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Speed City, 02/26

Feb 27, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well don't tell us being silly. With John Massey hill let's Kaiser and John I think three. Proxy fight in my place dot com or upgrade your license plate at my place dot com. It's so fast this hour on the radio. Speeds city. Good evening here is welcome to speed cities. Happy Daytona day. Here. Buddy. Had a good one and it's a really good on that was those it was a fun race to watch well you know it is it's always fun when you know. One of our guests here for this he said he came across the line first I know we tourette's and her doctor Kurt Busch a few times have we don't last year pierce is always fun in the united can be happier to the look at their see somebody we know but it what a race and another it was great pick Simon will we will not sure about that gas and you know it's it's he's he's been really nice guy every time we've talked to amend it was. I knew we had him actually in Booth with a sell it Cota. One time coming up. Well I still remember was that during a Formula One Indy do that was actually a loss or tomorrow we can of armaments correctly he had he came on the air with assess tried those pretty cool. Why don't you know we got on the show obviously we're gonna talk a lot about the Daytona 500 everything from Kurt Busch and and winning enough on this segments and everything else although the new formats they had the world soon we're really exciting is we have mark Wilkins he's a driver from Michael shank racing. He's gonna join us alive and about a half hour and he races and the new one of those new accuracy of 93 car. So excited to have him things are so cool he has a beautiful car there's one in town now. Who I think any scene it'll look in I did not seem person selected a picture up is Alex beautiful. While we're also gonna talk there was just a little story is speaking in NASCAR. There's a story about. Bobby esteem the the chairman of circuit of the Americas. Talking about NASCAR on circuit they may still I mean doesn't that you know if you've paid attention speeds city we talked about it or can we talked about it it. In the spring 2013 and even a lot also sent in James Courtney in Australian V8 suicide you know with the so much can occur bush product car and and they actually Kevin milestone coda. Then. Kurtz cup car against. Courtney and a V8 super car as China and that was in 1213 thousand over some information on the that was the first time ever there was a NASCAR car on first time and only time if I'm not mistaken I believe it's the only time we had that now know there been some retired ones coming up from the track days and the high speed driver education very experienced days that now legitimately. Current vehicle. Kurtz the only one that have been out there now so that story is that Al second America's somebody Epstein wants to have NASCAR coming up of course. Of course we want that so we'll talk more about that also. Formula One car launches including hos of one. Today although if you were online yesterday he talks on a day early. Because it was all out there in eight got out early Christmas all week oh yeah new car there it is still up and now we also have a local Austin racer Jeff most in just mosey and he's gonna join us in the next segment. Talk about his season in the continental tire series. And also NAM Porsche G teacup Susan talk on about that. And we'll talk a little world super likes Gazeta launch this weekend as well in new. Yeah in our our American did not decent grade I can tell by your opinion there neither her lead you know I did that in the day enjoy seeing unifil violent always has a great race. Little wildlife with the Yankee slayer being so close to the water Linda. Their migration come into play as well late they actually had to stop one of the sessions to shoot the soft the track how your kids think I did not see that. Well I wanna jump in and talk about the Daytona 500 because obviously there's plenty talk about with he and the rule changes and you know all weekend and dating in fact let's talk about about another local driver Austin self. I came in second place in the truck series in the Camping World truck series you know it's it's been great yeah we've seen Austin cash since he was a young team found central Texas speedway just on the edge of Austin here. Coming up you know through the through the carts originally entered the full fledged automobiles and now the trucks and he is doing remarkably well it's great see. Here and kid his family has been behind him all the time put a lot of effort into getting into the right places and getting. Him and the equipment that really shows skill smoke cigarettes. Gasoline is so to watch him because I'm first and Austin when he was just talking I don't know ten years old maybe now he was not even ten. And he was racing carts is Dan was genetic cards. And I know the days of aren't rock raceway after pitcher right out of the airport but yeah it was good to watch you get to see him obviously it was a huge crash in that as well not to not to mention huge crashes. Yeah all weekend long at Daytona in NASCAR but. The but it's fun to watch any American I mean in Austin I didn't do so well and come in second place in the contest but these. But also the the other so much good stories in Daytona because as the week as in the race went through today. We saw you know there was no way to predict who's gonna win this thing is who is after seeing it you know finished. That's when it felt to me there was no way in anybody you know there was predictions here and there. They're probably. To chase Ellie was by the closest magazine he started on the pole and was leading with what three laps to go right. You know there were there were a lot of things that came in to play in this race that. You know we got see what the three stages of the race are going to be like. I'm a little mixed. And kind of want him gradually increasing points. The term maybe get bonus points for. Leaning stage one in stage two and winning stage three but. If you haven't heard what they do is say essentially. Divide up the race into three sections in their column stages. And salute. Part of the intent is to encourage drivers and racers not to sit back from a strategic tent standpoint. And watch this and watch the field ahead of them get thinner through attrition. But to actually get out and race early and it's completely through the race. Driving to be in the front of the pack. And so I'd. I like that I like the idea. I know don't just sit back and let people. Weed themselves out in front of you to gain your spots still want you to solidly go after the race in doing with this kind of sit back pacing yourself. So like that. Yeah but but the points among little little concerned I don't want anyone to lead. Saved stage one in stage two would get more points in the guide that finals in one stage three I think they're in his recent things on points. Sorted out not want I don't know what the answer is the winner and ask get the most points even if somebody else one person second stage. But not somebody tweeting guess earlier opted out of the hole by the way and that hole is a ended up about. My take one last look had put a Twitter Coleman I think it was about 6040. Saying that they did not like it. And a couple people to easily treated this deep the perfect response and they said. I hate it right now but how many get a chance to see what I how I feel like it. You know as the season goes on but yeah I was 643625. Votes on us it was a decent sample. Now I could go on decent sample and you know we'll see if see how that goes on the hunt you know as the season rolls on that. But also the other you know there is some but it may and is inching to watch because. Everything from. Danica Patrick did pretty good in and thought she might do well to Seacrest job and of course walk along the first big crash. Took out Dale Earnhardt now and we went airborne. That was a little scary at you know I saw when it was alive in the on the replay he wasn't that far from taking that car didn't more rare in that car and flip it and over. There was a little bit scary right and you know it is they've come a long ways that still it's a fast moving vehicle does. You know get backwards and have all the hero go the wrong direction and even wanna do the opposite to your. But they're getting getting pretty solid and it's certainly a lot safer than it used to being. Well obviously the big story Kurt Busch and it was really fun to see him at the end there. When he broke away and put I don't know how many car links patent for at least Ater tend towards that and on the very last thirty seconds right and so but let's hear it in his words because. We pull we have a clip from fox sports that they interviewed him after the race and it was awesome so let's hear from Kurt Busch. The more that becomes unpredictable not Daytona. What becomes predictable to predict and unpredictability and in this car is completely crash it's not a straight panel on. Your strategy it and we knew I took the wind what segments were widely televised record as soon as we're done with the second segment. I don't know I mean no more than a run this series. More love just like they just don't toss into the wind that are happening just albums out and that's what we get him in our group. And run to the end and everybody did a great job not to wreck each other I cannot believe this homecoming for employees thank you Doug Yates and everybody. Ford Motor record performance this is incredible. Only one more. Last lap that looked like and then the last lap did you feel like you had a shot at winning it. Your rearview mirror a sell off when starting out it's okay that's an omen because I'm not gonna have to look at it anymore. Take advantage of other people's mistakes. Made in the one and soon. And the only thing I knew I could do to get around from behind was to go high and insulate him and I got the run from whoever was behind in the in this modern senate floor back. I'm back. My back you fly back in a monetary in his welcome back to enjoy so nervous coming Illini didn't think we're gonna win them. Unbelievable. How all of this team and our. John awards. Now let's go to that he did not need a review mere hiccup there. Who cares anymore what was there was limited if they actually did the first thing they did was Terrell them male only so much as battles from the A money let us know ahead he has some body armor that. I go we're gonna go ahead and take a break and when we come back we're gonna come back with we just mosey and another Austin racer and he's gonna tell us all about his season upcoming season and in both come a tire series and the Porsche GT three cup. Listen to speed city live from Austin back up these messages can. The 57 Chevy the Rembrandts payday. The little black dress better when you're a classic view never go out of style may. There's no wife played stock car probably knows is the return of the classic like Texas license plate for the first time since 1968. Featuring cooler untimely slogan over boulders. Visit my netflix.com today to order this legendary classic like Texas license plate for your car or truck. Classes like this back and had my plate stock car. Susan cameras video is the largest camera store in Texas and at the 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest map fracture offerings yeah. 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Italian style with Texas all tried in good Simon is welcome I'm financing available. Can they opt in Alabama then he had good stuff but I like break Elaine just eats them by 35. Making top radio upgrade again somebody has to come out and tell it like it is top thirteen yeah. Hi this is Jeff Gordon in your listeners speed city. Welcome back to speed city. Happy Daytona Sunday says you see Jeff he started the race in the pace car and that's your Andrea Yates you know he wasn't sure entice those little bit awkward bit of a great goals he just still their play and then hitting good job on fox now he's great in the Booth and they are we're excited we gotta we I guess another look a little local boy coming on the show he's doing okay he he's an all right he's been. He's been an all kinds of racers race to encode a bunch practice until an amateur welcome Jeff nosing back to the show just posing welcome to speed city. Good evening and again I saw as always for having me appreciate it. You bet they Jeffs though I know who you. You get Trixie three arrives over than the season could have this year and brought her out to play this week on don't you tell us suture XE three years. We did you know pick up a new car last year for the platinum series is aimed. I didn't realize that there are relatively court here for 2017. Armed them so warning this thing incidents in the platinum class so I did feel pick up a new car so we ordered it. We got it and then now. Maybe November December and though the part package and and other staff. And we played our first. Task. Along with Morse beat her David lord more speed and oh yeah they know look guys. There's probably about Robert externally at more than that maybe about seven or eight. People capital I think maybe I love the lord the new course. And use a few of the older callers should Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham. Right away it was it was a shock to me because. I was. Are questioning the the Porsche guy that would air Porsche was there in so who is fair. Yokohama which represented airman it was there's only cooled to a serious turn else. Yeah I mean yeah they world where if your pressure and dirt you know. You can take some of our feedback on everything you lose and I really cool to see them out there. And but just a really big difference I support you guys twice. And they gave me the same injury you know they said well you know that they knew how big is is. A bit stiffer. From the old club and along with summit at the racing and that they use. So that might have helped boot. The chapter he'd actually worked shopped better that you couldn't. So in order to get it was a big. There is a big change. As far as Howard Ingles. And it really react to small changes we were decoder. This week here at all. Testing. They end how to have a little bit of an issue with the car not turning. It was pushing in the writes a little bit delusional laps and Todd. Wins I have to return. Like a cross in the car. And I felt it instantly I have to turn on the shock we're talking like wow. That maybe act millimeter millimeter or change target. You know there's been a cap he really respond slight changes like it. It's picture overall it's a really great package Jimmy got off the Porsche Kirk you know keeping the card interest you know I just thought I was getting hit. But just put new version of flash your car but it's a totally different animal and have. From what I understand it Yokohama was trying to provide and HR percent in the pool. I was involved with the tacit. What I heard. The car actually perform better on the sixteen car. So I think that they get it wrong that the whole year and get a look at it again lecture to try to redevelop our free tool. Won't stand again I Yokohama publicly curb you know jump in and the picture this series. Being about providing a great race cars. You really look at ordered runner within so Porsche and Yokohama in this year deteriorate and that we we heard a lot. I Dakota this week you were derailed Friday and Saturday. Even or run and hide CD. You know that the current cover a cup cork in. The idea of course they have an innovative classroom but here's a lot of street cars involved. Canned. It was. There was it's pretty amazing you know that those that aren't differential in the in the power game virtual cart that you counter. He is security warning runner up or look at it it's just. A quick car we were enough. A lot of it was almost two and a half second faster than ever. Are sinking car. While that is huge for I know you also had a I had a buddy there coaching you Brian ever sleep. Yeah yeah grinding trying to maybe you know. He was never coming in Dutch coach. Air it was our indication you know. They even even my coach needed vacation from the ever wants the thoughts and if oh Beverly was the anniversary was treated at determining. Particularly in. He's a great got to work listening to assert that you know mega driver you know. And are really you know working with a lot of coaches. It's color or because you don't know if you going to be compatible with our end. You are cramming we'd been known each other per. If not seven years now and the end great. He got the car and I have to we tinkered I think we would still worker on this shadow but we got it down into the 22 minutes twelve would oh. Point six point seven squirm their. Use only mature you can really quick and we could hit particular sermon that he ran was. Actually with track and the so you know potentially I think you know what what guys sitting there on this guess what guys that are actually. In the car opting not to bring it cease and eleven dismay when we have always here so it. We'll speak in a race is or what's your next race. Well we are we just got back from Daytona we ever rotation they sort of aircraft. Few weeks ago. I would become an all sports course seriously. And we finished well we we finished second and think restore the ice. Fortress shares if you like Daytona and yeah. Yeah the last four years or five years I think it's 32 patient who should first places it's gonna. A really good run there. We didn't have the it is funny you know because we knew if you remember what happened Russia with the door all of off it's. So we got a pretty quick pit stop we're still waiting or fuel. Firm and we were able to get in now pretty quick but this year. From the format change a little bit it was a four hour operation out of that you would have power. So we needed that forward Daytona and were Mazda raceway mcginnis anchor. It'll be for operations and then the rest of the races of the two hour that's a little bit and I think we can for the first came in early in the doubles student. And it took a little bit longer to put fuel in them what should. Think about our pit stop anybody about eight seconds to all. Before they realized it was Goran could I got back out you know when you look at the net result we've finished the second half seconds on the mini. So you know the potential source was rare but it's the beginning of the year I can't complain that guys are amazing aren't. They always. Talk for press like who like it's nobody's position though and we're we're really looking forward to get this C bring here a couple weeks just we had bad luck dare we sort of proves that. We can actually finish there and connect twelve. Firm and to always bring it but we always in that you know haven't some sort of attrition they're so we will break PS curse. Now I've come you know march 17. Well just mosey on new we we won him which is best of luck in both Porsche G three GGT three cup and tell the entire bit. I got to ask you some didn't before we let you go you know Kurt Busch won and at Daytona 500 today. And but Kurt Busch actually drove a NASCAR on the circuit of the Americas and there was a little bit to talk this week. About Bobby esteem wanting NASCAR. Circuit of the Americas what do you think about NASCAR Daytona. Well you know you're gonna get any complaint from me and then honestly. I would certainly buy tickets to that it if I wasn't. Committed duration we end. You know. NASCAR of course you did did you know introduction you know people who are very drawn to it. End to I love to see those guys. Tackle and it you know on the road course should all watch now and I'm not gonna say I watch all the races in NASCAR but I certainly try to you know be the little frustration. Because I do enjoy watching those for you know it just seems like there's a lot more. Element involved that drafting is not too big issues. Com you know it's more about just outcrop and the other guys stand. And that's our lunch you know those hours of the coolest thing about it. You know those guys mirror ball heroes when it comes certain doing well on a road course. Because they're not there are per road now go to those schools and every right they don't turn well. They ended picture totally different art I can guarantee I mean not. And turner are okay they die they certainly weren't those architecture would pay me a good day here you even try to figure out how to make it turns. Well okay well I'm gonna ask right there then just. Do you think you'll and in ark car you want and a NASCAR now to try it but this driver. I pay evidently busy enough that if somebody invited me I wouldn't turn it there are out yeah actually jumped and all that stuff coming. I've got a couple laps not included in the end. There would. I'm not I'm not one of the best point drop ever and certainly not a slouch he lived I think those guys you know they end up going out there I think. No. Texan would actually get more warm welcome I'm not sure they would run the full core search they were met shorter or stepped. The. I think you're carrying certain cars I think you're right I think they would ever run that shorter course. Because well lest we measured the south and the the full course would be about twenty some odd percent longer than their longest. Luke LAPD that they have and any of the courses that Jeff most. And yeah figured yeah I don't think it breaks you get to it so should own yeah but I would lobby now and I think that would be one or you know. Since as a test scores are remember there's basic cargo coming here any more right. Answered broker yards in that CNN news or it could be communism really close to saying you'd you know as far as this terrible in this. Give Democrats embracing all got some mean I think you're beyond. Would do would folks that's just my musings were we've been talking with always a great guest fun to watch. What champion as well wouldn't the forces. Eleven heaven around Jeff good luck this year good liked all the top racing team over there they there Royce put together Greg Carr for his. Yeah for sure we've got three or four got bigger race with a she's here it's gonna be a lot of fun. Thank you also much for having me were really. A fantastic enjoy the family mowed the yard before the season starts because I know you're busy. Aren't they specialized just take your body. Hello haven't just mosey on local Austin boy you know good but it's another situation. Local guys that go racing you know he and his brother. Both did some sports car racing but when certain Americans dropped in her lap. Things got serious now exactly Iowa we're gonna take a break you listen to speed city live from Austin Texas Tech and he's missed just. Hi I am an official Texas license plate from my police dot com and I'm gonna say next time you're good personal people tell the world who you are with a personalized my remind wedge dot com like me. I taught in every color favorite team favored charity of the car's favorite state Texas. Who really have been smiley official Texas license plate from my plates that come pillow underneath you are likely play. Com and order me. Good amount. Susan camera and video is the largest camera store in Texas and have a 101000 square feet and packed with a all the latest map fracture offerings. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated Weinstein is Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. Would pound pig products and offhand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and culminating sell stuff. The quality service to come sepia self precision camera video too full create west Anniston lane. MD who still motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll all on wheels. Caddie also offers only NB a good stuff kinda catty factory authorized technicians in Austin seven sinkhole European brands. The group Tommy sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike ever out. Hold the charisma but don't say 800 the first revolutionary Tora to be built by Ambien just out. Fourth you want to credit freeze deep Ginn racing and I'm look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple every 675. And 800. Hold out all right for the ultimate legendary man bowl MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas all tried in good Simon welcome and financing available. To carry out an Alabama man he had good stuff but I like break Elaine just east of I 35. We knew it happens it happens here topped thirteen seventeen downright silly. Roger Hayden back feels nurses. This is speed saving. Welcome back to speed city. So dreary. You mean. Daytona Sunday in Austin cold and wet a sinkhole is kind of warmed up little was definitely clouding my daughter not to by GAAP for a little. Trip that is the perfect day to sit in the house and watched I think I watched two and a half hours of of pre show for the Daytona 500 and then worry hours of commercials monster there if you have. Speaking of commercials did you see in the middle to raise the they said and now we're gonna we're gonna bring you the rest of the race commercial free and then they went straight conference call Pacific gas Twitter exploded their man was like pay no attention to the man behind the curtain bar where did you quit talking of the Daytona because we have a fantastic race driver on the line and were going to pick his brain and talk about his the other one of these guys with the coolest car this column in another your driver last year I was stocking the foreign guys and this year it's the hacker I know how. How are we want to welcome mark welcomes Wilkins to speed C welcome mark we appreciate government. Yeah yeah. Awesome to have you we are really excited to talk to you about. Your upcoming season what you've done so far the new Acura. And we're in it we're gonna pick your brain or some other things too did mobile. We're gonna surprise you with a couple of goodies so. Did the let's let's talk about your season so far. Yes I realize is that it's still pretty early on I mean now we just did the Rolex 24 hour past few weeks back I was the first guy. So worldwide debut for the new NSX ten guys that it was a really. Really strong positive braced for up for the whole team any media Michael shank racing guys that have prepped this car. And it would Burmese comedian actor I mean it was a huge she got hurt and you know we would have topped five first race for the car and you know we led to I think some something like 27%. Of overall laps in the race for a brand new. Bring your car so. It was it was a tough one and it looks wet and cold and nice guy you know you're talking about the weathered. Men it was it was a tough one that this stay out of trouble and you know and just keep the car were not running up front like we did so all in all black great way to start the season. Yet you guys have got to be happy does that car looked fast. And look at eight you know coming and it 24 hour race you guys I know there was some banging in some and then some things going on of course. You know that that's just racing but do you guys have got to be happy with how fast that car was you know this new in the with a brand new car it's good looks pretty it's pretty darn exciting. Yeah hey it's super exciting yeah I mean in it our goal in the race list field condition and stay out of trouble and and that's always the goal of the 24 and you know when the weather is a little more adverse than you'd like it to stop makes that job a little bit more tricky and you know hey sometimes you can't control the other guy that Daryn you know you can naive could guide from the spotter and you know we look we're looking around the mere all the time in trying to stay on top of that but. It was it was tricky guy than me not only we could we could barely get tired and then. In knows that continental and you know really it was steel structure at. So you know all in all. The car was quick he was great no let me just performed really well fluorescent. So it allowed us to run up front for as long as we did and ending get a great result for tracker there. You know that that car is new but. You know you've only had limited testing unit so far how much development do you expect in the next couple races on this you've got to Sebring coming up right quick. Are you able to make giant leaps during the season on this car. Yeah I needed it they GT three spec car so the rules packages is pretty set. But we're still learning a lot on the senate side. In fact we didn't get a couple days of testing down not be in protest down at Sebring. And so last. Yeah but nothing like kicking it off with a 24 and then at twelve hour you wouldn't twelve hours of Sebring is that it's almost like get 24 or toll could top Palm Beach circuit and it's pretty hard on equipment so yeah I mean the cars run run a little bit there I mean in preceded casting and then again this past week. To absorb putting it through its paces are doing not so long runs and you know reliability just been top notch. You know also were. We're really confident I think we we've got a quick car we got good paste. You know we're gonna be really competitive in the thick of things there and you know obviously great group the drivers and then people are involved so. You know we're we're excited it's a big challenge again. And you know I think break in in good position to to be up in the front of the tub time she served. 01 of the things that's really neat folks if you don't those Sebring. It is one of the oldest racetracks there's been continuously operated army has gone from I think 1950. And it's still going it's and what was an. Airport runway to be honest and so it's the old concrete style construction and and that and that's why mark gets beat up there and that's what dwellers feel like Tony for back. Marks one paraded you know I think we are laughing and Nate put little a couple of these sections of hash pulled down but I'm pretty sure that the mandate was to maintain the bumpy that's so not really sure. Well what that was the goal was there but. You know as you mentioned that an original track it today albeit it really throws a car for a loop and then the driver was working trick or hurt. Oh and by the way explored didn't we in March and the temperatures start to climb than and the humidity is to do so. Did that it surreal past. You know we work hard to air. You know there's not a lot of places and it didn't take a breath like we have a Daytona on the banking. And you know the bumps and he got another element too that helped. Nowhere. Four while a position where we're really excited about it and it's going to be an opportunity to. You know it just to show how lack how awesome this car really is. I cannot imagine that meeting so we need to read you know take redo this section are we gonna put in. Herman took one smooth fifth pick him. Run where we gonna do is throw some concrete we pick up down Loews hardware store and I just the lows still in the other way change the character of the track. When you've won there before you went there couple times haven't you. Yes they have yet in prototype guy and he'll protect challenge cars there yeah I thought she won their last year. And Al won there in 2010 as well so. To actually pretty get to meet so like yeah I'm hoping to bring that momentum not in this program. This racist here as well. But all of which civil ago he's telling you about it you rest in less about getting the set up right IBC its. A spec car there's only so much they can do but you start off the season with 36 hours of testing you know people who. A lot of guys like in Formula One they get no almost no testing that's a huge amount testing so you guys are going to be. Well prepared but hallmark I knew what to talk about because some of the year your career before this season and and you've got you've done a bunch of things talk about your your career how you got here. The alloy media I guess I'd. Grew up bracing yet you know my dad kind of get into the hobby and you know I ended up to go Kart track in and that got the bug and I like to shape pretty early on and and kind of carried that opted to. Some open wheel racing locally at Air Canada. And from the look toward an end you know formula 2000 from delivered no sort of start monster and then switch gears a little bit. 2006000. Decide to go Daytona prototype racing in grand am. You know and and you know kind of go into the the at the toxins. And yet the ruse on the cars and an up in the speed didn't you know it just it just looked like a really exciting avenue to go in and terrain in the air for about five years. And then now doing another manufactured 2012. You know spend about four years he's had probably world challenge racing and and some prototype challenge. You know insurance. Within side and then you know Ella Madison and grand am so. Kind of all over the place but totally sports car and you know really fortunate today over the years to drive plots are really cool race cars. But you know and enjoy an Acura for for twenty to seventeen. Man that's so that's great ERC to have drew a lot of cool cars and you talk like debts. Not a good day I think it's great I love it's fun it's a great career am I excited to have you but. Wanting anyone to talk about is. Circuit America's new here in Austin goes like Castro was about certain Americas and their time here you've. You price spent some time here on a couple different cars right. Yes that's correct yeah. Would you might grand dam and like there. What do you think about that. I love what I mean it they have. What not a lot of good shape and often circuit its technical I've driven it the wet and dry and scorching hot cold and everything in between so. Really it can really technical circuit it's got a lot of great satisfaction and some really tight technical stuff so you know from a driver's standpoint that we always like really like OK you don't have the opportunity to put it through newspaper that high speed and focused on aero balance and and you know in the low speed get mechanical side right didn't end you know code has spared the basketball world there's so. No I mean it I'm really excited LB. I'll be able to put yet and it sex GT 300 spaces they're in September. I would probably world challenge so really excited to get back there in this car I think it's gonna really seen the car well. They're you know through the essence out early in the lap there in the in the type technical stuff. You know look later in the lap so. Yeah I mean by then we'll have more time on the car as well endowed will have gone through out the better part of the season so you know I think you have you know we're going to be right in the thick of things there and then I think it's gonna be out well suited for us. I think you know and part of that it would that was a really cool last year and in our relate coming your setting you. As with the four GT geysers new car every time they went out they learned something. There are continuously tweaking and playing with that well things I estimate is do you have anybody else they're sharing data would do that's relative. And they say you know honestly not really is there anybody that you can say is relative. To what you guys are doing that are sharing history through the Honda family for instance. I mean it's such it's such a new product and that you know lower global Levy would put some luck and get some testing in there. I can get some data that we can work off of but. You don't know and he will be making I'm not a lot of information that we could pile up from all the events leading up to about one. You know I think wolf. Work through you know a number of different test setup but I generations by then and all know what were. Works fairly well I'm not code is nice and smooth so that that's not always nice and you know wrap let us let us run a little bit. Skip more stiffened in setup but you know you never really know I mean we're just compiling data in and learning didn't you know there's nothing that I can think of that would be sort of a direct. Certain comparison. You know leading up to it so. Yeah I get that just a lot of development learning and then taking what we yet what we get from the previous event. You know all I ask you mark because whenever you who think just sit there is a carding set a beating in the engineers and making adjustments. But how. I wanna talk about the drivers droll and all that obviously with all your sports car experience and this setting up a brand new car talk about the way you help the team in any how you interact with engineers and other parts of the team to get the Carson upright. Yeah well I mean we we've got to a number of drivers within the program then and you know what a lot of sports car great experience and you know also I must say it's really great. To go out and and you don't run in the car and feel that Oden and then provide that feedback and and engineers and run it past the other drivers in that area and put. You know it's been really exciting so far to work with such talented people. You know that how we can we can go right or notes at the end of the session provide those to our engineer. He goes sir but we do it big debrief. I would everyone involved and everyone puts in there who know their feedback and we get that. The you know let the engineers sort of take what were telling them about how the cars beating on track be it on the bumpy compliance lies. You know do we have a hub under steer over here Valentino where in the corner stated that. You know how the brakes impacting the balance. You know talking about developing. You know not break and be you know packages different pad compound that sort of thing until. You know work throwing a lot of seat as there from the the driver's seat and then the engineers have that sort of interpret that information didn't and then turn it didn't do you know what I have had meaningful change on the car that we can go out and feel and you know but when you work with really top level people you know that. You know world sort of on the same page and we all tend to want something quite similar out of the car and you know so that process becomes fun I mean it's frustrating we continue to pass things. You know in the end there's just so many things we can go through and try and you know they did it when he kind of chased down the road and it doesn't work sometimes you know you come up sometimes have to hit the reset button and start over again to go back in the basin. And just constantly develop but it's a fun process. You know in the end the heat with the right people. In place you know but we can now we can learn a great deal and you know relatively short period of time and then apply. Our best foot forward and and you know I and then have the best race car possible. Plug and asks only Europe to return your header for Sebring. How much can you change on this new car aerodynamic plea because those third the opposite ends of the spectrum as far as aerodynamics and has been watching you almost courses. Yeah yeah I mean there's not a lot of elite eight you know with the GT respect where we're pretty set on and on you know look we can't in what component tree we can run on the car so I mean we can make some wind we can change the angle the rear wing you know we can do small there's there's little things like that that are within our control and being. Damper settings in in how you'll spring rates and that sort of thing. You know we can we continue to weaken and develop. And you know are the best package for our car but you know it happens we can't sleep and we can't change anything sort of on the a car that's been approved. For the clocks and we have to run nodded and it's pretty pretty sad and I think that's what makes the clock so competitive than. You know let the straight so closely with the other manufacturers and pick up one model I mean obviously you're always so well he's gonna tweak can improve and change and I think that's the work that you know on. There are accurate and each comedian and an all those guys have done to develop. A wonderful platform for us to bill ratio. There all of their hard work has given us a great great car that we can go out and competing against. You know the likes the other manufacturers. Well that's that that's cool as it's fun to think about the process you starting to another path of taking notes and having a bride down stuff thought thought. He started scare me you're gonna burst my bubble of all the fun you're having but obviously you guys hit it. To drive the car and employing an agreement with the organization he gets to drive the car at the NSA except. I gotta ask is there ILE. I get in the car I I didn't when I look at I'll leaks mind be near that enthusiasm my choice but let it it's such a neat program but to be apart rather than get Carly so much history. Then you know that obviously with it being brand do. After 2017 on. You know it just it's just such an exciting that opportunity to go out and showcase that and in front of you all the great standard. You know all the sports car all the sports car racers that there I mean you just really appreciate what they've done so no it's such great fun. And you know that that the industry accurate being. One of the few cars right now you know you can if you can't afford a 918 apportion any teen at a million dollars. Hybrid didn't yeah are you a lot a top notch hybrid like a for a lot Ferrari aware the other sex is a you know at least somewhat attainable and has the same kind of characteristics you know who that's gonna give you want to. He's got a list is gonna let you but I'm not I'm not get one but may may be marks might. That ever mark do you have that the team street car that you just drive around with. You know they actually. They had he had the road car acted Daytona tests at the roar. And it was pretty funny because they they brought around the waiver and they said hey we know we've got the car he'd love for all the drivers to take it out. Did they get on the road and see what you think Kim give us your impression than just have some fun and so arts. All of less word chomping at commit to a sign that waiver and getting there and you know it was busy we have a lot of of work to do with the race car and and you know on track running and not so. It took me that day and perhaps that's why when Napster the keys and and they looked at me in the head I hate Italian I think even they picked up the car. You know. You're not gonna get around this time in and anyway so I mean I'm still dreaming about that opportunities you drive it but. John knew what the decision that they wanted to drum. Oh yeah I think it was Jeff Segal. That they got a better since hitting a girl I'd be glad to take it builds do you have pit bike on the Honda Gromit the expletive yeah. Yeah definitely. I think we're gonna get to drive that I would they cut out don't worry we'll figure out another opportunity for you to put your expectations so. The idea maybe that in Ohio. You know little look see but traveling until we get a little further assure the winter season here. Well let's that'll be fun and that is deathly dream car for sure. Well mark who can thank you for coming on speed C we'll look forward to seeing you here in Austin and we will look you up when you get here in net. And jag yet to get some of these famous Austin barbecue or Mexican food. I cannot. He'll get down there guys and they really appreciate the opportunity to be on the show tonight. All right well thanks mark we'll talk to Cinderella slate but if they are sick. Our rivalry to go and take a break we come back we're gonna talk a little Formula One with the new cars hit men hit it in the that if this. Twitter cheered everywhere else and moral struggle worlds of bikes. Listen to speed city live from Austin back up these messages. Welcome it and your license plate eyes and different things and all right Mary Lou for the cast adrift and a new car Maine your license plate easy my plate is eighteen. ACL UT hour. ABC AC DC a triple. Can't remember might bloody do you should've gotten a personal Texas played from my place dot com there so memorable night. And it saved 40% with a five year commitment to real winner in order your personalized license plate from my place dot com. Susan camera and video is the largest camera store in Texas and have a 101000 square feet impact would all the latest map tracks are all brings. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated the last time his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. With handbags products and on hand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and accommodating sell stuff. The quality surveys to come CB itself precision camera video too full create west Anniston lane. The racetrack it's what elections alone and only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find it Aston Martin Boston's notice of Boston Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor car. Boston exotic iconic automobiles it's racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny. Because you'll remember just a long ride. I like 183 not a big deal runs. Went to drive your car ads feed on circuit of the Americas. Exotic is your source for more code events and Morse code attracts. Whether you're looking to host your own event but just be a part of the action heads attic he did in the driver's seat and racing like a proud. All levels of drivers and all types of cars are welcomed with instructors available for the first time in novice drivers like this short in adventures around every corner. So plain your high adrenaline experience with as Jack had as Jack thanks dot com hedge headaches. It's better enjoy driving you have made the right. Always talk thirteen seventy. Okay. Hey this is Kurt Busch releasing the speech here yeah. Awesome the Daytona 500 hunger to win now. Hey you know what speaking to Kurt Busch I found in the back in our archives. A little interview that we did was Kurt Busch. And not believe it was April of 2013. When he did drive on circuit the Americans brought his cup won his cup cars Leon and does he can't muscles James Courtney help us during the extra car or guy and a this fund you know the funny thing is unfortunate wasn't there but funny thing is the recording I heard them talking about. What it was like drive each other's car and James Courtney calling the NASCAR bear. Yeah it's yeah you know what I was still a good I was there and I got to hang out with Kerr a little bit and I got to get I I get to go around the short track and that was back when what you were saying earlier with losing is it. They eat they cut in there it turned like what was it like seven under and there are two of them back there. And so they're actually you know whether it's one design women really talked about the they're capable of dividing the track into actually two different tracks. And they'll have a split around turn four and another round turn seven that cuts through to the straightaway both of those do yeah it's a you could actually run. A course that is consistent to the very back the highest in of this. Ribbon. Oh with a turn and part of that long back straight in and cut back across and those turns in the nude the other you'd cover most of them. Beginning in possesses cuts crossed there's this tail into the straightaway uses stadium back cross front so now. Well let go that weekend. I got to go around the track and AMV eight super car I didn't go to school run in the cup car in the NASCAR cup car. But the way those guys are talking is it it was. Did the needs of there was a lot more for precision minimal but at the NASCAR was a 950 horsepower but also mideast soda. You know just pick your picture finer you have 950 horsepower not be a beast or fund oh win it sways swing 5000 pounds okay file listen let's play this clip from from Kurt Busch back from 2013 about two when he just got to drive around circuit and America's. The awesome track is somewhat compare rolled to Sonoma on how there's a lot of tight flag technical corners. That tell you would call point and shoot three's guitar appointed chief for the next corner and sheets and the next corner. Let's gorgeous place to lay out dusters for getting. 'cause I see NASCAR driver's perspective things that are. Wheldon the Sonoma track is only about two and a half miles were we earth you know 3.4 miles here so there that it's a sizable difference. When you start bad then the rest of the course and everything like that there there is a big work out and you know the NASCAR guys are not. Used to having such a long lap like that that's one of the would you say shorter. Leaped yeah the one of the two shorter lips who worked well then that's going to be fun to watch a story I'm not I'm not. Then the house on that one so we'll see what happens and let's talk about some of these Formula One cars he came off this we obviously had it. Every day was Christmas yet new car should no hidden social media and web sites and stuff. And you know some of the more adjusting one's obviously when you talk about possible one. But from during the week here I was really be excited to see that McLaren orange would you think that car. I like that did traditional color you know for McLaren you know it's been a long time since I had a lot of Borg ship around it. Really looks kid is still black and orange you know some mice that Halloween like. Okay. It's just I like I like it I like a lot of red Eli because of the tradition I think that's what looked when I liked about it. Yeah absolutely and you know I I think it's going to be a very did combination. With us. Color easy recognition and things like that. Anxious to just see what they do this year would do we got to see McLaren step up some to be quite honest feel like they. Are better than what we've been seeing more recently. But. You know Fernando Alonso moved. Is a better driver than we've been oversee recently forcing him hit the podium. Yeah out what I wanna see what Zach brown brings to this gas I think that's that's hoopla really interesting story didn't to see with with McLaren itself. But I want to jump to a hot car bombing another was there's a zillion cars and and I I was not. Fixed overly excited about some of the others but right the hos car. You know the first and you don't in my mind was when I saw that. Which you call the grade it's Annette yes jet that tax cut that color. I asked for solid color and it looked very very close to that action on a Porsche on 9/11. May have been a Turbo right but I was like I love that color and I thought I want if I can repaint my car that car and that's what the hos. That's I love this color combination on the Haas have one buddy I'd definitely like color combination you know we're starting to see other brands show up or other names on the Haas car wind shear the giant when tunnel. The name of its on the wind what now there must slowed just start seeing that I think cool. Slowly see other names and their possible is being the dominant name on the car but I certainly there's some of their required names you know pearly as a small. Exposure on the nose as well but the chip away at overall talking about all the cars in the lower wider. I'm Laura and I I got really really like it a lot. And you know the the one thing I'd like to see I would say to Ed just more of that nostalgic I'd like to see that air intake above the driver be a little bit taller. Yes I can see that he's got to like the old collection I don't know if that was that was a great card to see very Armisen. Menacing. Yup I will we just got a little bit left and showed an Endesa wanted to talk a little world super bikes because they launched this week in and got started. And unfortunately our man. Our American and did not do so dad you know Nicky Hayden just was not have a good race these you know this is his first race on the new blade were really expect something this is the bike he was promised. That last year when he sciences and to come noon but you know. Gotta say Johnny ray. Can't say like Johnson green but Johnny ray pulled double this week in got both wins great way to start off the year's going to be an X when your form already is looking strong. The the rest of the pack was all mixed up that they have some remarks going to be good. I'm itching for moto GP I know moto GP and I and we've talked about Jonathan because he was traveling he is literally in the there. He's going to be back in Austin and can be back with this in studio next weekend. So you he'll give us all caught up to speed on the two we'll stay and also if you have nothing to do next Saturday evening if you do you cancel lets me get over it. The Texas tornado boot camp it's mad dog race in Nixon veteran and an evening I'll be there. Our I lowered to know letting glitch you guys go to check this out loans BC broadcast dot com mark FaceBook and Twitter and sound cloud do we put a lot of stuff on sound power and inputs in the listings from tonight if there. And we will talk to you next week. Okay.