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Feb 27, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael Cargill. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics. And now here's Michael Cargill. Every go after new cost Texas is live music capital of the world. Let's praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Now this past weekend I attended the Texas State rifle association's annual general meeting. And Walden TS RA has been a longstanding defender of the Second Amendment. There is a very obvious problem with the target demographic for this organization. Along with many other such organizations. A problem that would effectively kill the TS RA and its legacy in just five to ten Max to twenty years. It's longevity. Will look TS Bahrain and other organizations begin to extend its life span and into the future. With the recruitment of more young individuals. Molina deals are largely considered to be fairly anti gun especially in major cities such as Austin. But that assumption might not be so accurate. As we know more people from the left side of the aisle are turning towards firearms as a means of self preservation. In dish changing administration. Now that means that more people at a grassroots level. More gun owners and more people opening up to we previously misunderstood. Idea. This new generation will require. Us to pay attention. To them. For our own interest just as much as the years now it doesn't reinforce a sense of optimism do you see the population of a major. Gun rights organization in Texas be almost exclusively. Occupied by people Obey completely different generation. And it's not enough to reach out to be youngsters. On the military background. Most military milieu is already pro gun individuals. You're not changing anyone's mind. Now grant it without their support on some topics we should be Eddie larger disadvantage. But seriously. Why is the next generation so poorly represented in their ranks. Hillary Clinton come we likes to say the future is female. Hinted that I say the future is not female that future he's young. If the Texas State rifle association. Don't make an attempt to gitmo Lynn deals. On their board. That organization will cease to exist in twenty years as Dr. Martin Luther King dream once said. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort. And convenience. But where he stands at times of challenge. And controversy. Today on the show we have an interview with the re. Under represented demographic go potential gun rights advocates. And that's going to be martian terrain leader and founder. A black guns matter. We're gonna ball bring that interview a little later on to the show but all I bring to the might now just didn't Justin would most are gonna race and talked us. About the difference between these two bills you have house bill 9011 you also have house bill 375. Have a tale of two bills united Anita bill you're going being mean being intelligent tapes. So as a look at how spilled 375. The constitutional Kerry bill that says hey. Now with satellites you don't need a license or anything to carry handgun in the state of Texas. And it's it's seems we've pretty simple. It is and that was the point of it. Was it was for to be simple slope so it's easily understandable and what it means is if you're legally not possess a firearm and in the state of Texas. You can carry. That's that's a simple as that gets. And then we have house bill 1911. Coastal 1911 adds a lot of requirements in order to an order to be able to carried that isn't like going into it is a lot this says wolf first she got to be a resident of the state of Texas within six months that's correct and the in the current bill that is submitted and filed right now yes there's third there's thirteen requirements and one of those is yet to be a resident of the state of Texas for six months let's hope you don't live down near border town. That's a that's a piano and there's there's some other requirements and there as well let me hugest charged with a crime charged with the crime. Charged. Not convicted. Charge. Yes of course arrested a class a or B misdemeanor charges charger that you want non future rights back until until you've been proven innocent or five years or five years is illegals to court and so goes to court okay and see have a problem with that yet. And then you have found that realistically if you go to if you go to class here B if you if you spend a year and a half two years fighting mats and then you get charged. It's gonna be five years on top of that. So while CM saying Mike. I want to dissection gonna be seven because with a handgun license if you get your license are revoked. Is that she seven years you know if you Evey turn it and before they revoke it you lose a for five years but if you. You don't turn in before any revoke it before he received that letter then at seven years yeah I'll wonder if it's a little longer. The thing that disappoints me the most about this HP 1911 is or try and they're trying to call and are trying to claim that its constitutional carry bill which it is not we were calling it a Corliss enough to carry bill. And we personally will not be supporting it. And there are some other things that are on that list as well that. Nanette green shoe in that's gonna be let's see we pulled the list of things does it says take price you can't be convicted felon. And K yet to release one a when years of age. And so we can't be charged with the commission of a class B misdemeanor. And that's it and that to me that's that's pretty serious for a lot of people would talk in charge so let's see I go outside the door here. And I yell at someone across the parking lot not couldn F word or you know I use some other work profanity that means I can lose my gonna rice for five years. Ya counselor felt something missed completely unaffiliated so why go outside this story and I you know flicks one off. That's that's the pit especially conduct that means I can lose my gonna rice for five years. Look at the rest of the stuff under disorderly conduct as well if you get a second look that up I mean there's there's quite a few things there that are just content kind of ridiculously was leisure ground or it's over them. Yeah what about all the guys that. Did charged by a PD forward do you WI and Ernie intoxicated at all if they're charged with that oil and this helmet and a whole world there. So what talk any any abusive language C needs indecent profane vulgar language. Ideal and out at Loudon in part in a public place you illusion got a writes from five years is being charged with this yes just charged not convicted. Guess I you make an offensive gesture that's a middle finger. If you're charged constitutionally protected by the First Amendment though but if you get short when this huge debtor rights for five years. If you start so what if it's dismissed and so that's it you're charged the very next day yeah that doesn't happen. You don't if you don't URLs the next day it doesn't get dropped the next day it never happened like that yeah a long time for that go to court ordered two weeks. Two months July probably won't be to resign her doctors say I want my class B misdemeanor case that happened when garrison the capital for carrying a black car pistol and they were trying to charge me was. What trespassing with. There they add something else on there remember what I got the charges dropped and that that took me over over year. I've had people put a wake up and really pay attention because that this and yes a balls. I know so I yes Sutton also I have been I do that's surfaces and are calling out Arnold and this is just Terry wanted to use them and bill passed I don't know anything about that no losers files can break the mirror I knew I don't care how bad follow look at that is the face of the bill. This book tomorrow we need is. Scarcer shall candidate passing all this. All this does is just making it more. Deceptive or making it harder for us people want constitutional period to know who we need to go after to try to get the stuff passed. For one of the most were are ridiculous things on here too is under disorderly conduct this is unreasonable noises. Like that process on reasonable morris'. Does that you getting up too early in the morning noon and do some construction on your house and the police are alumni think that the noise you're making is unreasonable means they're determined there's Bristol is there decimal level of this I mean if you get a dance at 6:37 o'clock in the morning your cut your grass as unreasonable -- start your car didn't have you know as a lot of exhaust there's going down I mean would that be without lose your rights amid talk taught us about every auto arcing. That's the rim and my neighbors star he barks it pisses me off you know so what this is unreasonable. It's not a chance I got an eye at it and some anti guided my neighbor is pro guy and you know and it just (%expletive) me off. Just call the police and you know not to have a police come over. And and charged with something that he's making unreasonable Moses who may unreasonable noises and it put me off the it's crazy it's are. But yet. Who will regret it. A KEN that's that's just crazy as that's insane to me. He came in and out and there are some things that are on there you know does that nears. Oh man he'd make in a reasonable noises like we just talked about fights with another in public place so we have a disturbance was someone and they say hey you know what. You guys tell she's done area here fighting you know huge gun rights of five years he discharged a firearm in a public place if you're in Travis County. And you discharge your firearm making sure they do loan charge he would discharge a farm in in you know in in the public. For a quick to Mike how many police officers have you seen arrest somebody for not understanding what disorder what what does display of a firearm or worse is disorderly conduct section. H there were says display were firm in America could cause alarm have a right how many more enforcement offers officers have you seen misinterpret that portion where says and America. Calculated to cause alarmed me because I know quite a few people personally that have been arrested for about just repeat carrying a handgun right. And and while we get we had that one right guys that was at a protest a University of Texas campus. And he was just hold local sign is only was doing what I've seen thing. Didn't make any gestures you just hold up assigning say you know what you're standing too close to someone else Coley met sign so. Disk that they charged with a what was it. I'd trespassing criminal trespass. Trespass you lose you got to wrestle five years. If you pay your sales tax late you file the report late you illusion gun rights a five year business owners keep business owners if you. If you pay the sales takes away can you lose you're gonna rice for five years you know let's see your behind one payment on child support. Do you not blowing anyone knows people that why you know what I do I go down to the capital and and moon Donald Trump. If you do that usually got a race for five years. Let's see me hit you in their property of another you know that you lose your generous for five years. So I had this serious stuff here I don't know I don't like this bill and all I don't think this is a good bill. This HB 9011 he's beaten burned and end. People always you know I know someone's gonna get upset. No seawall Mikey no this is they hugged this is a strong conservative who wrote this bill which you know what. If mom's demand action. Agrees with you if by Texas gun says likes this building you know what that's a problem. That's a serious problem that's a myriad of problems. So you might wanna check yourself the front door. This is not a good deal need to be burned end when he did I do something toll -- don't give way to kitchen sink right out the door he just he walking out you just give them everything. You know and is that we're gonna we're gonna fight and claw our way back we're gonna spend six years trying to clean up this mess from this house bill 1911 if this passes six years is trying to clean this up. This has got to go and hurt people this bill is more harmful. Vintage you're better off keeping your hit a slices then actually caring constitutionally. On this bill. Here that's the bottom line in her. So I it's terrible so I'm sorry represented about white this is a terrible bill -- go back to the drawing board might wanna burn this sucker and start all over again. So this deal or just off pushed recertify that cements been submitted since November and I don't say well the problem is it why don't you come on board there's already a good bill that's how appeared. Come on board joined that bill you know and push that bill Ford instead you've come around with this little piece of crap prayer that I only want a white problem with. And the majority of can gun rights organizations in Texas support recently five for instance on a seats minority of gun right here they're a minority of organizations that I should support 1911. And we've already and we've already made the deal Horry Horry all on more of HP's recently five million released the more pro Second Amendment gun groups in Texas I would say. And all you people that almost total CL EM page told bill back. Men here let that goal too long need illusion got a right to five years thank you John I really appreciate depth. Salacious you know this something's going on here are some snails I don't like it I don't know what's going on I don't know what chess game you guys planned but you know what would not smell it and not playing it. Not complain at all that this session. No we call you out from the get go from the beginning this is a lousy bill presented white need to re did is milk this is ridiculous it's gotta go we're not gonna stand for at all. Mean he doesn't do anything to advance Ken writes. Nothing nothing. Nothing. It's just. If you're gonna advanced gun rights and taxes. And don't put more restrictions and don't take people's gun rights away from being charged with something I mean this bill does nothing. To help our cause how can a pro gun group. Put forth a bill that. There isn't pro gun god doesn't make any sense and. And the last time I checked we have Republican majorities in both chambers are right but all we don't we have a Republican governor and there's no reason I'm positive I don't Republican speaker rubio Republican. Damp patch or Republican I mean we've got Republicans in both chambers there should be a no brainer I mean this is already a legislative priority for Republican Party of Texas constitution carry. It won't introduce an assay in the. He doesn't think their support for and we should not have to get on my knees and big a Republican a conservative controlled. Legislature to pass April gun bill would talk about constitutional Cary talk about how Spiller 9011 we're talk about house bill 375. We're talking pros and cons this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. All right so let me bring into the conversation mod story must always would like guns mattered. As so homage is one of those people just like me that believes that more guns equals less crime. So Mars how did you get in tune dealing in firearms and and by the way welcome to become a talk show once again. Hey thank you for having me appreciate it umpire I gotta tell the truth firearms education is based on you know a lot of my friend checked this same case. You know army he came into this summer because of the simple possession you know I'm not even because big unit violent guys do things like that but. You are fairly you have to have elections to carry it cute you know that we can deal. Even an arrest of Pennsylvania and open carry state which in another culprit the contradictions. Anti illegal unconstitutional by. In my front get that same case not because they were bad guys all we know also that you didn't know the information you know and not to get elected to carry like when he buckeye. So because of that on the look like located at the company here so you know we started you don't dig into a little bit it say how do we get there do we get around. Or how do we exercise you know how do we know the law until one thing led to another. I started to help people impede a lot of that we'd be created he liked to carry drive. And from that we you know we created an organization called black on the matter. Now. In the black community there's there's a stigma about firearms and the where guns are actually dead and I actually ran into this myself. How would you try to reach out to the black community so you know did you get any push back whatsoever. You know good not at all I mean because everybody in urban environment understand the difference between. Well we're going to lead to make people we don't make any unique we're still trying to community actually not Levy an overwhelming support. Overwhelming love then comment positive the only group from real people that come practical and a little witness they are traditionally for the community Laporte. Lot of law enforcement officers like yell we'd like what you don't want would you be aware educate she'd able safety go trying to. We like that so we bear you rarely get any back and usually if it does this problem. Somebody say something unintelligible also comedian that's not real well by and large it's mostly luck or don't you know I don't hit it had to battle they'll. And this is about education it's about educating people soul. They know firearms into the safety surround and the firearms in all the basic shield don't put your finger on the trigger Alicia on target raided a fire. They know all the loss how to interact with law enforcement how not court you know things to do things not to do when you being pulled over by the police. Correct correct right correct this is basically a situation where we're giving people the information that. The government to deeper quickly on a local state federal has not been given to people actually an urban area. So we're giving people basic understanding of things you know that traditionally. You know and that and that thirty these things with toys cool foot if not anymore you know an act. That deliberate he'd also given people put it basically would take it people read may have had problem. Look fire arms in the community people have no information about firearm in the community or arm just you know just. By luck I are looking could you know a little bit curious about our peculiar. They're looking to do with the proper way we put them on that path we Lincoln with a reputable instructors you know attorneys. Our trainer from their immunity we gather everybody up we link everybody up then we make sure that they all adult relationships so that's what. We do to make sure that you know each individual may total urban area is reforming gain court speed because it can be perfectly honest. We're we're kind of what kind of a little bit late in comparison to in our Brothers that did an urban rural areas and union suburban or rural area so. That's really what I do and it and an actual window and I mean it seems simple but it's a really big tech because. 460 maybe even a hundred years that that had been present at the opposite quick few not so it is our word is really do work in in people Cordoba. Yeah and then what about the NRA does a lot of people say that you know well. Field NRA is only through the uniform white people. Our I had it all it can't comment because them personally to be perfectly honest I thought I did you know I don't want him you know come at them a little bit. Jessica there branding and lost the NRA's then reality. They've had you know up and down relationship and then that got the derby to meet some older leadership that colts run the ball correctly California. That again met that leadership is no longer they're. On the other token on the other hand. They've had a situation where you know they supported it begins to district they helped stock monthly change you know. Apply in all a plot but it lectured Kerry look at it like deaths you know for years you know in the sixties if you sixty. They had the only desegregated. Firing range in Washington DC. So you know I think that over time they because there's such a large organization. They have been rebrand it an offense and because you know armed. Get a tax so much they've already committed they you know shown their commitment and second in the because they get a text so much you know I think they can do a much better job or re branding issue only they hate where different urban community as well and I don't wanna blame them totally. Sometimes it's that's a hard thing to do how do you approach to community. Dad because the opposition extreme people that attacked the NRA. Are saying all guns are bad and Uzbek community hadn't hadn't received that message how do you reached that's why we're here. You know it's it you know not only don't NRA not a tactic NRA you know to be objective and critical as well let. You know introduce people to other by our organization that tied for Second Amendment Rights you know the united state concealed carry association you know UEFA every once. I'm Massachusetts it's come to a you noted the gang of other organizations that people locally get you all local or state or indirectly you know as well you know because does not just be so. You know but as far as people say and feet below the NRA album liberty and our best I mean there's no there's no let go quietly did not like you check the box and take. Only white people allowed us think that the opposition the people that would wish to keep people. Un armed and uneducated. They promote that all good yeah to make people especially in urban areas not call the Second Amendment organization. And that's what we're here at black gun fanatic a great debt stereotype that it is is not really true not true. That is when you look at the history of you know gun culture in America and United States. I it it was always you know races in the beginning and we closed to remove what to make sure pretty much that. Your freed slaves did not have access to firearms. Be and that's title started. Right debates the all gun control is the rate this period. And meaning you get like a company they create a corporation and you have you don't subsidiary. Already logged popping up our subsidiaries that were racist ideology is no different than marijuana. You know prohibition. Still the race could do this say marijuana makes white women watched. Sleek look elect debt figure that the baker the all marijuana let you go oh my god can have that they got newly millionaire wanna quit yeah. You know the joke if they had that same ugly and we we got acknowledged he got to acknowledge that it came out of like that emancipated eagle free he quit school prayer liberation. You don't value coming out or rules. You know and ended at a certain point it was okay for you know white people that come to let that happen because that the fact that they didn't feel protected by. But now over time ironically. Did encroachment that would absolute power to you when you give too much power to a government you're government. Got you working for the government but the government working for you you know when you give that Matt read an article one ABC is to encroach. And that's where you know encouragement happens and that's what and that's what has happened over tomko and actually. You know don't you know women white male and also America and allow that that good because they were in a race ideology that the reality. Now what Bristol where where they're attacking you know all American citizens in that sense I want Kamal what I don't have conversations among white friends. There is no different to crack crack. Problem deliberately you know it deliberately. Get it started just pray it's now okay we got to do something about it you know and what what we try to do is it. I highlight they're not the owner of victimization bit. But more along the lot to say hey. There is. There are things that I deliberately. Clijsters certainly it's this crystal message drop off to you on the able he cracked when I dropped off and I'm able to preach there is an unseen hand designed to keep us separate. Keep those weeks. We have to come together in order to overthrow the people they'll have a speed weak and divided it that's not really look concept. Of America stood for and we got a contradiction that we got some ugly history. You notice the reality of it put in order to expect you got to deal with. You on my dealer would any interest create commonalities. Like this Second Amendment and how we break debt and that's how we play came back and it all up to people. Yeah ot. The opposition. We're talking with a monster race and mod is he had never founder of black guns Mets. This is Michael Cargill and you can. Are listening to come and talk. This is the boys' junior executive director of the Texas a rifle association. You're listing to my preferred fuel and come and talk radio. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. Hi we're on the phone with the Monterey must raise the founder of black guns no matter also we have on the phone John Griffin John gripping is the editor of the daily caller so let me ask got mas one more question so march let's look at the list. You have the the left you know is very they seem to be that. That group of people who always saying you know guns are bad you know remove guns from here and got does that in this comedic guns from here you know what what your thoughts of that. Tom I think they're incorrect I think it may do the same people that say oh America's great America wouldn't fought and created because the fire are. You know the place that hey we're not going to Britain say no more you know we wanted to declare our own independent. And be noticed that the people that well hole below it it becomes said no we shot up. Period you can't on one hand say the female of the fact under belt with spent the morning to create all think he can no one hand say oak on the back of the horrible. And then today and then a note practiced a lot of four. He came yemenis say there's a bully contradiction. I think that those people they got to keep large amounts of population. An armed. I think that people forget that that same the left or even the democratic party for very long time was made up. We know that this klux Klan a large part and at the Democratic Party. I think when you become a study you know student of history and it ain't even gotta be ancient history to we will let 10290. Years. You can get when you see that you see. The contradiction and a cop that when you can contradiction you go all okay. He would regain that he'd also what do people say those things can I give them quick history lesson that's firearms are there to protect the people from tyrannical governments. And there are people people like to bring up they like to bring up doctor Martin Luther king and he said well you know old Doctor King pizza I've preached nonviolence and in all this stuff today and what they filled to remember is Doctor King. Act she probably had he had an arsenal firearms. Right it is then he'll try Alabama and he tried to give his handgun license. You try to utilize the attorney denied them. Most people first and are naturally us who are flooded streets on whether you're a patriot for eight turncoat is lot of com the pending more. Com blogs and if you want or not you also now it makes sense it because Italy we believe that we are more often we understand content that got between law. But at that some people called him a couple you will go villains that pit stop you know also we literally gotta remember that. You all recognize that we did it is this cravin Alabama with the arsenal. Europe Fannie got to go in NRA helped them to try to you know they get it black carried off fortunately convertible order. You know what people always used that date is this little different than if based think about that the king and and at the same time they say you know. All Republicans are evil we never acknowledge it affected not speaking with a Republican. Your enemy and I am not saying that Republicans or Democrats wondered the end all be all it is it is 60 this summer a contradiction go to misinformation that we didn't say it. People are gonna call war without any other. Not unify I don't I don't think. Guess Republican or Democrat or libertarian or did consider quote it whatever they learned that already anyway and wrap it be upholding dispute. You think can be if you put them altogether you can make more well balanced choices you know and so. They say these things to keep people because there emotional attachment that dot bikini. Because of the great things that he gave it the same commune golden you know pull your purse strings that you think it's got to follow on one way. That's not the Kate who they they leave like he said they leave out apart well yeah he had a much done. Oh yeah when he was ordered not the looks Nicky does very meticulous and very military. You know also. As you therefore would I would recommend that every what do they almost got. Do their own research not just the first to create a local school he over the last page read backwards see what you felt that they you know. On net other income nations it still have a more of a well balanced well rounded approach because they act. They're at the level of separation. And then polarization that we Gilmore right now. You can use that history where Emmett Till he can you do history and see where you know people try to keep these separate it. As opposed the unified. And you cannot repeat that same mistake you know when you use those breaks they get through this degree of luck to your Latin. You learn a day is called Black History Month let me bring into the conversation John Griffin the editor of the daily caller John welcome to come and talk to sir. Michael thanks so much it's always a pleasure to have you mentioned that marsh thanks so much for being guarded talk admitted to make sure. I have a couple questions warrior for change specifically. To the net and going on in Chicago and yet I know you might as sister organizations have bared it. Are working on that but you would all the division that people like Donald Trump has brought around. I got a new patch that insurance and then I'm looking at that number of tragedies. And lions that are being lost because like you said. Democrats are victimizing. Good black people and urban areas and telling them that they have no way to protect themselves yeah except government. And that's you are not true you know that's. What can you tell me about how we pick Chicago. You can pick Chicago bargain on the ground level with or get underground colony and they now with the Chicago. I can't carry Illinois went all the Chicago all the Illinois want to movies. I handle gun on me I think he killed. The first thing it to understand it either good community. He noted a small percentage even if it's a thousand Baghdad this Chicago that small in comparison the amount of good hardworking people Chicago. And you gotta stop looking at everything like awards all that wants to. You have to lean toward Europe a little local. Everybody talks about Donald Trump. Kokomo local woody state correction City Council per year. You don't drink like that the united they've that we have to do try to not come at coalition falcons and you can pyramid. You can have those you don't really know all this build those elected officials that are saying hey I am Oakmont and I want overturn it for example. I want to give a shout that you know that the governor of New Hampshire today you know they had their constitutional every now. At the governor I mean that's still state government. But not credible you know and I think a lot of probably will be Buick we look at it federal government. Big government creates an end like Ronald Reagan say big government is actually a part of the problem. That's Ronald Reagan and aliens you know you know also I think that how we fix cities like Chicago Philadelphia New York. Still very intuitive I homicide debate going on god I can handle place they have ops you don't gun control legislation. Not accidental I got a problem Narnia just let me. Regulars a minute that's the problem is you guys in organizations watchers are talking about courts and Warren. And yet the cities like Chicago keep telling people what we don't care about that court decision that screen court order continued. To criminalize UG defend yourself how to get around lawless. Law enforced much. The money of violence. That they have this. And what I mean by Arctic could be economic prowess okay everybody Chicago that not okay with you to boycott Wal-Mart at Wal-Mart lead or man that is the I went for an economy. Editor of violence. Barney and violet who ordered regular violence I'm not I'm I'm per liquor America was built on self defense and fire on better look or about violent. Violent is a politics by different means war. You know go right now go to level here in the end disrespect which human right by the Second Amendment that we deal with. I'm perfectly trial with the people of Chicago think we're not shopping any more until being law at all possible. The only way which you can take it people league pitcher respect when you get a little while. Silently as. You know. DA. And then an also in the minds I get a couple questions Rica's by the way we are on FaceBook live. So I have. Johnny C says hey you are coming to tell. You value. But you're committed Texas a bit betrayed REI I've done it on line up FaceBook. Yeah I believe so horribly sills and Johnny sees is a U our government do at Texas in June deep drag. Yeah absolutely obvious security how would you wanna shout out the latrine itself. We come down if you repeat we assessed on oh I want to give too much this is the goodies away but it. Gonna be the real surprising location. Yet whistles of the sexes and at all. There were actually teaming up together so you gotta give a talk I'm gonna give the tar we didn't and get some other people's got some surprise guest in the years to give the talk this to educate people Bob. Gun safety just gun knowledge and everything. Great show I think that. It's sort of like they'll work things like YouTube. Do we think we're tied into you know of people of color they had been historical value and very rich tradition of firearms and America. It wasn't all that so we give it gave up and somebody give us our freedom no not always liked. You know let you go all you know component of how a game going to the other question how we cut people back into. Other people look Chicago put good people urban people in Chicago. Can handle and overcome these things be elected officials who work you. And it ARIAD department can hit hundreds and hundreds of people go to north yeah with a gun. You gotta create an NB what does it do that I am pretty sure that that that. Hundreds and thousands of under the calm the people of Chicago that note that what we're talking about is accurate and help them. I'm pretty sure that these people can overturn the polish section have been on the book in the first place we have to have felt confident the net debt and that regard. And I know we go from good soils until we can do not say we because that same city gunmen we know tomorrow or next week. Or Chicago at the same could be either a memorable home to Philly. It explains almost all across the country not see it the same level of trick knowledge I see it the same exact thing that they did they don't differ. From you go to strategy very or you know it is informed that make it make people think that being on armed firearms are bad. The un armed we have the government will protect you just can't let that this little box. Martin Michael I have to interject here beat National Guard right now is comparing to be called out by either trump or by. The governor of Illinois as you do you'll where's. What's going on in Chicago I don't think I like that he more than you buy discounted because less is more government. You know border restrictions were gonna mix things sir is are you people scream and shout against that should we shall we stand up against the National Guard being deployed. Yet out of you should because look at then liar slippery slope very slippery steel cannot you cannot depend on the federal government because okay. Would stop them from there what you your backside help clear we can't do. Why can't we help torrent. They're cut the question a pro choice. We the united particularly America is a united group upstate each state beat each state being their old. Collateral but it turned country's own republic. And we unify under that one flag. You're remains so when you start knowledge OK we we we can't help but I think a lot of they had the one with you know what the Federal Reserve Bank. Everybody and how powerful that money at credit creating their own money. You know so now it's okay we'll all be greeted like a buyout will devious trillion dollar defeat you XYZ and obviously a paraphrase Norman number but the point is. We got to stop the marshmallow would nation of America to know martian hills we interstate where everybody be a real all. Crown a father had been built these things from the ground up and defend what was stated each state need to be saying when you say governor villain oil we need to match. A guard you say to not weeks Serb position you rent and you have plenty yeah Cooper's guest state troopers yet laden could you know police Katrina yeah I don't remember Katrina remember what happened when nature called on all the cardinal writing did get more people ever to more people die because exactly. Exactly and then and other so stressed that the that the the people gulp the liquor and you gotta you gotta try and you boot from rubble and get informed and get educated. And apart that you that it has to be bullet that you have to go out local politicians which are easy to get out. Yes to both those guys out and girls that are in and guide you exercising your human right. Then from there you'll start to get contraction because then you can pick it up. Toward the federal government and then no god or not we got kulicke. You if you want that job if you want that money you have to do these things you have to actually be accountable to your constituents. We can control the government we've gotten away from the front of father Thomas Jefferson the genius and everybody has their contradictions. Offensively right now. Everybody had big contradictions I got a bunch of stuff wrong me however I know this and at the same thing with bill got they created document aunt passed better. The bill of rights the constitution LA hey 200 years from now. Somebody might try to be too tyrannical wicked power that we give an elected officials have these things in place. So to beat people can check it government. An actual we get the people in urban environments get very competent and this Second Amendment means I have the ability to put my government not come out until we decide how we all multiple. You know and we want I want you back Michael they are well and I want to Lorena had a lot more question. Joseph I don't John. Oh thanks Michael. I'm marsh what do you say to people who are you watching everything is okay no because Donald Trump's not prisoners are Republican or what you say to people. On the opposite extremes that go well I'm there I guess it's okay if the government doesn't credit to a public it what are you so you'll ballots that. I think the most foolish personal alert right now he's not I mean say that you know it is like saying hey. You watched guys that you want Breaston as chickens that you checked in fact. Still a chicken with Debbie McCain cannot like Kermit doll like a lot of things that trumpet about obviously any comparison toward Hillary. Second Amendment lol OK don't which debt either gun got you know remains however I'm not with the executive orders all over the place I'm not. I'm not gonna never gonna be okay put it in the whole concept of all award president take office they usually do a budget. Executive orders the knock out toward the president before him the F seemed like he hurt his nation to executive orders. We have a system of checks and balances. But that imply that include having the people being a ball Studio One of those people they go well you know trumpet in the dark yet but how would he get that done. Because the people that control things. Are thinking of 456 president ahead of down the line no not this is chess not checkers he's not one move one move one move it. And in order to hit those people that can get out would take it and. One Hitler was elected democratically. So oh won't see how that turned out so giving all of you trust to a person again I'd do not know you know president trot personally. I'm not saying that it intention is to be at this you know on a Hitler and any way shape formal be clear on back. But as far as the people. You have to hold every single elected official. Whether this Electoral College whether pub popular vote I don't care local state federal all of these people need to be held to our standard. I don't care if you are billionaire you money doesn't mean that you might have a necessarily have to translate into integrity and to the will of the people. So I would say that those people because this person's movements. Support the will of the people and I'm not talking about people just don't like him because he says something. I'm not talking about oh I don't like him because he said XYZ one begin though thinks snippet here fell by you know a lot of them they got to cut it. I'm not talking about OC I'm talking about policy actions indeed. So wrong does go all because we'd like this guy we had that black cop. You know on north and 08 outlook social super wit Obama made to look decent change. I nude marijuana legalization gonna happen and it's a useless cry on and I knew that showcase some of the things that you know people in urban area or nugget someone you know. We can we at least get you notice that that don't tell law goat you know things like that. The first thing you'd it was we've got to Patriot Act like okay eight outlook that got me. Busy season and we put that much to take into a person and don't hold onto standard regardless. I don't less. You given yield power over to the right old election not and they handed of people so that's what I'll say don't speak. John. I would I would use totally agree would Mahdi Army we we've already seeing I'm notre supporter which not related secret. I I support the constitutional court to go right above me and above and warmer. And I got an agreement Bashir. And act even trot has already authorized the Department of Homeland Security. Two seats net debt federal power grab a lot of our election process when there was no proof. Act you know we ended up having VHS takeover election you know the last monument and nobody's talking about that the right of the big curve I'm in disagreement with Bashir. I mean we we got to always remembered that the power wrecked and I mean the constitution says we the people not we need the government in enemy and I think that. To depress people in urban environments because it I could level looked at population. You don't want to get go like. The tenth or eleventh city. Population dropped dramatically in America you and me could be trying to control the largest amount of people. New York City Chicago. Atlanta Los Angeles cal for whatever you give these people that you know a. Agree with their own you know on arming. You know also I think that we have to make sure people especially an old area that's why that's our mission. Is the target field area of the lot population urban area not about a race thing about a population. Good how level the people that have been this different tablet feel like the power is not and they're aliens. And that's not the case it seemed like the only trial we we we be weaker support. And a red white and blue lawn like to do a lot of fortunate cookout and flag there Randall to you notice that bit the firework show. And that's that's very limited. You know when you say hey I'm a part of this I am an American citizen and I wanna do my part in the political process as a holistic process and a big part of that is no we met. You are the people locally up to the federal level. Make good decisions. And you elect people to begin your they have one of the biggest thing that I think of these huge contradiction it faces like the Electoral College. Lot of talk people you don't even know who your delegate is that says okay we're gonna give this State's votes. To this particular president there's very little excited today and two on top of that. There's no there's no accountability at every one you're state that we want this person and you can just said that delegate just say no I chose this person. Aren't you supposed to be beholden to you actual constituents think these are the things that have not talked about. You know we have to get more involved when you have four people who buy a Second Amendment. Fire constitution via Miller right and urban areas where it deliberately been stripped civics class and taught there. When you do when you have those people misinformed can expect. A very easy dominos that today you can knock them down really be cool we're gonna do. His inform people about their process. And their power and that process and then hold those people accountable or hold on that you're not and a lot of with the constitution the bill right. What knocked it to serve on any level. All the elected officials in my opinion. And we have to remember what Harriet Tubman once said she said I can I freed a thousand slings and I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew. They were slaves. I and so we have John Griffin with the daily caller easy editor I want to thank you John for around for being here today. And I definitely one thing must terrain you know march I tell you we are deathly looking forward to you. I've seen you. Tie here in Texas in Galveston Texas for June 18 so I can't wait for that. Anybody want to contact this umpire. This agreement obviously at much can break. I'm not the actual black gun lakers' part that fell off for. Or not gonna let we let her. Point copilot that anybody here and be right now hearing about right now on the support we do funny page we are toll on that but people. It's gold funny dot com backlit black on the matter. Armed and if you want to you know Michael should mediated via official black on matter underscore must re not they look at my great. On disagreement Twitter on or wanna call. ITV is one of break down or something. Please India I'm nick Massa completely available to everybody in this sound about voices. Economic it is work was The Who we got a bill. Read thank you must derail a black doesn't matter thank you John Griffin the editor for the daily caller. Are. And steal just like Harriet Tubman also send you know every green dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength. The patients. And the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. This is Michael Cargill and you aren't listening to come. Yellowstone was just turns here and argument on this someone who called guild homecoming weekend. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill. Hi so we're back we're talking about constitutional care we're breaking down two different meals we're talking about house built 375. And a house built in 1911. So we're talk about the utility peer dean dean OK let's go. On the left hand side ex pat what action Olympic got a house bill 1911. On her right I got a house bill 375. So tell me. Which is the better build just and. Three said he five all day long why. Well because it's actually true constitutional carry. That early lead out possessed the firearm you can carry that firearm openly or concealed without a permanent. Well some people say that we shouldn't have this debate about the different T did two different bills you know we should just go try to push anything through and see we get well. He hears prayers one big difference and I like it is. H three through 75 constitution clearly actually. Sets the terms for intoxicated. By section forty dollar 49 oh Warren which actually states that you have the blood alcohol content of point 08. Where 1911. Still allows for the term. Intoxicated to be at the discretion of the police officer and that is awesome. That is our smash it looked about I don't know. But I looked that bad boy up because that's a big difference if you go have warned beer. And you get pulled over. You can lose your generous forever just until you have the license exactly just because you have the lessons were now that you have to say OK well. He was born. O seven he's good you can strip him of his license and that I like that because. So you're seeing an in 1911 it says it it's still left up to the cops discretion just like it is currently now just like you know them right now. It's a cop says you're intoxicated when he pulls you over. You're intoxicated. Where in 375. It actually goes off the term intoxicated. That's actually in the penal code for we learned how to Warren. That actually tells about the alcohol grams and blah blah blah on your blood and when you know collection goes in the scientific. Stuff also wanted to also want to blow Justin please tell me you know why. Are more people coming on board where is stickler has built houseful 375 is it because they don't like stickler. No the cool what you are just the club my question you do remain. We've already got a lot of support on this okay. I mean if you if you look at the two bills if you look at our community you grew do Google searching clearly see which ones got more tensions recently five definitely has. And when it comes to until getting bill sponsors and stuff fight dot. You can't you can't determine whether or how much support a bill passed by that because we're cautious of who want to sign on of the spill because we don't at the end of the day we only want people that are gonna actually fight for the spill. You know because we don't want people to get on the air put their name on the air here if that's going to the middle of the very last thing they do for this bill that makes sense Mike so every good organization stays behind this bill except for earned. One glove and there's there's a couple days ago there's couples in the name of the team without identity. That taxes are considered. In Texas carry Texas carrying Texas State rifle association knows that to the exclusion HP 1911 to just when in reality they should have got behind nineteen or they should have aren't recently five which has been filed since November was it was the first bit so why finally it's totally separate bill late in the game to undermine our efforts and that way when not when. When these Republican legislators want a cop out and take a lesser. Bite of the apple they can go ahead and do this and they can still claim there's too much cleanup work to do in 1911 there's law and in other words one word once we take that step it's going to be very very very hard for studies. Even louder until now let me talk about this one more time then because what in the house bill nine to eleven that custer's Kerry bill there we're talking about. If you heard blown. For starters you gotta be a resident of state of Texas and noted carry a handgun for six months early six months meaning if you just moved from any other state and you have a license than you are issues is our current high and yet released when the 21 years of age but now that that's that's so typical married and has not been convicted of felony. You can pretty typical but when when I guarantee you 1911. I'm like men you mean it's. My goodness you have that. You lose your righteous like a convicted felon who knows when you when you read into it might resist it says hey if you're charged an. Charged with a crime not convicted not just like they charge large social and charged with a class a or B misdemeanor. You lose you're gonna write for five years. Alan Al I walk people did you know really what it was funny to users only two states. Prevent people from convicted people convicted of minor nonviolent crimes from carrying a farm self defense Texas. In California no worse storm on the mall that yes do we wanna be lumped him of California because I can tell you I don't. So this billiard pulls in with Californians. So you can align ourselves with California boy is yeah I don't know they're okay I user beating us New Hampshire just got constitutional periods they don't have keys are being smacked around the country by. I got to use all the aid some north while I'm here we are come over the water now mills so Tex is not is gun friendly as I thought. And I know. That something's going on here was sums and award war. And what I like about and I'm not sure about nine to eleven but I know threw 75 has to Dutton amendment. Which was big controversy last session which showed it basically says. Cups canned commodity and just future right before you can and fire. Now I guess there really to pull you over and find a NORTHERN IRELAND on child support who whether or not whether or not you can do you paid your taxes all right anyway is Eric gay but my point is going to be able to detain you now find now. I think you know my source. So is so I mean you're carrying a handgun okay hold on a second implement I was gonna detain you for a second book I need I need hold onto your guy in the area and then also an. To checker is seeing here's here's the thing they could actually go and check your FaceBook because here's here's actually what it says. You can be you can lose your stuff for disorderly conduct. 41 abusive. Indecent or profane or vulgar language that is insightful to up the offensive gestures that are insightful three creating by chemical means a noxious or unreasonable odor and a public place that's ridiculous. For threatening someone an offensive manner so if you're on FaceBook. And you tell someone. To us yourself. Or half off more pests off or I don't like you you're ugly you stink and you smell right group. The fans do you lose you lose your life for five years because they were and search your FaceBook could double their interpretation and it is worked its stepped it any no no no even if they charge you. For that disorderly conduct and it doesn't matter viewer into court you still lost for five years teen so I mean that's just insane they can literally go look at your Twitter camber right. All he said something bad about Obama on Tuesday no Pomeroy inserts indecent. He thought I mean seriously where where where do you draw that line if you're just gonna say you know abusive indecent profane vulgar language. And I don't tell you I'm telling you now don't do not wait until we get off don't wait until we get off the line get up to show year. And then you know sit us he'll send a private message or something like that saying. Well you know Mikey re you know we really need you know to wait until we get to the processing get this stuff done. Now this is tyra not call me right now and justify why. I should support house bill in 1911 because I don't see any reason whatsoever. To support this bill that's like when Pelosi says sort got to pass the bill friend Alex and it. No you don't you don't give way to get us losing our great off the bat he don't actually give me everything in and say oh yes Massa can I have some some. Not just not feel and then all moved from India and you learned today. Can deaf to go learned today tried so. Unseen hand has not been determined to be delinquent payment of taxes so we talked about that. We talked about child support barely know deal that if you're given a divorce. Let's say you get a divorce yet and let's say your wife hears she files the paperwork dean told that it's customary. For the other person that's you know. Indeed the opposite person gets a restraining order yes and you insurance and you lose it generates. Like ash that's customary. They are standing at that that's how it's it's it's SOP standard operating procedure so you're illusion minarets. Then if you're universe and a absolutely. So that just you might wanna read what's going on out there these people lose their minds follow on deals like this because they definitely do not have your best interest in mind this is there. If you're gonna reach out. Teach younger generation if you tried to get you know all the people involved in your organization. You might wanna listen to what meal the people have the same listen to what their concerns are and that's the only way you gonna deal your organization you're not gonna billion organization. By pushing these old hat deals. Stop playing games exactly east we see right through a no win games you know I'm saying that's that's what that's what I don't think they've come onto is that we understand this and we know it's a big game and I'm hammer this every single week here we're gonna hammered this every single week we're gonna talk about this until this bill disappears and goes away. And there's no way you're gonna shatter sub because we're gonna let you know that house bill nine to eleven I can do white Maher but with if that's just how bad it is out anyone he uses toilet paper. It's external candidates. Now what I would talking about constitutional care we're breaking down the the T bills talk about how spilled nights eleven we're talking about how spill 375. We talk about the tailored to take this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk to. Piece that you must race you listen. Common call the radio what's my. Welcome back to come and talking with Michael Cargill. We're talking all things firearms. Now here's Michael Cargill now it's time for GG in global good and need just global Dendy sponsored by central Texas gun works. The largest online gun store in Texas. Indonesia's. New Hampshire is living free on gun rights. New Hampshire has become the newest state to legalize constitutional Cary. Governor Chris Sununu the son of one of the State's past governors John H Sinn you know. Has signed senate bill twelve into action. To legalize is carrying a concealed firearm without a permit. The bill bridges the gap of a legal foot track is well. Now opened Cary in New Hampshire and has never been regulated in the past by requiring a permit. But if one should Gator cover the firearm with the jacket. Shirt or other garment or conceal it with any other means including carried it into a vehicle it would be crime. Senate bill twelve takes this legal walk around. All the table to still citizens. Don't have to dance around that gun laws in New Hampshire to exercise their rights. The governor spoke in the council chambers saying. This is about making sure. That our laws on our books are keeping people safe while remaining true to live free or die spears. In the past two similar bills have made its way to former governor Maggie Hassan. Only to be beaten. Maryland's assault weapons ban. As the actions of a mentally disturbed individual. At the massacre of an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. A legislative response from Maryland went into place. Effectively creating an quote assault weapons and the firearms safety act of 2013. Justified its restriction. Of the described quote. Large capacity magazines and semiautomatic rifles. Of course was that they. Our weapons of war with no civilian use. After it was and. Student senior heads apparatus. Expressed concern and considered moving out of state a few years later a lawsuit began. In the case of Colby verse O'Malley. In which district judge Blake ruled that they are fifteens fall outside. Of the Second Amendment. As dangerous and unusual arms. Blake's decision was later done away with by the fourth Circuit Court two to one ruling citing that those described quote assault weapons were quote. So common that they are standard in quote. Not to be outdone. Earlier this week the full panel of the fourth Circuit Court ruled against the previous decision stating. We concluded contrary. To than now vacated decision of our prior panel. That the banned assault weapons and large capacity magazines are not protected by the Second Amendment. End quote. Wrote cherished dream. Baltimore taser ban. Baltimore officials and their officers have been ordered to refrain from enforcing the city's fans until users stun guns. And other electronically controlled devices. Since 2004. Baltimore residents and visitors have been restricted from using possessing transferring selling. Or renting any quote electrical control devices. With the conviction carrying a fine up to 1000. Dollars and a maximum of six months in prison. Howard county residents filled a combined the lawsuit against Howard in Baltimore County. US chief judge Blake signed the order placing a ninety day probation on the van while mourning formal repeal could be put into place. The laws will not be enforced by law enforcement and the court and attorney fees of the plaintiffs. Which has been said to be the five figure mark will be paid for the lead plaintiff on the case who live. Elizabeth Berlin. As a domestic abuse survivor who was the focus of the article written by the Washington Post. In the article she expressed her fear for her safety and life after her ax threatened to kill her if he ever went to jail. Brand also happens to be an ER nurse and Nash tried to get a permit to carry her handgun but the request was still pending as of earlier this month. Over in New Mexico earlier this month after multiple break ins a business owner in Albuquerque, New Mexico decided to stand watch over his shop himself. In the mold of night while the owner of applications automotive slept. James. The business owner got up and grabbed his AK 47 and headed for the goalies. When he came face to face with the Robert. Jake was treated for the injuries and arrested and charged a burglary at their cause in 2000 dollars in damage. Listen as another local business employee talks about crime in the years. Some large I'll continue to watch each other's back to watch her neighborhoods. You know how many times do you let someone come into your yard. You know if that was your backyard. After a few times. You're gonna wanna protect your property to. And that is your global gunman is important this week. February 2070. A welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael kargil. Not rank so we're back we're talking about now let's talk about current events now that I'm I'm tired of discussing that lousy 1911. I want and I need something that's gonna pick me up and make me happy you know we get knocked down we gotta get back up again we're gonna. Let's talk about some positive here so on took about guns on their website. They have a story get this talking about what. Well they the go to a fourth circuit. They went ahead and did you know the whole little Maryland's gun ban talk about how they are fifteens. Are not it's protected by the Second Amendment. Well looks like trump is proposing an executive order that will basically. Designate. The term of militia militia rifles some and one not. And some purposes stood to protect the United States because the constitution. Allows us to do that. So. Newman you're saying the policy. Is of the executive branches of support and defend the constitution including the Second Amendment. To keep the citizens of the deal were bear arms. But he goes into the definitions of militia and unorganized militia self defense community state. And everything else about it. And this disagreeing. This saying. Melissa rifle see him quote militia rifles shall mean the firearms resonated in section four that are made an American suitable for the use some self defense community offense defense of states and defense of the nation. So basically he's just making the term you know they are fifteen and semi automatic rifles to include slashing precious brain networks magazines about a thirty round capacities in seven days nets and ammunition a 556 and you know two to three Remington and all quantities. He goes on the include DMM. One a them one grand bolt action rifles. And Louis could be expanded nor place to have more of a broad definition so he's basically saying that all these rifles that. The Court of Appeals sand in the fourth circuit this and that does not protector of the constitution Molinari use. Pumping and insert malicious rifles so that way there will be guaranteed to be protected by the constitution. ET you can cut pretty awesome and I could occur. It is my only issue is when he gets so specific specific like diner current rug no actual models and stuff you know next thing you know something else comes out and were there and claim that it's not. Part of it in and I mean that's my that's my only thing that's why I think you should be left. Come broad and it should just be any any me any gun you need your hands on your means are demolition weapon and I'm saying so we start yeah exactly so that's common complaint about it. But at a adds a there's. Is another story it's on the Eddie Austin bars provide gun free haven for UT grad students and planets have their classes and stuff yeah yes and their conduct and like some class beings and crap yeah University of Texas professors are conducting summary there classes in the bars no one the bar this look in on UT campus because these big they're doing that because they said hey. He can't care. Agassi can't carry again as Sabbah Barroso masterpiece and they're doing that but you know what I did day that I did as soon as one of the reporters call me. I went to that barn and I brought my. My dad my security my body guard with me is in my body guarding Kyrie got in the box. So you know and then nine you know. In I was singled to when the bars and I know when I know the owner you know because I know the owner and the manager and the only one at a time and haven't gotten the bar so he Chile thing did you gonna be anywhere in the state of Texas where no guns are allowed Europe he. Highly misguided. I it's let me welcome to the show Sam Sam is done. In Galveston Texas and how what Sam did talk to us about. June 18 and also he has a property daddy owns down in in Galveston I want him date. You know kind of tells about vessels Santos and tell everyone about you first. And then tells about June 18 and Intel's but that property. All right arrow so I'm Carl and some actually and it's struggled to about twelve miles from barrel to saint okay. Carroll finished the first place on June trained. Are some note nobody history Apolo. So June between June 19 1860 are. Of course that's when Gordon Granger came to Galveston and made their announcement that being lazy and Texans who creek. It's not that individuals who didn't know therapy maps addition local motion what could I suspect Pete. Slave owners and property owners in America Masset 'cause we can. Are because of the computer signals are Rick Majerus president at least. They're good terrorists that he didn't look at not just authority. So that current detention and so into doubt the fire at my watch and I'll purchase the sort property don't want to own Barca or so troops. Mr. Ingrid Morton's. During a you know one of the first things that I wanted to do. One upstart from which direction would Coventry in control abortion or the property. So we boarded decent casting 2000 are we at a person's important celebration on June 17. 2006. Loose a hundred people to and we are co sponsors. And we've been doing it every year so is there and although only concept we have not been on the property here just for a little equipment where there. Well I was unable to redouble their celebration of the year I would look forward to. This year celebration in their yellow black gun metal door and to me welcoming everybody else can count did you anymore. But specific questions that women ask around June seeing. Absolutely there's gonna be a parade. And I know we're gonna have the African American gun club that's how we're actually do in an open carry walk well we're actually and you know open carried in the parade. And I think they we big that was done last year and I wasn't a part of that last year but I'm deathly gonna be here this year Marty make my plans right now. T you'd take part in the open carry in March down in Galveston Texas for June TV tells little bit. More about that you know this time what time is a pretty easy start what day is a pre gonna beyond knowledge stuff. You are right now do you get frustrated rhetorically at 2 o'clock this morning when you're working on apparently doubles and a rarity in Portland beat. Up and up to me not even because it had started to warn our car worked in the evening. Thought so they try to curb evening great women and fireworks. It's a little consumer or will be Tim Clark bit more. Okay so we're gonna start Hitchcock first and then we'll go to Galveston. Okay right. So aren't so I think that's good to know that when I make my appropriate hotel plan's gonna got to bring my dogs knowledge stuff and bring the whole family my whole entourage. So I need to. Hear it and it and Arnold goes to score goals Louis Missouri plant to a can't gold fields on the mainland. Which is before you give him again Elsinore cheaper. In Texas City. Until you may want to try to. You know wanna bill Mallon it's great but. Some time in June issue as it is disheartening. And on the outlook mobile bills. Well on the mine and in conclusion will be much more always a bonus only two and miles and so when it gals and from Texas and the. Yeah I think that's what we're gonna end up doing that actually do wanna stay on the on their own island they're excited I like to walk my dot learn of the people walk dogs on the BG working. I don't know we'll do low or almost on the beach but I know people are blossoms and walk. Right and I'm NTELOS little bit more about the property. That you have. You are artists are not an epic mistake but almost built to make too many who mr. In the string Carlo armed and don't want some literally. You know it died in 1986. Was their only child so they had no. No I heiress after Darren under you eventually sold the property and moved back to gals and an 1890 war. The property is gone to Obama call for owners. And we bought it from actually purchased it in February. A 1920. And they own it until December of two girls who prop. Eight army is almost 86. When tune purchased equipment and that's gonna let her three children. Johnny cleric and Allah so then we purchases from the youngest daughter nineteen dollars and eighty trucks in eagle on the front. Well American bestseller an interesting question because mr. stringfellow sunlit clued you seriously out of that upstairs that sort of McLaughlin I know so are also regularly. When I first bought the property you know we're here nor does her prognosis American and American wasn't it an Eagles. And and I went out to the great side awareness Williams. Perry and until amount completely achieve you don't come Google's. But they did you seriously our troops and municipal Karl but I have to like a missile strings a little bit was written by a lot birdie at the University of Arkansas street and Chisholm. They can't talks about the gambling but mr. screamed for a little. Under on the comedy was bare performance late individuals. Will make it Christensen a day working are purposely regained it. He paid all this and a dollar a day on the economic impact about still being filled by descendants. Still owned property. That was born gorilla ball. 1980s are making nine makes the one of goodies and extra bills are a woman looked glamorous but they'll ram it. Are they came back in 2008 and probably have. Our post a couple of hundred people come up to one of our June 2 celebrations became part of the property. And in mr. wrinkles both the new order culture he talks about frank fatal. Under and sister are working there it was interesting about that is that he actually nine Goodman the book. India news this domestic code more off colored man that worked formula actually getting my main wells are able to link family. To the property because I knew creep creep towards his march and until they knew that anybody. Would ever. In this year and whatever and ever shallow or years. If you doubled their what do you make a difference in your life will be used to feature an engineer at Ameritrade Barroso. If you are twice as much do average. Just probably a location you wanna work. So are you a thirty minute war commander were all making a solidarity. So when you hear that saying another day another dollar that's going to track. While and so that's that's Sam Collins the third in sand is the cut can actually caretaker. But owner our. Owner. A large amount you know best interest into and trade group it only takes. Once signature bar. And my wife didn't really want a Bob dislocation but there are other portability equation and stated critics as it takes two signatures the sale. So not a controlled low all of that we'll look at least he didn't morning. Put it up and started working on it. Does she want we broke wanna keep good but you know. Well we're working on now not to try to figure out that we were going to be able might train keep the property in India looks a strength all learn action in the and it's got. Political cues slowly Murray. A look at so limit and and move on but we try to off. Keep control of the property and make it available to the community bulletin to create picture educationally bits. Programming waiting on the union's. The other units are actually run my business under the proper right now which almost a mantra bras and you've been there in the community seventeen years in the delta county area of course. Would it would Charles Merrill Lynch and almost an equal but aren't you looked at a loss of. All right that he would thank you very much as Sam for joining us data same Collins folks same calls a third. I easy owner errant pass along with his wife who strings a little or gets and Port Orchard and I wanna definitely thank you for coming on the show today. Anyway I look where he wherever I look for the meet you and she used for the June 18 celebration and also for our open carry march. Open carry walk with GM. African American gun club and also black guns manner. Parry thank you. And elect a said that was saying Collison third and he's the owner of that string fourth string. Fellow orchids. Is the rebirth of stringfellow orcas began in December 2005. Is a world renowned whole culture is. I hearing Marten stringfellow operated in his orchids at this location in the late eighteen hundreds. And we are gonna go down there for June 18 as. In June 19 in do an open Kerry march. How with the June 18 celebration. Would like I said and this is how you reach out to the community reach out to those people. Who don't normally you know get introduced. In a positive way so in debt to the firearms community. And this is what we're doing or reaching out around the state reach out around the country this nation. T bills groups of people who are not normally. Man. We don't ask me to step up to the Mike and talk about yelled gun culture and that's who that's who we're doing today and that's what we're gonna demon June 18 down in Galveston Texas. After that celebration. Can be a nice open carry march. And that's what it's all about and is always. More guns. Equals less crime. God by yourself again. Even listening come and talk it. With Michael Cargill. June yours.