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Financial Wi$e with Suzette Blackburn, 03/04

Mar 4, 2017|

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Broadcasting from that talk thirteen seventy studios and you're listening to a financial lies which your host Suzanne collect our. The good the bad in the fine print on reverse mortgages so stay tuned. And she brings the same healthful life changing information to talk radios listening audience. Here's your host and Suzanne Blackburn. What help can do financial lies I'm Suzanne Blackburn and I'm here for use today as a series 65. Financial planner. I'm owner of caps are financial and if you've been listening to me on financial life you know the last four years. Our complete focus is on in come planning retirement planning making sure that you make good decisions for your family. And you don't lose out in that retirement plan selves today I've got one of the best guess I've ever had. This fellow Rick Davis was with me last week he's with fidelity bank let me tell you a little bit about this guy and why he's on my show. I wanted him on the show because he's in the top fifty. In the world on doing home mortgages none not only home mortgages regular follower in thirty year fixed and blah blah blah all the different things like that. But I have them on the shell because he believes in. The value that I do of a home equity conversion mortgage which in real world terms. Is the new reverse mortgage nine million listening you're going oh my god sees that. That is the mass I know nothing but people get their homes taken away by the bank wrong. I know that people get kicked out of their house. Wrong that's a misconception. And not true so they AARP. Came in and made some changes with that they were able to lobby and and do some great things if you've ever read the articles by Jane Bryant Quinn. She's an American financial journalist and a financial planner. That writes for AARP. And is you know I talk about her from time to time she's got two major articles saying reconsider. The use of your home equity in retirement planning it's tax free folks there's another great. Expert doctor wade foul raid foe he's a CF say professor of retirement. And is actually written a book. On the home equity conversion mortgage howdy use reverse mortgages in retirement planning and today's offer. Is giving you that book that I've offered in the past. Understanding reversed by Dan hall Chris another great professor and expert in the field. I did my research folks if I'm not talking about this Willy Nilly. I am a series 65 fiduciary I have to to by law. Acting your best interest and that's why I've got Rick Davis on the phone with me right now Ricky there. I've been there as good morning to morning. Well I tell you what I'm so excited you are a billion dollar home mortgage guy and you believe. In the home equity conversion mortgage so much. Then I'm now working with you right. Correct you are opted representative view our series 65. You have very high. Very very high standards based on your client base it we've got the look you can't teach your perfect for us we hope we're good for you. As far as being a billion dollar landed a couple of reasons for that. Lot of them I'm old enough to have a home improvement. Had blown hole birdie. About I hit Betty you don't have a lot of time to get to my billion. Because in my market in the midwest is not quite a California right now because. But I've spent three years studying this particular amount and and spoke at Harvard Boca West Point eight of a little over thirty television stations. I've been in love with the program wanted to prepared and shown correctly to decline at its very sedate. It's very well protected in that the only way I could see that some didn't have enough money for as long as they're they're here. Clinton and live well rather than live without and that's what this program does to make up for not having a lifetime retirement that maybe my parents better. Your grandparents dad but so appointed. Right now this program and to keep you kind of be going by default it's the best thing that happened for homeowners over sixty do. Well there's 20%. I heard you say in our last shell. That are now in America if you take all the demographics 20% is over 62. And so our government. Escape excuse think. Or ever. Well and now you're telling me before offline. That the congress and our legislative process. Once to be reelected so they made this law much more attractive. To that democratic is they wanna continue get voting in right. It didn't make him if we don't keep buying things none of them will be reelect the most of it from 55 to sixty. But most things we ever bought for Greinke had other things vacations and our networking the same we're trying to make your life is okay. This program let you live the same life. Because the economy is 70%. Of what we buy in America are purchased and drive the economy. Once you have 2% not by as much gently people get reelected. Well that when he heard that 20%. Has also. Some of them have saved beautifully for retirement that they have a huge tax burden. And then there's another swath of that group that doesn't quite have enough money with a very long life worth living well into our eighty's and ninety's even a hundred sedentary eons. Are some of the fastest growing population that we've ever seen. Well you better be sure you've got enough money so by setting up this home equity conversion mortgage you. Open up the door to your home equity now there's three different types you can take all of that it wants you can set up income for life. You can set up paying off the mortgage that you have to see you free up the money that you would have been paying to a mortgage so there's a lot of different uses. Of this if you watch the television that's just. Calling it telemarketing firm. And they're gonna do it the best for them we want as a fiduciary firm to do what's best for you. CN had to call my office at 5122159. And get an absolutely no cost illustration. I'll be your home equity to find out if this is even a program the FedEx. You got me at 5122159030. Am gonna ask you a few questions I wanted to know. Your name your age the house value of the mortgage that you have on it and what is your top line reason. For having income and I will be able to generate you a illustration and Rick I think she said coming about offering them even more than that. We need indefinite direct Retief. And what what applies today they're gonna wanna show there they're friendly they're out together wanna be able to assess. It's a big deal that's why we have a consultation process. Not a telemarketing processed not like a TV. I'm not gonna be on blue I'm not six foot three and I don't have a mustache but I know way more about this program the next anti meat. And we need to give you the knowledge you can make the right call this a little further better each year some are better there some of them are like we need to stick out about. Do we debate about what to make it acceptable because the wife re about to get a wheelchair with a lot of you know what I have to move we create that love that we take it into a reverse mortgage a little debate board anymore. This program changes lives the only way you get messed up its appeal to the right lovers it's complicated they need you couldn't explain it. In the book will give a look simple version of what you told they could read it they could share with your kids and they give me they can become happy for life is really what this thing makes me almost cry when I see people happy. You'd you'd you'd. It is the first time ever. That I've been involved in Bentley I collect government you don't like their doctors there are other ministers this program the life changer. Matt not to spend twenty minutes to talk view and then make it meetings. And get the book from us. It's crazy but why are you looking to joke folks if you're kicking tee I don't give you have a better idea out I don't agree how to dream clear. I don't care if you want a downside which I do a lot. You need to get all the information it did not. Easily accessible to the left. Loved to let the bastards are market. And one of the largest in the country and because my age I've made this my legacy product. You try to change America the financial planners are helping people in or how does it give a lot of it's your biggest investment and you have to look deeply asleep. Well you know this used to be. A lot of misconceptions. And a lot of myths about this and there was some bad things that happened. So you if you wanna get the facts and you wanna get today's new. Reverse mortgage book called understanding reverse the only gonna get that is to calming 5122159030. And get Dan hall quest book understanding reversed and the first five colors will get that. Everyone else we'll get that plus you're going to also receive an illustration. On if this is right for you it's not right for everyone but I'll tell you what. By making this call yield mil for certain. That you can protect your family with this particular tool using your tax for proceeds so I needed to call me 512. 2159. Some folks are financial lives and no rest. Are otherwise I'm season Blackburn. Let's talk retirement planning in today's economy over lunch yeah. It's a date with capstar financial. This is about taking a power lunch and making lunch with power retirement our joint capstar financially for retirement planning in today's economy Suzanne Blackburn is the power house financial planner. This legend learn workshop you already know her former show financial eyes radio talk thirteen seven. 100% invaluable enjoying cast our financial Tuesday march 7 at 6500. River place boulevard at twelve noon our retirement planning in today's economy Luntz with power again next Tuesday march 7 at twelve men get details today capstar financial dot com and -- by 22159830. To register lunches complimentary seating is limited out today by 282159830. Welcome back to financial lives. Which your posts who's at Blackburn. Welcome back to financial wise I'm c.'s Jeff Blackburn you're listening to financial lies radio I'm a series 65. Financial planner what does that mean exactly on the fiduciary is what that means. I have to bylaw acting your best interests so we have a consultative. Approach. To all of our income planning for our retirees. Now you are listening today to a very special guest Rick Davis. He is had a fine of fidelity bank it's a top. Fifty in the world on home mortgages. So what we're looking at is somebody that. That's Paulie does his home mortgages and all the sudden not only. Has he caught on to the home equity conversion mortgage which is the new reverse mortgage. But these 62 is well sorry it's solitary treks are now are up by eight foot putt. Well with the billions of home mortgages that you have been the author of an end in the loan officer of now all we're writing this new reverse mortgage for people over 62. And your finding that that is been a wonderful thing for seniors you know now as we said the last segment now recap. Their our demographics has now achieved. 20%. Of our United States of America citizens are over 62. And with that causes a lot of opportunity and a heck of a lot of problems if not handled properly. You have to be Smart don't Chia Ricky can't be done when your over sixty kiddie got to make good choices. Hopefully we all got a little wiser as we got older. And I got an idea of the government with the with the AARP get involved made this program. A lot easier to follow proper instruction that's why I love the financial planner network. In this series 65 representing this product in need you really it but I can't. But a loan officer got mortgages understand the depth and the benefit. Absolutely had ten more years of money here twelve more years of my lately about what do you do it reliving the year and perfect for this product. Now we have a lot of problems. That are coming down and you think I'm kidding these are major problems that no one realizes. 85% is so security for is taxed higher rate taxes that you were expecting. Medicare premiums being means tested taking distributions from the wrong assets and retirement. Can raise taxes on seniors and which means that you have less in come. Only your lifetime so by using this tax free bucket of act equity. In your home as an asset class is very attractive. To need to be held introduced that to you. And you know listening today there's nobody else in Austin it's doing this it's exclusive to our firm capstar financial. So Rick tell you how does that work for them. Well the better it is I'd spent several years studied the program lucky and happens I was invited to be at Harvard West Point. I'm on Ellie light TV once a month to talk about the big problem there were people don't make a lot of money when they retire they have left. But perhaps there's 600000 people operating at free and clear it changing lives in lobbying group so possibly people would. Kept can keep their outlook for the rest of their lives. But the biggest biggest deal would ARP making modifications to a program that was okay. When they first created the program but wasn't made. Worried about it just it'd be a big 12% population for fourteen years of overs over 62. And when Reagan did a lot of people are retiring can head retirement from their terrible. The automotive companies and probably should not a lot of that now most people had three or four jobs. And they don't have the same path through and get what you see of the financial planner. This thing protects America it protects your other investors could be get in long if people could buy normally which they can't put this program. Over 62 of them equity and house. We don't have to worry about our stock market crashing we don't have 50% unemployment. We stayed shape and that's what the program is I think the biggest negative reelected. But all of that benefits there. So I'd love it I love the benefit. We're the guys that Dickie do I love the happy tears I had a lull. Came up about seven months ago that really got me in love with the program. I have looked applied to help build out or 1112 years to go over 630000. Pre clear they can opt. But they're getting in there doing or sixteenth you're starting to retire I'll let that be OK the wife had come to lose bill bill look any disease. Just make should not be mobile and get bigger and bigger record handed like twice inside in three years that he's got ten to twelve years of life. But she was going to beat some type of retirement home would air because she could get around her own house. So we had a plan that the builder of the the other house we built totally handicap three house. Everything's wide notes there would put even a quarter did reliving an LP had given back to get there. Instead of hurt anyone played him coming to visitor they're gonna live together threatened her life. Can they didn't have to make a statement because will result the other one. The 50% down let him by this you know how sticking to their families have been together fifty years is that of 48 I guess what I did. I've been saying you'd just see how you helped of the junior like you that you're gonna you're gonna go crazy and help people died when you see how that happens on a regular basis. You Il level like I do it just it is my legacy. The world's been good to me. I can lead this where there's a hundred people at your wallet talkative people. I've been wonderful it is just great the programs that break that you need proper hockey league application. And you need everybody in the Palin you know what's going up they need somebody like you. Would that it is with the loan officer I need of financial. Will integrity I need you to be a fiduciary because of the program is wonderful way to explain properly. Well if you call us right now at 5122159. Understanding. Reverse it's a great read and also for the first five callers that call land. I will do a no charge illustration. I'll be your home equity there's absolutely no obligation you'll have armed with you with that full with that report. Everything you need to know about your specific home equity and if it's usable TU in retirement. It's all tax free and be able to use that in your lifetime. And what the costs are the good the bad in the fine print save the jet to Collins. It's impaired that you pick up the phone right now 512. 2159. We wanna help you here at financial wise radio to protect your family. And not do the miss steps that you've seen so many of your neighbors and prince dale. You know it's one thing to retire and you've got great assets you've built a four Owen K you've. You you're an expert in your field. It's you know what the landscape of retirement. Is filled with potholes and sink holes that can really really mess you up. Market risks government political risks as you're seeing right now. It interest rate risks. Longevity risk ridicule live and tear late ninety's and you don't have enough money to support that lifestyle. Using the home equity conversion mortgage. Could be one of the greatest assets that you've ever not heard about until right now see you have to call us at 512. 2159. And the rest are otherwise I'm season Blackburn. Let's talk retirement planning in today's economy over lunch yeah. It's a date with. We cast our finance John this is about taking a power lunch and making lunch with. Power retirement our joint capstar financially for retirement planning in today's economy Suzanne Blackburn is a power house financial planner. This legend learn workshop you already know her former show financial eyes radio talk thirteen seven. I have great financial wisdom to work for you and your retirement future the workshop is complementary to the information is a 100% invaluable enjoying cast our financial Tuesday march 7 and 6500. They're replaced boulevard at twelve noon. Our retirement planning in today's economy lions went. Power again next Tuesday march 7 at twelve men get details today capstar financial dot com and call by 22159830. To register lunches complimentary seating is limited up today by 282159830. Welcome back to financial wise with your hosts whose at Blackburn. Welcome back to financial lives. This is a show for you I tell you this this show has been about. Using an asset class that normally we wouldn't even put on the balance sheet okay. I have been a financial planner for twentysomething. Years. And we have not considered even using home equity conversion mortgages until recently because of the law changes. And when I started to do the research. I was extremely negative on this entire topic until I started reading some of the top. Financial minds in America we're actually endorsing it and actually writing books about it. So today's offer is understanding. Reverse mortgages by Dan hope list. He's a personal friend of mine and all the five people that Cawley and the first five I should say the first like people calling and will receive that book and a free illustration. For their personal home equity I need your name your at your age. The value of your home and what your mortgages and what's the purpose of this home equity that you would see in your future. And I'll do an illustration for you of how that growth. Of the home equity works so be your timeline. Of life. It actually your home equity can grow all as a line of credit within a home equity conversion mortgage it's. It's pretty remarkable. And I wanna share that I deal with you now you've read a lot he's seen it on TV. Those are people selling mortgages as non fiduciary. Transactions as are sales people those are mortgage loan officers that don't understand. The holistic approach of income planning they're trying to sell you some and bottom line. And what we'd do it financial lies radio and it caps are financial is we use. The home equity conversion mortgage essay portion. Of your in come. It's become very telling. From me seeing people walking in with these home equity conversion mortgages. That they've been sold a bill of goods and haven't been used as a holistic tool for all of their planning and that's what we do it capstar. I hope that helps shed some light on why am even doing in the shell. If this is spent a good show if you please email me. You can go to my website at caps are financial dot com. And let me know if you like this topic because. These are new topics and new things because it when he percent of Americans now is over 62 years of age. The government wants to make sure you don't run out of money. And so they've opened up this facts asset class and made it a simple transaction. You know that's stretching I don't know if it's simple. In May not be simple but it is definitely something that we understand and I wanna give he'll book. Understanding reverse mortgage by Dan hopeless the first cut college will get that book. And as I mentioned the illustration of your specific home equity so call me at 5122159030. And we also have a luncheon learn wanna mention we don't talk about it too much. But you guys have come to that and it's a wave for me to share. Economic today retirement what does that look like free use the economy is a completely different landscape lot of potholes out there. And this luncheon learn it's march the seventh is where we sit down I give you sailing to glass of iced tea. And we chat about your retirement issues this luncheon learned is not a sales pitch it is Social Security. In Cameron planning. Estate planning taxes. In come of all the different buckets which account when. All the things that we talk about year in year out on the shell to be relevant for you I want you to make good decisions. So you protect your family and you're not Macon. Dumb decisions that make you have to go back to work here next pretty near field. But she got to trust your retirement planner to help you in the landscape of all those topics I mentioned. So Collison 5122159. B thirty where the right choice for you. And I would love to have a conversation. So remember I don't want you to be one that makes mistakes some of the youth our financial wise and the rest or otherwise I'm c.s at black. Our investment advisory services offered by global financial private capital and SEC registered investment advisor either global financial private capital nor GF investment services LLC offers tax or legal advice individuals are poised to consult with their own CPA and returning regarding all tax and legal matters global financial private capital has no affiliation with the new agencies here the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of global financial private capital global financial private capital makes no representation or warranty is about the accuracy reliability completeness or time lines of the contest and do not recommend or endorse any specific information contained therein insurance services and products offered to -- financial LLC fixed insurance as an annuity product guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing company any comments regarding safe and secure investments and guaranteed income streams refer only to the fixed insurance products they do not referring anyway to security of investment advisory products global financial private capital LLC and caps are financial LLC are unaffiliated companies. Let's stop retirement planning in today's economy over lunch yeah. It's a date with capstar finance junk. This is about taking a power lunch and making lunch with power retirement our joint capstar financially for retirement planning in today's economy sees that Blackburn is the power house financial planner. This legend learn workshop you already know her former show financial eyes radio talk thirteen seven. 100% invaluable enjoying cast our financial Tuesday march 7 at 6500. River place boulevard at twelve noon our retirement planning and today's economy lunched with. Power again next Tuesday march 7 at twelve men get details today capstar financial dot com and call by 22159830. To register lunches complimentary seating is limited up today by 2821590. Dairy.