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Speed City, 03/12

Mar 13, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Will the speed CD. With John Massey go ask guys here and John they agreed it's okay fast this hour on the radio. Beat city. Good evening here heads welcome to sea city. And we are fired up about tonight's show we got. IndyCar back in action yes. Joseph Lewis one to talk about got a little worlds some blacks you talk about what are stubbornly gets to a yes of NASA's got to I don't know I can't predict it they gonna sing catch up with the eye sockets and knock apple but we have to. Now used to the idea I wanna an ice hockey and the and a I went I don't like it but yeah yeah you know at a five run by drug got a it paid another fight in NASCAR data that we want to that was a good Roland how does that pretty serious file a bush and Joseph really gone out and and it was knock act I mean it was said the judges didn't need look at the fight do not happen. Absolutely it was pretty I it was interesting because Joseph you lost a jelly Ghana basically took Kyle Busch out of the race. And eating out is home rice from and he's from Vegas oh that's right past you know it's big it's a big want to hand. And he was looking at a certain third place. Yeah well and also we've got a driver come a calling in the show we got mad Mel calling in guys like give his opinion on the reality wanna get a driver's opinion he's going to be driving the number 57 Audi. And in say it's Sebring coming up so he's gonna be talking about his his season in the next week in T so. And also tonight we are live on FaceBook live on the on the talk thirteen seventy FaceBook page so you can check us out there if you're. Near a computer so I just listen let's talk more about the NASCAR deal says yes that was a full on punch it. There you go it was a low punch and as elect has said you know I think in a weird way and yet the pitch is a a good check it out to be honest Gelman Nash and check that. Guy and publish bush is bleeding head. And because it what I. What a fight he festival got to punch in. On Joey MacDonald that was the first round minicamp and the second Rand and death's head basically everybody else got involved but I Olympic and got to the tenth round. It was the official that that really impressed me there was this huge eyes. Basically trying to stop Kyle bush from making any further inroads and he was struggling in the meg almost been about 66. And yet that that's a pretty impressive picture blood on his and that's a proper flight were put it up on TV and lie at IE EEI mean I. You know like a civil get would get the opinion of proper driver later in the show burned down to be Saturday it was. It could have really gone passionate because he went flying down the pit lane. Backwoods and to finish is rice it was 104 U flat out right through that they tap twice made that she hit. Coming into onslaught that could have been a disaster and then. Even basically they came back at each other so it was it was pretty good stuff. Which is all taking away from what I was the best story of the day and a brilliant story today which was Martin Truex junior. Taking a win his first win of the year. And the third different one all three races now bush Acosta in a 500. And Brad Kozlowski who should've won today I was leading with two laps to go and gotta feel from Brad something went wrong when the talk he went. Yeah us to stay thin no amount or no time. I end up automotive and attire first I don't think so sort of the segments though how many did what tricks won the law and now with this new stage. Situation with wind Macedonia which like actually so basically what they're doing with the big races and that you know with all of these races is. Making it a stage win. So in other would you do an eighty laps in and the wind up. At that stage will we need to be and often if you don't you NASCAR you know that. Basically a lot of the time you know what you only need to lead the most laps but now you're getting ten points. For winning a stage. Tricks today once they won one state students twenty points and then you get 44 winning single sixty points. Towards its hopes of getting into the chase and I think that that really I quite like the way that mixes it up. You know when I got to be honest when I'm watching NASCAR. Is some of it's kind of in the background for the first few hours right come watch it live and I'm not really say they're focused on it. And you know what SER I wanna get up from the big breaks and Paul going Jiang is happy to welcome back. That you know when you do you look at the new guy we got 1020 laps last time we really starting to pay attention but now with the segments with the you know I Iraq. And really lie right and I mean. You know lower averages you look at it Jimmie Johnson seven time champion probably smiling because you know what I love about Jimmy is. His consistency. I know breakfast last he's doing nowadays but some. Jimmy you know is still ride up that and Kennedy's crew chiefs know how to do it and if I'm looking at the whole year of NASCAR I'm Bev I'm expecting someone like catching me to come through and be the consistent god he's been the summoning his. Yeah I'm gonna see how this segment thing plays out because there's him there's a lot of people complaining about it the first week running yeah we talked somebody treated as the first week in their life you know what I hate it right now but I'm gonna give it a chance and CI news. Could you just gotta. He's the idea I like it on paper and I haven't sat and she watched all the races of both races so far real focus to say you are really like this or not you watch most of it today coming do you think you'll like it or not. I don't like like I just explain I think I think Matt gives you like you said that reason not to just June and at the end. Well you know what I mean there's always a lot of cautions in mascot is always a lot of big guy pop ups and smashes but I think now when you're racing that hard for a stage win necessarily. And it of course William might become more more crucial when you think about it. Towards the end of the year when points to my prizes I mean is this going to be. Guys who like pay on the sixth place I got I you know I gotta go I got to it and also this is the idea that. You know you've got a fuel strategies to you when need be when he come in and peanut using half. It's it's I think it's gonna make it more interesting and hey hat's off to NASCAR are you listening Formula One car. Is there ready to make the changes and make them strong and make an innovative and keep their audience interested yes you know you said not everybody likes it but I talk about it. And we're talking about it so. It's changed that you have. When I say you know regional summit about change like they didn't qualify wanted everybody. Your phone allows price cycles. But anyway. Well speaking of formula we're gonna come back to this later but there's been some you know we know Liberty Media took over they offered shares to all the team Germany says they're young set aside like a billion dollars or something like that. Well ferraris take him up on that and we're gonna talk about that later but before we go to Formula One. I want to talk a little a little IndyCar I guess because I know you have to watch all the Indy I actually was it SXSW today. And now I have to say the word of the day at south by who was. Disruptive I think if I took account there's the word disruptive was mentioned about forty times and each session. It's such a buzz word thing but I end so weak but what what's the main name oh well moment noticed disruptive it's like it's a new things like what's going did. To be the next big thing like. Boomer was disruptive in the taxi cab industry so what's going to be the next disruptive thing it was crazy every time a generous amazing disruptive so. We have to apply the word is very destructing we. We have to accept a final play a way to put that in tonight's show but I can't but let's talk IndyCar. Yes let's token he got and writes not I but I'm gonna say you know me like I take I take these big east on so to make in a statement and you always reminding me and in the season. Jong I think this is going to be one of the best in the season's. In ten years how well okay and that's about it and not winning OK why why we've got a combination. Of youth. Experience. Bad asses Indy 500 winner is a lot of teams changing. That lineups lot of experience at that a lot of really good young rookies and more importantly. Chose its new you've gotten in an American. I'm American with a charms to win the title. And that doesn't sound that not amazing but when you really think about it. He's now joined Penske Penske have you know if you got a Chip Ganassi car Penske car you have a good chance of winning in the front ready happy to have the success in the last few years. And now we this kid does a new gun he is the blue eyed boy of Indy and he should be because. He's paid his dues go whole way through the ranks and he's good good good. And you know I think it eat what we didn't win today but I think that you know we gonna see. In right hole in Marco Andretti did Ed just ahead despite the criticism. Is that bad not a good result today but it's a big year and you've got rob Rossi who yeah absolutely got the you know go straight into the highlights of you know winning winning the 500 but now wants to show what he can do on a consistent basis I think that's going to be interesting because we do have a bonafide Formula One driver who is absolutely capable of running with column sounds running with a grudge on normal rest and an object to the Formula One boys are watching what he does. You need need. And you know again I think he's going to be a sensation. Bad egg Jones just just a couple of coming in the Brett from Indy Lights he's looking good spends a big hit you know you've got a lot of combination stories and anybody has got Scott Dixon hungry again. I'm Johnson talked skull when I was in New Zealand. That he really is enjoying. This time in his life. And yes yeah I might know championships but he wants more. You talked about the team's mobile gonna Andretti when they had that can hit four cars in the top eleven does Rossi was eleventh. Marker NJ was seventh and did so four cars in the top eleven. Mean how obviously they've they have they've to have known as well the other team you're talking about but they've got to have a pretty good start here. Yeah and I think the other big story today for me we'll talk about the winner and make bets and the other big stories Honda. Let you know that I was so let's go dissonant swapped a Honda. This year Chip Ganassi and everybody was like he's a good idea because I hadn't really won much yet wanna 500 but. You know that was like run out of fuel and 810s of competitiveness home is just haven't had. The you know a candle to hold against shanty and they do not have they really do because they've come. Off the ranks and I. I'm I'm sure Oklahoma motor company that was one of the come I was what are the BT's bought us this morning during the any coverage and accommodative said about Alonso was trying season. Stevie right magnet on his on the way and I did a new year ago how to implement one but I think it actually you know worldwide home. All picking up the mantle and they are also getting involved in TC Ollie getting involved in rally cross that yet but getting involved and that that trying to you know absolutely. Beat the number one company in and cause a lot of investor and I'm rocks out and buy ads like studio and you know eight's it's been a real disappointment the Pullman won thanks so. I I don't think he's obviously not low correlation between what's going on any new what's going on Formula One but he does have a bearing on the company and I'm sure all the home the want to rectified as soon as possible like a set not set an all along. You know on the will come Goodwin McLaren and they will but they awarding half. Narrow in India I think you will be something we'll see throughout the yen and like again you know you you throw Chip Ganassi and anything they gonna succeed. But so what about semester boarded prime now what a price and how the French foreign legion Quidel. This is aren't Krajina qualify fourteenth the current champion. Boy de Sebastian border ice full time champion all the unique. Caught sight at the Bradley didn't qualify because he crashed in qualifying. So that meant he couldn't go back cats he leaves that was disruptive that was very it's silly to the team was awfully South Africa. I villas. On almost all not all the out of the triple and a Frenchman again I'm getting to get it turns bad basically because these glasses off. How I got to do two glasses of he did she cried the and that she was very emotions about Kimball guy anyway it was a brilliant runs from the back. And interestingly enough. He did poorly and overtaking maneuver on the champions Simon pageant a fellow Frenchman. You know who that was a great Cota he could almost see didn't do it but yeah it admitted there was definitely a lot of pleasure not garments are set on numb humvees pull this morning I said. You know I think. The reason we saw so much emotion from Sebastian what day is he's joined dale Coyne racing which was a nobody said while Y you lots of tiny team. Yeah and it is a tiny you may have the only win here or next. I'm but that you know it was a risk big but nobody else has taken them. So effectively. Border I took a gamble you took a look a no crew within. You know the place is Chicago so it eight to use the blue Brazill expression he was getting the band back together and gather very emotional really happy foreign. And he also you do what he did it like what I was trying to say was beating the patch now is really going to be what he wanted because packed snow is is become. But you know the blue eyed boy. Author Joe's new garden. All the series a that we would that championship most years so as a Frenchman he really wanted to get some Yakhouba spot. Lucky you win an IndyCar Racing get back Cham inning after being the most are we got to take a break when we come back we're going to talks in Formula One. Then of course in about fifteen minutes ago that Mel joining us tomorrow to talk a little world super bike because Nicky Hayden was creeping up in the standings this week a little better last week. Listen to speed city live from Austin, Texas feedback and if these questions. Susan cameras video is the largest camera stole in Texas and I would 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest map tracks are all brings. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated the last time his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound big products and offhand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and accommodating sells off the quality service to. I mean come CB itself precision camera video too full create west Madison lane. MD who still motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely croft didn't put up action but to we'll all on wheels. Caddie also offers only NB a good stuff kinda catty factory authorized technicians in Austin seven sinkhole European brands. The drew Tommy sport naked the most extreme essential Nike bite ever up. Hold the charisma but won't say an 800 the first revolutionary Tora to be built by Ambien just out. Fourth you want to credit freeze deep Ginn racing and I'm look no further than the world's it was bull when he triple and 3675. And 800. Pulled out all right for the ultimate legendary man bowl MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas saw old tried in good Simon's welcome I'm financing available. To carry out an Alabama man he had good stuff but I like break Elaine just east of I 35. Thanks for making the right choice. I don't know where I would get the truth if it weren't for you tossed thirteen seventy. This jail oil from jail on throughout the outcome when you listen to speeds. He. Yeah and that's. And I welcome back this city. Man elysees a miserable day in Austin what what had a forty something I really ought to come to this area of the world. To be told. Yeah like from a cold area well all the cell by people. Are wanting her hug nobody has come in England last night. I raining wasn't your day do you can't see circuit in America looking out the window it's not the students too cloudy to elect New Zealand they saw some of that man. Well it's Austin is abuzz with sell by the fact that I was talking to somebody and then there's Austin did how is it would you know with. Today how to natives deal with sell by NASA they don't they can go home I said a lot of them leave an asset a lot of thought that fallen almost gonna be that way. And he said oh Foreman one young I heard that was an awesome person. As the DNA we talk about the impact on the city in us and yeah actually fallen one has doubled the the economic impact he had a south by and he's like no way death in a support Shura which email and I sit in the league Jesus do in this day and the impact study. It is shows it's the same company that did the south by steady and ended the Formula One steady. Showing 508. Million dollar more than impact for what is a little while he says what is it ten million tips and and Ingrid Judy's exercise it's great line but the fact it is almost double what south by. A new obviously selfless fantastic for the city but. Postal postal forget went and what Foreman one does not Anderson I. Closely followed by moto GP you know look at a much earlier today I am proud for my energy p.'s great and of course PME tickets yet. People too he does it quite good also. The test to test a tried the motor America so when American test because motor America of course how best first round on the same weekend. The money GP so if you're American motorcycle fans you can't not be in Austin. Yeah Jones got us back catch your love let's is probably don't shoot me others put my address does claim is I haven't taken in the license tries to let. East you know we talked the last laugh as he brings now he's taken and I'm not only he's going to see a concert taken as well and it. I don't know and I just. I just suggest serve and when he says she's etc. he is the man may be cut the ribbon could tell that. Is America and there's bad dog and basically. Is get paired with the knicks got this link at our analyst dogs begin a formula was toxins Foreman right I'm way via there's several stories I wanna start with the one about Ferrari taken. Now Liberty Media up on their offer. To bosh is a little on the ice and taken liberties. But eight and they bought some shares because uniform and one came out a me Liberty Media came out and said when they bought Bowman won. That they were going to offer shares of the teams and nobody did at first but the Ferrari stepped up this this a couple of aspects all this story I really like one. Limit C are taking us to number one are really like about this is. They've got to change the model. Right it's been done one YE literally since Bernice era. Get up early seventies and it's been massively successful let's not I I keep saying not become reiterated track it's now the biggest sport in the world thanks to Bernie Ecclestone. But he had a way of doing things. But perhaps doesn't necessarily. And he certainly has over the years wrangled the TX. When Bernie took a love Formula One the teams have no money. And there was no Khamenei spoke to wasn't any sponsorship. So he turned this into a money making factory for all of these two each night you've got responses you've got big TV you've got big manufacturers involved. And it's always been lopsided towards Ferrari does the government the history here. For every were the if you like back in 1950 was the first ever grown Prius so distant right. I cannot day Ferrari Enzo Ferrari rule especially in car racing. And it was an ease to laugh as I used to laugh at the English and the baby English manor factory is bringing that. Bringing Nick Collins you know noise bring in that's always what they net and so Ferrari will always the most powerful thing in Formula One. At and that has been in the Concord agreements over the years but also the way that but Powell has been spread Ferrari always had a big sigh it's never really been mapped public until. About ten years ago and she just won a hole Ferrari had and what you mean by that is how they get it a it disproportionate share correct money all the money that is yet distributed to the teens. So that is always Rangel the lights a Red Bull who came in you know a lot light up. And alum you know low tech. Yeah couldn't we come today although the quintessential sort of modern Formula One scene it's united drinks may get you know ice has got nothing to do with cosmos side. And then you've got McLaren who are big plaid suit. And then you've got a small teams and a smaller teams and we lost wanting manna of beginning. Albeit. And that's been failed to teams like the US sat team that failed to getting on the grid. That was a fierce pass and and I passed to the right thing whom waited an extra year before they came in developed and also did a brilliant deal with Ferrari to become effectively their junior team. I must Toro or also our junior team. As well but companies like Sabbath struggled the year India Iraq to make the budgets and down. I think that's swap mental and long when the way of saying that's what lead at liberty is trying to rectify and I think it's a brilliant idea because like a modern day company you buy shares in accompany you or invest it. Jeff and if you buy 80% of the shares. Yeah I get a bigger wrote Jeff so I think it's excite somewhat ironic because when this was first posted a few weeks ago. By liberty nobody took it up now because I don't think anybody really pat gross born may be Ross brawn made a very interesting comment which was. He's now part of the you know. The deliberately set up and the new look Formula One but some. One of them because I wasn't Ross brawn said it it was I think it was Chris you hold a bit Tom saying it draws from which is what are we buying into it what we buying shares of Alcoa out agreements changes. Being 20/20 so. You know it's a 20/20 two so basically. What was trying to say is what you know what I apply it to your commission at what's the share all if it's gonna change yeah yeah what are you gonna sell me auto daylight long story shall Ferrari have. On and not a big light. But in a way that I think the other teams will follow because I think all the teams should be invested in some way shape or form and Cassel might get the multi Foreman won all the new look forming along. And a great asset to all of them. Yeah looks like about a twelve million dollars in cash and another three million dollars in some the stock equities so you know let's say roughly 1450 million dollars. But let me ask you this do you think it you know we talk about. Ferrari vs like you said there's been times and other teams have been dominant right it's just been awhile since tries been dominant on the track. I currently Mercedes crazy dominance Red Bull recent dominance. Mean we had times when McLaren I'm done when Williams McLaren and Honda are now won sixteen of sixteen races gas so there's just these periods but Ferrari still got that disproportionate share of the money. Do we think that that's gonna change when there is a new. Really takes a delicate one because. And you know the truth of the matter is. And now we get to brands and this is one thing that the voting was right I'm definitely for sure if the Ferrari Dramamine but the argument to the Williams always been told a breakaway is Sorenson and basically. You take Ferrari out of the picture and every bit a lot of people would argue that Formula One would not be the sign without that mocked. You know new teams will come under a new teams like cas can come in and be part the fault but when I Ferrari at such a benchmarking it's such an iconic. They brand both. They give it this way to look what does every driver if you ask any driver what's they're going to put a Sebastien battle he was sitting. Four championships in a row. And left and so I'm going to Ferrari because to them it is. You know the pinnacle drive an F one for Ferrari's your career career is complete then. But you know we're also true of other generation the do you get weepy eyed by the by the by the noise and about a nine Ferrari and perhaps we shouldn't I mean what if Tesla canyon and tell me go on. I met you know started started doing what they do really well and what if the world starting gun towards more electric racing and they became Jack enemy in the the world changes Armenian out. I'm sure we'll get teary eyed if Tom Brady hung up billion hung up is but it's just is Tom this Tony Romo last. In football terms because. Yeah that's at the Lionel Messi will eventually stop playing sawgrass will Wayne Rooney and you know these are iconic figure as you know what I'm afraid. You know the bulls have lost Jordan but you know new names come in so. 08 you know what year peg exactly right it's been a great examples south by today everything moves so fast I had the disrupted today and there are so many. And having every day every torn corner you turn there was a startup doing this and they're fascinating ideas about this in this and the world is changing so fast so. But thinking back to for going back to Ferrari. When you talk to people about racing and you and you think about the Ferrari the car the road cars themselves. There's just there's no comparison Yassin a Mercedes makes an amazing road cars. Even at the highest in and and arguably. Close to his fastest Ferrari and McLaren does the same thing with their road cars. But but nobody compares to Ferrari in that world you know it it they are the pinnacle of the of the sports car manufacturer there's an I don't think anybody is an argument that. Yeah addicted to catchy and Ferrari of managed to create. Lifestyle. Out of that's what it is yet lifestyle iconic the last operational tool if you will safeties have tried to you know coping bitten and and liberal giddy good Hugh Jackman also I think Ferrari still still make my token and benchmark look at at the that test on oh yeah they're also walk and all consulted at all can be like in new walked could. More from. Them. Me Jimmy. Eleven they I mean every day and yet you gotta look at WG look up look at look at pastel and walk he does has to be ONH yeah castles and it. Can you like and Boston just out 118 point 611. Laps the staff and in the Red Bull on 1194. This is all Barcelona they've been testing at Barcelona. Caller sounds a really good job the Toro or also Lara match ball tosses sacked definitely got to grips on the said he was actually quicker than Hamilton but biased media. And they did it equal amount laps and could you draw much conclusion. Ferrari and metals Saddam Hussein who's not inadvertently while Kim is gonna know. You can cut metal setting not much she did what I'm getting at is that. You are at it they don't sandbagged but they also don't eat what you see here in Barcelona won't necessarily. B what metals command said his Mercedes is still a target just how distant we come a double double test doesn't mean that Ferrari gun into the season like. And we got this there's always surprise double talk. I think the surprise will be Red Bull. I can't Jeff I think safeties will be at his front rough. There you go that's an easy way to do this Hamilton both DOS. Ricardo. Now Hamilton Ricardo. The stack and Botox. OK and I want everybody I that to give me your first two rows of formal. On Yahoo! right anal colas in fact yeah yeah I hope there's a job to you when you get what you wanna give a show that's on top five and I know you got I'm Kevin Kevin Kelly our top hence he. You match between says he said I don't forget the time change. Thanks I needed in the good and don't forget to get the studio I unless that is why you judge so good goal a little bit earlier next gen. Yeah promoted you wanna call in 512643. Love 5126435483. Are we're gonna take a break guys because we come back we've got Matt bell gonna join us gonna talk about drive in the Audi. How would you like if these messages junior back to speed city. This isn't camera and video is the largest camera store in Texas and have a 101000 square feet and packed with a all the latest map tracks are all brings. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated the last time his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and offhand experts he won't find a more helpful and knowledgeable and culminating sell stuff. The quality service to come sepia self precision camera video too full create west Madison lane. MD who still motorcycles obvious that to me an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheeled off on wheels. Caddie also offers only NB a good stuff kinda caddie factory authorized technicians in Austin seven sinkhole European brands. The group Tommy sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike ever up. Hold the charisma but won't say an 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien just out. Fourth you want to credit freeze deep Ginn racing and I'm look no further than the world's it was full winning triple and 3675. And 800. Hold out all right for the ultimate legendary man bowl MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas sold try to include Simon welcome I'm financing available. To carry outfit and a moment MV Agusta had a slight break Elaine just east of I 35. Here we UBS on thirteen seventy. So right so it's. Hi this is Mario Andretti in this speech cynic. Welcome back to speed saved up but that's Olson we have one of the greatest pricing dom is all old tried. I street city. Yeah we get a game a couple times are you kidding Mario who will give anybody whose time. If fans media whoever cannot win the sick and America's an answer that was the ambassador I was just like I'm good you didn't. I know I spent hours with the guy out. You know what I have to tell you because it was when we first started speed city and I didn't I was gonna do an interview with him. And I had new moon do recording and had the little MP3 recorder. You know I was so nervous I thought you know what I'm a fast get the settings right I'm an ex Tom I don't do and held him blow any athletes turned out I screwed up because I had the the iPhone was my backup there was no way I got BS correspondent some wanna be car bombs and she jet goodbye and good little boys played it yeah Hester. You know what I wanna talk about Mario we got mad Mel holding just 12 map because. Mario tweeted today it was a fantastic trio was who I can find it because he treated out. Pay an awesome. Oh darn Lucifer could find it. He was such areas he he said decade Griffey junior suited up today and IndyCar Series. He said you can do bat baseball player you just don't or can't it's like watching a 180 mile an hour fastball you've got this series. Indiana's. Greg. I'm aware gonna go to our guest now because we have a fantastic race car driver on the line and he is getting ready for Sebring we have Matt bell. Who's racing the number 57 out in Sebring next week. Matt welcome back to street city. Hey I thought it certainly how we really appreciated so. Did that 57 out he looks pretty awesome that our aid so but tell us that tell us about what you're about to do and how your season been so far. Com well didn't squeak of each wheel still just kicked off. But that sort of mileage Jill speaks we voted on the part about as much as we're gonna be either at this eager to leave we got that the Tony for our church but Daytona already we did quite well there we were quite happy with how we did. Bob May and bloody and just getting older and could be next on the straight stroke after reaching obviously it's well RC bring all of which. Might I think it's too well what we have the horror of what he catchy well there recently. Each ticket they're hot he he did reasonably well last year especially in bub if the battle there so yeah I think I think. We're all optimistic I think we're excited to get into. Awesome walls so I'd you know we've we've been watching. Couple the Stephenson drivers and stuff this year but so who's going to be driving with you. How come we're gonna have we're gonna have internal and loss and please beat him in the car I don't stick mostly due to the alum. Do they restrictions that are placed on a secure and beat that the driver rating system. Well and so rather than it is mostly focusing right now on. PS program that we're going Chu actually our our first race will be. But circuit or the American. Jones until the man that. Yeah well so let's talk about so you know a year from California right. We have so many drivers on the show that are from all over the world and it's it's a lover to have nice and raining yet because he's not. Yeah. They actually the last couple couldn't have been beautiful at this that you don't consider to get through their reportedly. So tell me about two Margie people. Armadillo. You might know wouldn't go to other than I do I haven't seen at the Helm but I know also the chips fall the success with that. I NT TK the first qualifying session did did it ever donned a wig and got pole so. I doubt that's really impressed us who wanted to get a get that done. Teams united both had high. All of pretty long careers were with a camera platforms so you know I don't think she can be great to get EC and I'm not open the Robinette do quite well it's. He didn't GS crossbow. That Picard is credited it's not really need it it's not an evolution that sincerely of the beach when he could mean let are what it's that that car essentially he. Means going away your or has noting laps. Boy that's part of it changed terminology what sorts you know potentially global Chichi for a which support costs on people and it's really just she can relate. What the cars are really similar to GG treat Carlson but they're they're based a little bit more all of on the road course. That said the and open and amidst a little bit beat the old age patterns evident this. They don't believe. I think it's a road park east aspects of each of the GS class but it would seem parliament are really excited to the prospects that the Digi key for cartons. Our upbringing and then they came chief GS that is what really have a prime spot to showcase these PP GQ four cars. Well you brought in a bush was touched on this a little bit they Camaro has become the road going Camaro based on that the same chassis is a CT SV. He's become a force. At eight in handling. And an overall balance car the new zeal one that was they've just started hitting the magazine's testing motor trend tested once. And they are saying it was faster than the McLaren. It was faster than the BM WM series. This is around this is with ready close a race car driver driving it around and there will springs of one of those on California. I mean they're saying is a phenomenal. Whom unbelievable platform that's faster than cars that are you know multiples. You know it and Cabrera have always done that in a straight line but now we're talking about you know handling and braking and Peru and straight line performance it's really. An amazing platform and I and I know that the GT four. Is going to be the DG four are you get to drought and it was not quite the same thing based on all that but. It's got to be a it's going to be a huge leap forward I would imagine. It right yeah absolutely. You know I actually have a pet. Really any laps around the track in the interview Jan six Merrill so I'm I'm excited quote it's getting shot but I can. He instance didn't put into the General Motors as the ladies business tax can't see note this is an engineering at. Powerhouse and then when they make the decision to put something to the public Beatty. It it's really going to be a crisis saying and you look at the news PO six. Look at the B Tony would occur outside and so I mean that. On on paper that car should never have been able to do it it dead. Right and the end of course is going to be shortcomings for essentially Holden commodore chassis without much power. Which would. Or is that much thought toward make them go render rich track fast in I think all of those could address with the new car. In Bougainville 110 lead I can really is here to Corey. If I get identifier for a show what. General Motors can really do this if they put their skunk works toward road car and I don't think I've spoken to anyone about that car got that quote targets. Rates are gone on his car into Venus and look at dentist. I don't think there's any one bit that filled them want that card that that's that's kind of the the Nissan GTR. Of this year. And it's just so impressed that now while the cheeky four car didn't. Didn't share the power trains. With that car the new body I think is one of the most aggressive police also meet or body shapes and that. And I think any American manufacturers come out with them in ball actually hit it one of the greatest true pop rock bodies that had seen in awhile. Club it again I'm behind just excited to see that things around. I know I'm looking at a picture right now I'm not down look at how we shelled the that is an amazing looking car but. Two point she talked about General Motors. Arguably right now there are several people that claim that the AT SD is the best handling car on the planet. And you're talking about it and midsize four door sedan from Cadillac yeah arguably. Because that's the way they describe that magnetic suspension that's on that that by the way Cadillac invented it back in the nineties. Which is now licensed by Ferrari. Dick think about that for just a moment and we're talking about a technology license that was built for. Back in the ninety's cadillacs we're talking boats at end of mills noted came on the STS. They can like it SES but that magnetic suspension on the AT SB is just magical. The way they describe how. You know it can soak up the bomb. Totally keep the car planted to the ground. An end and you know make up for any. Who misgivings or whatever so it's just the technology that GM is devoted to handling. And engineering it's got to trickle down to that GT before that your about to get to drive later this year. You add Matt you have got guy had map. Thud not all of them it is inside right I would. I would agree I I think that the case and then I got the chance to drive both the agency and the patriots beat. At Sonoma and I didn't interpret picnic coached and people auto Leach. In each get to the end we coached them alongside he knew that core. And the interest in saying why is it's it's pretty if we didn't quit ever go to the same way where they ate it says it's the EMCORE is it. Obviously great power. They eat they waited the past month it was a pretty car but the one that surprised them the most spoiled but he can't teach in and I thought it would have to police didn't feature such. An awesome car. The end obviously that you guys wanted to do it shares a plot promises with the new Camaro six actually cheeky for our. You know nice I didn't need tool so proudly about American cousin liken I can tell get a little humbled by year's European. He's come to the states and you know we've always been in Europe very snobbish towards American cars. Yes there's lots of how IDS the loss of muscle but what cool that are doing and have done for the last ten years what it's Cadillac and doing what. You know the Camara you just mentioned and that you know and so on so forth I ye right we would back in nearer now. And John quite Riley put it that day about how. Handling now and the precision which I think you know been cleaned off the likes of Mattie in BM WX two have been making Greg Costello for a long time. But but you know I really do think that now they aren't part non and the mall results. Certainly in the GT category shows you know America is back. I'd like you agree intimated that degrades saying you know cool growing up. I'm even in the which I don't get too political but even in California one we don't share all the same. Sort of people you're always tend to get rid the country does especially cartel. You can't grow up. Here without loving some American car prayed he'd be at its rarity delegate some. Teenaged boys' room without Seymour post close you know co promoter of error corps better something on the bottom. Hon but but at the same time I get a grip and an aero European cars for a prediction of break pretty cute preemption it is special in California. That's a million U eight PL Indians are now know why I'm really happy and didn't really proud to see eat. Well these American muscle car use backups on the their muscle groups would just proper engineering and then they really. They've really are. Funny even the Camaro sides one elites on my guess would playroom put those key times on the racetrack and she didn't honestly is quantity PP one of the best handling its rear wheel drive which modern sports are as good as I've. Ever heard around the racetrack and not end. Peak lateral G not in top speed around just in in the characteristics. Have been involved in it how it. Include course Quebec city courtrooms how long did it how plain as the nose on your break into the corner all the feedback cheat you. And I think it is if we were back in 1980 sides. You know you all about and punishing someone they've all it stood at BMW but it's important now and I'm really happy to see it if that's that the trend. That's pretty amazing in and speaking of California and you know we we talk about the proverbial poster on the wall from the isn't 67 days or whatever in the California went Tesla. And yet Mike Hinckley gosh we're talking about cars that do zero to sixty in the low twos now two for whatever. Amazing American technology. And that's some to be proud as you know it you're talking about the California Los Stalin I'd happily take good. A Tesla 100. And Matt I don't blow yeah go ahead I got a question do you did you watch the and that's gonna next. I did not want our crowd carried it Greg could we wanna Jean guy I would the only reason being that was crash at the end of it. Between jointly gonna get an album a. Yeah I guess I thought I broke got all the woods. But the real until you'll you'll you'll wanna check this out yeah gone out and Kyle Busch on the Los torn out and again and basically let god took bush. Down the pit lane you know he went down the pit lane and therefore didn't finish. So then that Kyle. Gagged and don't let the job and went one a couple of rans jelly got a got a decent punch him before all the rest the Penske. Team drew blood bin bloodiest Ted Ollie yeah yeah maybe you can tweet that your opinion all that attracts all of the show because we'd like to get improper racing drivers opinion on those who was at fault when a guy with just being a bush. Crowns. We know we know they like apply it to do you follow willful Milwaukee then how about that. Among yeah yeah I do I try to much of the camp. All right here's your front row for the first. Racist album about we can't I can tell you Ferrari. I must say he's been up and Aaron testing if you haven't told the testing but do you think's going to be the guys to watch this year. You know. I don't wanna see Amish huge for him to understand that the latest swords. I think Hamilton the great driver and I'd change when it comes down to it regardless of what you think should get a quick way to secure methods at the person let this personality he'd get Plano go to get it done so. IE I never really gamble against Lewis on that stuff. Already but put out like all that but Connecticut's. I don't know what what do what do you guys thanks. I went through my front row and I compliment me on my mom market and that's an Hamilton Paul regatta Hong. Second in the Red Bull and the staff and his teammate and then booked us who's in the second you know as in the outlook and Mercedes NASA that was mind but I've gotten including ferraris I don't know why did that I was just gonna say I'll I'll take yours and I'll insert Kimi Raikkonen in second about that so yes I'm distrust like it I'm just does like to believe there are just so if you get this subject matter again. Not I his arm that I've come up for first gracefully. It's not a I don't like Hamilton put too much laying that he shall can win make up for her. That'd that'd be about the perfect with. I actually honestly. I I issue essentially be the other way about Ricardo people I yeah. I notes due to respect Church of England photos are good at the person then again. I get the more personal side of the draw I think it's. But but I just I don't know if she'd she'd gotten particularly to beat some of my right foot blue panel and then again. I am deeply guitarist and that was also might I probably wouldn't talk to Lewis and Daniel it would are kind of person. Yes well you're right only an automatic guarantee could I think I think genuine Carl's got a little more fire in there then you know he is a nice guy and he's nice guy and person to see in the but I think. I think there's some fire from some competitiveness there that. They obviously this level you have to be but I think he's got more than we give him credit for. I don't think it might be right you know I I. I'm gonna move it to a certain to hold she owns you leave the pope's ailments they think it's digital I don't know I don't like a child there's a video series that but my wife doesn't seem dangerous it's almost looks like film and hard projector control and I. Think it's. Certainly it was particularly the memory chip digital tape for a little while they that yeah -- political videos links. In Accardo will duplicate that about him but it it almost seemed like it kicked into the guy anyway but can going from. I sort of libretto up to Formula One minute immigrant that would interest in seeing everyone's. Personality and and I guess are we like how old. She gambled everything she wasn't always the trap this guy. I'm GG lost. Quite often can teammates but I just I've really enjoyed watching. Well I guess behind the scenes those of what is personalities that he would like because it is difficult to see. On bustle didn't want broadcast so obviously they're they're all elites. It's less so inclined drama leading NASCAR any sort of more. Sit against showcase is riding talents in the end target anyone can put it put a mask garden and make themselves seem to interest in and that's why military meets. Any stories. He beat you don't have to scramble for crops what are they don't see a little story. But they're really hearing within your photos liking him I don't know it's fun at seem to get really tough guy. And you pick the right guy for me anyway because I've known Daniel since he was fifteen because he was in the gang straddle Australia and the Australian. Single scene to scene still is not strong and so he came to Asia where I did the form of the BMW championship. And he unfortunately found himself up and about that a guy you've probably raced against and certainly no Obama. And another Australian Sam are by and between all day and Bamba they won all the races and Ricardo had to come stood. I wanna say I don't think he won a race that season I thought it was totally dominated by Bremer we only way he's gone. But you know and that's why. They hit the tenacity and Daniel Mercado to get to Formula One off to war was. Well what must've been a debilitating stop to his real stylist international foray. And now he's the guy. You know doing the business that Formula One he was the one backed group that if you like made it to Formula One says everything about a guy. I do hyperion and and that I think what is she was screaming at all day before you made it which is huge it's. I I I don't have to think perhaps it is his personality is why he's getting all this sort of like you're trying to join us Xbox Phoenix. I I actually like sort of like that because it I can can mean a local hormonal wanted it is really. Segregated or one based on statistic. Yeah because it is such close racing and if there is there is that. Incredibly finite number of drivers teams that they have the opportunity to do it and when they took that opportunity they're all very close. Men so its security agency case first second third. But in the rest the world of sports car racing there are so many she'd agree. Within the results that they believe. You can you can hide it. I'm oral or gets really advertise talent quite easily and it is being being Canadian didn't miss sleeping wanes so don't be on the watch. I guess someone what it seemed like just personality conflict intelligence it's really like it there and and I I duke rape because quite quite driver obviously you can put your main thing. It was really fun I guess. To digress all of it is very fun watching golf on what seemed to be seen how. Some of them got won't be able to progress all the way through it all up and sort of a lot. Not all that we've got we got to wrap it up but we really appreciate you not know coming on the show good luck with those students a motor sports team their race in the outing in and see me next week it's gonna be awesome and good luck the rest of the season down of course we'll see you here at Austin. In. It asserted Americas and drive and a Camaro as well so thank you very much about now for coming on speed city. Yes it certainly aren't we appreciate we'll talk decision gas season. Are we gonna take a break you're listening to speeds either died in Austin, Texas and we will be back at these messages. Susan cameras video is the largest camera store in Texas and at the 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest map fracture offerings. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated the last time his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. With handbags products and Otterhound experts you are finding more helpful and knowledgeable and it culminating sell stuff. The quality service to come sepia self precision camera video too full create west Anniston lane. The racetrack it's what legends born round the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find it Aston Martin Boston's notice of Boston Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor car. Boston exotic iconic automobiles it's racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny because you'll never just a long ride. I like 183 not the meal rose. The right choice. My name is Christiane Osama and it's a street city. And I hope she has this season this year gas absolutely could kill top she's very get. Let's Kaiser has its footprint on every show music he doesn't think that's his choice is awesome to. All right so Jonathan you've been bugging me about the story even want to talk about sir tees yet. Sadly did this week. Adam EU. World of motorsports. Has lost one of its greatest 83 years of age to be Syriana good innings as we say yeah I'm pat Jones cities has tossed away finally at the age of that Ab at the age of 83. But in my mind. And Regis that's an imminent when you are aware and a lot of people on a laugh but Istanbul is one no one makes that he was the only man to win the both the motorcycle GP yeoman cycle championship robbery championship and the Formula One world championship away. So he won mode on Su and four. Yeah that so GMAC in India that Valentino nobody's done that nobody's it didn't know what else is done right no no I guess and you know sentiment listen to this. So he won the 500 CC motorcycle world championship when there were 500 CC's my mind you in 56. 58. 59. And 1960. On NB a ghosts that oh yeah yeah he then went into Formula One and 122. Formula One races and this is so he won six of his a 111 starts he also took third place in a Ferrari at the mall. In 1964 walks the the the story a wanna tell you us he went almost to be involved in motor sport. And probably my greatest motor racing moment kind of a race that job and I went counting on a corporate day one on whatever. And that doesn't sound too exciting but it on the podium and we did very well it was a very corporate affairs and it was just a bunch of books out of the six just could do in Iran but I had a good time. I got up on the podium and I get to get on my Ted prize. To present sit Johnson it's easy as well done massive. This. Plastic is nothing I can shake the greatest passion for. In motor racing and you giving mini. And you're not aware of his history look at mop. I think he's a lesson and see you law. TD ES. Sorties Johnson tees yap a fantastic ambassador for the sport on a true gentleman sadly sadly missed. Well we gotta I wanna talk about world who likes to. And Mike's yet talking bikes but yeah well let's talk mr. and the supervisor is due out soon Mike's went to come bushel on the most pull this weekend. So much is in Thailand this weekend and they were the brown circuit where I've been lost years for the torn Gaza and dom and GTE's and great circuit times really coming on and it's not a sport. But it was the four full full rice is in now effectively two rounds two rounds to upon both won by Joni right. And again he did it again they tell us that demand will champion. He blitzed everybody in the meeting the reverse grid Mac oh nice to do so he's armed and our bottom right. So you know look pretty pretty impressive so he's won and all the racers race is so fought just Davis is keeping them honest he's second in the championship and that's the McAfee. I think they will come good that they don't have to come good quit because it's the first time and commentator Reich is always met first on since 2003 when another Brit. Packed them deal Paulson from the oil and you should. About dot the first full wins in a row and then went on to dominate and then he lost alone on the list hello Luke who like to rice is in the year and made it very close and in the and his teammate Rubens asked. But he is starting off brilliantly. And the others have got to stop winning it there or he's gonna run a why would any sort of makes him a Mike's really boring quick footnote Nicky Hayden as well auto throttle fell off. Peyton did get another company he started the reverse good six. Not a bad result and those to us and why sneaky so far that it's a brand new bike guys. Ponder a finally got a new bike it's gonna take some time to dial in. And oh I hope that by the time he comes if the McGinn aren't July. He's up to speed and wouldn't that be special day on the move is flyable again not yeah that would be special a new look heat quick plug to jail Larry and the dinner this she's a good friend and sound editing is the league in it and well they you know it's a mid two weeks but he he did better this week and last week moved up so he keeps doing now who knows yeah. I do any good season but like I said they'd gone arranged right in because he's sad he's a gritty I'd irishman and once he gets. He's my son summoning and I know he's eighty comply happily when all the rice is. Thought we got to wrap it up and if you heard a British voice talking NASCAR tell your friends speeds hit pitching yes I mean. I'd take even the dignity thanks for tuning in tickets out of their website speed city broadcast dot com starting next week ideas and egos.