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Mar 4, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What they. Welcome to real estate radio we here host Jason status. Wanna share your real estate stories call now at 5126409610. And now here's Jason Stubbs yeah. And Sunday were backed central Texas this is real state radio I'm your host Jason Stubbs branch manager of era mortgage and your consumer advocate for all things real estate. Hopefully color TV show which is on simultaneously. Talk right now. On KB DO at twelve and if you miss that what we're doing as you can see what we're doing here and radio studios and talk Turkey 7 AM so. We broadcast this here. Or nother talk thirteen seventy every Sunday at twelve and also on your TV KB DO. Try to bring the Texas hill country in your living room every Sunday of course right here where we sit in a row and no less is 181. 407. And I'm sitting here joined bomb plot my coach Sean Finnegan what's going on. Hello hello how this on the trees are pretty dead just not trying to relax after a kind of hectic and busy week at the office yeah well that's. That that's I mean that's what we're doing now you're the dog would start Bloomington it's tough thrust. Took to get behind that laughs laptop and start to passion that's here he had sent Tommy here it's his seems to be right about now's when. But they're crazy pre approval offseason seems Turkey economic this time every year people sort of get their house on the market. You know prepare now possibly you know make a move in the summer. Indian now's really when he gets busy it is no doubt we're ready for it. Two guys are we got a text on open if you have any questions I mean we will be neat. You know more questions rule stayed you know you're. You're questioning anybody in this industry we love to hear from here are Tex lines open right now it's 512640. Nine 610 that's 5126409. To sixteen and in we will also keep that line open on after. For about an hour after after our show today also. We would not be able to even do that show without the other help from pat law firm in supporting us for. This will be the fifth year so closing off this protects American title. And and folks if you have not he's patent law firm and after hours weekends and they just do on Saturday just this past or yesterday actually. And done enough for us on us to be. Advertising all that puts. They definitely do that so give up patent law firm shot. I'm also did catering with a shirt ripping out realtors free roof inspection before you list at home that's good information to have don't get caught. A without inspection coming back from a you have your party you under contract and you got your home inspection come and you wanna get stuck out in front of that sedan tingling with assurance roofing. Is your guy and he supported our. Or show also and actually going to be on the that the first TV show our our new season which there were about soon to kick off here shortly. Also that app is been doing fantastic. Sean that app now as I mean I guess it's been about. What two years or so we've been working on it I saw Louisiana we've got over a thousand people that are gonna actively using that some more than others but. Because if you download or it's pretty cool you can shop poems get interest rates calculate your payments all that stuff right there it's easy do pull the text message. You're going to text atx to this number 31996. And I you can click on the link that says to you scroll over. Download home screen and you can shop owned skewed interest rates and calculate your payment right there are also rules state radio FaceBook pulpit FaceBook in just search rules say radio. A lot of cool stuff going on there to take a peek at bat and you know who we hope you enjoy it so Sean. I've been going to. This. You know got car accident with truck right yeah and that's I got a new and out of market are now yeah had a little bitty silent parked behind me. Come Bain it was actually you have this in cars that you. Yes I look at I mean it's you know I teach us every time somebody makes fun of my car to say hey man two words no payment okay you know I think you're winning needed on the Euro winning you know yeah I mean in my fuel small for big guy like me but I guess if point a to point B and I can loaded up with a bunch of garbage it's pretty good on gas and knock. I don't have a 500 dollar month payment events right now shaft I now mom was just about paid off and then we reset that about five years so that's. Not so you know not not necessarily benefit. But I feel like I'm winning every time I drive I our agreement I feel like I mean I totally am. So yeah anyway but I've may have with dobbs has a back issue is he going to get I get some work done Alec to help team treatments at this one plays a recently switched in. It's crazy is my buddy. Neal backing and so I don't know several of these met little medical centers and done they're just I mean what a world of difference he's made for me. And down anyway and he they're doing a good job and that we got doc alone. No I got to see we get him out suspected use no joke so I still have pains every day from a wrecked house and when a sixteen about eighteen years ago itself. Stoke those back injuries men don't go on the soft tissue bank interest on the I'll walked in and doctor Hayes looked at me goes. We're about to do son. Blank stuff here today so away however you guys I mean some sees me some man blank here today is yes if you guys feel like there. But yeah he'll be calling it a little bit just gonna give us an idea what they're doing out Cedar Park and if your business owner out there and you're just opening up a company and we were here for you wanna help you. Do you talk to us give us a ring chiefs attacks but so you were costly trying to promote. You'll local Austin companies local businesses just a part of of what we do here I mean that does fit into the the real state to umbrella also but I think we got. Doctor Hayes on the line right now doctor patient care. I'm here how the government. Yeah you man I'm telling me I'm sitting here with a smile on my face to what you guys been doing to help me Albert to tell our listeners a little bit about you enough. It which he does not going on out there and see apart. No we just we open our doors that broke her medical center in Cedar Park probably three weeks ago. We open our doors and Purdue and primary care family medicine and chiropractic care. And I handle the car repair a handle all the the rehab. And we just switch patients better no matter what you walk in the dole it all figured out if we can't handle drops and it can't. Yeah I loved it meant I don't know foes won your first patients or not but so I do remember that you do you guys are still unpacking. Boxes and stuff so brand new office and what a gorgeous place you guys out of there. Then I'd I'd it's finished couldn't get a little bookshelf this morning Mikey is shutters were always. You know trying to add more things that we we got a place running and ready go. Yeah nice and three guys out there remover we're talking to doctor hazel pro. Pro care medical senators on the line he's been working with me and I mean you know. Your doctor is Reese lob one bring yours just to share with with the folks what you're doing I mean I'll opt I'm getting better. And I appreciate you guys in which are doing out there. And folks if you're in the area in the see your parking area in you have any type of a mean auto industry all on auto industry automobile injury there's Sharia everybody thank you sir appreciate your help there. Yeah you guys need to give blood doctor is a shot with procure medical. Doctor Hays how we can contact with you guys. It. This. Those who got a phone call doorway and you can book online on our web site. Croquet air med center dot com and it procurement center not medical got on you call our phone number 5123717478. More to come by and we we detect walking isn't there we are plottage calling it a weird we will not sure moderate also tore tore. Fantastic while I appreciate you keep up the good work and I'll see you tomorrow. Everybody take care. Yemen and got absolutely I would tin trips run around from our office us trying to go the convenient route is not a doctor just literally almost walking distance from our office. And may have been gone over there and figure I give my. My good buddy a and you move up that way so it's not too bad if you're gone from her house you know yeah Jimmy lake way to Cedar Park yeah I'd better call friend with a helicopter this year and I'm Canadian up there yet how absolutely so Sean what's what are interest rates soon. You know richer hanging in the mid fours Garcia overnight averages are hanging in mid fours unconventional. Maybe you know you're FHA VA may be slightly under. Bomb you know for all those like we said you know I talk about time you know people call our foreign I have four that would mean Cornet for what it's you know it's still historically I mean I. But now and I don't I I don't wanna if you're getting a thirty year fixed mortgage at four point 5% I don't wanna hear you complain seriously I just don't I mean. But like you said when I started in the business you know about eleven years and Hamid. Reach for six and a half six point 75 yeah I remember my dad told me stories about Yahoo! early eighties and tritium. 15%. With perfect credit definitely an hour Tom are you a thirty year loan for for a half percent to test it I mean the I wouldn't blow my mom. You know I thought a fifty dollars for Ford Africa so she's not listening yet. But anyways I mean how they're still did I mean here's the thing markets up big time we definite new trump gave a speech this week. Market went up you know the market seems a lot. Child for everything people can see so far definitely you know generally the rule some isn't the stock market goes up entry through go out you know plus the fact that. You know the Fed has come out and said they're gonna slowly start you know raising the federated little bit so. You know I would definitely say I mean I don't think it's it's in effect. Buyers a time I mean yes can affect your buying power a little bit special some of those you know the higher dollar purchases where you know the deal restraint. Yacht 400000 are on their team for a half and four point some five you could not yet out of you know qualification purses for some of that the higher itself but I mean the starter homes to 5200000. Dollar 300000 dollar. You know that little eight quarters not gonna making huge jump in your payment it's not really in effect a whole lot of your buying power. But I would deficit mean if you're on the fence are refinancing I mean. I just think people have to be prepared in the next 24 months rates are good to be 5% or higher I think I mean act I can't staffer fact. You know on the maybe aren't so Bakken play America's. The one thing people you know you we don't talk about arms at time because it terrifies people yet loan officers that's all I've been our guy I've I've always been armed guy. Me today. And especially now meanwhile a lot larger base of Libor and you know people lead if you talk to these X experts in a financial experts Europe. So watcher you're seeing the worst of it yeah so with those arms base off Libor and you know it if if Europe goes in the tank again do we know those those arms shall stay low gear when mom. Nobody rates legs in mid fours if you got PM by it if you're in an FHA loan. Com and you've been in those loans a couple years of meet staff we now's the time I'll say to refinance don't. I don't like us and I was so people you know. Odds are more likely Richard godly go down so I can't promise are gonna go one way or another but if you ask my personal professional opinion yeah. They're gonna go up more likely is more likely go up there gonna you again it's funny you said historically yet has historically for a millennial. I mean literally historically for millennial is their entire professional. Thought process you don't like prefers factional Colin as C Saturday they're getting they're getting bombarded with emails and think saying your click you're three point some 5%. There re defied print. Yeah innovative they'll read that means you don't buy the rate down necessarily. You pay marketing works and yeah no it it makes people click blow you know like you said racers rates are still get yeah I mean I like you said to me. Any under five still kids come. It's it's nothing to complain about yeah harms. You I mean kind of turn the page you got a quick break coming up but before we do that I mean. You kind of flood jumped in with your with your K enough saves the day we did we only did yeah. We got alone close at thirteen days easy like let's get it or we're not waving the flag or the thirteen day lender but this is not standard operating procedure this is not. Something we prefer to do this was a unique situation you know a friend of mine from another mortgage company called means and Amy and which we've got to we've got a small issue here. This a good loan it's clean. On their past clients Amano for them to fork out on DC seeking help him out. The little catches they've got a close by the end of the month this was I was who's the weekend before rounds I never remember the conversation again and and I said you know what I'll do my best. If you send me a full clean file so that Monday the Monday was the holiday or does happen that Tuesday. You know brought me full clean file. Garrett submitted got the appraisal order our rush on and literally out on T thirteen at 530 we got a closed. But it said that's not standard operating procedure brought out that we're not advertising yet and we're but if you're in a jam you know when it's a clean fathers I wanna you know and I wanna air on it. You know we can get those done and unique circumstance SO. It has got to stop right there on the Jason styles rule state radio order every Sunday at noon when we come back we've got Jim and Robin most group weicker realtors. We're talking everything you need no Leander cedar park new homes lot some common stick around. Welcome back to show central Texas visceral save radio I'm Jason Stubbs. And got a buddy Sean Finnegan both within our own mortgage sitting in with me. But coastal pot not how it gets a four shot. Pretty dead man pretty did a good deal with that being said I've got away introduce you to some folks that that so we've known for quite some time and and are really get themselves out there Robert and Jim Mosley with YR realtors how we doing a great thanks for having us welcome welcome welcome. How to do and we're doing great and glad to get here what go and all of a mind idea we are working on. Right now we're working on just a lot of new home inventory out immediately intercede park area we have a lot of new homes got a lot going a little more don't get into that but before we do that. Tell us a little bit about you guys and in your team in what are realtors. Sure. I'm rabbit and a broker by the Cedar Park location quite a realtors we've been in business for fifteen years and then last June. We had hoped in the weicker branch. We have two locations we have one down south I don't know man checked and we had to Cedar Park often that you were always looking for good eight used yeah they're they're experienced or knew. And we just pride ourselves in knowing the market and really providing first class customer service. That's right yes no doubt it I mean you guys as far as the market goes in and knowledge amid the initial conversation I would Jim about coming on today I mean. You know it's funny to judge okay you got radio show and what we try to do is just green. Folks that are vetted they really know. What what they're doing you know I mean there's a lot of agents out there we all know I mean there's some good most are good some are so much but it's a lot of those folks that. But just don't practice rules state as much. You know I think there's a benefit by getting some folks like like cup which you guys are doing on the you have the heartbeat thank you note of that area and I think that's important for you listeners out there so that's kind of part what what we try to do here's his marine. You know folks on that that really understand. You know certain area and obviously we can't be experts and in every area mean people that claim they're an expert Georgetown and San Marcus I was kind of think your reader who really do to get around traffic on I 35 or if you hook. Sure we're ready get a helicopter if you had a helicopter helicopter yes no kidding so what I mean. What do what's going on out there I mean you we've got this. This massive. Things happening in the you know west harm or 1431. Area. What what's control. The draw out there I believe what one of the biggest driving factors is when he three day for all the tall way out that way and it really has cut commute times down but. That Ronald Reagan. Parma link or vs exploding right now with new growth lots of new retail yeah. We have tons of office coming online for the small executive. So the drive out there really is it's it's hill country living we have lots of water yeah heavily Georgetown we have to San Gabriel river. I'll know that it's beautiful fishing army to an attitude and outlook sync gave her river don't don't tell anybody but it's white bass seasons don't it has yet to comment on time you know we had up to three weeks maybe. Sean mortgage they've put her Q and afternoon I'll be out there we will obviously I got my daughter first Fisher also like to get out there pay out let's do it apparently Travis is also really get active definitely. Went out to one of the state parks out there off Hilton pulls what's up what's police. Forget the name of it but I we have mark took a little three year old last weekend looking for what that's just not time yet. We go to Colorado then well got you way up there yeah case and agreed to by pass there's definitely. Art before bore everybody dealt with all the station talk America my position all day long that's different stationers show at least that is yet. Yeah no doubt so I mean let's talk about me let's just takes your part and Cedar Park is there an area that's been growing for her you know year after year after year. And you know what what we found over the the past couple years it was just kind of affordability but they are there's just so much more now Aaliyah but you mention with the commercial properties moving out. Well we have a new 1890 rant cost us a noon now but you know just the retail loan mess out there and he pretty much you can live in. Work and stay on the undersea your park without having to come into the city. We have the commuter rail which is nice so I come down play SXSW. Or have a good time. You can jump on the rail and he downtown. And come home and not to worry about driving back that is nice fantastic. Were on farmer and it it comes Bob Orr right I'll remember in the station by late last station I can believe that we haven't been doing this more were calmer Mo pac area pray so right 11 block north of Schofield. That's right there's there's a little stop there. And we hop off herself by last year and what a brilliant ride it was yeah so yup I've never been a huge proponent of the trains until I hop on one and it was. Pretty clean it's not so if your travel new group of people it's a lot of funding get on there and they have Wi-Fi and yet you know you can have a beverage and not worry about driving right yes that's just a good way to get downtown have fun not to mention if you just wanna get going your wife. Go down in eaten some of great restaurant could hobble halfway have you will be here or your house back on and they go downtown and I knew what the one complaint and if people had was they cut it off pretty early on price or nights is that they are and it's back their hours are there now extending Emory they're rumors and they also have a bust of fear if you missed the trains the buses run on time too so I did not know that jammed I grew up in major Jimmie trains. Malia standard operated and manager for awesome night. I was taking the train at thirteen years old New York City yeah he wouldn't be so when I came here and that's always been I think the biggest issue one of the BC she's also still is just lack of public transportation it is and I think it it doesn't help with the traffic problem up and you know it does also added told Ruth and things like that a solar show that yeah I think that there. Lee is what we've heard everything from you know under put the railroads underground to gondolas again so I hear your take my tax money may that are put some plans of front he wasn't gondola sewing and Scott kind of Zach Taylor atop and there are a quick guys you're just tune in and this is real state radio I'm Jason so we're here every Sunday at noon and also. On near you TB KB BO from from noon to one enough I'm my company today but Sean Finnegan in a row mortgage in Robin mentioned most north. Who were talking with other with the weicker realtors. There were talked about this year park court or in this thing is just. Expanding like crazy and mean you'd Jim rob you guys know this area so well me let's talk about some individual. Communities builders. Q what can we get out there me what are some of these new communities that that are are going up going up up there. Well are up along the lake flying corridor. This weekend will be out with and new KB home subdivision Mason hills. Which is a thousand home master planned community. There in phase two now and Jason hill's or mesa hills until they have the block set Mason hills and lakeside at mesa hills which were where will be this weekend. We have three home to wield an open. And we'll have on site agents there and help. So they're there today they are gotcha and are busy. So if if our listeners out there one iconic swayed by an end you don't poke their heads into NATO's open house's. Q what type information can you give them or that kind of connect with you guys up there well and they can see visit our on site folks. We have Scott and and throughout their today we also have drew will be sitting one of the homes that were asked 1536 camera act need rest seventeen a form and even drive. And we have another OS 1605 crescent these are beautiful two bedroom. Four laps later for veteran two and half bath homes. Motley price these are starting in the 300 price point. And then we have a crescent which is a for better and three and half bath maoists are set for seventeen. These are on the ground ready to go nice and so we have quick move and these are quick movements and then we also have you construction. If we're gonna get into that but you know for our are our folks who don't really realize where these army for Californians out their listening Jeremy can kind of give us the components I mean. If we're talking and you know I've. You have the blocks or Mason hills and where is that exactly that is indeed crystal falls area of Leander now and so if you're coming up 183 a and you had. You know make a left on crystal falls gushan follow that all the way out to. Lakeland boulevard that is true hill country. I mean it's gorgeous McChrystal falls. Was just it was an amazing Malia community when it started in the end you know I mean they're building this thing in the middle crash happened and then boom everything went flat builders got out of there. Nobody's building any thing in now he drugged out and crystal falls which is gorgeous and the surrounding areas that is a fantastic area. It really is still feel like often have a wonderful golf course yes they do Chalmers talking about yeah. I enjoy golf yeah you do need more than your life now I wish I had time for that now has the guys are text lines open as he got he questions. Four Robin or Jim knows there. Anything Cedar Park Leander in sub advised when you should lose your homework or whatever it is reach out to us right now Tex lines open is 512. 640. Nine 610. And we got to take a quick little break coming up here but on the gym we get back let's talk a little bit about some new this new construction. And what the options are what that process is like and I mean if that's what we got to get to. You know Bob follows this economists that came out and said that are in the towards the lowest it's been in in a century. So you with that being said and Austin being taught at the market as it is a mean new homes definitely come into play so you guys don't miss this stick around. See you welcome back to the show's central Texas solicitor general stay radio I'm Jason Stubbs got shot set against it next Jimmy. We're Errol mortgage and we're here to take you were real states. Questions your mortgage questions you got a problem with with a loan you're not sure how how to choose an agent your your home's been on the market too long and ushered realtors doing their job let us know we can help yet or at least try to lecture on exactly we tried yeah. So Tex lines open 5126409. 610. And though we are are joined as another segment. Robin and Jim knows her how would we we hang in our guys we are thanks well we did do well before the break we're talk a little bit about you that debt that that armor fourteen dirty war and Ronald ray you and you know that crystal falls area and all these new construction. It for the folks out there that you may be your first home. You might wanna get to that bigger house get that extra bedroom when a better school or whatever it is but on the tell you there there's a lot of movement going on in the it in in that northwest. Corner were of Austin, Texas and if you do have to sell your house today and in your kind of Warner were to start. Robyn talked to us a little bit about this like take us through the process because you know there's lot of folks out there. Bet you we will do the loan form the like along we plan to stay in my house for for two or three years in next thing you know they be in the house for years five years six years. Which they may have more equity than they realize at the appreciation bubbles we've seen. Recently but kind of walk us through that the process and in how you guys approach. Folks when it's timeless. Counselor I would love two have the opportunity to earn their business and a trust a real estate consultant. While we do as a listing agent we just invest in our clients sell what we will do is we're gonna take that times. To really prepared to make sure that our house stands apart from the competition got you. So the services that we provide we're gonna pay for pre home inspection and we're gonna provide any man services. We're gonna have a professional feature professional photography and then we're gonna put a home warranty on your house got you. So we're gonna make sure that our house is prepared of what we put on the market. To make sure that we get the highest amount of money in the shortest amount of time definitely so whether you're looking at new construction and or and other resale were good note walks. Through every step of the way with you we're gonna shoot we're gonna explore the options that are right for you when your family. Got you so you mentioned you knew you you you guys get a a pre inspection program can help folks understand why you do that came. We like it a pre home inspection and identify any issues before we get into a contract right. So once we get into a contract the virus can have a home inspection we wanna be aware of all the items that might come up. But also have the opportunity to be proactive and address them before we even get an offer right. Surely do not wanna get an offer we're going to be option period and then you deal falls through. Definitely and I mean what if like me give me an example like coming to shutting me jump in here but I knew what type of things could come up. Without that on the section that you think could I mean it it we column hurdles you know a lot of times folks they just don't wanna know. Oh well you know the roof needs repairing yell you could have already done that in in my and we covered by insurance you don't know but. You what are some of these other things that that you can kind of prevent from coming up later well any of. Bad disposal yeah dishwasher. A water heat area. But the good thing about that because we pay to put a home warranty on your property yes that is spending hundreds or thousands of dollars addressing that yeah you're gonna get that covered for a small service speak maybe sixty or seventy dollars deftly in a lot of those so more tees. I mean you can pull an all the home as it's listed in in how does so we're I think they're getting to where they can train it spur home. Choose the the the bill folks are coming in are your home ask president right Erica Erica I know that there's a couple that that we're doing that I'm sure that that standard procedure but. But I do you know the dials an option which is a great thing Amir kind of offer your computer virus they look. Yeah we got our own checked out we had an inspected obviously they'll probably have another inspection most of time. And you know that that way you view your reader you're sellers really are prepared you guys are prepared in that put them in the best position. You know to to find the right buyer series saying so you actually will have the seller. Get a home warranty before it goes to market and then use that to fix any problems what I'm saying is I actually pay for the home warranties warrant the seller to put on the house that's nice and for the services of the pre home inspection Boca gonna pay well to three hours of handyman services I'm paying for the staging a photography while the warranty fantastic and we really invest in our clients that's why I said you know I would love the opportunity to meet with few if you're thinking about selling. I would love the opportunity to earn your business as your trust him real estate consultant lover. Love it will good deal I mean and that's you know it's it's it's a it's a big deal you know shot and our needs and offer to pay for an answer from. Finally got the opportunity to remodel photos photo if you are not I got added a photos and you did you buy a house I did or did they did you know she's listening. Solve most of us there and I love you Dana but maybe got payment can make sure your first time guest next time. No doubt about it so we'll gentlemen let's have turned pay to me we talked a little bit about listen house is and and you know it's it's just so important to be should you choose the right agent on listing home I mean anybody can go in there. Get some pictures taken note on an all us but you actually realizing that. Yeah there's a couple stages. Of negotiating folks don't understand I mean what you get you know signed contract in. Their bodies on the dotted line on on a on a certain price for me doesn't stop there you'll learn what what happens if you've got mild foundation work and everybody panics you shouldn't panic. Not okay if foundations are all mean all over central Texas we got issues with that so you need agents have been through a turn those processes. Or is say. You HVAC is all on its last legs you know how how do you worked out you know is that that's another negotiating point that you that's that's something that you're you're listen your home you really need some folks that. That have have have done enough. Business update you know they can help here at target to get through that stuff. There's also particulars of a fraud Saddam not only that accurate upfront that weighs them. The potential buyers a big leaguer trying to sneaks on them by am. Paul fast one on I'm trying to record us fees and the other thing too is if your house is prepped right and you've got it looking great. You're gonna you're gonna get the top of the market and that's really the key for our clients as we wanna get. The most out of that home so they can take that equity and then you know move on to another home and that's what we're doing a lot this new construction. You know a lot of these people are moving up into a nicer neighborhoods are better school district or maybe that. Home that they really want to leverage up to and so it's our job to get in the most they can for that house and buy it. Prepping their home correctly were able to do that. Sounds like you guys got of a pretty dismal system here do I mean it sounds like it's free Turkey and an I know just by the the big Tom I mean you guys get back to to me I mean on on the quick you have that response time kind of Cecil allotment. And I yesterday in this law to use. Didn't good but failed to turn to Pedro quick guys you guys just tune and the Central State radio I'm Jason styles are joined by. Robin Jim Posner. With weicker realtors we're talking about the quarter were out in in northwest Austin Cedar Park a year under crystal falls. Ronald Reagan 1430 want all of that area that is just really am their sticks fly and all over the place builders are builders are building and in in Jim Kirk take us through your couple of these. Of these you'd new construction opportunities like let's say that. You know what what's the process like Jimmy what can folks expect gonna give you Calder Hart what's the first up into what do what do we do when when we're looking at new construction. The first step we really do this first listen to what there is are looking for I'm we have a lot of active lifestyle communities out there are so. Whether or your maybe your retiree and your buying something you know something you know one story in a community. And you're kind of looking down so we have some communities we can steer them to. That's the one nice thing about where we are. We have choices Debbie that they wanna be in a one acre. Home site community we have those if they wanna be inept and a more rural setting. Large track larger tracks we have that out there each and they wanna be in a more urban. At close to town we have those as well so. It's really listening to our clients he what they want then once we know what they want and and the price stranger looking in that's the other thing we have a wide range of pricing out there. And that great homes like look. Let's talk about federal quicker mean you don't obviously the I mean I think it's fair to say it's it's almost hard to say but I mean. Under 250 can be a little bit difficult yes it you'll I mean who started news radio show it was it was a 175010. Years ago I mean my wife and I are looking all that hole also Leo quarter 99000. Tons to a 100000 now forget it and well you re like you what to fifty maybe to sixty and so you're lucky let let's just talk for a moment I mean let's talk. Let's talk over 250 so let's let's send it what are some of those opportunities out there for kind of like that 303. Bullets it three or 400000. Dollars last. I think that this spot right now to be in the statute 300 range took us where most of the home sales seem to be yeah gearing towards and we do you have builders that are starting to build models and in that area. KB's one on the net they have a great product they do and will be out there this weekend. But we also have you know MI homeless we have Lennar and and can nurse ranch in a beautiful. Home package out there. Let's see in Savannah ranch we have. We have DR Horton yes. Writers Huffington is out there. Highland homes. Testing to pace setter kinda home and then in the beginning that we've done a lot of our security Chalmers Gary builder definitely really get Hillary I mean there's just a lot of product. That weekend. You know kind of tailored to what they're looking for yeah so what's the process like him and they come to you let's say it's it's a new deal zero there you pick a lot in the end. And then when her car into. Sit down and figure out you know what selections they wanna have so we can amend your home studio pick out what they want. Then of course we are we're gonna have to prep their home get ready if there selling so well I figure that time towards. Com. You know when they're ready to finish yet definite and of course prices have been negotiating Torre were have to negotiate price shirt them. And and then incentives. You know upgrades things like that we have a lot of tools in our quiver and now we can help. Folks with as far as negotiating I think Robin can speak a little better and better yet I like negotiating closing costs at the builder pays for the closure us or our buyers. What we'd like to do. Working with the builder is we know are already pretty it's firm or our stick to your bill times here each and planned when are we gonna put your the sellers house on the market because really even know we can help we short time nieces they're far and few between definitely yet. And you would avoid and you don't wanna move twice if you don't what is right in their solutions for that too few nurses you have to move twice is not that big of a deal. My boy weighed Lombard over there are done owns where cal movers and I mean I'm giving free drop here but it's army it's probably 70000 square feet and he's doing double moves he's he's got it tackled. So he they come in there they pod your stuff nicely Dolan on the rack they can pull down discrepancy apart you seen the giant building Hampshire. But you need something out there you just call them in no such a Pall on the ground you pull your car up open it up go and they are you pod gauges stuff. Yes so they don't mind that now Andrea but says so that's that's definitely something but yet you can avoid that Robin in you can avoid you know any type of short term. You know pick up yeah I think that that's huge for clients were able to playing pretty well. And then just you know. Do not be afraid to ask the builder for things you represent the buyer he. That's seals threat represents the builder definitely so I've learned not to be afraid to ask for things what's the worst that can happen right definitely absolutely well guys we got to cut it right there I mean bold Don appreciate you guys and what you'll do is we're having guys call an end. In what obviously have you back on the show but we wanna give you doesn't also I mean with this being a Sunday show you guys do a lot of open house is on Sunday there so let's let's get does go let's call Lou let's let our folks out there are no. Where Europe what you're doing and I think that the BIB guitar. Straight out part gospel we gotta we are cut it right there but broke quick how to was how Corliss is in contact with you guys. Speaking call me at 5129135593. Perfect there you have it. German Robin knows her with what our realtors we appreciate it guys we come back we got more was Sean Finnegan got in we were going to be. Talking about all kinds of stuff over have a little bit of fund. Stick around be right back. They are getting. You toughness. They're welcome back of the show's central Texas. You're literally save radio I'm Jason styles we appreciate you take a little time here's your Sunday. And it's beautiful beautiful city of Austin, Texas little bit whether she's been and that's all right. How would we get out that was just how to do multinational now come on me knows Fuld I'd folks they know what's going on out there are. You know I cannot believe. You like a simple we moved here about ten years you know we we did look quite been up and that Cedar Park else Toledo blade line mall. Boulevard ray recorder or. And I distinctly what's happened out there and yes fun I mean we I had been out way up there in a while we left to. But some circus Cedar Park senator you know it's remains fairly easy to parks that are out there now all kinds of concerts and bass talks about there and you know just trying to not be is right when he 3 am like. We need a debate tortilla on mountain getaway immediate take weeks we do we pay tortilla and Austin for twenty years of China yellow iron. They got a lead they tortilla I could have made about other things I'm like holy crud I mean a guy's real quick if you're just tuning in the Central State radio which part should just put that out there Ehlers and are talking about Bolivia resupplied they got Lee Anderson are great schools I feel I mean when I you know like sort amateur 2006 and seven and there's too high schools yeah. For Leander. I think there and at least six if not a seven hour crazy in ten years in and add. Four or five more high schools are used to be Cedar Park namely in her high school that's it does Vista ridge ralphs and Boehner Griff. And others there's of the at least one more forget god. I mean it's crazy it is unbelievable what's happening out there it is and you don't just talk well price point and and you know talk missed about the some previous shows that. EO bill that had. There's a ton of stuff under 200000 dollars years ago yeah all right we I mean we you know I mean you still don't pretty quick back and I mean you know if you're looking at something that was that you thought really nice for. 190 was off the market today but still. You know and there's. It's the way it's going affordability it's like people said you know if you wanna get some some property you know. And be able to afford it for three or thousand dollars. That's the way you gotta go there are self. I mean you know who benefits from high prices and homes. People don't know yet a lot of solidly and that's kind of the deal you know we've. Yeah there's a lot of people out there they don't realize that I mean depreciation levels I mean it's fair to say. You know 8% 10% 12% some areas more than ask some areas which is almost like appreciating like in. Before the though the real state crash from the California numbers were double digits and. Yeah I definitely be a little careful I mean it's possible mean if if we ever do get another down taken the economy. You know be in trouble but I you know election or we don't want overbilled again I mean no really I mean that's a once in a dishonest here's real that is it is our re overbuilding again we. The good news is you know apparently according to my favorite economists. We're we solos in the tour in the last century. Which is huge and that's why I think we see always sticks flying and I mean they're turning dirt building homes and I mean that's that's why. US forest the new homes go I mean it's. How much he sultan Al did its brand new is is a nice deal. But there's still opportunities for resells it folks let's just say so in the been around for forty years. I mean you're gonna house and equity and aircraft slew plus whatever you put down. A lot of folks don't realize the mean lots and you gotta you sell your home in and literally just take your take what she got inequity and he'll put that down a lot of times your payments in the same neighborhood. It's more us so we did coming in that that's more muscle we did our Paymah went up a little bit but we we you know we. We made Nestle chunk off the first thousand the most it down you know a lot of smoke a little bit yeah I think a lot of things with it with the new go to once. Unionist you'll want to buy and you build the next hour time ever binary sell well enough no doubt about it if it's definitely tough you have to throw like a pool on that reseller yet it took to kind of work is done it remodel yeah on the inside exit if Ramon and ingredients a little guys say we got a text line opened this liberals say radio I'm Jason stub our Tex lines open. Have you any questions borders questions real silly questions builder questions whatever loose let us know 512640. 9610. And what we also do we've got to. We kind of partner with a lot of folks in town we do a lot of business with people so whether it's like a paint her a foundation company needs a roofing company. Sure terrific that is we we've worked with a lot of these people so you guys need any. Tucked referrals as army basic questions she's attacks 512640. 96. To him. Art Manso shot I want it cut turn page little bit here and let's just a dog in this and some something that that are run across. A couple times in its. It's folks that that it is likely initial phone call sucker right in you know what you know the questions come in you know what your credit life. Erica it's a 750 Busch Series general found Ryan if they. If states if they say it's excellent easiest. If they say it's pretty good he usually is if they say it's good it's easiest. It's when you start date well if you get the famous I think it's OK a it's usually bad for. Some I've had some issues you're like oh geez what a mind when I T a myself and that's true I mean most and if you don't know that's their thing too if you don't know. It generally means it's not good guy in most cases or if it starts with C what happened was yet if you get your. Yeah you're you're in deep and the journey you'll realize there's a lot of things you know within the last year. Bob how your fight it was calculated that they kind of cheese yeah formula means a big algorithm it it is there's no easy way to explain affairs IC took the biggest thing I can tell you that seems to affect people score the most right now and any other thing is you know they've they've really changed a risk they. Brisk based pricing yet he notes that it's a general from the higher your credit score the better lower interest rate you're yet. And it did the bar used to be 720 pretty much is seven when he. You know you've got the same race somebody with 800 right now. It's really more 740. And an up which beat you know if you send me five that's still excellent guy is a Camaro that's a that's a good credit or if you have an 815 or above. Go put that signing your Garnett off ficus 850 I got pulled an 805 not too long ago which is which is excellent. The biggest and it seems to be affecting folks now. Elise to do and that's the thing you know the different your talk about the B 720 to 740 now he can be talking about a quarter percentage in on your interest rates. And the basic is seems to be affecting it that does. That. Now whoever these credit bureaus used to calculate is solemn. Revolving debt write an and the way that works is you know what ever your debt is. When you pay whatever the dead is when it reports that the cup their credit bureaus right job. Is how they beach which course of you've got a 20000 or limit your credit card. It's his Robbins of the date date your particular creditor reports yet 151000 dollar bounced even though you pay off every month. Well that 151000 at a Tony thousands gonna knock your score out there that that right now is to after the biggest factor it is on. We have with folks that we're having to do rapid re scores or have them pay it. Are because you know we can change your score 2030 point is if we could and I mean you're kind of breaking the cardinal rule you know if you got that 20000 dollar limit on your credit card you don't wanna go over 101000 well I mean it's an Emmy. It's it's yes you know you've got your folks I mean you know he I've got you know but my dad uses his Amex for everything right. He's a point he loves the points someone that'll run up ten grand or whatever is in Almonte but he just pays off of four remark right. You know same thing I have other friends I mean they charge everything so it just depends on when it reports he cats around in market really can affect. Your credit score a benefactor to shrink so what's the the mean the lesson here is the lesson here is if you're in the market for buying a house in you you're going to be. Having your credit pulled you know you know if you can cut it down for you know a ninety day window just try not to use your your credit cards much. Just that window down com. Because like I said the lower your debt ratio of the better scores unity all better scores going to be the better interest rate you're gonna get it it's you know. Can we talk to somebody people out there and it is so funny that this time frames that they come up with and not that it's not you don't true why there's no strips here for it right like. Chase might report on the second of the month. Bank of America or airport on the fifth of the market as I discover my report on the fifteenth the Martins so it four point your credit are on the eighteenth in the market and you know chase hasn't updated the bureau's yet and you know what at the time the chase reported your balance was you know you almost wish they do when your cycle was what exactly are forcing doesn't work that way. Yes definitely I mean the advice out there for you I mean a way around the -- find out find out win your. You know when your when your companies are reporting yeah and also you're you're by house and you're six months out I don't care if you're two years out. Give us a call Liz worked couple planned Korea you know six months out is is not that far. It's enough time to where you know they're like auto give my credit I don't my credit they had. Is is pulling your credit will make your credit score go down it does a little bit it's a tiny bit it's all what. Wouldn't what you don't want is you don't wanna go apply for a mortgage the next day apply for car loan. The next day apply for credit card debt that's the that's where they get chipped it to restart apply for a bunch of different types of credit. They get concerned but there's generally get a window to shop rite and like you said we've talked up before you know a lot of credit reports just. Unfortunately have inaccuracies. And sometimes it takes them you know three weeks to get Sherry now so if you're pull your credit and then need to close within three weeks you know it's going to be tough free and it's not it's never TC 96 months is perfect. And we talk about them more. On the road map absolutely Merrill we got a cutter right there before we do you guys we appreciate to an end. Give us a call tech slump will remain open for about an hour hasn't shot and I we go had a recurring line. I do yes somewhere close to mental preparation that's. That tech's last 5126409. The sixteen and we got to cut it right there thanks to an end guys will be back next Sunday at noon right here talk thirteen 7 AM. So yeah.