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Mar 4, 2017|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well and talk thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life that's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. Okay folks. This is Phil's choice field. We're Robert Gray shoulder we'll lower ratio today. Because we have a doctor you're into into two doctors go Mr. President doctor. Doctor retired or you've been on a few times the every every first Saturday enjoy being here and I was learn something new. Not from me. Ha ha he's hopeful as a new Obama pharmacists elusive us from cannon dukes there you know let's go this we gotta be left laughter nervousness and what you think. Yes I think so at colleges and investments yes. And you have a practice here in Austin history do this your first time. And gives you an open house and we both most by the way last week and now I'm I was my birthday week by the way last week and that that is a good excuse to. He monitors and if I want Smith ten. And now we use host yeah we have the pleasure at having to after the name current us why aren't they say exactly. But he got my. And some he has a new clinic called Oak Hill wellness center. And so excited to learn more about that today cause death thank him if reserves to be here it's been and Amy. Well he also has the same launcher we have we choose. Educator Medicaid which pitched it your position don't you yes yeah and you go I'm gonna make your passport your weird. Are you got to Mallorca and somebody this in the field. You know little willingness yes we have much to boot members and our staff who can different professions and different out. Physically I was taught and others. Instructional he's just command you gotta. The other pitching get along those with the Centex is pitching you get a loan then you have several people that you can turn to. No matter by hazard a refreshing community alone because you can fit you must have brought. So you can that you you'd go. In the right way yes. Educate first educate folks who just turned up real soon throws just to come right might might not have the best idea. Yeah but as good as unfortunate as we have a lot people. And look Chinese and they are succumbed to look in horror as to whether you depend. And also not turned to acupuncture many times you can do acupuncture BP IBM acupuncture in our facility you do yes well. Silva Silva who else I know also there's and these looks like yoga instructors. Yes Jerry events or stereo. They keep professionals in the meditation well fed appears to heal. Sounds like a Jean clinics turn up tomorrow night it is and is something we don't I would've wanted as. Patient and so it's you know that's what I want to ask you this we need health care and security to secure access so secure enough never much re doing it. So we know are you where this. Soon. Hello Salim. It's OK silly enough years of gas there or go OK so then welcome to the show just briefly wounding CM here. Can grow wise synchronize. Sister circle silicone international women's day and she actually. Can support support women. We don't know are we need to support women who went yeah he knew about their listings you know sporting a woman. You're in deep do do. Because we have got to support women well I easier in the future of our country. That would that would have babies. Well that's definitely true but I think tickle us as a woman march is just come to join together and spirit of love immigration. Come to recognize them on the idea that women of all backgrounds at Turkish economic system to see them many women received lower wages. Experienced greater gender inequalities. They're vulnerable to discrimination. Sexual harassment and job insecurity. And now contained nickel a woman international women's day is too much skin for other things such as. And equality justice and human rights and that. Thumb. Sure. Through it and it. For improving the environment as well. Yeah right well we we you know we if we realized that across the world. I think to me over. To 200 or term babies die every year from malnutrition every day he should say every day. Wow that's so far so soon ask some very important thing internationally Nelson of the United States we're improving in this country that it could be better. Did you catch it. I can't I do I think the woman's lunch I hear the whole goal of it is joining with. Women and the rest of the world. An international woman strike organizers and the minutes of color and grassroots group and cleaning the global action for equality justice and human rights. Right so let's talk about the you don't. This coming up Morton made this a story can run. So on March 8 all day long at mark good nutrition it opened correction England to come by enjoin and medication. And at 11 AM and it Taipei and OB Gilder Crocker Credo that content off Kuerten yeah. Do king to guard the woman August showed that women have come economic an economic impact because that's how we show our politicians that we ourselves. Make an economic different in the country and political agent to take a day off from work. Whether hater can be changed and avoid shopping credit day and I'll go to where the red issues can't engage in any of that other actions. But Murphy nutrition is girding for the gay and at its opening at stores power arm action. Solidarity and peace and religious communities between the between women and of course minute welcome and children also welcome. As well and this. No it can't you can kind of based. Farm to market nutrition attendant then it's just meditation and I'll take a without women and. And also a day without women I would be turned. Like I can't imagine don't confuse his so the dollar. We didn't do well today without land. Well I don't know what I'm may have to leave the country your opponent or go front island someplace and meditate convoluted this and other. So so now. That's the idea is. You know Ted how peaceful movement and women opt in Saudi history make changed your prayer and meditation and hit an altered this stay with that woman is the largest international. Coming together out. Women crane and his staff so the goal. Whoever second her first instance against an opponent so we got to. Rush through his torso website YouTube. Come on they spoke at at Smart signature even when we're talking older people to use FaceBook what do you suppose is our website you go to. There's a web eight. Market kitchen dot com or Richard Martin from I my pet nutrition dot com as well and good grades one through. Do we shootings were answered. Yeah he's our you be Smart but pillowcase just your diet your mind you these mortgages that location and heartache. Smart thing kitchen dot com okay great okay well this great tennis match at center contact if you love women's. Hope and go right. Yeah we go cantonment in an elaborate data are very Mac and I'm yoga and you know we have but I'm. The great OK okay with myself you know thank you you've been and the penetrate and can be team that I combined. All right we know now we have our first guest and do we have a great guest. This reduced. Doctor harder. You re written radiant health and nicest duty. And they seem to go to given don't take. They absolutely do because you know that radiant beauty and English be our coach from the hill hey look that on the outside of the vast majority has certainly inside. Tossing people that really try to be ready if we originally us and through pressure surge your whatever but if you don't have an insider and you can spell it is still you can tell you. Absolutely yeah you know to me is the task and there's really a window into the your internal. Definitely definitely and you we can tell. You've been on before so I just like to move where they can by the book. Radiant health and he's disputed. Kids everywhere so you know Amazon.com Barnes & Noble that he might not cracked copies can get it on my web site which is doctor Christine cornered dot com and that's the DR CHR I asked Yang any HO RN ER dot com. And you. You're this assertion. I what's. So I'm on the board certified general surgeon in plastic surgeon that's. Plus I don't I don't see you from plastic surgery maybe I don't know much. I hope this year and I practice court and Indiana to. Does it tell you how open now I it's very do. They don't teach people how to avoid tonight except. I think that's great and you can put more than life. You also are are a big ever could or prevention of breast cancer you were canola. I am about prevention though they're in different cities hanging out. No clue as Phoebe. Depression. He'd he'd say you know we hear about apple a lot because we know that that's related to cervical cancer in fact. 99% of cervical cancers has the president's. HPV. So that's why. We think it's so important and the interesting thing is an HPV is actually is the most common sexually transmitted disease 70% of us are exposed to it. Interior lifetime. It's there. That great news about it is the immune system when it's healthy. It conjures. Eight PV virus to go away it actually 90%. Of people 90% of people cleared out there are. So there's only 2% of people they go on to develop chronic infection. And it usually there's some dinner reassured that they can have trucks some little weakened immune system maybe bad diets smoking you know too much alcohol that kind of thing or stressed about that problem is that once you get a chronic infection. And there's actually no known western treatments to Garrett at bats. And so there's a really exciting research that just came out of the university of Texas health science is that it's stansted. So lush and formula out of Japan called hate each. CC. Which stands for act this tax those correlated compound which so glad we caught ACC. The end up here has actually down to inch hockey mushrooms. And they've done hundreds of studies are showing that it helps to lower the risk of many different types of cancers that actually purchased. Describe it in the hospital since it's Hannity you have cancer of the survival statistics are so much better that are researcher at university of I don't access I have to that this formula against HPV virus because the formula also known to have anti viral and anti bacterial us hacks. So what she found was that it actually Kindle HPV virus or so then she dead. They clinical trial looking hats and the effect that they had a winning it with this chronic HPV infection then again no protective western treatment. And so that very anti Elise she found that he in the majority of the women that HPD cleared completely shed about six months. Issues now candidate clinical trials to substantiate those numbers from that pilot study. Well where this short if you just need to ocean talking mushrooms. Probably not because. He's had this formula is design and is that. They processes and such a waste from. Actually the root of the mushroomed into my feeling a lot of them are so the molecules are really small and and those molecules within deep recession literally sticks help. They were that's the advantage of having a small Mike holders it absorbs into the system much more readily absorb I have available fleshing ebitda should have a itself. They actually recommends three grams. City agencies see each decade in order to eradicate HP's are against it that's extra. Well look you had that oral it's given us an oriental health and just is available now. Is that there aren't. Yet he just you know they're glad. You know I have some on my web site it's made by a company called quality of life that you didn't Google hasn't. And you know that's usually about an Internet you know find it online it's kind of hard to find a historic. They include links to so I HCC. Practice did you say it was how many milligrams a day. Buried her ongoing military and Danza de Ferran yeah does it turns out. And six months as the treatment time. Instead announcing. We give you an hour next time could you Ian. And I know half I'd. Now we're gonna do that next time but we have to encounter or do some of this so women Maliki when there's I just mentioned about the current global sisterhood. This where was secret us. Sister circles. Helping international women. And cross country and across the world. Because so many of whom have so we probably don't think in this country into the country so why don't they would have diseases and things rather wanna keep it quiet. But it went well. Diseases like this sexually transmitted diseases certain mood disorders you know what depression the very her breast cancer in people are embarrassed I had indication of the kind of afraid what people are gonna think about damage could affect them at work can push insofar as that they try you know. We have a tendency to stay quiet and actually that's one of the worst things that you can do they test. Whether research shows there's a thing that affects our outcomes that are held more than anything else our our lotion thing and especially feeling loved and supported. So it felt the most important predict which really important trio. To bring your frame of family and friends you know that you love and trust to do that helped to support she'll love it sure that the process had a because they can't does speak it's more important and I edit pictures shot and then. Anything else. There's true love always wins doesn't have. Shared. A minute I'm working on her how you despair if you have love. There's been lost a lot of talk yeah you can overcome it almost any despair. And Arab women a lot of despair to you've been immune to put you. I mean they're expensive. A lot to beat but in others actually innocent brings us to topic of the depression which is incredibly common these days since. You know I think one quarter of all the key point is states are wary eyes state terror on the anti depressant which has just kind of outrageous and but one of the things that they found at that depression can actually be related to our. I'd die head at all since you are low level of vitamins and nutrients that we have on our body in which vitamin. Spending massive amount of research in Alaska educator so they found a vitamin. And it's found below it most of disease states and its. And out of committee from neurological to cancer has spread the ban also depression and so I. There is some studies that they did and giving people a supplemental vitamin. I'm and they had number of the people whereas depression what a way that I would caution you not to go to church in Democrats are still work with your doctor but sometimes that can be at something it's as simple as that. And with vitamin. And that he really need to have your levels rapid 80% of people in the US have a low vitamin. So the only way you know how much vitamin. As such your whole. Home off the Internet so on a web site called power and heat. Dot org it comes to your house prick your finger hasn't instructions then you pull a lot of piece of paper handed and then they can tell you what you levels are. Most people need at least 2000 internationally has today. A lot of people the way more than an F 5008 to 101010. Units that they have any busy day. And then they were also recommend that you recheck it every six months that it can try to keep on top of that no if he needed period against the you're taking. You know vitamin. What have you found to be the most impressive. Well when I was gay my initial readers twenty years ago I normal looking for a solutions for action breast cancer. There are seeing pictures of you guys like if you're not you're just in your twenties right now I just I can't. Trust. Me I'm turned sixteen the only way that. Yup that. It went right the thing I was most amazing to me is that each saying that he did as healthy I have this. Oh cool rabble affect your health unfortunate I would be we're just talking about in view of take vitamin. 50% reduction it's. And most of the things are looking. If I had every picture right breast cancer book that that attack. Players but had a common statistics do you do when healthy they look at here is gonna have to do more than one thing missing is multiply it together they don't out of together such. She becomes incredibly simple to to radically lower your risk of developing ulcers the kind of add health issued an errant you're much easier. Really create extraordinary how he did anything to. A lot of little things you're right and we'll talk to a doctor real doctrine atrocity. Where would an MD with this today do because they would say. They're kudos I ask to see that their brain drug that religious imagery 300%. Doctor Hahn had this is that doctor Benet I mean I love the idea that you. Advocate vitamin. 90% of the patients have low vitamin. IC contributor commend everybody to be in at least 5000 units. How vitamin. Yeah for me it is it's really a stand military's search shows because. That's pretty much linked to about every chronic and he that you didn't think of megabytes. Simply. Getting your levels of tit therapeutic doses this wonderful item and it has this thing. For a couple impact on helping to protect against these various different disease that is. Send a doctor Vernon did what do you like as the target range announcers let us. Variation in where people like to see the levels of blood asked. Flying to. Well you know I mean kind of that generals. Levels that are considered its. OK it's like forty to sixty yet and I prefer. A little higher yeah range just. I think it's who rolled my data protection to have a little bit higher. Yeah Melissa screen your book sounds fantastic and one thing on to mention as it's laid out as a thirty day program which I think appeals to a lot of people because of something. That they can thank their teeth into they know they have a month to engage in the program and I think that appeals to a lot of people that. This has specific. Things that they can follow for thirty months to thirty days. CI you know the problem when you read a book has just bloated lists information they can just still it's overwhelming not even know where to start to have I think it's really important to kind of take people by the handing out pets. The political brigadier David here's the first thing here in the second inning and really guys there so that they have the highest possibility of adopting these. Habits. Well Astaro must saying we figured our you know and maybe to our next time via president I actually had too much to talk about you were done in Horner. And the book is called radiant health. Ageless beauty basis do you have Asus V because you look like you're Ann I'm so I. Think yeah that's different and yes thanks for being out of date impaired children. It's. He carrier front right. More cutting edge health information is right around the corner you're listening let's get healthy and feels well on talk thirteen seventy thrust. If you like people. Well on top thirteen Stephanie Rice U peoples now. They are missing college life I'm going UC. Three mile. 3:5 morning honoring. Host welcome back to show what sort of pleasure having doctor and I was just. Don't always have doctors we lose your doctor may Japan's coming under Japan's. You do if you wanna Colin by the way. And you've got it because you get longer what are we got our agreement and the deals are risen to say too big kind of condition you have that we've not built up. Talking about her maybe distortion of course. You call them and score some numbers. I want to. 64 through just talk their talk producer and if I want to this we Rio. 64 history. Who this and number we have 12643. Lie I've learned over to clarify 483 for those trim our number orient has. If your methods to she asked like the numbers but the scope. And so do we have doctor Philip if she's gonna be owned just about just real quickly your what was judges swears you're registered your office Mac address is. 5920. Rest William Cannon drive for the two pencils on the right I know veterans. It's close to US government and Buchanan okay to those two blocks from east of that. Broke the school this could continue moving guys got to miss oaks building brand new attitude brand new clinic. And render you gonna love it. Bring new doctor pretty well movement mullah you've been awesome otherwise almost a year so can I just found out about you. You're hiding from the united. Days doctor Phillips. Yeah LA bellies don't put a pleasures target youth. Well you couldn't give guests here and say I'm conducted an aching to wonder well. Isn't really my doctor Lisa. I could say yes singing you know it's huge supporter of we'll all help them. The program that I'm recommending to people and it's tremendous that night to work with me. It has been ripped Russia open mind to. Explore and you know not everything but then what can the sanctions are not you just interpret the course without the flu great stimulus. You when you go us the mainstream. You know of medicine you know telepathic person can't feel natural you're kind of walking a tight ropes and timer beat you because you've got to. Be careful about which you do because a loss of money behind. Drugs whenever you so. Yes that is a lot of resistance and it is difficult and I'm lucky to have a good support from family tell friends and yet you're going to be talking to your to. You infidelity is tough to tell you you actually. You're you're you're not really practicing the Kerry take you anywhere from you because you view you can give neutralizes a little bit haven't you so you can well. I had retired mining license actually need to practice. I didn't have the courage to put together Aaron I'm just finishing up an online training program I'm in the com. And and an oral health coach. And teach people. What often today even in central school seemed to be missing. That the public want to learn. How to understand that oral health so that's what I'm going to be doing it shipped whole week program. The people sign up for a lot and and hopefully be able to actually communicate really well put there adopt certain sensitive and I understand the question. And I think it. Really today that logistical thing I can do it it typed in private practice. Eventually how can I knew agony too old and I'll be able to see what I'm doing I want that the other legacy and how people. Still go to any dentist without the without there doesn't have to be necessarily. A biological arms but. No the question you know that they want to take out your help or Malkin you've got the question what is and the cherry are you going to put in the because the light telling me you know an advance BP made that plastic can is that what you want because that's all I want fish and you know you have to know these things and you have to understand a little bit about. The biology of the Nile the chemistry of the Nile completions. Today he. Antigen dictated. I'm making you look good. But underneath. Which could be people in America have incredible that underneath. Gloria the crown and no you know your own you all too often. You're. A movie that you don't look very young but I know you're not but I mean your teaser beautiful in your mouth and her thanks and Shanahan. Imagine when. So measuring the amount held this election very challenging get hot and people can though. The next have been possible connection at a healthy outlook should let you mentioned bacteria. Unless you measure the strength of your enamel. And sadly a lot of the equipment. That would be useful hasn't been allowed in America it mutes in Korea and Japan and Politburo. But an America that still trying to get you the FDA. You know because it's not just. Excepted because it would actually help us prevent everybody from having a cat I think you had given that swarming. Oh my goodness and the Nelson whose country. I'm trying very hard to find a way that we can deploy these people at their equipment. How well you're you're just great and we'll find out more about when you're going to be talking to their bodies ago looks but I know we have a caller series it has a question for all of us I guess. Period. Yeah we like yeah here. I was calling it a reference to AM. A metallic taste in my mouth but I've had all unarmed probably about two or three weeks now I'll admit burst started. Back in January what I was getting over that little. And I'm bill attic and have come over the blue are not taking any need to supplement or anything like that is. Daily diet added recently. Maybe try to get rid of that metallic case what is the baton milk Cecil. I'm trying to do that three times today. We've got we're going to let up you you can sense slash yeah. I mean a metallic taped to add to play and perhaps it is something that people Heidi and sometimes that can go on eighteen years. So and the more different products are very. Why did not put stop throwing everything at I thought the next thing you're gonna they would that you just started getting baking soda truck side. But the problem is. New York. Laura how do you allow them to the actual composition of your mouth. Just like your digestion tract is it incredibly important. In the mountains there are only 900. Kinds of good bacteria. And about fifteen bet work. And it metallic paint could well being connected with an imbalance. Having gone wrong and it got more of the unhealthy ones that are making things heat difference. People who drink a lot of diet soda I know you don't. People who do that they actually developed that particular kind of bacteria. That decrease at home and into the analysis makes what can I hate that which is kind of interesting because and they can only take diet soda they don't like the case. A ward section and I actually let these tactics meet in the diet soda addicts to get not help these. So. Regular war should pay good again. And I would love to work with you Gary I don't know if you're that you let you know often and Chad I'm doing a talk on. Do you see the evening at people honor me. Unpopular marched. 7 o'clock until eight that he actually luck and we would ask for even longer because people had so many questions but. I I would be happy to talk it through that hole. Changing your mouth that curious to become healthy which is the pro apple gonna happen with a pill or. No critical or one thing it it's a protest and I want to ask you what to picture a moving and if you cannot simply how often you can clinch there are a number of things that go to capitol. Oh Gary. Thanks for the college can you make you choose tonight. Yes but I got are ready to sign up at bat. How are you Gregory. I couldn't I just felt that you don't got to forge pitch LC it's real life I don't miss. Those innocent have been no thank you Gary thank you very much all right for those listeners have and then to the conference from drug most of the store. This seats about thirty people are more rain in the meadowlands is off the back part can love right. Right. Don't we had a full house last time and I see them doing that yeah and that I'm I'd like to get an issue. Election year urged northern locations make it easier for for the people up there and yeah I really do believe that is helpful when people understand. It. I think that the average senator and I think depression often go to the bench. That will not make your mouth. Bacteria. Composition healthier than that there's no way that is young contingent a problem. There almost a dentist didn't stop motion when you're really I've just don't you pretty soon. Because. I didn't have I didn't actually because. They are beginning to realize that come to an important happening thunder and their children have cavities. Most of them didn't have a with the numbers things that they get treated for. And they just simply measuring their mouth helped him. Well want to be very surprised. In the minute we have left because we just have a minute and I know we have a question to my we commit we keep Joan of the longer. We do that let's let's go take a break you can you stay on just a bit longer. I react to me questions all right and we'll be right back. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy lead mills well right. Often favorite currency will be back intent. Thrilling thing let me tell me feels well and on thirteen 780 frenzy like people often favorite time. Live by one it's great I. Once it's more reaganite foreign aid dream. Just fill up for you back for us. I don't care highlight how you locker shortage job in music. Two count so look at them my story and then they'd be doing can come. To this. I really got to. I went up cool that everyone can see the happy radio on pandora. Pretty good but method I like that. All right so I'm. We won't talk about some more about where we're gonna gonna gonna write more expendable that you also. I just science makes her listeners knew obviously we've got to talk coming up but for those who can make gets a Tuesday in my seventh 7 PM people south Lamar. That you have a books so they can look first kiss your dentist and Diane there's lots of great Haralson there as well. And yeah I know yeah I wrote the book along time ago I wrote the book when it came to America had so you know almost thirty years ago now I started writing it. I'm Imus in the process of trying to get published this year. How a lot that it won't make the other one obsolete. I think we're so looking at the plate and start to I was shocked when I seemed to lack people didn't understand what caused. G. To decay in. And current contract work. Who they would without understanding. All. The Kennedy and the damage of the senate and how pitch he makes bad bacteria grow in the mouth and content for all your sheet basically. And yet in America. There were really expensive than people right here in the central fashion consultant diet soda works fine because that was. Notion other mom they look fixated on aviation analyst being safe. What he's. And not understanding and actually win kitchen and with the bike came out to try to. Helping people who are struggling who hadn't. Cascades so telling them that didn't work late London decay AM. They were taken to higher that's. How it's not about don't go to the center essentially with the title could get people interested who are. Frustrated that they were following the advice they were being given the sort of person that compressed -- who go to the defensive end and I'm going to sleep. Or you people need to do this Omar there will be so surprised and all the new things you got so just one we about a minute levs I'll talk is when your. Your primary ways to your health and health. Fruit and other things yeah off to those good. Let them know strike present know the future moose and also was. So. Well what calico darkness really helped plan an important thing in your nose thing and then put a high slot challenging track and all the Welsh. It makes. The bad bacteria when you can do it regularly she. It basically paying for all of bacteria in your mouth. The good ones that have agreed that the nice kind with the the bad ones you struck Akaka who needs hands class that they can stop that damage if you come to your cheat. Cannot music it's very collective action and for the good bacteria Cloris and the actor. But it did he got hurt and damaging stuff the comes to curry. And it has the payment in your introduction make sure no one more such that you will be watching a way to Nigeria in the new cookie stuff I mean it actually. Clean your finances than you know within a much more could have a national compatible way. For you than trying to kill things. You know it almost tentative love killing and stripping Chico nonviolent so I I think that develop healthy. And the very selective than in the way that we get rid of the bad guy and I'll talk to beautiful forest. But everything we could possibly want area I'm a huge and then I'll publish it you know everything. But it is a huge component. And you can get renewed speak about as out to all. In the grocery store where establishments have just just. Well the extent and I honestly Q that you work it out if you say to yourself to cleaning of the year I believe that when you get him out healthy. You do not need a cleaning can't allow healthy. If you amount that help you can reduce the numbers of cleaning that you have you can reduce the amount of treatment well and I have to. If you come at you know took a side by side there is no comparison I mean how old are actually. A bargain. It if you really know what can therefore you. I'll push you can also a student might simple justice ones is that. You know what we're gonna soon run here but we're gonna give you more time you're going to be on for. At least an hour down that they're talking to your arms you're you're on Saturday tears tonight. That people's friends the end south Lamar salsa more but rather to read laughs himself tomorrow. Well thanks again the LLC Tuesday. Okay thanks and her own name Jericho and lands that they wanted but I. And doctor finished. Let's talk about your practice little bit yes there okay menace clinic came about ready early on in my practice. I saw Carl. People could be key to more effectively ends are listed darkness that. More open minded and educated about me he said this aspect of medicine. So for starters poke him unless clinic is that clinic and office primary care to children and adults. It has accomplished pediatricians internal medicine doctors nurses. And medical assistance image any good can come over and if you look a little deeper. He would be pleasantly surprised to see that it is more. Well and the list just so people know to you specialize. In diabetes. Obesity. And others and obviously you get shipped prescription drugs drug. You're you're doing just that we don't do just I leave focus on listen as a whole life and had diabetes is something I'm interest endowment dissident now. Great management. Two dream unless and good luck mark okay so. Holistic becomes truly going whole list you can you tell the Obama though more actually mentioned she tends. You have an integrated approach and medical doctors would tell us about the my son that there's a lot going on in the clinic. Yes our team. Came to get there on a common culture of seeing more. Of course we are to consult. Not just say hypocritical quote I don't talk to stake the two can code that we would see more. More than justification was deficient in medications that we have to meet to prescribe. Rather a person that starts feelings. And capabilities that an ability to make decisions. Coughed sorry your to see your fears have tremendous. And do you want to Foster a person centered madness. So you like us you educate medicate. Me Josh you you give medication right away you know I do a quick so a quick. If they're depressed so you can get something right away must individually. You know you wanna let you wanna educate them how they can get off that. And and offered different options right so for example you've got a board depression and you know and a lot of Dixon suffering from depression. That is a suicide which is successful every eighteen minutes in this country. It's military eighteen minutes is really show them and who's been known to us this morning but yeah. But was new at least two suicides are maybe three connect. And so in you know it's clinic. If we take an example of a patient to condemn because in my purse and her participation person. Who actually XP instant transmission from my perspective. This young lady came to office literally every two years she was suffering from serious depression that does not being controlled with the medications. Should there appears a diamond she would be marginally okay. But when she came to us she was certainly not okay. Let's get a ton of side effects doesn't has so much change in appetite stomach problems and song that tend to depressants she was on for years. To be calculated that depression score on a PHQ nine of the patient has cushion there and it is created out of 27. Just caught up to zero to five you are considered normal. Six to ten as my depression eleven to fifteen is moderate and so and so forth. So she scored a staggering 24. Despite being mouth more than one to anti depressant. This is very good guard demoted into action. Let me give it a new light treatment. You guess mr. Garnett to prove. I was here. Last month and your listeners may remember that he talked extensively and will continue to elect a UV use and that that system. Yes and he may have started using I think Europe's peoples Thomas and are my Danica Daytona I understood kind of hard to please as soon. Give her dad too right developed some right and you tiger is successful we are it's it's amazing people get who are biased. Growth well. How could hook up what I did twice right well. Basically you're like provides energy to the brain you grew so commission and helps in Europe elasticity. But she's only marketing of the brain to be denied the statement on how. I know a second prong and a four pronged approach we have concluded that trans cranial magnetic stimulation. To MS. TMS is an FDA approved it and insurance Carla. Treatment for depression and and don't need to in Austin who use duke who you take insurance for the ST immensely treatment. So county. GM IST a mass trans Kenyan magnetic stimulation often works and other when every song who's title the other approaches and it hasn't had success. Unfortunately it's not the first line of treatment which is sad rest just comes with practically no side effects include. You know I'm a pharmacist and I can tell you as an anti depressants which we don't work long term because there are producing served to religious. They proudly calls real take joy or more pure tone back. And there's a question Russert Tom loosen my remorse so that's another for another show for destruction right. So besides these two cutting it's to Donna Jimmy combined with the Asia would technical meditation beyond them the benefits of meditation. And just started decode it just discussing the functional MRI studies that meditations briefly. It shows that it changes destruction are far bring in mark to put serious effect on mood memory learning cognition emotion. Fight or flight stats say that conclusive fear. And most importantly aren't empathy and compassion and not just for others but for our process. The cure it earlier mention love our basements. So are afoot wrong in this. Four pronged approach we tried for her was quantum reflects an emphasis on using my as a distant. He hadn't fared the deficiency suffered Mueller and a crew endurance. And I'd depression. Yesterday was says scoreless eleventh well. The came down from trying to footing in just throw sessions while she's sleeping better family is notice a dramatic change in her. And and you go beyond does this is there are more gets shifted to the next guest. We want to sit and pats to run us. So our aim is actually to assist or not only the third depression and anxiety but also to have for returned cognition estimate to bring fault. Given meant to strip strength to handle stressful situations. We teach a certain exercises that she can practice at home so she can be encrypted techniques to handle you know all kinds of situations. So bring doesn't work in isolation. We look at the whole present. Education for example is extremely important for bringing us if you don't. After our brain is one of the most momentum politically active for organ in the body needs energy nutrients minidisc more than sort of dressed. Food sensitivities that can cause Nicky got. Chronic inflammation. Kinda fits your immune system. The interest of leaking that. So that the guest star into star system and into Stearns estimate can heal and begin to observe good nutrients to conceal. We also give a quick intravenous dose of my commence. Prime minister jumpstart to recover. Besides DC bureau several other modalities as growth not everybody's comfortable that the eastern medicine. But for those interest and opened. The offer it to amputees yoga. Thirty keep. And acupuncture. And each one has tremendous ability to have the team in DOC is essential artists. Different concerns. Lavender temperament and the advised that. So you don't have an acupuncture she argues they do have to our body out. So she wanted to form a mushy reasoning which you can match you know there's other practitioners and can help we will work together. In this city and I think we're very very healthy we're lucky health policy very healthy right which is how much as to how much of the technology in the that the the tissue just talked about. How much of that pursues rise is covered by insurance tradition so and you don't like is FDA approved but is not covered by insurance unfortunately. Trans canoe magnets to relation is covered by must put insurance and people shouldn't do. Make use up to you and opinion Ximian including medi care. That's great that's another. And you said you only one of two and Austin which makes insurance says a few more food to North Face cuts okay Pennsylvania. Okay that's great. Well people burn Medicare. And they keep their pay for their shares they shouldn't really user insurance. And nothing more more insurance companies are finding out justice modalities a lot cheaper in the long term medication. Exactly health health is the answer and our country not very healthy. We know that. And that's rather full health care act didn't work because we want to know the mushy about it too much ago right in the world them in the world. We met them we over the bottom pretty soon via. Well I mixture we have just a minute left so that in those sort of fine do so obviously wins say is often a great way it's so killed 360 health. Dot com yes that's ahead and you can oak Oak Hill 360. Health and that's come come and also may be any had one open house and maybe some more coming up give a FaceBook say what's your FaceBook. Named Tate took so you have to welcome my list and OK okay elements clinic clinics. And that's a good way for people that see when you may have an event where they can come in learn more about you in. Any joining give us contact phone number. It's 512892003. Zito. And their lips that is poke him to sixty helped conduct come. Okay great annual list of volunteer practitioners and it's really saving an especially to have something he may hear and you know southwest Austin I know that. If the answer looks convenience in an ace knew Billy's discouragement and swim cannon cannon of a few blocks from that NV have been a stops on Thursday's. We have premeditation on Wednesdays and I think people should make use of the demand to move treat poor doctor Tyler's been my hero now you're my hero we are two euros for sure. And so we need a whole team of them nowadays Simmons chronic disease. Once again the web site. Okay known since 16100. Thanks again you come back and then there's all right okay let's take a break for a week. And god bless you all feel like everything. Thanks for listening so let's get healthy and feels well and often taught her. Thirteen seventy didn't again we Saturdays from 9:10 AM more cutting edge health news and well. Information from people Boston's favorite pharmacy.