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Learn To Buy And Sell Cars, 02/26

Feb 26, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to learn to buy and sell cars with your host Randy and our by our surely you can't see Randy. For decades and is ready to share with you every. No doubt I'm buying selling and trading and dealing with cars. You're OK. Again. If there's any you know bad. Hanging around the villages of from Texas is already have learned a lot of cars dot com hey we got a lot of and it's placed the ball home made technologies wonder clueless Roland it's getting exciting. I'd just store all bit my and I just love it I'll Marta and I'm growing up Gupta looks like upstart my first look. We're gonna have loved to report looks just a live show I've got some affirmation that I really want to dig down deep to him. First don't you know who I now what I've done what's going on mile up the change is in my lap. There won't dig down and look what has changed in this business and then we're gonna get even deeper. What's going all malveaux what's gonna happen and the feet sheer. You know I nobody really knows and it's it's way out there and he knows our main. We got Floridians that don't care about governor don't care but only colors. So you know it's all up in the air but the politicians Bubba that I won't juror money they won't let tax money. All landed but it won't ever god make it blow. Well our brain dead anyway in my opinion they get tough. Asian Travis County. But they didn't run in Manila that detailed in that courthouse in Norway if it blows up but there's big old man on special I've got elected. And but. I'll hold take care of these people who add Jewish life. Right things. Title hopes 330%. Interest 27 states illegally and Texas is one album that make it illegal. 27 other states you know let states it's illegal. But all know. Where you go take care of these people elected us well maybe that thing and those people. Don't lose our remaining money yeah I was led title all people get 330%. Interest when they tied it was reversed ropes. Where they play that cap interest rates there RO. Let alone play award to pursue it and then charge jury or 30% in just tell your friends tell you neighbors tell everybody. Do you not do that title although terrible. There's not one legal limit your car you don't title money and you won't be a war shape that you were before. Well Irish pub opera got that way as we got thank god edgy people tell me did you talk about Taiwan's last week I said well I don't remember exactly but. Let's get back on it this Mike sure that everybody knows how bad they are. I made the phone lines are open we got Dylan all love thank you eat does a great job on top thirteen seventy. Here it Alston Texas. But anyway phone number here. Bob want to ensure export to read 483. And it's probably want to. So export to rate 483. We talk about the good the bad ugly no matter of a million people never million different situations and million different beings there's so much in the car business I'm telling you can't believe. Only dumb question there's a question you don't ask. That's why you need to call at no talk about any plant with the glad talk about it that she ran absorbed by himself. Because I've got my key to tuning in to you brimstone you're neighbors say that social calls me in Iraq's Covert. Thank you rocks go over for helping me but couldn't do it Bob also apple couldn't afford it. But rocks you know rocks can carry does care about you and your well being and their education. Know what exactly what you need to dig it. Exactly be educated because you don't want to rock she figures out and he's Smart Smart man up numbers a little over forty years never had a problem. But if you are educated and you know the lot way to bar car. And you do it right you'll come back to him because he does it right he'll tell you the truth. They don't match right now it's unbelievable. They got thirteen thousand. Altered noon Chevrolet. Takes selected. Texas addition troops. Thirteen past I don't stand and then Manhattan all options Santonio last week. Later on off. Fourteen. I had a little pint wurtman Arnold your catcher trade and it had 54000. Miles. Manny it's black it's an Astro but he did see the plant in body work. Come Suzanne. And everybody's stake it when he 122000. Ranks winning 6000. That's just truth. Now as trucks bring a lot of money well with thirteen thousand awful but in Texas addition minuteman. The abundant and it may it be at Texas and they should follow level they got all the right pictures and now not thirteen thousand dollars all form. It's not where Barney used one I won't tell you could just give an example. I've got to sixteen government 101000 miles. Good to. With thirteen thousand all they vote it's got to. 36. If this one would qualifier and I'm not sure this is qualified but if you took 141000 up 36 and no you wouldn't think I am very much from the distraught I know. You've been bad better our bottom two Indonesian. So keep that in mind we pay go after CJ had a chance about it. That's drop big rocks that Covert she doesn't go over Chevrolet GMC. And beer. That's probably there to more I've got a couple of units there were worked out couple more I love doing business with a judge tough though I'll tell you jagr is tough. He gives all the money for the trades. But I don't doubt their sick person units that I need a massage adapter somewhere around 111130. I would love kitchen rocks over he didn't have a daughter is all of this is wide open. You can you can walk into any wants to talk to me. How meaning owners of large leadership's. Can can you walk and talked it. Easier thrilling ready to answer any questions or knew it but some amazing to me. And they don't you didn't Wear silly and so many repose thought boy won't want to. Why are we seeing so many read those fees the calls were a lot of these new car manufacturers put everybody erratic. Talk to a bunch of people lately that skit nerve note customers to buy here pay your customers back. What goes anywhere man and ball out of new car old man all they go to subway and they've gone and I got a bad credit. Why. Add exciting. I've given their car is always so modern that mean dollars well all of my NL lake ordered all week. The dealership knows that don't have. But customer knows it don't add. Should help we don't know if that'll add but they don't care. Well legit this car would be achieved in thousand that would put your own 800 look I met. Can play in about six or eight months actually but commission. We get it mark on the what always sell a car for the manufactured everybody's happy. Nobody comes back from banks and credit unions did step. But played the dealerships don't care. That's why I shouldn't you do the best dealerships had a great question call him yesterday on my shows serotonin. My guess is what about these bad service sub total it's got 895. Dollars I said. We got hassled pretty out of Latin for a 195 that does the same thing. But I'm not real clout I'll live in the business day. And I go clout. I can talk till I can get the best price. These guys that are not I don't know there aren't well looked up will there I'm gonna get the press I can do it. They have they're not will be able to tell you what you train to work they're not gonna bide your trade I have more by your trade. It's a dealer gives to budget hole let him have it won't ask you what to do that happened outlook on screw you about everybody about annals. And did you report app. Man. There's so many dealers or the dealer trip aqsa that's packing pain which which is G illegal. They put that dealer prep go out there and if you don't ask that did you we're glad no written just keep going in that 580. Dollars in their pocket. True you morality. Free money. And you don't ask about it and it just picture right there all my aunt and just wonder you ships sells a hundred new money a unit so long. And they get about eighty per unit. Because nobody ask about it nobody says anything about it looks okay good they'll actually that's Bakken tight match. That's why I think I'm no lawyer but that's what I think in this one out and other people actually. So you type 400 units should almost 600 car. That's 240000. Won't want in their pocket. Out of your pocket they should come out of there. Public you know there's add dolls are all cavs stuff I mean. A new robotic all may have told you maybe before he shouted I tell you distort. The John charging 18100 for some units which authorities wax a car. Pinstripe we just picked big bucks and I well formats came with a new car. Which make Georgian performance chart want to Georgia late 18100. He stood up held on comfortably call me up don't walk up the bill. Charlie said okay I'll I'll Balkan content lying by NASCAR rob dubbed. Should all all of what's wrong what's wrong should come up tight end had 18100. Tried to stop all we K take get help who are put to simulate so. We are put pinstripe bowl and the manager in the car buoyed by the eighteen Irish allowed out of here. He says he started for the door and it looked like Carl Campbell more than I everybody just jumped on him try to tackling. They would normally he manage domicile Larry in general manager closures salespeople. Don't leave your man wouldn't we all right good deal here. Click update team hunter now. It didn't cost a lot met them. Filthy roach it really need is so are you a bit warm so it got everybody wants that number on the wall there won't make that manufactures happy. So do they care. Linear output do his own FaceBook. How to elevate emotions and excitement. Bennett and was so far she lives here we'll talk a bit about this she appeared. When all we are. All emotional barks. Every good sales for April person knows. People Bob with their emotions. And then they read direction really. Talk to other intelligence and information they gather to justify. That decision a home laying. They got this figured out got you figured out I got you figured Abdullah as long time ago. That's rob a pretty good salesperson. I can bringing people but I don't whoa you're way I want customers. For more I'm shelling grandchildren. Of people that shouldered. That are tired sitting her grandparents and all of but our long time ago. You all you know Saturday shear sheep a bunch Richie only skinny morsel that's the way up field I want make sure I'd take care of the customer while these guys warm night the engine founders remember we didn't founders or let's Tim thousand dollars. All of your after tax money. And interest. And so. Right in the middle but don't tax should accept him they get about Tuesday or Wednesday last week where all businesses hit and I don't want it ever buys excited it. Moneys flow an old man I don't know how homes go last so. Let all my hand everybody's running it you wanna finance make all grinding so much most of body has been a flat uttered in Taylor's. Announced that it would violate you would bad credit. They've begun a down payment. We are AM we put GPS is all we track key power over ten don't ever Briere join every grocery store. Everywhere you go it don't matter we no word you know we can take to call her up. So you need to understand that when you go to buy here pay your place. Are recommending one in San Antonio that I should know all of business today. I don't I have one in Austin right now to send need to hard third coast voters I do know they'll. Well but they don't sigma wanna advertise I guess say you know. But if you'd like to advertise on the show who auction a liberal little partnership will help out. And we like picks they had they show additional other stuff but it you'd like to show the community that you're concerned about their education. So I am sorry about your well being. And you want to show the community. Which are put effort in to help them out. Give me a column in my office say the real sixteenth. 715. Mad at 830. 65715. Mac we'll talk about. Get a sponsor a live show are you wanna go to San Antonio we have shows so I don't know we'd like corporate sponsors. We got about eighty stations and arrested in the show. Because they know that there's a benefit to everybody drugs they use car. Yeah thanks you don't. Got bubble Latin it would drive at about two weeks go back to the leadership be bought it sewer there on the deal that I don't do you have price she played forward. Even though it's you know. Oh man Nabisco Aurora would keep its lagging well two weeks later we found out to truth. And you know our. These dealers did you know all of ran out I'd buy you go back but I got to legend and Jordan where you had too much when I borrowed it. Well I you have but I mean you know I just don't need it right now where you grew up to eighty dollars Greg displaying a whirlwind he showed it to me. And that you know Mikey you don't think it's satellite. Well. And this year and you have learned myself Karzai Cobb who have been easy in the garbage smoldered this so many changes if any gets tougher everyday wanna overhead. So Lee's leadership to play on mate you know apple moth over he had every ball would you like to wake up to bed every morning. Man. Why we got a clear me and I have this market in order to start make it muddy. Man that's a tough battle folks talk medal match while things have got tough that's why. And these guys have studied your emotions they're studying your habits at bat. Let me give you an apple might bigger ship oh yeah please all you know what tried to. OK you're cheating on me you went to the northern leadership all yeah you cheating no way. All you went to another leadership bogged I trek achieved. And we try to blast something else. I think you know get back over here let me say let me have another opportunity it closing news. Let me have another opportunity don't push your hair but never have another opportunity. I need this close I'll go call are already here or do whatever it takes. Shouldn't it shouldn't bring in good nature and it won't happen al-Qaeda didn't play all the citing the new regarding there's good. News cars. I pull up by apple I got a map blow it up oh man how auctions. And see what Carson all over the United States I can tell you what to bring it. And New York for the war she just hit don't matter what. The car you drive but it's up my easing up on my using that computers. Telephones and airplanes. I closed our business two words war on the United States business what world does he other new Warren. Business. Goes on the day so I get on an airplane and I did an option I didn't Bob Hope mile pole and an option. They had the condition report chills that over the condition of it and I said there with my iPhone. And that my car. We're ever in the United States. At an auction and there's so many option to have summit just don't know right now it's a lazy certain important airport. And I'll need some of the company trucks for a company. And we have a big share not mother of all I'll wait on an airplane. But why should what are you doing that I sit on their own harsh trucks. Were at Dallas. And I'm not switch over Santonio. You have Mac trucks on your phone yeah. Well we'll UN shameless plug on condition reporter standing behind it. Safe sometimes in her car business we have to stand behind what we should. How would have spread by hand. Our word. Now our politicians for not like advertising. At 80% oval won't stand behind a word 40% will. We don't take a short break here a minute. We'll hear from. One of the Covert children but don't tell their children to work. That's what's great about this company this company everybody works everybody puts our effort here. And that's amazing to me because we don't teach their children to work enough. I think the millenniums of missteps in our world war didn't it looks like delaying the Covert children loved working. So. What you are you'll manager we're gonna ask the question what we get back about me and a manager and a year mentoring. Do you wanna be a manager would did you ever have a manager. Did anybody ever she so special need. Did anybody show you a needle. Yeah well so. Good for you and everybody anybody give backed off but she. Well we don't talk about the good the bad in his clothes in the golf business. Be sure to tell you friends and neighbors are saying you know thirteen 70 AM let's talk third stage seven the only computer. It's brutal all of the dog did give us a call Bob Thornton. Six sports drink about 483. Gibson call won't talk about any thing I did go. And. No matter where you shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet in. I am Ginny Covert and we had the best selection about the nation Evian GMC trucks in one location. In that color style and with all the options you can one. All that famous love overpriced that no one can tax not now not ever we want to be your drug dealer. Let us crave it even covers an idea kinsey NC a seven as to how I would say anyone and that's got more on mining cougar mascot dot com. We're talking thirteen seventies. And right choice. You know I'm. Yeah. Earlier innings. I. He motivation. Man. Okay. Oh yeah America. I wish everybody loved America we've got so many people coming over here the ball horrible murder. Like we're gonna changes and warm rain has stopped that day they believe the hand. But it doesn't work in any other country I communism. Doesn't work he knew where she socialism had worked anywhere. We got our politicians try to jam it down our throat. Just like your mayor and our wonderful City Council. Yes they want to me she goes Sanctuary City. But do they really warm OK alphabet there won't be responsible. No if somebody gets out just by Willy did they have a conscience. If somebody gets hurt wanted to teach criminals out just like that short clip birdied that app that he should go well. A she is I'm sorry she read out. Do they have a conscience. If somebody gets hurt. I really don't make personal singing apologize and say you know here's an insurance policy. But I myself for whatever. No we won't have the power enough already did do some things. They show. Back pocket national. As I go. Up today. Published march while back up wing going I say. But let me tell you were not backing up what the word if you're word's no good. You're no good passing out install 1963. When I got my car business. Published or if you're working all of a sudden you're no good. And you can lose it cannot get back flip politicians today. May go out every day in Hague we lose all hope when we vote on bank yeah. Maybe without tiger Blatter look at to share what we need to take a matter look at the Blair and the city councilman. They're trying to put Alston in jeopardy. Well try my bass and do whatever you want to are buried the lead by example how did our cruise they're better. Know some common mr. Warren. I was sort of mantra they raptors somebody and publisher I want them to be a mentored. Does somebody add that. No way helpful lift him up make him a better person. What really bonded Jim just like the politicians the Democrats won't all these people coming over there won't all look black both. They want all the Hispanic vote. And all they're doing it rank and more people input and other people out of jobs they just won't go boat I don't want any thing else. So Bob Doyle FaceBook. How do so well what are. Elevate. Emotions and excitement. Usually slow but not so so emotional clue use every person. The prizes. To you give it they'll be excited about their vehicles. And the features you know little. They're working hard on your emotions they know how to push your vote. In our industry it happens thousands of times every day every day maybe a million times a day. You know. And lose these details have nothing to do with quality performers trial reliability our long term cost of the ownership. Should they don't or bring manner. I don't want to tell you about while she might they don't want to have you back into shares they all want to say about 84 months claimants. Might decisions today that. I helped to mark no way I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow. We're glad no earthly idea you know being married I you'll still let you job you have good help. You don't live on like that minimum payments from forty to 84 months those loans. First and guns and cars are paired in Qaeda forward it and came aboard Jordan miserable. But we still there's not enough good clean news cars and trucks. That's why we've got to steal Silva knows what to manufacturers worried about 108 indictments. The oil plague that they won't sell about car. They have prayed that they haven't build good enough car sole asset along. Car man I'll multi media is so crazy. And then it says here. Why did the last customer walked get a look convert to yet Toyota Siena very and that's a bamboo is scrambling. I'll end up fully loaded for it dropped 371. Hours are so it should call you. He said he needed the family car it Igawa. But the sequoia. That's injured all broad capability. Remind me mud is 87 bronco we drove it has been blacked out. Yeah it did take pushes but. Can you stop restriction of the people walk into a leadership busts open they don't intend to back. Worship. Are you they'll maybe never when and they are just walked out of the shot you could look forward. Heighten that I'm just talk about it mirrored servers those people who need 300 tomorrow guidance. They put him in a brand new car they got excited. All of may have somebody cares about Michelle might mean a brand new car I don't duplicate imported. I don't care who smuggle less all I don't care that words like credit. That and had to you know cause I didn't. Like pay those people. Have not made a bunch of our cup many of the honor. Get cheaper course we'll let them do and go back after 68. Months. I depleted all our money if they had it may save lives in it banked a lot of let a bad. Shell credit bulk up later rape order credit. That that you don't care cause he got his commission. And now the banks got to take it all by hand in you know how that goes all that goes let me explain it. These dealerships would get some people it's god I greater. And then they'll get this walk of tanner Troy was so there's two or three yet there were bad credit but now get this walk up twenty good credit people. And they'll say what you have reached twenty good key people which you can't take these during that you know. Ling laying out why they're glad that I go Taipei. But they won't tell the truth but they'll after the letters I have got a magazine here. We talk about don't lease a route Bonior lenders. Don't expect. Big free deals don't let you watch every day. Doughnuts every week. Take care of your lenders but I don't know they say record here take these story and they're probably go to pay go maybe not you know. And our blocking and reached for winning that way. Take big good the bad Beardsley yeah yet but you know little tight they're good people oh yeah I know we. We are already well on our bubble looked at her income went up looked at a budget. Budget Bill Clinton budget devoted such person don't do the customers' lives are at the mention a budget just to render. But you know well that the child bragged last week or two weeks ago. Go to YouTube. And see how much training the sales people go through just so you. Al what it's all over you tape. Our budget classes 203045. Minute. Jim ziglar has got a bunch of there's a bunch of paper you can only come up you have all commands to help people. That work on your emotions podium pusher but you know exactly how to share a year. Canadian entertain if you need to be educated the fuel are a lot of open whereas it's common sense go to mutate. And we look not go out all of new tape Marta but sell cars like god. Tucked a blue rail link secret so we'll step gone on I've got about fifty were about to put together we're gonna put them on YouTube and now I've got it. Guys look up and it's gonna monetize it thorough look at Maine but that's what a way that's Ohio where these electronics. We'll go male needed to it would all the latest but what didn't you play injured or no I just liked. I showed you on your emotions. They got to get excited. But remember this important fact. You're customers. Reliable. Of enthusiasm. Will never be how are good years. You've got to be higher than you got app sell up you gotta be happier you got to convince. I have your career I'll let you may have. I go trick or anybody. We're up three and take every available dollar out of your pocket every available dollar out of your budget. And Nolan rich UK help coordinate and convention you all you got to do is make the pirates don't mention insurance now won't mention budget. Is that friend are pro. Really work on your emotions will lay exaggerate. Willie legion to have rob Rex just like last week I was refereed memo the referee shirt last week. I was so did you ever had but he's mask violation where they pulled you rail. And I did you do what they wanted to sailed causes of the big bonus on how did you ever give clean up. I'll I'll I'll clip clip clip your news clip that a car dealership. Government bland cited. Have you ever read somebody start motion way too early don't you try to close junior rush you through an open plan apartment. I'll plow buyout tiger talk about yardage but no and it dealership pitch your hard earned after tax money. And we are bringing up tax money. Income tax shed said the hip. Puckett told you Tuesday Wednesday last week I didn't herself 141 night. All income tax checks government in all my and he's excited he loves it Manny he's. Then ordered twenty cargo ultimately I need Karl harsh. Please go to my web site are to buy and sell cars dot com. Go to the easy part of the web site describe because I wanna buy your car I need right now. A 150. Coerced good better adapt lateral range so I'm glad motor cars just voted ten crow halted. That type of leadership but do business with the bad motor. Gonna by Alexis Monday ultimate individual. Elections with a lead motor. I'll just the doughnut thirteen Alexis such Rick. The people don't want to wait all the body shop don't warm up I'll make sure it turns out right don't wanna drive a car with a bad car fax. I'll wanna give that their hair and get diminished value goes it wasn't our fault there would claim that they look get on the new. Get a Bohannon who go online and opera only wrecked Lexus. So they give it may not. And you just don't enjoy how it works out and most time were shot I get the car and I shifted out of state. I should do I've got a lot of body shops in my Rexall Place and that's so hard bad bad motor car bad translation just got a Cadillac Escalade with a bed motor. So no matter to me what all black but B you've got any thing go to my website or a bunch of cars like god I'm not a power trader. By senator I was a little for sixty days but after sixty days or so I've no I don't like kiln system first off we entice people accompany him. And we give must figure out here and when we put your bit number and it drops way down and then we're tall. Fourteen members and we all got to work together and all being the same would walk round pick out there who will get scratched and we take your car and we Dickey got. We just another example we had to add a comment from shadowy. Gentlemen admitted CarMax. And I usually big guard Max had dinner dance music CarMax. And they being hailed both beating well let it right. So racial let me just second opinion make big ball most roping that giving you stay there. So calls both ball possession lip I was in some red Bibby and little later so I'll mating there. I'll walk around his car we give it and it I drove it out talk time might give it back tomorrow lot. I told him what I'd give part. And he should do well I said yeah I should you are gonna bring me up I'll sit me jump what. Should these these dents and scratches and sure where honestly I should let your used car it's normal it's eleven year old car. Consult with everybody else is beat me upbeat she didn't. A soda and yeah I wanna meet Kerry would be our little gem car I won't be fair but these guys everybody else's got. Million and a half mark over it. I don't already Haney. My stretched tight former properties spread far a my you know I'm here to do business. And so only the car I'll make money on the car. But that's always supposed to be we don't need to take advantage of you to do business better. I want to do it right that there's something I need to pick so the car in dollars so yeah we're not talk about that if you don't describe it. I've added got above truck off vote. He sent pictures of the damage don't want to sign a steel box car I still gave the figure honored and figure. Because he sent me pictures. How are the good the bad the ugly and I need Karl are sure that we're in good. Income tax part of the year and it changes added change people's attitude but it future income tax check. And if you have a hole if you don't have your income tax check don't do rapid refund. They're can't be here quick pick you'll go take your stuff again it is filed you'll get your money quick and start now. Because it takes seven to ten days start now. Figure out what she named what you can afford your budget. Yeah she will stalled budget. There's two guys a car a Ford gained what like sure you can uprooted. Don't usually don't put in a much went just like they sold these people brand new cars could put 2000 down they might take a drink for pine nuts. But I dollar want the bigger gathers opium you know dig deep 200. And they go snatch the card put you back to you and you had people to do what he could back carper PD 200. He could not good transportation. Worsening at all that right now that loud it was not topic they were constantly I'm kind of popular due to his radio show. There are so many in the business 53 years. Had sold durst yeah or there's certain newspaper company and won't until three proposal or course they don't won't find much. Maybe Dave Ramsey's made a difference maybe I'd made a good ones but they probably understood 26. Point 78% interest is a lot of interest. And her really crazy is Taiwan's 330%. Interest I still have people with K. But I still know how much time alone interest is they should all hope public 3040%. What I don't Strahan 30% that don't go blank and I'll on the license. But don't give me excited which your income tax check but I good decision. Sturdy at their own little work slightly a little money a lot of work full slate be a lot of money. And that's your heart our money is not hoarding money from the government. I had a guy won't get one database and owl who and I got bring money from the gut buster imaginative. He's got a leg up thanks Jane I said they took that money away from the every week he's just been singularly moving. The baggage Europe hard earned money dull court ball don't feel like it's free money. Spend it wisely. Look whatever situations in which you need gas smile as she has comforts safety. Commissioner should. Out of gas we borrowed his son I'm mustang I knew. I needed no sun at a couple of tickets. Yeah. Sold insurance agent now. Oden did you know I don't understand everything but the insurance agent so have a policy for two months. So it was shoot for ten months. Many insurance agent went to. At age they went through the roof there's more got two tickets I can insuring that debt prices. When you got to have tubs of bloody. For McCain afterward appointment as I Paris. I children don't might grow up your parents. I've seen so many kids driving cars better than their parents. Is it because the parents are trying to smoke. Always a two tires don't care what they draft I don't care what I'm drug hustled good action cheap transportation. And I wore a lot of miles on her car they had to know won't lose a lot of money. Only Clinton milestone car I found some might put a bunch models all I'm worried that good comfortable transportation. May not go sell it. I got buddy of mine have probably explained to you don't just give somebody their. Well I'm new Mercedes a 130000. Dollars and routed already said no more man. He should think it's a great Georgie jealous radio said met all artists and I don't well not jealous of those financial led to our. These are our ally but I can't show setup not jealous what you gonna lose shall what do you make. I said how many miles you don't own cars should lap 3035000. A year. I should sold three years. Commute go ahead over 400000 while in court yeah. Yeah such a what do you what do you don't keep you don't keep its card forever now appear to get rid of it when it gets a little over a 100000 well customer what's gonna be worth. He said all I don't know 6070 Dow's massive. Let me show you so mode so buffalo and I go back app but I got a map took man and a that's okay three year old Mercedes like you don't. And 400000 moms. Should go to bring in 28 to 30000 of you lose a 100000. And only owned car. He said man what cannot do not need to throw Waco. That's an okay so I'm sure it would land power you starting miles a gallon Greg Carr how global. Maybe they didn't break they're cheap to fix my ear Bayard watching local. Console war is a good. He puts some malls only empower that is all night or ten years now. And he's got almost 181000 mile long encouraged to know god I YouTube Walsh to enjoy that car as long as he can't. So I may not what you can afford. Tighten loud blasts and lower your little heart desires how well take short break we'll be back and meant thank you don't. Thank you Megan Mikey told thirteen 78. And if you don't get enough of mobile alone it. How would go to different show government owned Jake TSA about 15 AM from three to four clubs. Just switch lived all over the updates daily and mobile home from doing it for me a little different show you what gets you more information I've got years of information. Thank you Austin, Texas like you don't. These. No matter where he shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet it. Hi I'm Ginny Covert and we had the best selection about the nation Evian GMC trucks in one location. In that color style and with all the options you can one. All that at the famous love overpriced that no one can tax. Not now not ever we want to leave your drug dealer. Let us cricket team. Covers are like Viet din DNC a seven as to how would anyone and that's not marked on Friday covered mascot dot com. The right choice. No I oh man I remember what national came out all my hands. We're dog that was great display exist my god I'm really well anyway. Our hope that means card. I know that a lot of people buy cars if they can get no satisfaction. Lyric and get the right one because like my other raw won't begin with they don't know enough for NATO knows not study and and it almost Bono effort on it. What I heard is that the Democrats striking get no satisfaction. Homeland. You know I'm not a Democrat I'm not republic got my independent act a flat all the Tea Party they're all made a run for office. Goes they like but they isn't what I come up with that a common sense I got. But I was right Bob mob ball that was bringing madam alteration huge drag me out and I hardly. And you know I Avalon too big couldn't camp out you don't get hers market champ. And they're happy and they give black. Tigers are never happy never satisfied. No matter what they give. And have you ball that new car about ten years later realize you got up another sixty most of type Bart a whole new day in. Does that hurt. You feel like you never ever get satisfied you never ever going to get tight par and then you go to private lowered. Would you balmy eight Mercedes bailout Lou Janis Joplin I remember when she would you Graham. Yeah how about let no. And so Janis Joplin all went up over won't you bobbing a Mercedes. Millions. But friends are all dropped horseshoe ease out must make commands us aluminium gel that young to know Janice. Court Taobao laughed when no help from operatives well lord won't you by being a Mercedes. Beirut's. Where you Megyn were you pregnant would you want the government to buy yet Mercedes million. Crew in the world. His bag it. I mean now the Louis it was they care about he neat thing to do that middle class. How many were good. Think about this. Little expanses that go up the last twenty years and they insulted this goal that I know so computer in the gulf where we need our god gadgets on top of gadgets that nobody but gadget guy. That limit expenses keep going up. Asks what did you stay with good. Hey how old brandy Guerrero for 221968. Well now charged 67 I'm wrong 67 that it now know Lowell Elvis Presley's uploaded it was kind of blind. But our main out ball one and 67 for 22 under you know better about noon today and you know we don't step up their 3630 it would. Living expenses never brings all the way you had no way to we have that. Leo what are we tipping point. No one in do we get out that sharpening a debt. So many people just like the most people with bad credit they shouldn't be by the new car got so excited right. I don't care I can make a tightness I was only car. Bike today I helped tomorrow. I know naked bike of that let's limit the manager did note that nobody cares I want to whilst common sense. You know do you blast something no when you came up well let's the government I hadn't thought about that. The government spends money like it's water. Think about the us. There won't stationed in San Antonio sixteen coal fourth installment of its sales saw a 150000. Gallons a day. That Marty stance. Per gallon up tax cuts 60000. No water station in San Antonio. And we can't fix our roads. Engineers. Look first at Texas. The bad you'll get fix any thing in the world know our brilliant but we can't fix it traffic. Maybe because we don't want to I don't know. So. We didn't even make better decisions. How are probably one Dobson is let the water as you listen and add to their work. Have you learned any kind rightly or you productive every hour to be productive every day. How warm and productive big mural laughed at mile lap and everybody around. How do we have people look I want to educate and how old you would know how would you be prepared daily update customer goes you did you hit good golf shot. Nobody won't get near Michael Hamlin get slaughtered because apps are shown leaning people. Get so excited big let it all ran out Oprah tore her customer are probably happy customer. This Pratt you shall we didn't stop Shipley can your common sense that you won't get married may keep. Or did you hear VM happy and as that it just takes cheating cheat cheating managed to bad at all. And I had managers had talked that work not talk to these people. They'll tell you. They average five to 8000 dollars per customer that walks hand. That's a preferred BIP coach I would chip coup calm collected competent. And control knowing exactly what should get cold you know this system won't you'd understand. That you go along Abbas sell cars dot com. And followed it easy process and follow me on new tape and followed my shows follow my. Web site. Which you can be educated there's no other place right now. They're training teaching you what I teach. And how bad paper won't need to write books that publishers I've had other radios. Stations solution in my show. And I want to teach year. To be the best you can be. You've got desire to be the best you can bring got a potential but you don't have a bizarre you look at it. You might be tight and no back pocket national drew a blank for ever and lose a play you. And it's now worked not been any more years so hard my displayed worst slump but what I've let get away despite what. I'm just had a man call me. They said Bob I'm late party I'm not so 44 more payments. Did you output too many miles or NASCAR it's got a 150000. Miles it's about to have some problems. Penny says I don't know 28000. Owner's car in so what is it worth should do grant. He set out Sweeney 6000 up side down so I'm sorry. You're 26000 outrun that now. We've got to figure what we're doing. How much to put morals don't when we're going to trade it well we'll assess it not get in the future because a year passed. How many miles you put donate what you need protection gas mileage. How long your team don't want to go leeward W fortunately we're entering your wife Robin native born multi even when I'm felt good about getting rid of it three years. Why are these ads running right now. Well all the televisions. About police they're begging people to come we had only a 170 man dollar monthly spending. Well let me tell you submersed getting cult of that deal you better watch out. May not glitches have many miles in the penalty on the ball and only tremendous and it really is not sorry I've just had a William La lot last week. How are we pulled out my sit where 40000. Past. Our miles and we got turner car Ian should we've got a car. Partially by the El Paso and how much is it cover while she's at 35 cents per are also hope my hope I don't know. You know 151000. Dollars. And I don't I don't balls. And how much is a car she said to want it to Gus Bob the car. You know the car you know it's a good car module but vs I end up totally. You owed you know you'll go away we go up by the way to note that per unit called his mobile. Hey if you think they're given these color the way. Let me show you and parked it near Baltimore right up a little contract in just pay me now and you know go over til I'm also doing. You playing in it thanks for these these are all piling up. Let me tell you something she marveled so a lot of cars are making their overhead debacles there. Got the money to pay for the stuff nebulous type Barbara says the other and they don't cheat. Throw their money awful big dove advertising. I've never wanted Mike to deals until the truth. The other guys over headstrong riddance. They don't take everything they gonna tape they warned you all Murphy. I won't home field advantage met rob you're free Leslie Bennett and home field advantage. Yeah they won't hold to a budget ditch you when there I've just had a gap last week and now that government should. I've talked in the church. He said man I always felt no need to Montreal's why should I try and am not 2010. Malibu when that 8000 miles aren't they only give me a thousand dollars I could potentially. There's always work they convinced me that nobody else wanted to. An hour don't have it. And I said it best of leadership by advertise that they don't war should you call that want to buy your car. And I should it takes two hours to get out there if you just want to show something. Patient rights want access Alberta advertisement but look at data center aisle I don't have my car for a thousand. And he should just for Graham's poll what do you web site. And you all for me but I'll do my car almost 4000 dollar already trade. How should the element exempted they made another poor Graham coordination OG. But he emotions but only at any baggage you know they're the home field advantage. Once you hit that a lot. Poured your target me and there's a team gonna mischief. None lead to haven't trained professionals need to look at that. I think we get emails every day trying to help us to make more money if we don't like more money and they don't chargers. Guaranteed until we know how to shine at all. We know what you're Blakey we're become psychologist. We know exactly about jury's emotions rise there. And that's just want novel first thousands articles thousands of new legged adds several week. I've given magazines every week I've been miles every week. How much can you prepare. Neurosurgeon goes to school for eight years corridors go to scoop friend amber at fair average never. An average day we got Cheryl me here's sales training and emails and classes and videos and books and magazines. I didn't they're prepared are you. And would you walking into a professional boxing ring. Against confessional platter this god coaches trainers and everybody around you where did they help loan you know exactly what you're doing. Would you walk into the and itchy ears boxed out. Let's watch hassle free auto buying dot com has been doing so well we charge a 195 dollars should do the whole deal. Make sure that your doing it right make sure you bring it to you try to make sure you do the good dealer yes not take my customers to. Two Covert Chevrolet Astro. I'll deal with a Covert people deal with some other people but I know I got to clap because I can walk into the store club and a dozen of them for fifty years. I know all know the good the bad and the totally out of that over the so all were put you in the right place at direct tab. Go to war to buy and sell cars that come probably easy process of chicken catcher credit go to FTC dot gov. Checked god could you finished out. I'll go to your bank credit union shop shop shop for price. Find out what you lad document to any topic everybody previous owners and even go to consumer reports I have to have their right. So you're prepared really physically and spiritually go to battle goes. I you need to be working almost twelve months of the year and when you my card you read capable meg Schwartz. Because times change money change your situation changes and you need to be ready mentally physically it's virtually. Because this is a man. You know Greg it's not spiritually led America emotions. Had they don't know it. Well there are emotions it up pierce. They're ready are you ready to. I want you ready mission ran out of order but I'd sell cars like up again and now we're not an Oprah Show for kids TSA Buffett gave consider Tony. Just on the ball very important mail FaceBook lab you'll see boldly face our whole place but glad go to Randy Adams. Pulled me up. Problem I'm laughing well and I want to AO live giving back a little armor forgive everybody how long have you Austin, Texas all hope of making a difference in your lap. Call box culvert until thank you Iraq's Covert. Sure sponsor Randy M show. Thank you rocks thank you guys candy and yet a lot of Nationalists hope you have a great day except furniture store that's message. How much this merger homer in Rhode. Any any singer actor.