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Feb 24, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to go until one sleep great Yoshi don't. Still challenges in the questions everything I had to empowers you to return to your core beliefs don't make your life. You know the true. Lifestyle you really want. Next hour we'll change your life. I know you're O. National award winning investor wrote this year CEO and founder of lifestyles are limited. Once my. Well you don't want your radio show with the fight fans and help keep games under those still wobbly and there's always. Working on your financial freedom. But today I want to change the term. Kind of like to talk about. Your financial empowerment. We return new concept empowerment. And aluminum can make a statement it's one I've made in the past and haven't thought about it one time just sort of popped in my head last year when I was discussing. Someone's. The financial success with them and it just came in in my mind that real estate. Changes you use. To. Or realistic change me a viewer created but the point is that real stable change you as a person. And as many many ways it empowers you and so many different ways it's hard to even appreciate. Right so today we're to discuss. These. Weighs. Its medium as I can get in today to discuss how real state. Actually changes you. So we'll start with the the not so obvious obvious one. Which is a change you financially. Any changes you can get away and empower you to be able to become wealthy. Very quickly. Where is before you walk that real state. You have only one way to earn money. That was to trade talk for money. It's a very slow process to trade time for money specially millions and millions of dollars. But it's very very easy. To make millions and millions of dollars if you were invested correctly and leveraged correctly you can do this in a very short period of car. Many people make a million dollars in the first pure industrial real state. It's it's just not that hard to do. So we look at this thing and let's talk about the. We're we start here. When you assume that your your your young kid. We'll we'll start out with a young kid and you've got 101000 dollars. In the bank. That's a pretty successful young kid. You know all your friends and everything. Are looking out wallets pretty good. No if you can figure out how to earn that 10% return on 101000 dollars aggregate thousand dollars a year. So you're gonna working your job you work 40506070. Hours we put a rework. And you earn just 203057. And you were able to save up 101000 dollars. Right. So. When you look at the situation go from. If I'm able to save 101000 dolls were roughly. 800 dollars a month 700 some dollars a month. That's my power. That's the limit to my power. Right. Because I'm living. Off what I make. But now if I go bars. Just one random house. Take my 101000 dollars right hand and put it down and by this friend else. This red house. Now. Can earn me the way more than that in many different ways. Particularly not only cash flow and by the way that turned out do you have before probably wouldn't earn 10% or 1% in the bank. So you'd really only earn a hundred dollars a year. But. Now we can go out there we can earn 102030%. Cash flow of seeing forty to 50% cash flow returns. You know 5060700. Altamont positive can actually seen those recently because interest rates are so low and because rents are so hard. So now you average you know a minimum of 500 dollars a month times twelve months in the making 6000 dollar Jamaican almost 60% return. On that 101000 dollars don't think about it 500 dollars a month times twelve to 6000 dollars that's a 60% return if right. But not only that not only are you making 60% return. You're increasing your net worth at 60% rate of return. That else goes up and argue. So let's say you bought that house for a 100000 dollars. Expand. Jewish and stress and you fix it up and you maybe instant captured 101020000. Doesn't say Torre tells us. You've captured. 200%. Return. On your 101000 dollars so now this first year you made 260%. Return. In your network. So your network now it's 260%. Better than it was. A year before. Now your friend. Who. Had taken different advice and you. Decided not to invest in real strict. He decided take the 101000 dollars and and secure over here and some type of book mutual fund. Or any other type of you know fund. Dad. Maybe tracks something or even just takes water to stocks whatever. And makes very little. In fact maybe even lose it. So after losing the money. Right there are pre loses the money. He told setup is done. It is like investor anymore. She wants her money for something else it's liquid there available to me if there's any of it left. Eventually pulls an old spent. Few realize that you are now completely different person in your friend who just one year ago. You within your friend had a completely. We're all knew exactly the same page here how life should cooker. How life will financially progress. And after one year of doing the wrong things your friend. He's now been trained psychologically. To believe that there's no possible way he or she can never become rich and you're doomed to working. For the rest of their life and trying to save 10% what they earned. To create this bundle of money that they might live awful when they get older and can't work commute longer. But you know. Everything you changed about you you're not even close to the same person you were. Prison now you understand things you never understood before. And now you have the ability to be empowerment to change your life yourself. This is the most important thing. Starting we'll stay program does for you leading how worship. Right. Now's talk about. Your parents. Your parents have done what they've done their whole lives in the able 100000 dollars saved. They take a 100000 dollar to go by a million dollar apartment complex and what do they have. Well now they have something just producing for them. They have an apartment complex that has gone up in value. Many of the deals that we do go open value within the first six months. Because of the changes we make an operations. To where they make 20% greater return. Many of the properties also fined a doubling. Invested capital. That's a very common thing to see that within a year most of these the deals that we do to people doing the deals are looking to have. Refinanced out at least the amount of money they put into the deal so at least a 100% greater return. Right. There and now they've doubled their network. In one year. And they can go do it again. But there's one other aspect of this that you're missing. Let's say there's inflation. What it looks at you when a difficult pick 5%. And so you pick 5% inflation not a million dollars. Right. They're what is that. Trying what is 5% on a million. Always. Your properties going on now if you had a 100000 dolls 5% would be 5000 dollars right. Put on a million dollars. What is that. 50000 box. Cheer net worth is going up 50000 dollars. Every year. For doing nothing. Still that's only if you don't do the things like increase the rent decreasing expenses and make it go up. Instantly much more than 5% but if you just sit there and maintain the status quo it still goes up and down. Not 5000 LC here. Because if you own a hundred dolls doll with a cash inflation goes up 5% you have 5% less buying power. But if you own a million dollar apartment complex and goes up 5%. You just paid 50000 box. Your friends buying power of being eroded. And you're buying power is being enhanced. While. How anybody ever know about what happened. To your short break. Who will be right back. We don't want to radio show. 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Enterprise boulevard at twelve noon to retirement planning in today's economy. Lunch with power again next Tuesday march 7 at twelve noon. Get. 5122159830. To register lunches complimentary seating is limited. All today 512215983512215. To 9030. You're healthy. Radio the I'm sorry but it's not the president of the United States duty to make the dreams and wishes of people in other countries come true just not out of the president's duty to do that. It's his duty to protect me the United States and to defend the constitution and the that's what his job as it's not just at the children's wishes of foreigners and all of the bush shocked to hear that that's just not his job as you're healthy radio addiction starts every morning at eight Laura Ingram show on talk thirteen seventy. The Sean Hannity show here's a point nobody else in the media won't tell you. Did you know before Obama was even elected the guys that ended up serving as his ambassador to Russia. Mike quick ball the other serving as the US ambassador rush toward the Obama administration. I was in Moscow before Obama was even elected in the weeks leading up to the 2008 election meeting with the officials at Russia. I catch the Sean Hannity show weekdays at two on talk thirteen 74 right choice to thirteen seventy. Welcome back you know here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free the men on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's doing. Talking about how real state changes us. As people just as soon as we buy it were instantly a different person than what we were before we purchased the real state. And skip actors talking about the person just bought the apartment complex if you think about this net worth level. Before you had to balance sheet. Your balance sheet was. Such that you had such a life saving 200000 dollars. And and facet of a home may be 200000 so your total valid cheapest 300000 dollars. Now if you look at the fact you go by this apartment complex. His apartment complex immediately puts a million dollars would assets on your financial statement. Now of course there's offsetting liabilities also but you don't pay liabilities. Because. The company that owns that apartment complex is the one responsible for those liabilities. You're gonna get a loan that's a non recourse loan to says that you don't overdose. So those liabilities are not going to be on your balance sheet but the idea that apartment complex is going to be your balance sheet. And it's gonna make you look completely different when you walk into a banker. And you know there's an element banker and you go okay I've got a million dollars pulse of assets here compared to I have a 100000 or 200000 dolls. Where the assets to completely different thing it makes you look different. To the baker hit also. He's gonna make you look different everybody you know and you don't forget about the ego and the pride and all that stuff is there's little bit of that all of us. But can you imagine you mean you tell somebody for the first I mean yes I own apartment complex people tell me all the time. On told Ellen when I meet a mistake I never. Perceived never could have received even. That a single person that a family could own an apartment complex it's like so far out of my Romo believing that I can only businesslike that. And now you want the owner of that business. Hugh Laurie business persons the second you calls on that deal. Whereas before you were an employee. Now maybe you're both at this point maybe you still are an employee somewhere but you are now business owner. So the day that I sort of buying real state. My boss at work. Thought he was so far ahead of us that she looked down on us all the time. They're you know we're young we don't care I mean we don't like being pushed around and you're torment her whatever I any guy did it. In many different ways verbal abuse. Job discrimination you name it there's all kinds of stuff goes on there but you've put up with the north part of the world you've got to do better view I can you give yourself a paycheck right. But the day I started putting real state I was Richard the new us it didn't matter that he was my boss. Because now I was more of a human being and and he was how was more financially free house more intellectually free. I had envisioned minced up options that he could never imagine. And eventually the company I was sort of four went out of business he lost his job and now is April gold man try to make a limit trying to give our. Right. So. Thad Allen chief change is very very important when you go to tried to do something else in life. That ballot she makes all the difference. So you know you you take the young kid and you put three or four rent houses on his. His balance sheet as a young kid and you're talking about some now not being looked like young kid would get get a 26 year old Cuban bought an apartment complex. You know he made millions. So what else is different your income statement. When you go to you qualify. For anything. On your income statement. They're gonna take a look at your income. Now if you have rental properties. Actually a foreign 1500 bucks beat you got 2000 Altamont more income than you had before. So you are going to qualify. More easily. For additional loans. People seem to think that the more rent houses you get that more that would mess up your your credit you wouldn't be able to buy health is no that's not the case at all. Yeah if you're doing rental houses correctly the more than you owned the moral them you won't qualify for because you have more income. Right I'm talking about net income dealer you gut. Your ears rental income in the new guiding your expenses away for and then you've got your net income and that's what we're done right you have more net income. This is important. When you go to qualify. So the more you do the more options you create a more door you open. And that makes is so you're different person. The study by real state. You're different person what I went from my first apartment complex to my second apartment complex I was a different person. I had almost no problem at all during the second apartment complex because I already own one I own one right across the street. I had to assume the loan. I'd never assume you'll the first department have bought I bought or fighting against. So I did you got to go to the bank can qualify. But now that only one it didn't matter that it was all refine its nominal 1 I am an owner has so when I went to the next when I had to qualify. For a loan assumed. I had to assume a 750000. Dollar loan. No problem. Open just like that. I had it. Why. The delay on the one across the street because I was doing well the one across the street. Because it showed me having euros and fifty cents to 70000 elderly income a year right it had. Changed me as a human being. And real simple change you. Each time you go the letter you're able to buy something larger what's interesting is not even just. A little bit larger although that's how I did it I went up just a little bit each time but I think people go from forty unit connects to reduce 200 you'd. Protect had somebody on yesterday did that it happens all the time that first one under your belt changes using human being it make shoe business person. Right it's unbelievable. The next thing it does for you. As a second you buy a business. Can make you personally aware. Personal financial awareness. Is probably more valuable than even avenue apartment complex. But it's. When I meet people right now. If we would go and have a meeting joking about a number of free meeting come on in. Hand. We say how many years can tell me Jack with the net value of your personal house of your residence. 99% and can tell you. Brats who what is your total network. Not a percent and you can't tell me. What did you borrow and passively all your income last year. 99% of you can't tell me or the answer is zero which is easy to know. These are the kinds of things. That are really gonna make a difference in your life. Because you start paying attention to home. You're gonna start counting. Counting is interesting concept. That once you become aware that there is something that you need to be paying attention to. And you start paying attention to it. Something magical happens. It is magical because it just happens. It starts to become better. If you were just you get up and write your weight down. Every day on board and you had to look at the results. To make heads new details that every day you wouldn't even have to go on a diet you do lose weight you wouldn't have to start workout program you'd lose what could you start being aware. Of what you did. And what it meant to you and what you start becoming aware of what you've done financially. And what can do for you or to you. That is going to change your life just in and of itself. Really go to a short break when we come back on the tell your story. About how he self help development. Person. Came into business and completely turned the business around. I simply counting. We'll be right back with you don't want your radio show. You're listening to the Joseph wants leading radio. Dell will be right back when more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Long time lifestyles member Curtis. It's a real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't please thank you enough skill for best. If we were asked people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of them for no doubt about it Fiat. This road map of hole lead success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of left thousands fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my life. Take Curtis Haines advice come meet felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like dale helped him. I attend the workshop getting your map. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718974. Due to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop or change your life. CBS news update. Message from Donald Trump to conservatives meeting outside of Washington don't doubt those campaign promises were building the wall. We're really in the wrong cracked it's gonna start soon. Way ahead of schedule. The president telling the crowd he'll make a massive budget request for what he calls one of the greatest military build up. In American history and he's again promising to get rid of the affordable health care act. More on the speech from CBS news correspondent got. Kelly your trump said obamacare covers very few people. The number. This 22 million. And the president said our borders are wide open anybody can come in. But last year more than 400 in 151000. People were apprehended at the border. Mr. trump became the first president since Ronald Reagan to address the C packed gathering in his first year in office. CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez. Lenient an accident is scary now. You have to right to choose your auto body channel or don't let anyone make that choice could you. Point coalition senator we will help you through the process of our certified technicians worked with only stadium you're. You can fast street estimates well lifetime warranty and 24 hours so we only collision center this an online. Collision center dot com and choose only. Professionalism and experience. She's point collisions sinner. Present yeah yeah you can pass again like I watched her. Happy he let you cannot lie on things DOC ENI OK here is like now. Peacekeepers are hungry to O'Neal's shopping and even vacations in my first start dumb. Log on today and the great deals we have waiting just for you. And I'm happy you know where the ring like god come okay. Soon. Doesn't feel love in this day. Else. It's too. This season and best people. Boston sold for Texas a and M basketball. Talk thirteen seventy all right Joey. Presented by age tractor. The Dave Ramsey show. Where common sense means dollars and sends out dumpster that was zeros on. On the AM I've made so many deadline mistakes Marc Harold Martin had a lot got a PH million new UN base you have done it. I know what it looks like an if you have made mistakes and pay I'll I'll be out. If you wanna stay in the mistakes we are all like me go I don't want you to live there so that brings pain have you noticed. Weekdays at eleven on top thirteen seventy. This is around and you almost don't want to freedom and your military veteran talk radio show brought to you in partnership with them vets. This we don't frontlines of freedom will discuss the upcoming LPGA golf event hosted by the Eisenhower center. Four LPGA players and women veterans. Then Jeff Webster will discuss a wonderful outreach to help hurting vets tailgate for troops this is just plain amazing. The front lines of freedom Saturday nights at nine on talk thirteen seventy. We knew how bad is it happens here talking thirteen seventy downright silly. Welcome back. Now here's some more unconventional wisdom just set you free the men on a mission to retire America one person at a time. No one's doing. Welcome back we're talking about today I'll real state changes use of person the second you buy it. And those who already share a story when we went to break about how this. For a lot of business consultant. Came into this factory in factory owner had been trying to increase helped put it. But had not been able to figure out and do it. So they brought in this type food consultant voluble Keyser really great speeches and lectures and and the computer redesign everything and you know change the attitude and all this. Hadn't got some well let's just walk around the fact reload bids to what's going on so we walked out there and what a joke I was working on the ladies and he said no. Interest in job. How many of those things you produce today. And a guy goes. I can get done about for a day. Says okay great that's good. Here's. Well hope that you really enjoy your job he's doing great job you know he takes a piece of chalk and he. Because on the concrete floor and put spin room and number four on the ground dispute. Started in their little truck no big deal. No fanfare nothing just walked off. He goes and expect from equipment that's the same thing the next guy you know you know how many of these pieces commute knock out. And today. Each person proceeded to give their number they can produce today that the average today and controlled depend on the floor. And then he said that's it we fixed it technical we mean you fixed it. Hayes as you watch the social the second ship comes in. Right to works nights. Actually keep a factor productive therefore partnership's. Second shift comes in their own little what do these numbers. On the floor. And the consultant goes well I just tell everybody write down. How much they can produce it in one shift. And a show that's all we issuers trying to keep track to find out. You know what would produce and we really don't have a real accurate count we would see who can do. And many walks away and I tip no fanfare no big speech and. Lecture nothing just walks away. But when they came back in the morning. The funny thing that happened. The second shift had mark Dell the number of partnership. And put a larger no doubt. Because if we're better than that. And this continued to go on like this until the factory increases productivity by 50%. At which time was necessary to go to the next level. Felt motivation and inspiration. Which. I'll get to another day. What I want you see is what I first started keeping track of my personal income. And doing it in different modes in other words okay right now. This month I got paid action in my job. And then I would multiply that times. Twelve months. And that would be my annual income. In the next month that would take what I got in the first month in the second month Adam together. Divide by two multiplied by twelve and that would become my projected annual income. Because I was on commissions I didn't earn the exact amount every single paycheck. And so I kept airing them altogether divided by the number of months projecting my average monthly income and then. Projecting it out over the rest of the year. And what was interesting is if you watched this'll practice what I found was. Is that in just a daddy didn't come blocked the brackets. I started growing. I started making more money because there was a reason to make more money because I was driving at a goal and the goal was to increase she annual income. Now this happened because I first started buying real state didn't happen for that is something that also led became aware here of my finances I started tracking them. Very closely. All my first ran out of track what my income was and then out. Added up to yell what do you annual income would be. And in total down on their on that spreadsheet what my total annual income would be one added another house I now add that in another one another one edited and does all went on. I could see that my annual income was growing in leaps and bounds. I didn't start doing the same thing about my network keeping track of it. And one asserted tracking my personal network. I saw it starting to grow in leaps and bounds because now there was a reason while market just one more. It'll put me there I'll have hit that goal the goal being wealthier than my dad every once. And it's only gonna take me six months to do it. You know well dear to my boss could ever be totally took me a year to do it. All these kinds of things. Gave me direction. The other thing you did. Was it gave me control. For the first time ever in my life I realized that I have control my finances. About boss doesn't control. My annual pay anymore. You continue what you will pay me but I will make what I want to make. We do now I had financial control over my life before that I didn't. I was at the mercy of whoever I work for. Right. But not anymore. Now I had control my own life. The mixing it happened was. I found out about tax free income. Vendors started blowing my mind. This realization of tax free income was something that just once you ever understand it fuel never. Ever ever. Go back. Because what I realize I was although I meet 70000 all the you're my job. I only took home. 40000 dollars. After it's all said and I know it's taken on 40000 dollars. Then I realized I didn't have to replace 70000 gulf with the income to retire. I only need to replace 40000 ultra income to retire. And that was very easy. Because they're just twenty houses. Right or not even that she would that would be 40000 to vitamin. Well put it together Saudi record Christmas. It's important to see how easy it is to accomplish your goal. Generally if you're making seven you'll have to replace forty so we say. 40000 dollars. Divided by twelve months more taken home 3300. A month. Divide dep by 500 dollars. And we're talking about six and a half or seven. Elvis. So it's seven house. I can retire. Now. You talk about empowerment. Do you understand. How that realization. Can empower someone just you do not have to work for the next forty years you like to be able to retire someday may be. But did know it all the got to come up with a seven houses and on donned for the rest of my life all or net income. Now of course you don't stop a seven out of line and Obama under dolls. And of course you don't stop one apartment complex I ended up in the Levin. That's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is the understanding. That's six houses are one apartment complex in you can retire he's the empowerment. Did you first have to happen. Because before something can happen it has to be visualized. It's whatever the mind to me I can conceive and believe it can achieve but first it has to be conceived. And secondly has to be believed. Then the third part of achieving it isn't even that hard. So here I was. If you rent houses realizing that the band. This thing's going to be over quick. Comedy get out of here that it took me to their peers because by the way I didn't make 500 ultimate positive actually tells only 200. Because back then interest rates were 11%. Conduct and rents were lower than they are now so I thought to their normal pop casually good deal. So I had a more. Good what I have to do what you have to have a few defenders much. Feel retire. Right. And so tax free income the concept of tax free and the fact did you go up by an apartment complex. I bought an apartment complex. Dad was 64 units are paid 800000 dollars for a couple 100000 dollars down. And whose owner finance forming. Carries the red 200 dollars a month. And you know a hundred times so I've sixties his son 6000 dollars a month. 72000 all year. Got to increase the value that apartment complex body. Or ten Capri which was back rooms probably about 750000. Box. So now my properties were 750000. Dollars more. Choice go to the bank it. And I have another apartment a one a bar right next story is gonna cost you 300000 also by. So I go to the bank to go I need I need money to buy this other apartment then I've got all this equity in this apartment. And they just gave me they said okay we're refinance you pull up 500000 whatever it was a pulled out of I don't know reject a matures. But it was enough to buy that property had enough to do some repairs on the property already owned. Then there was the money. Money I never had never would have bet there was. What was interesting was that money that I pulled out was also tax free. Now. It's one thing to say you make it 510151000. Month like the department made me. Then at one point for fifteen years of being average about ten to 151000 a month of positive cash flow even after refinancing out millions of dollars of money. But within that. Looks like your ticket to break a little early. We'll be right back don't want to radio show. You're listening to the Joseph wants leading radio. Dell will be right back when more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways. Cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture this thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right map. Appreciation. Real estate doubles in value about every ten years equity build up. Renters pay down your mortgage each month and finally this tax advantage we pay almost no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains. These are the five ways we make money in real estate. 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Keep this fear keeps you up at night it's time to learn the strategies we teach has lifestyles unlimited starts with a free workshop and go to my passive income workshop dot com and find your true financial pieces like so many of our members already have. That's my passive income workshop dot com. She is seven. Welcome back. Now here's some more than conventional wisdom just set you free the men on a mission to retire road America one for. Once. We're about to go Walter Reed who showed today we're talking about how real state changes you we've talked about financially in many different ways how it changes you wouldn't. How much more rapidly change you but now we're talking about. He awareness factors that come into play what you. Began investing in real statement the first one I think is probably the most important is the awareness of unlimited. Opportunity. You know whatever did you do out there is so you open up a little flower shop if that's what you wanna do. You realize that you only have so much business close that our shock and there's only so much you do go around. Hand there's only so many flower shops in the flower shops have to compete against other flower shops. And the odds of a start a business succeeding is very low nine out of ten businesses go out of business within the first five years. So when I first went into real state. You know many people come and go war. We are you going to get enough product for all of us to be able to get real state where you have to realize that you're not even aware. That there are hundreds of thousands of houses available to you within driving distance in one day. There are hundreds of thousands of rental units out there within driving distance of one day. And when I first bought my first run Nelson realized. Good there was really no limitation to be had twenty people want to render the day I bought it has ever since I had single family houses there's always been intended when he people want to rent. Whenever you bought him if you do it right it's most of you. Don't do it right that's why you don't had a kind of availability but when you're the best product of the best price boom people are knocking your door down. And you realized man we're shed ten Morales got ten people right here in order and and go on May end this is unlimited I gotta get another went and you look around ago there's plenty more to give it. You don't run out houses and you don't run out of apartment complexes. And there is no limitation. There's no well you can only have X number of them right you've been told that and you've been lied to misrepresented. I head over a hundred houses. Through mortgages on all of them except one. Right and so. He's that you can't do that to your shoe care and it's unlimited. Right it's un limited what you can do if you are willing to do it. Now what you go to he apartment industry it's even more unlimited. Because now you're not limited by your time. And you're not limited by your money. You can use other people's time to operate these businesses. And you use other people's money to buy these businesses. And so there is no limitations. Except your willingness and desire. To accomplish more and more and more in life. Now don't me wrong I have always said there's got the money Sly Stone we're not out you're just trying to make more more more more money for the sake more more more money. I'm just telling you it's the awareness that if I ever wanna make more money I can simply just go do it make more money. Adam I'm at a point in my life where I really don't need to make a lot more money I don't even need to make any more -- to be honest with you but but the point is that every once while you still could energy could you know what. I would if I could do more and the answer is yes. You can do more you can have more and there's no limitations. Right. The next thing I learned to became aware of is the difference in people between those that are entrepreneurial those owned businesses and those are employees. All the sudden when you buy an apartment complex series start owning your own businesses like a bunch of rent houses. You start to hear your friends differently. They start to sound like employees. We knew once you hire employees. You now know with the employee mentality is you look back oh man. I had an employee mentality. I was immature I believe that the world old me a favor. That my boss told me a favor that the world should take care of me. Had used all kinds of dis empowering statements like why are they doing this to us. Why did they cut our OK why did they change our commission structure I was in pointing at them thinking they would default. When the real fall was a hose and taking care of myself. And once I realized that I could take care of myself. I have to tell you quite honestly you know you still have friends. You're not gonna have the same prince. Because now I hang out with people that are all self empowered. That crybaby conversation would never make it without us in fact many times because I just miss hearing that are lucid I want people who don't know who I am. And I'll just listen their conversation you don't might have like a noose an innocent dreaded the gym all the time of guys sitting on the bike crying about their jobs being laid off. You know oil industry. You know wondering what they're gonna do. Talking about politics how the government should fix it help you know it's they should change the way royal is done they should change the rules and regulations. Or they should just voting and longer and longer stints of unemployment and he used to listen if you Google my. Gosh you've got three college degrees you've got a regular degree you've got a master's degree and you've got to cut doctorate degree or specialized. Degree and you are blaming the world for not having a job. You were blame the world for not have any income. My friends. This is a change. That you will see because you will no longer be one of those employee mentality people you'll become an empowered. Person who believes. Whatever the might demand can conceive and believe it can achieve. And you'll find that other things you'd like to start to get better you'll start being aware that people are ripping you off and you won't allow them to ripping off. You start understanding both sales and marketing you're going to car dealerships and do way better deals because now you understand how all that works. You'll understand government regulations. Do understand how to avoid that snare a falling into making a mistake around government regulations to where you'll start to empower yourself. To operate. Around regulations. My friend you understand what's going on here you are changed as a person. You'll never be that sniffling crybaby little person you Wear your whole life will now be strong and powerful empowered. Individual. That knows that they can take matters into their own hands and make things happen. Boy. That's probably the greatest change a ball. Empowerment. Yeah what is real state duty you did empowers you financially. Psychologically. And emotionally. And when I say we're not doing this just for the money. We're doing to for a lifestyle. You have to understand. That that lifestyle. Starts with your own personal. Empowerment. Have a wonderful day. Come on back to see us tomorrow. Email me feel like if you ask dealt with your questions and then I believe the doom on the show or give back to. Have a great day. Tell monthly radio show. I'll listen to every. Can obtain the results. Join us seventy so we can't get enough. 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