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Feb 17, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the until one sleeve radio show. Don't tell. Questions everything I had to empowers you to return to your call. Make your life. Here they're true. Lifestyle you. Next hour we'll change your life. I know your whole. National award winning investor roughly. CEO and founder of lifestyles are. Welcome to don't want the radio show where I'd been smell begins and host a long slim has always working on your financial freedom. All my friends are just strolled back this morning from San Antonio. And had a wonderful case study their last night stand and inaugurations. Two new. Consultants that we brought up to very successful people both who would you met in the tell Dell. Two radio shows. The number has to Jim's name is Doug crumble and TV chip you've heard their stories and if you wanna go back and check into their stories again you can look him up on the website and that in the radios section here and check them out. Agency would they have available to their great stories but today I wanna cover something a little bit different and that is a woman to cover for you. The concept. Of the maturity continual. The concept of growing up and becoming more mature. Instead of just that. Having more money to. It's completely different way to look at life. Came when you look at life less most people do they look at life as a vertical challenge. To go up to letter straight up the letter. And the gold is tried to. Make more and more and more money. Now. What I would like to suggest you is that. It doesn't matter whether year old kid and you're getting your money from your parents. For who you're getting your money from. In life. There's more to life than having someone else have control over how much money you have and how much money you can hurt. You must just human beings can grow up. And figure out how to control and manipulate your own income streams. If you don't. Then you are dependant. And just like a child. Who come to the parent can say. I'm one year old right need more money you'll see employees come to the employer and say hey I've been here a long time I deserve more money. And the answer is not only issue produce more. Now maybe you do produce more and then maybe you do deserve more. However. The point is. It's not a do you have. You really have no say that. Do you think you do that you really don't. If your employer decides tomorrow but he doesn't wanna pay you anymore. They just stopping you it's over. You're out on the street she can't pay your bills. That's the way it works so they're my friends. So it doesn't matter whether you're asking for money from your daddy. Or. You're asking for money from your employer. It doesn't matter whether you're its hourly wage person. For your salaried person. It doesn't matter if you're the president of the company. LSU totally own that company and have control. Over the finances of that company. You have no control over your personal wealth and personal finances. You are dependant. Now this irritates people because 99% of the other have a job. 99% of you are dependent on something. Maybe your job may bureau welfare camp. May be your dependent on the government. And so the government pays for your food your clothing. Food stamps. Your health care. Can see you think you got it we got a great because you're free. You're free to go do whatever you wanna do you can just feel lazy. Good for nothing human beings. But the reality is you're no better than a slave. You are slave that they now control alone. And they still tell you what to do. And they control public you can heaven when you can have it and you're still dependent. The bottom line is no matter how you look at this you're live in a dependent. Lifestyle. And as long as you're living dependent lifestyle. You have no control. So stage number one of growing up. He's becoming independent. That's the first step because you've been depending your entire life. In many viewers still dependent today in your 40s50s and sixties. You're now hoping that your dependency will be taking care of from cradle to grave. That Social Security will be there for you in Medicare will be either for you and it. All the stuff. I have. Society's changing. It's become more more socialistic all the time and more more people wanna be on the goal. They wanna be taken care of but I content. You have no freedom. When you're on the dole. Weathers who doles. From the government. Forced to dole from their employees are reporter observed. You're on the dole. And they've got you. You cannot live free if you think your prescription for purely. If you can't do anything if they want your I'll still take your house. If you don't pay the mortgage so take it feud over the actual ticket. You don't go home association feel that it did they just wanted to take it's called imminent domain the government has right to take anything they want from you. If you don't do what they want you do they will put you in jail they will reposition your body's. Think about that what is jail that's three possession Q no longer even own your own body. You're dependent. Your depend on them to allow you to live the way they want to have. There's no freedom now. So what I suggest is. That most people. Work their entire lives. To make more money. But at the more money you make them more dependent you become to that money. Because you have to have a to pay the bills you've created delivered to watch dale Fischer won. In the second the money goes away for life still goes away. Everything to us. So the first step. In maturity. Should be learned to become independent. You know we kick it's know living with her parents into their thirties. To suffering independent. You've got people. Dead. Have never in their life take control over how much money they get. If you don't believe me you really believe we do have control what you or your boss Monday go look. Continue to focus all week long Lewis is crazy guy named L wildly told me I should ask you for arrays are equipped. They you know what happened he says that. The thirtieth actually quit I don't care. You know that's no control. The only control you have. Is of how you use those dollars that you earned. And if your frugal can live below your means. And safe. Then you can accumulate some money that might go to do something was summed it. But you still love financial strength is still got to get him go to work every day. Most people that stopped for good tomorrow don't matter what they have saved but they have a forward Kayla irate or the other seems scalp. Did they start working tomorrow that could last more than six months to a year. That's most people. Probably 90% of the people some people couldn't scratch sixty days. The bottom line this. You last year are you doing pretty well two years degrade. But you need a job. Specialists talk about what we really wanted to know. What I'm suggesting you do you go out. Decree passed stringent income. Streams that you own and you control below. That way no way could come by and say we're gonna stop you from earning that income. We're gonna cut you off. Your underwrite some. Do you need the freedom to make much money as you need or want. Us to live the way you wonder whether it's. You know commission cherish your passions around the world. To work in your church. Spent time with your family. You need that freedom you need that control. And if you go out there and start building these as a streams of income. So worldwide you're gonna get there. It's gonna start. You know Leo saying don't you know for one sided time. How do you take in my how did you trip of a thousand miles one step at a time. That's what it comes down to. You've got to go out there and start doing this stuff. Case study last night it was incredible. I'll tell you more about it on August 2 segment but it was incredible to see people had gone from. Dependency. In total independence. It's amazing. So we got that we get back Percy Mario is called it was a question I'll get Mario's question right after the break. We'll be right back to don't want to reassure. You're listening to the Joseph wants leading radio. Dell will be right. Our life changing principles of justice. 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I don't record your calls to let you know promoter percentage grow according to Tony but I know Austria in two days of single family property. Nowadays. Talk a file out of you know I turned it into word Jew properties walker had a record actually to G bonds oh. Urgent leveraged. Well it is depends on what you buy your first of all do you music takes 125000. To get a new property. Margaret are. Well not exactly been a moment shared with you why it is OK bottom line is if you go buyer a typical rent LC a 100000 dollars. And you have to put the 25% don't. So there's your 24000 luxury expert 20% to and so you then plus closing costs was 20000. Let's go and that's the way it would work. However if you could buy something. Cheaper why some think seventy cents a dull hard money lender will lead you. The amount of money to buy in Rio de properties owned total. It isn't over 75%. Of the actual into the food prepared value of the property dirt. Here's the truth is that you have to buy this thing cheap enough. To make that work. If you do. You put nothing down. Now let's assume you buy something for sixteen you've got 101000 rehab that makes seventy. There's 5000 closing costs triple then you're in for nothing don't completely. And bells go what's her further elucidate you have to buy it for seventy put 101000 dollar and others eighty. And 5000 clothing cost now you read five the most solely due 75. So you know from the 101000 dollars down not to pull 25000 dollars you see so. I find deals all the time you don't have to put the full amount of money down I see it see it must find him of course I don't do houses in addition we use an example for people. Very good but they're out there so if you're sitting there Mario and you've only got 25000 box right. You gotta ask yourself questions. Who am I willing to wait. To where I can get a little bit better deal may begin to. Deal with my 25000 bucks you didn't want. But once you put it 25 grand into a house and this is why I like apartments better than Nelson is once you put that 25 grand and that how else. It's stuck there in two you sell that house tickets sold for at least two years. Because you wanna hold long enough to get at 1031 exchange and on that bridge actions on the gained. Four you can refinance to just understand the property has to go open value for you to refinance because. They're going to require you to keep 25% equity in the deal is so if you bought it got a 100000 dollars. And your leaders with a 150000. Dollars or not you can go borrow 75%. Of 150000. Right which would allow you to pull back out some money. Opinion you can go do another deal with the money but you're gonna have to Wake Forest to go to dice with houses either got to by the Ryder truck. For you gotta wait till they appreciate in value otherwise you can't get that money back notion of what else can you do. I mean you can do anything you wanna do Murray could go work you could have picked up a second job you can go try to flip houses to be his second job. But there's no answer. To not having money. Money is the one that. Great. To limit. To single family houses can. You can buy houses. If you have money if you don't have any money can buy a snow apartments are different. For an apartment you can go out who and you can borrow the money for the dealt payment you can have other people have the money from there you go race capital. Then you can go by as much as you want about. And without you having all the money. The sooner or saying so that's why. Most people who stay in this business for lucrative job or try to make this. A way to survive financially won't would end up moving towards apartment complexes. Just for that very reason but to answer questions. If you've used up you'll get 25 and you've used up 25 continue to go back to saving the game. Now one thing I will tell you is this how did this deal on a spreadsheet from way back when I started lifestyles. Yeah I mean disappointed okay. Let's take a spreadsheet was golden equation that we can follow. I said if you're making 500 also up above us all right I'll sue the dealer pulled up in the class was 2000 dollars a month. Cash launching some incredible casual studies could you put so much down compete and the interest rates are so low rent specialized solutions save 500 also up. A lot of casual which is rolled to blow description. What would happen if you say 500 Els month dividend of 6000 dolls at the end of the year right. And so takes you two years you have to 121000. And then if you find one deals first little's 121000 pounds you can buy one again in two years if not. You know we've got to have 25 and get away for years. And for your you know you buy the next from within what should the next one whatever it is what you get from one year two years plus remember you could be saving associate save 500 bucks a month. So you get there in a year to us from value by the sec when I get a thousand dollars a month you're sitting up so within you you got that 121000 to get them. Plus or whatever you say. And the acceleration understand and then three you make it 15140. Making 2000 a month then pretty soon you're making. Enough for a new house every six months out of your investments. And that's really one way to go and I will tell you one other thing you can do that I did. What I read out of money. That I should just starting. Eyewitness found partnership. For people to put up money. I found doctors. I had a dentist. One Dennis bought 111000. One doctor. Bought fifteen out. Stand. I've had smothered some other partners that have picked up here and there people who just they had good jobs have been good money. But it did other time to ought to hurt themselves you know this 102030%. Cash or cash returned there weren't on many of these deals. On the scene a fairly news broke so that's another possibility if you find somebody you like to put some money if we did split the profits and that's way to grow if you wanna do that. Do you agree or the other question. Or Mario how would you just invent money out of thin air for people but that doesn't work that way unfortunately. All right we'll see where we 8776556755. We're talking about to maturity continuum. Dad doesn't this case I do inside it was just so neat because. Five years ago we started this office 2009. Exit be longer there when that person to those 47 years ago. Now are six years so six years ago we started this office and the people. At that time were being taught by me because between every other stuff. Consultants at that time slows consulting. And this letter very intimate. Relationship with these people more sold and just being the president of the company Ellis they're consultants actually. And so there's this group of people that started it with me and I don't you're looking at seven there in the room there's 102030 a lift control. At a position where. Turning massive amounts of money some of them already retired. And they're very very happy. Sold during that six years this group of people that I started. Now. It's gotten to the point where they've created passage and an income so there independent. Vote for the earned income they don't wanna work you don't have to they want to they kept their independent. However. Some of them are still working in the business. Whereas others. Are supportive working on the basis when we come back and talk about the difference. Right back to. Still want to review shall. You're listening to the Joseph wants leading radio. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles are just a few minutes. Long time lifestyles member Curtis. It's a real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't please thank you enough skill for that's. If you were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help for the people you'd be one of them for no doubt about it if you have. This road map of holy success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of luck thousands fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my life. Take Curtis Haines advice come meet felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like dale helped him. I attend the workshop. Get your mapped. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles and limited Austin dot com to register for the workshop or change your life. CBS news update the country has a new environmental protection chief. Scott Pruitt has been sworn in after he was confirmed by the senate today CBS news correspondent Steve Dorsey. Just one Republican Maine's Susan Collins voted against Scott Pruitt nomination. He's a climate change skeptic in his repeatedly sued the EPA has Oklahoma attorney general. Democrats also accused him of selling out to the fossil fuel industry. But Republicans say he'll renamed the agency's regulations that have stifled business it's a warning from environmental groups like Terry McGuire is earth justice our rep. Pitch to Scott Pruitt is simple you're on notice that. Uphold enforcing environmental laws on the books or Woolsey went court. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is the worst cabinet. I think in the history of America certainly in my lifetime. A swamp cabinet. 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So I mean they can name for themselves this year like no place here and all but Texas CNN sports network. Boston sold for taxes NM basketball. Talk thirteen seventy saw right choice presented by deeds tractors. Hey folks it's Michael buried and you might not know yeah I hope you'll please give us a chance the Michael very shows a little bit different we're gonna talk some politics. We're gonna talk about a whole lot of other stuff weekdays five to seven on top thirteen seven. We need this happens it happens here topped thirteen seventy downright silly. Welcome back to Milwaukee radio show. My material that I work with today is the not going to be something you would might get erupting I'm just working through with you this concept that I have of the maturity continuum. Can leading off when we Chris starting rental we left off before the break we're talking about. People have made it out of dependency injured in dependency. And you think OK well that's it right no that's an idea that's not the top level study it closely top level. There's another level above test and that's where you learn to owned businesses. That you don't work the end. Okay and this is much more difficult than owning a business that you work the end. Anybody can go run a business well I shouldn't save anybody this is those distraction. Many people can run businesses. Get through there every day keeping the trigger a what goes on. Between in total control. That's a good thing. However. Not very many people. Have learned owned and operated businesses that they don't work and everyday they don't come into the office is there's no job description for them. They're just older and that's it. And if you can learn to do that then you realize the interdependence he of this world. For Roy bean buy your dependency kills people out there that are dependent they need somebody to be depended on. Workers need owners. It would starve because they don't know how to take care of themselves. So when you get to their former U realized these. The dire need for people to have a job. And you understand the dire need for your product to be delivered to your customer. Now you realize that you're supporting both. You're actually creating. They wait for these people choose to look survive. So I have tenets. Tenets can't buy homes they came by the police to lit up. They are totally depended on us producing. Clean functional housing at a decent price. Likewise. My employees. Need money to. Console. They had skill sets to provide to clean functional housing. In return for earning a wage. Now I get paid. Because I figured out how to go get somebody else to lend me money. Could take risks come by this business. I am taking the risk of hiring these people. And knowing I have to pick it up whether or not we make any money. I mean. Taking the risk that Tenet's war movie and then maybe do damage her not today. I'm taking all that risk. Yet. With the skill sets of understanding how to deal with that in many times you learn that while you're still. Independent still working in your business I started in my business just like most other people do it. I ran my single from Iran houses myself I ran my first couple small apartments myself. But you get to deport were you if you're going to expand you can not be working in the business there's only so many hours a day so much your view. And your business and becomes limited by U. Tenure physical abilities. Not just your intellectual abilities anymore your actual physical ability. And so you're going to have to learn some day if you wanna be totally free. You know floor not operate a business from afar. When you learn to do that now there's really no limitation or whatever you whatever your life why. The coast. We can borrow all the money to. To buy an apartment complex which involved. Aborted child. That we needed dollar payment. We can raise capital with the partners. To get the down payment money. Think so money's no longer limitation. So Stallone's don't go on our credit reports. There's still doesn't affect our credit score there's no. Credit problems we can non recourse loans. So there's no limitation how much would abolish all it also has six where you can only so much death and then you get your mess at predicting direction I'll. It doesn't even touch your debt to income ratio salute you do as much as we want. We'll have so much time it doesn't matter which are more people more business we do more people we are the more money we make. And so we have unlimited potential earnings that way. So this is. The next step. You've become interdependent. Understand your going to ask people working for you. If you can't ever become interdependent and have people working for you. Then you're never gonna truly be financially free because even as independent. As you are when you own a work in your own business. If you stop working. Direct back where you work if your boss cut to offer you don't get up and go to work you're not earning money. And so you need. To learn how to become interdependent. Now. Even after you become interdependent. You're going to start working on something called mastery. Mayor street. It's something. That is so different and just doing. We knew masters something. You are going to be able to anticipate. Band do you eliminate. All the problems that would normally occur to guide just trying to work his way through Celtics. You're in front of the problems not behind the problems. You've got to think figured out so well. That when you started new business. It's nothing. In these guys last night I mean this David should be jacked my gosh. Six apartment complexes in five years. He just knocked in about one right after the other and he's reporting massive success and everyone got. So think about that. Key piece in mastery. Of what he's doing. Doug Doug crop won't. Deal is working on getting to that point keys still worked in his business. But he's working on getting to a point where he's just working on that business. So it's like one step behind if but it's something that he's working on that you'll get there it's it's gonna happen I know the guy he's just incredibly sharp. And he understands where he's got to go but she like most of us who likes to do things themselves to start with the Dave. Considering. Do you keep your hands where do you keep your arms around it to totally understand this'll be your employees can't. PSU about what is right wrong and how it should be done you know I know auction dug into my way. And so and so forth. And so he's at that stage. But both of them. Have stepped in to this new level. Last night. Stepped into a new level of completely. New level. Which is above mastery. And this is the part the rule you could almost made me cry less than it was. Fewer people right now. After five years. That are ready to give back. To be able to give back. Is the last and greatest level of success in life. We you're so good at what you do. That you can help others do it. That is the ultimate. Maturity level why is that we sure don't tell me why. Because up until that point all you really cared about when you. Ten now. You care about and others I don't know Miro. To be interdependent you have secure about your employees. Even in the independent stage you have to care about your customers. So you first learn to care about your customers did you learn to care about your coach for paying your employees. But this last stage reference. Is where you start to care about everybody. No one cares how much you know. Until they know how much you care. About them. And that's what I saw last night. After not being to San Antonio for years because I don't have to work in that business anymore of guy guys are doing. Even after not being there for years. The connection. Is still there it's still strong. Why. Because. I cared about them. And dialog asking them. To start caring about other. The point where. Their goal over the next five years before they'll probably have given back enough that the move on. Third goal was next five years. He's retired the next fifty or 100 people. They're going to touch. And they're going to help build these businesses and ten. Each of those people could build those businesses. Are going to probably take on investors. And make their lives better create better returns for them and they get the other marketplace is up there. They're going to help customers. You see what happens. It's a gigantic circle of life. Janelle these two gentlemen who have just. Decided to come modest consultants. To help other people. Have moved in to block it the most important stage of their life is part of the luck. But this is. We'll be right back don't want to bring you. You're listening to Joseph wants leading radio. Dell will be right back. 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It's called a scholarship for Gloria but a student loan is non financial aid student loan is bad. Weekdays at eleven on top thirteen seventy. What would happen if you didn't you look for work tomorrow. For the next couple of days for a week a couple of months a year how long until you lose everything you workforce in a fraction of the time it took to earn. It's this fear keeps you up at night it's time to learn the strategies we teach has lifestyles unlimited starts with a free workshop. Go to might passive income workshop dot com and find your true financial piece like so many of our members already have. That's my passive income workshop dot com. Thirteen seventy. Hair and does we left our last segment we're talking about does the gentleman that we just brought on in central Texas. Mister of the dog crumble and DB should be again like consider earlier in the show if you'd like to see your listened to their story I just wish it. You can go to our website lifestyles a limited. Can't go to the radio. And look couples radio shows there one of these tell Dell chose. Where they tell their story for all you do here and there credible stories. Now what I hire people. To come to work for lifestyles we have basically three rules. Rule number one is. Unsurpassed customer service customer asked behalf because Raskind helped. It is that tolerance to it is just no other way to say it is so you gotta get to customer taking care of that's rule number one. Rule number two is intense integrity I mean there's a thousand. Things that happen. When you're helping other people where you have to make your decision to say what would be beneficial for me. I do I say what would be beneficial for the person I'm trying to help. Two I swayed limited direction this beneficial premier Jewish way the new direction this beneficial for the nurse their situation. Knee jerk sometimes you can tough choices. Because sometimes you don't really know which way you should take him they wanna go one way. To resources don't seem to wanna go that way seem to be. Available to go that way yet some people through unwavering. Desire to overcome. Obstacles and limitations. Jittery careful. You don't what do you know put somebody down or hold them back. But it's the same token you have the responsibility tell them about the risk involved in. And the other options that are available if you think back to when I was answering the question about the money. You know the honest answer in the inning with integrity is hey you get toward Fred does union does it you're done you gotta go save another twenty vibrant. But I tried to open up as many options for him many different things that he can look at it as an alternative approaches. And yet. Keeping integrity there then that's the hard part about being a consultant is keeping that integrity. Very important. And very difficult in many cases. But these two gentlemen. They're just they breach of integrity I don't foresee any problems there. So what was the last one. The last one is what I call the sustainability. He doesn't do you really get. Who decide to help other people. Give him helping other people you destroy your own personal life. They'll think about what a decision. First all of you destroy your own life if you overwork yourself. And you're done. And you can and helping more people. Because now you're destroyed. Remember. That I'm sure you'd think I'd see this. It's really an emotional type thing but I hate when all these people say he gotta go out there and give. Can't give if you're everything degette of what are you talking about we'll give your timing given this no no no no now. You know take care of yourself first. If you ever remember what they say when you're in the airplane. Torture owned auction your mask on first then put your kids. It doesn't do you Q did any good if you hit the rocks your best gun and then you die and there's no when their particular them. Right. So you've got to take care of yourself first. And that's part of the integrity. Of the job. Used to know that the people that are helping you really are for. Financially. And emotionally free and happy. Yeah if you're not really free and really happy then why are you consulting somebody. I mean. It shows so disingenuous. And I see people coming here and I constantly have to. Ward off my staff from doing this where someone wants to do more work and I tell them console you know old. You can't do more work there is no more work to do if we need to do more work we need more people we don't need you to. Doing more work. Because that's not sustainable. Can think about this company for 25 years and of course over 25 years people come in people go. But he can't come and go at a fast pace you can't sustain that. There's a few steps come and go and it's blowing you up. For the same thing's true about control took good guys and now has stepped up to be consultants third highest level possible the maturity to continue. They're going to have to probably figure out one or two other things they can delegate within their own businesses. To carve out. Couple hours a day to consult people. So the thing like where they might have to reconcile the World Bank. But they can't do that you or somebody else is gonna do that if if that's what it is I mean to be anything. There's so many rituals that business people put themselves through. That are really unnecessary. It's a lost what control the other day and we're finding out that the guy probably did more damage. Each week that he did productivity. Because nothing was organized nothing was system honest and so he's got two full time employees were conundrum. And neither one of them are being. Maximized to their potential to the number of hours of working they're sitting well waiting for him to process stuff to them so they can do their job. Bennett I just said no. I'm giving you guys access to these. These accounts and I'm teaching you guys how to do this stuff because I'm not gonna do it you've got to be able to process accounting. You're accounts receivable accounts payable clerks and it rule people you've got to be able to process is stuff without me. Doing it with you before you each month. And what are mice. A new controller. I'm gonna make their point very clear that individual also you've got to have these people trained to do everything if you go to don't. You're sick or your children car accident this office has got to run. We have to have everything sits devised an automated at a point where it gets done. If any one of three people around. Still gonna have to. Right. Again. In this case it's not a matter of too much work. Because. They're not even workers are positioned. In this case is just totally. Unorganized. So my friend is this less level being able to give back to the world. It means that you have to make it sustainable. You have to do give back for a long time. If ending here I tell people all the time if you open up for the people you'll get what you want you can have anything you want if you go that stupid I hope somebody want to know rich. And once it's not enough my friends. 161000. Members have 25. Year. Have a wonderful day wonderful week. From listening to the don't want your radio show to continue the opposite of everything you've ever been soft so you can obtain the results. Join us every Monday. Good enough this in lifestyles unlimited dot com. Click on the radio to listen to the lifestyles are limited real estate investor radio show access Asheville podcast. And join the conversation. 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