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Mar 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What day. And. Welcome surrealist state radio we here host Jason status. Wanna share your real estate stories call now at 5126409610. And now here's Jason Stubbs. They were backed central Texas it's Sunday we're here every Sunday 12 o'clock noon this rule state radio undergoes chases subs. Favoring its main measure up in RO mortgage to your consumer advocate for all things real estate. Hopefully Gus color our TV shows which actually running right now on KB PL. And so were every Sunday were actually on a KB PS twelve in right here. Crusher your radio waves and if your car and drive around every Sunday at noon and be sure to tune in talk thirteen seven. So guys are real. You know less number's 181407. And I am accompanied today. Bob mama part of my buddy mark. My coworker. Mike pricing or on officer general mortars tore my mama tell you don't Jason mail we're gonna brigades. You're on the you're hanging with us hold it to act CS that are well good deal meant. What so we've been up to. Just just working failing. Yeah yes. You got yup maybe annoyed or should I do little girl both due in July blitzer would he has remained still still debate in the name can you or feel it yet not yet an idea aren't. Art house on the noon she's doing good they're good we'll get to a man. We'll be out remember. I got this will be your dip don't you mean second for you right media. Mental tea Amare member of the the first yes six months and I used to laugh Korea yeah yeah yeah it's. Public authoritative middle via it'll be a long summer but he gets our pay death you know the drill sleep when the babies leave us right after six months you can finally kind of stretch a little bit beat up I've learned have been happy anywhere and anytime. One thing that I learned real quickly. Which was in the the hospital our member. You've reviewed their Ferraro off two days or so and him nurse walks in how you doing us again that. You know I'd be missed some type of complaint in I knew that nurses gave me that look like don't you leave and W don't don't go there you from Russia sent I kind of took that looked. As enough information to where I can put two and two together throughout. That's right there there's my advice and unstick can do that so that's you have to deal could tell guys I gotta tell you about a patent law firm. And they've been. A strong supporter real state radio now offer. Golf for years and I we could do to show with Alleman Tony realtors out there I mean pat law firm if you give a shot you need to. They are closing loans on Saturday is evenings are available. Forty I mean no move stuff around feel like we have closing just another day in and the tire companies out there have a right to make her hours I totally understand that and you weed you as well to some extent. But. Q pat -- really they understand the importance of getting a loan close of the too late in the day it was late on Friday if it's after hours are gonna do it because there in the people business and on the go anywhere you don't yet they pretty much on the people that's to me there's you know besides the fact just on the on the mortgage side and and it's not that I say insults on 615 people holding hands to kind of get its act like them to the finish line drive. And you just. Yeah you know sometimes you just need to get it done at least a people business media folks ready that they are packed up moving trucks ready for keys have key minutes. It's a huge thing it is for you know folks to have to you know not be able to find on that Friday so they lose the weekend and you're talking about Monday morning job he can't take off. It's usual most people can take a 234 raised to get all that done so that we offer does a great job it also guys stand controlling held with the shirt ripping. Realtors don't get on the roof inspection without having to come out there it's good information have you need it before you list home. On the prevents anything from coming up Mike you know like. You just don't want that home inspection to come back. And show potential buyer we've got Ruth issues mead is exactly go that I or address of before. Dan can ruling out there is is Amanda and you've got to mama get him out to us sufficient to duel when we Little Rock port to other U yeah we'll get him out so definitely definitely. I've got also are app release of the real easy use we appreciate the thousand plus of you that have downloaded it. It's really easy to get the purpose of it is to me it's you can shop homes get interest rates calculate. Mortgage payments all that stuff to release him do you text though the letters atx. Q3 19960. Pull up your text message. But in the number 31996. In your text the letters atx you get a link click on the link strolled over and home screen and you can sort shopping Holmes didn't interest rates calculating. You were payments so. We gonna do after how after the show I mean this Sunday he would tell us. What you gotta think plant just just. I'm painting. Actually mr. Payne and her through this weekend she's she's got to move furniture already pins go on the wall. The W you're going to be doing some work that's about a SR and you need to hit did you suffer it up I kind of asked you that question be a little selfish because. I would take any time off really and in I'm going fishing. There is seen as we're done here I'm going fishing I'm taking Rania Akerson he's. The the director of the TV show Coca and he's he's California LA guy in apparently he eased these queries like I've never caught official for a how he'd never caught a fish in your putts it's hard to believe from I don't in this part of country that you never caught a fish. I'm Kutcher find a little bit. We he called just little but he got figure giggle and your your right out to me that well we're here. You know what would not taught flip flops slacks and note turtleneck and turtles around theater complex Erika I. Turtleneck turtleneck wearing a hood who did go guys appears to an industry mostly radio I'm Jason Stubbs and got Mike pricing and on officer in oral boards we here with me all day today. We got some good stuff coming up we're we talk enough to. Some folks about all types of different. Properties and rules stayed in it's it's gonna be fun show so. Stick around the before we get to all of that. I believe we've got Lisa or view with Texas real similar clothes. Lease TV air. Jay and I and Eric how are you. Aren't they and then Sunday we'll have a decent enough credit. Well we we we miss you guys Ria had you know you'll win what two weeks ago. Oh on the show a lot of we did have find so on the call you this week in and we'll get you guys back on because. I I just enjoyed it and you Yasser Arafat and in dodge this year you knowledge is there and I love it so you guys are are are a huge part of of this show were trying to do here so I appreciate should you guys on that but so what we have force this week. Well we got a lot of exciting things coming that we have arms and great property better. And Renny and him coming in and while I'm hot market higher. Wouldn't think county area. Yeah so. One a day out. On that includes tried. And and that is a bit up bucket they can really neat nick had seemed to be one America people. Cut it I live on the street I don't know why I actually lived on actually. Did you think that's nice yeah what what area I mean. Do you do recount of the big intersection. So that it didn't round rock he and it's between highly every night and get a school Rhode. CR 120 clean. It's. That prompted a custom built by Tom it. And it on a half acre or actually just over half acre on Matt and it's 4500 square feet. She story out of school clay on the ground are uneven so beautiful. And great for the kill actual school and that I thought that was going to net 67. Los. Do we have one and get down the street and I left the dates that went Lugar oh but there is a black. Nineteen meandering way. It was built in 1990 TUR a have been in ground pool and just shy at happy there in 3798. Square feet. Source badger them to you about your current drugs and that went up straight at what sixty. Really great house. Sounds Tennessee. Oh yeah without without a doubt yeah we talked about the beer the thrall to that area you when you guys are in the studio and it is. I mean they are just it's it's it's doing a lot. Just a lot of moving parts out there but you'll move for that home mommy thirty inch square feet. For you know almost half an acre you can get some space out there which is kind of what. I like. I yeah could you get enough and again and then I have a really great when you can't sleep at all. That 1230 Q I'm ready circle now to the spring and got planned and built in 98. Really beautiful wood lemon at my actually need to clean terrific condition and and that way you got a good precedent from 2000 square feet. And it only 235000. Dollars lose while you definitely can't do that chabot. Yeah no doubt about it and yeah that house that's not gonna last to mean that that price point is fantastic and gives folks you some that some of these folks that are just entering the market gives them the chance to kind of get the game and you know it it's it it some of these houses that are you a little bit smaller it's almost like you just. You know you have to look at it as a forever home some way from some name but you can get in the air and deal how would what a what policy on a first of whom are. Just this past week was you look at when you protect key in that doors can look at it like your open the vault to your safe. You can kind of can look at it as kind of an investment but that price point is it's highly sought after it I give it a mean there's just not a whole lot out there. At that price point. They really have been at their inventories so low and went to counties. You know that roundup for example. We have a total of 363. Active. You get on the market and typically the Imus should have eight or 900. Oh. Is something I followed this economists that's topsy speak a couple of times he says we like daily little blurred it's almost like a tweaked it comes my email but he Hussein and that. The inventory for. Our country is the lowest it's been in a century. Our current so for whatever that's worth. But tough. Jack goodness. So I don't know there are being hurt now no no doubt about it I mean they've got your their turn and dirt all over the place and you that you can show you what let's get you guys back in. And we do we'll do let's do a whole segment on new construction. What to expect. The process. Why you know how how you know real estate agent can help. All that stuff that sets aren't. Right now that's sounds really great I achieved all new agent at a local builders show at actually won my court incurred other dude dude would us forms. Welling up we'll have another really cool out at the custom built in had to know another super hot area and went to unease inched just going. Crazy and then playing and I went street Comanche circle yet in the look at a press she creek go there one acre property. And we showed all these clipped a larger. I'm. You know take wedge or are lit to really get I'd just some people know that they are out there. But you gotta push out maybe in Poland and Downey and all of these are stupid clothes cheap total around it and I'm the main highway 35. So easy to get around it has a lot of amenities and really too great crystalline. And that is saying don't 2007. When they guarantee bedroom two bath. 2323 quick feet and it is lifted after 8399. Fantastic. Who can deal well what do you gotta more force. Have when market this year or do you guys are busy out there is so. If I mean Jack had a hole but still reality under contracts so well where you are these like all under contract Afflalo. Does that give them better inventory that is how low. It sure is. What love does yours too nemesis rules state radio and at least hang on alarm with a throw quick we're a take a quick break we get back we'll talk but more more house's that are out there that are available their list of guys you'll want to view you'll check this out stick around. It's us. You. Are welcome back in the show all central Texas you listen to reel save radio I'm Jason Stubbs. Refrigerator in arrow mortgage your every Sunday at noon got Mike Price my pod mark. My co worker. Senior loan officer in our mortgage Micah we don't have for doing good miss in those are you do it if of those you just tune him before the break. We are talking with Lisa Ormsby with real T Texas and she is still on the line with us. And Lisa I'll just stand for a break and we were we you guys are busy out there you have fantastic listings you got one more force let's hear it. I Brooklyn actually isn't Taylor did you know that income until. Quite a large area air doesn't and then and that 24 RU black blacks he wrote. It is 35 acres. With baby I'm home on it that nineteen port square feet tangled story we badger and bath. It had an amazing Paul Barnett has fifteen stop and they are also an additional four other running installed. Or panic at spring fed on. It got a little we met with the slugger hit the and a jump still I mean there's this place is have been anybody that want to run out or. If they're out there there at the main thing and it gorgeous and the sun tan said. Out every kid on your back patio and you'll have a one on me to let in only listed at 659. Well that's gonna make somebody wrote happy. I think they'll market Dioner cook in this world folks what more information about this property or any others how they get in contact with you. Well making him a call here at higher looking at the is there are Brett clay and on number 806. To zero when they're teaching. Fantastic. Lisa orange B realty Texas thank you so much induct till jacket moment of contempt for the guys next week and we'll get you aspect of studio. We record and I enjoy your Sunday. Man she they are they the parent they don't want going on how they do just overly brokers out got a list is going to bring into office and some I knows how to shop that place pretty you look at. We yeah you know we're out there and have clean with what we got there what anybody there and I guess they're doing they're really cutting grand opening just that new office and they and we got of our little meeting we hand on the tell you there is hard to get out and it was there that you can everywhere or so there was it was it was on death adult beverage is slinging around we almost got caught in there. Let's Carol is open actor permanently we will have a little bit going on but you do yellow have to get those in there so. Mike coming with with all love. The eat you know with the with all the just some how Lucy chaos but the way that this markets move in Austin you gotta be pretty strategic and you gotta be good. Acts hiring the right team right so we're stuck or we're talking about your you know your your mortgage company's loan officers year. Your your real estate agent and you know in this market be it it's you just don't wanna fumble right that's right you can I don't wanna get a plan in place and in really come up with some things that you assumed some ground rules and does some things. Not to do so. Brought oracle hit some delicious put it out there me for folks that you either you bought 234 holes before. I don't care doesn't matter you still we do you still need to know this is just things you don't relief where you may not remember. And so where do it it's it's good to do's and don'ts of the mortgage process and I mean bush is get to bite you don't. What which are to be said about you paying your bills on time and you'd be amazed at how many people. I have told perfect payment history in all the sudden they get to us select band struck fresh late payment. Down they they get into the process and think everything's fine that no one's gonna see your look meal after initial credit pull Mac common thing in. All the time you'll find. You know late payment on a credit card. School loans car loans. Rent it hadn't been paid believe it or not about mortgage payments mortgage payments that are played owner refinance. They weren't even on an investor property I think you see you've got to keep up with everything. If people out there that you have to mar our listeners may think you're itself ludicrous pay your bills on tougher road for models in time. But you when you start getting to the savvy folks who bought a couple homes those laws we have problems with them if you which it was me. You always like art or about 35 this house I'm hold off you know Marcum a cab but mortgage payment a mom almost get to. Yeah end you know we say one sequence sneak on through and you wonder if there's a process it happens all the time absolutely but yeah you gotta make sure that you're not Leone thing and the other thing this do we see some folks that are laid on his. You were doing cash out refinances to Wear their pain some you pay off some bills and stuff and you for a felt their credit card it's too and Tony Graham whatever is on there you know take that you know it really that we Forbes and interest or cart lone victim community. To sort of pay off next week anyway Jethro and then that billing cycle units on the fifteenth and are close in those thirty day business of my image than we've got to if any hiccup comes up to where we got to take on a new little snapshot. A trial of your credit bureau on the neck can really puts you a bad spot to get a thirty day layer on there in the end it there will affect your scores absolutely defectors Gore's. They were well and so number two what about stay stay on your job. Yeah as used keep your job. Just because your qualified in the beginning of the process doesn't mean that it's okay it is quit your job. Two weeks later I I've actually seen that happen before and and it will do you drill a a purchase. Yeah court date and you know it's. It's even has to be said that it's it's not just you know changing jobs or companies it's you don't change how your pay. You know if if Europe you know tonight not employed you go to W two I mean that that's one thing if you're. You know. Just so he basically dawn to belted a 100% commission and in big bets that's gonna cause a lot of it is so give your loan officer immediately if you're approached by anybody if your company. If you're in the market by home or refinance in year but yet any that your positions you to change your income. I mean just to be safe you wanna make sure you're. To change employers and keep the same salaries. Just trumpeter off yet now death to give yourself a couple weeks to instigate closed out and in. You're switched definitely what what about. Provide all documentation requested. Yeah I it's it's it's a needs list that some of it doesn't seem like it's needed. Even if they're blank pages involved in a bank statement and they need they're gonna wanna see all pages. In it you don't wanna have. Your aerial coming back to you and saying hey and you went through all this trouble again all the sand that we stocks still need that seventh. Blank page in Al definitely. And I can example would be you know we give you get a month of your bank yet you give one month bank statement in its its several pages and page want to sell a one through eleven really gives one through ten to eleven was blank is essentially left blank as we needed. Eleven on eleven and what are we we're working with. With. This guy and he you know we asked for the divorce decree. It man you talk about like piecemeal and I mean it was like different parks here different parks there. And you aide turned out that you know we're they're gonna feud over at even had like a jacket so it was one of those where there was kinda a hurricane and we we gotta have all pages you just pick out what you want you a lot of things it just seems like it trust people not to like we of one million need this well. You do if you can get rid of the you know just a boat does the logical thinking. And it still save you some pain yes you. If if asked for it it's not because we're trying to torture and it's not because it makes sense stated that I it's it's. It's some of it seems redundant and some would seem like it's not necessary but. But they're got bonds that we follow them and in on the dock requests are what they are they yeah and to. To close this daughter in a follow definitely you're just tuning in this is Rosie radio I'm Jason Stubbs. And talk when Mike Price about the do's and don'ts of the mortgage process and you'll be geyser. They can it's on the sound so elementary but you'd be surprised do we see the stuff every day the truth is it's our job to make sure that our clients you guys are. Doing the right things in in not doing some things to kind of get you in a little bind. Like not filing your taxes this amendment that's where we're at now it's. During that time of the year and it's gonna come up. You know if you're looking to buy in the spring or even early this summer make sure that you get them filed as early as possible because it's gonna take yeah roughly six to eight week season once you start and end April to get your. Tax transcripts back that need to be recorded with the those delays wool. You know keep you from getting close on time yes definitely if so what about did sourcing dyke don't forget to source bank deposits. We just had a couple please yeah a source seeing it funds. Seems to be very difficult. Sometimes but it's real it's a real simple process if you got funds that are hit your account that or mobile payroll. They're gonna wanna see him document it with either eighty checks to aid. Transfer receipts found something to document car where the paper trail and where that money came from and how do you account. Jeff set an example would be if you're gonna have five of your family member since you. 40500. Up 12100 bucks that is going to be you have do some work. You you are you have to copy is canceled checks. Donor receipts you're gonna have to get. The bank statements from the donors. But a good example coming up now is going to be your iris refund. Even though it says it's a trip it's a document a wire transfer from the Treasury Department. We don't there's no way to know who exactly word came from so you have to get some kind of documentation receive from. Your bank to show that it wasn't powerful water and our staff and what about opening new accounts. It's not a problem to open them but again I'd do would be to get with your loan officer to make sure that what you're doing is gonna fit into your debt ratio if at all possible it's best to not do it because typically your card is gonna get pulled so. We've recently had someone go out and add a 785. Dollar a month car payment. It what we're gonna close and Michael week and a half. You're just won't you wait you need a minute deals won't be there promise yet. You know it Bob -- after that always the you're the only exception to that rule I think of of not opening new accounts would be you know someone with some top Al all seats where they're personally. You know having to do something for a business. Run you use some type of emergency Euro doctor surgery and you know it it better be an emergency board on opening rooms to go credit cards exactly what we're not financing furniture. When I get new Home Depot credit cards to were about to go you know Stark's or knocking down cabinet. I don't listen I'll buy cabinets flooring appliances and all that he did in their specially if you're. Race is again a little tight just displayed this is getting close and in there and and we can load the house sub whenever you wanted. So that kind of parlay into the last one bed that we have here and it's. You don't have your credit pull for any reason during the process exactly so. You know you just don't put yourself in a position to where. It's you just don't wanna do it if you a lot of tussle have to get in there in preschool were reaped all the credit. And you just you don't want to have you know blesses those on there and PO I skipped. Lot of times it's one of the biggest myths. Is you're pulling your credits can lower your scores true. But you know also if you got that thousand dollar limit on your Home Depot card. And used maxed out or even over half way you know you'll lose more points and point your credit. Through. Threw in and lot of people don't realize too the just getting your credit hold or even if your best buy even if parents to go to just trying to see what you can afford is they're always gonna wanna Bullock and they want you to defer for four years yeah. And you're actually didn't extending credit when that happens or not just saying here. You qualify for XY and Z you're giving. An actual account opened and he will affect scores have minister trade and open regardless whether Iran has bounced. Yet there you go guys Dusan delta mortgage process listen up it's important stuff in this market in order to compete you don't wanna get in your own way. Our got ticked quick break we come back we got Chad Manger the indie group. But Keller Williams guys this guy is four and he knows his stuff stick around. Did you. Your kids. Harper backed central Texas is a real say radio I'm Jason styles we appreciate you. Take a little time on your Sunday and spent it with this. Be careful out there drop around and as always we appreciate you guys tune in also we've got our TV show running kind of simultaneous right now. -- KB DO so be sure to take a peek at fat also are Tex lines open and it's always. Just funders to chat with you guys say keep that up appreciate you guys whose reach out to us and we've helped a couple of yet just this past weekend just to keep that up got you questions like this no use us and has a resource. Our text on it's 5126409610. So it's 512640. 9610. To further ado I want to introduce to you guys. A big fantastic agents a good American Chad mains in the group of Keller Williams I thought man we'll thank you. Man what a great day I appreciate your time yeah it's. We we like to get in here and it gets more done this rise yeah I was talking haulers are not mark price that after this animal get out here and a goldfish and I hear you like do a little bit of that now do it definitely is financially and last week we had Jim most Iran. With weicker realtors send dobbs mentioned fishing and he and I kind of just went off on right three or four minutes just talk about who the white balance turn their relationship every week from what I need to do that just preloaded in. Real real estate and real limited and we do that just kind of flip flop each segment you come back to normal rules they talk to the finish and that's what I Smucker says they get closer to my favorite things in the world they get. Mr. Assad to the top not to talk to us and guest count on the boy yeah exactly what Chad tells a little bit about you'd indie group and Elwood woody doesn't. We relative. Well we just started this thing about little man a year ago I guess kind of came out with the idea now. Goals and aspirations of having a team Mandela kinda move it forward and grow and grow the business and for for my for my family myself and wanted to give us a little different didn't wanna stick to my name yeah yeah. One and wanted to be a little different and I and I Bernard. The immediate or short to be said about our industry you know a lot of self promotion not you know osu offensive if they must narcissus. Yeah. It's definitely if you don't do Richard computer against this. Army were among all people got to be talking about you you got to be talking about you down and ordered other people talk about strike zone. Tells us. Did you get okay description that figure out does the rule of real estate you have to have your face on the card I realize that's not the best thing. Yeah Erica yes no doubt so a supplement I mean the Cali W it makes sense to kind of get a little group together a minute so we work over time in RL you know I'm I'm not run around saying it's a deal to Jason Stubbs mortgage. The group you know that's good because we all play that we all play a part here. Trial and if somebody is now working with you it's like why is Jason yes if you gently you know he's doing whatever yeah exactly that's so good so I mean let's talk about Bruce in little littoral state and you know we we know do so Austin, Texas is. It's hot and inventories low. In all that stuff like you know justice for roasting general mean do you specialize in any certain part of town or any type. Over the state. Yes and it's wise I would say from the get go when I first got got the rock and roll and in real estate which is really only about three years ago. I first started. Just become the founding column expired withdrawn and tell anybody that was saying they wanted to sell their home just. I still have really stuck with that the expired pieces turned a lot what I found is a lot of homes in our market like he set tie. If you're not selling your home there's a reason for something's wrong here either over your probably a reprise down or there's something really wrong and how's that point order a common. Shouldn't the tear. When that when it comes up I use an example of a a home that we're working with them in trying to get sold contingent all that stuff it was out in Sweetwater move it beautiful how also how huge home just gorgeous house moved in we'd actually film for the TV show and in the thing when Sullivan in the the the owners were just kind of you know just concerned with that but he was a thing they're worse they are there for homes that were from terrible to that house on the market. It in the same neighborhood and theirs was red brick moved to you throw red brick in the hill country you almost have to wait your turn. Democrat and you cannot you can agree you drop the price. Enough I love me some red brick AKA Houston stone thing yeah perhaps I hit the lead out in Austin pay yet let Houston you can have a red brick brass. Just turn it around not terribly don't want the Charlotte Austin stone here yeah outputs. You know it's those other three homes have to sell first and you hold your price we're paying more white paint and or do you just pages under. Talk us in a lot of pain killer and a half Zeller rhetoric toward the rightful voter doubts on the and that's definitely you know. Do it if specializing in expire listen to be based year come in coming in as a specialist Jack. Yup so he what are some of the things that that you can come and they're due to where you think you get those council well like I said you know I think a lot of times and I mean we can. Take this down around the trophy really wanted to. What I what I found is just my goal and on these expired appointments and talk with people who met. And work with the agent previously they didn't have success fell on their property and what I found was that their age early was advising them. Properly so whether that be on on price or they were advising them on the condition of the home or what to do if I abhor. Really the only thing only space in my opinion agents really have total control oh. Over in terms of getting home told as the marketing bright and they would fall short on the marketing job and then well you you take those three pieces and consideration. What I found is that the agents were communicating with them and unfortunately for our business what we for what we saw was that. This is the this is what you think of roasted agents they don't do anything they stick to sign your yard they don't communicate with giving a lot of money and then they make it Panama. And it's just so false and so. Yeah that that's been a struggle but that's where I found that. If we can go in there and show them the value that we can present and say this is what we do this is how we market your property and this is how we communicate with you during the process. It's a lot of value there India will really appreciate. Yeah that no doubt about it you know it's it's funny the folks at thank you others brokers just everybody just get real state make much money commissions yelled don't do anything about what it's telling. I'll tell you in pill hmmm I mean how many agents are in central Texas but thirteen 1013 thousand. It in you is that it's it's either that 92 enrolled 8020 you know as 1% of folks to make some business and it in next. It's true you know we've been in that we've we've talked that on many other shows about you know the reason why you need to. And experience. Agent because if you don't compete central taxes you better put a good team together and death yeah so and experiences. I mean. How do you define experience he sent. Yeah I mean there's brokers that I am in the business thirty murdered obvious a few homes that are the year 30000 Saturday I got my energy are exactly a yeah I do you know have you you know. How well you worked with technology would be a question have you been doing things wrong for 35 years you have Khamenei you know cells have you had recently. You know it to be relevant to this is is a big deal for future much. Does yours to menstrual state radio I'm Jason Stubbs we're talking with Chad Maines of the indie group the Keller Williams in Chad I want to know. What are your what your pars looking for right now. Besides the perfect health yeah at the lowest price. That. Man you know. It's plug and the same everywhere yeah a buyers are looking for. Most the time one story he sometimes they want to you know most the time they unveil their two story bedroom upstairs right right. That don't have for years and I'm not depends in this storage area right. But the gamer is important yes sure that Puerto it was somewhere and now feel ill wide open spaces yeah big. They wide open kitchen opens up to the mascot infusing the living room yeah beautiful master bedroom with beautiful long sweep them. That's that Tim you can get over there. I mean the the one story you know what how secure we grew up in once threatened audio spool was but I mean you know the long one story and now my sister's always warning Stewart's. You don't don't don't answers but you know. Now they they're built architectures didn't better. You know once we get out of those you know seventy's built eighties built homes there it kind of opens it up to where that opening concept came back. Hit it in Jeter we had an agent on hunk couple years ago. And she's a Q why it. There's so many rooms in homes are built like fifties and sixties apparently there UPE state property tax based on how many rooms she had. So if you had weird and I don't normally are left gear back on that was not interest that he felt the username she's realty Austin she I mean she didn't tell stories Velika. Originally your before lake Austin was there may not not really didn't like almost an enemy does he really ought to overdose. No doubt so. So I mean chat with with these you know what the lack inventory that we haven't central Texas. How are you preparing your bars like mentally. Yeah no that's the first thing obviously who make sure they can even buy a home yes and in one thing I always tell a buyer's. You wanna make sure you in my home just as much as I I wanna make sure before we really start looking at this thing has. The snowball effect is real once you start looking homes I mean people say I'm no one in my house for six months now and then but the mini sterling and homes they get the pitch man. And no doubt about it answer. So. Make sure they're prefer is great but I. I really wanna do that so that they're saving themselves the hassle and time and they know of any complications due to credit urged. Down payment it's that are but really. What else did not elect its first the first time buyers that don't have any idea what the process is gonna look like or you know if they want home twenty years ago wanna make sure what they do you know about the process. If I'm walking through sector expectation think these are things you can expect in these different stages. And say in this is what we're gonna do to help you navigate through those different situations. I'm one thing I always cover with myers' is this. I'm I'm a really big problem with agents that will ask buyers to pay more money than what they're actually comfortable where and so I told up front. What do you tell me your budget in your price that's what I'm gonna stick to death until you tell me otherwise you up but I'm not in the if you tell me your price your budgets 400 I'm not gonna throw you 475000. Dollar homes and they lose look at this yeah definitely and you Beckham plays in our side too. You you know likely an illustration of exactly you know they're saying thank you what's what in my approved up to right and you know Mike you were some of the of the of the variable second come up. In in really heard on. Ali did it will you know the gracious start living. Taxes taxes will come the interest rates. Oh come up the payments gonna go up is gonna muscled ratios there particularly mortgage insurance issues if I mean there there could be you we've seen. Situations to where we're we're bump in the price of two were like okay what CH a way in a single family residence cement. If your age away is gonna be the thing that can potentially. You would disqualify you you might be pushing the limits and it to us if you will won't even lose business because we're not willing to take that risk I mean your risk of people's lives and money and time and then you were a little bit more on the conservative side on hey. You know if you absolutely have to have it here's our concerns if we're gonna run into an issue this is going to be yet not willing to do it if you understand. These this conversation we're having it seems like we almost need like broadcast that 'cause. We get to the end to write a story we told you this may come up there all the sudden thereby mad at us and that's okay but. You set those expectations are. Yeah are huge man so chat. We've got. We we got to get out of here man but a mortgage back on I mean that that went way too fast but sure how to or listeners in contact with you guys as Chad mains in the group Keller Williams. And done you look at a bar in this season and yet you need to give Chad O ring and tell sort of consequence but. Best way get. You come here on my cellphone got to Dallas here you can tuck no offense going against 214. 5071683. Q nominee chatted at any group a TX dot com fantastic. Now I mean below we appreciate you not coming on what to us and enjoy the rest your Sunday thank you Joseph Clark got me a stick around guys we wouldn't we come back we've got Kathy Buchanan. With everything but the house coming out you folks out there wanna stick around. We'll be right back. Yes I can live as soon. Hey welcome back to the show's central Texas. This rules say radio I'm Jason Stubbs and we got a full house for four does this last segment of our show and appreciate you guys stick around and spend little time with this in absolutely hopefully he gets caught our television show which is actually on at the same time. And we're yeah we're we're in we're in two places at once. So yeah you can put two together their Mattel also Tex lines open. Got we got questions you getting real state questions any mortgage questions any companies like that at all we wanna be resourceful Rea. Our Tex lines open in remain open for about an hour after the show 512640. 9610. That's 5126409. 62 in cart will we are joined. By the lovely Kathy Buchanan packed with everything but the house how you doing this Sunday I'm doing great thank you for having me why I'm excited. Boettcher here and this is something that is just we just still tough I still think a lot of folks who. Really know a whole lot of bouts. What you do they have been through before so kind of tells a little bit about you and your company. Well everything but the house has truly transformed. A state sales the way you know them and a we've turned it into an excited Ain a sophisticated. Auction process. And that's good I mean you use of the the benefit about have been you know that type auction process this is the goal here is to give in. Where if with families and let's kind of just go through that the process of me. At what what point do you guys come in in in also talk a little bit about the relationship that you have like with a realtor. Absolutely but first Sony give you a few fun facts come out everything but the house here about we truly with this auction format and maximize. The sellers revenue tied. Potential gotcha. Because we're reaching a bitter based around a 101 countries while. So some fun facts we have over three million visitors to our site each and every month and that it that alone is from it's pretty remarkable we have a bitter base of 900000. People goodness. We generally get three to five times more than a traditional estate sale and the reasoning us. We've got 121000 people. Shopping need to one of our sales and you don't get that in a traditional est so how how does that work commute work with all those countries and mean it. To me it just sounds like like logistics kind of comes up pop cinema month well it's that the process it starts with the process and it starts with a free consultation. Cut. We meet. This up this sales specialists will come and meet with potential client name reassessed the sellers household objects. And discuss the sales potential. Cut the select let's let's are about so we we got to the states so coming their rights are those but you you you guys come and and you would what are some of the things that like what are some of the most difficult few parts of this process. There aren't really no difficult parts to this process fantastic. And the reason there's no end debacle parts to this process says the cell doesn't have to deal with that nice. We take care of everything yeah so we send in a team to the home and we sort. No we photograph. We cataloged. And after we've been through everything in the house. We choose the things that are going to be for auction and only uploaded to EB TH dot com. So is this ami is is it partial live auction are you guys doing this simply all know it is all live auction. Fantastic yeah it's pretty gulp. So. There are always going to be. Things that are not really fit for sale that shouldn't go up an auction Oca. And the wonderful thing about EB TH is that we handle all donations and we'll take care of the trash. Yeah so we handle all aspects of getting mad house empty. So the realtor can get insult. I got just fills in we also would work at what point two does the rule staging command I mean are they calling you go and hey new week when he some help over here. Or are you guys call remember how does that work. I AM in every realist Pitt offense and Austin, Texas good student and check can attest to this is these are my presentations that has already in the word about ABT eight. Ten we've we've had that applicable times where you're coming try to introduce some folks Arco we already knew each other so yes that this. Especially is many other says there are you know in this real state industry smaller deals it it is Austin's still got that a little bit you know her for now we're still gonna run into each other and about. So I'm making presentations and I did a lot of referrals from rail terse. And I always asked them if they would like to go to the constellation with me Boca because I want to read my realtor prop. Partnered totally in the loop of what we are doing and what we're telling their client I think it's very important. So one thing that we do do firm. Our realtor partners is if we have. Decided that this is a good fit for their client and pre BTH. Then we able put their picture. And they're listing up on our site so our options run for our seven day he's such and everything starts the dollar with no reserve. Oh well yeah it's pretty cool. So I mean let's talk about that so if you have somebody let's say that you Chad calls insight they Kathy you know gob when you say sell major help. We gotta set up a meeting we're gonna go meet declines are at how long does all of that take like let's a year you come and you talks and folks what are you looking to accomplish what we can generally. Have a house completely empty from the beginning of the consultation. Until the end of the sale. Within thirty days that's fantastic it is fantastic it's fantastic for the real terms yet and definitely it out so everything. That is going to be sold. You guys literate start at a dollar. We did so I'm and that's confidence. Yeah that's confidence is just in the fact that your not do like minimum. You know bidding in it in this is not at this is not that eBay model by any means. Out now and they're really our act clientele I would say is not the EB and the and if they find it they're willing to pay for it. Yet that's what it sounds like in doubt with all those folks out there. You know we that's a lot of of people I mean that traffic to have such huge I mean that it is the total loans it is totally U is a huge benefit. So win at what point do does someone need to to reach out TI mean is there are some point in the process towards it's too soon or. You know what if there's like some type of you know that the home can't necessarily be sold because of you families are affidavit. You know there's air ships out there or. You aware of what stage of the process can make utilities literally. Do we go into a home or right before the client is ready to make a minute I got you okay now there are a lot of times that the rail a terrible on certain pieces to stay in the house for stayed in purpose says yeah. So when that occurs what I generally content suggest is that lets wait till the option periods Overton. Animal go and Campbell who will start going through everything in the house and and be able to do for sale. It is in you know if you guys are are out there and drive around in it you know somebody out there and you can be folks that are are downsizing. You know to be folks that are passed away. Can be folks that our go into your retirement communities which which are not back cubs ten years ago. But during the dubbed the mortgage trash which we all remember yeah I was consulting four for a mortgage companies and a medical and non medical home healthcare company and and do a lot of these folks. What have these huge huge huge house is what got a life. Of stuff. And really if you get 2.2 they're just running around circles because they can't visualize. That packing the moving what to do with that one little trinket that your neighbor. But what your body to view and you feel like argue little listen to erode away. You want neighbor that's not even there anymore can Ambien be upset with me spiritually or something and I know you do you ever run into situations like that. You know the whole process of downsizing. Or dealing with an entire state of a loved one is a Berry dawned it is what it takes special and people just I can't do it GAAP. I cannot do it I don't at that time to do it and I don't wanna do you expect spoke. That's when you Paula definitely that's on you Colin what absolutely so realtors out there. You know in in just folks who listen and I mean did you Kathy. Became with everything but the house is here to help yep get your state self set up. And I really get Chia you don't do it gives you the money that that she deserves so Kathy tell our listeners out how to get contact where you. You can reach me at Cappy CA THY. Dot Buchanan be used CH a long and eight and act ED TH. Dot com fantastic will give me to beckon studio soon thank you for stimulating the and a witness and a special thanks to Chad Maine's indie group Keller Williams. Come apart my right hand man Mike Price. Senior loan officer in our own borders. Guys Tex lines open 5126409. B sixteen and I'm bonefish and see you next week.