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Learn To Buy & Sell Cars, 03/05

Mar 5, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Had a welcome to learn to buy and sell cars with your host Randi. Hour by our surely you can see Randy. For decades and is ready to share with you every. No doubt I'm buying selling and trading and dealing with cars. You're OK. Again. It's their pain no doubt. Hell off the central Texas this is Randy abnormal bond sell cars dot com I'll be having a great great night manna. I am not sure let's go live in this country I'm so blessed to live in central Texas on so blister. You know I'm blessed to all thirteen 700. Blacks make they came after may they liked my showed they know they care about chief meg really dig they want the best for you. They want Jeter beat educated. I'm ready willing able and now what about Mike in her right choices some rain some people just don't wanna make the right charged it's. Can I tell you and you lost control of your mind have you lost control of your decisions have you lost control. Of ever tying the school only in your lap I tell you what I've seen so much lately are on board. And now we got income tax checks are old man free government money much and are more tech. We will rocket erode gardeners should somebody go make as much money hallelujah hallelujah it's rocket narrowed to make you who are bit. I but you know why don't give excited when you walked into the first leadership and they get all excited about achieve. How they're going. Take care you moratoriums and all women they don't regular showing you the car they weren't sure which you think they're selling car. Help you out. Have you got control of your mind of your emotions your desires your feelings just. But not as selfishness in your lap. Do you bass something you came up forward. Two guns cars afford getting a board room and modem Gator sports coat GO a lot of money. Man you meet Danson and Jay get ready all my and they don't steal my I don't recall my car don't bring Beaumont car all my hand. What are they do it. Well. I don't know what to do but tumbled to I want putting. We've got to get control of our land some bombing of Democrats have also allowed the Republicans are out for Baja and. What we do it. I selfishness shall we allows that war didn't feel it for each other do you also loved and being liberal Republicans debut also at Rupp. You and for Democrats. If your mind is show messed up normal tie this together own own TB drawers all. How this really is is an idiot here in Latin soul masked up comes she and that is not giving year away. All of my man I'm not giving mile away. Bomb on happy I didn't get the 10 Warner deal I didn't either. I wanted cringed. I didn't more drop but I'll tell you draw big better than them away which the oil rich from Arkansas. Salameh. It only yourself can Sheen show inner rage slow armed slipped so unhappy. No Dutch youth. No don't take my advice do what your your little heart desires we're guy occasional wind today we at least my producer. Today and he will. Answering the phone just attention call you won't talk to us. And the phone number here is filed 128643. 483. Vegetation output to true will talk about the good the bad and the ugly thank you Casey thank you Megan thank you talk thirteen seventy. I'll probably make a difference in your lap I'm trying to get you straight up pure math you'll be happy content what you wish to guns paperless world. There's givers who were given given given that's as a dependence given that happening no matter what we are happy when we had a Bobble worst president ever. And were happy to give while we give it knew I would do were thrilled our minds strike we make better decisions. Now we've got the tigers. Probably Democrats never happy never could just never get their way. Everything drawl when United States is the worst dog and a world blowing some Basque Country in the world. I'm telling me and everybody most commonly appear. And it's the worst. I Al Sharpton goes to banks that probably only take you all America and he loves capitalism and that's what it takes we'll go to that place up. Socialism. And and commoner Isabel were not only are they can't Trace. Or not he got you mad sold matched up. Don't know appear commoner goal when you don't know what you're doing my and you got a mess. How big time mess and you can't think straight you don't know what our when you go to a restaurant you submit stuff. You know so tighten blacks. Forget about ever body. Come again ever quit being a tanker. Did you laugh strength yeah head straight. So I'll make you know. You just can't get their premieres let me tell you Bubba. Just got to go rock and roll Walt we got. But you gotta you gotta make better decisions. Have you ever feel like that you made a bad decision especially on record got ball bad car all the money and have you read more on their knees getting to express enough. Our man I know oil right now skull. Being armed Serb yeah mom told me it is oh my daddy appears a headache. Your headaches. And you know. He stranger not norm right where that car but we I'll do a one man makes strikes. And I give them some guy and. All my panic in the common goal and that's just part of the business just all the world what land might breaks. But good Carter began with Mike each you're part of our money. Always a little polyps salesman convinced you that you need to have this got a car that got a car. Well every you know. You know take my advice do whatever you want to say look we want Jim Wright card for the right money go there aren't bond sell cars dot com. And probably instructions are stopped I don't know what you vehicles or beat your hard earned money after tax money. You worked hard all had a little Garland. And we want you to be the best she can beat. You've played start you need to know what it's worth though you paid too much with the report you goodbye and for every alternate. But I know what it's worked tonight find out what the market is I probably easy instructions and I'll make you an opera on your car. But like you know what you stand it traded him you need to sell my house. So. Go to our bonds so card up already easy description an hour Mikey an offer only car then go to the other side that you need to buy a car. This should be 812. Malt. Glass. See you need to know what you call our sport you need to know what you're glad you need to ultimate jedi you needed to OK everybody else. Everybody. I'll tell you just ever body. Close. Giving your mechanic friend of mine that bought jaguar. But he added a week. Then you've got a couple of issues and he didn't have a jaguar beginning you went to his mechanic mechanic says man I can smell jaguar wait dogma. And were going jaguar no war wardrobe I'm not know work on Jerry works. So Lake Charles MLB should man I don't want to go to being as new coach Doherty get my Jenks pitched. Not so I'll let me give you a phone number so I gave him a phone number so he did you know. Go to the right guys to get it takes at a decent price. But one man makes bright she just got to be prepared for that every time that it flopped around every time it goes all. My and just. Jane it far a Nippon paint it front. Ever you remember that don't first car yet when you proud of it you. Which you more proud of the upcoming so many people go out. And they back car like they used to have I mean even richer runs out of richer Rawlins of pollen don't shave they'd. And they went and bought a maverick. Now I have no like mavericks a main you know he'd endured a bad job they're not I do like mavericks you know let's let's say it. So he went out bought him a maverick and he selected up like Theo has screwed lace. So you know. You just gotta do what you want to do I agree were you there. So. Yeah all hail mortal I go to FaceBook blather finally got it. Can't TSA don't trade elementary TSA studio last Skype does seem to imagine so far like niece guy opinion. A radio show all of my eye and tell your friends and neighbors we're about to Bayonne. Our baseball glove yeah that's fact well I get it going Miramar messed up again folks. You know must get director Mavis so anyway I'll try to go to FaceBook labs. There we go at my team be about right. It's so. Even bald card to remember he was old days yeah I'll look like Indiana Jones today I'm sorry folks I hope it's lined up right. And I am not Indiana Jones from Texas Adams. Trying to tell you about that guy dangers around every color in every car lot that's the red car lots. Yeah outlawed it TP news. Insight I want to keep you in the right place at two rat trap. There's a lot of wild animals out there and EG world we call ourselves much. Yeah yeah they are. But take care had no matter how. Yeah don't mention budget member of that old legend buds go to Utah and watch all these professional guys train these people. Component here would portray need to be able to us out should know everybody get whatever but it won't dollar mail wages lure of these good gust commercial. Also got money you make a serious. What on. X.s and a bloody Indiana Jones because Indiana Jones man there was danger never color. Let's Manger when you walk and he's got rock you there's 89 different places like make money on. And that's the ones 80%. They'll take ever available now. That you got your pocket your budget. April and X 84 months you don't know what's going on the next year. And you also had a contract for 84 months. My aunt old man oh man. I don't understand this I mean you're torturing our our morning after tax money. And you got your pitch and that's the outlook calls Larry and I awarded Hillary. You can't even think straight. He didn't make a right decision I can go to our car how can you walk into a dealership to these guys are trained by you to buck Internet blog. I they got meetings every day. Why did you seller list goes where walked into a lot how did you living out the door. You don't get argue that somebody else we worked hand. 500000. A multi trying to get customers in here and never let him walk out the door well you need to walk out the door. Thought I'd eat it it's. Options so many gas fired Bob let customers law. And if you walk up to lower the boots are made for walking woke up I don't watch it. Billy Bob are you out at you act that I told you about abstract to mindset right. Quite got to sample his car lot. And he set a bad mother Carlisle and I did not stagnant text messages from these people I've got a better deal. Shot I took the radio. He said so how early in this one luck this guy gets hot it marry this one while I'm go to another lot. And it's got a war got a better deal boring I don't where there's not a matter then don't. The lab and a law that Dawson that happened chick that can try to shift. I nearly murder yet to have the app may want to launch a new dealerships a demonstration of your problem for. Big Brother is watching what mainly. Big card they they're watching yeah. Air bubble we live you will never available though you got me love you we love you but I do all the dealers the 20% at all these trees. And that 1% want you to come back. So at least they won't sting. You won't come back the other 10. Michael little money go down -- sure they want you to come back they want you to come back every six months or every year. So it is germ line straighten up I walked into the. Anchorman. Well trying professionals don't take ever dollar that you've got available. Are you who's gone out. Have you have been manipulated. Do you think and and Cabrera just. Can end here and are you Arab near Atlanta are you in control of your money you control of your decisions. And you tie it 70000. Dollars Bob Hope or brand new truck. And you don't put 35000. Miles a year on and three years don't have honored big thing as a miles. Why not and don't know you were thirty grand TI don't include 8000. Because I mutilate injure stunning take up King County put tires on it right so I got new life insurance are you a lot because commanding man. Hey near Manning. Well what we're trying to do our best. They are numbered just days is not a dumb questions only dumb questions once you don't ask there's a million situations a million. Possibilities of million needs different needs. And number Ayers are one to eight. Six there were three 483 pure volumes at call Bob on tape six foot three. 483. And so we own your own place booklet so we're all none. You today Bob got some need to absorb up to put a bunch more owner. I have brought to book. I don't know what's going on humanity but it's fun. How about bringing him miniature I want to teach you all want it she'd understand. How much education how much training. Card leaders I mean thank you know what you're doing and you're going to see these professional. You're armed by a sell cars that got. A biology miracle worker but go the other side. There are side teaches you to go get number one go do it your credit score. FTC got good bets FT CU got go. But I don't think Charles college credit scores. And then silly things cleaned up I've got again corpus and clean it up be used to work for Dave Ramsey just in case she don't. Straighten up at a great trust Mets brass such thing. But as we have seen good and crash your credit men try to build it back up that's the wrong way to deal that actually met before it's not geared. So you won't you want to know exactly. What's your credit clean it up make sure it's good didn't go to credit union go to bank. Gordon shop shop shop for the best credit rating did you mess. Reagan. It's best interest rates. Find out what department is going to be gas the night what you gonna spam. How much you Arnie did or how long it's going to be looked at torments got to me and live picture budget. Hey man it's tires so worst investment we can make my best round millenniums don't want it. Don't share rug burn everything else goes way they don't want blow with a car. Maybe that's the way it's gonna make I don't know. Cutting holes on Monday still British car isn't sure right cars and here a few years well I do that now I've got called me nabbed god in a car that qualified to be Annenberg. So we ride the good the bad and the ugly acting got a credit allowed depth. That and you know exactly warn you but talk of mechanics called the people in almost cars come mechanics at that. Those dealerships are working almost kind of cars come apart shall see what parts run find out what right solos course a little work we'll save you a little money a lot of work was slightly a lot of money. So you gotta be paired find out what you're trying to do what page you're on a battle you don't know how ill equipped due more. You are going to war with a switch are going to plot about a little switch I'm telling you you're not prepared mentally physically or spiritually. No one problem one biopsy is a look at why does listen and add to their learning. I want to teach you what's going on these new ships patrolling near magic millions ingrained giants. That's this is car magazine particulars not bring you all no no no no no that's for the commuters trying more trainee. To train him to teach year. How did you ever buy Google Dolly and I'll read some of it when we come back after this break thanking Dicey. Nike also Gibbs all but one thing and that six Ford great. But 483 won't talk about the. Good the bad and the play better looks like me off Indiana Jones and you have go to place book deal signal an end here and enjoy all twice broke up. Randy Adams it's safe and take friends and understood and yeah. Every young American. No matter where you shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet at. Hi I'm Ginny Covert and we had the best selection about the nation Evian GMC trucks in one location to. In that color style and what's all the options you can wind. All that famous love overpriced that no one can tax. Not now not ever we want to be your drug dealer. Let us scripted TV coverage simulate being in GM CE seven as to how was anyone and that's not marked on my name covered mascot dot com. On air online and on your Smart tonight's top thirteen seven the kids. I was right choice. Yeah Jill I parred just about automobiles. You could play and only 24 months you still hope for ever and you try and it's worse off I think the end of the agreement. Our Sara Marshall Maher say. Well come on yet in all my hand. Didn't see it ain't the time and not do how Mekong River thirty day struggle makes 84 months. I go to the right dealer and I know the right dealers that's why lots hassle of bringing all the why we do know service Foyt. Broader night now the problem mad right now. It's finding good clean these cars I buy good clean news Karzai but I repko or I about wrecked course. It's just more Alexis out work out of mission Texas is going scoot you know you Jillian Alston and Amare blew up about San Antonio. Let's just look on the surrounding all of our country as we got a guy here there's no doubt in four voters badly he needs so this car he had his title and updating part. How about a lot of bad motor car bad transmission Carta Bauer are correct course unaware it was still good the bad the ugly. I've been in this business for ever. Call now for our overall long Diana. And I've just grown into an Al low that I know people you know people. How can you tell you live people. By your actions. That demonstrators in portrait or rocks and bricks and cinnamon sticks. They can't get no satisfaction. To us because I didn't get Hillary. Our old man I didn't get my hour why should report happy there's been little boy only. All not the TV commercial that water Jose's going to pay it looks like the Democrats. That looks like the people who are and I do it their way. Do you act like that it junior guard leadership when you don't get your way. When I put you together but your so Pratt. Try book culture but you'll hit it gets a big goes they know how to treat sheet and a pleasure let me put it on to tell you hearing motions but not talking. Opinions and oh yeah you deserve you worked so hard you can afford actually your financial all of my and it's not the dirt yard or not met them but a statement. That's all just apply a month. We're gonna destroy global. Send them well we did a lottery pulls flat mount OG that dodge Nissan Mitsubishi a bunch of what finance anybody. The repose there come an end ever day just talk to a friend of mine that financed two car skirt and previous no customers by your player. And they both went our brand new car broke out led by mature out at 800 people like in honor week. And they got 800 multi met all the and I got a new car man I just take rock club bud Burton regard now that take anybody. Called mandolin credit must butter up ball a lot gay believe it. I got me a brand new car and it's great that you really love me but you know slip below the completion with closer loves a good nation. Sales manager loves mark on the wall because it edged is profit. They don't care if you came paper are acute problem but I don't call me you show little you know don't your payment. What do you do don't call me up. You know I've got all claims to make. You're the one he told me I'd get a forty. Well I don't know up out of nothing would happen airplane was couldn't you couldn't afford it. Richard wanted told me it was a NASCAR apartment well off also at the time. Well now they're driving cars are taken up forward. No barrel. Are we getting any money there on her Macon 300 are small planes that fits their budget oh and don't mention member you do good to have you don't. Car dealers. What were up try to and you you do not mention budget all know that messed up the deal. Men to figure out they got too much I met. How wiggles so is card their mind straight never make it good decisions. Have you lost control of your land. Have you lost control of your decisions. Have you lost control of your desires your finger and you emotions. And your heads let's start go walk into the dealership. They know how to push your butt and get Gerald pride bigger than it watermelon I'm telling you are bigger than Dallas. But managing beings and Jack's home made. Here's an article from what coordinate magazine and it seems just training wreck there are seen doctors in training. Talk trying her offers up four step process for improving kept up drug that. But dignity and profitability. And our. That marked by growing demand for transparency and real baggy. Productivity. They wanna being productive. Really duty. Free trial for football how slow the blow of a car trails Monday. Allah that going for the blood on him that's what so this article right here right here. We follow the cleric jailed since Jackie is a poor boy living in his widow within his widow mother. She says they're only resource the income is a camera. And are managed to change for some magic greens. Oh man. Back to the real world it says here. What other business is good our business is led the judge said the automobile. Industry don't depend on magic remains. Our profit. Fairy tales to grow their business they give up every morning and look for ways to improve their odds. Maximize. Everett profit opportunity. That Sheen. That's a little you've ever proper Gupta that's above walks in the door. And turn it every challenge into competitive H. So bubble of fitness. Is a just law of nature. How made it goes our own in our own and just. Training. And no. You have to thank but you don't go to school for going to buy and so on car you're not educated in there. You know torture finances are you know what your budget is sometimes. Not all the time. You know and it talks about. To increase your profits got a lot of props your process has to be added value to the customers. Purchase H bears by educating and informing them. I got scared you're. Postcard my bride NASCAR calls albums compiled is that fixed. Should they want it didn't the magic brains. And just showed you last week this guy. How we're going your emotions. And cannot see in Obama. Remember that. And it says here I I still love this idea how many chant. How those number of demonstrators that there are they justifying. Their actions. Go well for the fellow man. How do you show your propeller oh my hand is your actions. How you conduct yourself your emotions. How do you feel when you broke the law brings Internet Maury and new poll we'll grab Trent DA media. Yeah yeah happy part. You said court just like get my mind but there are 30000 dollar we shouldn't let probably told you about it. It isn't ready Archie jealous. A sudden now law. Op again but don't blame assigned jealous of that Ed I'm jealous of them thousand dollar multi mr. Which should try and it got arguably worse something can drift for five years when you get really get rid of it. That's what I'm Joseph smoke I'm jealous. I'm not making them clintons. You're in control of your mind. Your decisions. What you're trying to do and I'll shut. Let's try mortgage ideology played twelve months of the year go to my website learn about and so car the cup. Start studying now for your next purchase should immediate. Unique being prepared. And you still if you work twelve launch late. You still won't be up to par to these dealers. There are salespeople. Third shells measures are close huge. Talk to god to show up probably told you that so we always listen maybe this week. Brenda blood addiction pocono so church out in common thread church any sickness or different car. Passe Mandy tried to call the insignia brand got some small car you know didn't do it. That's some good what did you do that Albert Sinatra eight million massive man made them now but then again not all Malibu resign and give other. Well they gave me a thousand dollars for a sense mark they do the thousand dollars is almost Cigna. So what are your roses since 2000 GM and 90000 moms. Hasn't worked for a 5000 anywhere is what planet Wal-Mart. Parking lot somebody applied you know airport it's a special of the week. So well like a bench may that was all the calls where they convinced many I didn't want it so nobody else would won't. They can do is whenever given such a great deal Omon new car. But if there's a difference it counts. As a would you buy community Carney told me a sieve hole worship. Well. Heard that there goes out what are good deal. So do lots of times we think we get to greatest the only world. Do you think they opened forty million dollar dealerships. With a million and a half to two million a month. All good in new deal that they lose money you know. Hold all the nine. Take not doesn't do whatever you want to the limitation of a million and I have to Montessori our money to open up these dealerships and already has almost nothing. I don't could actually that night they denied me and I have to Malta want to get off of Marco customers awoken that no. So what they do not regret in your life on Mueller's purchase. Did you wish you Ed Norton DC issued here they're around did you its sales month in oh. I 80% were allowed to your writ 20%. What do you truths can be fair we keep. I know the 20% of they want them all. And so you need to be prepared mentally physically and spiritually when you woke him there regret. How big is your regret in your laugh. And you big warning for the bulk 24 kindness. And you got sixteen more to go. Are close to it anyway. Well. Sure our our money after tax money. And all the dieters keep tell me did not stop talking about. What's going all in the Taiwan business. Congress. Outstrip presenting it's illegal in 47 states. But not Texans and I hope mound not Texans. We want to take care of the people that vote it is yes we're gonna charge of 330%. Interest. No and good tile while people can change interest rates. Because it's certain style. Bob the state. Of senators and house reps in their own lessons all the lessons I won't notice today. 330%. Interest in mark 5000 dollars. No man hundred in thirty days after six month you pay back more than you born and you still own twenty planes. So you'll 40000 dollars they got their money back and they'll probably replay of the car in the next couple 234 months. Women make money because they only give you 60% what is sure. Now they get taken the option they make money they got there's that many blacks on its all profit. Thank you senator should thank you gotta strip seasons at Texas. Twenty need to big boy pants so. And drew to a community. You wanna do what's right not to get reelected. Not to knew what the Democrats stay you did do you what do you do the right. These travel all places are potent pull people walking. Did not suit you folks tell you friends die young relatives tell everybody to go to my website part of and so called I can't. I know what you cars were sold to Maine so somebody asked junior business. And then get cheese and cheap transportation send your car to someone like me are somewhat. Don't do it Ty Law. And don't know rapid rate by just did she get done your income tax Jeb darted in and top court. I won't do it rapid refund but I 20% of no harm our money's not free money is not government money insure money. So whatever you do do not doing a rapid replant. And any Michael wise decisions are panicked call big picture I style new dealers sold 45 cars last week. Last week got 2000 now only to wanna put them all out. They have probably that goes to be broken the next you know it's people it's junk yeah I'm Owen well. I see wedding buzz I understand his business. But you know are you willing to put out 2000 dollars about the recent junket maybe broke in two weeks and your back on your Peyton or not the opinion. I got one note dealers got good mechanics wore no new York and San Antonio. That I got an old couple and also look nobody will ever goes on my show. Bitten. We'll take care of the justification got relatives and they need to cars Antonio. Give me a call 83062. 7159. And make sure I need and only tell you something. How style in the jails over. It's a GMC. And I got thirteen thousand I'll put Texas. Pick up sicker selected unit takes his pick ups they got thirteen thousand at all. I watched a truck it's San Antonio. Thanks so much money I got to thinking you can almost my men who until that one that was up fourteen with 56000. Miles. Is that a danger. Around the color. Like Indiana Jones would tell you how are you gotta watch out for these must surely why all animals. You can buy a new truck for thirteen thousand market. It Covert and restaurant Chevrolet GMC. They're selected few that takes third day not but thank everybody entrenched in 2000. But it taxes additional one ad buying anyway we got the national cheer and goodwill is not all options. So called Jerry out there and if you did chance called rocks Covert talent by key rocks go over. Or sponsor reindeer and show and say no. And judge for all members Bob want to shove a continued to you. 131 hey that's Bob won't do. So more than 2821318. Actel Roxio. I had a long time problematic. You go about Bassett furniture or burn it wrote. So out of my sister candy thank you Barbara she's Swedish person or are lever. I'm telling you. Candy stall number obligated to just change unity and good interior decorator she don't let them two million dollar homes that so if people think she's presidential Berkshire. But she's a great interior decorator that she's a group yeah just go wherever she's Swedish person in the world problem today. 7717574. It's 121 tape. 7717. 74. And as Danny Cheney. Head to ambassador Joseph Barton road and lump anybody held Johnny stay Johnnie east news about every grain are they in new gospel. And I've come to conclusion now because I've started ranting campers and rent motor homes it's cheaper react. He's got to get some allied signal about a hundred of Mulder but he's shoot for around. I hate you know musical we can bring it back and let them clean it and you don't have insurance you know. Glad storage you'll have to also buy a year. My aunt cannot not so these things up I'm gonna wanna my own I'll take it go camping. But if I don't have won it six mayors a slow lap I'm gonna go Maria walk. I guarantee you're a lot matter all. Well worth the time where I might remember. A man break not a bad memory like my my car. As well again until recent man. Care what we have done my go to buy cards of led memory. So why not do an erratic and I said well I'm more room I want to go with the hassle free auto buying. We take that they are walking a leadership and still walk get out of Vietnam which you don't want 85%. Of the people don't know outlook and didn't Obama. Make sure you got what you intend to battle from your home when did everything lined up at 95% and would give me liberty you're no. This random loan mod sell cars dot com. Thank you Jason moving back to monetary friends and neighbors to tinian. We'll talk the golf Kansas though we love the golf business we love you we love you all stood sexist. All of the senate has. Yeah battleship. Yeah I did. No matter where he shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet in. Hi Anthony Covert and we had the best selection above nation Evian GMC trucks in one location the in that color style and with all the options you can one. All that's at the famous love overpriced that no one can tax. Not now not ever we want to be your drug dealer. Let us crave it even covers an LAPD and DNC a seven as to how I would say anyone in backstop for online and covered mascot dot com. Making talk radio upgrade again somebody has to come out and tell it like it is top thirteen seventy the right choice. We're here. You rose a. And. You're okay. Okay. My motivation. Okay. Okay. I'm good for him. How do you tell its own money. Loves America. The other actions. To solve our politicians. Know that real true. Didn't have to say I'm sure. I'm sorry the way am real true world. Radiates opt out told you look forward insecure people change sectoral. Secure people attracting. Which largely. Stringent security people are pro product. No pride is an ingredient in every is a million ingredient in every coral. Argument. You find yourself constantly argue and examine your lap for product. If you can do no wrong with that anybody argue broke there when you don't get your way right what does demonstrators are doing now we have day. Independents and some of most of the room. Republicans that go a little bit when Obama got elected. But didn't. Willie good nature's mistakes cause tribe will. Co GR OK and in the Brad. Hit a bad relationship shroud will. Metal sludge and all their way. And now by pop canyon you write my opinion I'll listen to me how my aunt. Well not me yes maybe so I don't know. Says Robert coaching candidate tried owing. Bring squirrels but the wisdom in is found in those could take it backs. Know how wrong. Unaided by us. And typical praises to uttered because that's a typical praised other. Which you know I don't give. Probably about six months go by and not everybody heard that how many need to hands. Do you show you're she already. Omagh. And really made it. Laura may I know some people it says there's sort of really domain but who. With pride. You charges say you're sorry. But what's average for Americans six times a month for Americans say we're sorry. And then you've got the Japanese site at eighteen tons of not that they're sorry just a difference. As for Americans were told that you're admitting wrong. And we don't or admit wrong I brides to obeying. When you don't want to admit that. Put the Japanese. When they say they're sorry ending mean. They're trying to fix the problem solving a problem get to relationships shale. Keep your relationship build up the relationship. And that care about the other person. No one cares so show up usually about ourselves. And giving our way our pride gets a boy. It's two way relationship skip a labor of fine. Do you have a behavior problem. Are you can't you control your emotions can you control your ranger anger. Because if you can't control but you can't control it better decision when you buy a car. Let me prudent thing. But goes these salespeople. And managers are taught to work on your emotions. So you own your emotions closure button. Sudden your car this got a big bonus so much and everyone it's. These don't need all you don't need all Lan equipment and it colors but you've got one nobody has got yeah. And besides I get the big bonus on it goes less so one occasion though are as familiar to law. What do you wanna know you take nod last Lou what are your little heart desires. If you can control who you're emotions. New desires yourself pushing this young man though with a bunch of bad decisions you know someone like that. We know somebody that took. Pride gets a layer of mine May Day and then McCain thinks strength. You need to go to a lot of unsold cars I can't follow easy process good and amp TC dug a ditch your credit score. You appear credit lit get it go to buying credit union get the best race shop shop shop talk everybody in the world. We're going to. Because we're right in the middle for a battle I'm out Marlys magazines show. Mirror. The customers in the battlefield. And you've got tiger now. You gotta make that money you gotta make the money for the dealership and you gotta make that commercial. Just like them tells people not talk about I've seen so many people get finance I've got a friend of mine used to work moment. How he got a new car did not know credit score stop shed a thousand now and no job. No job. So now I he has found some bunnies take over I birds. Yeah they love to have somebody with good credit goes is good no good let love to have some might not make the bugs cozy struggle. Oh yeah that want to take somebody else on that note. And that they're selling one out draft he said he won't my old Ford brand marketing. Goes out plague 101000 miles on the last trick or months. And it's a great great call. So we know and now he's become a reality problem but. Just because somebody will put you into new and you know. Are you kidding yourself first. Are you put your pride first. Are you a giver or taker. No. The car business right now we're seeing in the income tax checks command. We're seeing new guardians to a big down incentives. We should and hard to plan Gooden and low balls clean you score so hard to get. And so did you closure stepping up. The plane that there won't Shenzhou Walt the end they're trying to figure out what should bad. So like meg trying to money. Just give an example. A friend of mine whenever dealership. And told him or to go he didn't go went to another leadership. And they shot him a price included net 400 a month. Gold may help us that we your trade in. But MLB 300 a month for like Tellme uncover are committed for a massive walkout. Guerrilla leadership Doug told you about went over there. 300 a month once a hundred a month and that was just to submit to you know. What is up at Sydney 200 dollars can look crappy awards. But we want you to be ready willing and able to make that better better decision. Because. They're gonna elevate its how to elevate emotions and excitement. Very rarely did you hear he has. If you're thirteenth isn't fired up about the vehicle you still don't expect your customers to get fired up about the they trained these guys they train the salesman. You know they've got a plan of action right here plan of action look for the Italians home and work France but do you play golf you smoke. You know so and so caddie and they tell you yeah. Bridge the gap representing the benefits take time to bridge the gap between you what you you told they'll and they won't. And how each can. Benefit it provides. So here's how you get that low cost of ownership you're looking for. Old man near you he's taken care of oh yeah yeah do you object via yes salamanders. Probably not older and more money more money more money. Less on the trade less of a trade like we got new leadership than him I'm telling. It's the advertise. We ought to buy you call widow was like your car. And our stop LP half what I'll give the other thing years he's been to our shot below the leadership. They wanna say you everything but the kitchen sink. Sony's dealerships say that take. And then they don't rely. All war treks to remain salespeople memorize. The word tricks at present is saying teachers to just saying wait every country. At some porch you have to be able to improvise. Skew you're a presentation toward the space Pacific. Benefits. Each customer gluten bought beyond your turn who you have me don't you tell the settlement yeah. We don't we're ready we're ready for ever move or read for every defense we gotta have an ever all things we've got it. We are ready here to show you. Calls so coached bush told the last five customers purchase specific knob model for a year an ass of other enjoyed it. The vehicle this is a great opportunity to uncover. Any potential issues. And more importantly ask for a referrals they're really don't let that you know won't reproach. They won't get money from. Where bad the good the bad news new album won't all of company trucks company bands I've got to Rochus sixteen should wait three quarters and Ford's record cargo bay and slow balls. Predicting pressure brands hello miles. Just got a lot of stuff available that she can look at. Knowledge are traits. The good the bad and the ugly bad motor but you know they got they were something. How were some good picks up. But you know I will buy junk I'll make it all wrong job. Specially thank you get to it. It's not done too hard to dig out of a spot. In the mine owns a hotel rooms and don't. It's solid golf and says Randy. I've got three nights and I wanna get didn't NASA didn't didn't put it. Excuse me it has insignia. Are subdue Iran. And several moist part to make it financially good. I'll say it yet titles so I got paddles. Are so yankees. Sit around the final keys. And so okay. So. Why don't our record I go to Danner now more one on ebony quiche. Number two is down in a basement of the parking lot downtown San Antonio. What hey down in the basement way out of the way we're all those column trying to get through. And worst may all of those things off. And they gave them ten. I go god today. At my church. I'll ball a ranch and Carville fifteen years ago. And they left their motor home. And it's sitting there now have a term I know I had the keys Anita Herrera there. It's been a good thing years they're somewhat stuck sit around people just like but I mean if you only comment. You've got trucks sit around mature not reasoner I'm going east so I'll call my. 83060. Someone thought man I go to my website alarm about sell cars that come car even going to have some free ought to mind our count. Just bottom watching trucks for a company. And it won't blew it. Called me up they switched brands are word uttered boards now they want drug showed a place they call me up. And we're trying to put a package together ball where ball Miette he's not quite ready we'll just make sure he'd done exactly what he wants the money wants to get. It's sure hard our money. You do every year lord desires but no I won't spend my money wisely. I know warm up you know. I'm the bold enough team to everybody around. This time to devote what I can't myself. Don't vote to be a better person to vote to make better decisions. And Singh who how many people I can help I won't help anybody and everybody no matter what is going home. We should not I had. But and an echo deceased but look beyond ourselves too great resources. Available from god. If we're wasting our time I had to make step messed up which didn't make good decisions. We got to take our talents and abilities what we can do an improvement don't. CA and that's one album to album I'm trying to give everything together get all the information to work only need to make a better decision. Yes I'm dressed up like Indiana Jones today. And it's the calls. There's danger around every car. There's a wild animals out there Billie Jean well. There's so much you know they're allowed to bring some monster. There close. Then monster isn't torture issue my and you hate it. You gotta get behind to win delivered that you love god they you should the brought it home and is it miserable. I don't mom bought homes sold them I'm home some live odds this god just sold most way. Never tell my god and it had my out of its own. And it would quit running and not all that but we can't give checking our have no problem. Did Bob mile from all those who go down again. Well we then all here man got Indians everybody has. Hope you'll ever know while PG study it might better decision that this person won't let you go shopping cart. Go to mechanic look at it. I tell you what I actually do a bunch of money the other day. I took people had a camper a totally dropped off at every grain are being are suddenly brawls. But it checked it up out of budget issues I didn't but he's suddenly a lot of money. Part of our big guys say that they have they are pretty. And then that water damage. And it cost. 42000. And kicks the walls in that motor home. Man don't they wish they'd have called that before that happened. So from. What are you kitchen before it happens you ready here as your next purchase are you starting today to make decisions today that play out tomorrow. Might those decisions that you don't have to worry about making those payments for 72 or 84 months. This is and the end Jones ours is taxes Adams but there's danger. In the car business. Around ever co owner. There's some monsters in this business you all the good guests like Indiana jobs. Carly rocks go over Foreman has filed wanting. Seventeenth to 1831. This is Randy Adams learned about sell cars dot com. Hassle free auto buying god god 8306257159. Thank you Austin got inflation Hulk what might get the difference in your lap all ma'am how we're going into the day to work on very motion. Re in control of your class. When you're in control of your money my tremendously. But he's controlled your mother is Christian Europe but it's a little longer give every god bless you we'll. Hey bill FaceBook or go to gate hearsay up 58 AM in San Antonio held Greek boy actually take our top pick hey you.