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Financial Safari, 03/05

Mar 4, 2017|

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Imagine a time when you have the freedom and the resources to do help boost things you dreamed of with how worrying. It tax bill but time and place where all your hard earned money works for you. Some government bureaucracy. Yeah. Tax free so. Call bill Capriati at 28511636. Again that's. 16 threes. A this week's episode of the financial safari is brought to you title filled Capriati and seeing your taxes and insurance and by Cristiano. Our financial and. Information provided just what it was for purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliant. What better accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Including usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional before taking any action. Over half of all Americans are not planning far enough ahead to keep taking their retirement goals unfortunately this is sad but true fact so let's get down in front of the pack can stay tuned. Hi this is coach Vinny and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. Will we keep track of all kinds of data and statistics and surveys are great way to keep track of some things. And according to a recent survey blowing new York life. They say that 57%. Of Americans are making long term plans. That can be considered I guess the good news then they dropped the other should who hit at people that they want the problem is. While the slaves survey most spoke define won't perform as four point four years on have averaged what do you think. Well well well it depends on what type of plan you're looking at if you look at and planning your vacations are you look at the planning and spending time with your family yet. Maybe my plan and outs you know 123 may be four point four years that. With respect to retirement planning. This is something that you have to take a more proactive approach on itself. When we look at long term planning in most of the folks who we do we work with now to be to be quite honest. We find that to be true with more of the younger generation. And and I say that to when I say that I say that would love of course I'm a father of five so you off and I concede in my own children but they've really been Riordan and I think most parents really. Nowadays are reared their children in a lot of competition and competition from the Internet to have competition from TV there's there's a whole lot of debris out there for kids to be involved and so. When we look at. Actual term long term planning when I take a look at putting together any retirement plan something that is going to. Last for my entire lifetime and my spouse entire lifetime. We wanna look at a comprehensive. Plan and one look at a lot of different variables so. Sometimes it's difficult to look past through the next 235. Years. But as far as retirements concern you better be looking through to age 1995. And possibly 8100. That really is long term fill out you know what you're saying about all folks don't like her kids in the millennial. Generation. Everything is different for every generation iPod demographically. But all soul on the generation at all I represented I'm sure. It's true for a listener in some regards is out the boomers. Also we've had a lot of pressure as well I think I really. Would like to gives a boom or a break on that long term as well because we have been in uncertain times. And for boomers. Our entire adult life. Has been on certain gender of course this is not a political should. But we've been through all kinds of turmoil especially economic turmoil. Careers all of a sudden change for all thirty years which was sore parents do to may be thirty months if you're lucky. For a lot of working people so I think it's perfectly understandable. That a lot of folks especially MRI generation. Just have not look for the down the road because they don't know what's gonna be there that don't have those signpost. But again that's where you and your team really come into play because you were such a valuable resource of counseling. And perspective. Well you know funny thing Randall long term plans have to be looked at and reevaluated. At least once a year man and let me explain why. When you take a look at let's go back about thirty years ago 35 years ago you know that only your door and are working years and raising our children and having children. What we went through situation back when Reagan was president. Where Social Security. What was in a lot of turmoil it was going through a lot of debt. In the they what they did was sent him then that Tip O'Neill to basically rework the budget name made some changes. We had tax reductions and the next thing you know we are in a surplus we went from a deficit to a surplus earnings seem to be fine. And then we went kind of went to sleep through the ninety's with the next administration we actually had a balanced budget so and that was true the clintons lot of different variables wanted to play. One of the biggest there are variables was trading in bonds high interest bonds for low interest that yields and and that helped catch some on our budget now we look at it over the last really go back the last fifteen years. And we look at what's happened with our national debt. And for some of those who are not paying attention. Everything is all peaches and cream but for those of us who are paying attention. We've seen our debt go from two trillion to four trillion. By that fit timed push was finished and we get finished out there and I Iraq it was ten trillion. And now here we are eight years later we've seen get debt go from ten trillion imagine a T 220. Surely and now all of these talk that we heard back while we receding in north for a one keys import the lower in the future will we get ready to retire. Has all pretty much gone out the window and the reason is because of a circumstance that was beyond our control. Overspending. And basically running up the credit card and the reason I bring up this porn again folks isn't the depression but the point is. We need to be proactive in our long term plan we now need to adjust for that potential. Very strong potential that taxes will be going up in the future. And these accounts that we have been saving. 20510. Million or more in May be taxed at rates like we've never seen each you know years ago. Back through the sixties and actually up into the early eighties to top tax rate those earning over 200000 dollars was over 70%. Share and we have a very strong possibility that we're going to see that I care here in the future again because of this twenty trillion dollar debt so god help us. And it's really important folks when you put together a long term plan cash it's important to not only just put retirement income plan together you want to take a look at your health care plan you wanna take a look at your tax plan. You wanna make sure. Who we wanted to make sure we count for inflation we wanna make sure that we account for many of the variables. That can affect our long term planning each and long term for in our cases retirement income planning needs. No Phil I think you when your team or kinda like. Building inspectors when they come out to our house will undergo wonder areas and take a really close look for places we don't even know war belt. Yup that's that's exactly right so we want one of the things that we talk about folks is put together a plan. Many folks believe it or not it's that and the numbers are incredible sight seven out of ten. Or even higher American's actually don't put their plan in writing can you imagine that. And how can you possibly accomplish your objectives especially retirement if you don't actually write it down so. When we commend our office what we like to do is again as you probably know from listening to the show. We have over a dozen folks who work here every area of expertise from. Legal to accounting to financial planners and so forth I won't go through the whole list but it is the important thing is we have eighteen of professionals that is getting Keenan. To help clients what their plans. And help to realize their plans but mainly put him in writing and make sure that they are accurate make sure that their career coach. And make sure that they are contoured and did the individual client's needs and objectives you have to do planning and you better make sure that it's written down. And it's well on now. Corliss who's just join in those the team who were mentioning. Is Phil's team at fleeing were tax and insurance advisors not spill cap reality you're listening to. And fills our local trusted coach for grated or awestruck. Yeah they are full service and they do indeed cover all the bases including those sepia yeah believe Phil. You we actually have to CPAs and I have a tax specialist here we do quite a number we do actually hundreds or returns in fact. We're run in the special this year for a basic returns where it's basically a 69 dollar tax preparation special. If you call in the office and again I don't normally plug this but it's something network. During set taxis are getting ready to do tax season and were offering this to everyone that comes to our workshops amount as will throw it out their tours written listening audience which if you have the if you used to doing your taxes yourself and you'd like to do you have professional help. Give candy called should be happy to make an appointment with though one of our accountants to how do you. Organize your taxes and a professional manner have been professionally prepared and signed and see if we can't find some deductions that you might be missing. This is an incredible opportunity. As that number is 800. Eight Fuller of 11636. Absolutely if you give candy or calls also if you have a financial plan that you wanted to. Second opinion about it this is a perfect opportunity. In that number is 80811. Warned 636. When we come back don't let your emotions run away with your financial plan that and much more coming up on the financial supply. Phil before breakthrough major in the so called business decisions but Phil when that was business decisions involved now or money. There's no way we're gonna keep emotion out of the equation is that. Roy is very difficult to do that. In fact I've seen I seen this really through through the years more and more it seems like they're closer to retirement we get. The more emotional we get about our retirement. Especially after we see major correction or major downturn in the market. A story comes to mind. You know we've been working with folks in and helping folks with your accounting needs and what their financial planning retirement income planning social security and even assets under management we do. We do a lot of that did you we've what we've noticed is. Many folks after 2008. They would commend all our office in their main concern would be that they are portfolios lost 303540%. Because we had a sub prime mortgage melt down and watch not many folks really solve the many of his did see it but it any rate. This is a major concern. So when we counseled folks with our group of financial planners here and we were trying to help you know alleviate emotions alleviate fears. And so letting folks know now's the time really to get involved right after that correction now of course. We have pulled most of our clients out early that summer so many of our clients and have to go through that trauma. Which it is very it very much and traumatized in situation watched. Your retirement. A portfolio and hopes just dwindle away because it's being maybe passively managed but it any rain make a long story sure. Be in the best time to give the end is that when the market is an all time low the folks were so emotional many folks and so apprehensive. They did just wanted to stay. They wanted to kind of lick their wounds and and take a moment to. To look at what just happened really for a second time in one decade 'cause if you remember. After 9/11. And back in 20012002. We had a another major downturn so we ended up having two majors in and out within a ten year period field. Most of this close to retirement we're squeamish and most of us were unwilling to really dip our toes into the equity world emotions can play a very important part this is one of the reasons you really need to work with a license fiduciary some of that as your best interest at heart feel it's important that use emotions and understand that that you can't let emotions run your entire life especially your financial life sometimes you just have to use cold hard facts use the math take a look in that and work with someone. Who can be objective. And help you to achieve your goals. Without putting so much emotion into it. Was there you go fill and a quote the great smoky aromas and ice that Clinton's that is emotional. Because also you mentioned a very important point and that is that when a financial coach like you when your team. Can and stepped in and beads that shoulder for someone to lean on it's so important. Because let's give ourselves a break if we're going through life changes especially. If you put your career is ending in your thinking about moving on into retirement that is a huge ledge to drill off all of emotionally isn't it Phil. It is we take emotions out and I mean we use technology. We use algorithm based portfolios and you know there's some fancy words but basically what we do is when we construct day. Eight portfolio and just give me one of these services we provide. What we'll do is we'll put a floor against market volatility so we'll take a look at a person's assets. You know what there how much they have or how little they have been and what is their retirement income and and we'll have a deep in debt discussion about. How much are you really willing to risk in Maine another downturn so another words. Our portfolios when we we used tactical active asset management. So we're we're not passive we want to make sure that these portfolios not only. Maximize returns but we want to make sure that we mitigate or minute minimize loss of some of our portfolios are conservative proposal have they. A maximum draw down of 7%. You know from peak to trot some of them have ten or thirteen. The coin is. If you see another 2000 later another 2001. We want to make sure. That we take emotion out that we wanna use technology who want to use knowledge we want to use mathematical algorithms and equations and nowadays with our technology's advances it is. It's is there really I believe that thing of the future we can actually see any baseline and portfolio. That we can make sure that this portfolio. If we do see an economic meltdown we're going to move in to cash in treasuries. Or safety. At a certain level and then again we have our client help dictate that bubble now when you manage money tactically that way this helps to take some of the emotions out of that you're not concerned about your portfolio possibly dropping you know 10203040%. Within a 12312. Month period. We've taken it out. Because we're basically using again not passive asset management but active and tactically. Active management. You know Phil I have better things to do with my time than that trip that's stock market air over five minutes or every day it's constantly moving asset classes are constantly moving and we're constantly moving along with it you really have to bend you know like a palm tree you have to bend in the win we have the den with the wind. You have to make sure that. You really don't get blown over by it. You know fil a you mentioned 2008 of course that's always in the back of any serious discussion with Romo market volatility. That's 2008 shadows still looms over port every one especially in United States. Did how well folks just beating themselves up over long after the event was over because the recovery time was tremendous wasn't. Yeah it certainly was and many folks got very apprehensive so bright and the number one they stayed in too long and let their portfolios by an amount they did not have a fail safe spilled into a big mistake especially today and in today's day and age. The next thing is because they were snake pit so to speak they didn't give back into the market when they absolutely should happen again. He gets back into that emotional state when we're talking about our money our retirement income the nest egg that we have saved for years and years and years. How can you not become emotional. So it does make sense of folks become emotional and this is why you really wanna work with the trained professional. Someone who is a licensed fiduciary someone that has your best interest at heart. Not necessarily. They're brokers are commissions or things of that nature and are we wanna make sure that the client. This first and foremost you wanna make sure that your police acting as a fiduciary. Which folks means always faithful to the client. Make sure that the clients needs come first and foremost 100% of the time in one emotion I want to experience feel. Is he spoke mauling yet for those of you who are around listening. I had my office manager candy set up three complimentary consultations for this week coming up and it's been. Great because you folks have been taking advantage of it. Even commended the office you can talk about taxes we can talk about income planning leads talk we can talk about Social Security you can come to one of our. Opting coming workshop Sweden now on from two library workshops a month to three we've just had another library contact us. Finance system we would do these complimentary educational workshops at their librarian I'm not allowed to mention any names but let's just say it's another one of the will no libraries in Austin it's so nice when we get calls from libraries to actually invited Sinn. To help educate their clients on Social Security timing in retirement income planning again this is an underserved topic this is something again folks we paid into for decades. When you go into Social Security wanna make sure the your fully armed with knowledge. Education and with a plan again going back to that plan. Make sure that plan is written down it's well understood and it has a goal line in front of that call our office. We have three appointments set up I I would be more than happy to visit would be personally if you speak to candy show set aside to send appointment time and will be happy to work with you. And happy to answer any questions you may have. Here was that number four you could take advantage of this fantastic opportunity that's 800. 8511636. And yes it is no cost. Yes it is no obligation to do is nothing to lose. And you will step away with him how warm month that you didn't have before were meeting no matter what financial state who may be an out right now. 808. Point 11635. We have agreed to topic coming up folks we come back from break when we return ever gonna talk about preparing you for RNDs that would be required minimum distributions. How to make sure that these. Turning these aren't d.s into tax free income so we'll be right back here on the financial safari. We Texas briefed homeowners growth potential safari quiz question you know it's. At what age you should do and you begin to claim being Social Security benefits. 62. 66. For seven days. The correct answer is 62. Although that's not necessarily when you short stories claiming Social Security. Find out the answer to that question of content you were local for natural coach had a financial self already dot com. Bill before the break who mentioned or dim these and we were talking while peace of mind emotions. And those are in these are gonna be an emotional roller coaster for all Lotto folks when they look at their portfolio. A special sometimes when you look at the line Brent on the paperwork involved can you walk. Goes through someone's out. Yeah what we'll do is who will take a complicated subject and most simplified for you most folks. Are in what we call in our profession the accumulation planning stage of retirement. And basically what that means is we spend our time working we spend our tame raising our children seating and contributing to these tax deferred accounts. These accounts that have never been tax will call them IRAs 401 k.s for a three b.s 450 seven's. Any account that the government has allowed us to contribute to. A company may or may not have matched at. And we're deferring taxes for a certain age now this comes with certain rules remember. Uncle Sam wants to eventually get that money in tax that money and again we spoke earlier in the show about this twenty trillion dollar debt. Many folks. Even many political officials are who are concerned that taxes we'll have to block in order to eventually paid his debt down. So let's talk about RMD is what does it mean first of all. R&D simply mean required. Minimum distribution. So you heard it. We have to we're required. By law to take a minimum distribution. Out of our collective tax deferred accounts. All of our IRAs for a one k.'s and whatever and any other tax deferred account. And each year we have to calculate this distribution and we have to take the distribution from a couple of rolls without. The distribution value is based on what your total account values where December 31 to the previous year. It's based on the uniform like the expectancy code basically. There the IRS has a published uniform life expectancy code depending on whether you're married single divorced and so forth and you have me. Big to simplify it there are so many years that the IRS says you have to lives for your life expectancy. Here's a simple on the short of it most RMD's all our d.s have to be taken once an individual reaches seven you have. There are some extenuating circumstances which we won't get into on this show Amber's gonna talk about Arby's seventeen half. The basic RMD first percentage is about three point 65 or three point seven. Percent of the entire count value that's your first distribution. Each year that distribution increases because your life expectancy decreases. You've lived one more year. If you miss a distribution folks. There is eight excise tax we don't like to call penalties we call on excise taxes if you miss a distribution which we have seen Akron. More times that I cure to talk about. Up 50%. So for instance. If you're RMD in your act combined IRAs is let's say 30000 dollars and you don't need it or you forget to take it or god forbid something happens you're sick. He wasn't put on automatic pilot you've heard it it's a 30000 dollar distribution. You're gonna pay excise tax of 151000 dollars Pletcher gonna pay the tax on the 30000 dollar distribution. It's a major panel made itself. We want to make sure that these distributions are put on automatic pilot now here's a copy this is an important to note you're RMD. Starts out and about three point 63 point 7% from 72. To 78. Your total RMD the amount that you need to withdraw each year from these retirement accounts goes from about quarter by 8% and so every year you need to make at least that much. In addition that once you hit 78. Randall from 78 and nine B one of these distributions go from 5%. Per year to 10% per year call us a lot to navigate also feels so. That that should be an annual. Meeting goes on that subject is that wrong. It is in wood that's exactly what we do we do our. You let's face it we start to become more forgetful. One happens when a spouse passes away. Let's say in arcades are used me let's say I pass away and I am an aide to leave my. For a one came diary accounts to my wife my spouse and that becomes a spousal hiring now she has to calculate them. So it's extremely important again to put a plan together a written plan when you come into our office we actually have are empty train means. And we can show you how to butcher armies and automatic pilot. Not just for the individual who owns a retirement account. But also make sure it's an automatic pilot for the spouse and wondered now there's children than inherent will we don't use. That would be known as an inherited Irish spirit different rules and regulations for each. Concerning these are indeed distributions. And it's extremely important that we addressed them again many folks are unaware of these armed these crews were used to being an accumulation. Mode. Once she had seven in half once you retire coach you move into what's called distribution mode or distribution planning this is what we specialize we specialize in distribution planning. And tax reduction planning. Will our clients we wanna make sure that number one. All of those hard earned dollars we worked and to build up these IRA accounts and he's qualified accounts for one case in light. We wanna make sure that we'd make these distributions in any tax efficient way and we're gonna talk about this when we come back about how to like take these are and decent how to like converted mrs. possible to convert him into tax free accounts is it possible to. To convert and aren't they were gonna answer all of your questions on that. When you come back if you have a specific question regarding our MD's please feel free to call in the show now. I'll be happy to empty your question on the air. TE lobby happy to address it in the office and personal interview RMD Syria extremely important. And we certainly don't want to miss sending. That number is 808. Point 11636. And fill in passing you mention life changes that folks to go through for instance slow losing this bells. We've been talking about retirement but also inherit princes legacies. Property train crews. All kinds of changes. You see that probably what every day of the week in and when you're talking about armed these sounds like we were able to with your help. Get a head of some of those changes that otherwise we'd be playing catch up with. Right one of the things that we do one of the services that we help our clients understand is if you do not have any personal pension. We can actually set up an R&D distribution plan in a joint like personal pension these personal pensions are only pay the RMD they're placed inside the IRA and put her on a managed to to pay NR MD's for use. For your spouse and even for anyone who has who he inherits your hiring after you when your spouse or finish. Finish collecting income from the himself it's important again to have an income plan. Are indeed distributions are an extremely important part of bedding complaint. There's so many. Things to keep track all the debt or going to impact. You more pew true or. So folks I just wanted to let you know again just one and three mind you we still have to open appointment slots for next week. If you have a question on R&D distribution planning. How to do tax reduction planning how to put this all altogether and an overall retirement plan. Take advantage of our complimentary consultation call can be and will be happy to sit down personally and discuss. Your retirement plan and any changes or any questions you may have regarding. You don't want a Minnesota's golden opportunity. And it's so easy just do call 808411636. And yes this is no cost and no obligation. Yes liberally there is nothing to lose and that number is 8085116. 36. 401K plan. There and now many of them are not the retirement kuril some folks think they Wear or wish they work. So you know go to one in this this we're gonna talk about how to convert seven these plans are portion of these plans into tax free retirement income. So you're not gonna wanna miss the next segment hero on the financial safari. You're listening to the financial safari news next. It's. We won't know that having your money work for you was important but having your financial advisor understand your goals is just as vital to healthy financial plan. Your advisor should work for you can understand and control the amount of market risk you're exposed to and especially as we approach retirements. The first thing to focus on is to simply start saving and what don't save and a place that could lead your hard earned savings over explosive risk and this is taken care of by having a proper diversification strategy for not having all your money in one place. Mean with the financial coached and have them explain what your retirement would look like 51020. And even thirty years from now. So number one goal and financial planning is to look at the road you're on right now and make sure it's going to get you to the destination you really wanna get too yeah if you're not sure. Meet with the financial coach there are many different ways to manage your money and build it for retirement you get a second opinion keep your rise on the ball. It. It. So you mentioned the magic number which is 401K. Before we took this break. And on air brought up something that you have mentioned roller. And it sure caught my attention that is tax flurry. And sound like Putin and actually tied it to a together 401K. Plus tax rate. It's important that you do and for some folks that have accumulated significant wealth in their IRAs and 41 case it's an absolute must. If you do not put together a tax efficient way of taking distributions from these retirement accounts. You may have created a major tax trap. There's a couple ways that we can go about doing this. First of all folks many of your 401K. Administrators will now offer what's known as say Roth 401K. I've been a free advice the very first thing that I would do is go in speech here administrator should tell you heard about it. And see if they offer Roth for one case the sooner you start contributing to a rock they tax free retirement account and that the better you Lar. If the do were are operate Roth 401K let me explain to benefit other from first of all. The contributions. That you make in to these plans are taxable so your pain that taxes on these plans upfront however. The earnings that these plans accumulate. Through the years are totally tax favored a tax free that's right you heard it. If year all of your returns when you start to take distributions from these Roth 401K. And diary accounts. All of the distributions come out and are never taxed again so your tax once with the funds going into the account. They're allowed to accumulate tax free for years and years. On by the way that dreaded. You can allow these accounts to continued to grow. Tax free and then when you need to take money out want to take money out of your spouse. Needs to take money or wants to take money we can take any distribution of 100% tax free. This is a major planning tool we use a B a lot. Now it's it's not something that's well known because for years they never offered rough quarreling case saying only offered rough diaries. And they had very stringent income limits if you made over 91000. And you are single or 92000. You were over the limit to contribute. To a Roth IRA if you were married Fallon join over hot 190 some thousand you couldn't contribute and now there's limits had been relaxed and reduced now. There's a way to put money into a Roth ire re Iraq for a one K with respect to and I'll get off of the rough for a one K for a moment I'll go into the Roth higher rank sure. I've had clients asked me if Phil can I take my Ahram indeed and can I put it into a raw irony. The answer folks is absolutely not we cannot convert an R&D to a Roth irony however. We can convert any amount above the armed d.s first so for those of you folks. Who were over seven and a half and are already taking distributions. We cannot can ever R&D distributions into it brought firing however. There're other plans we commuters for instance we can use like insurance retirement plans that are covered under section. 7702. Of the IRS code. These are these are plans that are used for legacy planning. They they have faith they have a life insurance benefit attached to it any major savings parked. These plans are also used as tax free distributions and I won't get into it in detail here but the point is. There are. Different programs we can use to number one reduce the in two tax free retirement plans so. Many folks who have been contributing to these. Mean beautiful retirement plans have accumulated hundreds of thousands some of my clients just millions of dollars. In these higher res. What they've done is they've created an R&D nightmare. We don't know what the tax rates are going to be in future strong probability with this large debt that they probably will go up and again we don't know congress really controls that. What we do now is we can prepare for both sides of the equation. We want to make sure that we have money in. It's a separate accounts tax me laying there. Tax me now don't ever tax me forever and Iraq higher ranked any planet qualifies under 77028. Life insurance. Come planning tool really fit the bill well when it comes to tax free retirement planning. Phil sells like there's a lot for us to all void. Moore also some opportunities out there that we can take advantage cope if we just know what to disgust. And is really the best way to do is now it is to get together with a coach. For those of you folks who have been listening please call our office give candy call if you wanna know more about how to do a Roth contribution are headed to a Roth conversion. Or even the like insurance. Diebler she likes insurance pension retirement plans. Give us a call will be happy to give you one on one consultation here in her office in that. Gnome or is 808511636. Coal candidate and she can set up. That at no cost no obligation initial consultation with Phil and his team. That's 808. Point 11636. And build a fantastic show and I salute you for sharing so much valuable information. Debt but consumer can take to the bank right now we'll look forward to you and joining us again. On the net financial stuff or. Currency RA. Information on this for the strength purposes only and does not constitute investment text we'll advice information has been painful. Sources that are deemed to be reliable what are. Receiving complete this cannot be guaranteed their Peter. We guarantees case only a financial strength and claims paying ability patient and company. Individuals should thoroughly review the contract specific details of it. Cost income payments of withdrawals from deferred annuities are generally taxable ordinary income in the near near thing.