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Feb 25, 2017|

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Better avail. Welcome to the Texas insider show. I'm Jim Correll there is not a cloud in the sky and lovely downtown Austin, Texas today and it is the same goes another day in paradise we are. Excited to have that you will list today and excited to be on the air DJ is behind the glass and well let Mario speedway in common in we are ready and got plenty of politics to be talking about. This week another exciting Adam we can nationally a lot going on here frankly at the state legislature we're gonna. Get into that a second but. As usual there's a little. Sam and T and hopefully some truth and reason he's here with the Texas insider show be sure to check us out at Texas insider dot org. As well as our FaceBook page Texas insider so. This week is up. It was look entered the clips and would mention I don't know why you will be paying attention in this not probably but. The old Democrat national committee is in the process over and Atlanta collect number electing a new party chairman. We'll see how that comes out and be talking about that them. Future like we've been talking about it in the past but this week. Following our conversation last week with state senator Don bucking him on Sanctuary Cities there's been continued. Focus on that issue and continued. Demonstrations across the country yeah. Captain Q officer write a block away from the capital got an email on my inbox yesterday from the property manager saying that they're who we should all as tenants be aware of him. Demonstration going on down and capital at 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock this afternoon who knows somebody won't run across that but works cited today. To talk about Sanctuary City some education issues probably him. That the bathroom issues been out there are permitted in the news work cited today to be able to visit with. One of the most conservative. And coming. State legislators with fresh new idea ideas in the Texas house Jason Knight sickness member in good. It's House of Representatives state rep from lovely downtown dripping springs Jason thanks for joining us today. Make him great great to meet experience I don't know glad to be our thank you have this. Thank you are you are and have man number remember you join a missed a couple years ago here actually and studio is a four generation native Texan you're on the house energy resources committee I know that's been a big issue for dripping springs and some of the water issues you have to deal with urban affairs committee as well but. Start us off. Where there overview what's going on in Texas legislature. Adam I know you've got. Some education issues will get into and a little bit good teacher student relationships in the star test but. Sanctuary Cities have been in the news had things gone in the state have so far. The other gone really well also worried that that second thirty days of recession where we all options are hearing deals on its war now it's we've got a calendar set next week course and sepia reforms some much needed GPS coordinates. For release this is yes yes and modern you have represented James trying to there's a good friend didn't and member of the Serb coalition president of the coalition. A leading those efforts in so we'll have a bill are you that won't put our debate on how or. Next week so it's it's more the pace is picking up as it is typically does when you get into the after the first thirty days sir to pick up we'll have more committees full swing and we're starting the year Bill Clinton and things are moving along we're better at the beginning are growing pace. What's interest on its interest Graeme mentioned the Child Protective Services that's something that. Has been a little bit under the radar screen but is a huge huge issue. Especially. For folks who have been impacted in that end unfortunately that in the news lately has been a bit negative. Sort because of the way the state has been handling or should say not handling. Some of those affairs properly in my kids get caught up in the Foster care system get passed around and and I know whether it's John Cornyn at the national level are you all here at the state level and you mentioned the Texas Kurt conservative coalition a great group of the most. Texan conservative oriented type folks in state legislature but you are having to focus a lot for you but I shouldn't say you're having too but you. Have the foresight now this session it seems like to be focus in on that. Child Protective Services issue. Yeah absolutely no our our caseworkers are overworked we weeks vacancy about a child every single day and and they got about 22 days you know working Montesinos children in some caseworkers. I have the F thirty kids that they're supposed to see any given month and they're really not enough iron and a bunch. Do see that so we've got to get more case workers on. We've got that we got a reward excellence and reward the case workers that are doing a great job Egypt and some more money so that they know they're appreciated so they don't leave the profession like we're seeing so many teachers duke leaving the profession. We need to reward excellence and those that are doing a good job and top actors servers is taking care so people that are awarded it to the mistake and that's our fuel burn. These are most fragile. And and we need to Foster care reform we need more strain on ways that are willing to be saw action right now there are just too many hurdles that is it revolving door to your home if you want a Foster child your home that anytime. Up to seven different agencies departments to just come in your door to have a random expect inspection at any time of it today. We've got to trust our Foster parents who didn't make sure the kids are being looked after I make sure they're getting the poor parenting that they needed to our. But there's just so many. Hurdles and barrier you know wanting to be sure to Emma had met with Foster parent at at seven children that they've adopted to the Foster care program they're pulling out of the ostrich your program through it's just too much of an invasion of their lives in the privacy. There's too many restrictions in console. Much like we try to find them you know lower barriers to injury and businesses we got a sanctioning your small stretch here in the urged people that's. Wanna get involved in. And we want to encourage families to be Foster killed children Foster parents due to maybe it says a trial of a cousin and her. To a child of sibling. But there's there's no benefit there's no world borders no incentive for them other than you know low. To take their family members don't need any assistance from the safe go to a one time here is a little hope that you should go on but nothing after that it's so it's really almost an incentive. Not to take a child from a family member and we've got to find good its conservative solutions that big bird produce some of these barriers to urge people to be fought. Are so stay representative Jason Isaac from dripping springs you are working on is obviously up to speed it entirely in on that issue governor put. Greg Abbott made this one of the emergency issues I believe so he's. Focus on it but it sounds like the cold hearted. A conservative Republican Party here is actually trying to address and it an important issue and has a hard and that's something that's important to. Tim message and make sure Texans know when that in fact you're as you say it's been a problem and now. Here you are coming to bring some conservative solutions to the table. Yes absolutely again exceed these are our most needy children we've got to find solutions to keep up and away much as possible you know what those barriers to entry in the disincentives because families Foster parents. In order to find good conservative solutions that do that that reward excellence in our case workers. Com and really just just help without helping children out of state. On a related issue and them. And to focus on some there was like in the Austin I was called the Austin American states person because we don't wanna say states man and Brooke. Sure there were being sexist or anything but Austin American statesman has been doing a good job of covering man issue and then in yesterday's. Paper on the front page there was an article. Entitled lawmakers' bills target teacher misconduct. And I know this is a subject that. Also has kind of slipped under the radar but something that you would and some are your fellow legislators should have been focusing on this article. And yesterday says the Texas education agent C investigators. Opened 97 such cases of improper. Student teacher relationships from September 1 through January 31 there were 66 cases there were open during the same. Period last year which saw the highest number of cases. In at least eight years I know Jason up. Texas education agency is said I think of the number was there investigating more than a thousand. Teacher misconduct cases. Most of them involving improper sexual relationships I don't know if we've got him there. In the neighborhood are dripping springs probably here in Austin but what is going on and give us a thumbnail of this issue. No and unfortunately it actually happened in in the district could serve at one of the school districts you had a contractor. So not a teacher. Not a licensed or certified but someone at the contract that was hired by the school to come and work with children on your specific case. And keep this this person preyed on. A seventeen year old person knowing that they were at the age of consent but it's it's really in proper to prey on children. But in a situation where they should feel safe course should be a learning environment we've seen this throughout the state. Wear number I was glad to hear the governor talk about this in the state of the state address. At the end of last month. This is this is important this week we are having issues there referred to as passing the track where you have a teacher have been inappropriate relationship with a student. And that big mr. cool except that teachers resignation. And that teacher doesn't lose his or her relations. There's no punishment there's nothing in the air their record everything is checked I had it by the current school district and they move on to another district and there's been instances where you can teachers that are inappropriate relationships students at four different school districts and none of this hiring school districts nukes this had been an issue previously. So they call passing the trash we've got super those who don't know I mean. Were big state we've got 254 counties didn't the number is 1199. School districts. Highest these across the state that you're talking about so you're saying this is happening all over the state. Yes it is and it's. Not being reported these are these people are allowed to keep their teaching my misses have their attorney dale. I filed legislation all that I Dorn altered with him grades congrats. To George yeah yeah yeah Cedar Park yep absolutely and so he's working on this issue and as this issue I. I have filed legislation to Spain. They could have reporting requirements these people must be recorded it is unacceptable at school districts and according this information we believe it's all party makes it clear they're supposed to be reported but there's no punishment if they are not and so we're gonna put some punishment had stated there's an Kroger relationships going on between teachers. And student that it is reported by the school district and I've expanded to include. Non teaching positions so you have a contract or substitute teacher. Maybe he's an employee at the school. Yeah he knew any one number of the progression that are in a school district which you can match we don't want children to be preyed on by anyone visiting or working at our schools our expanded to include those positions and also have added. Private schools. Two legislation I trial. OK stay representative Jason Isaak from house district 45 that in dripping. Springs were glad to have you where this year we got to take a quick break and will be backed talk about a couple more issues. Folks we appreciate you joining missed the session lowliest Saturday afternoon for the Texas insider show I'm Jim Correll. We'll be right back. Good afternoon. Insider show. Jim Correll globally Saturday afternoon. We got a hunger art today in Nam. And somebody with a big heart that were visiting with state representative Jason Isaacs from house district 45 Adam and dripping springs Jason's been one of the leaders in the house now from dornin your fourth term elected in 2010 you've been. Remained a concern courageous conservative by the Texas conservative coalition. Won couldn't top conservative thinkers. In the state house Jason appreciate you can join in this today and there's so many issues we could be. Talking about but I got to that I'd I know we've been working particularly in one and that standardized testing but its second all we can't. You go through a show without talking about pretty much the biggest issue in the news these days in that Sanctuary Cities them the border wall to some extent but. Just this morning in them to Austin statesman and everybody's probably heard state representative about the one point five million that governor Abbott has withheld from the city of Boston because our Travis county sheriff's sale only Hernandez's her. Refused to remove the what many say is following the law. And work with the immigration customs and enforcement agency and just this morning instead of the one point five million of them. Report was in Travis Kenny received a 125. Million in dollars that flowed through the state. Third the governor's office through various agencies. And if the mechanic in the city doesn't comply or it's going to be. We have evidently much more significant hit in the one point five million that everybody's talking about but there are state attorney general Ken Paxton come out. Jason with. Advisory and briefs that says. I think quote was that it makes it very clear that the of president has the discretion to protect the safety of the American people and our nation's institution. With respect if you comes into this country. What are you all doing that down there at the state legislature and what's the word on the floor about this situation that were having to deal with here and Travis county and. You know businesses this year in Travis County is in you issued this policy that they're not going to ought to detain her intriguing because. When I'm sworn in we're in Britain law enforcement doctor Warner made big kick you know. Protect independent abide by the US state constitution and our belief in violation. I our constitution. It could not uphold the law and so Bashir said she was going to do not comply with a guy containers. On the first weekend. Twelve. People were charged. And released. These are people were illegally here in the United States there were charged with domestic. Abuse. There were released or not held. By the federal government or government requested through a process. Some in my jaws just open I thought you're gonna say there were twelve people that were captured and taken off the streets you're saying they were stink and released. Yet these are people that had they murdered their spouses they would have been hell. But because. They were just charged with domestic abuse that wasn't on the list. Things are the Teixeira to Travis County so that she would hold people Ford had to be murder had to be serious. Topic sexual assault although what we heard that yeah someone that what was released at. Allegedly had repeated its your sexual interaction with a nine year old girl and she quickly changed and added another saying she was going to start holding people foreign complying with right to it's just appalling. That the federal government requests somebody told because there are potential criminal. It looks at the numbers are amazing. Between June 2011. At eight and 2016. There were over. 200000. Criminal aliens booked into local taxes jailed these are costing taxpayer local taxpayers pay a lot of money. We we we allow 1700000. People migrate to this country legally. Annual I make huge supporter of immigration our country is based. On immigration. Number 1700001. Million people litigating cars. That they could work towards their citizenship to 700000. Speaks as these are student visas work pieces. 1700000. People every year that we allowed illegally migrate this country's more than any other developed country in the world. And you raise a very good point there because they are as. God fearing gun toting the full load taxing hard work they're harder work through them a lot of us white guys may yet. The 5000 rapes and then 1000 murders seem to get all the attention. Despite what your sane about the positive aspects of this issue. You are absolutely there are a lot of positive aspect about the immigration in this country unfortunately the few bad apples. That are that are making it harder for others but you're right it took 1118. Homicide charges. Well look 400 convictions. Of murder by illegal immigrants people that came across this country they knew they were coming here illegally didn't the sister at 1700000. People go to. Every year I'm not hearing a lot of voices saying we need to raise that 1700000. I don't seek political action committees that want that number not people write letters and response saying we need to. You're just shut down our immigration system and let everybody can you not happening. Thought that I am hearing so I'm I'm not hearing about it but cash. 5827. Sexual assault charges between June 2011. And even state and even state senator Don bucking him last week talked about a press conference that she had on the spur of the moment. When this share Sally Hernandez issue came up I don't know if you were able to make interferon committee hearing that she said. Actually state senator Royce west a Democrat from south Dallas and I believe it was senator you arrest these. Some Democrats are even come into the table saying they recognize this is she's got to be dealt with the cousins a brawl. You're absolutely right when we may actually want someone who comes up posters actually lets list actually open inaugural release of help we don't know where the crimes that the that bet just with the icing on the cake heretic and straw that broke the camel's back for me. From that when I heard about twelve people that were charging domestic abuse were released. Are you kidding me these are crimes that would not have happened then 1118. Am have been ripped apart because someone has been murder in the extremely by someone who was not supposed to be here because they didn't follow legal process begin it is more friendly than any other developed country in the world. Didn't call that. OK one final question on this she she does and wanna move standardized testing and made through a Fisher and no big issue. The hat the Senate's already passed the anti Sanctuary Cities bill. They'd like to use it said earlier on in the show this the house is really just ramping up and getting started on things what's the outlook in the house are you fairly optimistic isn't going to be summit can get a handle this legislative session. It's it's going to be extremely contentious to this session that it's after the outlook for 2011 and supported it. So we shouldn't be rewarding local governments for not abiding by the federal state calls I know our our. Blanco can't accounting and he's carrier abiding by the all their old somebody they know. And so. He knocked out she were to get this done I don't know what's going to be during the regular session special session but this is up it's extremely important so we have got to stop the criminal element is due course sex trafficking weird they're drug. Trafficking. They're murdering and kidnapping. There are so many different charges that are happening because of a few minutes a small view. He knew 7000 people between five years such a small fraction of the 1700000. That we allow legally. Here it's found it unfortunate few bad apples or run in the morning and it's a lot of other people. I'm here to work and then didn't live their lives and become Americans. But we've got to crackdown on the Sanctuary City but by no means are we want our immigration system whatsoever it's again this is something you know I've got. Clearly genetically traced back to immigrate to this country 18100 and it taxes. 11 side of the camera in them. So immigration is clearly important to our country's power options out. Okay we'll stay after that issue I know you're working hard on that one final one final subject that is. Probably on. The minds of more parents and constituents around the city than we realize man has to do you were standardized testing. Of our schoolchildren in the public schools in Texas the hold a through F system that was passed by you legislators just a couple years ago is now being implemented we've got a veteran and two minutes left covered this issue. But I know you're focused on that you've been working on it standardized testing is a contentious issue. In this day and age but yet we got to keep our student are what are educators accountable tell us what your work and on them and what's the outlook for they throughout system. It's real simple it I'm trying to get bureaucrats in Washington DC. And out of school as much as humanly possible we need we have local independent school Wheeler speed and we don't play with coach trust these. Independent. Our our federal government requires that we administers seventy. Standardized tests to track student progress and we compare one state to another one district to another. Are there and it's just didn't in this state is gone too far we mandate 22. And so I wanted to let the district's source these chips rather than a one state 300 million dollar contract let's put that money into the districts and let them go out source their test. The content that we take your taxes get from the one Oklahoma who we used to or Texas Oklahoma. We can do these things into district level that districts are gonna get much more competitive pricing. Not until this something that Carlton house bill thirteen dirty street theater reduce the number Castro 22 to seventeen I wish we get rid of them about the district's determine that themselves. You will voters in school districts. That it got so much comes from Washington DC in Austin is just now right I'd love to see completely eliminate star and let the districts are other edge cheaper yeah we shouldn't be preparing them. To take a test we should comparing them to their future the we've got to remove start scores from teacher evaluations. It's just not right to do it its its actually not required but most districts in the states. Do but yet it places too much emphasis on one test. Too much stress for a teacher too much stress for students and families. In minutes 55%. Of schools already being in the eight Q it didn't do a standard testing. There's not a single employer and the state of Texas that I talk to hire someone based on how they get on the start to. There's not a single college that I talked to did admit someone on how they get on the star cast. SAT ACC. Yes someone reduce that weight in the age group operating structure you 5% got a 25%. Increase from waiting some other areas we need more parental involvement we need to measure. It's extremely important the sec success in the student whether grandparents or parents and we involvement. And health and wellness are obesity rates in the state of Texas are skyrocketing. We gotta get this under check so and it starts with the kids and making sure they're being educated and healthy and well so not. We'll begin in early and keep things under check your state rep Jason Isaac from past a person district 45. We're running out of time sure appreciate you joining us today the operator. Thank you folks be sure and checks out and Texas insider dot org Texas and center on FaceBook we thank Jason Isaacs state rep from. House district 451 of the up and coming conservative thinkers in the state legislature folks have a great Saturday.