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The Del Walmsley Show 3/7/17

Mar 7, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the motel one sleeve radio show. Tell challenges the status quo who questions everything. Powers you to return to your core belief still make your life. Here they're true it's true. Lifestyle you really want the next hour will change your life. And now you're. National award winning investor relief. CEO and founder of lifestyles are limited to no one's mind. Rob you don't want to radio show where the hi Vincent helped begins on your hotel while Julian is always working on your financial freedom. Well my friends were coming up very rapidly on the Houston power pumps are the watch those limited well comparison and come expo. It's on the eighteenth of march. And that is falling right upon us very quickly here. The day before the export however we're gonna have a lifestyle to limited multifamily masters to work. We're gonna take. Eight buses around to four different properties and you're gonna get to meet the owners of these properties. Ask questions are you sure your financial skew view the idea of you know kind of money decent made what they did to turn round. And you know continued answering no questions you might have distance usually. My favorite event to be honest with you because I get to see all these properties and because you could see all these people meet all the people I think it's. Probably gets us more attention than anything else today. We got its adjusted gentleman that has a very interesting story and the story is interesting on multiple levels. And I'm hoping they can do it justice today in the short one hour period of time. But this tournament along with his wife. And it I've second generation of his family. I have come to grow quite a large real estate portfolio together what's interesting about this is number one is that. When they first started the white friend a real state. And he worked then he retired. And then they decided to bring in their family. To extend. Their business reaching even further probably to replace themselves out to make even more interesting in 2016. They won the Houston apart associations property of the year award further maple tree gardens property. But then in 2016 they went on to win the national park association. Or owner of the year. And go with their company linebackers so they've accomplished quite a bit and hope we can get at all and but I am very happy to inner pollution today to mr. mark garage mark welcome to show. Until I thank you we're very excited to be here today so thank you curved invitation to join me on the radio home. Good news you resonate through thick thick thick thick. Streets like a book grant. You know and so many things it's it's quite exciting and good to go to try to squeeze it all end. We'll start at the beginning what I catch you guys interest is looking into. Real estate investing the first push you and Terry when you first started thinking about it. He had this is back in 20072008. And and I have a lot of money in the stock market and really look you know per weighted kind of diversify its. So I was always sort of interest in real estate. Protect the number of those popular classic you could probably recite. None of them really seem to resonate with me. Medicaid and listen to you on the radio. And it really kind of piqued my interest. So you know I signed up to sit down. A bit different courses can. And it was really Kenny interesting one when I went to the two day course. After listening to bench other national. Syndication guys kind of try to sell me on why it can join their. Group on some real estate stepping into your two day course. I think Terry and I were the first ones as sinopec class distinct made a lot of sense to. Investing in multifamily and even single family so. That's. How are you pitched a debt to receive him way back when it made a lot of sense to us and we're really glad we decided to join. So you you'd listen to me on the radio she didn't you already done some research you've known. You know quite a bit about real state when you can get a two day I always like guess people this it's the question ask everybody. What are moments did you get you know what epiphany what he can catch it while that's why haven't got to salt down yet that's what's gonna make a difference. Yeah I think it has good question developing quote really kind of hit me why is when you can't go to this section around multifamily. And the ability to leverage. Your net income conducting an operating income. Leveraging a peak going there and fix a property. To manage it better better price better. Product if you will. Found out leverage in the marketplace and ability to return to you know a good return on your investment. What's real our moment formally hand capture listening to you kind of present that sensor really sold me on the whole lifestyle models. So when you came out of the two days. Didn't you do a small property by yourself first your don't tell me what the first thing you decided to do and why you decided to go that way when he came out of. Yeah yeah you know we knew we wanted to kind of you know to Nestle waters a little bit so we have one under blystone remember we went out bought a forty unit property. Ran that successfully. Weave and you know but tense back and 2009. CN sold it to a few years later. And so that was kind of our first taste of running multifamily. Apartment complexes. We always knew we wanted to be a lead. Do you know but I needed to kill little bit better education Suez Canal we started out. Know when you first started did you let Kerry won their first property were you both for Conan. How do you divvy up the time allotted for that. So yeah. So I was still working for corporate America. And then Terry Terrence and was working on the real estate business so. She she worked on it and then there are other partner on that also helped out. But it really carries for the first a number of years they're really ran this position roller personally. The network put together. Owners sound. Really ticket via an advantage of the what what we call last house the next level. A group itself as a group of owners that have very good experience. So really network but those owners network collapsed on the enters. And just kind of learn from the ground up kind of hands on and she did an excellent job. And that those first few years to run in the distance. And of course I don't care you know wherever I could pick you really ran it sports. It would seem that way it could so I was always interfacing with her pickup truck yesterday it didn't seem that way you know I think. One would ask him the dominant. Your story is so different I'm gonna have to zig and zag a little bit to get it ginger. Comforted by a certain questions before I saw the ones. They might miss the point. So the next point I'm asking is who wins didn't shaken Susan start becoming interest in this and how did you introduce them to this. You this is your daughter and son in law correct. Yes. Yeah so yeah so. You know after I decided to leave corporate America which was back in 2000. Kind of toward the end of 20142015. South Wie news and then that we were going to be successful because we have taken over a couple of properties and who caught one. But we really wanted to bring in arsenal why he really has had an appetite for this business he owns about twenty. Single family home. Any really who wants to get into the multifamily so he had the education and the background. And so we decided we would sit down and talked with them we had to meet with several people and lifestyle. And then we decided to fit the right thing to do when we plot our maple tree properties. In January and a fifteen. That that was a good time for him to join our management company since for him to leave corporate America. So after. Some sitting down with him he can't consulting with him in attendance and our peers we. Daughter. He decided to leave corporate America and join our management painful times it was a little bit of a leap of faith on his part. But it's worked out very well percents. Yeah if you don't fit the story is really. And heartwarming. In the data when they ask you real personal question I don't know we have a lot of time got a minute left here. Maybe Kenny recovers this in this segment that think on this one here what does it feel like to be awarded. To do that particular your daughter's husband and bring her new husband in your company you are after just a few years when no one probably look. And you feel incompetent enough to build a company a family business from from nothing. How did it feel. Did beat filled extremely extremely good you know it's it's not only lessen their lives but it's personal lives a lot of other people to do so. So it did see it was a really good feeling to go to see him leave corporate America. And then put his passion towards helping build a small compelling business. We'll take a short break when we come back on the expand on that I wanted to get the family. Part of this together and there we also have your strict. Belief in religion your very. Tight family with god so we've got a lot to cover girl along with all the great real state do you don't be right back. Smart garage and tell one he radio show. You're listening to Joseph walks leading radio. Well we'll be right back with more life changing principles are just a few minutes. 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The man on a mission to retire road America one person and it's. No one's going. Welcome back to don't want to radio show today with me is one of the people that you were going to get to meet. He if you attend are lush dealt a limited multifamily masters to work. Which is march 17 the Friday before the west of unlimited welcome passive income expelled. And this gentleman will be there with his family. Assuring review. One of his success is one of its properties now he also as a winner. Of 2016. Houston apartment associations. Property of the year award in the 2016. National apartment association. Real estate investor of the year. So he's got quite the others too real to share with the solace we get to. Come to his property and witnesses success markets and what to break out you know we're talking about how it felt to be able to start a a fairly business like that I know he clearly felt pretty strong faith and what does this all feel like you I mean just that this family business concept does this can go generations could it not. Big egg could have until one. That's that was kind of vision all right so you know history lieutenant. Takes over you do learn a lot the past couple years and have great confidence in him and and you know when you when Terry and I decided kind of slowed down a little bewildered continue investing our money went but Cheney can. And Mike it's been a perceived as going on for like eccentric generations. He's kept this field is kept compassion and we've got the knowledge. And and and just as important he's got lifestyles behind right that that an entry that goes on with this. Within the next level. Owners that have a tremendous amount of experience so it's a really good business model. That are associated with him you know what lifestyles and went with taken this position so I feel really good. One on one of the personal blessings we get out of this just yes or children we have four grand grand kids they live about five minutes away from us and course we get to see them almost every day if not sometimes twice today put him more than what themselves as kind of a look at this gringos but that. How many people can say that right I mean that is just phenomenal. That that occurs. Wanna take a job left here. Just like you said it's hard to get everything in about Q. And your family successes. This next question. The government had try to handled with kid gloves because they don't want. To expose. Anybody. Cindy more or anything that we don't need to expose or go too deeply into it but you happened to. Have gotten into a couple of deals did didn't go all that well that I remember being. Being called in to look at the person that was the lead of those deals and you guys decided. You know as we put pressure on the lead to fall in line. If I remember right they didn't you stepped up and took over can you give me an outline that and should tell us how you turn that around. Yes did that I know this town he helps a number of years ago and it actually retreated from partnerships. We were passive and both both still some snow obviously a lot of money because stink right now and it won't lose my money into. But certainly didn't wanna have that the other partners to lose their money ends after. You know talking with the lead again and he. And entry it was some of the lifestyle managers. And kind of going through the different options we have. Kind of what we decided to do. Was secretary niners to step up. Both both of the partnerships. And recourse to believe which meant that we had to refinance them and take great course. Most ourselves. Since that point NGOs we had to buy the lead out. Seeing that and again this is one of partnerships that was cannot return and any birdies money but I knew was a good deal or if they're great so market. They're great property and you have a lot of potential and I knew I had enough. Foresight. Internet banking with the lifestyles group. So we went ahead but the lead out refinanced it put recourse debt on deterring nine. And sanitary control of personally news down there are probably on a daily basis just turn things around in new management in there. And it didn't get one of those home run hit properties force that property athletes to. We return back about a 192%. Return on everybody's money on that property today. We still own it and we probably have another. I'm guess we probably have another three or four million dollars a ticket equity we have captured sit in the books right now. When we go to so it so it's turned out to be home run hit. Just what kind of like we thought it was so. Trust taking a risk to us stepped up it's turned out to be a blessing not only for respiratory the park as well. We'll learn why I'm I'm so interest in that because I think you know you look at a group like your management group. Yourself your wife and two later your kids. Do you look at them going into battle on our property. It's one thing to go into battle knowing what you have in front view. Stand to being prepared mentally for the fight. It's another to start from in the hole. You know not knowing if you're gonna survivor god and taking one guy battle that's. That's a lot larger battle in my eyes than just buying something you know what's wrong with it and you. Starting and so coded take to be hand America's civilian or hats off congratulations. Affect also wanna ask you another question and I don't know that there's an answer to this so don't feel like you have to make one up if there isn't good. The fact you got into two deals with a leads turned out to be less than stellar. Did you learn anything about. You atrocious about mutual leads anything you could share with anybody else about how what was wrong with the people he chose or touched me it. A bad thing to say what did you not see. You. Yes and that's that's a good question bill I think both of these lead to war. Getting into the market when the economy turned so I mean they had a real lot of headwind against him. I and they didn't have a lot of experience. So I think there's two candidates two things they were going against him number one they didn't have a lot of experience can like first time leads us. And the economy was literally beckons you to imagine Beckham when he and between eleven timeframe the current economy was really bad so. Intense this content but I kind of learned is it is in Africa to get into an environment. Really make sure to be disqualified. And also make sure you understand what's going on in the marketplace. Well good it's quite a story there's no doubt about it and what happened cycle when you turn that went around the or just so did you keep a would you do with the settlement yeah. And the second one is this saying please come and it was. I don't remember over Christmas break there are sitting down looking financials I asked the lead if I could look at them and I've spent the Christmas break come through financials and and realize that we were. Are ready to have a cash call we were you know behind and Oliver Beatles and I went into partnership and say hey guys. Are you OK you Terri and I kind of stepped Tennessee we can help out. And and they all agreed including including the lead he he was looking for some help. So we spend the next six months I kind of get our arms around that really was carried to when it. I was kind of helping her from from the sidelines if you will. And then we started marketed. Certain get more people went there. Band just turns it took us about eighteen months to really turn it around. We've slippery notre. We're gonna have to take a break right now they're pushed himself back into the segment. We'll be right back with march launch and you don't want your radio show. You're listening to the Joseph wants leading radio. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles are just a few minutes long time lifestyles member Curtis Payne. The real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't please thank you enough skill for that's. If you were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of them there's no doubt about it fear and. This road map of hole lead success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of left thousands fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my bush. Hey Curtis Haines advice. Come meet go like minded successful investors who are helping others just like dale helped him to attend the workshop getting your math. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718974. Due to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop or change your life. CBS news update. Republicans say Obama care is collapsing on its own but they play Indy given a notch and now they're pushing at congressional plan to replace it health secretary Tom price. We believe strongly that. Through this whole process and as it takes effect that we'll see a decrease in not only they've lived the premiums that individuals will seek. But a decrease in the cost of healthcare for folks president trump weighed in today I think really that's so we're going to have something that's going to be much more. Understood it much more popular. Then people can even imagine. But Democrats don't like it in conservative groups don't either because it retained some elements of obamacare Bob Cusack of the hill newspaper. Paul Ryan can afford only 21 defections on the house floor send an enemy of one democratic vote so right now I think this is an. Up till about suggest to get this through the house Thorne I'm talking about the senate. Where Republicans can only afford a couple defense. Since CBS news update I'm Pam Coulter. Kate remember the mortgage meltdown of 2008. 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Talk the talk and I walk the walk and I do it and I do and I do it and you know fully use has been falling on daddy years have out here in Mexico for young to finally know that the men who are running America have listened to the Savage Nation just as my listeners have had have taken the message to heart had taken it to the people and out to the world there's no better feeling on our Michael Savage all post like no other what did you become a part of the Savage Nation weeknight eight to eleven on talk thirteen seventy. The Sean Hannity show why is Obama staying at Washington flooded Valerie terror movement because he has set a series of traps you're over 500 people who need confirmation in begins for a you have this what we call shadow government deep state of career bureaucrats. Obama appointees. That a working hard and undermining every single solitary day everything that trump wants to build. We gave it to on talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to you know here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's going. Welcome back you don't want to reassure with me here two days mr. mark drawn twitch is going to beyond. Do you lifestyles a limited multifamily masters tour the seventeenth of Maher tried before the expo which is. The lifestyle to limited welcome passive income expo coming up on the eighteenth today following. Doesn't want to a break here Marc was talking about a couple properties he's taken over from other leads. And turn them around. He currently has so over 700 units almost 800 units. That he this year lease meant for companies are managing. So he's quite successful out there. We just highlighted a situation where somebody who he had been passive with the had some challenges and he stepped up. To help them turn it around. So I you got cut off before the break there or during the break. Want to just finish up he said he stepped in Christmas saw the already have a cash call and feel we've invited you to help them. Turn things around take it from there. Yeah it did and we did so after we sit out the partnership content and you'll leave it was very accommodating you know he knew he needed some help and stay ahead and turn our radiated to step and and so we went in their work within managers start doing some marketing. To renegotiate its electric contract and some other kids some of our expenses down. Been refinanced its. And really just turn their property rounds and to date we've returned back I'm 47%. For the Parker's. Return on the investments. We still own the property it's runs very well he would probably still have another. I'm guessing about another three million a pick to equity we've captured and they're based upon the latest appraisal value theft property so. Think it has its property it is that the partners wanna hold onto. It is still leery you know roughly twelve to 14% cash and cash return on a yearly basis so. It's it's been a really nice property. Well I think coming up the call you've eliminated dance. I tend to Libya in the weather data that it actually it is beyond those two properties. So let's go the other direction like I said you're stories such as zigzags story was gone the other way already you've turned lemons into lemonade and just knocked out of the park with that. What kind of feel like to win the national apartment association real state investor the year I've. How marine dinner with you and it's you know you would like cute smile on your hero that went. Where they would hear and feel like. They do is amazing Dillard says there's bound San Francisco. Walked up on stage and ended the war in the it was an amazing feeling it was a great property. Save this maple tree gardens and when we're gonna see during the expo master pressed toward. We've brought in in January 2015. Stand just one of the properties. Flushed out broker gave us a call. We met him over there the next day. Secretary no walk to property for about a half an hour we stood on the sidewalk out front office and says. Scully in order to make a deal as get this thing under contract. Within 24 hours we had a letter for intent signed in. Another 24 hours we had a contract in place and we knew this is going to be home run. And that spears turned out to be here fabulous property force. So what kind of returns that you get with this property. Yes we we bought it in January 2015. We put about one point three million dollar rehab into it. Stand with the eighteen months so this since January that we contain. We've refinance there's. In January 3 and July 26 teams. Century they ended January 2 good through the end of 2016 we return a total 142%. Of everybody's money in this property. So it's been a home run it's just it's just phenomenal I wish they'd be more these properties. Doesn't everybody. And handles those are phenomenal results. Coming out of your properties right there. Yes so you've got to how many properties known for properties. We we have. Four properties were lead on four different partnerships. Maple tree occurrences too and importing to the ground view is to an attitude and coney manner and Kate asks a 122. Saying we just bought another one in February of this she says 26. Team. Iran insists I. I would see. Corporate survey tells about the latest purchase that's pretty recent. So it to us. Yeah so this wasn't a property that was us. I'm probably describe it is kind of but. And good citizens and a great sort of market. It being with the had a great exposure on two major major streets. We got a really good price. And what we. Have done is put about one point five million dollar short rehab into it. Some people when we look at all her rehab we've still returned about. I think we return 10%. Slash cheer and we're on track to cash out everybody's money on this property probably an early 28 teens. So it'll it'll be another one of those home run hits and 22 years Torre if fast. Somewhere between honor and I'm 40% everybody's money and property. While. Those are phenomenal results. What do you think you've learned over all these properties were what do what is it that you have mastered now to get such great results and news time and time again you could. Hit home runs what is it that is your skill set. That your team brings to the table the rule makes a difference. Yes and I think it Croatia and you don't cut couple couple different answers to that still I think one thing. All the learning that we give from talking with Pete other owners. In this the next level group pitino group. And there's just a tremendous amount of learning that goes on between her and the sharing of best practices. And then really just rolling up our sleeves and implementing those best practices are not being afraid to make changes. You know for example on several of our properties we've had to go through and make changes on the property manager. Numerous times until we get the right manager. Send it right leasing agent and even the right servers team members so it's not afraid to make changes when things aren't working. I homes and not afraid to listen to what works from the other owners and just kind of rolled up our sleeves and make that happen so. It's just been working out what this of course very well so far. Well there's no doubt you guys are willing to learn because I've got about 8000 the mills. That we initiated by Kerry's. The trip. And you got started she said don't push it out and forty people each give their response and then twenty people respond to those response and all the sudden I've got. They're extra fifty Milton laying low box and I go back to security started so I know this she's always up their cushion. And asking questions and finding new ways to do stuff and perfecting and renegotiating contracts at all to do so for the it's very visible because she's out there doing hard time there were everybody can't see it. What is your ideal portfolio work when what do you think you guys gonna grow to the ideal is that just something you'll lend it. Here throughout the week. You know we've still you know especially Jay come forward now. We're focusing on. Bond fund growth. We're always looking to do by the next Stiller us you know obviously probably look at someone to make sense. I think you know we're looking for. Property that can return as good investment to or partners are still on partners and you know if if we can try to property accuses 10% cash and cash return and maybe appreciate it 10% a year and then you can look at it over five by your window that. If you do 10% cash and cash appreciates 5%. And kind of refinance you can probably pull out. Between cash cash and cash or refinancing honored under plus percent if your money. So over over five years so I tell my partners you know don't don't get overly aggressive. Because if we can find a deal where you can get a 100% return you know over a few years sentence that the kind of deal that we want more interest it and so we're not afraid to roll personal use and kind of tackle properties that it needs some. Change in management journey through rehab. So we would probably looked leaned more towards I value play as opposed to yield play. Because we can little bit better return on investments. When you focus on the value place. Felt that you've. Seen were going all over the country. And we've only got about a minute left no wouldn't have a minute folks who got here. Who got about 36 some relief that question to larger question. If you don't call in this mark question from an open up the full want to numbers 8777115211. Four lines be open wall we go to break. There and you can get didn't move won't feature on right when we come back. Mark to rush the 2016. National apartment association real stated invest through the years. The 2016. Houston golf association problem view will be right back with mark. And don't want to radio show. You're listening to Joseph want to leave radio. Dell will be right back with more like it's supposed to just a few minutes. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways. Cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right man. Appreciation. For real estate doubles in value about every ten years equity build up. 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Or visit our website at germ busters dot net remember 1805695440. Rates and availability may vary by state civil right quotes based on preferred non tobacco underwriting exam required to qualify. Take Saturday morning George ticket just feeling great hi I'm Marty would have been certified clinical nutritionist. And host of health human nature show. I interviewed famous doctors and authors we'll learn the simple changes in diet and lifestyle it can you give us more energy the better memory. Actually make us happier in its biggest happy. Like Jeff fun of the show and welcome your calls from the union Saturday morning at eight on talk radio thirteen 70 AM yeah. This Radio Marti doctor. All what would happen if you didn't show up for work tomorrow. For the next couple of days for a week a couple of months a year how long until you lose everything you workforce in a fraction of the time it took earned. Keep this fear keeps you up at night it's time to learn the strategies we teach has lifestyles unlimited starts with a free workshop. Go to might passive income workshop dot com and find your true financial pieces like so many of our members already have. That's my passive income workshop dot com. A thirteen seventy. Welcome back now here's a more unconventional wisdom to set you free. The men on a mission to bring tyra America won her. Once. Welcome back to last segment don't want to radio show with me today is mark garage. Mark who's going to be on the lifestyles alluded multifamily masters tour coming up on March 17. The day before the lifestyles are limited welcome passive income expo. Marquez who won various awards the 2060 news and park association property here. The 2016. National park association rules to invest group of the year. Are you currently use these lead and four properties. Close to 800 units. And these are quite successful background including. Retiring his daughter and son in law. Very early on it. In their investing career bringing them all and and now having to tire fairly. Business. With the kids grandkids calls by an always available for the grandparents. Which is a special. Full benefits. So as we are bring the single closed market up to questions left for one of them is now that you see there were going all over the country and we have investors. Popping up everywhere property being purchased all over the country. Have you any thoughts on whether or not you'd want to go to other cities where you can grab virgin opportunities. Date yet I think to be create opportunity. Holmes. Is you know we really haven't looked into a whole lot to. We we put a little bit beckon and the midwest sneaky little bit out west that. Absolutely you know if we can find some opportunities have been untapped. Bring in some partners and put together a good deal I think that would be very exciting for us in terms of our long term growth. I remember who. A long long time ago. Whoever started it parting with people putting together apartment deals we bought three apartment complexes. Tool Lim will mark Texas one of the mid Texas City. That I found so interesting that these small towns. We're such a different type of investment. Because there was skewed practically no competitions. If you had money if you could do it. In a real powerful manner like we do it much tells a limited instead of like mostly the properties in the small cultural my mom and pops and he didn't keep up a very good product they didn't compete aggressively. I'll marketing wise they didn't have the best staff and so was really easy. To stay full and beat those guys out on just about every market in fact so much so I got this shares. Air scheme ideal one time that I was gonna try to by the whole talented and tough for you that didn't Texas City you're in the market because it was such a small area. And the dominant and really to be computing is myself but it wouldn't have an economics veteran benefit. Being the best product of the best price so I think that these burgeoning markets are great opportunities. I actually like to ask you is looking at W had these years here and the successes you've had. And running into a couple deals and or do you turnaround. What would you tell someone that sitting out there right now driving to work in their car sitting on the couch. And to think about doing this. Eminently Gregg would have from them since a very question I think there's probably maybe 45 answers to that are points to that. Real real estate is a great. Investment strategy to help build wealth passive well. I would also highly suggest that you find an organization that can provide. This meant treating age education and the road map. I think one of the hidden benefits of lifestyles. Since one enjoying the multifamily crew could she get a chance to go on these road trips. So this is taken a trip to the property that's owned by another owner. And they open up potentially open up their property opened up their financials. Sydney get to learn from somebody's who's actually doing it. And those road trips it's just been extremely decent people. And then commit intrigue. And and networking with like minded investors. Within lifestyle so if they like we've mentioned before if we have a question from an operations standpoint. We reached out to the other owners and they give back. And you can ask yourself why why do these other members came back so easily well it's. Cynicism and abundance mentality this kind of topped and lifestyles. And there's really no competition when it comes from operating a property just a competition might come within myself and finding their properties. But once she have a property and then there's a great. Network people that helped to be successful there's mentors there's other owners. So this whole organization. Of helping you be successful. Is I haven't seen it anywhere else in the country or anywhere else in the world fact that I've. Done a lot of business all over the world and this is a very unique opportunity. To learn how to be successful. In the real estate market. Such a long answer to a question else. No it's actually good good answer and were you surprised how open people were cheering with you when you first came in. Yeah I worse you know it's eat sushi you know join this organization. Here a little bit timid you know you kind of want to fully Wear around their bet. Once you start going on the road trips and you're asking you know how much this costs how much that cost an amateur making a what are your friends and what are you paying your people and it's just amazing how open everybody is in. If you are willing to learn willing to take notes and willing to you know take a step forward. And really kind of put your money where your confidence. It's a really good way to peace successful. I think you versatility. Real estate TDs to people make it typical. And even learn how to deal with typical people. So there's even some intrigue goes on there as well also this. Since it is just a really good opportunity to be successful for us. Romans thank you for sharing your time mark coming on. And for being willing to share. Do you multifamily masters to the seventeenth of march. Really pretty huge commotion time in your story with everybody here. On the radio show thanks again if we really appreciate it. Thank you. Card for the rest to be out there remember this market share and we all of us we don't do it for the money. We do for the last I'll see you tomorrow. Radio show. Can obtain the results. Enjoy those seventy. Can't get enough. I. Okay. 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