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Learn To Buy and Sell Cars, 03/12

Mar 12, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I will go to learn to buy and sell cars where is your coach Randy. Our guy our surely you can't see Randy. For decades. Ready to share with you everything you need to know about buying selling and trading and dealing with cars yeah. You're okay. PS. There's pain you know that. God bless the USA Israel and Arabs learn to Bob's cell car dot com. And is it a great Danielle are so much hours a year I hear from you I love you listeners. I hope you're having a great opportunity to grow and learn and be productive. I want to make them productive are godfather hall. Marines. Constantly. Many in reading any kind of be productive. I told him or while black man we automated genius but now. But to broach read. Aren't they helping you to educate you mantra news. My can you productive. Are you wasted your time and ability. Manny you greens chaminade hours a day but he reads books. There diction. Oddly how Kansas stuff. But I'll warm be productive power bow our our growing list you don't moralist and everybody. Roberts won Bob says slip away as a list. And add to their learning. Our loved learning I love I had a little more alarm followed do what's right I have no desire to be the best like a big. So I won't she'd grow old you don't understand. I want you to be the best she can be but how many times. You've all settle. That you led all that man. Friend of mine came out Wednesday. He's also love and figured people Charlotte's truck pulled up and flew wheeled drive. But I could any man it suddenly got lied drug related Red Bull and everywhere that I don't know the bread and up to scratch it. Not a scratch our municipal realm that's next hour. And albums lineup thanks. For faced by alcohol FaceBook lab just gave Jones Syria a real place for radio I'll want to. And I had a bike or take TSA which is on a multi district update due the next hour and I was Jews not by an opera got I've got these. Mozilla earplugs that they helped me out mayor why. You also love the thing you and I got distraught and he still might get mad I don't know all the multi months. And he is also haven't Leland. And he said man can you imagine. Government playing a manhunt to multiply thirty months. I was 27000. 'cause he had money down. And you still well so are much more than neutral Schwartz talked forgot to mention thirty months he shouldn't 90000 miles yeah. He owns fifty something thousand only truck its words a little over 30000. Dollars he's got a 20000 dollar. The upside down married what are your will or desire to want to cull it. These are shot down by eight nationals who have been paying for the truth. Well. You know and he said my hand I read just don't sing my opinion column up on this field. I should dig its number one your miked indictments after after tax dollar. You gotta make. Or to pay off of 80000 dollar drug. You got my dollar and 101000 dollar dream and you got the plague interest after tax interest. So now you might beyond honored 120 who knows. Not didn't write down all great deal works out that the great because you get to walk well or person did you write off. But he's got this note the 59000. Dollars ideal. Now and 8000 miles all of forgot. Accident report well that hurts a little bit too big. Billion Mitchell the trucks toward teen fell short Forte gets up Forte. So now we got up 1490000. Miles actually report a hole yet it's got a couple of hundred lives and it now they had fixed. So you don't you can be and I signed situation continued we're gonna open up glad that you would call us. There's no dumb questions only dumb questions are questions you don't ask. And a number here's Bob wanted. Shakespeare victory. 483. Let's stop wanting six point three. 483 Gibson got all the good the bad the ugly and I talked to Gerri bowed this weekend man I still got big. Create incentives. Or should overlay east GMC and be an LA are so huge. I could tell you that like other leaders jealous. Because they'll give it all take I don't almost dealership just got re ball incident since government and they don't tell you about them. Panama ballroom in new vehicle I can tell you which wanna get well that's our right. Okay and he did dollars 5000 black community in Dallas and they didn't get it but they are got it. And said he felt they got a guru right great deal and yet all of these and I laid a thousand artillery. I have noticed Roy Butler made a lot more money and Matt so you gotta stay up on incentives don't factory go to their web site. No group Chrysler Ford Chevrolet whoever checked out the read nice check out the incentives check out what's going all. Do a little work to save a lot of money do our work save a lot of money. I. Everybody drives a used car if you don't Lehman brother a red card you wrote in weeks ago John take it back Tillman salad didn't say what they wanna give. That's not my head is Arby's. Court can only show right now mental note Fella can have always borrow our big east won't traders borrow more or all the normal. Update quick little store friend of mine. That was my dad's friend now knowing royalty. This is the retired besides the buying. A real mass diesel pusher motor home. Any bit. He put 200000. Now own this motor home and he borrowed mass for new. And I dropped it from 600. Down 200. And that eight bells aren't going to go up tax money old man. So encrypted 200000. Down really enjoyed it for eleven months and yet our deck that. His son. Called me and he said Bob got this motor home winning she needs to show. And she knows X 280000. Dollars on. And I said well. It's almost two year old shouldn't you know. How should I think it's door wearing territory to when he shows all know he should bring a whole lot more money than that. Possibly talking about. Instead of adopt a brain 400 owning. A certain things and what is stick with 600. I also well. Taken back Cuban leader do you daughter and ask them what they're give cash bipolar but it did. Who wanted to get to water. Mom didn't know but 80000. Dollars available just cut it off. Dad still had retirement money common meg route 200 grand home body and made a bank tightened the tax only two days to help. Get the money now don't. Long story short up battling down to twenty she had to get shut no pre 60000. Or worse. So I know trailers and so word don't try to teach you only show. The good the bad they're good about my San Antonio where that man was in the military. He just studies combined looked at where because they told him he would not get deployed collateral are bad so far they've gotten applauded. Then he should I need a lot to have a good slate vehicle Walton deployed. And what I did that we'll see what we didn't try just motor August 5 wheel and anybody can short. So I take it down to be extra work to be extortionist. Yeah where the trade forward and welcome all the plays shorter than your body is so Rick column should. Well you get bored they said they didn't thousand they said this guy just IG. Three months ago he used it twice. Just kind G 38. Plus taxes don't. Let's say yeah we'll give they didn't balance. So good dealership knows me well like cult like I said Randi what you need at this camper. So like submit pictures of a sudden all the information rejected I'm going back that's what's the deal so we did what to do this officer. At 21000. I said it's only three months always got on MS RP huge help I'll take it. I broadest undone my lot. Good friend of mine Sloan can't manage that I've gotta buy that exacts a Munich backboard this got voted and they won't blood all for 38. So well you'll get 22000. Party said word ha. You that I'll ruin so he bought these same deal sixteen Gupta also but tax money. We're going to teach you good to Bedanova and number are being. I rant. I'm sorry I know or restore it I don't want to say insurance year round I just would get one go have great memories. And target. Bring it back. And it routine each. Let them clean it up tired the money enjoy myself and not worry about it all year but that's just my opinion it may bid I don't that you may be used more than not been. That's right and absorbed by a sell cars dot com thank you tell thirteen seven. We got Dylan on the board today does a great job although there are things certainly. How low bone meg she's a great account manager man made you so much for me and I appreciate a whole lot. Tell you friends and neighbors a tournament I go to FaceBook lab go to shout proud go to learn about it sell cars dot com. And I want to buy your vehicle followed above the good the bad the ugly. Just ball roll exits with a bad motor just power and you probably motor. Bird egg story Hummer I don't know all want the guy bought it weeks ago. Never was weak in what Al. Dinners joke wouldn't know helping zero. They are overdue grudge somehow got to motor out and then got until Big Dig masks. Cultural record might loaded up eight takes it over to Italian or distort our new business with that I need a brand new tell you immediately to your door had the best Russian rail. In Austin in an area and central Texas and shout directions east Texas any Texans. But I mutual brand new tell you that the best fashion this leadership I didn't resort. So they died and over there no engine do you have transfer case that I keep. I don't put offered to tailor store so we won't retreat. We don't plan in Myanmar but can make out well rent deal but so they pick up the phone and they come home. They sent me pictures surrender winning trade for odd ball and it's ma had picked it up but he got a motor are the only a mild one of Toyota Motor in. 3804. Should know 607. And storing harbor. If you got a motor mile above 101000 dollar unit chief. I've got that in labels about the good the bad and I got some fifteen dollars to make ends I've got some cargo bay and shouldn't fit changes extinction what balls what they cheaper revenue of power by years. I would buy your dragons if you got if you're buying new somewhere else. You know cult all by hatred against. DHL sold made. 200. Cargo brands as she picked in years ago. From there in Austin Texas at one time above 200. I had 400 ball problem. And a Ford dealership they rest of the said the tax money put into the Ford bigger in San Antonio and they bounce me around about it but that's you know I know businesses set with a but anyway I'll Bob Cole large number of course. So give me a cult we won't do business we we rarely day. But go to my website learn about cell car dug up. Why an easy process follow the instructions. Describe your car I'm not out of trader mindset or might go to him. Each you I'm not gonna cut you need when you put that number and but the big number and run away. I'm gonna give you fair market price sniper shot I got to fix yeah yes yes yes and pitch up and I got a page to sell it. We're up to readjust if you don't tell me about it. But I wanna buy you card that what you know where you stand you know what it's worth. You know what you're doing a way that you can sell it to me traded insults somebody else. He shoved my buddy you're joining tried it and add some money to it if you're going to Charlotte somebody asks add even more money. If you shalom will make sure your shape when you do that. Don't let people know what you will take it to a police station fire station sure all friends don't let him ball you don't know out of nowhere you railed. Get a picture of their ID. A lot of people are stealing the car stay in the times stating everything you know Billy yeah blab it to you are extremely sick kill a lot of people. So being careful when you're selling your own immune. The wings would want you to know what you go to where I go to the other side of my website this is forty this is offering. Don't worry about cell car that come find out what your credit rating year's class match screw war. Go to FTC dot go frank Tommy Charles not go. And find out what your credit scores. And if there's anything you look at your credit real good top to bottom make shoes no issues no matter. Can mistake stuff that you I think that they didn't take off. There's all kinds of issues like that I've gotten a few major credit fixed. I've got a gentleman in Corpus Christi they can do it from Corpus Christi where you every year at used to work for Dave Ramsey you know he's good. Mr. Moore Renee Bradley and giving up your credit should give big gulp malthus 83062571. Bob nah. Sixty minutes take 3062. 71 club Mac. Now Wright brought it won't just would finish just I want reminds everybody out there. A guy upload all FaceBook about insurance. Next pass app of the show the last after the show. I want to bring up something in the insurance business I'm more bring up a new way of doing business and you brought wanna hear about it. The goes up more penal system to help. People who need insurance companies are not paying him enough to tell you friends ten year old Italian neighbors. Ten union to thirteen 78 you know march 3 ticket talk thirteen said the only god at all. To listen to us and how much money some things that you are opening nobody's ever talked about to help you so you should scope. And had yet they're finding your credit rating had you cleaned it up. Tub to bank credit union talked it through Europe forum shops Chop Shop for the best interest rates. Thank you wanna do this is what to be a lot of credit would you marble blanket if you can't. Now we'll play you know you've got I I don't know what blank for years and years and years. Chinese bank. They're near Roswell first as First National Bank then it was Texas commerce mouse chases that note how minimalist thanks in 1978. I played her happy Easter years and years and years I'll let him do whatever they wanted to do me. And I became a member Jill I'm Warren that you need more than one boy I'll Doggett jittery but I try now. And so up why aren't these bankers when you become a number they don't care. And they wanted to charge me more money. And that guy gets out it's a privilege for me to do business would they don't customer service. So he's buying each case Al customer service. So anyway upload burdened by public for two big blank. Sub I've got money and several banks have got social security and one blank that I don't touch. I've got world prompted one Blanco don't touch honey want to do business last so check it out two or three blank she did your best critic. Found out what you interest rates gourmet shop picture straight. Shop what they wanna do what their policies are. Kid comfortable with a note exactly what you're doing with the exactly what I how to handle it. Everything that you need to know. And don't know what the told modes go to big. But how much marked like diamonds how many payments. I find out what the car's only worth and a year 234 years when you cut it off. Shop shop shop Tokyo blank document Jenny tell game body man talked a previous owners talked mechanics at the shop that type but you're at your bank. Shop shop shop find out what she trades worth Bob May or somebody else didn't second opinion that three opinions. You need it. I'll tell you story this next twenty minutes about a lady a near Basel. Probably the bigger ship she bump you from. So did he should have got to do your homework. And then shop shop shop for the best meal find out what new market know market what's going home. Tighten my blast do what are you won't do little little work site G a little money a lot of work slave Joseph a lot of money. I'm here being your manager this is random text short right. It won't come back will go to finish up what we're told about here and there won't talk about a lady. Borrowed new car and tepid press staying took it back to the leadership and Nader won't get Burma. Want to buy and sell cars dot com. I am we're gonna bring up a hassle free auto buying dot com because it's gonna help your insurance needs. This is drew near Adams gives us a call here and head problems and six more important. Back up for a very good morning David good to bad knee and doing a bunch of garbage but also Ogunleye on the sideways. Trying to. Every young American. No matter where he shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet in. Hi I'm Ginny Covert and we had the best selection about the need Seve and GMC trucks in one location. In that color style and with all the options you can one. All that message saying this level overpriced that no one can tax. Not now not ever we want to be your drug dealer. Let us crave it even covers simulate being in DNC a seven as to how was anyone ambassador out more on Friday covered mascot dot com. Making talk radio upgrade again somebody has to come out and tell it like it is top thirteen seventy the right choice. You're here. You know I'm. Hidden. Early age. Okay. He motivation. Now. And okay. America and yes to America homers they're violent American men and women to stand up for America. America was built the double kuwaitis in the capitalist ways and it is a great country wild volleys pretty boy lived here who wants to really go over this. I guess that's what the Democrat I'm having more race Democrat don't let Democrats cut motive but LBJ memo that was most like. After that I became an independent. I don't you want to be able to put in for yourself. Don't you wanna be the biggest you can be. The way you want the country to be domestic it may. How terrible America all of central Texas all of Texas. The power of everybody. The more forgiveness you have in your lap the moral world for other people you'll they have. The Democrats bats had the gumbo Everest and little wrist liberalism has become. Hatred they have become the people. That they hate. They've bad Mao never body nothing's ever right. They got they can't get their what you say that little boy and all password don't know that commercial without water Rose Bowl on that big external liberals. Well take my blacks. Get a little piece of my. Has a hedge your opinion. And your theory on politics. Stole your joy. You're not happy anymore you know a little like the late Bubba I knew Bono finger and you Taylor and other people step up. Are you out and so much fun picture out of the control. When you out of control in your mind your whole world's out of control. And when you got your mind messed up in your unhappiness could do it you can make the right decisions. You won't need for you right need for your probably right need for your transportation. You didn't need couldn't keep it straight gore not work for if you got a job most of we Atlanta job. So. Let's get back to the garbage dumps or I'd get all fired up about it goes out shot link below live in this country I'm thankful I've got my oil. Mark I am when mop Graham's. Not bad blood relatives radio show thank you talk thirteen suddenly Megan. Dylan Casey all those people and help me out on this station I mean they help our balls scoop. Piero started I can't believe mobile FaceBook lab. Amazing. Here oh my he's a hero or Skype but this show even from another store radio studio. Don't think technology advances so bored by ma am I'm so far behind. I'm not telling you so after you've studied. Your mechanics. You will look to ensure our report play right sometimes. Did you check the Internet ejected manufacturers you checked your mechanic he checked everything you can't you might get decision on that card you shop shop shop. Figure out what new market a whole market was going on in the market and if they only do wrong they got too much in that nobody else learns why amber. A minute when you bought that car you know what you're training and Schwartz what did your train or not you've got your financing glad. Singing like a better decision. There's a million different situations a million different needs are many different stories almost a million different maggert directorship. I'll Maynor so many different colors and it really solid ten million. On the market last year while they going to do now they don't continue to pop out. Let that team and you shouldn't any IndyCar watch lately she's a chuckle once again asking Mike to rent I LL. My head have a lot is full load more cars admire. So you need to do your homework are you going to play all out a dealer Walter traps. Are you gonna be their friend and bailed out. They're killed in this car they got to own it for too much and you've got a while sitting there and you don't do 3000 to match up these dealers out of state owned it too long. I that are too. This market jumped up a little bit for under 101000 dollar cars over 101000 dollar cars that didn't. You don't shop shop shop no new market a market got tired. Hey a great deal starts with a great core of good deals start to the good car but let me start on the bad car. Right dead now they're up to buy out good quality car. To get the best price. And you lose it. Cooked up a 10050000. Calls on the teacher money's worth. I'll hold my hand and women play a song next one he'll go like this all up late next yeah. I had. Fumble picked they always get beat Bob I remembered the days of the sixties well. That was my prime sixties and early seventies so you'll like this makes all I don't know take suffered. People at all placed book club I got this magazine in you go no. A bit let me show you just to have they have this magazine put it there. And that shall then yeah they got this expensive Cologne. And it says here the new up and. I 66. Panache access once pray. Makes it happen up products irresistible. The yeah they don't talk Yunnan jerk. Knock offs and bad training sting tried to George should brought up short don't FaceBook just did you know FaceBook last. And says they're quick fixes don't work. Great training does we teach up but I professionals to help must come Muster customers who missed the data. Not how to create new and menus are. Rich products using memorizing word tracks. Are you ready to increase your depth and our sales and profits pitcher dealerships. Mad I'm not certain great depth and out of success amoled up again. Hey they're trying to they're ready for American comedian. It changes coerced. Wherever the situation rather a where they're at. Yeah but I try eating. I'm Iraq at a book should learn. About our business and you don't be surprised how it's changed. I'll write auto broke right now on his radio show but the basics down get you ready. We're in the process of three chapters into that there's probably ten or twelve chapters netbook will be available opener next three or four months. And so working on that one. A market don't ever buying I can put in your hand that you can study understand. Shown Wale that you can teach others. How would you be a mentor to others I will be your manager but I want you know it's sort Wale that you trying to push. You could be their manager for you might get a difference in by Angela how are you teach me but you're trying to maintain. Are you just sold through that you don't need any other information are you so tribal pride will cost you money. Private college your relationships. Proud will cost you a lot of stuff. So. Are your pride your god usual pride that you know it all. The whole world you're the whole world are you like go oh lady the other day I talked about inept Brandon de Mercedes. Wherever four way stop and had just had that hunch. She's not stop it. And it's not target go. So I'm excited to weigh. This I was all her road. And she just drove rapid that stopped signing she would hit made sure our dental car I drive but no big deal would dubbed why didn't they immerse eighties. Bold move lay in a hole in our road here to elect some of these people are driving expensive cars. Mining world there how ways. That they are spy issue. Remember I tell you about we got. Actually at this one church. Not Israel boulders for miles or Roddick when you look sure they'll. The series anybody let's get a medal it may I'm miles erotic. I felt like going over Dell and Bubba I'm gonna board miles drawn lot smarter man. No I won't. That they usually isn't 500000. Dollars a moral values. And we need taking it into the shop you don't lose a bunch more money. But I don't know he thinks he's truly got lived coup. Just like that trump got talked about are we let Jack. Could have. Borrowed or helps. Put that money a duplex. And have money come and am forever. And also a lot of variety that could afford to take my blasts Bubba and do Kerviel lord desires. Two guns and cars in this world and can't afford and it can't afford to man. Your net that you should have bought it usually all log out but you told me to bash she's not just weren't making happy honey. You read that to laughter I just work but you work so hard. Work Carter who. But I'm laying it all I'm rather invest. In the future might decision to native I helped tomorrow. Are you might get a quick decision today and regret that. You have read it regret and feeling that I regret dignity and low ball when your right leg checked guilty players you regret that you voted. Well it's up you tub just try my best to open your as they can outside the box. And so bad that right decision kitchen financing. Know what you're trades worth know what your battle what to expect my shirt you're bad news there's no incentives are rebates. Suddenly they won't take you now go over the last drop the Chevrolet Buick I'll tell you it. They will. That's the dealership BioWare did business that's US send my friends are my customers. They're the mask I'm Don visible Iraq's Covert over forty years and never ever had a problem got lazy. When money's stuff factored them manufacture. And we never had a problem. Manson that's a man hears word and I try to live bomb while word. Go to my dad told anyone else Forte and I got the business so on the few words no good you are no good. So I'll try to do Obama were be a good up Dante hee-seop mob wanna do it. I've got a little diablo. Region next week he gonna like it I would say no idea man wow that did you ever get him. Situations with a family. Where they help you and you help them are right across his family mean by house. Which got me up since I've got to sell much Kia optima today. I said I'm not near mile all this money do it to car this is look forward to you what 41000 miles hard loaded in more and make. She's I would just by your office your garlic and she's not got to sell it to NASA will take it back on tour you bought in San Antonio. All the thirty. She's an idea. Let's say and third 2000 cheaper. Than ever body else. You have man and you you talked to him and you've all heard the same money I can get somewhere else. And so okay. She should but I got to show that right now I've got to run this money down. Too but how would make an offer my house we won't buy a house we don't all lose our house and we've got to have. 101000 dollars down there to die. And so I can get there today my office nobody is that there are more once available a ball that was shot down. I don't want Julie's house go over there and tell these people. That's outside your bid it they'll give a little more knew that I have. And that way you can get your check get it to where you want I don't chip not only Shia. She's drop out of 77. Chevrolet pick up the masses original around. In a country with a brand new for Pitt to coordinate. And she should UNAIDS says it also. I was so well I'm man arrested in ten bit yet to show today she should now Ike Charlotte next week Monday. I said okay well I set out government last Saturday industry yesterday outcome by senator. Yesterday it was storming out down on the other hand at San Antonio. And told me iron fifteen minutes to get Daryl I'm almost 45 minute drive traffic bad weather bad they're replying led. So anyway a sarcoma. A good score by this families all. I knew the truck. Come Phoenix it's a mess. 77. Giants super loaded up for fifty put were all dramatic Firestone car breaks and coo coo truck. So anyway I get told the newspaper she's selling show she gave me a couple. Tidbits. You know all told jurors she can help me I helped our rob older truck come pick it up Monday. We're getting him Monday about the trump elements of that ball she wants to buy back gut told her how to buy back after she Basra house. So I'm working whether or not situation won't drive the truck can prove it. Can enjoy it for the job sometimes we run across people. That would really like. We're right across people that have desire to improve. Desire to alarm. Desire to be the best but to help people she wanted to help me wanted to help her and her husband. I wanted them they were above that helps because they need to get over that period they were in a new browser will. The rent house they were the end and Bob good house. But no lost time we don't come across these opportune we don't come across these type of people that apparently enjoyed my time with the multiple. A husband and my lawnmower out. You know. So. What are you doing to educate cheap what do you do and to improve. What he can do an outside the box with common sense but I just remember I told you about you today. Go see Jim ziglar ZEIGLE. A war. And what you tell you how they train new coordinator salespeople after your money. The only year and there's a bunch others he's not the only one look at who opened up to a bunch of very entertain you gotta look to have. Stupidly because one almost 41 minutes. There are some mothers and 3040 minutes. But her psychiatrist but I approach. I've done more to this every day a little surgeon goes to school for eight years gardening or go to work for every hour. Every day sales meeting. Even my most classes. You to name. Says ratings at all last for hours and hours what they themselves made weeks. OK you add this customer he came and he was lower by this. Why do you say what you say daddy won't get mad you didn't matter how come we didn't see the closure I didn't got Jay's second close McNamee didn't say these car rather. Those sales manager ever my body and I kind of dog catcher to talk to it. We don't know last reporter but alas somebody clean the floors that stop you from going out the dealership. I know you're available customer you gotta bugging you not we do do you we don't you get away. That's why they advertise. Outside the box and so many ads that you bank still good to be true it is. If your ball Biden's son money. They all do the same thing. An 80% were allowed to you manipulate chi chi chi try to get every available dollar. And then there's guys like rocks over. Take either truce what should be fair I want you to come back. Wanna continue to leave prison where you forever and he asked me in the family members is a hundred years. Where 100. Meter which. So why do you wanted to do all of your next purchase. Christine Randy Adams aren't bad so cart dot com we're not yet ready to take another break and that what I telkom my insurance company owned an actual. Watch your insurance companies not telling you not good for you because they wanna make every available dollar only they can. Every dollar. But you won't ever dollar making do you it. Just like the card leaders. Just like everybody else. And don't do unto others as you would have someone do unto you. So we're gonna talk the last third of the show. I and a phone numbers filed want to 6435483. You've got any questions at all. Give me a Kolb moved well to answer mode on questions there all the dumb questions once you don't answer. This is brand new absorb a bunch of car dot com and here's one you got to put it just days. You wanna cup all of me your email mayor Newsom about the ensures scrub. Has some pretty thorough Biden Dodd got more time that together what they showed us this don't help you in the with the nature scope and I've got all my information gathered up all the stuff all the study to help you fight these insurance companies. Because let me tell you something they've hired outside. Kinds of gestures that are trained to beat you up that you get is you know oppressed you view it is a war low as they can't. I've seen it since I'm an old radio may have gotten hundreds of calls about this the and it's been bothered me that I can fix it and I believe. There 100%. More ready. To battle it out battle for big time leadership and Austin I'm sorry San Antonio. Big time you would know their names of neurology University of Texas there's one guy was my moment. Big tire. And show I want to teach you the good the bad he had to do and I'm ready for right. God bless you all the Texas mingled measure you give me and learn and grow it. Can be productive he got moisture will be right back gate bridge neighbors didn't and you go like the new revelation I got for you. Trying to. Every young American. No matter where he shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet in. Hi I'm Ginny Covert and we had the best selection about the need Seve and GMC trucks in one location. In that color style and with all the options you can one. All that famous letter overpriced that no one can tax. Not now not ever we want to be your drug dealer. Let us for that seat covers are like Viet din DNC a seven as to how was anyone ambassador out our online and comfort mascot dot com. We knew how this is it happened this year Johnson thirteen seventy downright silly. I've changed gitmo. Yeah iWeb by the insurance company. I'll tell you did is they try to read it here like these people who led nobody tough. I got trained professionals get every dollar you can't. That insurance agent called me and sent Tony okay did say thought that day in my town hall letter from Dirita for the knicks star. And that's got dealt meg says our menu to erupt or message George guns it's okay bubble. I should unaided well policy from me. Do you give me the price. How does insurance companies finishers coming. A city in Kabul wecht and I need to collect. Told my insurance company do you give me the price for that kind suggestions should be trying to John Charles said. Well volunteer job I want to tell you I'll love you give me the money and didn't know that the. Well it's it's not that way I said what do explained it's not that lack. I should OK here's another deal. A settle old lady said no one years old got mad owner of most government so scared but I really have been barely yet Barak. And what happens. She gives him from the rear about big Trout bay and our insurance company. And they want to pay your 16100. I saw cull of claims adjuster. And asset bubble you know playing this lady and not to replace her car should or not a charity case. Also know you're not and should now I said but you didn't know right from wrong so I don't know what's right now call what mark that kind of money. 'cause I was at that lady's fault now is our customer. Class okay let me ask you this question. I should not yet signed customer your customer yeah OK it's a 100000. Dollar Mercedes. You gotta pay 80000 dollars so look plain. And you won't pay 4000. Dollars to fix this lady's car half the gal would 80000 dollar Mercedes probably can afford it. The lady with the 4000. Dollar grant for this she didn't replace it for 16100. You won't show up with her for 4000 word art charity case I should you have the jet tell you what you're full of greed. What that customer had a hanging your 100000 dollar car next have been your idea at all. Your conscience my body about that little old lady. The turnout won't show rob got a new system folks who and you got to go to hassle free auto buy dot com I haven't figured out the exact. All male dumb charging. But I've got a system in a way of like an insurance company I you more on your vehicle. And how blood got it together. And I know alluded notify I don't know what to do you. And I know the figures are what your car port and what it takes to replace. But in other states if you go to Ohio Minnesota Wisconsin Florida. If you're an accident you're insurance company which digit negative net then you're. Blow abuse exit comes seals. He should sharp new and go after that other insurance to everybody not in Texas. Blu logic bubble Willard is so much real nervous but we can't. But I can see those other in Asia urged companies have actually go against we got there days you. Hey there usually always got that deal our daily dose don't shoot me. Yeah rob my customers and our rob Muir customers will blow like a lot more money well it had a great daily el Sheikh don't let. What is flustered one and Texas. Do we got title loans illegal everywhere in the world and the people who voted in your Robin. Let's do something then those are Austin, Texas a job gold mine did when he hit Travis County. I'm sick and tired of Joseph not dividend of zero. You know bloodied up just like these insurance companies bloodied up all shown me you rob my customers I'll rub your customers. So instead of our agents who don't didn't happen why don't they go together. And say hey. Not sure what my customer they should put that lady in another rap for. And then they should go to that other company news up billion dollars San Antonio out thirty I have. Insurance company. And said I didn't make four piles and show this little and but I don't know where buddies. Were in case. A senators. And house are represented who we elected. Are sitting out there doing nothing. Zero. They get to Travis County. And they say to hell which you. They're doing you know what do you that voters see and we don't do whatever little heart desires were no let title loans continue to be bad charged 330%. Interest. 'cause our body's own the last sentence and we don't want nothing and then we don't put a deal together and get our name on a big deal. What's happened the common sense what's happening right or wrong. I go to hassle free auto buying you start checked his shot goes on why this deal going next week a marked change out my website. A widely available where you can contact us we'll talk to you see if there's a deal Al Franken the thing. When we buy a car do the hope I don't hassle free ought to buy adds honor not a fast. I charged big cap data pushed up hundred. Now talk about big dubbed illusions I don't know what I'm thinking about charging you 300. But I get dreamed up bordered by a thousand more money that these big tab new car dealers do in San Antonio Texas they loved me. Little uptight and not filed a hundred. So now I need to do it for the individuals. I need to help you and it I can get the deal together a maple also put diminished value and their forward. Homework and I'll match up that some people mad but you got to edit word. Each ride down and they is slot guy and that's what I'm working out and that's what up I got up come across to your locked tight. Won't help you get the money deserve to be insurance companies can't win if we got little help. Remove elected officials. Brevard counties. In our cities into San Antonio Austin and around and shoot somebody out there that we put in there. They care about people. They care about. People get charged 330%. Interest on time Holmes that's so pure tragedy. To the people they need money so bad. They go get it and it. And our best ads all the time won't people. Hey man. Wages war are viewed. You know and we got competitive rates you can change a raped. You get I got the lessons of how would. Hundred of our palmetto last week and other Al conscience. Our I actually couldn't do it turned 130%. Interest and the east title role places GB 60%. And they ringtone 95%. After six month you pay more back but you borrowed. I don't know attire won't tell you friends neighbors and especially relatives not to do it. It's the worst thing in the world I'd go to my website learn about cell guard Doug comp I tell you which cars were so too many shelves somebody else ten year business and Dai -- transportation. I saw what you are doing. I hate. San Antonio man have so it's been slower and a 12270. Tyler who already pose a week that's one option how warm auctioneer one channel. How many they repo one of large Bubba all borrow much. I want you to think outside the box. Problem one Bob says let the Lazarus and add to their learning how would you learning grow squad has always say a sign. About people that perished due to lack of knowledge. They are and where did it lack of understanding. Beginning to understand what these people are trying to do to you may understand what it is George W trying to dictate. Mean I understand that to discard things it's not their fault that overhead is don't tremendously up. And they got to cover their overhead or overstated this is how well I didn't tell you get mad business I didn't culture over did go one up and you didn't either. But we want you to be the best you can make. We mentioned understate and play is just like the Dallas scale was when they went against Green Bay Packers. When they're ready not quite. Which you aren't even trying here are not in training you know working out you don't know their game play you're not watching films films I got you failed style mutate. Go to Utah and you don't love it. She rehab they trying to give every available dollar out of your pocket I would work your emotions how to work your desires how to keep people with a Jones hugged yourself pushing us. How to work do you believe that get every available dollar. How did you know films. I've given you the gang trying to. But hey where's the blood is not effective until you put it in action. You can sit there and listen to me or watch me on FaceBook love what I'm trying to do you were out trying to Millwood this. Because I wanted to help I'm here to hill believe it or not I mean did she. Thank you Rutskoi and and co Iraq's Covert fighting for this show. Let me give you numbers while want to do anything he's not there keep trying. But throughout blunted southern southern one Sullivan. 74. Let's filed want to in several sub 1757. Or. Tell rock's golden thank you for help sponsored Michelle. He plays for some other paper some of the yankees' top thirteen seven Nicole's daughter concerning if you'd like to be a sponsor on the show. Trying to do the community you wanna educate. Proved to the community you want the best ball and make sure they're aware that don't help support and help educate them and want the best foreign. Give me a car baathist I'd love to see is more sponsors on the show pay photon potential avenue luxury spa church. They're concerned they came after me I'd Snyder Schoen and Corpus Christi. The owner of the stations have been made out of cultures to cult must show they came after me because he sees the that need a big show for Alston in that area. He cares about she didn't really do us and I date and meg and as a villain in case it all level. That's while we work so hard right to show better do you view everything you need to know. But distillation does care about you watch Colbert knows why would rush Covert. Sponsoring the show. Because if you think you know you know how to do it right and you wanna do them honest man and honest leadership and the Covert family's been in business for a hundred years. And they wanted to do it right. But I think it's a big check I can really be got a card in her sponsor news show he's an honest scarred either he knows it. Eight or treat the people right and they're gonna come back. He knows it. Six months down the road they're not gonna figure that he knew I had to. How many times it you motor car and realized. They'd tell me the truths. Then tell me 48 months lose 84 months. They tell me I'd extend it warning covered everything in the world they don't. They tell me I had gal on this and that the other night they did indeed didn't and they tell me there would not charge me to get they did and then they packed the payments. Member OPEC environments I've educated you better and New York trial watched mile prep are you don't have to buy that will updated. And they tell me I had to pay it. How many times. Have you found somebody Atlanta now won't happen with a Covert auto group. Option for forty years I know. And that's while they sponsor give rocks called down Frankie he's not there to date I this my engine works it works hard. And is doors open you could talk to how many owners and used to it. How many owners can you tell it it's only 1120 in his office he corner sit down talk to the core of the nicest smartest man I know. I'll look over which were and they teach your kids to work. All their kids work with Lou this starter what other donors than the commercials and myself and they work at their productive. And productive people are happy. I'm 68 years or about till I should retire. I don't retire I don't know if how well what can I will do what I had big I want to be the best I can make. And I've got a sister did you really low range tend to hang unique college maybe I gave you were candy and he's number while ago. I didn't give you rob short Roscoe over number 77. To thirteen a dig. That number I gave me you must shoot sister I'm sorry I need my glass destroying Vegas. This friend and our minds they'll cart dot com go to our Bioshock or dot com. Didn't go home office 830657159. Hard to pass pretty volatile mine. God bless you I love you forgive everybody who lived longer hey you know liberals hinting at strength. So I am now. Beyond America.