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Feb 25, 2017|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills wail on top thirteen seven he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life that's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. Well good morning folks this is still it's. About pictures taken out of there as we street. This book for. Do I can turn what do you. So this is Lindberg an arm got charged for that but yeah. Liz Immersion and oh by the way she has a new book out called sexy brain were told what you would do just a little bit. OK that sounds great nice hello everybody it's a gorgeous. Sunny morning in Austin, Texas this beautiful in the good if you do all keyword Joseph jacket to listen to Charlie doesn't write. It's chilly but it's just crisp and sunny with a sure blue sky not one cloud in the sky we're so looking. We are no cloud but I'm here no cuts to your Skype for your. As yours guys always she's bright. Well I don't know what are your book about the sixty brain because you have this brightness or bright. Well I've got to tell you that the corps birthday says Houston real quickly could really dinner guests on your quick. But this fellow who was older uses ninety's US in my house come questions and so are older now you tell you seem to be so honored. He says Roh news there's three things just to know when you get older. Number one do you take your your brain we should take your your brain. And the other foreign country or remove. A so. As my little. Who lately have had a number of patients that are 8992. They're coming in they retired they hated it there back to work. They have fast so brains they lift up their Smartphone they have all these apps there I T friendly the only difference is they have lots of wrinkles on them. And I've really been noting what to these people have in common what did they do. That allows them to be an almost their ninth decade. So spry. And there's a number of commonalities. You know they're really don't talk about that yeah true. Yeah how to stay younger longer and it's viable. But we'll take some elbow grease our first guest Peter McCarthy. He's fusion piece he's gone O he's ingratiate he takes great care of himself he's a hunk. Hockey's a hunk O 100 meter he's on the scene doctor Parker you'll show where this. Yeah. Wolf thank you bill handling people and shirts gracious compliments so much appreciated in yet Shamir good morning. Good morning I you know Lindsay don't you should jump by the store quite a bit. Absolutely we've known each other for years. You're that I can store. Well you don't consultations I think your first was coming up pretty soon and. Yesterday I wish I hadn't I'm really looking forward to the actual and you know bill. And thank you for the opportunity I'll be. Hosting is hey rush seminar on time chronic stress based on the concept should two I lay out in my book adrenaline nation. This coming Monday at 7 PM at sea Italy Kline well questioner. And though why I really focus on it is. Some of what most people consider to be unknown factors. That guitar game. They can default chronic stress and you know the AMA had several years ago identified chronic stress tests caused a factor in 95%. Of chronic degenerative illness. And socialize I look at just traditional chronic stress. Using an assessment model called distressed stack. Because I believe that's what happens just pressures stacked up incrementally over time. Eventually become unmanageable and I look at some of the things fact most people might consider normal bark. Really incur cost. To repair their health and their longevity. They did I tell you stresses such a big issue today they've been. Just a prostitute your New Year's draft Dodgers orange. It's almost issuing the politics and I love my god I. Yeah there are you sure do our martian. Onscreen you somebody right right. Feel like you've woken up on. Into a new planet the way things are changing and how polarized everything else but I kinda thinking if you have your stress chops. You know when you were in your musician you you practice allowed it's called getting your chops up and I'm a dancer and a fight practice lot of different shops up. Since stresses are given in the business of this world. I think that we need to have which I think he'd put your book I call it stress shops where you really have coping skills. So that even though you have stress. Used it is a smaller font size and you don't have the negative reactions from it. Absolutely enhance awareness and recognition are really three. IQL mentioned to be able to to really get that under control. Weird in your book the Duma motion mowers are great book and is available at all the people stores and Amazon. And the cover is cleaves electric right congratulations on that book I know what it takes to make a book and the other leaders so can. I wish I know you do it and I appreciate that very much from one professional to an elder thank you very much. There you do too about armor startups are about chops as sugary you much option but what is good. Yeah that's actually that's where injuries Jeffrey discretion. China and you know that belongs to her but it certainly is descriptive. What she developed when you have a shot of coping skills are stretched. And that's really you know kind of the key. Just being able to maintain health and longevity is to be able to manage your stress effectively. And bill if you know we've seen customers and patients coming into this store. All force stores every days tasks. Are. Really depict king and am presenting the the consequences. Of chronic stress. And so I feel like this is really kind of a foundational piece for. Anybody should be able to attain and maintain good health and. No no no question about it because if you didn't if you can conquer. There's stress problem. Is not easy but you can do that you will be so happy just happy Joseph cool videos. A man is ripe old joke a month. You know around oldest daughter right don't worry be happy content you know I agree kids in the low. Not barred junction pretty sinister or send their own monarch joke you know Perry really stupid must talk shows this that they sum up plus a mother and and we all just laughs you know on this was from. My youngest and was LSU was. Six years old. But the air we all I have to Sony's turn left and we'll just laughed because it was Whitney is if you have a you newest if you really care. Look at the few people who live through the Holocaust. That that woman who was the pianist that lived recently to be about a 108 years old. And she just died. And it's a few people who've come through the Holocaust where they maintained. With in that Antony and horrific condition. They focused on another attitude another altitude. They had gratitude in the middle of that horror. And year out to your attitude is your altitude no definitive. Absolutely absolutely. You know she maintaining that help keep perspective additional important. Very important you're you're quite right unlike diluted. Did not preaching to you some more ruthless and there's your professional photographer goes out. Yeah I always a stress from strongest just I know I hate to hear I'd eat or cook tonight what is one of the number one things. That you can tell people that they can do to protect their adrenal glands. All that's really easy because it's so ubiquitous in our society. Minimize you know void a caffeine consumption. Because security is a direct adrenal stimulants. And it'll literally tortured body and fighter why can't people mission identify that feeling has more energy. But there's a cost of that energy in terms of blood sugar cortisol secretions the list goes on obviously in England she and bill you both know that but it's really easy that's really pay can be a starting point for people and I recognize it's. It's challenging to do that. You don't think that there's like a small amount that's it's good amount and then you're talking about an excessive. Amount it has the adverse effects are poor don't know about what it what is the in my mouth it's okay you're there's no financial. What I appreciate well ideally I would say that there's no amount simply because when you look at the attraction of chronic are aura of caffeine consumption. I habitual captured caffeine consumption even something as small. As a cup of coffee a day you're still stimulating or three holes to ship creek course all which crosses the bullet brain barrier. And potentially. Curing your age the hippocampus. Which of course that god is receipt of both. Emotional control and short term memory. There's so we you know when you look at facts security implications. Of that kind of habitual behavior I talked in the book about Alex not the big events or the big exposures that catch you. It's a little hit hit hit over time that gore actually deteriorates. Pop up on a particular condition in the body. That ultimately results in the over a much. So that's that's my feeling about it yes they are certainly a lot of marketing information and that's really what I call it I had little to do would captioning consumption. Black when you look at social geological consequences. If you can minimize or avoid caffeine consumption. The you're gonna go a long way towards minimizing your stress slowed. Well you're right you know I think anytime you have any drug if you if you terrorism drug. Caffeine could be a drug. That anything that you have to uses a crutch you have to watch so I guess you know you can get everyone without. Obviously some coffee you're in trouble. So ignore the book is college alumni should they were our stores and by the way you you do consultations now. Yeah exactly like you consultations a toll climbed wellness center I'm available on Mondays. By appointment and I do a complete stress management work out for people. Using. The principles. Just stretched active. Aren't as well as doing. I was saliva hormone analysis. Old distressed response. Shall we can get really didn't get the first somebody and individualized. Now what we can offer in terms of helping someone to recover from the effects of chronic. You are you are is certified tradition like Japan. Sanjay great night and I am not people love you so. We're way right so how we've spilled over quite a bit but I want to spill over Susan okay. Are unhappy with the spill over to thank you. Yeah and you can be on the show her pretty soon so. I look forward to that you're absolutely we've done before and now it's always enjoyable. So it was great to have too much heroes on the show today so. That's great I appreciate it Peter. Thank you bill thank you Lindsey great check your bulk of your portions and look for machine able to get shots. Maybe adrenal force be with you there almost unheard of it's okay. OK Peter route but Peter McCarthy great book adrenaline adrenaline nation so. Some of them are our stores are really you know great we can OK. Did you also got art thank you abide by our group we get to next. They smiley. What a good nine you've got fears Andrew smiled and whoever. It is it's all right well. I think it's good but I got money destroy almost rail gun. Consistently I would agree. That we have Burks and so how we can say Burson you got does your birthday Justin. My birthday is coming up my only Tuesday after my big when he manages to celebrate it. I heard just a bit earlier the judge will be open Deborah Taylor marsh dropped it. When you're 75 I'm not going to Bard to start a fight for sure I know what I'm not doing. Oh yeah what a dry today this is families just you know we're going to have a nice from mr. restaurant. Bonuses at the same radio Mila said Mexican restaurant so I do and then December goes that's such a great restaurant you from my tennis I forgot about it you. And evidence of special place sure. No. Where you don't talk about troops as general pollution or Boston for a talk about. Well yes and her passion for on the subject of truth don't want to assure our Sunday. Just don't know I don't really could just welcome. The director of your oysters. It may be familiar with treatable church and her stroke lead the the farmer's market. The debt restructure. I know a lot of old show good morning there. These are already actor on their way to you do avert a church you farmers' market down child or approach stable future farmers market. I don't shun certain belly. Don't recall vote but it which would just market. There's just great players were or at least you'll bring the kids should go to the playground that we sort of doctor Oden. Putting you but it could start to eat. I cherished weren't sure in due course all the church and vegetables we need a move. Blood or blood urged did you call Sarah not an coped. So lush and I think got a lot of old majority Nobel farmers' markets should and chased at all. That don't tell market it is crucial are Guadalupe fort street there will probably square park. On Saturday's blunder Warren during the show and the only market is up to try to burger structure every Saturday at LaGuardia. And that our our our dirt marketers the triangle warm winter afternoons to good start or two metre storm well mortar we're gonna have her daughter. They didn't stop there and then and wonder no more. So I was estimate just you are today if these farmers market at the moment. Her attorney version your first open. So lunch or above the farmers market yesterday burger suture is still open we go your relevant then we've got a lot of producers who are. You are raging love. This is under all is the mall suitors to openness they've. Former markets tomorrow Kirk. Oh yeah I am not sure if that is not what the merger between Europe that we go to market insurance or social. Dutch I don't know I make sure she twice a year and I go to the farmer's market early in the morning I put the order and of the week and before and I by. Usually 6080 pounds of diversity veggies fresh out of them right here local. And I take it make a whole entire day of Macon my kimchi. My ears so I love farmer's market specializing in which you who wish you'd done just so you so you'd know and additionally. Coming bush your own. This is my 21 book in the one coming out about seven months it will be my 22 to and then I need to go take a vacation that I'm the I'm the ocean and Turkey. Rewrite look like they're probably. Oh god don't it's very in their years in each in writing each book I couldn't have children so my books are my children. Not a big Williams got there. Look this is just a little bit it dole and you'll. Talking it a lot of though although a lot about nutrition and didn't intrude on your show and then of course shrug. Encouraged to see individual because students are such such a lot about what should treatable through jitter goes well we're. But we approach proved to. Beyond Jewish Durbin you know for sure there's the product should but really she shrewdest they start whole show us so the scourge we're. Growing we'll experiment Chiluba. So sharing it there and even though preparation and consumption shall. When we approach to we wish failure we ought to have a real potential to intrude but it urged that our help and shoot just. OK I've got a question for you. In may Boehner they started the whole organic gardening movement and I lived with them and trained with them. And became very close affects got the nearing its wrote the forward to one of my original first books. And it was such an honor to know them. And they hear he was a Ph.D. in economics who got black balled because he's he really champion to get for child labor laws when children were abuse in this country. And so he was black balled from all the universities and so he went back to the land and created the first back to Atlanta organic organic movement and that's how it started. Did you so do you know about how do that we don't. Yeah I don't believe so yes Eliot Coleman should certainly one of Arturo actually write you know it's gotta you local hero sure. That are over. For a day who are donors and political buttons. Yeah. Lynch a local. That. Well you know on the other is a book out a new book all the fears the third rescue in the third wave the second way San Jose. And then third wave to steel producers can be food and you can see that in Austin clues in the third big you're seeing that in restaurants where you. People are returning to two healthy food. Good news this medicine there's no doubt about it didn't you know they melodrama and occasionally and I Juno that's become popular right. Well you and our youngsters are barred by making those help each other choice is certain and especially choosing to support. Local fruit producers are rich richer sure our community were asking the words I didn't good specialty food but we're also supporting help the economy. Your local media and healthy and Bartlett argued the farmers are are stewards of Blair and cheer her on. Supporting those farmers being stated we're supporting good. LT Blair but as little mood and. And I see him as to suit the Roberto de. There are you don't tour and cultural structures are young go to today it's good. So there's the worst descent to the system moved through centers or just leave farmers markets surged. Who knows Serbia broached cable or Churchill. Road show Walter White children will shape near airport were virtually right by boat did you metro. Large commuter rails well there are it'd locate. They're not abduction or we coach both courts are also but also our teaching kitchen. Back to vote. The kitchen that we used to treat going to be kitchen what you gotta like very options. And then we also cut power. JP's peace love and how much foundation. Thought changing garden. But where we are where we provide garden clashed burned workshops. Well how amazed how can then we choose has loosened up but since. Who's or not supported. I would ever written. To restore it is a good question and carnage doesn't want to go as they won't be cooking classes. And so does. Yes sure and sort the cooking questions that are gardening workshops to go to or sustainable mention her brother orgy. And we have a whole list of over a branch under the get a ball twelve. We do try to shoot free program should worry. Teaching LaRoche could finish school garden. Leadership trading community garden leadership training should. We've got a lot of workshops to achieve specific true do gardening. And interrupting kitchen prosper for each and open through another help these techniques bloody. Nine ocean. But use your nudged or we will just. Anything you torture. So you're exactly right now we're you know we have Delhi's in three or storage and so they're all. We try to pass just part of Russia's general medicine program. And so people like it so we're gonna continue that so that there are sustainable food center dot or misty web site to go to. The tiger or about it. District such a good. We've got to get back to Washington. Different types birders come in and and I HM that's. It's like to have you back I would do with the other two up to come back we'll talk more about sustainable should summer. Well managers Marley for your heroes I just well we have heroes is a hero show. A lot of question what are you thanks thanks for being honest and sharing information people need to eat right. And it's a farmer's market support the local growers. All right thank you so much in your district I can go into a into the Bruton who gives a great virtues we counseling over Hulu would get together. Maybe. All right let's say rec room. Well welcome back. Doctor Who. Lindsay mershon documents Immersion rewrite them and she usury and we want bush tweet to butcher this is my tour when he first spoke gang enforcement much when he first. Well they're good looks too. You're very popular cross or control what I trying to do is right breakthrough books introducing concepts that have never been introduced before so. 24 years ago I broke one of the very first books on chemicals our environment and are your food water. That can ensure our bloodstream and hijack our own hormonal signaling system. So they were called for many years and Ukraine disrupting compounds Harvard just had a public form on January 31 from the school of public health. And they renamed them hormone altering chemicals so that was one of the first breakthrough books. 24 years ago they didn't know about it doctor Oz had me on when the only at a radio show. About that book that I wrote and he'd never heard of it was horrified diet you mean to tell me and she be. Frightened of all these things but now everybody knows that there's so this new book that I wrote is also making our country very ill. Right because we just stinks sick care if you'll solve our problems discovery health care. Right in the environment now is most doctors are trained in environmental medicine. And so many illnesses are linked from. Toxic exposures from the environment. That are really astute physicians always tested now have been their tool bag and understanding that the environment might be part of what's going on with the station. Unless there's a great segued to. Be gearing Hannah. Gary. Oh we're at it I'm okay I'm okay we're we're gonna talk about this. Majors pure organics which is a company that you work further found that are wherever. Greg your dear sir yes you're correct yup and this 8 am may. Clay can click and actually nobody talks can and I'll place fantastic I use it in all my detox is yes. To disclose her usual mrs. Ultra fine marker and our zeal iPad owner. How was zeal or eight different Geary from baton night. Well there's quite a bit of difference of course we have several different formulas that bill talks serious step peoples talk pharmacy. I end up. It anywhere from deep bentonite clay which is a generic name and course we have. Different forms of miracle really clay and what album is calcium bentonite clay that's what traditionally more people are more familiar we had. And it's based then you know it's something you're spiralled curb millions and millions of years are basically volcanic ash. And a difference between whose real light. And bentonite clay is the is real life is actually. Volcanic. Rockets. And what has he had to be sure which you know about this Eli is dead it's it's it's grounded two all are micro fine. Particle we know we do we get a good are ground down to about 225. Mission. You cannot absorb it it is not groundout that way. And as real light is again like bentonite clay it is a generic name under different forms that they. One of our best of formulas that we had is they are I believe in clay which consist. Preach ya bit like clay when would be the the red clay. And and then leak calcium clay. Both the red and green and then sodium. And that addition that that we have real life and guide to make should serve all in ones formula. So what's the name what's his name is at formula we have everything in line. What are what we Clark I'd believe you clay. The sideline and is that liquid or is it a powder. It can be either or wheat we have available you can get it hydrated. Which could also work you can get it to where you can district throughout out the bottle. And you've got star guy dissed about everything your peoples including out how order course. The best value would be I would say he by the powder into the yourself but you know. Where they're different time and allies. Everybody is always on the run and so we make things convenient or you're still. Yeah it took all of our products are always in class. Clay should never be ever under any condition put in plastic. And the reason why is because half of what's clay dose. Everything in our body that is bad. As a positive charge. Well play has been negative towards awarded guys withdrawals all toxins and contamination. Complain about your body. To the circus of the clay. As it heads towards them and it absorbs it it's so when you. Pass. Didn't do what happened reduce that debt to you you know it. Pretty well release from your body. So what could be the different clinical applications of the variety of Claes that you have. Do you well is this very good question thanks rescued the calcium bentonite clay which we get it is is about debt. We get it Dana would provide this 8000. Feet underground. That is the most recognized clay in the world right now and it has an absorption power. Four times its weight. Now. When you look at it that. The a rarity calcium clay vs agreeing calcium clay. It had more rights minerals in its not so much a swelling clay. But more riches in desperate try to Trace committed funerals magnesium. I mean you name it it has added there. They had been course. You can't be sodium. Which has been recognized Obama's great for many many years the problem is if it's not really a problem it's a good thank. It woolly absorbed twenty times its weight so it's gonna pull out. Five times more out of your body and a more records speak. You know extra benefit. The a year sodium. I bet not because you know when you say. So I wrote it book 24 years ago that was published by wiley called healthy digestion the natural way. And I presented detox is there which I've always use clay is part of something I Colin intestinal sweep and doctor Nicholas. Gonzalez who did many cancer care's used a lot of my detox is in this cancer patients as part of the protocol using clay is part of it. To help pull all of these toxins out so that you could promote and hasten the healing. So I've been probably using your products for many many years their very essentials. Because part of the issue of detox is liberating the chemicals but it's been proven an isolated cases of human exposure that if you don't rinse those. Toxic chemicals you've released out of the body that you worsened the situation so clay is a must. In a really healthy detox protocol. Absolutely yeah and you know god it nature's provided all that chorus so we have to do is take advantage of it impact please how. Well make sure that if you hear clay. Two never. Allow it to come in contact put metal. Because of that negative charge it will be magnetized to clay. And use do you take away the benefits of the clay if you. But it draws out the positive charge course all of our. Problems start as I'm sure you're aware of it in our gut and it's two discs only in clay doesn't affect any -- good in your body. Only the bad pathogens in your body so still had to worry about that. Taken dead nutrients out your body get there yet to be concerned where Turks but yeah apartment typical pharmaceutical medicine or anything like that. Hsu Shui your classics booze to people may buy it. It's attached to the well because yeah unless I don't try to you know and I've been used to millstone. Well I don't I by no amounts. Well Libby didn't say it is the best best thank predict Bailey is it would be eight ceramics booed. Vs. What's and we didn't hear that well once the militias then. Ceramic. Ceramics booty get a sense than. Yeah it's it's it's it's like. You know ceramics Boone would disturb. Hello Chinese. Soon BS the homeless and not much there yet understood in those are the best derby and you never want to ever put your fingers. Yeah into the clay because it's absorbing. At all times so always removed from whatever container CN. Which are but we're just don't. Worst case scenario. Plastic spoon all of great cheaper basis. And I try to discourage it because people have a tendency to. To get into evidence. Using. Plastics and swim hat there. Now what this camera look at I mean spirited. But there is no stretch saying. As good plastic. So the body. A wonderful product like bentonite clay a pharmaceutical grade our crude grade clay and to put it in. Plastic. Container just do an injustice. To the clay and the benefits of it because what's happening it will even into an eight dry steady. Will absorb deep petroleum. And the chemicals. Out of the plastic. It's and that's not a good thank you so well look I need. Vegas some ceramics been sent to sell the story absolutely give to people absolutely. Grosans. It's it's a great integrate benefited big asset. We you know that's. One thing that we make sure we you know we're not its own product go. We're only going about the put out. Hi equality well products are met. Kind of my bet you're the son the label do you have this. This these instructions on the label because that would EL LOU duke. Yet that's what would really be helpful for everyone if it is scope to how our web site nature's pure organic. And it'll debut. Some have great benefits of red clay and that works we're building on this. So this web site every day and we can't make changes to accommodate did department of health. But. All these things is this and been around for tens of thousands of Beers and their. You know it's something that. Nature's provided course and we're very grateful and honored to say. That day did they actually made a difference in my ally its state might have my son's life. That's how I ended up being in the you know manufacturing product which the economy is but my son had received MRSA. From the hospitals. Am going to dial bat and now he's going to save his life put to bed and I cut. You're the most Georgia. Dome in London street. You're Guadalupe and Immelt cape bird. Actually I have wondered that big health food stores in. The United States if not the world or just seven foot by seven foot. Ha ha ha I throw it right this is taxes when that you can see that's yeah yeah. Oh yeah we're right directly across this media Alli weight from. Meg Donald stand if you look up your side door you're looking right directly into my goals. There's a reason you must did you move mostly do pretty deep do do that tonight solutions. And yes I tell you you know there's about a lot of people familiar with the ass kicked that's BS Dick clay that jeeps and pick up or. It you'll read it panelist hit it hit this. First external views. I only and the reason lies because that's the surface clips. It's not OK okay so you don't keep it underground clay hours ago several thousand feet to get it and it only guaranteed performance and that is absolute grade and eighth a USC grade play. Well from your hand we gotta get your Mac we have talked about this some more good people it's your son. Lot of people really aren't you really have capabilities give me at all OK very good you have. I think any Gary and I think it's very weird thing okay and what that bet but I would disagree break we hear about. Think you'll let's get healthy with bills whale presented by people often global ballistic pharmacies only ask. We're cutting edge. Let's get healthy and feels well on top thirteen 78. Trust you guys. Favorite pharmacy I'll tell us live hi I'm Lindsay six point three. Once you six point 354830. We'll welcome back folks who we're who talked to doctor losing first you have them. She's my co host. Brewer talked about you but we're gonna talk about were returned Rogers and. So that widget this book is going to be out herself is Saudi came out on Valentine's Day because it's really about it's the journey. The new journey of men and women. And how love is under attack. And I present tiebreak I write breakthrough books and this is the new problems facing humanity. The threat of environmental castration. And what we can do about it and why we should do it seemed to protect yourself. I don't love is under attack this really that's really shouldn't. But you're right. It is this definitively. You know how the weight came Iraq. About a communication general like writing like young people today. When they break. What a loose as Wally ball side pocket. That these game was over you know assists a game is over played also a party your current school knew what that means married take commercials are part of whatever. In the UK news takes by you say what she missed. Is this something now how how how. There wouldn't be enough got to buy a book on how I got this book but it weighs about. Alpha male and all that and the one word. They've worn meant to stay away from this commitment. Just stay away from commitment. Rightly offend it we. Expect expect more from technology. And we do from ourselves we've customized. Connection and we are more comfortable with connection when we we can delete and edit and have more control. Rather than if you really to embark upon a communication with someone in front of you you have no idea where it's gonna go. And your face to face in reality time you don't know where the conversation is gonna go so we are less comfortable these days with building deep attachments which is what a commitment. How it's formed and we're seeing this here what we do we have less eye contact we have more eye contact with our cellphones. And less eye contact with each other and when you're mostly focused on technology. Unit would be for the minute we have the moment alone. We get panicky and fishy and we grabbed for our phone and we wanna fill up that moment alone with technology. Where a young child when they're developing their sense of autonomy. Needs to have some self reflection. And if they don't have that they're much more prone to depression. And lack of being able to make attachments. And really having a larger robust living out loud life. So there's all kinds of things I wonder about the new millennia. They that the millennial some. They don't even wanna be defined by a male and female they find that compromising image hit the Tory. They wanna go beyond their gender identification so these are all new understandings about where men and women are. Are coming from and how we keep that dance is the man and woman in the romance going. No I just a lot of this in my new book sexy great work. The zoo's new phrase I just learned this coal. Oh dog whistle politician. And with the yellow dog whistle only only a dog can hear it right supposedly. Maybe some you probably could you got gray here I think stuff. So. I got to watcher assays accuse pushed her front you. So I don't put no whistle means that there's something they'll they'll say something like the president of presidential. Contender we'll say the word foreigner. Is they throw that in there well there's certain people that interpret foreigner among different than you know I might interpret foreigner because there's. In some ways this become a bad word. And so they just say well I would refuse a foreigner no matter who it is. Then best darn good course we were a country of all foreigners that's how we started this right I could but they throw things out there. To an audience. That will pick up on certain words. And that's Agnes some pills to get elected so we're trying to look danger each other you know when this dog whistle thing. So. And I think itself. This through games. But they've also have pocket no that just is a game. And commitment is something a lot of men are born due to avoid you like your offer milieu you avoided commitments. It's almost a weakness to to be committed is that these kids. You feel that played I don't know no no mean you're very committed family man how do you have a great family without being committed to your family right. When you build bridges between each other. Andy you meet in the middle to plan a potato plant and root for a ride in those bridges skewed view anchor tears human life meaning. You know since I I like to resurrect a three dimensional meaning of the word connection. Because what I discovered. In writing this book. Was that the science explained. Why nature wants this to be connected. And nature intentionally put Pletcher. In connection with in it but to reign of the human experience because when you. And it's a swath of connection from just sitting in hanging with a friend like you and I are looking deep in each other's eyes right now and hanging with your best he's all the way up into good Lar. And when you have true connection which takes a certain amount of commitment. You release chemicals. They keep your cognition and your brain and your immune system going. And supposedly keep you smarter its nature result about the next generation. So nature why do we have sex after we have a time of having babies 'cause we're supposed to have that pleasure. To make a smarter hopefully adults if you have a with someone you're committed with you respect your monogamous with I was shocked that the science took it there. So she'll be smarter adult you'll have a more stable family life so the next generation will be more care. Taken in a NN optimal way and I discovered this whole understanding. This whole new. Dialogue and and resurrection of the term connection that nature intended it for us to stay healthier yet it's the same time. We're seeing sexual dysfunction like correct tile dysfunction and twenty year old we're seeing a whole epidemic. Of twenty year old men who have hype Boca Madison numbed afterwards in sufficient. Testosterone signaling just like we're seeing type two diabetes and some seven and 89 year old and obesity. We're seeing that thought and a lot more social. Inappropriate social connections with our children so we are because of a toxic environment. Having less ability to connect yet it's part of nature's intention for us to connect when I wrote hormone deception. It was one of the first books that told about young girls going demand. Now anarchy earlier and menopause earlier when you flats with. The milestones of human reproduction this is really something to take notice this is a flashing red light on the physiology of our planet. And now intimacy is under attack right. Crews Toxics toxic. Things in the environment can cause. Because it hormone problems cute. Exactly. Are hormone system is set up to have little satellite dishes that take a signal from hormones. Called for sectors and their setup to take messages from hormones in parts per billion and trillion its heart the human mind to even embrace how small that is. Parts per trillion. It is like a drop of water in 600 railroad cars it's a small. So then what we're exposed in the environment to a pox he rests in the lining up water pipe from your water treatment plant or you have. Oh laminate floor there's out gassing. A LA it's in different chemicals from that it's your for possibly 24 in the water too because for a is driven and there's and a creek. There's endocrine disrupt years. Disrupting compounds ubiquitous sleep in the environment and they have added to the facts and are hormone or sectors are designed to take infinitesimal. Small. Amounts and really turn on or off so now that the toxic chemicals gained access into our body. They block our own hormone reset jurors and then even though we try to connect we find so many people in their twenties flat lined. They have less of aid that would be you know they love their made the fate into word sex when you endorse sex and don't really enjoy you don't get those benefits. That nature intended. And we have less connection we have more capital phoney with cyberspace of social media. But that's all controllable we can delete delete but we have less true connection with the benefits that nature intended. We should do a show. If I once a month just own environment minister and you can do is it's gotta enter the clinical trenches definitely do. Dude in this area. There's a you know transformer in south Austin and the people deliver on this transformer all of whom got even the doctor that lives there. You. Just be near this choose from possibly. Is that possible brain electromagnetic fields and their effect on the human body in the new long studied they've been studying people who work on electrical poles. Electrical. And the guys who spend their whole life dealing with that. There's been so much study about the results of electromagnetic fields. And on the pine Neil plant. And the tiny gland of course is very active in melatonin melatonin is one of the hormones. That axe along with essential fatty acids while you sleep to fight cancer. It's been shown to work. Effectively against over sixty different cancer cell lines when I was hormones scholar at Tulane University associate with the med school there was of MD Ph.D. who made his whole entire career and looking at melatonin. And when you're exposed to a lot of electromagnetic force you don't make as much effective that melatonin any of less cancer protection. So if your if your PO Graham is healthy. Most of Arnold preacher. Right if you took melatonin. You can you can measure that I guess to see what you should or should not what you know when I was in Newton. This is cook medical school and alternative medical school we didn't cadaver die section for almost three years. And when you would go into the brain and you would go to where the tying Neil clan wasn't so much her to cut you could take a scalpel and pin it. In most people by about thirty years old it's Kelsey five. So buy it without your mid thirties you're not make him much melatonin anymore. So replacing melatonin is a very powerful and helpful thing to do it's one of the most powerful antioxidants that doesn't spin off pro oxidation. Pro other rock city of components as it goes down it's cascade of metabolism while most antioxidants do that. They're protective but in the process of being metabolize. They create a little bit of. Dirt like when you click yes it's good to have melatonin is good when we got to get you back. You do yes nurtured him are usually better probably if you do then goes on people. Lose a motel room the neutral sleeping right we're right yes sleep is a big issue in our society gays when the most common problems haven't if you want to stress just culturally. Six actually won't then what exactly right. We're sleep with a better person. That's been previously. Witnessed you're committed. How does so let's see. We simply. Interest to you mr. you're you do to put a gruesome war you know some are coming up. I'm going to be teaching at age four and which is the largest training. Can't symposium for medical doctors from a 120. Different countries and I'm teaching there. Part of their gastroenterology. Module in Chicago in September. Time doing that you do do you teacher in question we have. Stay right here he'd do I want it done and we're gonna let you get your flyer can compete at what country you're from. We're keeping your kid I am not from the state is denial of. What approach you have no we got to go for a week and oh what a pleasure. To did you write. OK and we dust cleared and we'll. Oh goodness you sexy brain system dot com to get my book actually goes there to get my plus the new name is sexy grain and I'm doctor lose grip and it's been great season. We've right publish your. Let's get healthy would bills went on often talked then. Again next week. Saturdays from nine to an answer more cutting heads I knew and wellness information from people often stick.