soon. We're question. What's your life and get its first. Tony iron. Seemed to be assigned. Blood and struggled miss. Yeah. Yeah. What do you got just our key. My fellow but always in the field yesterday he's an alien skin better doctor with a scalpel. Paranormal mr. mayfield and my researchers estimated need Tommy you in your daughter should take precautions. And when you don't know about. Well thank you Torino where nobody every time yeah. Music all of them veto him aussies Cody Alan. We got ourselves bingo area. Being attacked me. What's a big foot movie with a lot of without a lot of panicked screaming in the certainly sounds like there's a lot of it in that film this is we're talking about some sightings. Written directed and produced by our guest tonight Dallas Morgan and Dallas we had said before going to break that when we came back we wanna talk a little bit about. The monster the villain or the creature not even sure what it is how it is sometimes the to be creature becomes the hero of some of these films so. Tell us how to how you portray a big foot in your film. And then tell slowed and about the magic behind the camera if you will are behind the scenes if you will about how you how you let you know special effects order Reid did. To create the monster on screen. Yes so the portrayal of the creature. Is it we explore some of the theories out there about his origin and where he can't try and so we tried to. Allow for people to imagine maybe you wouldn't want to show people too much. And so we kind of hold back all back as much as we can. Throughout the movie in an at the movie progresses reveal more and more. Of the creature and then the actual event that that practical elements there you know we didn't do any PG with the creature who want to at all be practical on camera. And so our make up department in our costume department did a great job but he met together the biggest inspiration we used for the portrayal of the creature. What is the pattern Paris Ingraham when footage. And both indeed physical make up as well the movement. So we had. Couple different people on that that acted out there creature got to put the big cost you lauded. Where all the hair in the big claw repeat everything in. A lot of politics and we actually get a little bit of work with then he gets removed their right to really get that swinging of the arms in the big. Dig us strive in everything to look had been seeing and use that Paterson gremlin footage to inspire that. Sounds like fun and I also I'm a fan of films that were what they they employ the less is more approach to some of this stuff a lot of times when it's in your face and over Don. Not only is it harder to suspend disbelief but it's just a little bit tacky it's sounds like you avoided that. Yeah we tried really hard and you know can go either way about people want just the in your face got into the want but sometimes they they don't want that permeate my case you're definitely more. That's abuse and you know you look at a movie like jaw open. How they rely so much on the was released it signified a creature I really wanted to emulate at a much that could. May you know no better way to go than follow in the successes Stephen CU silver brick. I would ask you some questions about the genre in general here where he sees. Horror films are this type of paranormal based its Helm ongoing in the future I mean we've seen a lot of ghosts almost in we've seen the paranormal activity found footage type stuff. I'm you've taken a different approach would your film where do you see this souls on removing. Yet or are we have been well what I'm drawn to right now. I get what really scares me the most currently is seeing that could actually he. On a regular basis I guess happened to meet. So that you not I'm. I believe in the supernatural ugly in the spiritual world and so. When I think about ghost stories or seen that you can hear in the spirit from like that terrifies those things really scare me a lot. And while I think creature movies. Can also be scary because in certain K if they can't occur I feel like there may be a little less common and so. The things that can happen to people. On normal basis shifted their neighborhood that there Howell. Those things are really terrifying. Inside see an opportunity. It would. This job or or genre that thriller genre to really captive to that after the what people could experience in their everyday life. Just going about their business because that really gets under people's skin and and stayed with them. I'd just like I China it is so it's not all up in your taste is too many or movies out there right now are all about the jump accurate sits in of things that pop up is happens and where you had showed yet movies like sixth sense and a lot of them and nice shop channel as films which. Are more than they keep you keep you thinking in Europe B it's it's just the way of just the way it's done. Right yeah absolutely I mean I think I think jumped gears. Our our kind of data are great again a great school to get people engaged. But the whole movie can't beat out of the next hit medial least scary element in the old. What was your opinions of the Paterson film. But you must have analyze it as a filmmaker before young used it before you used it as a as a role model for your creek the creature yourself. What's your opinion of yeah. Thought that that footage was captured. I don't know the exact they dropped him but it was around the same time as the original. Planet of the eight movies. And. Millions of dollars you've got the most talented make up and Cox in the text people. Working in milk on the planet putting together these Costin. And they'll eight costumed and those movies. Do not. Cuts anywhere the quality in the realism. That Patterson grew alleged grim and creature so. For me I'd be I'd I can't imagine that a warrant out of the woods on their role could be. Fabricate that we and you got people in Hollywood unable cute fabricate something about quality. That's that's kind of my thoughts on it except. It's a very politically correct answer I don't know that there's any. You know you you can have two people in a Roman and you're taking completely sides and on this particular. Particular. Question and I think that they both have very very compelling arguments. Yeah I'm Nina. I need to be connected to be politically incorrect and I guess it is responded oh yeah I'm convinced that that's real footage with the real. Real big foot high. I I can't see any other way around it. I don't an insect to what you just said is not necessarily politically incorrect I think that's the more politically correct and well maybe this guy I don't know either way when when you your first answer was kinda I think you're being much more diplomatic about it but you actually just currency do you believe it's a big play and that's what I was looking for so. You scanned your horizon for film making. I am hoping that you're gonna tell us your next film is going to be another paranormal based type film. But it's not tell us what it's gonna be if so what's and what's he made birdie answer to when you talk Burgos street but what's the next thing enemy. Yes. Does the one I'm writing right now I not a scientist sort messed up laying around a lot a litigated you actually. Without developing the story reciting. I toyed with the idea for a more traditional ghost story. It's so that's that's on the radar for me but when I'm currently writing. Is this story. That. That deals with kind of the unique a unique take on time travel. And that seems so they deal with kind of loss and pain and suffering but against the backdrop of the. Of the woman who discovers. She has the ability to time travel and and we kind of explore some interesting ideas on that's on the side about it. That's right Sarah. And some possibility gel yeah good stuff there tell us see everybody again and where they can see the film om and where they can follow what you're working on. Yes so they can check out good movie on iTunes it's on and there are signs that can rent or buy it of those or that well at you do the mother. Cable on demand providers. In the hand in December will be coming up on dvd. So they can that they can follow the movie on FaceBook or Twitter it should act citing movie. Is there FaceBook and Twitter handle on and I can follow the pack. On FaceBook or Twitter I'm on Twitter at doubt Morgan. On FaceBook on pat Dunn Dallas Morgan's because I doubt Morgan mistaken unfortunately that put. India. Are able thanks so much for sharing all this with this we recommend folks go I don't know check out your film. And I keep us updated and we projects are. I really appreciate it sound as a target. Editor in night down six and now it's okay sort of take a break only come back we're gonna open our own minds up sect will open them now if you wanna get in line for again the continuation of our psychic. Spiritedness now going to solar opening nose and it would pick one card out of the typical then carted now after cards. And we still got the same cart so. And then that have to somebody finally when does anybody ever does a real role a role changed around making little marching but. All right so quick break the phone numbers 8446877669. And told freed 8446877669. Illicit images. And dvd on Hillary. It's beyond reality. Fraternities and as fast car sightings and it's available on all the popular video on demand platforms Netflix. What he say Amazon voodoo who do you name is are all there has a check it out let us your thoughts when issue if you do so so start this or restart I guess the psyche experiment we've got to playing cards regular 52 card deck we pulled discard amounts two weeks ago now inject. And we've had a lot of people try but this is what we want you to do this is this isn't a call and in just guess the card we really want you to try to tap into. Our wave length if that's even possible and that could be dangerous could see we are gonna be concentrating on the scarred looking at the card. And see if you can you know get beat and getting into our psyche here and figure with the partisan I'm just guessing if you just guess I guess we'll take that. NASA just don't tell us just around for experts anyway he gets a remote viewing and working a little bit harder for let's see here let's go to this is edible expert Pennsylvania hey Ed but I don't really really. All does little emotional excuse seminal hard. Seven iron now that thank you very much for the call thank you and thank you for the kind words as well let's go to Cameron in Indiana Cameron this is your turn worse concentrating on the card. See if you can NetApp into our minds and figure out what it is. Yet there's an eight and dime them. Now don't it doesn't care sorry buddy but thank you yes thanks for trying there. Let's see let's go to Mike this is Mike in Kansas hey Mike Richard turn we are focused on this card Sify configure what it is. You don't poke some really hard yes this artisan Cambodia must of had to take a don't want bad. Would I am seeing. Ian or arts the screen and this is the first time he's called. It is not beer. I called and bit by this week. And listening and every every night at like screaming it. Or mark yeah it's not that what Mitt. Not yet though but but thanks for calling in and giving it a shot there we appreciate it let's go to let's see here this is Crist. Chris is in Boston hey Chris welcome to go. Hey Chris I needed to turn your radio down order real listening to your will bring you back in the NC Chris ruinous. Yeah it. Yet the. Our Chris I'm gonna put you back on a hold of me you can turn down your radio will bring you back on. Let's go to Phoenix this is Phoenix and Chicago beat Phoenix welcome the show. It Phoenix and Chicago. Onion oh no he said oh we're looking at the card were focusing on a work concentrating. See which use seed by entering our mines. And so scary yeah it's just me. Can you hear this feedback no idea yeah that. In this could Jack up card. It is not it is now for the call around thanks for trying OK let's go let's see if Chris is gut. His stuff figured out their secrecy with. Mattresses still still has the press turned out on the radio radio up let's go to chew. This is asked. T in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is a great city. Maybe if he's going to be the ones going to be able to get this we're looking at the card were concentrating what are you guys. I'm gonna attract. I was gonna guess 7 o'clock bites you pick that. I'm at a rate of fog dark. That's not an FT but that the secular allies thanks thanks for calling in and of participating Klesko to. Let's see here so many calls from so many different places and trying to find new places to Chris turn out serious. I don't know I think slick Geddes on the phone trying to instruct Chris and how to turn down the reedy cook let's go to Joseph. In Indiana hey Joseph welcome to the show it's your turn give this a shot. I had not bow out there. Eight order. Now. No it isn't it isn't Joseph thanks so much for calling them all the somebody gets and I not I know I know I know. OK don't see how much time do we have left here and we've got about a minute rant okay. Let's see here this is. Moscow with a smile and maybe surely this is a schemer and go blindly here who we are on the phone. Really am I don't megaphone. Did you see Miriam. Miriam welcome to the show. We are focused on this plane card we've been looking at it from many days now so we should be really burned into our minds what EC. It. DC Jack of diamonds. Allen now sorry. Thanks Mary and that's that's not yet. NC I don't know if we have enough time I guess we can take one mural here. Eric let's see here again I'm trying to find a new look let's go let's see if Chris is got this figured out hey Chris. You gotta do it on your radio and other human. Parent so Lynnwood it would look cart as a it. Parents are. I meant at its psychiatrist eczema we have time for one more easily yeah this is the last one for tonight we're just gonna run out of time here but this is safe. In buffalo with a name like say thank Edison's energy mcdaniels to us. Apart and Jack Hart. Now no sorry if that does not end okay. That's gonna do it for tonight we just don't have enough time so the cards still sits hero will decide what we're gonna do but tomorrow night we've got a couple great guests and so we'll have another ritual for tomorrow night yes Cheryl Costa and she Yvonne as we talk about UFO's and. Medium ship yes says show console beyond talk about the latest news in UFOs and some Ramo beyond talking pretty much about medium ship all the aspects of bitten. How where us and spirits in the human body and we can communicate with the spirit world so. Are the senate do trust me she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page forest at this is Jason NGV and we'll catch on the mound.