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Mar 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well. To than natural underground. Radio show and podcast dedicated to the natural food industry. Under coastal springer. Joining me in the studio today some wizards experts. Witches and witches. Scotland. Sorcerer's follow gnomes all those voices appears to think that it yes if they got to renounce. You know the voices here and then you find disturbing or just the Internet and Ryan. Thank you for having. Quite a tough time kind of crowd. Tightly about six people. We have a big show today and by big we mean a marginal. Now let it about him by a big show any we analyze guests and some great ones we actually have some really interesting guest for you. We get our typical entrepreneurial spotlight we're gonna learn. About meat snacks and a guy from the founder of charms which is a booming business. We've I think you got your first. Chumps as traitor Joseph Frederick Jones. You know malicious TJ is yeah now we're gonna amazing apparently that he when you say that well really yeah I've got that we just put it out there as we test it see if they ever listened to show and I'll like I don't know why I went to utter presentation with him and I said TJ isn't. They didn't think it has said no it's Trader Joe's wow that's well I studied theories are in effect until this show we think is sweet sweet candy. For your ear holes. And on again off. Particularly now back to that style. My stop and I've description but very very true. I mentioned Pete that's exciting and then right after that in the next segment we're gonna have Bruce Langer of liners years. Mr. Langer a gang is juice you know coming on and where he's gonna talk to us. About his Langer is Brandon Allen name if you've ever bought juice pretty much anywhere in the US you've either pal they had this product recently seen this product yup he's gonna talk to us that how they became a market leader and how they continue innovating in the very established. Jimmy era how big player in a big established category yet somehow they keep on invading Bryant and finally the last segment our show we'll have our. Resident data wizard rich cabin aero Richie seat he did she is rich Harris you rich this guy a few. I don't that is scribe rich in this is rich governor of the touch agency others to tell you. I've never either one of those weird those where ever he knows a little bit about everything we are a lot about domestic and let's do that. A couple random fact I'll yes and he will know that really so bizarre did you kind of guy that he would tell you deep data analytics on your business. But then at another point you're talking about a stock market move or tire that needs change and your car. And he would be like well your promise you didn't balance that with the locks 5000. He used to 2800 series or you're just making a bags and yes back and he's 2012. At this summit they had been double and they changed that to the five. And he knows something you're just kind of like rich home. How do you know we did you and we're in for us I don't know he's always smarter than everybody else. Yeah yeah I bar that is a incredibly low barred a pass any live fund and we managed to get the bleep button pretty well yeah you can tell some stories worse trend nudge him back to normalcy. If the that'll be very front of where I'm Paul you know run and a little hot this week's were about to jet at a town to go to our. Big gained the big showdown in our industry. A natural product. Natural food expo in Anaheim is a big deal for us I mean last year is to paint the picture 83000. Folks attended this thing so involve our listeners on the radio side if you you know maybe our super familiar with the industry. I want to start a cookie company award an energy drink aura cereal or shampoo. And if it's the better for you space cleaner ingredient label that this is the event that you ought to go tail so many samples of so many samples it's hot. Describe the situation you want gain and that. That you've got to convention hall itself which again tens of thousands of people thousands of booths. Sampling food products in this ranges from every little weird at. Kind of piece of chocolate too. Yeah they'll be like you milk messaging percent energy bars that's not gonna feel that yes sometimes it does a lot of snap. And then they'll be like a begin net in L pasta sauce yet and it also a tiny vitamin. If I'm staff. With a smaller tabs I've always wondered what my nutrient levels aren't in the stake is everything is it a 100% of whatever you need Deanna I which makes it fun but it also makes kind of scary because it does by the time we get into the basement. You're fine and some people that look like maybe they just kind of pulled the thing to get there about a week earlier your house and yet they're full of passion and big ideas and honestly that's where the mode Joseph of this show as is all the new breakfast scary misses it should aideed nabbed for about a pill along with a ten different types agreed yogurt and offend you yeah. That is something the answer. Leno into science hasn't had a chance to check out yet and let cool we've never makes that blatantly this I didn't Clem. Didn't kelp. And although I doubt very cool. Know another thing that's so crazy about expo is just the way. The competition's fire spies on each other you always telling you you're working at a Booth. And you said Ryan somebody comes up a flip their bad vision of their whole foods barrier direct competitor Rihanna and most likely it's the direct competitors didn't test there like I'll tell me about your stuff and they're bad just flipped around like OK that's a little shady. Can you imagine what ever happens. And expo whenever somebody when you start so let's figure out there and you start a cookie company. That's RO Angel example right I know I'll let you know that it sounded kind of weird little nugget stick your cookie actual and they get chicken nuggets baked in your cookie. If that does well then in next year's expo. There's like twelve companies with cookies now with more extra chicken nuggets now don't even more nuggets need so to expose ago there probably 35 coconut waters. Yeah every fourth Booth was a coconut water yeah announced beats and it's green free on all the sun hot data access that follow the same thing along but. Watch in the competitors all try and smoothly kind of take a cell she or learn something about your food company is kind of entertaining. As first secrets for the show if you know how to prepare for this thing and like any big trade show you guys are probably had this happened people you know that the one thing that. Seems to savor every one is if you get those sort of gel inserts have never done that but I need to fall. Because by the end of the day three or four of these means in Iran trade show floor and then you're going to dinners and cocktail parties and whatever people are putting on the kind of talk about their brand. Your feet are just killing nine pounds. We. Our company a couple of years ago remember we went to that found. After hours like kind of a house party someone had rented how right right and they had a pool and hot tub. Like I feel like we didn't even socialist so much and our whole team went over Clinton on her TV Lowell it's all shot on so like their. He and his accuser be nasty if you noted security and a host candlelight what are they doing when they come over their love our dogs were bargain and it evolved and I know that's they have these are you know these are things we complain about that don't sound two serious all those kind of funny. I can remember the other thing that happens when you leave any event and in no matter what industry might be in you leave a trade show win 80000 people. There's no cabs there's no there's no thing you rise or other anon I'm just not enough. So one night I had to get to a dinner ready to buy my hotel first. And the way it's set up around the convention center and Anaheim there's lots of hotels. But then you know some of them get pretty far away yeah in my hotel was literally right next to the I five or the fifty. Seven or oil what does this museum yet I don't know that we'll know you think of another I think what you think you know where the room with a right above the freeway yeah like shrapnel from car to go live to comment drew hit the window of the worst room ever trying to be cost effective yeah well we were having done that sense we muscle and pitched a tent in the lane it was that bad. So this is kind of funny though real quickly. I ended up thinking I'm just in our jogged in business is kind of run jog you dog as well who else has I was dogging. Over to the hotel and I got out there on this road I could start to see the hotels like ten stories high but it is next the freeway but it tonight. And now might get a neighborhood I don't know what's going on Tom to hunt a little faster and you're on and on Enron and ignite his running target and I feel right now I'm thinking like OK I see the building to those trees I think it might just get on your heated up getting on my foot. Did the entrance ramp this who's not got plenty of a US. I have weighed down there they cars or speed now and I'm like oh now there's no interest though tellem on the freeway. I like picturing you watching you merging and like there's Carmel behind you guys beating up a college I get my left arm out extended I like that desperate and it. You know table and then just opportunity. Got yeah. All right well that's expo we're excited about that if we're get to see about there'll come forward to it. If you're new to the industry just fascinated by ad man we we're will come back next week. With some cool little less sound bites from people and you weigh in about ten pounds and wind denounced the time for break when we come back. We're gonna have Peter Maldonado from chumps who gonna talk about sex steaks on the national underground. Okay. Yeah. See you ask. Yeah. Welcome back to the natural underground but if you're new listener this is the part of the show where we get to do our favorite thing. Interview entrepreneurs people out actually building these brands that we always talk about putting on these things in a practice that we're always talking about. And generally I would say haven't fund that might be overseen a little bit why we're having fun yet so they're not in the stress and entrepreneurship probably not as fun to fit over and ask him in the minutes. So I guess today our guest onto birders today is Peter Maldonado the founder of chops it's this incredibly tasty meats that meat stick. I mentioned earlier Ryan discovered it for us at Trader Joe's absolutely delicious Peter welcome to the national underground. Thank you very much our guest. Yeah now we're doing well so what is shops for that that person who doesn't know never heard of that what is jobs. Greg got so chances. Basically a brand. Healthier they are better for you need access. Meat snacks specs so we're doing. It is to get that in any of the conventional brands you know that's under the Jacqueline the world. We've basically soak everything you could possibly imagine I would bad about those. That was the artificial colors the artificial. Preservatives. Pillars all of those. On the other ingredient that they found they add into the product and we did away all of them. And then created this. Created sounds basically and yet you know. In the end the we were end up with a much healthier and tastier product so. I think we I have as consumers don't we all sort of at least historically without naming names on name brands think of meat snack says. Having a lot of other stuff and has so the gist of it is you took that out. So what needed big idea to create jobs. Well if I mean I grew up eating more plunder and I'd like to admit I ride my bike at a local 7-Eleven on the road. And yeah. Describing something every one of us did Andrea did the mini you guys surrendered a couple of bucks you can find somewhere in a bicycle. I was on the that in India over the two things like. Right exactly so bad you know. I don't make my rounds and and stock up on most things I was I don't always I haven't Andy when I got held at a realized. You know how to read nutrition facts panel had heard read. Ingredient list thing got out of you know moral or more educated on what I was putting in my body and realize that really piloting about reforming. There's stop beating them for a long time. And down then it started I got to cross that and not around apparently a guy. And total are a lot about taleo and not about hole thirty and all these other great. You know other diet legacy in that column are out like styles. And down. You know the more I learned a more I was intrigued and the more I saw that that this market. Of these these people doing you know cross Britain and Italian diet and they seem to be really really got art about Vietnam what they're doing. And that would actually visited the outcrop regain some quite well. Then I was walking around there and I've never seen so many thousands and thousands of people that we're in this most the most incredible shape let it make it up. I mean multi thousand. People six pack just walking around and hit. That's exactly what our studio looks like the three of us and believe it analyst dean right out there and desolate lifting right now is using credit analyst dean added tired and it's just that one part of the studio it's this is something to see you. So yeah it you know I thought about battle market really really taking off and and I thought you know I could create some dinner break into that market. A product that these people like you probably pick awfully well. Well off bomb. Selling Brett deadbeat kind of mail order. Or to the web site and doing sound like coming in Omaha steaks. Noam model. And learn pretty quickly that that ship being frozen meat through the now would not ideal com and having to replace a few different order that sat on people's. Our our best that's going to be in my whole. At smelling bad is through out to be and just the worry of every quarter that goes out our day did I there's there's somebody there to receive it and put in the drive. Exactly yet so we found. Thought you know I realized then I needed to create something shelf stable and just remembered back to all blood. You know tactic and I was eating growing up and said you know like and I create a much healthier version and that it might about there and so. That's they had yet to child is born Eric as a matter of can't figure it out and and finding the right diplomatic factors and suppliers and all that ban. Within a few months actually had an up and running out of respect for example when we're that we're off to the races solid. I noticed on your website you actually just use this phrase it says chumps snacks sex rather than like a minute stick. We talk about that distinction that choice. Yes so well it's actually not even my choice that that more an industry. Term so throw that into the USDA. We're required you know today they called on tactics so that actually their term however for me I personally like that better anyway because. I mean it's kind of did that suspension and in there there's Max they're healthy snacks and I don't wanna keep that. Yes that means is huge now so that dispute more and more people are smacking out and eating one meal. So you know for us to become like that. Okay and you are talking about the grass fed beef earlier can you talk about the importance of the quality of me that you're using. But like yeah so. Community an album I grabbed said the you can import at all from not. As native and from. New Zealand. At and at a couple different reasons why did you that one of them being the climate in both locations is just. Ideal for operating grass I cattle. And then aside from that mean we're try we're avoiding. Talent that are raised and now become concentrated animal feeding operating. At that TF closed well feed lot. Those cows are. But can get you consider it like corn fed beef. Grad studies to corn fed beef is gonna be loaded where. Okay get serious. CLA. And they accident. That much how much healthier natural. And sustainable way of raising cattle. Re not purses being stuck inside at a feed lot. You know those animals don't get around street don't get to do all the things that he's happy grass fed cattle that we do. Yeah on your website you have a picture of some cows eating at this very beautiful beach and I would like to be there definitely yeah answer announcement. Coming here. You're talking about your cross that sort of experience and I see your product is also hold thirty approved how is that affected your business. Hole there I mean also he's been awesome we we actually we were one of the first you know product the whole thirty groove back when we are currently launched its. I'm company. And that whole whole thirty. That whole family there I guess you'd call him a battle lifestyles suspend amazing practice again it's you'd they traded as a native community of people that kind of rely on each other. They all work together and they've got this. Elegant that the board reading you can go on me and ask her advice. And around and they do it into the hole thirty challenges. And you get all of your friend Miguel what are people out of all doing the same challenge that want to get hold each other animal. And so that whole old thirty contacted them made and about of people behind it are made and love them. And we. Yeah our product is is compliant with those so so are our products that child to be a whole thirty compliant. Emergencies snack food. On so ideally. We monitor on the whole thirty you'd be apparent air you have. Actual meals ready to eat. Com they kind of they don't really conduct condone that means so much they want to be you know playing your meal out umpire. They know that and in reality people are going to be traveling you're going to be working navy you know try to eat on the Iran. And so charmed is a a good emergencies snack food for that for those people. Peter Allen and take you back to beginning where did you grow up and what did you wanna be when you were younger. Well. I grew up in Long Island New York he's. I wanted to be in New York Yankees. I didn't mountain border has. Let me ask what percentage of New York youth. Wanna be New York Yankees growing up. How many more hours from probably 95 Britons and a Cessna that. The other side percent wanted to play through it you are now. How well that's our that's a dig and probably very very true from everything her right. As spectacular. Yeah what you would be when you are so beyond that like these as you move past that did you ever think about this the surreal look at and other things. I did yes so I when I was in college I became a personal trainer so I was. An FDA certified personal trainer sort of doing. Did that affect my doubt throughout college and ended that up in the happened long rounds I look back home after columns. And they added back in in Naples Florida wrote what caught. Out of great to have that actually probably whereas in the you don't look back at it where I learned most of my nutrition. You know an additional education I've gotten over the over the years and I answered it grew around not good time. That's like the aren't perfect path he got the credibility in all that and then you know wants a product. So how did your friends and family react when you announced you'd be selling snacks it that you're starting your own company. Yeah I mean a lot of people Cadillac site intricate so I got it units that. At a time actually outside the real estate. And I was kind of got burned out from a mom and my goal. The whole idea of well working at salt out of a job. Well and yeah haven't sort of scrapped it after that. So I wanted to build something wanted to update net and I wanted to I wanted to be like in the crude stayed in. Problem. Syria and Iraq I had my site that I wanted to do what I wanted to do and I would help people and I'd be dead serious about it and that title acting like you're gonna stop the real big ghost I'll be good. And down. Yeah and I did it they can and as. Well least they grab it now as you get don't you sell the land that the grass fed cows are on some outlaw commit everything you've done sort of works in. There's a thread to at all look we're running out of time but we loved this interview if people wanna know more about charms where should they look what's what's the website. We get about what said that it chop dot com. Shops CH OM PS dot com. Cool all right Peter this been so fun. And we wanna have you back on the show and kind of check in with your progress as you build brand. And all right. When we come back we're gonna need busy with bristle Langer of wingers Jesus you're listening to the natural underground. Okay. Crazy. Thing you know they. Welcome back to even natural underground. But we're very lucky this is an amazing show we're lucky to have an industry heavyweight whether it's just one. This is a big deal I'm shaiken a mother right join us on the phone from beautiful Southern California I think is beautiful today it wasn't yesterday announced it was raining. Is Bruce Langer as we said the beginning of the show if you like juice you probably know Langer right. We're gonna ask him all kinds of questions about the juice category about being innovative no matter how big he get it's going to be fun Bruce welcome to the natural underground. Yeah so for many folks Langer is means Jews right that's what they think of you guys have been around since 1960. I believe. Talk about the family story how did Langer gets started. Our guests started with making fresh squeezed church's small hand crafted batches before that frees became trendy. It's border work consumers watching tore storefronts and NATO and delivery to a local nutritional source. So you actually had a store that was just the juice or was it also a Hershey store in San Diego what does that look like. Not just does some very very small just stir. The fresh squeezed Jason's. Wow that though so ahead of its time that's like something the rest the country when C for thirty years friend who. Very cool. So today you you have this a few distinct brands within the larger Langer portfolio tell us about the individual brands and maybe how they're different at least on the topside. So we have oh NA NL any organic. We work with the church Asian import brands. Brainstorming and working with ourselves partners and key accounts. Not a brand is lenders. Recently started farming soared newest brand is linger farms where we focus on users that are either grown our farm. More pressure on our farm this ball you'll see fresh pomegranate and fresh Palin Fuji apples or sold under the linger farms brand. We also have a line of cocktail mixers under no worries brand. While snow weary is man that Andy all right man eat before expo of release our business we all could use couple sips and no worries. And so tells our farm per second that's wild you guys actually I've always assumed you sourced from all these great sources but now you. For firm a specific launch you have a farm that that you're growing the fruit. Yeah exactly so we have 600 acres in Bakersfield. You know we grow apples and photographs. And the pomegranate side both conventional and organic. Well that's amazing what you. You do have a lot of unique products we know as you said you have no worries which I'm particularly interested and you also have regular juice vitamin enhanced waters and those cocktail. Mixers so no worries so I know you can't probably pick your favorite because they're probably all your children but if he had to pick one. Unlike you are stuck on an island you can only get one as the use do you know what you had pet. Okay what are their is so mango nectar com which we shell around the world and an orange guava sort of most popular. Hum order to a certain newest is she calmer line which minced. Ballooning loan. The senate side I see. Now those great thrill those are new or better are they your favorites. Well shall indicate that you mention them in stock at an island so we have a brand new article I've been bland. So you get no worries an island one island you really would wind up an island. There will be no reason. Silent land is pineapple orange coconut. And that's just aren't directly called painkiller which originated originated on our small island not frustrate Thomas in the Caribbean and you definitely need just. Wait a minute can you know killer some tells me there was another ingredient in there. If it was on some island in the crib can then be some Romer. I think this is yes humble in this whenever you add it in a it's been a chart that allows a Odyssey can add whatever you want the comforting your own home that's right there. Absolutely so under Ellen de. We have organic super fruits deserve what anti oxidant users such pomegranate per Cherie global here blueberry eroded very. We have organic all be eats organic alt alt tart cherry. We have fresh pressed organic. All pomegranate juice. From fruit grown in our farm and fresh pressed organic all watermelon choose from watermelons pressed on our farm. How does though any I'm hungry slash thirsty I need to be just listening to that that it ends and some and some juice while that sounds again. So how all but. How did you start working for the Stanley business how young were you what was your first job where you pick in free looter. A sampler that I did not start. So I worked a few Summers during high school. I was from labeling and just you know. And just helping run run the operation a little bit swaps and floors. This girl that. And that I didn't work again until I complete a lot score nineteen to try. My brother was much more dedicated he worked Ralph high school and college. So. What we did during during the early next. And and what were some of the the best things about working for the family business and perhaps the worst is it true the nation go into business with your family. Kerner actually not so he's been playing is highly recommend think. The best feeling is trusting your family partners that all of our motivations are in saint. The and I gently let spending a lot of time with my dad having watched every day with him which just about every day for her for many many many years. You know that it it outside of there with business I would say it's. A lack of trying boundaries so you end up talking about work. That evening sir around the dinner table and it happened exactly but I I I would change it for the world. Over the years how's the juice category changed and what do you see as the next big change coming to the world of Jews. So we've seen just to move towards clean labels. Gluten free. Your calories less sugar. The greater interest in nutrients coming from fruits and vegetables instead of having those nutrients edit. Boom. Coming cents. Really interest and how Liz Lange has adapted and responded to changing consumer trends like lenses. Lower sugar etc. So we're combining organic. And zero calories together. We have another new product and twelve ounce cans its organic sparkling flavored waters with your calories era curbs or sodium. But bursting with flavor. Those sweeteners whatsoever nothing hidden all organic that's that's that's what DC. It's awesome as a major player in the Jews category. How do you see retailers merchandise to category differently in response to his evolving juice category. So we've seen integration. Into the pews are all of organic. And natural so when we started. Natural organic Wear segregated into. Only they're own Arnold's. Many traditional grocery stores there were limited traffic at those sections. No reached more and more reach killers are integrating them in Maine I know there's lots of traffic in and many more tours it's. It is really amazing all that in the perimeter of the stories start to see more people pull beverage displays in Houston in it into the premiere of the storm there's so much traffic. But before you go down anymore that I'll of the store. I'm kind of amazed I'm sitting here listening just to the number of products in new items you've launched. B what kind of are indeed apartment how do you who comes up with a all the stuff internally at wingers because. I mean we know companies do struggle to come out with a one good idea of you guys have won so many. We have really good people there are very dedicated really really care about the business and about our company. Shall we we letter imaginations just take over. We listen to detach agency in their ideas. Yeah I love of the plugs the plugs are spectacular. It. We have such great retailer partners. And try to build relationships of trust within and so many of our retailers. Shared their thoughts with us and that has led to new ideas. So integration is just. Part of our core value us healthy and natural an authentic sourcing. These are the beverages that we consume in law firm families. I guess that sort of transitions to this idea what what I've been amazed that in in you don't see this happen very often let alone you bring out so many new items and often items that seem like they're innovative and cutting edge. But how may be just have direct question how difficult is it once you've established. Yourself as a major player in establish big category. To keep innovating 'cause we we all live in an industry that rewards and recognizes. The next wild idea earlier in our show we talk about expo coming up. And the fact that you know then 83000 people last year and it just he crazy stuff scenario lot of duplicate but a lot of crazy new stuff as well. How do you guys. Maintain that innovative edge you know how how important is after companies and established categories to do that. What we'd listen. We listen to everybody. And if we hear of something and especially. Especially if we are hearing something twice from different sources that's that really we feel we need just. Jump on it then we decide you know we're gonna take the leader not and and that's really. That's really the key innovation. You get ninety yen and you'd really have to jump on. Yeah and and then you guys have as he might give an amazing ability be nimble and that is not something you see millimeter or you don't often people of invested in infrastructure or machinery or whatever. And they can't be nimble what blows us away about Lang yours is justice you know as a compliment as an absolute nimble that's. Code to be able to turn things you hear about interior you were listening for and actual. You know kind of next gen products very cool. Before girl. At that inning and again it goes back just are people that worked really hard and in an Arab power should come up with current ideas so I mean I absolutely there's no single source of ideas from anyone here. Com there's a lot of back and force everyone knows they can. Speak freely about a spotter idea they had Albers or something that they want to tweak or change your modifying. And and they have an audience because there's no. The partnership. Inpatient care. Well ego last question what's your best piece of advice for that new want to turn your. This may be starting a food or beverage company obviously outside of don't started his company which I think that would be your advice just as you know there's enough competition as it is. But what would that piece of advice speed I think if you go back in time and tell yourself or tell them. You know what's so little nugget for a guy started brand with a woman started a business. I would go back to that statement about listening listening to people. Listening to different sources. And again if you're hearing something multiple times. Then make that decision are you can jump on this Serena take the lead her you know he can't give follower in this industry. Have to take the lead and then moved to move quickly get to decide are you to type of person. That can move quickly and run with an idea. Love it. Bruce thank you so much for coming on the show we wanna get you back on a lot he got a lot of wisdom to share based on experience and a successful brand. I'm if people want to know more about wingers soared take a look at all these products what's the website. So what's sighted players dot com and then you can also find us on FaceBook. Slash certain languages. Awesome thank you Bruce but it's time for break when we come back we're gonna spend time with rich Kevin Errol and talk data you're listening to the national underground. Yes. And any. It's. He. Yeah. Welcome back to the natural underground. But today's ask an expert should he really interest me. Now we could not find an expert but we found rich cabinet. Help Juan Juan and I thank you we matter who sound effects include any we need a producer Matt we can't do our own sound dumb bombs. No matter what I. Yeah no matter what type of business or brain you run your probably be changed it and had a better use data but its sales data from their own internal reports. Consumer data if the retailers you might sell something to have portal lady and access. You want and know how to use it to better manager business right then makes sense human rights and today we have a treat for you. What almost since the beginning of the touchy agency which I believe started in 1612. At an unbelievable coming up on 400 years for that I can write Irish boy the next. Mourning over yes we came over on a boat do mean. Small brands tiny brands help and tiny brown toddlers helping cobbler SS and in fact the you know but since the beginning data analysis has been led by one guy's a wizard at the data weirdo of the finest order the highest order rich Kevin Errol. Rich you're just one of those guys were I mentioned before in fact just one yet detest him. Because rich I was describe welcome first of all the natural underground retire. Thought they are happy and got the part of it is yeah. Enrich I was trying to tell all I was explaining earlier in the program that you are one of those people who. Natalie you know data. But you can ask. You a question about stock about to do the ads dead geographic distance between now Minneapolis in Columbus, Ohio and you just gotta know it. And I don't know how you view that I don't know where you store all that stuff. Fun and that's what we did so just well just until the tests you have a quick. Question just wearing out your question this is okay jeopardy question. An American legend is the sub title of Laura. Allen ran a best selling book about this 1930s. Source. Bigger. So here's the funny thing about this jeopardy online practice quit and it doesn't have the answers so I'll have to talk over the well. Log on ahead. He made she's had an hour to come over the Clinton and it's an answer. Amid a he said sea biscuit I will let you know pureed Iran by the end hump and are under the I lankans I have a also a pressing question wrench yes. Or is it Deanna or data. You know I know you can appreciate yes. Well they're Fritz says that Nina is a malevolent final learned it's officially did it. I hit a let's get serious for men there's got to be some value of having you on the show besides just hassling you comes on without them so what are the types of data available out there to a new food or beverage brand is just getting going maybe talk about sort of the the different buckets or types of data. There is lot of information you don't have to go look forward a little better for it the internal data rightly that in mind that. A long time. There's internal data there is. Distributor they have that whoever the distributors are so to date I have databases provide you. Most of armor but I don't that's birdie. You could have surveys from your web site that it is available to you look pretty cheap. You got it portal you don't which you know depending on the retailer you're so big they might provide that information. There's syndicated data which you paperwork. Walk to the saints. And then there's consumer panel they won't sit a little more pricey. That it could direct answers from consumers. That's about it I think that that they are vapor. Market reach the target is really expensive. Yes and all of those are as someone available when went the other two an emerging brand right. Yeah certain it all later why why is data so important to an emerging consumer brands. Well while so. You know you're looking at so a lot of the question they're gonna happen they have grown greens are especially this small grant certain. You know how like performing relatively categories. How might silly little that the competition. Because like distribution what my average fight. You know and they want to measure all of it overpowered them they know where they sit at what we're going. And at what rate. Can you get to see it always. Can you give us an example of some retailers and distributors of poor access points here brand is doing relative to sales. Are yet. So distributor but the picture you vote provided you at five which has a cost to look at it. That you can get some of that done. Relatively inexpensively. JP which is furry. There's a little guy out there that out or the lack kind of like Wal-Mart target to get what you got that he had bought those retailers. I did that so this whole foods. It mainstream and also buyer. So the other a lot of places that you can just get data. You know you have distribution you don't find out how you do it. When you're looking at that data that you just talked about was the most important data point that you can get from portal access. As they get lies in voters again in narrowed down to one and Malia. One of I guess it would be they local control of okay so well of what you are solid and I'm like going upward data collected only help Warren. That would be stopped. The island continent it it's tough does that because there's a couple of good ones you talked about what we refer to as a TV distribution. Which gives you a sense of what percent of the market. You're in in terms of you can think of his stores but it really it's waited for volumes or what percent of that market sure and Yemen 60% this chain or 60% of the geography of the country with my new item. But I really like velocity sales for point distribution and just because. It's a great equalizer I did show you. How your turn mean. Units per week per store per period per point distribution whenever gives you a sales raids he can compare that with other items that have a lot more stores carrying them. And this is a little sub point in rich and you wanna speak to this. So important to small and emerging star ransom you wanna start a cookie company. Once you get in on the shelf Manny it's all about monitor train that day is deceive hearing give me that if you're if you're growing if you're. Selling enough to stay on that shelf so this is an esoteric stuff it's wildly wildly important. Can you didn't carry it I'm sorry to interrupt you. But we do us the honor and give us an example of how a brand might use a data point to in packed their business. Are just one point well let's let bill without you know the point but a lot city. You know about that why not. Measure would be CPU factor at a board meeting you could use that earnings. You're or how they wouldn't find it. So I am new account and and reject what about money do. You can use about one number a retailer what you're doing and it helped call each other ball. And show that your outperforming competition in order is selling platform now with the local week. About one measure either out or it is. It's huge you can use a lot of their problems. Yep that's exciting because brands they get a chance to do to get that one piece of data. What are things that happens is we see brands all the time going for a retailer and say. I'm showing you this number to show you on selling better than some of these other items around me. The problem is and it's a little bit of a challenge is if you're really really just in a few stores sometimes that number. That's sales per store sales for point distribution looks a little exaggerated. And so the idea he had to have. That that number works best that velocity that sales per per per point works best when you have. Sort of at least a little bit of an ECB distribution a little bit of a distribution model somewhere north of 20% maybe. It becomes more relevant to buyers. Yeah I think when you're trying to use it. Absolutely you're definitely right which you know that kind of wipe all that didn't say they'll try and the very greatly give me an article warm. And certain couch for the walk over it. That the distribution let that the only reason I actually got this year that APC and they'll perform is usual here. When you first thought. Right so rich went when people when people wanting if somebody wants to get ahold of you and ask you a question and and what it and maybe we should stop before even that. What are the kind that when you get a chance to chat with a brand what are the questions that typically come up. The people wanted to ask about is that the cost is syndicated day today is is it is that who is that relevant data for a little start up brands what are the questions that you get most often. You know when it comes the syndicated data always comes out of our. And you know sometimes we can control one you know we have what the relationship is there and so we did opt in and get them. Quick answers that the price is absolutely one but never did like how what you Adewale. You know how to like use that to quote my bit and that will get better and got conversations about what our strategy what what are. What we foretell what are we got to try to accomplish what the marquee but geography. The West Coast itself flat. You know that we could find multiple pot based on backup strategy. Absolutely Matt rich has been so helpful if folks when asked you a question how how they get older you. You know I thought I would just because it let us agency dot com. And they could reach it without support they need to reach you directly that the speech yeah rich stop it as agency at charter dot net. Sounds perfect and rich they can really ask your question about just about anything because you answered or jeopardy question correctly. I think he does get. And so weird mad 'cause I'm trying to explain I don't. I mean you really didn't give him any clue as to what that was now has no idea it clearly warriors. Do you mean you know sea biscuit or secretary you know one of Americans see the logic then used. But still you ugly fight I think that an answer right more often than any human being should be allowed again it's weird. Rather read about you you're not I don't know what it. All right rich Kevin Harold has been great we gonna have gone more often asked question our guys get into the Terry thanks. All right that's our show for this week thank you for listening to the natural underground. If you have any questions comments or concerns are compliments you can email us at info that. Does touch agency dot com you can also find us on face but at the natural underground we look forward to talking to you next week. Had a good weekend have a great week. I mean those laugh and be in new man now. Lots of them. Can't.