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Come And Talk It, 03/12

Mar 12, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for come and talk get with your host Michael Cargill. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good afternoon. Austin, Texas is the live music capital of the world let's praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Bahrain Seoul south south south west is upon us once again and with hundreds of thousands of people say to attend the festival this year. This is just all over the city are looking to get a piece of the action in a ramp up there of available goods and services. In anticipation. Of the flood of incoming consumers. Traffic comes Julie did stop. And is always is a major contributing factor to the frustration. Felt by so many of us native Austin nights. But for some companies it's one of the most profitable times of the year. We discussed our frustration with the city needlessly sticking. It's Knowles in on free market territory. In the past by mandating. Over in limp out of Boston and now it's coming back to bite us in the behind. As you've is you can find out on Twitter. The replacement services of right share Austin. And far soon bolt became an operable in the face a massive demand their right after the start of south by. Now for what ever the reason may be these companies were unable to supply the demand that could have been picked up by either cool for a lift. And instead consumers were left with a little choice but to find another less convenient. And possibly snow vehicle and more expensive form of transportation. Says she is just drive home drunk. Translation. It wasn't long the golden mayor Adler bragged that sing these local alternatives to over and list were innovating to fans. And for the competition. So. What I see is innovate yourself out of this united just let the companies deal would they do and this will fix itself. So let me welcome to the show. Don Zimmer and inform our Austin City Council member Don welcome to come and talk assert. Michael it's great to be on your show artists will be fine here and thank you appreciate little opening remarks. About the injury that your local city government did by dragging out. Uber left and wanna of the dumbest and most pig headed things up that I seen him in a decade now. Absolutely and you and you're on City Council when this was all taken place. An ambitious crazy and we literally. You know got involved in something that was working great. You know without government involvement. So we stuck our noses in and and now it's it's a complete you know it's is this is just disastrous. You know it will look at all the main Nino when when everybody was running process and when he fourteenth. Everybody was talking about affordability you're right policies to extensive and the other big issue was traffic congestion and he traffic congestion traffic congestion. And I was on the Austin City Council mobility committee. So when when this when rumors of this stuff started coming up I should. Excuse me. What constituents are asking the mobility committee to tackle uber left. They wanted to tackle traffic conditions and Newburgh last are hoping for all the traffic congestion problem. So why would you tackle. Private companies that are doing a good job that are helping to relieve congestion. Why would you cattle those companies instead of tackling the problem of traffic congestion he and of course I was ignored Torre can tell you Michael cook being released from the second level that does start two months ago it is great. Get beyond the ultra light year look him backing him. NI DG OK Michael you be the judge on those but I blooded he has looked politicians so much and so hard for years. Am I gonna need a concussion protocol therapy here you know. Not seriously out of court an owner. I bet at a and I don't know how you how you did it for so long. But you know. I really enjoyed having your voice on seek counsel you have because you're one of the he only seeing people that act she would you'll stick up for the people the little guy in this town. Thank has this CD you know name it they're actually. Prices out you know all the people that that really need that ride they need over we need a lift we're we're being priced out. And we're not able team you know maneuver our way around this tell anymore and this is insane. Boy oh boy appreciate but you remember right I come from an engineering background and I was always about problems. All lean. And when I'm born a City Council all of leftist. Progress so. And their business is creating problems instead of all leaned down and end here I am what one voice I had a Brandon Allen trucks greater force and on occasion for an on a rare occasion I might get some. Support from council member Gallo but but that's way short. Of the six months we need to actually saw problems so it was. Very frustrating to be left with only. A voice and no no ability to put forced solutions levels frustrating. And so now you know we're stuck with Foss fun. And who's supposed to be the number one provider for rides. For the right cheered companies I've for SXSW. And ended they just completely crash last night on Saturday night whatever one needed them the most while was raining. People trying to get to and from south like south south would. By the couldn't get a ride at all and just an end and so someone said well you know it's a four G problem not not a Ford G problem. Because whenever these events take place everyone knows that we're gonna. They saw a lot of people today you see it coming everybody knows the demand is coming your right about that and then there's money to be main Michael in the market so the market. First armed at least is best for the chance. But open along those lines. I think people you all of the software engineer for decades and really actually am a people take for granted. Top technology works right there in that they did they don't. There really don't appreciate the complexity and the expense of putting together. And enterprise soft course system to be able to handle these kind of surges in demands it's extremely complicated and expensive to do it. So I don't I don't blame. Right share in these companies are going down on I mean actually it's it's kind of predictable it would happen because it is so. Extensive. And so complicated to make peace enterprise systems robust. They handle these kinds of issues and that's another reason why the Austin should have appreciated. Boo burlesque because they have proven platform genome and amend the act of carrying a crew from platforms means used to aren't. Millions of dollars per copy their technology. And that brings value to your community so don't try to melt in your arrogance. That you know that people need to be fingerprinted. Or their own safety they it's none of the treaty does. I think you'd you'd get a whole lot what. Firearms ownership going not help liberty is really the best answer to security and I know you do that a lot we appreciate. Your efforts in that regard. Absolutely. It back and say this is just insane and you also have Miller a radio show your own. Why do we have a weekend. One day a week at taxpayers' voice of reason we just started that in. Late January at 3 o'clock PM on not on Saturdays and it's going pretty well. And how long have you been on the radio Michael. I'll method we've been doing this from like four years two years about. Warriors and I and I think in look look at where you are now. Mister Cargill compared to when you first started there's a germanic improvement would mean site you're you're skills now are so much better. The when he started so there's no substitute for experience. When it comes to talk radio and I think you did a great job over there on thirteen suddenly. I appreciate that and down below where he is your radio show. It's on the. Or were broadcasting on 11:20 AM under the bridge. Yeah that's station came out paying him nine and seventy. You know a year ago at 97 he was some Christian talk radio. A lot of the a lot of Bible preachers aren't and I believe 97 he got eventually bought out by. They have a Catholic organization when he broke some of the people on 970. Kind of migrated to some other stations may eventually. Landed at 1128. Pounds and so it's a relatively new radio station and relatively. Unheard of let's there's another there's a five to seven talk show with Bob Phillips she's a defense attorney. He's got a live dark content show 120 and it by the way. I'm gonna be doing better charge time and our next week as a guest host us for Bob Phillips so. But it as you know Michael these talk radio venues are one of the best avenues that we have to promoting. Liberty you know in mass media minister talk radio. Yes we have to reach as many people as we possibly can because there's so much that goes on behind the scenes. That people are just not aware of pinot yet things they've gone into Texas Capitol. Things that are gonna be US capital I at Austin City Hall. And it's you know one of the ways they we have to reach people to let them know what is really happening out there. Speaking of what's going on City Hall what what is the latest on here. Effort like tried to help on NASA didn't get it far but that your efforts to get those metal detectors removed. From City Hall because they were illegally placed there. Yes so we recently have received a letter from the tech attorney general's office because they actually reached out again. She lost is the only sent a letter to the intern seem manager who is Elaine hard aren't all right so he's a letter to hurt to let her know that hey. You know Bob away and you know this is still going on there's still a lawsuit. And the this is as of July 8 2016. So and that the clock is ticking so basically what happens is. The city of Boston in and thanks Saddam. Don Zimmerman you know we actually got the they're that'll 600 remove. But the city of Boston had been posting third Donald six signs for years three utilize our coalition are hearing and so. What changed in the long was that September the first 2015. A lot Jesus said that pay a regular citizen can bring the complaint. Against a government agency that's posting a thirty got a six sign or they're battle seven sign illegally. And so we were able to file a complaint with the text tourney general's office. And once we did that that happened on September 1 2015 and that's when I I'm actually submit new NC home Don. And we knew we were able to get the 13 out of six on remove. But then after a couple days later I went back to City Hall. And so they actually gave me verbal notice so they verbally told me I couldn't come into the building any left you on the military to still there. Sizable why can I come why can I not come into the building. They said well. Because we are now a courthouse when I City Hall. And when he got up pretty clever not so they'd say look what they did as they deliberately. You know cordoned off whole little area I believe they have court six times per year. He sank six times per year or so pretty obvious that also deliberate passive aggressive moves. To put an unnecessary. Temporary courtroom in the building so they have been excuse. To put a metal detector well known and blocked people from exercising her. Right to carry. It I got to do your listeners a lot of your listeners already know this. But I need to emphasize that do what these bureaucracies are doing it's kind of the deep state idea they really are. A law looks. Group of us power mongers and they do to stop the illegal every day because they figured at all. That no one's gonna stop him he's been so that the best you can do is kind of what you did and what I've done what suing the city. On their illegal campaign financials but you have to take them to court. That's expensive and that's time consuming and at city bureaucrats are happy to use taxpayers' money. To fight against you as a taxpayer and what's the downside is they loose. He nothing to provide it eventually lose they may have to get rid of that metal detector at the front door. What did it costume drama that's passive aggressive wall looks bureaucrats can't. From our own mapping Bob why are busy violating our rights are my big thing with this is we are citizens and gay in their focusing so much. On illegal immigration. And become a Sanctuary City he or stay in the Sanctuary City. And protecting illegal immigrants that they're not focus on protecting citizens people that are here that are the top on the line license holders. They're the cream of the crop when it comes a gun owners. And who have been vet it you know go onto a background check. You know they're actually punishing those people insane but hey you can I come into the building but weren't gonna spend our resource is and spend our money. Actually defending illegal immigrants and let me find everyone there's a difference between illegal immigration and illegal immigration. Arsenal talk about it so yeah what an excellent point and hold an eye on here. We're talking what Don Zimmerman former City Council member. I would talk about who were in live we're talking about south south southwest we're talking about right sheer we're talk about the city of Boston we're talking about Teepen government. Our rob business this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk it. This is going to voice junior executive director of the Texas State rifle association. Your list into Marco per Euro and come and talk radio. Welcome back to come and talk get. And now here's Michael kargil. All right so we're talking when Don Zimmerman former City Council members we're talking about whom worry list were talking about the possible end to end. Some other ride sharing companies here and SXSW. And how they just completely failed yesterday. And still everytime we have a major event. Every time we have a major event back going had me and F one race they fail then and he was we have a short term memory about these things. I'd happening here retire and what we have a huge event in this town that is unacceptable. And this is what happens when government gets involved in the e-commerce Howard dean's involved in just transactions period. Right so I've. Clear right Michael Leo they don't appreciate the complexity of the technology that they would like to over regulate. And it's OK and then we're also talking about Austin City Hall with done about CN that there are Donald six in the third that'll seven signed him how the city of Boston. Just refused to allow license holders to you Kerry incised seen halts and now they're saying Mary courthouse. So says they are a house. They can now breathe it like stills from carry him I just disagree. I saw I filed the complaint. How would detective Jerry jewels off the stairs and hey that isn't even mint OK so one gab a month. The Austin City Hall holds court or six times throughout the year do you hold a court for that one day. Know that month in Austin city also that one day they can bring it lies angels and caring come aboard in that area that the court session is going on. So but the rest of the time the other three under 65 days at 360 days or whatever. License holder should be able to carry an Austin City Hall that is the billing that's owned by the people. We are taxpayers and that's our building that's not private property it builds private property this make abbreviate not someone who can talk my primary problem would talk about the that the people's property. What you are but you're pulling the covers back on the arrogant sort of these city bureaucrat. And that what a rule over you. Like they're little gods in the lords or something I mean they know what the law is they really know what they're doing is technically illegal. But what I'll do is come up with some plausible excuse for an anti gun political agenda and then and now it's up to you and thanks believes daughter. This picked up two we the people to stop the government bureaucrats from violating our rights and from abusing. Power eight of the ridiculous. Situation and when it unfortunately it goes a lot further than just. You know the right security a weapon there's all kinds of illegal stuff going on because there. The bureaucrats know that elected council. Is afraid to stand up to them and they're afraid to stand up because. The bureaucracy exercise the power they control the budget. They control the money. They control the information they controlled the agenda for City Council meeting in terms. Tell it was important when it comes to confronting the abuse of power of the city bureaucracy that's why conclusion after two years of that I have. Dozens of excellent examples to back that up and the other issue is just one issue of many. Yet and still in there and luckily you know if you need the legislation that way until except in the first 2015. It now imposes a fine you know not only does it allow citizens to file a complaint it imposes a fine so old. In I think the age he's actually they actually have it wrong. Because the the fine according to the bill says that it's 1000. To 1500. Dollars for the first day. The first offense and minutes 101000. To 101500. Dollars. For every subsequent. Offense or second day. So while yeah it's still you know you don't feel Michael those numbers are consistent with what clued compliance. Spoke with a little club believes that drive around in trucks and hassle people work. You know renovations were done thirty years ago that you had nothing to do it certainly. Threaten you it's easy you know that's out of compliance Dixon or fine you 2000 dollar today cut off your utilities he looked aspect of the city bureaucracy does to our people. So there aren't thrilled to hear that maybe you're gonna be able to do that to them and give them a taste of their own medicine. Yet as well it so the numbers racked she staggering and because. If you take my number which is you know. We'll to a charge of 1500 dolls for that first day and then that 101500. All the Max fine. For every subsequent day we're talking over two million dollars right now we're at 2000005. Is what we are for that's fine when this goes about a final quarter now are among such numbers. And so we'll we'll see what happens an end. And people ask where does that money go of that money goes back into the general fund for the state of Texas and that's going to be used to fix our roads. That's a good point and then in eighty dollars that are taken away from these passive aggressive. Bureaucrats you know I'm here this is probably good saying he'll he'll feel the pain that they boast about a lot adults cannot and talk about. Local control nominee trying to be heard at least. Austin politicians and bureaucrats suck enough. Local control local control in all I ran for office Michael for local liberty me my job and offices artistic purpose chat. The liberties of the taxpayers and property owners in the voters the people that live here the job of government is to protect. Local liberty not to impose local control but of course. I'm not elected but thank god I've got my liberty back up for both. Absolutely and we'd definitely thank you for your service. In what he did for us you know fighting for us why you're at Austin City Hall. Appreciate that in I hope or something else in the future here are handled probably turn away and opening up doors and I'm always on the look out for one of those open door reserves as I'm sure you are as well. Yes and we deftly getting itchy inside Studio One these Sundays and so weekend have you sit here at the table weekend. You know having the entire show and you'll face to face analyst comes across. Do you nasal do it I'm trying to tie to appear on the weekend but no one of these days we'll do it. And up early Shea hero invitation to get on the show Michaels and Bob. I think these are really appreciate debt ladies and gentlemen that's done Zimmerman former City Council member of the Fido for freedom the fight for liberty he would your voice in Austin City Hall. How indefinite one I think Kim for coming on the show today. Right so now we're gonna change gears a little bit and let's talk all the ballots. The Texas Capitol what's happening in the capital what's happening with their pro gun deals so let me go to Justin with Lowe started the race just and what's going on in the gap. They might right now we've got a bit OHB 131 I'm sure familiar with it yes it exempts firearms firearm accessories and ammunition that are manufactured and sold and used. In Texas from Congress's power to regulate interstate commerce so essentially. If it's made here and sold here it's legal to own and use some killer bees you know suppressed serves. I see you Buena we're look under trees or their Michael what's going on. Yeah because I had to have a problem with that because you know grade. May fractures actually may effect using gun stores fall under. They have an FFL they found the federal government crystal clear what I need someone to tell me is how's that gonna work with the manufacturers. Who ever fellow federal firearms license in housing and apple would gun stores. My guess is you wouldn't apply for an iPhone felt if you're making these particular items that were there would be selling within the states so those items they're would not be sold in any gun store and as a reason you have another fallacy you can you can deal across state lines right correct correct. Some sawed my guesses. Only people would be able to participate in this today. Did not see any type of fines or penalties early user license my guess is you got the manufacturer not have an endless well he could have an FFL at all. I wouldn't believe so yeah. It is what were we wouldn't be the first state to pass aside there are some several other states have passed interest a protection bills for farms so like Alaska Arizona Idaho. Or Idaho South Dakota. Tennessee Wyoming. EE ST to attract this bill because you be looking for an idea to do a start up you know Star Jones company nears idea rate they are this bill passes. You know there's just there's no way NF until dealer a gun stores going to be in the cell in these items in their gun store. Then because they got the fall the federal farm's license. Rules but the ATF and FBI. So and that's gonna have to be is totally separate business. Wolf the sounds like a building you support Europe their listening. There's a hearing for this bill on Tuesday march 14 Tony 17:8 AM. In the room the 014. It's on the north wing of the capital. Take the elevators down to level. 014. This Tuesday Tuesday 8 AM PS of the sounds like a building you all you wanna get behind go ahead and show up in our register your support. You know all the suppose happens on my birthday herera my birthday weekend swear. All all the bills all the gun bills who do we go back and forth in the capital were so why he has always changed your birthday it's it's those last week and I was the last weighing in on his death tax cut and I think given the information does there was wetlands is it isn't that and they way a year and a common. But definitely married and so what other bills are out there. Will be deadline for filing mills as the town was signing that cause I was on Friday as people actually walk around the capital on Fridays trying to get you know. Well as the state senators to actually follow bill for that many were begging you know please filed his bill. Argue I can imagine hunter the day off but as I spent several days there last week. Pushing for constitutional period none. And I get I get pulled and like all these different directions I you know. Was found Friday I was with the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas. And it is like every different day a unanimous like three days last week as what a different group each day's. Just to be insane we don't opposition and it's insane and and I you'd I can do. Can do what she did I can't go they are missing a day that is how will go crazy. The things that happened behind the scenes you know it's it's it's funny how you EC the state rips office you know we sit in someone's office like resident James White. Be sitting you talked to this guy. He like you know hey you know we have this bill that we think that you would like. Would you consider supporting the bill you know considered doing certain steps to helpless give the bill passed yup. And then disperse a sit in there and Cory it. Why you talked into the looking reading your face they won't even have your gas leak that tell you that well he's right in the new building he's gonna foul you know within days. After a year meeting. Asia that actually is totally different than what you're talking about. Well I can tell you the reason for that because he's not a product as though he knows his bills a watered down version and he's out lady's face. He knows that essentially is undermining all of our work so why would he why would you tell us about that and he knew Larry take offense to. He's using charity S shortly and send them. And I would know about the Illinois doesn't it have to he made me I don't care. But we did the deadline was attends and chairman of the homeland security committee which is so keen. Has stated that he was going to schedule a hearing for each piece recertify which is constitutional carry. He was waiting for all the bills to be filed for the tenth so right now the clock is ticking. For us to get a hearing for its recently five so we've put our call action. We've got a list we've got a list of four representatives and have not cosponsored. HP's recently five and these four raps are sitting on homeland security committee. And they are Republicans so they're never vote Republican Party platform to support constitutional carry some were urging people to call them. And tell them they want them to cosponsored this bill so what is a speech recently thought. That is the constitution carry go and that is the only constitutional carry bill currently. A snout. And and they're in the had a lot of different other bills are a lot of little small bills there's a deal then. We have takes care BMS in allow you miss our first responders to be able to carry while they're working. Have there is you know some of the bills deal this take here of activity school activities. I wish someone would have filed a bill to actually. Clean up campus Kerry and I don't understand why we couldn't get anyone to follow Billy clear can be scary specially since we just had a young lady. Sexually assaulted. I knew that John Wall in west campus of University of Texas campus so big and you know we didn't have anyone to actually you know give us a clean up bill which is actually pretty sand. Because there's some work that we need to get done. I'm very in and clean up campus here for sure. Definitely insisted could just comes down to what it what is it that we can prioritize what do we think that we're able to get everything as many people's fossil find in. That's what frustrates me because the sand that we have to do that we have to prioritize we have the big willow Massa says can we please sir can we have this one years old this year and will wait two years later some pleased masks are. You know I that really irritates me because we are in Texas and Texas bulls beat these pro gun state. And it's really not that pro gun you know Texas we have a Republican governor we ever Republican lieutenant lieutenant governor. We actually have Republican controlled house Republican controlled state senate. And we have the fight tooth and nail to get April gun approach to weight deal in the state. And I understand that. Meanwhile our campaign Amin Kroger on but when it comes and talk their talk but they often don't walk the walk when it comes time to get in their their names are signatures on mills it's like going tees. It wouldn't I mean you literally we big and talked in sit down and talk these people Qassam wherever we can possibly catch them in the restroom. I am if you get different little functions and say hey you know what about this bill what about taking care EMS what about. Taking care school activities come what about armed you know doing some cleanup work with campus Kerry. You know you've got to take care you know our students you know make sure they actually can protect themselves and point one beach because this city buses get the sole small. Is cancel small but every time something happens in the news I know. The person that it happens to. Or you know someone that is directly related to them every single time I turn on the news. If that's just how small this town has gotten and I guess that's a product of actually having all the 40000 students. You know what the indoors that is gotten just a small for me and is just it just drives me nuts. Well isn't this true quipped my company to give the listeners some homework. I wanna grab a pen and paper right now wanna write down these phone numbers and start calling Monday. To these people that we need to call a CK. Let's get these pro gun bills passed that you shouldn't have to do this because he's a Republicans who was supposed to be thinking about the people and taking care of by and the second inning community so we're really should have asked you to do this we're gonna ask you do it is anyway because they're not doing what they said they're going to dean when he went to the. House you're right we should not have to do this. But this is what it's gonna take its gonna take the real anonymous phone calls it's gonna take it you know we can't let up on this issue and if we do. They're gonna go on to something else or or there just not going to do it so we have to force their hand by. Melting on the phone lines so listeners grab a pen and paper and Jersey jerseys for reps right now that have their hands on the lever is right now. And they're the ones that are directly responsible for the fate of HP threesome to five concert from carrying Texas right now in. All pro Second Amendment deals in all pro cinema bills that's correct but it's representative Phil king he's the chairman of the committee. Has not brought this bill up yet not yet still king has brought the Villa Pia clock is ticking clock is running out. But his numbers Favre won two. 4630738. Give him a call first thing in the morning tell him you wanted to cosponsor of the bill anyone hearing on the bill light him up representative Phil king let's light him up on Monday. Next representative is Duane burns. His numbers Favre wants to. 4630538. Call him up tomorrow morning tell him you want him to cosponsor of the bill and you wanna hearing on this bill Kamal Dowayne do what you spoke to do so. The next rep is just in Holland. His numbers 5124630484. Call him tomorrow morning tell him you want to. And a cosponsor H beach recently five and you wanna hearing on his speech recently thought shame shame. Shame just a shame. Does the last rap is going to be. Representative John Ray his numbers 512. 46 are 4630516. Call him tomorrow morning John took cosponsor threesome and as far as Intel and you wanna hearing for HP's recently five as well. Absolutely. Shame. Shame. Shame and again how and why aren't saying a change. Shame shame one you we have to go through these measures to get April Second Amendment passed in the state of Texas shame. Shame shame shame. Chance shame. And our kids are looking at you shame shame warn you we have to go do these measures didn't get down Arnie is a big. Republicans in the state of Texas to pass a Second Amendment bill shame. Shame. Why did want to emphasize that these four Republicans right now are directly responsible for the fate of each we threesome 85 and I think you can an elbow and home Foreman Mike. Ranked so we're talking about what happens behind the scenes at the Texas Capitol we're talking about Austin City Hall. We're talking about over let's we're talk about south miles southwest this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come and talk it. See it must race you live news conference call the radio what Michael art. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael kargil. Shame rural. And Shane. Shame that we have to go to these measures. To get a pass a bill passed in the state of Texas and shame. Pro gun state. Thanks so we're talking about what happens behind the scene of the Texas Capitol. We talked about our pro gun deals that we're trying to get past. Here in the state of Texas. We're talking just don't so we'll work. It most of the bills are actually clean up deals we'll fix issues that are in the Texas laws. That are you know that Iran you know the issue of eight what do you have TE pierce at McDonald's and I use this example in my classes all the time. You sit in mcdonalds and you're eating lunch. Yet a restaurant somewhere. And a school bus pulls up and you have your kingdom Liza is yet you've got on you're sitting sadly dodging lunch. A school bus pulls up inside McDonald's they are. And kids get off to a school bus and on the field trip a school sponsored activity. That means in their born and that McDonald's eating lunch that may just bulls' lead when that gun because that's the schools once activity. And you know we always bring up the issue of the Texas capital on the fact that people but he demise is can carry in the Texas Capitol openly or concealed. And we you have new you know detector line you're not my sizzled go to he had that pained allies is why we shall mature Brett door your handgun license. And in you go into the taxicab with their he had done you can openly carry concealed carry a handgun in the tech State Capitol. Instill in the capital hit everyone's caring guy on New Year's state rep this year you state senators and in your license holders. And and there are at least three. If not more school field trips in that building you know every day Monday through Friday at least. And simple but that means everyone's volley that law and that's a felony. By the way in so that doesn't that's something that needs to be done these to be fixed in that's something that we have the big to get them fixed they're violating that law themselves. And so we should have the big give these issues resolved in what is supposed to be April gonna stay. The state of Texas I should have the begging you wanting you know to go for his trouble and the issue of was still a little special we have ACL festival. Would be sealed that's the city of Boston that they've date at. Action loser ever loving mind what they want poles 830 Dow six signed up they're now seven signed they'll post defeat the 1% sign of pulls the blue sign decision can't carry Biggest Loser ever eleven mind. That when it comes seemed to license holders being able to carry. Ought and a park did an event. That is being released by someone else and that's not the one acting feed the attorney general actually got wrong. I'm so but we're you know these are things that we should have the big to fix. Should have the big to be able to carry mark firearm in a park should have to beg for that. The promise is represented as they'd rather than there ideal session would be doing nothing absolutely nothing so. Ten instead which sit here and talk about African bathrooms. We're talking about it is pathetic you know it really is an act I don't even like discussing issues like that that's stuff that should be handled a lower level. In addition he had only the state level should be had to pedal the federal level. You know I honestly I don't I don't know what would discuss CNET best stuff that should be him at a much lower level in dealt with ink it if it's a problem. Does not that skimmed the majority of the of communities it's not gonna be a problem. So it is that it's a problem here community but you know what man up and handle your business keep us out of it that should be a state issue the government should not get involved with that. And drives me nuts. Until this point I don't think it's been an issue and and I mean is this is not something brand new this just happened and I'm sang like. I mean how long we had transgender people is the fight that living amongst us some and it's been fruit. Long time haven't heard of any issues so it's just it's all it's crazy that you're spending so much time on this suspect. And that's and that's what's got to divide the hole for concession is golden bee about the bathrooms and the freaking. A three wood out there's one on the issue and that's that's what's all going to be about an hour and anything done. And the whole thing asked asked one in the state reps so what's the problem with prisons house bill 375 was a problem with that deal. You know why you guys who wow we've not you know push a deal may say well is because the bill author they don't like the bill author. And that's not just the patient who cares about the author who writes you know who who is author of the bill in if that's the case merger go exactly so don't like to go off and then right bill would push the bill through. But that's you know this is a cop out it really is you know we. He if you are concerned about taking care people in their personal safety. Then you would be playing these games this is these all games in shame when you for that change. Yeah definitely Shane. Does he should be playing games with people's lives here. I and then also. Manuel steely he was one or things. I can think renounce upset. About this mess and help my legs. Anymore I think. All right so let me bring into the conversation. Zach Zach stepped up to the Mike. Rachel's just flew in that literally from the New Zealand. Surgeon that's right from New Zealand and that you look a lot better because when the let the boy you'd like you just handed I was in pain you will write words just your kids are almost on the ground literally. As you're walking the beach. Well well my neck as a really sore from my bike ride yet to get into what's called aerodynamic position mind here. Going on -- 112 micro and he's an old mile ride your friends fro from the preppy for the millionth backpack. So yeah I man I'm Blaine you kitten OK after 2.4 miles of swimming. And lake top oil which is and top on New Zealand. I had the right device for a 112 miles the FDA really you like Norway hold onto the bike ride itself was a 112 miles 112. Right so let's just call this is called and iron in New Zealand Iron Man New Zealand I guess so and good lord okay. That that's a lot of 112 miles for on the bicycle yes the F down hunched forward on this specially designed trapped on. Bicycle I feel bad because actually complained just by you know I'm going five miles from from where I live to their office is Alice Huff and puff and this is a competition was who was there was an exodus okay this is a reason this is something you do quite a bit nerve. This my second full Iron Man I've done for half Iron Man races and pro about a total of fifty triathlon so have those here to those don't think I mean what I'm just curious with the the New Zealand on conduct. It's halfway across the world of video watch and New Zealand you can carry guns New Zealand. I can't so I did do you think Myron I could've I could've taken it but they would've confiscated. At the airport police would've. As you've taken that and then may be given an back to me when I left that say I don't coach shows. All right so this is a 112 miles on a bicycle non yeah hunched over with your head. Crane out. Basically the entitled hunchback and train and then I train about an hour today usually we're in this race that ended I've taken me fourteen now ours. He did Sharif without stopping. To the few bathroom break and yeah I yet a year yeah that's just stuff to eat biscuits as they column over there which are really. Chips ahoy cookies fourteen hours since for the bicycle race. Now that's the entire race an entire race is fourteen errors and it was a 112 miles on the bicycle than what was the other man vs 2.4. Mile swim. 112 miles on the bicycle closest ones in the ocean. Both in late top post freshwater lake okay but it felt like the ocean though the wind had picked there were these giant ways to get hold Macs and yeah what was the temperature. There is great temperature probably hide the sixties Soledad mid sixties and connect. In 22 miles the swimming and I can't get any day. Yeah 2.4 you had no kids need to put forth now after you finished that swimming biking then it's a marathon. Tony six point two miles Colin and I gotta rent 26 and oh yes VA medical going to and a bad they airport somebody kills and barely up. How he plays into what you did OK you did 2.4. Swimming first yes and then 26 miles running. Less last. A little them the right is lawlessness plasma. Started I didn't swim las insane justice inhale some iron flew moser a silhouette and I Mina Al most cherished. And when you put it. Time limits on all three legs sales and it also deal may give they've ever won just leaves you heard your addition deer myself well no actually come pull you out of the race OK hey you're not to this point by this certain time honest folks. Again I compared to get Jenna here are you making. Of course alone OK when will replace. I met them or I don't. And got beat up the teacher a I got that he shared that now all the metal nicely. We can get bagged that they give that he had to drag out Kagan is statement. Yeah it's good not good news. I gotta let it Mormon goes double. Ha ha they actually had to pull 300 people don't know if I owe a debt for a new when let me finish the and that's what they collect together as in reality. Sort of collect them up yes no way OK so how that's insane that's probably. Now what's even more ashamed you look good you know hey thanks is I expect you lose like you know twenty pounds I lost ten but I've gained it all back now you're just been eating for like simply to need everything that I see. McDonald's burger king's everything everything. And I was the flu there. There was pretty ghetto like the Russian chaps who they call it. Did you irony like after after the event thermos in Europe early on Oscar dire per Troy has some chicken soup after. Delicious as on sleep and now. I've been exciting here at the premiere as they say hello you okay you'll I have the best thing are still bring you the text messages were slow yours like. Yeah. My fingers are sore at that point I bet. I've been. That's crazy right so does Zach went to New Zealand and did the iron in New Zealand and it was a 112. Miles. On a bicycle. But first she did at 2.4 miles now. 2.4 mile trek swim first bit a 112 miles on a bicycle and then Tony six point 226. Point two mile run. At the bike ride then I got its again owning go to Iron Man Australia. I may seventh. Ninth so we're talking about the which that's crazy. That's worth talking about that's insane. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk it. So this is Gerald darting here on the precinct three China commissioner here in trials animal and you're listening to common process. The welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael Cargill. I don't get knocked down. I've got to get back up again so Jim Jim Phipps says. Michael and just not want to call win however we are communicating well with the legislatures to. It is not deeds the lack of work but either both. A view or Rachel that we need to do. Things differently and maybe concentrate on one bill as a unified group not as many groups for 2 AM constitutional care and come and my Chia I can't agree with Dan little bit we do need to work more unified. I think that's what the problem but there's there's a problem with. Not every has the time listening to the capital right now ought and to my knowledge I've been at the capitol more than any other gun rights organization and I've seen period not everybody has the time to do that brand not to mention unfortunately some of posts are. OK with. Watering stuff down or you know some with some some people think the issue is that you know the bills. Asking for too much at once and I'm saying we don't we don't all have the same philosophy is what the promise in remains so. As far as getting assaulted together as one large group I mean were we don't wanna go the same direction I think that's is. As much of a group Judith you're gonna get that would give us a month into unfortunately you know right. Yeah because she and you get your older generation yet the younger generation and then. And other people trying to get you know different little things there's there's also some nice stuff that certain people posturing known as well. So some people are more concerned about my stuff than anything else. I'm going to. Testified at a hearing last week for a knife don't. Secured the double edged. The qualifications are misled congress relieved it was and is that totally missed that. I see Tom is listening right now appearance here now we don't know because he's won 13 are under our behalf and who testified on. Death toll missed that but it was last week and had had me on the Thursday. Or he's today. Can and connect I don't know I so I'm so Zack and and the reason I'm bringing is that again you know Zach is my when my personal trainers to those that. You know how does one prepare for. This race in New Zealand. There are a lot of different ways. There and do correct ways DDQ well prepared for it. I know that I knew wasn't our employees. Heard it. But my goal wasn't to be the pro translation new breed of were you prepared to bring you doping your blood. Yeah yeah and open up relax really a lot of an amateur triathletes do that. Freezer blood and on wellness and throw less sophisticated ways and it does get tested more him after a one and also they did that. I've got to do you you've got to you've got to work out a high level and then you have to go to the mountains and in and spend the night basically an even when I understand in order to increase your long awaited dude named after these tubes intense. That you get inside this simulate that they actually poll. The oxygen from the aerials died so did you hasn't dealt. How did not he didn't ended up on that sure I'll I'll may have done national flood lots of chicken breasts two can now you've seen. I inks a slots a race like six OK okay it'll go now what the people like this. So I people or Credo idol of the people of New Zealand Australians. So straight people in Australia English girlfriend though that you know. There will be moves. Yeah without Erica yeah. Yeah it's a bad digress but Australia really reminds me of Texas locker. Yeah people are really friendly it's account that outback. You know. It is a great place and there's an interest thing. Story about the indigenous people of New Zealand. So the original inhabitants of the island are called the more you worry people. Okay now like to islanders who were there before it was Derek all right nice back. There really aren't any ladies and Iraqis like sort of Simone and tired as we sit militarily I am green dark green act. And I am between I guess so but it angry yeah friend Dave brown American tank but the more yard people. You know they were happy there. And than the M hour you people came from another island. And they basically were armed with clubs and hatches and some downs is a us all what an early night. And answered the mayhem as weapons and the other people did not they Wear and bay Oregon and unload on ships to ships 500 of them a piece. And they were heavily armed and the they like to eat people yeah and so they went through the more your reach towns started killing them. And eating them. Yes and you look at you are you're reading you're doing here and they write me he just slowness of sort of treat disagrees did you Roger bright buy through their territory. A should've done now what are really gone fastest okay this this seems like a new Felix could work out you know aren't there notify fell and maybe scraped my arm or leg MMI. You know you are salivating that he did say that before the race Jeff that are racist story about the the eastern. Borrows learn about it the whole time on the on the Lam run around. And it is like you know. Don't stop it did this Marietta marry came and killed the Maury or ate them took over. And now I think if there are less than a thousand more you or your left and there are closer million marry. I'm none agency monitor stuck in time or did you see any of them. I did I met this really nice guy on the plane his name's Jude he's have to marry still speaks the language. But but the the real ones that are like. Living like in huts and stuff like Dodd amendment to earn their con lol. I Elizabeth City any announcer there aren't certain areas but during the Iron Man race. They're actually over a hundred. What. They told themselves iron Mauer there the marry that do the Iron Man transformed. So even seen them use all you saw the back of the car and I say no I got beaten by quite a few. Yes I did you do southern from the back that's what he can tell me what they look like you know it's big island guys that they had left me on the run so. Oh well really. And so it says like in a circle then it wasn't. Was is it flat it was. The eyeliner is pretty chilly look at. The course. I was a little bit really not too bad. Get it it makes a difference they can train as they fight so they know that they area so they can run the course from the route you don't know what to expect this your first time doing their right. Correct OK so next time you'll be a little more prepared we do when nature. Maybe mine goes anywhere else in the world escape to says what next year. Is yes you know. Think maybe not New Zealand but I'm sure okay summer in some just a second you keep the Afghan what's next ratio in the I am seriously considering Iron Man Australia may seventh. That put me right back there with the cost for plants Iguodala. Knew where from 12100. Tony 500 current your economy roundtrip on you a little Stanley Wright as you get immunity. Knows this time my brother went. He competed in their race with me he needs to finish. He did her feet eat so he made in Canada before you behind. Has behind me can't. But we did see each other on the Iran and we stuck around for awhile I'm gonna help motivate each other accuses nearly and knew we were both just destroys the ready. Because there is the last hard rock and it was fertilizing I demoralizing. Now is new in any way they demoralizing. Because. I was hurting so bad I didn't know I can hurt that bad and I could Amaechi in India and Iran. Now know many that I. All fresh at the end thanks let's get a right move glass half mile let's go train or train. It's so it can you win any money if you if you win error a few. There's for the pros there's a 40000 dollar purse along awhile for the pros for the pros yeah. And the amateurs. They really race for who are you own a spot guzzlers called what do leaders of the constitute as being a pro is out who exactly is I mean to them well you have to be sponsor his plea. Kick some butt and do. Really well and certain races where you can earn your pro card and if you don't finish as an amateur withstand. X amount of percent time Sierra times faster you throw in a certain number of these at a certain level before they consider your pro. Yeah and Hanson gets certain times. There are sort of benchmarks that you have to hit and then they say OK now we used cancer race at the pros. And he he trillion there. At my specialty is this shorter races this long stuff. Salute to law. In those look intimidating him. It was eight actually the words g.s were demoralizing dad did. Not at a fast that's like motivating them. I'm telling you finish so that's important thing because they know that you know to go that far end from the command say okay out of Griffey finished skis yeah. Oksana was ruler saw cars are easier for us we're we're all leaving and going home he's need to stop. You know that that's that hurts after seventeen hours at hurts if you are a hundred meters from the finish line. And it hits a seventeen hour mark. That's I don't knowing your mental move. You don't see and assure its reality of things that's how the world lives that's how life yes you know let me ask you this is like going. Did you apparently some sort of look at some sort of a tracker on used to reach you read teary remains a mile markers. There are a lot of those posts and on the course I had a GPS watch as well kinda did you have a mentally broke down to renew exactly like what how much ground yet to cover perks amount of times in on San in order to China to try to break it up in different bites. You know he's like don't you go as they don't is that yes. Yeah. Well you know and I'm saying is seasonally can be easier for so little goals unum sandlot you're like hey you know I don't get the first ten miles an X amount of minutes this you know. And just between me and you nobody else just mean you just wanna want just I mean ten G the coffee mother mom. Fans they are. -- you know they'll never found they should Jeremy though she'd heard there. Terror felt my pain meanwhile mother we have this little mind melting going on with something happens you know we just you can hear it I can feel it in my DNA it's really weird soon. No I was hesitant to show her that picture that was taken by the random photographer of me oh dad basically looking like Frankenstein. Is it oh yeah about a Harlem halfway finished well. I at LSU would have been able to feel my suffering from. I would Guerrero so the jazz slight Sheen on the water on the sidelines. Whose most beautiful scenery it was glad that volcano on the background that this it was scary and just like Manny is he getting an idea right now what was happening. I should've a lot of people do after the race and a lot of pros. The race these. They won't even do the racism there's not a bag form at the finish line and that's Hillary covers so much quicker or like you weight limits earning my thought of this her sister show and do it. Our time. Industries my hat's off to a good job. The job to do an iron in New Zealand ninety. And it's a total hundred in forty points and 540. Point six miles with a combination of that's swimming. Biking. And running and I am not eating biscuits along the way. I may he's going to be if police is that it's pieces the crown. All right so Whitney we come back regatta and talk a little bit more about the Texas legislature Tom just send us HB 790 in Nashua that is what talk about that we come back. That was the knife bill that we testified Amman last week OK we'll Tom I have to tell me Tom how what date was next that's totally missed ascending to kiss that when his descendants. For the senate version of that side this. Stefan wanna. Kiss you know another half of that. All right so we come back we're gonna talk about the news and then we'll close out the show this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come and talk. No stone caused such earns him argument on this from Marco called pill form common tool kit. Welcome back to come and talking with Michael kargil. We're talking all things firearms now here's Michael kargil and now it's time for GG EN. The movie and music oh and then he sponsored by central Texas gun works. The largest online gun storage. In Texas. Indonesia's. New York State Democrat Felix Ortiz has introduced a bill this session that would mandate insurance for firearm owners. This is not the first time Ortiz has supported such legislation. Back in 2013. And in 2015. He introduced similar bills. And newly registered firearm owners. We'll now have to you purchased insurance to cover themselves and they got to get 250000. Dollars worth. So if you are already a registered owner you would have thirty days to get the insurance need or your rights would be for revoked the Ortiz justifies. Of the bill in the official New York legislative page by stating that. Injuries and deaths by gun has increasingly become a problem in New York. And around the US. So in the wake of recent mass shooting incidents in Aurora Colorado and new town. There has been a nationwide attention on gun control and public safety. This insurance policy will also serve as an incentive. For a firearm owners to implement safety measures in order to conduct the activity as safely as possibly and only when necessary. And of course that Brady campaign has praised the legislation. As innovative. After losing his mind. Rambo all weapons military researchers at the US army armament research development and engineering center. Or our deck collaborating with the manufacturing technology program and have been created something straight out of a scifi movie can. Homemade grenade launchers that's right you isn't a long existing and a recently popped popularized. Technology of 3-D printing. Researchers are. What are able to may have fractured a multitude of forty millimeter grenade launchers in just a matter of hours. The weapon. Are made from a variety of methods that have been said to reach a muzzle velocity is within 5% of the production model. And it is resulted in no signs of degradation. After fifteen shots. Now the model was improved upon with help from the 82 airborne division peers shoot. And for she regiment. The results was a standalone kit for the weapon. Aptly named the rapid at a lean manufactured ballistics coordinates or Rambo. It was described as the heights of a new era of rapidly develop. Detestable prototypes that will accelerate the rate our researchers advancements. Chicago's week long streak this Monday was the end of Chicago's longest homicide free period of time since 2013. This string of time came to an end when he thirty year old man was shot in the neck around 6:30 PM Monday night. He was taken to the hospital where he died. The most recent murder before that it was a fatal shooting in the north Lawndale neighborhood. On the west side where James Moore is 26 years old was sitting in the minivan. When someone repeatedly shot him. Since the beginning of the year there have been 100 in three murders. 98 of them being the result of a shooting and it's important to note that while there were no confirmed murders taking place in the specific time period. 43. This was the longest length of time in between two homicides in Chicago since 2013. And it was only a period of eight days. New Mexico cab driver self defense discounts. We'll late last month a cab driver in New Mexico was the victim of the disturbing crime that resulted in his demise. Larry Mullen fifty years old was picking up they fear any parking lot when the 26 year old customer attacked Mullen and kill him. Only distill his camp. The suspect was later captured after calls came in nobody cap covered in blood and a man seen cleaning it out. Now detectives have no motive yet as to why the suspect decide to do this. But they will continue to investigate. Any local security officer in firearms instructor Sean on this story and took it upon himself to help anyone he could. Sometimes you can pick up somebody that scares the heck Eddie farms are. You don't thirteen. Their tool for self defense. John killed owner of New Mexico also viable concepts. Posted an offer to all cab drivers in response to this event on his FaceBook page. Kiel is offering discounted and concealed carry permit rates as low as fifty dollars. Now per class in along with information on how to deal escalate the conflict before it becomes violent and then as you go. Who's important at this point the sound while southwest. 2017. Shame it's Shane. Shame. It's a shame that we have to go to these different measures to get bills passed. In the state of Texas there April Second Amendment bill shame. Shame on our legislative shame. Shame on you if you work in the capital shame shame shame. Shame. Shame. Texas schools we April Second Amendment statement we should have to go to these measures to get April 2 minute bills passed. And all things considered in the first state to dig constitutional curry should have been number one. Not late to the gay not that you know the bottom of the union this rate. We're gonna have what fifteen states. Yes. This I think it's our. Are you. Know I think I think the by the end the year one fifty easy but I think we're an hour to twelve. No I think there's several or going for right now right angle and hard yes and Texas is just you know really just form on the wings Hampshire was the last on the discover which by the way I was just in New Hampshire love last weekend who. I got I got to exercisable constitution carrier there as well also lead on the worst seat belts up there. Wow yeah that I like a so that's. It's definitely others actually some more freedom of the New Hampshire than there has your ties to specifically say live free and I believe in their permits one of the guys are showed me that he had a yellow license securian instead it's just a piece of paper that the sure signs and its wall box seen inferno ten dollars ten dollars is what what a cost that's easy in Georgia he's he's just a little sheet of paper which a thumbprint on an I don't know what these now but they're gonna first government Georgia license. Just may have been a bumper commissar or call but I but literally was nothing more than just a piece of paper that he had missed wall it does name on and assure signature in all you have to do is list three references prefer for you know. There are not Tomlinson. And literally sure we'll sign off on her there while. And here we got this drawn out ridiculous process here in Texas. And. Shame Shane and shame. Shame. At the current they did so. So you enjoy you New Zealand shouldn't print and welcome back glad you made it back you're glad you finished we're very proud act in Texas. And to come and take it. That's a busy good Gary had a couple of Larry it's let's see what else is going on in the capital Justin. Well right now we're just waiting for the schedule schedule some hearings because right now there hasn't been any gun bill hearings other than the interstate bill. Sold. If if you're looked wanna get capital to date go check us out on FaceBook on stored on rights. The second we find out something the second we're gonna post that so. There's not much news on the front are now. Excited to be near Kennedy of the capital Monday in teased day because on Monday that's when we have on the marijuana stuff it's coming out some easier for that on Monday. In between class and everything else I have going on and then on Tuesday will be here can be there for that I'm teasing as well in between class and everything else I go on blacks have a class he really is week. So I'm going back and forth in the capital. I'm sure I'll see you very easy process. If it into your system doesn't fall down. Is it China part of the capitals crazy. All right so. Then come definitely. Cold as people wanna get those numbers out warmer time doing in the numbers of the legislation need to call the ones that we need you to call this week so moral Monday. Two left him no move to please help us get the Second Amendment bills passed how we need him to come out of committee. Or go to committee needs to be. Hurting would like in the cosponsor Berkus here's the thing they're there six Republicans and earlier we asked in the east these particular ones did you. Both we want we want hearing but can't we want them to cosponsor of the bill seeing this year the bill in also called Anderson bill that's correct okay is that and we got to read these are names wartime life. I wanted to point out there are two representatives and half of that are on the committee that have co sponsor already. So smashing for Ann Womack out so although those are two good reps as a Reynolds Desormeaux on this issue to analysts don't return. The dog entire list yes okay Iran right now it's represented to fill king he's the chairman of the committee. That number is 5124630738. Shame it's shame yeah. Change. It's a shame where they asked this but please Colin. Representative Dwayne burns. Its farm 1246305. To create. Shame it's shame. Shane. It's a shame we have to ask you do this to please call him. The next ones representative Justin Holland at his numbers 5124630484. Shame it's shame. Shame. It's a shame we have to go to these measures to get hit kit April 2 name in vet bill passed in the state of Texas shame. And that that last representative is representative John Ray his numbers farm 124630516. Shame it's shame. Shame. Shame. What a shame. All right so now you have your mission please give these represented as a call and be polite. Please in the colon be polite and let him know we need to pass these pro second in the bills and call every day until we have a hearing as always. More guns. Equals less crime. What buy yourself a guide you to listen to come and talk it. With Michael argue.