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Mar 11, 2017|

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Jim Carville but Jim's taking well deserved day off I'm Lynn Woolley and I'm filling in for Jim today will be here for the next half hour. Talking about the vital issues of the day and all the things going on in politics. Around the world. In the United States and here in Austin breaking news that has just Tampa this morning a person has been arrested on the White House grounds. After scaling the fan side got the story from the Washington Post a person's scaled. A White House fans last night. Was arrested on the grounds of the presidential residence according to the US Secret Service that's incident occurred about 1138 last night. On the south grounds. Now the person carrying a backpack that was surged did did not contain any hazardous materials. The Secret Service statement said and officials did not identify the person. Yeah not expecting some kind of an attack on president trump and the reason that I have is that the Democrats. Have gone nuts since the election. They are snowflakes and they have not figured out how to cope with the at the Democrats. Special younger ones the bloody Olson and and ended even some of those still in congress don't seem to understand that they lost this election then it's over that Hillary Clinton has been put out to pasture and that Donald John the trump. Is the president of the United States so they've been searching for you reason that this happen. At some number actually out of their minds. But they have all been infected with something called a Russian. Scramble all about it Maxine Waters. Has become the face of the Democrat party and it is absolutely amazing listen and talk. Are we have some phone numbers I'd be very happy discuss this with you if you'd like to join us here at. Anti talked thirteen seventy KJ CER telephone numbers on air 512643. LIV. If you don't have. Letters on your cell phone 5126435483. I I've got to play this clip by Maxine Waters remember you go back to the so called Russian dossier that was leaked in Jake Tapper. Don't see any in China oh win at all. Brian Williams or Dan rather on us you know essentially reporting simply isn't true this was one of the stories that got the whole idea of fake news. So entrenched in America today. It was about a dossier had it had truck carrying prosecute stood to urinate on bed sheets where Michelle Obama in Brockton slept or. Some nonsense as that has been totally debug. But of course over on the all hate all day network MSNBC. Maxine water curse. The new face the Democrat party was asked. About this deep bond dossier. Leave anything about that dossier. Oh I think he should be take a look at I think they should really read it and understand it analyze it and determine what's fact. Wed may not be back we already know that the part about. The coverage that they have on him would sex actions. I'm supposed to be true. They've said that that's absolutely true some other things they kind of ballooned to yes I think he should go into that dusty air and see what's there. The good thing he's saying you know using them to be true. How we all gonna find out what is true and what isn't true I mean and does it help that you think so because unless you have information that we don't have. That's an elegant but but but you understand what I'm saying the investigations. Must be done. I got to go to that dot sea air and C watts they're Italy she rhymes well that's. Maxine Waters who is now one of the main spokespeople. For the Democrat party which means they are in trouble. Folks there has been talk about the Democrat party. And I'm thinking things now about the Democrats that I did not think before this election. Now like Barack Obama comes into office he serves eight years he gets his main things through. Not all of them but he certainly has health care through he gets the stimulus through gets cash for clunkers he gets some of his. Alternative energy step know that worked out very well that none of us. Nothing that are Obama got through actually worked out. If you look at what's going on in the country right now. We just had an amazing jobs report yesterday. And by every standard whether it's jobs anything having to do with the economy. Now the stock market by every come back every major double standard. In the first forty some odd days of the truck administration things are far better. Then they were under the Obama administration work for eight years the head could not raise the interest rates. And now they're going to raise it what a quarter of a percent or something like that as we try to get back to normal. We're weak we're wary of perhaps the government doesn't have to buy up all the debt with with kiwi eased so quantitative easing programs. So things are not looking good for the Democrat is in its Malaysian mostly about this driving to the studio apps get about this. How things have changed. We were told that if Hillary Clinton won the presidency. That. It would marginalize the Republican Party. To the point where it might become a fringe party and it might not exist that is to say Hillary Clinton as president of these United States. Would have. It expanded on virtually everything that Obama DN now remember. Hillary Clinton failed with the Russian reset she failed to end so did John Kerry the person who succeeded her as secretary of state. With the Syrian red line. They didn't do well in Libya with the disposal of Moammar Gadhafi. They weren't able to solve the Palestinian Israeli conflict which nobody has but Hillary. Had this idea of this two state solution which is ludicrous that bit there's never going to be a two state solution as long as we talk about that we're never going to get anywhere. In other words Hillary Clinton. Had no record of success whatsoever. And the Democrats thought. That she could make it to the presidency. By saying I know woman's vote for me. I have two X chromosomes or whatever or I don't it was crazy but most people in America and in the in the middle of America at least did not care about identity politics they didn't care about gender politics they weren't interested. Any electing the first woman president. They were interested in electing a good president. And they didn't like what they'd been saying they didn't like that Hillary Clinton. Basically. Looked at new York and big East Coast as of as basic America changed planes in Chicago which is also liberal. And end up out on the West Coast which is liberal but everything else in the center. Oklahoma Texas. All of the the areas that forget about conservatism vs liberalism just areas that have been forgotten by the federal government. Areas where people were suffering because they're jobs were going away and Obama was attacking fossil fuel day in and day out. And they didn't why didn't they didn't like the idea that Hillary Clinton who was a boring candidate who is a non exciting candidate whose voice was shrill. And when she talked about the things people felt like the things that she talked about ridiculous and and she she seemed to believe in water called emerging. Majorities in the United States that is if you were a white person you PM this is not race of the doctors say when I believe Hillary thought. Bureau white person that your time was over west. If you were a an older may all your time was over with. And so she catered to more illegal immigrants. Then she cater to people and it in the middle America. What liberals seem to bully disquiet over country. She catered to those folks rather than the folks that can actually go out to polls and vote for her in some of those illegals did vote for her we know. That there were some election fraud that wasn't rampant as as a trumpet indicated it sometimes but it certainly existed. So they put up the worst possible candidate that they probably could someone who is wedded. To gender politics to identity politics is an exciting and and could not draw crowds even when she brought Ashley Judd and Susan Sarin the Sarandon. And and end who's the you know Madonna. Could even draw crowds when she brought the big guys superstars of the feminist movement and trump never brought anybody with a mixup some of his surrogates and would draw thousands and thousands. I'm like at the American Airlines Center in Dallas which which just overflowing with trump finance. To the point where trump had to excoriated the media. For not showing the crowds trumped up say you put it brought me you never return to K ever around show the crowd show the crowds got 101000 people your what are Hillary FT and people we have 101000 people. And yet the polls kept saying Hillary would win. And I believed. All of this has led to the Russian. They had to come up with some the 'cause they had nothing and aipac as I said thinking about this driving to the studio how. It almost like 24 hour period. Maybe one hour period sometime around 9 o'clock on November the eighth 2016. Everything turned around everything changed. Suddenly. The Republicans were back in power instead of losing the senate barely holding on to the house. And losing the presidency. The Republicans had kept the house. Kept the senate. And regain the White House. And at 9 o'clock on election night. NBC MSNBC still couldn't figure this out it was crazy got Martha Raddatz was just going not so brawn ABC. The liberalism just flowed from the anchors and American got to see what people like Martha Raddatz really are. They do they got to see what people like Jake Tapper when he did this Russian dossier story. Our is that Maxine water saying the Dicey here to see what's in the air it it was a good right. That's about all there is to its would come over this Russian thing that here's the thing that drives me nuts we had a number of of scandals during the Obama administration yes I know we are told by the by the lives that. The Obama administration scandal three I don't have but he notes on this let me see Yemeni scandals like complete BS Obama did not engage in sexual scandal. As Bill Clinton be at. Bill Clinton was what party Democrat that's when I was trying to remember our there was started off with a fast and furious scandal. The big government actually running guns in the Mexico in all backfired on him. And we had a did border rage card nobody nobody opened up major hearings into that. A right then we had deadly Solyndra situation. These Solyndra situation was also was scandal where Obama gave money to his Koreans. To develop alternative energy and the company went under the as the market was a ready for it yet and there was Obama's. 787. Billion dollar stimulus where he later had to admit to Renault shovel ready projects and again the money goes to political cronies. Then there was of course. The IRS. Scandal where Lois Lerner never paid a price. In the higher risk was targeting conservative groups that was a major scandal but as long as you've got Eric Holder. Or Loretta lynch as attorney general of the United States and Jon Costin and running the Internal Revenue Service nobody's gonna happen Obama was able to do news Comverse is an end to shout outs to certain people like well. I don't think there's anything they air I don't think Getty anything was. Was broached no laws were broken and Loretta lynch is watch and then says yes sir Mr. President. Don't worry about and I'll meet with Bill Clinton on a plane and ice old. I still won't do a thing. To go after our candidate. The people's candidate excuse me from the women's candidate. For president of the United States Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton no sir Mr. President I've read you loud and clear you don't have to send me a memo I heard your news conference where you said Hillary Clinton's. As is pure as the driven snow so don't worry I won't go after her even though I met with her husband on a plane and I look like I'm totally compromised. Nothing's gonna happen in Hillary Clinton she will be protected. There was the VA scandal there was the IRS scandal there was new server scandal. Amid never stopped. Erosion it's just whip with Obama he was able to deflect always because he had people like Elijah Cummings. Sitting on these committees totally deflecting all of this stuff and apologizing for Hillary Clinton. At every step of the way. And so now. They they lost they have nothing on which to blame it and remember after the after the statues were removed from the University of Texas a confederate statues because the snowflake CUT. Could not possibly be offended by them. Or the world would come to an end. After what happened at the University of Missouri where the snowflakes could not be offended and lately we've had the Berkeley incident the Middlebury College incident. Where Charles Murray who wrote the bell curve we shouted down not oil speak. We're finding out that there's not always snowflakes UT and it Middlebury College there's not only snowflakes at Berkeley and in Missouri. There's snowflakes in the congress. Maxine Waters is one of them Chuck Schumer is one of them Nancy Pelosi is one of them. They had become that was something because they can't admit they lost this election. They lost this election. Because they didn't put up a decent candidate and the calls all of Barack Obama's policies have failed. And so that's how we got the Russian situation talk about this more on the other side will be back in just a moment I'm Lynn Woolley I'm sitting in for Jim Carville himself just this week. It's the Texas insider radio show. On talk thirteen seventy KJC is. Didn't know me and and then. Ari Lynn Woolley I'm sitting in for Jim Carville were bad from the tech insider show on talk thirteen seventy KJ CE this is a short show folks deployed close up to the top of the hour. So if you wish to call in call now. I know SXSW. Is going on lot of people out. Driving around in Austin now with their car radios on hopefully some will will will come up on this show and will say hey that's a little bit different. Maybe I need to Collie and the phone numbers are 5126435483. That's 512643. Life. I don't believe that there is anything to this Russian deal. And I don't believe there's not anything to at a manages the they disapproved of some of these things there was so much about Ben Ghazi. That was true and helped your intent for everybody to see the Democrats were able to suppress it mean we absolutely found out. That the president of the United States that Hillary Clinton lied about video and there were other things but that's the main thing. The Bill Clinton lied about having sexual Lewinsky and was impeached for it he'd lied under oath that makes it perjury. And still nothing happens happens to these Democrats but they are going to go after Donald Trump. And so the lawmakers. Are beginning to review this collusion but that look here is the charge the charges. That Donald Trump and or members of his campaign. Collude aid that was. They were in cahoots. With Vladimir Putin and the Russians to throw the American election to Hillary Clinton. Here is the one thing I will concede on that the Russians probably hacked the Democrats they probably tried to hack the Republicans. They are the Russians this is what they do. This is what our enemy states do and some of our friends we are survey old and you're or attempted hex not only by Russia but by China. By North Korea. By eight probably Iran. Even probably by Israel especially what Barack Obama in office and Netanyahu despise Obama with every fiber of his being an Obama despise Netanyahu. Netanyahu was want hippies guys on the planet right now that Donald Trump is president of the United States. But the thing is unlike the Gaza. Are no real questions here that have a basis in fact. With Ben Ghazi the question then I had was why did Susan Rice go on five television shows 1 Sunday morning. Every single 1 of the Sunday morning programs to say that there was a despicable video that debt. Insulted Islam and that's why there was not an attack. Mounted on the compound bin Ghazi and that turned out to be all cropped just 000 a load of garbage. It the president said that essentially before the United Nations and so on and so for Hillary Clinton so that we had nothing to do this despicable Lydia. The video was a nothing situation. And yet nothing happened any of those people who liked the question. With regard to whether the trump campaign colluded with Russia's seems to be. This. No foul phrase it as the Democrats would if they were honest. We got to have a reason for having lost this election any idea as possible in the scope of the infinite universe that somebody in the trump campaign. Had some beating your talks with the Russians and talked about. A Russian hacking and throwing this election. And by golly we've got to find out if that happened even though we don't have any information that it did we still got to find out so. Isn't that what they call witch hunt. In Washington isn't that what Elijah Cummings referred to the been Ghazi hearing jazz as a witch hunt. There was evidence in min Ghazi there's no evidence here. And my point is. If the Russians and the trump campaign colluded in the on this the election to try to throw the election. And number one. There's going to be some evidence that there's going to be some proof you can't just hold hearings because some Democrat is praying to some. Left wing god up there that there was something going on. There has to be what the constitution refers to you as probable cost. Now the other big question the question right ought to be asking here and I know. There's a lot of liberals moss and there are some people and awesome that are pretty brilliant on the on the ya right side of the aisle to here's watch every Republican ought to be asking and insisting. That this probe not be about trump collusion with the Russians feel there is no probable cost indicate debt that I sing and maybe it exists. But if it does exist. Nobody singing it outside the intelligence and communities and we know from the WikiLeaks dump last week at the CIA is is too incompetent. To keep their their story straight do we know they told me. Hit the FBI James told me director coming. Has come out and made himself into a fool on at least three occasions within the last few months. I know I I I I I think we have good people working at the CIA but here's the question. This this telephone call. That was intercepted. That involved. The now. Resigned. The national day is security advisor Michael Flynn. I know I I don't don't delta CIA's ability to record that call. Because it was with so what's his name Sergei kiss we act the Russian ambassador to the United States as a CI everybody knows he's spy he's been in. America for a long time Democrats typically love him now they say he's bad guy because. He had this phone conversation. But Michael Flynn the question that everybody should be asking ias. True. Leaked the transcript of that phone call and does it go back to Obama's CIA director John Brennan. That's a felony John Brennan could go to jail for that whoever did it could go and should go to jail that should be. That should be the folks of this investigation. There's probable cause on that one because we know aid we know for sure that there was a wiretap. So here are the questions that we know that Quinn was on and as we act was on what we don't know is who authorized it. We don't know whether went before a fight support some other federal court we don't know if Barack Obama had anything to do with the we don't know who whether it was the CIA your the FBI or the NSA or some other race is we don't know that we don't know who leaked it. All we know is we are for certain the phone call took place at an it was in the it was probably recorded. My one of our intelligence agencies. These other questions was it legal. Who leaked it to people that will this person stepped forward and take his or her medicine and be charged with a felony so we can get past this. Yeah when trump says there's more tablets I can't say that the work but I can say there was that one and I can say that it's it is far more credible. To believe Donald Trump. That the Democrats. Were trying to surveil all Republicans three to wire tap them. Then it is to believe this whole thing you the Russian pollution. Truth I think about it. What in the world could Donald Trump have agreed to do with the Russian just say nice things about Vladimir Putin was that want it was. And it it makes less then then then then no sense. So I would like to see an outcome to this and and see where we can go where that. All right tell us Alex Hernandez slim lead. Travis County share up to has rubbed. Has rubbed you dear governor of Texas wrong way over Sanctuary Cities. She rejected. Governor Abbott's admonition. To you stop her Sanctuary City policy and she was elected. And Abbott started doling out punishment stripping money we still don't know what's gonna handle sings where cities it's one of the silliest things we have an America. Sanctuary City policies. We should not have them. And we should not have them because they can break our laws and they allow they allow illegal aliens to come in this country and break our laws. And not get deported. Or some that do get deported allows them to come back he had there where I live we just had a situation one Molina. Pay an illegal alien he ran over a young girl named amber rice she was driving in her pick up on the highway he ran over her from the rear fled the scene. He served ten years now there are going to deport him he gets to go back home and start a new life and and an amber rice is dated. This is the kind of thing that liberal ideologues like Sally Hernandez. Seem to be totally ignorant of had a sheriff is supposed to enforce our laws were running low on tying here. But I did note today in the American statesman. That had a couple liberal judges and a couple of liberal judges and San Antonio have thrown out three. Congressional districts including the one he'll by US representative. Lloyd dog at dog it's an Austin Democrat. And they're saying that these districts were improperly drawn with race as the predominant factor to minimize the number of Democrat districts. And to attempt to unseat dog get. By getting out Hispanic elected though let me see if I've got this straight the Democrats who were consumed with race believed that that the Republicans. Believe that Republicans wanted to get rid of Lloyd dogged and replace him with a Hispanic. At that is a boggles the imagination. They also by the way said two other districts were unconstitutional. District 27. Held by US represented Blake fair and told of Corpus Christi and district 43 held by US representative. Will heard. So. We will just have to see what happens on all that so much to talk about and so little time. Folks Jim Carville will be back next week at the same time this has been Lynn Woolley sitting in for Jim carnal. On the right choice I talked thirteen 78 CO. Rule.