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The Del Walmsley Show 3/6/17

Mar 8, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the tell clumsily radio show. Still challenges the status quo who questions everything I had to empowers you to return to your call. Make your life. Hear their true it's true. Like style you really want him next hour we'll change your life. I know you are no. National award winning investor relief here at CEO and founder of lifestyles and don't want to win. You don't want to radio show where the iPad can help begin time heroes don't want to it is always working under financial freedom. Today a reference I'm going to extend. He rather. Well no not fool parable. Instead of spoke of how many times in the past we condemn and take it to a new level. Because I've thought about it in a new level a new way of seeing things the other day. Stand Lucy put to work through this concept to get to where. It makes some sense. Since it's something brand new and animated up in my mind there is nothing written down. There's nothing hard copy about this is just simply something I've been thinking about for a while now. And I think it's rather interest in it may be important. Type of an idea that we can share we each other. So can we start today with the bold part of the story and that is the time management scenario. Where. Eight time management. Professor. Is teaching his kids about you know how do effectively manage your time. Case in front of the class and pull bloody trek pickle jar. Proceeds to fill the pickle jar up with big rocks. Can. At one point the rocks a full majority looks to McClatchy says. It's now full right. And the cute yeah. And he says no. That's a mistake we're not fool you there's way more time left in this pickle jar. And so we reaches down he picks up a bucket of little pebbles. And he proceeds to put the couples and shake the bucket around them to the couple fill in around. The big rocks. To where there's you know a lot more in the jar now the what there was before you Susan K now. Now we feel that you are correct. And students all go yeah that's it we filled jar. Faces no. Not right. I'm not correct he reaches down under they're just a bucket of sand. He perceives to for the CN in the monks the rocks in the troubles. Shaking them. Deep pickle jars egos. And he's able to get a lot more sand in there and filled up even Fuller. Now looks than it is now really is full right and they go yeah videos no not quite. And he pulled out of control water proceeds to pour water into who mocks the rocks and the pebbles and sand. Now at this point. You know the kids don't know what to think. And he says she's now a truly full right and they're dumbfounded they don't think at this point. Patients yes of course it is she says but what is the moral. Of this exercise what is there to be learned by this exercise. And the kids all say well. There's always more time. There's always a lot more time and the professor says no. That's not the case. The moral of the story as you better put the big rocks in first. Because of the open to big rocks in. Do you like to get filled up. With pebbles. Sand and water. Or in other words your life is filled with minutia it's filled with things should just take up your time. There we all go through this right. We all get up. Fair and we spent the weekend I had a weekend like that just as we can affect where. One of us were sick so we've. What around trying to find a Doctor Who can help listen when we found the doctors draw closer we needed that we Wear around did other things that we do spend time doing. When shopping for something we need and who went to 567 different places and none of them had it. And just I sat there and in the car and I felt difficult you are getting filled up with minutia. And so. We all have these candidates who all had these kinds of weeks and months and years. Some more than others. But the important partisan you gotta give the big rocks in first so what is it important. All that started to play on my mind quite a bit a couple of weeks ago to a certain thinking about it what is important. The other found that I had. A diversity of thought that I'd never had before. Because when you think about a go OK what is the big rocks. In your life. In the past up I thought I had a doubt I thought I had a big rocks figured out it's. Of course health because if you're not healthy nothing else is gonna work you die you're done it's over it's God's. There's no love there's no security no filming there's no religion there's nothing you're dead. So help always seemed like a giant rocked me. But now until I'm sixty years old I thought Russell two weeks and grown out working out. So my point is. This rocket used to be very important. Now. Do you still important it's I don't care about it anymore. I should care about it but I don't care about it enough to make it a big rock. It is a big rock. But it's one I don't care about sort of like taken out of the disclosure are completely. Vanilla more minutia fill in the my pickle jar. It's quite possibly happen. Another one is work. Making money. You know to be financially secure. Episodes have been financially secure for the last 1020 years of my life. It is waned away from being important. Now work. Just isn't that important to me anymore. Making money isn't that important to me anymore. I already have some money. So becomes less important. So what do the big rocks become when you take those two giant rocks Al. Well your relationships and I'm engaged so now the engagement becomes a big rock in the bucket here. Typical juror who spend time to time looking for venues the mayor didn't different dresses to body and wedding rings Indian engagement rings and wedding rings which had tons of time just to give a big rock. While the other rocks became almost it's not important. And so I'm sitting here I'm thinking about this pickle jar under the construct of what what are people literally. Pulling out the rocks and changed them. Or. Maybe they were never there could be for the entire conversation I had about the story. Was about. Did you get the right rocks in first saw the big rocks in there too big important rocks. Helpful and well good fitness and family and religion whatever they you and your big rocks are did they get into the pickle jar. Or was like to swallowed up with getting things done going places. Having stuff. Spending money. You know what has become. I'll be your big rocks. And then it started thinking about a go wow that's even more complicated. Than what I'm making it out to be. Because. When you're young you have. Once at a big rocks when your middle age you might have and maybe every child becomes a big rock. Didn't totally consumes your life so yep take all the other rocks out on the privilege are up to a backup. We've ever children and that becomes a big rock. And maybe. Finances because you. Need to be able to afford all these kids. Does the big rocks that change. Over time. Or are they poorly important. Right are they permanently important. If something is an absolute it's absolutely important shouldn't it stay absolutely important. Why would it change why would these big rocks change. I should anybody even further by you don't want to go sultan S to change. Because when you were younger. For being married had no rocket all know importance at all. He didn't even need to go in the pickle jar. And your boyfriend or girlfriend didn't even need to fitness pickle jar. And when he did may be dating was minutia maybe it was pebbles sale and no real important behind it. But now. You're talking about getting married. Gigantic commitment. To talk about love for the rest of your life gigantic commitment. You're talking about having babies even more of a gigantic commitment. Now how what do you think with me for just two seconds we go to the edge of the story we'll come back really go in now but I want to go to your just storing that say this. So the pickle jar. Was either an improperly filled in the first place before it was properly filled. My question is. Even if it's properly filled lizard not a limitation as some point. There's an old saying I used to live by as you can have anything like you want but you can't have everything. There's just not enough space and that pickle jar for everything. You have to make your choices. And the choices which interestingly enough. Are important to you at that moment they're your big rocks. But the next level content isn't even if you have your pickle jar pact to perfection. Didn't it possible. That he could all change. 87771152. Of them right back. Don't want to radio show. You're listening to the Joseph wants leading radio. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. 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And NASCAR turn left and railways and featuring the latest Lotto sport news and interviews and then guys are never short on a genuine dislike ya and I would. The bills and addresses flying now lies about telling the speed city Sunday night seven day. On talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to you know here's some more than conventional wisdom just set you free. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's going. What about you don't want to radio show today we are discussing. The old longtime known about concept of the pickle jar as far as time mantra goes. And I'm I'm brings some thoughts to bear that there really kind of disheartening that some way. Because you know in the past enough talk about the bigger drug talk but you gotta get the right things in the pickle jar first. But now that I am in over six years old are sort thinking about what are the right things at home just couples the right stuff for me when I was twenty. He surely different than what it blows when I was forty and absolutely different to what it is now but I'm sixty. These things change. That's why don't shows in the past about OK let's dubbed the rocks out. Right. Am. Freedom's just another word for nothing left loses a quote by Janis Joplin my dad had another one who's it's now at a cost to buy things when it's cost to keep them. To manage them to maintain them. It's all these things going back to the fact that you know we start to accumulate so much stuff to life. I was on my garage of the Dana is looking at just so much. Have a twenty car garage so I've even more I mean are we bought the twenty car garage because. We could we filled our three car garage completely forced off. Can we want to be little cool cars in garage so you know we get a twenty car garage and I'll put the twenty car garage is still love me do accumulate twenty more cars and garbage. Out of my garage is simply what I also means. Melissa just keeps accumulating crap and Al Sheba has more furniture more stuff more trinkets a hosting community ask him what would it take you know what if I died do you have all the stuff we would all go. You know nobody wants this stuff stuff that we thought important to us as human nobody else thinks it's important nobody want to scrap. And what it becomes and its interest income due to bring a made in to clean now she got to bring a landscaping company due to mow the another guy who maintain the falcons another guy maintains the ponds and other company maintains the pool. And I think it may happen. Look at all this stuff that's in this pickle jar could just mind boggling. And he's subjecting you think. So I just dump all this stuff well. Should I regress back to just living a small hole without very much stuff to do you know what you actually do with all that stuff. You don't really use you can't you there's not enough hours in the day there's not enough time in the pickle jar. To use all the stuff but yet we have missile deal of the day we're looking at these pull errors four by four ATVs. And boy that looks like fun what do we do one little slow appears to have taken yeah it's great way to we use it. Where we keep it you know we have the space to keep the wind would use and what we do with him where would we go. That would mean we get to take time off from something else to travel somewhere else. And they're showing them driving many TV mode you know and altering vehicles in the mud mile water in the the force and up hills and through sand and boy it looks like fumble the question is how we legal bile that muddying gear and get her solo Nubian a motorcycle riding equipment and helmets and gloves and boots and stuff. And then find a place to buy it sure trailer to Porter on the trailer. And drive it out some place. And I mean that's a canister appeared to think about it like every time you pick up one end of the stick. You're picking up both ends of the stick. And it starts to change again. And so if you decide you want one DJ TVs you now realize she'd he's not street legal you can't drive it somewhere you have to have a trailer. Oh my gosh now I have to have a trailer and the TV rights then you realize that the if you you know writer Trippi TV is gonna be fun and all you're gonna need helmet. And you're gonna need gloves and you're gonna need of assumed that you know who if you don't in the mud in the water you're gonna need to have me. So orderly calm way to waiters and so forth that's a schedule where waiters cruiser and you know up to her waist in water and mud. Annual. It's fun is that looks is it worth that in the real questions and then what do you take out the pickle jar to make it fit. Could you gotta go back in their take something else out there like governor said I took out two weeks I have worked well. I know today I gotta go start working out again because I'm just gonna go insane if I don't so now something else just come out of the pickle jar but. You know Melissa six an undertaker to the doctor so maybe I can't go to the gym glad to take her to the doctor. We're at war is all this stuff and yeah I was thinking seriously about this right you know how he got do you work this out. There are certain trying to figure out from. How could you make everything fit. And that I realized. I had a piece of the story. Up piece of the solution in mind. I'd already used it. But I hadn't. Perfected the thought process around using it we cheers. You're going to need additional pickle jars. Think of that concept. You need additional. Pickle jars. So each pickle jar of your life. Now contains. Some portion of your life. And restrict the usage of that portion. To some other group of people who you know maintain their pickle jar for you. Now that's an interesting concept. And so I started playing when lets you know what that's true because when I bought an apartment complex. I didn't have to spend any or very little my time out of my pickle jar to manages complex. Because the pickle jar current accomplished was a pickle jar in and of itself and its staff. Now to operate that business. Was again this skill set of managing that pickle jar of that business. And getting the work load. We Jews again limited by the time usage. Of the pickle jar getting the work load. Dominant fashion which is the big rocks were done Purcell both slings that were important operating that apartment complex. Had to get done first they were the most important rocks and had to go into that pickle jar. And again you had to fill it up at much equally big rocks then you go with the try to get some you know good good good pebbles and in the end. The rest of sand and water just fills in around you. So when your own apartment complex there's things that you go in there and do you think it. I gotta get here we've got to get this thing renovated we've got to get the rents up we've got to get to expenses down under control. We are these issues we of these goals these rocks. There rock solid ideas we wanna accomplish. But then again there's taxes tenants into all the stuff just fills in around you. Did something plug something breaks. The tenets are bad. The whatever it is and those things are just baby killers you know if you working apartment publicly about what we don't working a part comes at the idea of having his separate pickle jar. That took George sell fewer employees your staff there there. And that Syria in the minutia gets in their way. Do you want them to at least bit of their busy. Dealing with Kennedy issues or maintenance issues all day long. They can get their arms. Or there had wrapped around getting out there are filling this thing up keeping a full. So becomes it is an illustration. In pickle jar management all over again it's the second pickle jar in your life is his business that you set up. But at least you're not working and that pickle jar. Do you own that pickle jar that pickle jar of performing for you. Butcher not working in that pickle jar and move would come back we're gonna talk about pickle jar manager from a completely different outlook. We'll be right back with the don't want your radio show. You're listening to the Joseph blogs live radio. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Long time lifestyles member Curtis. It's a real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't please thank you enough still for best. If you were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of the bears no doubt about it if you have. 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We'll tell you something right now trump should hire 300 lawyers to investigate Pelosi Schumer. Gutierrez and the other screaming allowed us that's all a mistake he should put fifty lawyers on each of them the way to fight these people. Is through an aggressive. Campaign. And not paid defensive campaign. I'm not sure the White House up to this task. Michael Savage a host like no other. What did you become a part of the Savage Nation weeknight eight to eleven on talk thirteen seventy. The right choice. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free. The men on a mission to retire road America one for. Once. I look back and don't want to reassure today we've been discussing the pickle jar theorem. And we've moved from the pyramid you've got to get the pickle jar right. That's obviously. The case. To the pyramid the pickle jar actually. Changes over time what would be right what are the big rocks a begrudge change over a period of time. To a new theorem and that is you actually. It's going to have more to life need to have additional pickle drivers. There and the concept behind that is that each pickle jars and entity. And that entities who runs itself up to your benefit. So we talked about having an apartment complex Phil's talk whenever apartment complex compared to having some run out of I would seek. I would of believed that running. Has managed to Brett Nelson's it is all done with it you're pickle jar. Your pickle jar of life you're going out there he releasing these units. Although it doesn't take a lot of time and those are big rocks didn't rent houses up there is a big rock during a pass an income stream. Working it's a big rocket. But it's still rock in New York pickle jar of your life. Can if you taking time to do that to you can't be taking time to do something else for instance exercise fitness playing with your children. Romantic time with your spouse. Whatever other big rocks need to fit that concludes our but the concept at the conclusion ours are limited is absolutely wrong. There are only so many hours a day. Then again I go back to sanction you can have anything in your life if you want but you can't have everything because not enough. Time to have every track. So that the construct that I've been working on is okay how do you buy more time. What is that you have to do and I came across this idea that you have to go and buy additional pickle jars. And each pickle jar is an entity. Can exist. To improve your life. Right so. I talked about owning an apartment complex as opposed to owning the single family were lost or group of some of it were allows. Single film a roll out of your collecting the rent you put the rent that in the bank. You do in the book keeping. Vendor needs to be called to call the vendor prediction stuff gets done cramped. Yes at least you're leasing unit and you could pay somebody else to do that. Can that be called you to leave dormant in an apartment complex you know do we need those little things are all done. By your staff. If it's done correctly staff does all that hand and you have a medical company between the deals with the accounting and bookkeeping hiring and firing training and so forth. And negotiate new contracts. I would vendors and so forth they keep all the relationships going so in that case that pickle jar could be run poorly. Or that local drug could be run effectively depending on who's running that pickle jar your only pickle jar. Commitment. Is the time it takes to purchase that. And the time it takes to hire the right people operate debt tripled to. But the benefit of that pickle jar is being operated for you. So. It one time I had eleven different companies don't sinking this through that I sort couple apartment complexes for those thinking wow. I rule should missiles apartment complex. Now let's think about you should probably never sell one of your pickle jars because the pickle jars themselves. Our self contained. Pieces of your life. That are producing before you. The end of minimal amount of time out of your central pickle jar to operate those. Additional pickle jars is very little. Now I certainly given OK I can't tell what apartments right and then I have consulting company. Had I think about all the different job descriptions of off loaded. In my you know consulting company we've got our consultants we've got our marketing staff. We have of our customer service department. We have our you know I guess he did not about it whatever just you know clerical staff whatever but all these people. Are producing with in this pickle jar. To produce benefits right now the benefits of this particular pickle jar also benefit customers. And the benefits. Of the two Kudrow department complex also. You know are are producing results for. Tenants. So these two jars. Are not just there. For your benefit. You are expanding. Accessibility. To resources. To everybody from our whoever's benefiting from that particular pickle jar. So in the consulting thing it's a life tells members who are getting consulted and their lives are changing it's it's becoming better. Because they're participating within this pickle jar that I just so happened to own. Then I have real estate companies have three different wheels actually afforded for real state companies. And so. Each real state company is a pickle jar in and of itself runs itself. I'm not an agent or broker by all the companies I do have to spend some time you know paying attention to them but in in general. I don't work in the companies up at all console again there's three more four more pickle jars that are performing. For me. Right so got apartment pickle jars I've got consulting pickle jars and consulting offices and through to probably get real state offices in four different offices. That are out there. Each one of those is typically each one of music entity in and of itself now also have. Discover which is the program used to locate. And get the comps for thousands. And their rental comps for houses the goals all over the country that have qwest which doesn't just here in Texas. So there's another company right there does self contained takes care of itself. Benefits the customer. But then also produces some benefit for me. So I certainly not OK I did it with the company's the company thing who works right the company thing works. So is there any other way to produce any other pickle jars. I sort of figure out okay. Well if you have a home. Does the home become a pickle jar for you produces enjoyment for you but how do you make it provision to remove without it. Kicking up a lot of time in Europe pickle jar. The only way you can do that is if you make Dow's run itself. You can have DeVon house management team. There in my case you know it was really hard for me when I first bought this house. Do know that I was gonna have to have a pool company I've never had a pool governor dead pool never had to go many. But now this cool I got a pool company. I've picked upon its iron to learn how to handle these dogs for the first year or two I did everything. But NFL and is gonna punt company. Ticker in my parts. Other than feeding the fish each day which is something I do wouldn't probably before an automatic feeder wouldn't have to do that either you like problem figure out out of nick got even less of a hassle. And I get a DuPont Co. come in a regular basis and clean the pond on a regular basis and then. Back wash or whatever just like to pull company does I could probably do that and that would make it more for pickle you know they would have. To make it a separate didn't use and you might daytime hours to get stuff done. We got a lawn mowing company that promotes the edges. Also trims stuff. But we have a tree company. Just to take care of our trees you know just the two and half acres and they're very very expensive palms entries. Did it take somebody knows how to take Carol sinks. Right. And you download lists has all these things and you know we got maids we actually have two different mates the coming clean house. We've actually got eight cleaning company that comes once or twice a year in cleansing entire else. So we Brooke couldn't because it's it's just too big it's 161000 script you can't clean this thing. Who take the two of us two weeks to clean they're bringing crews are ten people to clean it and two or three days with ten people to get a clean. I've got cleaners the pink house every couple years. All the doors and stuff after repeated a regular basis the regular house citing huge pain once every five years. I got roofers. Got to you know just he goes on around on all these people. And this house is they pickle jar in of itself. The goal is to try to. Give his little juice much of the big rocks in there to take care of it and use as little my time. To manage that particular pickle jar. Break. And when you got your health. And if you back to your own personal pickle jar now your talking about your health. You've got to take care of itself how you gotta get defeated in their canceled this is where we talk about Nelson. We have to maximize. The benefits from our personal pickle jar. And we have to maximize the benefits. Of all the bulbs Hillary pickle jars. And then what do they all change. There you are again. What have they all change community short break par number here is 877711. 5211. We come back we'll finalize this discussion. Month time management. And like man. We're right back don't want to radio show. You're listening to the Joseph wants what you radio. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles of justice. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways. 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Got to realize who has who does TV show flipping that tells them. He's famous for doing their thing and of course I'll speak. As usual we'll also gonna have. Break out just about every kind there we have the passive investor. Networking are not networking passive investor wrote. Workshop we have panels are passive investor panel and get to six straight cussing like a wanna miss this you know get over there to the passive. Wealth and passing the income expo dot com. Sign yourself up. For the eighteenth for some of the will be going in road trip on the seventeenth win this. But that road trip has sold out so we can't sell any more tickets for that. But the eighteenth we will all be there and it's going to be a big event is not good when miss that second only owner remind you that. Our program called discover. Is now out and discovery news. You program that will allow you to pull the sales comps. For both houses that have been sold. And then the rental comps for thousands and have been rented in your area now discover works all over the entire United States of America. When things set up. It is that is 79 dollars a month to use it. You can use as long as you like to the drop off a few like there's no contracts. You have to stick with the news just when you need it. If you've never used it to you never seen it you can sign you can log on to discover. Life skills discovery and done. To register for a free trial. I think the trial seven days long hours of video on how to use it training video. Then you try it out for a week and if you like you can sign up for the 79 dollars. And what you said this about contract. So we went to people closely to mind the bolt out there right now here and the discovered think he's really need you really need to think about this if you wanna buy or else. You need to know what else is worth. There's no way you're you know a thousand worth of care pulled cubs if you can't pull up the seals got to do CMA which is compared to market analysis. So is very imperative that you have this access. If you're going to make logical decisions on buying and selling albums. Same thing's true about renting them if you can't pull the rope comes out you know without friends for I mean you can go. Run around and look at all houses have signs and yard call and ask what the ready for. You can try looking in paper and so forth but if you don't have the sexist all the pass Reynolds. Then you're not going to be able to make a decision what is the blog fuel price to rancher house that I can't feel what the price to readiness. Can you can't calculate your cash flow before you buy it. So you have no idea whether or not buying the house that you trying to buy who's gonna make any sense at all. Right so you need these tools. We've had these tools in Texas now for the last ten years and we can't live without them. We went ahead this year since we went national and provided product for the whole country so you know wanna go to lifestyles discovering. And logon thank you to sell the free trial. Very important to. Now to finish up today here looks backtrack on what we covered because I think we need to summon up and that is number one you've got this pickle jar of life. Your goal is to maximize that pickle jar in your life by getting the big rocks in first and keeping this much of the minutia in your life that day. If you get the big Roxy and in the mean you rocks and then the stand. Then to the water becomes a lust in your life elect has less just waste going on. Now second. Part of this discussion is. About every ten years you're gonna need to dump all the trucks out again clean their jar out. And start over with a new big rocks. And some of the rocks were really big now become medium sized rocks. And other rocks that words can not that important become big rocks for instance when I was in my twenties I was competitive athlete. So we'll work it out it was a gigantic rock it took you don't. A couple hours a day three or four hours a day every day. Big rock. And you know later on when I was normal competitive athlete got robbed coastal port don't want to be healthy but it was a much smaller Iraq. When I was single fellows an athlete dating wasn't you know a medium sized rock amino wanted to do it or did it but it wasn't. Compared to be didn't dominate my life. He was so you know insulting that golden like pebbles around everything else. Later aren't in my life relationship that I have now is a big rock it dominates my jar. And so everything else has to fit in around here because it's so important. So these rocks you know big change over time and this is really important. In this series this pickle jar after you realize that about every five continued junior dump trucks out. Everything get off. Go through and rethink it all to see what's important in my life right now slowly get it right I've got to get it right. And then the third level concept. Was that. Later unless someone like being you start accumulating additional pickle jars. Those are entities whether they be businesses or relationships. That take care of themselves. That it doesn't take any time and you're pickle jar very low what are your main pickle jar to add a whole bunch more activity to your life. Things that are all over here that are just maintained. By somebody else. And we talked about half an apartment complexes for business being that other kinds of businesses that you own where you don't work in them are gonna do that. There's relationship ones there's home she could have secondary hole where it's taking care of completely by other people like a Condo or something like debt. Home away from home vacation home. There's all these things you can set up where they don't eat up the hours of your date in your main pickle jar and that's. Really the end of the story you've got to maximize. Fuel pickle jar you've got to really maximize your cookie jar and you got dad. You can go trash. Have a wonderful day. We'll see you tomorrow. And radio show. Can obtain the results. Join us seventy. You can't get enough. I. Okay. The information and a poignancy here on the Dell wants a radio show or those of the host Dell wants Lee has gas and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the station its affiliates its management or advertisers that don't want to show is for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants a show constitutes an endorsement -- recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product or security.