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Speed City, 03/05

Mar 6, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well up to speed CD. With the John Massey got the best guys there and John within three days ago perhaps this hour on the radio. Beat city. Good evening here Ed welcome to speed cities. Live from Austin, Texas just down the road apiece from. Circuit of the Americas that's right they were busy this weekend. They were busy this week right events birthday where it was busy with a lot of fast cars there were some legit race cars out there. Just in some shake down miles long before the season really trust I saw that army can take singing and whether news camera you know they have a camera on it certainly America's. Their pro Warner what you were doing there well this done messing go littlest guys and we're back in the studio mr. Yeah I of them doesn't Greene welcome back many thanks Matt has little long. Milan in Rome Madonna wouldn't come back home in Texas is they say this already lost her way. And I'm not I was I was out that she from the jazz on. Gary time in New Zealand it is in now this your first showed 2017 right now I was I did the first one a year found dead January. But I don't wish you a minute oddly you know what I'm John Lackey on the video I have. Mean at the hall of international motor sport I had if you miss my posts and you have not been listening cut up the bottom Toyota racing series and we found another superstar in the future and we get him on the show again Thomas Randall that is. As he sets off into the sunset for a new season and I've got a question. But I people like Thomas Randall fraud guess tonight they gather on the driver pledging don't I don't. Well as a great segue because we have two fantastic guests as we put it earlier. Two great American characters and automotive racing and that is gal guy Cosmo and Ryan DL I am very excited to have both these guys on the show. Racing season teamed up and we got a couple guys to talk about it's going to be really really cool. And we're also gonna talk a lot about Formula One in fact most the first for the show we're gonna talk about Formula One testing and everybody did in including. Our American Haas F one team so we're really excited to be. And in the studio nine talking about all this in our and in fact mr. brought in let's jump into a Foreman won because it's. Testing this week and I mean you missed it I it was great because. A starlet hawks because they jumped right out and and looked great dry delegate hunt Jonathan. I mean it's funny I was looking at all launches an all different cause and which by the way that's another story want to the mat there yeah five no way. Because Libby media have opened it up already. And are really excited by that because now I'm we're gonna do it on speed city with a meat poston like you wouldn't believe. We can stop the CF one cars moving. Yeah on social media and that means Lilly's moving and that's great news for everybody and I hope they continue to do so through the season moves out. It's right now ides liberty media and half of my former was open it up on social media you can post video of the cars in the which lets teams that is yeah he got in the pits in the paddock so we're gonna see lots of video. At least to start an op obviously the hope is is that they expand this to the rest of the season but this. Is he perfect example. Of what we were hoping that liberty when you have to have the upper hand right. Funny how what guys what 34 years ago there was no Formula One Twitter account they didn't even have one Jana and so we're light years now able to do this load you know and you know I really hope that and the teams get more into it. Love that Liberty Media is opening that up rumors two years ago that. Lewis Hamilton and got a little sideways look because he was snapped Channing without a broadcast rights from the attic yeah. Yeah that's insane. Don't make you question how which was tacit testing. I like to look at the mascot it's a simple looking come when I mean by that when you see some of the flag as. Effectively in terms all body work especially because this is been. Very much these new rules have been apparently aerodynamics and drag it and increased drag with these new ties and that new rules. I'm but I think them pass is gone from very simple let's see if it's cost they were what overall on the four days a Barcelona eleventh and twelfth. And the good news is it's always good to see both drivers remember Magnuson coming into the team. And almost identical times within a tenth of a second and exactly the same amount mileage so Kevin Magnuson mom who has promised my say you've been criticized in Denmark. In his home of Denmark for. Basically getting a lost Johnson Formula One he's had three different teams he's been at the top he's been we ran out he's been when McLaren and certainly the Danes. I get pretty hot on in sand hey every Garnett and he got what it takes a you know nobody street Johns is one strike Iraq kind of thing. And so will say but I think Kevin Magnuson will be spurred on by that I think he's in a friendly team a good team and I think he followed and I correct teammate was because they've remained bug in Amarillo our teammates curry Grumman Greg Jones will be right he's cost he's quake but he's a decent guy. And it would make your bedroom they feel do you the other areas got a good you don't muggy telling. Even above and did you you do you do do you give Libya have you understand there's a different direction I have I'm not only about queasy about the Haas cars you talked about you know it's not listen to flashy it over here in the states we call that. Don't not show. Lot of scam that show that's all go into Howard about what this thing looks like he could be primer for as long as it's fast we may enter and I already won the Daytona 500 tonight. Yeah yes that was. That was that was fantastic we have we talked a lot about us. I didn't realize I was kind of Bush's first win all that rice you've got to look at his career and yeah even my dad I'm not insults. Yeah that was surprising I learn lessons to mr. Kozlowski tonight as we asked yeah. Good right Johnson got a quick question for you so there was a lot of noise if you will hold on it. Around NASCAR coming to insert America yet the idea of the ten or whatever. Now we heard it here in Austin and certainly US did anybody else outside the US I really pay any mind. To be honest not while certainly not down Honda I mean sold this'll muscle cars down man am I ENBA extend that so we don't. Attending to ignore NASCAR little bit in Australia New Zealand so I didn't hear that story but I have to say and I ice said this on the end. I I'm really do you think especially looking at the check ace. And they are looking at the new way he's also a giving a big glorious black to mascot and filling the seats up again mascot it has been a problem let's be honest. Let's not beat about the bush that it has to in the last couple years I think it shows contrast in the last couple Don I think the drive is a far more talented that we give them credit. Back compared to let's say Formula One almighty GP I think they're really two to ride to drive the way they do so close. And the command the results I'm with the same guys like Jimmy Johnson coming out on top time and time again I think I think it's a great spore around. I would love to see them race at. Raced psychics they do it. And a few but not enough and I think that she'd just change the direction and it doesn't make different drivers come to the top because it is a different skill. The reason why stock cars don't run around a track but he also McCullough. Well no I IA canceling 107%. Agree I was sitting with some might today and we. Her this week it will things I say and you know they thought NASCAR was boring and I said well you know does a require the skills consider Carson serious skills and us that. Imagine bowling. You know I can probably both role yelling ball down the lanes and knock some penthouse right Yemeni his strike stinging we. But you know let's that's one of those things that's very different now remember when we looked at collapse the length of lapse for a NASCAR we're talking about coda Meehan twenty some odd percent for longer than any of their new tracks. At this point they have to use one of the cut through his fruits and same with Ozzie BA it's yeah we spoke about. Dare we don't know last week and really like to see that like CNET come back besides is Texas we can run earlier and later in the C we understand 'cause his death. You know and it's just underestimate that driving skill NASCAR me a look at what was racing champions are ponying NASCAR Garcia really really well so. Listen up broke my crystal ball in he's gonna retire that's Lewis Hamilton and he's gonna come to Americans and I have mine American well she's going to be from the southeast and the NASCAR racing bogey bogey bogey that is not only at crystal ball that's his dream I bet he's I know I'm grows on steam and I'm going to be T manage and that's my sides and that's my drink yeah knowing who is Kelly hygiene here I. I could see that happening to pick up usher Mercedes gonna front car Al Sadr that's been let out he got no mechanical. Away and the singling in the haven't seemingly anti yellen is out there we can put marks ladies don't get all of the colloquial army look at DT on my friend but you have to wait glad is soaring college are just there and Mercedes for. Matt well if there's anybody else that knows how to build big V eights and their role around the area streets its Mercedes hoax don't put that don't don't say that's crazy idea. I don't know what else I mean obviously looks like Mercedes is still wanting to beat. The big thing that concerns me I mean I'm excited because I says said I'm on the show a couple weeks to which you seem to have forgotten just closed down under but anyway on the show a couple of weeks ago I said. That I'm always excited like a year like this when those rule changes because the likes a major new week get to do what they do and everybody's second guessing everybody and I like I said on the show I don't think the Barcelona test necessarily will tell us what's gonna happen. An album pot we melon because it's complete and circumstance is different temperature and it's basically a street circuit. That's said no surprise to see Ferrari at the top the top story and say he's the public policy at the slip that but Sebastien battle and Ferrari and Raikkonen Santa that is well. Also four days of testing I think Ferrari often anymore. All of a threat. If you will. I it's good to see. Fatale both toss getting to grips with the Mercedes Leon the big concern for me is McLaren. I'll still wait and seventeenth and eighteen under three seconds golf Mercedes pace. Hat and that knee is not a good site to say that in a 107 laps. It was the most they did was awful bundle home. Obviously that's a new set up for them loans out they came you know it's a new cop I am new head. Ways that the American in that Zach brown and I think. I'm excited for McLaren not just completely silly when McLaren was born so nobody talks about McLaren man that. I'm excited for them as a movie coming out about Bruce McLaren soon but gonna turn around Honda's I was telling you the stats today Honda Honda in the eighties and nineteen after eight championships and 44 Grand Prix wins. That is an amazing record and let's not forget that. Was the culmination. A McLaren from Honda so I'm just sad to see him down seventy to nineteen I hope it improves you know what they're not going to let that legacy. Since Zach brown is not that they're neat yeah he's staked his reputation on it he loves McLaren he's an American. Who not many people. In Formula One at. You know that ten years ago knew who he was but police he involved at every aspect all of motor racing. I'm talking website some Tolkien Foreman Ian I'm of course talking from the one he is very much a major Plath delighted to have him on board I like his style. Caspian have normal we get a game on the show that yes we're but that's gonna happen we got those gears in motion one of these days you're sooner than later if you're listening exactly yeah now yeah exactly we'll give me the phone every call and right now and I think that's a plus I'm 26 foot 34. If he calls and now I'm gonna flip on the death I guess let's go and take a break we come back we're gonna talk about the Haas F one team we don't win some more F one. And then of course at the bottom of the hour the first of virtue guess guy Cosmo is going to be call and ask. You're listening to speed city live from Austin, Texas down the road apiece and circuit of the Americas who back up these messages. So much. Beyond. Susan camera and video is the largest camera store in Texas and have a 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest map retro offerings yeah. Founded in 1976 and still on an already the last time his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. With handbags products and Otterhound experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and accommodating sell stuff. The quality service to come CB itself precision camera videos too full create west Anniston lane. MD who still motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll all on wheels. Caddie also offers only NB a good stuff kinda caddie factory authorized technicians in Austin seven sinkhole European brands. The group Tommy sport make it the most extreme essential naked bike ever up. Hold the charisma but won't say an 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien just out. Fourth you want to credit freeze deep Ginn racing and then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And eight pound Red Bull guy right for the ultimate legendary man bowl MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas old tried in good Simon's welcome and financing available. To caddie outfit Alabama then he had good stuff but I like breakaway just east of I 35. If you had made the right choice talk thirteen seventy and yeah. And hi this is mine this war could greetings from downtown Aaland thanks for tuning in to speed city keep Boston where things get out drive pedal to the metal. Welcome back to speed city. Obviously here in Austin and we are talking Formula One now. Can't talk forces another day Magnus you add that there's some technology news that a portion what the content they'll have to talk that another day. Yes sir well we know we wouldn't break we were talking in Formula One and all the testing in Barcelona. But we pros to talk about the hos team and exit had a pretty darn good start and 24017. Yeah it's like I said it's really hard to judge I think there where they need to be a minute remember they would you know Paul bring around the top ten last year which when you consider that everybody been developing that cost for several years. And they were coming in alright being off the tee is a development but doing it on the sidelines is no better development that actually racing death so to do what they did in this. What especially is a bass out of the box last year Allopod brilliantly. You know I'm pretty I'm pretty impressed that she with the new cot and with the way they saw in the first test. Like I said I don't read too much into it because well all of that can change but I'm pocked and it will change the season goes on the students and we phases. In development especially with the new rules. First of all you've got about whether the rules will be illegal mas listen to an interview what I mean by that is everybody tries a few things on like this talk. Hydraulic suspension. Debate going on asked whether it will remain legal or not there is you know certain bits and the nose cone of Aaron Red Bull is slightly you know controversial in some ways that a brilliant as always an agent newly different designed so that may be protest because you don't protest and a testy during his run threat but it but it's but in the race itself depending on not performance. And this is true if you remember a brawl on why in the world championship. Almost ice back in with Jenson Button is because they can in some within an animation that no one on tour at all. And I blew away the everybody's package and the safety is Hillary's exactly in the Los complete his Mercedes and I'm not there urgent. So again you know we should see hopefully some innovations. And some risk taking the may be pulled back by the FIA. And FO and before before the season's act but Sam Wilson he I think with lonely guy has a right whether we need to be drawn so the question. I think what they've gone is is gone for a simple look similar Red Bull lobbying again I didn't knew he quoting here. He says he likes simple cup because you can add bits and bobs to it later you need to see how it is aerodynamic police. First and foremost. The baseline if you will out whereas Ferrari's you can see from from a look at the con not I had by Judy don't look at launches because we counts we can Massey. On each you've been very subtle places what. Everybody's launch looked like and what Barack testing look like it's. Get out there and undone each you've. Yep absolutely. Then and let's look at some of the stats from love from Barcelona from testing because. Hoss looked good there but so this lets start with who would fastest in obviously. Mercedes. You know about her boat tossed. And when 1197. And then that'll Raikkonen both. Pretty close behind that 1199 when ninety or 128. And then. Does consume either work cut out in the Red Bull alrighty safe but 1211. Is a big difference to 1197. In the same conditions. That said Bobbitt. But Dustin 324. Laps compared to account as 120 over the four days. Test runs over the four days right. So Hoss was sent Tony eleventh and twelfth fastest is that that's pretty much where they sat all last year got. And I like the fat of the splitting the Williams Felipe Massa. You know tried and tested back in the team won twenty to 076 retired he says he had no exactly that's I think you know wise but you'll love strongly smelled evidently he. Peace to form a he's still on all four corners awfully Williams in his. Content it is it is early days but up. That's release megrahi. He's drive and and he didn't do want to wait 2.4 around was only a couple of tenths off Feeley guy. I do you think that Williams compete culmination just is I think the task nomination would be good one because I think death grows Jones will help. His teammate Magnuson and I also think that sound Massa will help the new boy launch stroll. Others a couple more stats are one that I really wanna talk about. But the six and wanna ask you Jonathan YA this is important in this is. The number of laps completed Mercedes first with 550 for a second 468 sour over. 349 and Hoss in fourth with 343 why is that such a great stat for Hoss. It's a great stat for the simple reasons of realized really commit to be easy to miss sag reliability basically not the not the bottom line with testing is you can only go back was if you set aside and the carriage and if you can get 324 laps and even if you law dog slow. It's a law to date a lot of information and a lot of directions whether it be right or wrong that you can gauge for your engineers you might have a terrible Ford icy muddy bottom of the pack. It doesn't matter if you get tournament when he four laps in he's doing a good job of the office. Yahoo! and lastly though slice and I said data and some April ways mayors and again you know furthermore it's more than just the data that got blogs to note exactly what adjustments happened between outings. So things he would have did that adjustment come into play. Are we gonna use that or we can you know they're rated. Some of the things they go on through all of that actually one of the things that. We heard last year reserve focusing on tire degradation. What they could do to retire. And in salute you know this year we're looking at. De Versailles as tires. Again you have never outside and a couple of rounds everything episode you know it it goes only down to that you know how far can run this tire before it's useless to me. Yup they owning negative that I would bring out the testing and comes from law multi world champion Lewis Hamilton found. You just mentioned it the error as the new rules the bigger tires commend the aerodynamics has come into play against everybody's trying to get more drag and always try and get more. Downforce. And get more mechanical grip. From the jaws bot. Problem with and the small price at and it's Boston and the smoke and I'm led a breaking. That's great. If you're design that annually in the rice and what you're trying to overtake which is Lewis Hamilton's point. It doesn't make for a good show it means that overtaking could even be all of them lost yeah previous years and Hamels is saying. You know what I hope Liberty Media shakes it up a bit I hope we do some different formats have to look at the format he said I've been gentlemen want to ten years and what do we do something different for Monica we can't take any life sure we have a sprint right sure we have look at some of the ways and other. Motorsports doesn't do things you know. I like Lewis is style he's already put you know he was on the cover of time magazine saying I'm gonna take. You know Pullman go onto America and we welcome them I'm I really do I think he's got good ideas he's got ten years of experience behind him. He is a very iconic figure both. In support generally and at. Absolutely noticeable across the realms today because he'll sharpen a NASCAR race back and be part of you know oh loss at different forms of motorsports if given the chance but tough. What I mean by that he's a great ambassador Alan Keyes I think. I hope to do liberty do bringing him in you know almost to consult as as well as many of the drivers it is a sport I think they've got a lot more often than has been given. That John so far I think we should see and hear more from the drivers and the should be more direction with the fans. Michael lets you blow by other dynamic guy like that. What about DR SD RS can be a bigger impact I don't know left. OIDRSPH. Mattson I think in the in the form of the wing of DRS could be pretty sizable now. Yes and now they did it grade. Gradually enlarge that and then McKee go flatter to decrease and give you that aero advantage that's delicate compensate for the passing. Yeah as you well not I said it before I'm not a big DRS time IE I don't like. Free to racing them when I mean by that is it was brought in to help overtaking. I need to know you know you can only do that and in particular over the gap between value until I'm. Can I do agree with the fake racing here. It's not like sand boost or something like that no it's not and I tell everybody has DR SI I grant you that yes but you can't use it as sometimes you have to be close enough and you have to give an on the wing can tell Gelman I'll put one hand behind your back is out and the many keys it right do the hokey pokey the F and then you turn around. Now I just thought you know all pure racing gets Ozzie mega yacht that even when Darth. So I got one more settle a talk about for a good everywhere gonna go to regularly because we won't get our two guests and yes one more stat I got excited when I first saw the stat and the rest are looking close you get excited when you see any stand out across the happy new numbers out today to senate clusters spreadsheet to call me a bit yes I saw the speed trap testing as speed trap results in hostile seconds at 331 caller not a nice gift. Well it's great but I saw the Mercedes was fifth obviously. The sandbagging. And not necessarily to be honest OK Larry well I just think that I had hasn't gone home on you know on reckless send a Ferrari a massively improve that engine up and I do you think that the partnership BC with Ferrari and pass is closer than any other Gigi eighteen I don't think Red Bull and Toro Ross have the same relationship the Ferrari in the past have I think the reason for that is the Ferrari no. But this is a real that you know this is an investment by their them by themselves they've been on the ground and a Ferrari producing great cars over the years but they never had anybody work with Salim haqqani east pass is a bit of a Guinea pig lots going on numb. Testing yes about the can't 'cause look at the schedule. Album pop now but not sell Australia Shanghai China Bahrain. There are a long way from home bright they don't get back it's and then Russia's Sochi. So they don't get back to Barcelona till money and that's when you'll see the next development some of Boston's will be working on what caused what. What to go right in Melbourne will only be put right pretty much. I mean you can do yeah settings but if you put your own radical if you got it wrong in any way shape or form the Spanish Grand Prix as the next development to become. On good points. Are already illegal and take a break in when we come back we gonna have our first guessing you have guy Cosmo in. We need to pick his brain in the end excited to have him so yes gently. I listen to speed city lot from Austin we've back after these messages. Susan camera and video is the largest camera store in Texas and the 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest map tractor offerings yeah. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated the last time his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. With hand brake products and Otterhound experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and a culminating sell stuff. The quality service to come CB itself precision camera video too full create a west Anniston lane. And the coastal motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prof didn't with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. Caddie also offers only NB a good stuff kinda candy factory authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The group Tommy sport naked the most extreme essential Nike bite ever up. Hold the syringe models say 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien just out. Fourth you wanna putted very steep Ginn racing then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And 800. Hold out all right for the ultimate legendary animal NB a ghost stuff. Italian style with Texas old tried in good Simon is welcome I'm financing available. Caddie outfit Alabama then he had good stuff but I like break Elaine just east of I 35. Ed brown exchanged big motorsports number thirty in the WC number zero to another tutor. And this is feeds it. Welcome back to speak City Hall that we did get head round going in he's. Hey. That's gonna go. Yes sir that was her car where did you bright image rehab like guests holding on the line there and we're really really excited to welcome to the show because. Guy Cosmo sales because he knows boss is listening after you have at Canada and he knows his bosses listening but he's also currently in the insert come little tire sports car challenge in a Porsche GT. I in the also Santana can happen. I'm ready and we got a lot of things touchy about but I first when asked by your impressions of driving this new Porsche. I gotta tell it's it's a great little car. And you know who could imagine portion. Doesn't build that cost and on the you can tell none at all though in this new came in GT four in. Is really not a huge improvement from what they were years ago. I actually rate in the series with PV motor sports and we were some of the first in North America due to build and race that came in in pro competition. And that come along way and now that you can buy them from the factory there racer any car is. It's a great way to go and we're going to be really competitive this year so we're excited about it. So yeah I think. And the streetcar of this sort is also really really exciting when that thing and I think it sold out I don't think you can. And I know a normal person to buy one immediately anyway I don't know how that's shaken up but I know that was really popular but. But yeah absolutely let's talk about you know what are the expectations for the season ending and obviously your goals to win but. You know where you guys seen in your progress in what you think in. Well you know we're we're going for all of it we're looking to win this year but you know it's if it bit of a new endeavor last year I joined GG GM for the last four races and repeated. And everything went really well you know heated up quickly guys finished on the podium and our very first race together. Although we didn't get back on the podium for the final three races you know we've really. Shown well and gaff continue to improve develop a car and work with my teammate and team owner Ted G Obama. And you know ten gentleman driver and having a blast to. And working at all like finale cabin race an of the hotly all these years but he's finally bringing it up to this level to be at the top class doesn't come now part series. And to. He's assembled an incredible team we've got that great group of guys that have been with them for a long time. We brought in the legendary gill Hardie July help out the door. So our group behind the scenes there are new to cars and make sure that we're gonna be super competitive this season and I've been working with had diligently this winter on. Working on his craft on wheels. Getting in as much seat time as possible. Working and coaching which can end and we got a bunch can't excel. At the orbit for the 24 this year we were the car to beat we were. You know most often and that's really. Yeah I really don't think you're really kicking up pretty well and then of course the first race of the year at Daytona. Forty minutes into their eight deplore our girl. Clark is right in front apparently has nowhere to go yeah yeah they just got clobbered so you know. He he tried and that he tried to avoid the situation. It just wasn't his day and yeah so no points no not enough left start to the theme that we were looking for but. We got a lot of testing at Sebring. You take something like that you put upon India you take the car and you just start prepping for the next one so when I think we are rhetoric I mean we are ready to rip the pass. List of what. The hero you just described. What happened I still learning that guy I think birthday if anybody's ever met that guy he's. In this short little man and I can say that because I'm tall and then electing him we don't look like we've been together a great team but this guy. He's the character and he is such a column in my guy you've been around for ever. Everybody in the paddock militant and chill with the incredible driver. Back in the day earache in the fire hawk is Kyrie. He had done a lot of NASCAR related production trends and you know with the he'd been around the block and he's great with. All little old school guys. Jack all Lyndon you know the news. You've been around for a long time everybody knows and she knows this stuff that he was the winner. He was the winner current drill and he was known for building its fastest car. He would always get really creative he really crappy he he knew how to take rolled. And find the gray area and build a better generate car than anybody else Ted and you know that the rate of about infant seeing what you're dealt with. Making the most of it and doughnut kick some butt and party was met. Hey guys are gonna ask you is this the same Jo Mardy that like really reached a big stepping stone when he. Co develop a car with Carroll Shelby. I think he is I need I don't know I think he has really how many jokes parties to know what I'm sure you could benefit. Let's the he there was a Joseph Marty back in the day well we'll have to ask him when he gets around here since he was tied up. Clone worried gonna go to work grab on the yeah yeah yeah. Yeah so what else you guys diving. Here in the guide helped during the remaining let you know we got a great program for the cedar and so yeah I'm beautiful tune come out our theory. GT EM. I've gotten up and know officially lined up lately have been doing a lot of work with this new Ellen. It had taken off worldwide uses the HI PO but this category gatherer I get two years ago now. It is absolutely taken off in Europe it now and Asia. And I'll be street series that started in the UK and also in China so united state do little bit on the times with. Antenna to the speaker formula but these cars are selling like hot cakes. And I just love the car yeah I think it's great formula they're fun to drive their super affordable edited the first true. Entry level prototype that provides drivers with. An experience that they would get if they were racing you know impeach you or know anyone caught. You know there's a lot of really cold sports races out there like radical and the end carved and whatnot. No I'm really drive like a real prototype that's a neat thing deal itself I let them know I'm helping people all over the place getting introduced to them and kept saying it. Our development and all kind of stuck lemon drop in the like Greek. Don't you just set me up the question on good morning to all skew my schedule coming on the show which is I just returned from New Zealand and I was looking Iraq goat and how you do help young guys and how people. Who are learning at a sports car racing you made that transition from single seat is back in 2003 I believe the laws. And at patent in DER one know what it takes because our winner of the Toyota racing series to almost Randall at is a twenty year old kid he's good he's a Foss single C a guy but he's going to into that would don't listen to adapt MP3 in the UK this year and he's making that transition a what's interesting because old kids involved in this series are are either Indy Lights driver is all on their former three drivers and the roll up and coming true but instead of talking necessarily about wanting to be informal one. Lawler in the natural to my GT racing and sports car racing so my question is what is the transition like how hard was it you did it. Tradition that the content. I'm really feel that people came from being what it here skilled driver you're gonna hop and anything that we old and you're gonna figure out. How to make it go fast and really this is the perfect transition for all these kids coming out of carting coming out of local mill stuff because if you're jumping into the prototype ranks. It's an open wheel car with the more downforce we didn't it would fenders right so you know in these kids they're gonna hop in the car they're gonna follow public and and look the reality is that every young Carter said I wanna make it to Formula One. And their families who put everything they can behind them had gotten this far they can financially and you know through their connections but look. Get there is only my team best one driver hologram you however many there aren't your you know it it. Yet known through three of them don't have to play. Yeah. Think tackling. So climbing that ladder is really really difficult to end. Director of the world is still a great thing and they're racing GT cars were prototypes Anderson. I like it could do it all over the globe. So it's a really Smart thing from younger Kabila at. Realized what can I ever gonna really have the opportunity to advance they're the latter have all the necessary funding feet with the right teams. At the right time and and made me stand out enough that maybe I'd get a pass. You know it is such a tough deal itself yeah. I commend any young kid that feed the world of sport Ari can you can't I wanna have a go at that. It worked for me and it it to work her kind of guy good guy who grew up breaking against will probably be racing IndyCar and who we're all right sports car that we're making a living as sports car drafts. Yeah business people like they're under Ronnie knew who just made that transition he's young witness that was done did the wind literally just do that back you know chase you ran the American circuits and death. Not easy because a lot of fuss young guys come in turn on the. Yeah yeah and then come from all over the place and the a lot of Europe had a good financial support behind them that are able to kind of getting into the scene. In a much better way than your typical kid to grow that could come and have a financial backing to be able to get in and get a great ride right off the bat is really. So. Yeah it's different for everybody moving up the latter but at the end of the day it's all about finally being in the right car the right time and you know sometimes you fall into that opportunity. Sometimes you earn it because somebody saw you and I wanna do that opportunity. But sometimes you Biden opportunity and this wasn't one of those guys you know but. It great that the all the interest that they can play with that North American sport curry thinks it is doing a great deal eloquent indeed PI formula. That they'll be draping taken off I think it's going to be huge for getting people into that scene. And and getting kids out of lower formulas are breaking and graduating them into the press. Yup well I guess you couples of questions we ask a lot of people who because we're here in Austin number one you come in Austin what twice he commends audiences series. And again are you wait are you coming you're coming in toll world challenge are you. Well I'm Mikey how. And I lose my fifth I think that's that's that's a I can't go out. I don't know I don't have any paper we'll have occurred off for you that's where you're implying hey let's put some together during an opportunity to help would be adept really make it happen. Yeah. Well I guess you will. Wolf you know you've obvious you raced on circuits America's no we like to hear people talk about sort of America's it's generally good. Yeah I love that place I mean. To have a world class vessel and facility in North America and to be Hillary on it as often as. And I managed to get there between. Coaching guys and Ferrari challenge in PW see interest rates and an incident county you know it. It's a privilege to be it would end the at a facility like that and drive on a circuit like that and I love the variety offers I love the high speed essence. And you know that. The opportunity that presents for overtaking you know there's a lot of really great break on there. Lot of varieties that. That's silly you feel like you're going somewhere by the time you get through the s's are around 789 and Europe toward an -- you feel like you're on a journey and it actually driving. Somewhere. That's a dog you just run the marketing report please tell us that happened 2007 did not as black professor at work and I say you know I can't. So we'll tell them what is in the Czech press is better I think that's the thing now today yeah perfect description yeah it really is. Well 11 school to head to head. Yeah I'm really looking forward to getting up. Up there it's it's going to be great shill for all the categories iteration there everybody she asked Tony and a check out great. Pole Alaska who we like das is sometimes is Christian backfires and then. So I like to ask what you we drive every day which your daily draw what you daily driver and and is it one of these and GT for a did you get one of those a little short on the shortlist are. Or anything fun what he drives. Can't component of the great topics about. I pick. It got hot topic in Macau a little family because. I you know much like Louie and I we are recently Aaron we've got. The ten month old little man around and around place now so now and Janine. Daddy little firmer growth oh who Kagan a significant change the Australians the Tillman death until then the swagger thing was you blurred. Now my like war before we ever got married that we would never own a mini selling a car and looked like you want to run things yeah. She put it. And he looked me dad and uncle are but the time not now so what's called up all the good stuff I had a Porsche Cayman. Quickly 9/11 51 engine at all. Sweet and bring him in Montclair now and I used to dread and X five and mean I'm excited am I gonna have an excuse me you have to have wondered if you or. Soccer doesn't release since I write this path is so. This is late in the directory in new manner but let's Albert Condit differently now we have outcome married have got a beautiful wife I don't know why he answered. Yeah come on guys that bought that's the and I'm driving a BM WX one. Let's. They go it's yeah. It's like I LE though I could tell everybody we now have hit the hurt that TV and I drive our. I have yeah. Well yeah guy the first time we asked this question it was an up and coming Formula One driver it's an all we need my sons is gonna win here I was alien Rossi he said. I'd rather have a solo run. Up. Over what's the good affluent noninterest. I won't guy. We really appreciate you coming back on speed city guy Cosmo we've now we're look forward to seeing you here in Austin whether it's in not may and September or just mainly here. And you wish you wish you as a bestseller comes to join isn't it almost just it just for the heck of it in ninety million out. Yes absolutely would not feel I have to thank to have me on guys and I'll certainly be got. Have identified because essays are ready so folks be sure. Tickets are still available that race is may fifth. Fanned six here in search for America's. Yet taken a second American Psycho are really take a break but we had another guest come and run up after this break and we are very sad because right DL it's coming on the show you listen to speed city live in Austin, Texas back after these messages. Susan cameras video is the largest camera stolen Texas without a 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest map fracture all brings its. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated the last time his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customer experience yeah. We have a big products and Otterhound experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and culminating sells off the quality service to. It comes sepia self precision camera video too full create west out of some length. The racetrack it's what legends are born and only the finest machines in their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find it Aston Martin Boston's notice of Boston Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor car. Boston exotic iconic automobiles and it's racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny. Because you'll remember just a long ride. I like 183 not the meal rose. Here we knew ES sock thirteen 78. Right so I. And David help. And you're listening to speed sitting. Welcome back to see cities. Live in Austin and I must say that a lot I just can't help it because you're in Austin, Texas southwest southwest and we out senator planning Cuomo yup. Cell plus a twist it's it's a pretty good resented how can. It doesn't compare to formula I learned never seen the race is there something. And that's true this what it was invented and I know last I'll have you know while that's true and not only that speed city who spoke at SXSW last year isn't it and so it is a pretty cool it's a little terminology stuff that comes a rude little on ruin the day it would resume bell somebody's. The way any way in Iowa let's events because we had a bad ass race driver on the line and we are very excited to welcome Ryan DL welcome to the show right and. I did as always thanks for coming on. Happy new year happy hole when daylight mile Long Beach. C a figure I can read a minor leagues how dumb do it that's how I am president. They're very well yet does that really get kicked off here next week up yep slaps weekend of freedom let's say. That's happened NFL analyst Dawson says yeah. In my faith so like telling you I'm we will look at it though that. As always you like the busiest guy in American racing what do you bracing this year come on to give us the list and I don't run out of time. I'd I tried it delayed this year but early work fine with. So I'm races and then in which that the guilt which built. Beat mighty guide to identity that you fourteen. We have the new nick candy PR two is pretty girl. Will be Sebring in a couple weeks of that Aaron that fuel even. And then also holds dual speed and an incredible challenge. Wit that appear in an hour near Mercedes. AMG GG three and it is the first time. In law and I can remember that there's no old no rape race schedule conflict which. I I along with the law people in the industry where. Additional guy inaudible a pretty hard to to trying to resolve some of these conflicts are right or the couple years and you know credit to order noble saying that they be made it worked self critical. Yet that's healthy for us especially drivers involved but teams as well because it doesn't mean that sound you guys can get as many opportunities but two rice and develop your racing skills and I'm thinking more the younger guys now but damn it does help everybody in the profession doesn't. Yeah I mean it's not just the driver you know with the for under the trade you know it's a shame. When you locate you know crew members are PR Volcker. Journalist. You know 11 conflict cannot schedule OK do you know directly to give a whole. The second read all so. It a lot like me is there is no and operation of the calendar year Fermi. You know like it came so world challenge was a twenty weekend's schedule. I wouldn't seek to do more blah high. I guess I'd still like to race so you know he's always there we get nature and that can be several competitive. We'll rhino I got asked you know with all of those divert series and you know there's obviously differences between the cars they're they're going to be in for those. How difficult is that for you to transition then often throughout. The season step. Eat you know I I play a little bit more different cars are being actually week either here is certainly. You know I remember a few years legal. I was jumping between. The DP car. And they were kind of called to knock did it. I have to get a read should migrate every time I go in the car. There when you're going more from you know like it's sort of CPI is. Two decades GT three cars. Abby looks really good men and did my seat belt priority of Kenner. Reprogrammed a little bit let's say they're they're so different. In every way. Dare. You don't make it mistakes guy I used to play they can use. United VPs and continued producer Laura Lott came. 2000 Heidi did it was very different so when you're at you can order cluster maintain your certain places but. He's been getting different way to word the GT three car to I DP I Carr is it. So what it would mean everywhere so like it certainly the widow tortured for. Well it sounds cool but you know I can certainly see that the true benefit is you know I'm I'm looking at the surgery America's calendar looks like oversees three times between the custom made visit. The September 2 and third for DWC and then the BC potentially September 15 and sixteen to. Yeah I wouldn't ignore WEC curb cultural this year so. I'm not no more international travel may media outlook on one all. The true owner Ers stick in you know within. I think they've bad. We enjoyed our time over there but. We get Lee we're probably be back in the states in the race and more we go along but I'm. It's your calendar chromium in it's not too many dropping back to bite we can't and Long Beach is the only weekend I'll drive cars on the big weekend. The united ace is silly this Terrence. Lolita they're really easy a bit of course for our guys because it's sure race number one and we don't have a lot try tame. Because you're so many other event going on so. We have this RD racer himself and then this Sunday race is it moral challenge so. Silly they get here I deadbeats they've you know I'm between him compared to retake a better get going great too. Well I'm certainly looking forward to the end says had cut him because we've got a little commentary can challenge fully every time I say razzle dazzle. I mean you're on the lead lap everybody who is listening has to take to try and show that's that's another that's that's how we're gonna play it so you info that. Well will also try to control Torre I think that's fans cry oh yeah no problem and a driver who don't know I know half that example if but none for Jonathan yeah no kidding and I don't know maybe they now I would not let you know John Paul to me after the drag races and out and spent the day with him and whom we abided in this 300 dollars an hour I Lexus is or at that was that was that's a fun one. Flight data big guy really cool I say run don't ask you you know on the season the the new DPI. I mean this is since Augusta Nazr where you can do is it's got to see some something new and seems really exciting once you've talked about that program left. Yeah I mean I have to be very honest IE war. A little skeptical. As most people work eight. I hated the way I can only do what he can never decide PL make it Archer's bill hit make the car look cool reckon this stuff. I honestly thought to myself after two years of racing in Europe. Why eight changes such a great product which is needed now more heat. They want to go to Daytona. I realize this day inserted Jim Crabbe million. Is the way should be pound bid denied any extra. Costs to the team. You know I basically just. At some pressure on the money archers. Step popular and you know. They recall all these awards. All out of your sticker on the car bit you know don't always pretty much and I think I received acreage. And so I think that that's always been kind of grand avenue in this parish junior NASCAR told all the C one to eight. Do they can step up and I think it worked really well now he's happy I'm sleeping here. Actually nearly gonna see it it would hold more more you know like for other street apple credits on it loose. It was a very elite deal I mean relieved we signed our deal wouldn't it sat in the week Cadillac and try for the first site in September or so last. What are styling is that is good agility can get it needed a pretty good job as hard GGR resemble the gold but. Flight seating and told her to that it eighteen. Pastry incredible so I think that further gold dawned. They're mechanical or the products can only read I mean they're they're spots we ask. But the first semi drove the car before and citadel mall needed to deal her car eight footers I outrageously concerts. It was as I compared it we get actually get receiver unit remain emea. You know what champ car when we had 860 or Arctic are so quick break he'll. Well let me ask you to go back to a bit I was sorry to interrupt any of wells yes you did you talk about the manufacturers being more involved. Can you talk a little bit about that in in a little more detail what what is there to know what did he do this gets more involved in in now and then in the past. Well maintained weakly nodded okay minus five series changed our whole nation process loose. More is with the PG Garcia told media in this shot he manufactures so. You know and I you're cadillacs and send a model and they are actually what it greens. And that it lingered because if we cut it my whole lot of grip you'll see weakening quickly and I are. Our third year with them. You literally chassis but it's been a kind of interest didn't triangle between native mortar and you golf or general cliche and proud that we have actually had them artist cannot. They break or the last couple months to me. It's easier for me it was an end of the cold any children could actually be pretty hard working articulate but. I just like he'd give more money quite sure they're gonna come along better than these seats. Yeah I'm. We stepped up stepped up fairly. An and I think it's good that you're all I got hurt his previous three and four more money archers DP I pictures so. I'll coupled with Al comes surge and that we see a lot different diverse sat looking car this year. Well I think that that's the it from what I've seen from the manufactures the enthusiasm around. Nissan and Cadillac and mosque I think that other manufacturers are gonna see that because. There was huge. Interest. And a ton of enthusiasm. And I was in the in the race world so and and then you started seeing some more mainstream. Like a road and track magazine and where you know you don't necessarily think of that is a true like racer magazine they picked up on that a lot and and there was a ton of good press I'm thinking you're right I mean this could get some more manufacture. I don't her eyes. You know horror mid production GTR engine from the Nissan. It is pretty much what Bolton street in our DPI with a couple more Asian but it's. You know there is doubt in complete street car race car DNA. Transferred right over I mean out and and haven't I believe it some in some other different. You know injures are sonic it pretty much stole more. Found out pretty impressively the first time I bought cars run 24 hours and originally issued it never even been married and our car. Prior to bet here the first time in Britain but it's also is go far. Street car climbed you'll see. You know per ideology T aren't out there could be here you're at the end of the day. You know street money departure times. The bid for the first ten in a long time portrayed city can actually relate to that there is. Mikey he argued is in the market natural gardens. But I think is working I think. You know and it is an avenue luxury any data all the time ideally be like people you could program these just delete even really be running light click. Very good what streak are so. I think. Yeah I know we what we've got right now as well we don't win back car this year likely get. But I'm sure everybody will make a big step forward is are it's just the delay and process prediction will be even more. SARS well for Ryan it's been really exciting to watch his DB ever and we wish you guys a desolate we are completely at a time. We're so excited to have you on the show and the fact that you be echoed a couple times we're gonna have really queue up and don't tell Molly what do Draghi in my in the blues and making get a microphone is a look at his accent is awesome. Hard right now. It is my age is my favorite city would at best suited my best ads are like I'm going to be here. All over us and that's the chamber of commerce thank you Ryan DL predicament on body will see Sid like I say and travels labor by banks. I guess I got. Great guys always funny folks you know definitely these are the race is we tell you come and plan on going back into the paddock area the garage is the only or Ryan's one of the guys it's fun to meet. If you hang around and near the garage area where they're working on his. It's good and he does what time glands like that and he loves talking rice and your wife I think you know if you Compton Dan in the paddock and you were race fans seem to be so excited to meet a guy like him because he's not only you know he doesn't just walk walking dog the dog he is so far cinematic on an eight we've seen the first army came here remember he was the hero of the weekend. Yup orgasm we got to do thanks for tuning in to speed city check this out on the web sites BC broadcast dot com ticker senator YouTube page and have links among our website to YouTube. And of course Twitter follow us all week we have lots of content we put on all we clone this time. It's gonna win and we're kind of kind of short on love and accents up. Our thanks Jimmy we'll talk to next week tally off job.