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Retirement Planning Show, 03/11

Mar 11, 2017|

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Welcome to the retirement planning show with Teamsters ASCII. Call Steve now at 1804571298. And now here's Steve's just asking. You know and welcomed news a money in return apartment show. This is Steve's recessed a year rose two and thanks for tune in this weekend. You know we're located right here in the Austin area were in round rock even opened people in the round rock here in the Austin area known for over thirty years. Helping you to be there for retirement to live in retirement. We've been on thirteen seven the stadium now parole every years. Were on Saturday at noon. And Sunday mornings hated them. So grab a piece of different and you're gonna need this number. At 1804471. To do nominate the 1804. Pars in the world. Nine DA. And don't forget our ropes side witches read an old. G dot com. Renal. Effigy dot com. Or call our team a receptionist who were standing by wanna force and he got some questions you need some answers. I'll give that to you personally. Call 1804. Pars 71 to nominate. Our team in receptions are standing bar again and you can call 24/7. At 180457. 129 VA. No my core philosophy as a blue wall while those come from. It's my responsibility. Would be good Steward it would go on and trust in me could Stewart should first. It is well from loss. And second make it work as hard as possible. This philosophies and abuse hallmark cards recommendations. You know malls for licensed by the state taxes I'm an independent agent. And it worked for very. Specific companies or any large corporation in the polls are represented as well off when knocked off. What we do it Reynolds is called brutal world of finance. Define the best. Cutting edge products and solutions. To meet your specific financial goals. Known as an independent firm. We are not restricted in products and services. That we can field. We feel in our personal independence. It is. Critical to our ability. To serve our bed mr. York. Best interest. The variety of options we can offer as result of independence. Is one remain reasons and many of our clients choose to work across. We feel that the financial options available today. Should for you should only be limited. To what is available to the world of finance. So give us a call. At 1804. Pars seven. 129. And they. You know that and as always. We're going to be discussing these issues it. Listeners are listeners who are approaching retirement. And those of you were already in retirement. You know. And we look at what's happening today and with everything is going on with the new president of course now the big thing is to have affordable health care racked. And the things that are happening in that area. It's an interesting note in the market has done very well the last quarter. It has made a few corrections. And of course news Susan you're awfully excited when we see that. Mark market to decline. And don't have the means a certainty that we need to. Knowing that you know how far is when you look at how far as the market goes back to. Or when is it gonna do it's we knew would eventually you will hold. One Issac and I happen and what position you're going to be and when it does happen. In on one and after you retired. Or come very close to retirement. You're situations change. Would you have enough time to market makes a major correction again like it did in 2002000. Nate. Are you gonna have enough time before you retired to get back to where you war. And nothing about increasing your value of your. And you and your retirement nest today. So it becomes very important to make sure that your finances. Are in order and in the proper positions. To make sure that we need to get to retirement. You're coming up on that corresponds with the report you. And if you are retired the world and make sure that those funds are there the last few lifetime. You know when you look at all the uncertainty in the market and these are really areas that we need to address. Yeah and these areas again he'd become more important. When we get up to retirement. This again everyone knows if you're retired your situation changed. The days that in you know means it didn't you quit work sodas and not going back there anymore. So it's become yours situation is really changed dramatically. When we do retire we have other issues to look look at. When the health care. Whether the accused in home. Horowitz who are supposed to security. It's just there's many many issues to come apart. And that's what we can help you with your rental. Here's some pictures that your finances are in right position. Make sure that all the other areas that affect you would be health care whether these Social Security. Whether it be that you'd boo ways that you beneficiary designations are structured. To make sure that your assets upon your demise it go on to the people who she wanted to go on to. This is an area that red oaks specializes in. And we have gone personally and business for over thirty years. So we can assist you and help you to make sure that you are on the right path. Give us a call at 1804571298. You know loans do come off to retirement. And we we wanna start making sure that the funds that we do have that they aren't guaranteed. That you know we have a lot of at least have the phones. You're relying on as far as income. To be in the position. That they're not going to be jeopardized. By the ups and downs in the market. You don't wanna have obviously. In this day the ball in especially end funds that you used for income. Have an in substantial risk. So. The other thing is it's awful hard to move on. If you have funds in CD's and money market accounts. This over almost impossible have enough funds in there to. You'd be able to just live off those interest returns. Soon there are. Products there are solutions. That you can use today to make sure that you know rock bottom line. And that again would rattle can help anyway. So we can look at simplifying your finances. And deceive on complicated ways to handle the rule over. We've 401K your fourth read the wiry. Your 457 deferred comp plans. You know this is just a brief listed illustrate tweet of the resources and the experience necessary. To help you secure. Your retirements and you give us a call let's discuss your concerns. Let me answer your questions. At 18045719. Day. This is the mistress asking you listen to save money and retirement planning to show. Noon on all these bad. See Dick run he's running from this financial problem. Perhaps seen express because he doesn't have a plan for his retirement. See Jane we. So because James retirement is in great shape thanks to red oak financial. Now James on the beach without a care in the world and a Pina colada in her hand to be like Jane. And contact the professionals and read all financial their jobs to help keep you comfortable in retirement red oak if she dot com. Retire with dignity. Welcome. Tuesday morning retirement plan and show the system's success heroes. At Michigan community. You know we're located right here in the Austin round rock area. And we have been for over thirty years. Thirteen seventy tea room. This editor Saturdays in New Orleans Sunday mornings at media room. The bin Laden and thirteen seven. Great relationship with them over the last eight years. So give us a call him 104. Pars one to marinate. That's 180457129. Made. My team receptionists are standing by. You've been called wanna force him to grow in the term. Take advantage over. Free consultation with his line has no obligation. Leave your tripled him home and come to our office and he'd like war movement come to you. You can't come in from timers Koreans were because of as the caller. Health issues. Were it is common make sure that your. Retirement plans wrong order as well so you missed a call 1804. Bars one to nominate. Again and you can call any time my team receptions are standing by 2.4 seven at 180457. Well. Nine the day. You know my buddy Patrick Kelly exceptional book called stress relief retirement. This is a great. It's a cool that everyone should. It's coming to retirement. War if you retired. If you haven't room and stress for retirement you need. You know office is just an exceptional book you know it's a book in his in his two page pamphlet Mosher. But this local news knowledge that you need. There Rowland has more often stressed retirement. How to protect you would proceed means against loss. Hard to create income stream you never you know. Receive unlimited upside gain potential. Was zero risk of loss. And of course top union annual management duties here's our new money managers. You know this book is just exceptional. It's great read on truth or we enjoy. No bond bravery you wrote in from Utah writes. This. Past the simplest and more instant form of retirement booked him. Steve Craig wrote in Georgia who wrote that Patrick Kelly is again. Is known financial isn't known for financial author. An expert who can make a complex subjects simple and foreign. You'll enjoy this quick read and use my changer for future for. And sure our road. The financial services world can be. So confusing. And intimidating. And stressed for retirement. So we start understanding. It's just you know great book. I movement through the choose you re. No problem news you know charges well welcome to Emporia. Just call 18045709. DA. Astra stress treatment. Says portable. And I'll make sure that you receive it. Again 1804. Bars. Well. Lined the day. You know planning for retirement is so important. And especially. Today's weren't. So many different issues and so many different things that you have to look at retirement. It's awful easy. Do you not get everything placed in order yours. In doing so retirement for. You know and they're going to be many problems by doing. And the other problem abuse he used ignoring considered. I don't know all worry about that next year of security to use it you get closer to retirement. Many times it's too late you won't really have an enjoyable retirement Hewitt too well. So the problem is is is futile to. Eight to time this on a plan. And what to plan. In the motion. Use too old to have a plan. And so it is. Well taxes. Do you write your own well. Lord you have detects as well what you do them well. And it's sort of like that with two apartment. And she got a plan. If you plan that you have to succeed. And have a successful retirement. And indeed put everything in a proper position. War you have a plan to fail. It's one way or the other. So. Poorer the last thirty users. Cost. I'm specialized in retirement income planning. This is an area that I specialize in an area that I can help you considerably him. With our organization was rattled financial group. We have to tools necessary. To make sure. That your retirement plan is in order in that are as a success. Our route retirement income and that analyzer is second to none. This is a tool that we provide to a radio listeners re charge no cost to you know. That will put everything in motion. This income analyzer is you know and just an exceptional tool. And one that would provide for you. Should give us a call 1800. War pars and 129. Days. And again and check armor website. Read OG. Dot com. So. When we look at retirement. And then things to consider start thinking of retirement. And other some things to really considered especially about those security. Retirement can have more than one means. It can mean that you apply for Social Security retirement benefits. Or they channel Longo. You're no longer work in. Or can means you have chosen to receipts was secured that's what's more. Music stars. You've pool or part time for us to war in. You can choose whether you want us purchase of security. Now all these choices are Perot. And more. And your retirement decisions. Decisions can have a theory. Real affect on your ability to maintain your comfortable retirement. If you retire early you may not have enough income to enjoy you re use ahead of likewise. If you read only. Level archery income. But we're doing is there room in jar. Everyone needs to try to find that right balance. Based on his own circumstances. Let us know you hear Reynolds. So you plan your future retirement. In considering your retirement options. Give us a call at 1804. Point 71. To nominate. That's 1804. Pars and well. Nine DA to. This is Steve's who's asking you listening to save money in return. New home will be back. Don't make the mistake of leaving your financial well being to chance by Hearst news was just keep your post decision morning radio heard every Saturday at noon Sunday edited I'll teach you how to illuminated key uncertainties lock in financial gains with the team and it's more losses from market declines in 2002008. History repeats itself the return to rewards contacted the professionals. And Reynolds financial call today for your free consultation. And 100. Or 571298. Retire with dignity. And it's Steve's who's a ski you listening to receive money in return apartment show. And thanks for tune in this weekend. You know we're located right here in round rock Austin area. Have been for over thirty years. And helping people in the Austin area in round rock area now. Hope to appear before retirement to Lou in retirement. We've been on thirteen 70 AM now for overeat years. On Saturdays and noon and Sunday mornings it Leo. So grab a piece of paper and then you're gonna need this number. It's 1804. Pars 71 to nominate. They'll get our website which is red. All. EG. Dot com read an old FC. Dot com. Give me a call. Amendments discuss your concerns and answer your questions. Or people that take advantage of our free consultation. No obligation. You come to our office who will come to you. Health news you know that does not meant to come amount. Give us a call 1804571298. And with it and you know justice schedule accordingly to. Make sure you receive the proper permissions of that you don't have to worry about living in retirement. Give us a call 1804. By 7129 the date. That particular and separate consultation. Again we have some just some exceptional tools to make available to our radio listeners. In addition. Leo or revoke offer from a buddy Patrick. Stress free retirement. Just a great read great. If you're coming off to retirement. In the next ten news or if you are in retirement this is definitely a must read. So it's just a great read all the way around. Talks about numerous different things what you need to do to appear before retirement to make sure that you can enjoy your golden years. So give us a call 1804. Pars and then 129 the public to take advantage of approval coffer. I'm sure you receive it again it's free and free of charge. We've looked up to the postage and over the notes disputed out to you sir that you could become educated. On preparing yourself for retirement is is we talked before these years have they determined to make a planned. Or. Plans to going to be there via planned to fail. So make sure that your on the right now make sure that you enjoy your golden golden news and do it stress free so. Given a call 1804 tries of two of them and you will mature you receive the green read. In addition of that. You know we start looking at. The time it takes to prepare for retirement. And running out of phones in retirement. Is obviously not a good thing at all. And has been happening too many times. Currently. Just too many people who are not prepared for retirement. Just not taking the time and who knew him enough money at this time maybe. Maybe you just want to putter for whatever reason. The majority of people unfortunately don't like talking about. Financial affairs and don't like thinking about that areas zones. And this is going to the dumbest in June off the ago went. With your retirement plan and you really not something that seeks movie used for there war. And if you can do it right and even if you are in retirement than you have through repair of the fashion that is distribution. The measure there passed its theory all the way through your lifetime. This is real the real him ordinary. And when I specialize in news to retirement income America. Have over thirty years. This is an area where we can help you here Reynolds. So give us a call at 104. Pars and twelve ideas. Convention free consultation. So. When we talk about runner up towards retirement limb rough lines. And misinterpreted. Life expectancy data can lead to major fraud. Now 159. Senator advisors and recently numerous surveys reported that they had major concerns. About their clients are living there are sports. Cautionary. Tales abound the tail end of potential devastating you know poems belong jubilee prices. The combination. Of an extended lifespan and and and that combination expanded life spanned hand and in adequate retirement plan that we are talking about. Have yet to force the masses to read Calgary the ring compliant. During retirement. In order to battle of the mine. Now it's. They've gotten in a retirement you know retired you're enjoying new yours yours and you find out that he. I'm not have enough phones to make at the Indians if it was normal to. This should not have. You know of the recent Lumet data suggest advisors need to take heavier hand in convened declines. There was it distinct possibility. That you live interview ninety's. With them. The medicine the way it is and everything else. A good shot that you're gonna make it in ninety. In all flawed understanding of the average life expectancy which do you residences through places at seven years. Could be one of the reasons total lack of financial preparedness. The figure does not noble store. The Census Bureau gives its figure by measuring life expectancy from birth. When life expectancy is measured from made 65. The in the things change. It expectancy for a person reaches its 65. Is he. And he these extra in house. So when American reports that the proper way to interpret these statistics is to assume. Half for the males who reaches 65. Who will test the BC. And half of the females who retrieved. It reached that age will lose SPD's connects. Half of wall couples who reach needs sixty. We'll one partner that it ninety. And you have to be prepared for. Numerous stresses that he is education. And guidance. You have to bring her crew was. At age ninety. If you do not. You can possibly is very miserable years it in the line. That's whose fields. Falls on the advisor to a certain expand. It is crucial that the crew you explain the possibility. Of all living one's assets. Of cards. You've been disciplined planners with third stance strategies. Can all live the grass roots. Rumors suggest. Advisors begin to seriously discuss products with guaranteed income solutions. Such as annuities with the car. This is what I specialize. My clients do worry you do not worry. Don't run out of money. We make sure. That no matter how long you he lived to be a 150. You're gonna have income. If you like to learn now give me a call. At 1804. Pars and 129. DA to. What I specialize in and this is what I specializes in this use income. In hand for over thirty years. We can provide you with incomes solutions. Make sure that you're not gonna run out of money war here's spirals. Give us a call at 1804. Pars 71298. Put your Korean come analysis. Take advantage of reprieve book author. Stressed pre retirement. Or take advantage of free consultation. Or just got some questions give us a call 180457209. Years. This is Steve's recessed do you listening to. Save money and retirement. Turn to you both. Will be back. You've been listening to the retirement planning show with Steve stores asking. Call Steve at 1804571298. And tune in next week for another edition of the retirement planning staff.