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Speed City, 02/19

Feb 20, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well don't tell us beat city. With John massing yell let's Kaiser and Jonathan treat proxy fight in my place dot com. Upgrade your license plate that might play. It's go fast this hour on the radio. Speed city. Good evening gear heads welcome. Just beat city. We are very excited about tonight's show we got to know how we got a ton of stuff to talk about it and I everything from Formula One that's Jonathan green you hear in the background music site and and he's excited and now we are we're gonna talk Formula One and we're gonna talk a little moto GP alluded earlier world challenge. But events happening asserted in the Americas and we also have a bad ass race driver coming on the show we have lost in the cautioned that coming on the show he son having backe he he loves Austin he does lost and what this is John Masson Gillis less 'cause he here and Jonathan green down enough. In New Zealand over Skype has gone mr. green. Yeah. Well we're doing awesome and it's afternoon viewed so Lou evening time for us and we are very excited about show tonight because. No we gonna talk to that restart loss and rush Beck but we are also units one thing renews it timer in a feature the costs of one team. Because they they put out a secret document that only we have that we pulled a run off there web such paste this. Doesn't thrills and something else did and I'd scan study just came out today murder chronicle today yeah there's a lot of stuff about the team and what's going on in the testing that they're doing in the new car and the new driver and every in this call Haas of wants a minute. Spent required to determine costs of one and we are also going to talk a lot about. The launches that are coming up not only the costs of one launch which he is. One week from today the Haas F one teams relaunch their car we're gonna talk about all the other Formula One team launches. And there are some other stories in F one like. There's something Lewis Hamilton has been in the news and talking about some different things a bunch of stories and have won so. Let's you let's do this job pride into Jonathan wanna start when you zone that I know you have been a part of these four little one launches for. A couple of decades or more now and I wanna I wanna get your take on. You know what it's what's the in your mind what's the most exciting coming up we got hos have warned that. The other of the changes or anything big expectations for the launch is coming. Let's yeah. Because it launches over the is hasn't changed around used to be an extravaganzas and west skills would entertain and McLaren item at a ball solera might be around east immunity deal and then of course money to high end the analgesic and normal simple. It's always a little bit more excitement when there is changes like this year and I think there is a lot more anticipation and in pretty easy is specially this year. Because we really don't know looks who's gonna do something special when entering a newly is centered dole got a Red Bulls as he has been the Williams and he has been you know many years when he saw designing needs everybody gets excited everybody else like Danny and literally starting tomorrow with our we'll saw the seed in the lose only a one hour we'll also get all the way through this week and in the end that we exceed tax cuts. It's always good and you know you can sort of sequel or Roanoke and do what's on the year for the weasel. Now sound even though lemon. Red Bull reading back to attack oil last year ran out and Jim Mattox who will succeed with two very good drivers are excited seemingly come woods at home and they can challenge Ferrari. Does this and like I said would we new rules it's always good to see if anybody's taken a slightly different different come in related news. Well it's it's great that we've got all these kind of stays down like this like we always do but. It's critical C hos of one at the end I don't know why I hadn't and maybe just anticipation yeah your guess. I'm excited to retool a and a half and half yeah last minute changes. Thanks and you know maybe there's got the photographers and all the other releases an end review the photographs if you go. Well and so obviously right not long after that we got testing and we're gonna talk about what Hoss is going to be youth that we got testing coming up to TrueCrypt test events. Both of those coming up pretty quick in fact. February 27 to march 2 in Barcelona and then again mark seven to march 10 in Barcelona. And then boys not long after that. In now march 23. Due to a six. We kick off the F one season and Australia as usual that I mean guys that is not long the water park and I love that selling general and an. I think you lose you there were told us the story about how that that's almost like Caroline F one race and Zocor park here in Austin. It pretty much JC says Santana now in an east literally right in the middle attacks and it's really woman must sign a pre. GP and numb Wilson why does that but it's not enough of the long cause hole wide enough of a long doesn't really count purpose built the motor bikes some Weis already do you have some costs racing back but outlaw is Greg you litre and set a hotel and almost look a Guba. But try. How cool and it's also something different to the test match in the text and well both text around between seven and march 7 aren't going to be Barcelona which of course is a formula ones I like to Odessa game so. You couldn't get any difference even though the tax will tell as a law won't tell us what's gonna happen now all the circumstances. That tracks the temperatures and everything will be different and so I'll I'll still leave. You know that old into the dog for a lot of these new G so don't think everybody saw today it does say he's the timetables. Barcelona I won't be surprised. Well you know read Jonathan I know you're a long ways away from us but there's little tidbit of news that came up this week. Talking about street racing oh yeah and also and now we don't have a lot of info on it but. There is a movement to get formerly east to come to Austin, Texas and race. On the street now zone tactics we think about that green. Well I'm ready. And I. The only ace and you know I'm not not have imagined in his violent street racing I am convinced that their all to something when they do it through the city centers. I just. Do on the week off a long track which which sleazy trumps anything out there in the world but coach and I can't see how would know the rights of man you know students would really got to glean that capture the imagination not immediately data I just don't see it up Alston has so many banks and tax when you see people like myself who live downtown genocide when there's another actually plastic you know. Thanks or another yes we got so many different things Zantac and now I know for the hot and it would be right. And I think we get a lot of interest from Dallas Houston I just don't scientists and I still don't see so I don't think we need it because we go what color race track element. Already so it's a you know I'm not a strong advocate of formula being. What I think that's safe to say is not a big fan yet I don't know wide have any idea I mean it was kind of raised out this weekend was good race but. Here's my thoughts is you you know we've had a couple of folks that a bit into it tell us what it's like it's more about a party is their heads be erased in the middle of we know also can throw a party. And so Lester you know what if there we go back and Indian. John I know you went home the river city road race is a mock her best days out downtown along relay call me old. Fifth and no older than me if let you know it was in the middle of a music fest what Paulson are the first hole was music arts and sports. And it was cool downtown and there was nothing like ACL which they CO and you know is absolutely popular but it was everything mixed from. And my thoughts are. Revive that their own auditorium shores you know when you'll come to Austin you see that lake that is warned south legend downtown. That brood that goes right next that park was part of the race course ten. And I love action I would let it happen and I'm I think Johnson's being very logical but hadn't and it's probably being the Smart way about this. I'm sitting you'd be killer and happened Connecticut people that are not big race fans that didn't know that I am obviously never saint. How that he really cool and there are like you know and he wouldn't be any worse than it be less impact on the cities and closing like. Oh this weekend was the portfolio the marathon runner on and Austin marathon in the I don't know how much of the city they close to that on any minute did I got a revenue alerts for that. And but it would be less impact and would it be cool to see a race car screaming across the congress generally. New Jersey all of you just say man sorry what you like this I'm street Angel so. Screening in a really to be trusted Britain and Whitney you want Matt back. I can see Santana and that seat getting very very people it re tired or sought an apartment now I don't know Houdini well. Crying in baseball and there's no screaming uniformly. Just just. I don't know in the moon if way to mid Wales yeah our staff did a test of other race car screaming across congress avenue bridge with a Formula One driver and shocked and anybody we promised so exist she never acknowledged that. We know and they got to have a religion. But it did I don't go ahead. In the workplace AM Saturday morning and that's. And he didn't break that car and so but noted you know if the formula he is in as has been describe more than one it's. To us is more of a Fiesta Bowl and music event kind of thing technology event. That there happens we erase mixed amongst. That can sit Austin technology environment really well gaffe about her definitely environmental. Now you know it's you know the guys aren't doing innards giant smoky burnout some loud exhaust salute you know I'm going to be slow to come around that. I'd like totally cannot win here on TV they actually have a a pretty loud electric sound you know the same kind of sound. Gee here on the hybrids is up but about ten times louder. So I don't think they'd be whisper quieter William Flynn a next a golf course so you obviously recognize the epithet that. Jonathan is being particularly ugly checkered pants when you drive formally chorus of but it's not that it's not the same technology is golf cart sorry last. 'cause said Jonathan I want ask you this. It's so we've got obvious you get Foreman won that all the testing and everything coming up and with a you know with a re season not too far away. The where we gonna go into in depth with positive ones but what about the what about the rest of the teams and different. You know the drivers that have that have changed in and and the ruled then obviously the new rule changes with the cars with a wider tires and everything. There won't what are you looking forward to the most or what do you think's gonna meet this biggest impact on the change from a change standpoint. Well I can the only he you know I'm not technical I'm not written now. Then when he says things like that we dropping sound implicit. Yeah now that the changes that are coming and we we talked about him a little bit last year my last week. I love the tire size change I love the wings. Changing to me it is and they're very much kind of the historic you know goes back in history to it. And that's weird. Things come up to me and that's going to be exciting. Yeah. Well you know the big thing is is that the Carolina but a much higher level downforce. You know something that that I was thinking about and announcing this has been discussed I want to talk about it here is. The fact that these guys are going to be able to take some of these corners all this extra downforce all the wider tires we were up to. 405 millimeter rear 305 millimeter front tires. And with all the different aerodynamic stuff so these current and have a lot more downforce or didn't go to do the corners flat out now the blaster they had to lift for. Well you know you're right and they've already started training actually started towards the end of last year. To start doing. Different types of training and help them with G force even more so to step it up a little bit further. Today is not resists there and wait lists. In this in dealing with this but the weight to it really is gonna change. The G forces entered deal with so there stern workout with weights and then a little different approach generally been more sex level than the normal are ordered to go and take a break we Johnson back after that the. We come back green to go in depth on the cost of one team in the information they release today in talking about. What they're doing for Tony seventeen Mississippi city lies a loss to Texas accepted Jesus. 57 Chevy the Rembrandts paving. The little black dress better when you're a classic thing you never go out of style. There's no wife played stock car probably knows is the return of the classic like Texas license plate for the first time since 1968. Featuring cooler untimely slogan over boulders style. Visit my plates dot com today to order this legendary classic like Texas license plate for your car or truck. Classes like this back at my place dodge car. 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Fourth you want to credit freeze deep Ginn racing and I'm look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And 800. Pulled out all act for the ultimate legendary man bowl MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas all right in that Simon is welcome I'm financing available. To carry out an Alabama man he had good stuff but I like break Elaine just east of I 35. If you had made the right choice talk thirteen seventy. Sandy area trying. Hold Chip Ganassi racing in the same speed sixty. Quarterbacks fi city but. I'm we're gonna jump right into. A hostile one. Twice seventeen expectations and if that does these things they released today wasn't she released a really was just a document talking about. What their expectations are and they not I hope dollar following cost you know at least is much we are toss F one team dot com is. Were you can check it out there's a lot of cooler formation going on there and the released today at a canal plus. Was regarding what was going on for this year some of the changes and they actually talk a little bit about training themselves in this and so that's really cool. But one of the things that you know and it may not be pronounced really huge in this article that they release the the press release is that. This horror. Was built. From scratch again for Tony seventeen. You think about the budget. That's involved in that you know we saw a sixteen certainly was a first year and they were gonna take. Anything from anybody else on it. But two for seventeen they did it. No not really really good begged good strong financial statement. To deliver in a new car again now there's like it here. Yeah I think you know there's the board of the big things for us when you know obviously. Trying to be. Unbiased and talk about everything that obviously with the American F one team an American show here we're gonna talk a lot about possible and we're gonna reform and obviously we wanna see him do last year's going to be any such a fantastic start. And I say it's going to be hard to top was not a wasn't about to say but who knows in this new. New format where they have basically. You so many parts that they from Ferrari in all the Dallara chassis and everything else. But they are talking about what the expectations are between seventeen. And the big thing they're saying is that. So last year they had to start everything from scratch hiring people and getting him it you know used to the process is that they had. But this year that they get to focus on just the car so this year and the expectations are high and any new gene Haas we. You know we put on Twitter with a quote on their knees and he basically saying. We think we can do little better than last year and move up a couple of spots and they finished eight to the instructors championship last year. If they couldn't move up to six in the construction championship that would be huge they do it. On somebody on Matt guys they do that. Andy you know Greer who we can't obviously read this entire article but I encourage you to go check it out it is really methodically. Thought out process them won't hurt the other thing is. Doctor Steiner talks about the relationships. We now know each other who is their vendors amongst the team the drivers. You know certainly got a new driver there with Magnuson but. They already have known him for a while he's come in early enough they're in the know him. Yeah it's really had an awesome setting that that they started these discussions asserted these developments you know certainly. Last year. Then another period Ford. They now have an entire season of data forum and so that's a big big part of it. And that now they have a baseline. Of the sixteen car. And you know there I'm sure there's something of value in that whereas before the data they had. Was from another team with another car that wasn't competitive etc. and so those those points they've got those 229 points one. Word death. A lot of value in getting those Tony 9 point 7:17. Am I'm punks just in case she didn't pick up on it. Yeah and and we talked about Magnuson. She goes on scored every point last year. Not because. Peak years didn't finish eleventh I don't know how many times something no Leona is notarized later runner up so many times. But but not wanted to buy something you said about the team think about any team sport which is absolutely team score here Foreman want. In net they talk about. Team chemistry and and being able to add though the more you work with them that there are you all get as he team we'll just think about that everything from. In the engineering side to the pit stops to communicating with the drivers. You know the one thing that I didn't do it I think to all those things make a huge difference but no one Theo looks for the in this article that was not mentioned at all. The breaks your river last year I think it was breaks were probably the thing that held them back the most. There how frustrating grew John got about the brakes and screaming yelling about how list. In other car wall stopped and won't act right they didn't that they didn't talk about that at all here but again with such a new car I had. You mentioned the downforce earlier and the speed in the G forces that are involved in it. So under one particular turn MR slow their sharp about turn three. They're estimating an increase of nineteen miles per hour faster than a year ago when that. That is a whole lot of corner speed difference yeah and so that'll give you good pretty big. Idea on know what they're talking about. In it is going to be very different in the in the tires the tires going to be different measure would all pro is gone through for alleged tendon become of the new tire carcass and casing and everything gets that going and now it's it's wider and everything announced their deal with even more GeForce. All of this is very different. Everything about Clinton ringing you know. Short of a couple ingredients I think that tires completely new and now yeah well obviously dramatically wider 25% wider and but the rest of the cartoon the rear diffuse series. Lower and wider. The there's dangers dramatic differences in the front wing not only is it. It's a complete and shape now Cindy shape and that's a mandatory shaped by Foreman has the leading profile as such yeah it's very different there's a lot of this is a big big change in year in you know year year. And with this dramatic increases downforce is going to be instinct but he relies less that the first test is a week from tomorrow. So on the 27 are Grasso let's talk about need it Jeanne dad to Steiner actually team principal. Talked about what the what their expectations are for the testing you know in the says in the first session there dish out there to make sure things functioning you know get it out there and Brett can get it warming up this sit down exactly shakedown in the second part. They try to get performance the first thing they do is get make sure things working in and and then they try to get speed and then of course really the goal list. Just didn't get to that performance side as fast as possible because. The more laps that they get at speed is the more the go learn about the car you know they they get that baseline and go from there right. And you know that's that's something that it you know goes on all the time remember they're not gonna Miller make serious changes once the season starts and so this this is down to and improves on the pavement as. One of the car companies says it is very definitely. The something that this is what they've worked all your four in the development you know they actually started working with the vendors part of the way through last season. Getting through that some of the cars are heard on. One of them is they actually have not finished assembling some of the cars. That they will actually lead tore up for the great car and shook it off Barcelona protesting. You know what though I remember that from last year's same thing coming out it was the first year last year too but. In a year they did have some troubles they the very first day of testing last year. It went great and then the second day they had troubles but but they did do it went right at the last minute work on my car is feeling the most. Stressful job in that team is logistics guy. Yeah that would not be. That would not be fun to fire him but. That the one of the big things it's that they talk about in the in in this article in time getting ready the last from last year this year is. It is that they just there there's so much more organized they have so many less question marks overall. So it's like runner not a football player if you will funeral played getter last year now we know the playbook and I can tell John. Go run this play and I know where you're going to be one after the multi mr. no way that why are you quarterback in the scenario has your faster at running back up after a. Our arrival we're gonna couldn't take a break when we come back we are we're really excited because we're gonna have to play a fantastic race driver lost an auction back. And he's going to be he's coming here to Austin for a couple of different races. So I'm student at the break you hear all about that'll be live with him listen to Steve cities live from Boston back of these messages. 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So I don't know what I would get the truth if it weren't for you toss. Seven didn't. Hello I'm better than us ended his big city. Welcome back to street city. It's cool I forgot which we didn't believe they must. Usually you know appeared. Toyota having a good time and it's it's also about today you know those there was still whoa he was looked. Dreamed of retirement but it Smith yeah Phillies. If he's another guy that enjoys coming up Austin. Yeah I think I think if canceled these boys like come and Austin, Texas. All right well we're we're really excited because we've got our next guest I think a seed producer. Hanging up the phone now do you to get our guests on the call and we're excited this Tillman is. Has come to Austin several times he's come here for the pro world championship. And he proved pro you'll challenge he's being he's also come here and race for himself. And he's and I think that it comes for the barbecue team I know he says the food so. We're very excited. Where we're excited welcomed loss and loss and back blossom welcome to speed city. I get I get done tonight we're doing great yeah. Think you have me on not doing great they good into the weekend with the family and ready to talk to rape and that's right yeah he's got a new thing really go to new new black then maybe right. Yeah I've been married. Or three years now and we enter our first child in little over a year ago so it's been. While they're a fun time an interesting experience for coming in that it's been. A great expand the minutes that on the view them grow and get bigger and the targeted at a course for the first time today at fourteen month old issues. Aren't these low independents unhappy that a. Costs regrets on and a family member and have you started working with shift patterns yet. What what's the season and I feel like. That the bloody thing about it is that we have this little push cart thing it's a little pink car that she did then you can push it from behind and and every day all you want to do it get in the car and got side and it he started going too slow to start jumping up and down this. So pastor says it's merely. It's in your DNA it's who love this look how small little Manhattan with Fahrenheit we've been trying to push like. And edit their Barbie daughter's. Soccer anything which you want the cars up. That's what my twin daughters. And I leveler racer on handled the effort that's. Awesome. Well law Soledad apprentice embracing a new do you. Yeah she gets six championships under your belts and l.s like that's a that's pretty amazing for in the pro world challenge and a couple others. Obviously you had had a fantastic career in. And oh and this year drive in the Audi I know you're going to be racing Austin twice I know we'll talk about brutal challenge to. But I gotta jump in and talk about the the incident the series this year we he has recent dowdy. Should give us a little preview of that and have asked which you guys there has been so far. Quote so far acting great that we Hillary we need a little bit of change within the team at the end of last season ended. So we've brought in a different engineers and we also went from two saudis don't ones. And Andrew Davis an myself staying in that outing for the CNN rebel Adele Matt. Bell who were driving out of clashes there actually gonna get moved overtook Merrill program in the cup another challenge so I think that team struck. Cure a lot of it has been. You know big picture everybody but it can it's been a really good opportunity. And had to leave cards and your current period that we were both focused on winning races. And I know I know I know the whole team is really excited about it and so are we had a good certainty in. You know four the Daytona 24 hour we were you know on the lead lap creed or race there at the end and battling battling for the podium we. We didn't quite had a straight line speed in just try to have people draft by an animal on the banking silk. These little bit tough on on that front but we had an unbelievable race. You know we had we attacks without pre driver change perfect strategy. You know we realistically we had a problem prearranged you know or. Now we wanted that we're we're still happy with Nintendo I think we're carrying a lot of momentum didn't see greens. And other groups even. On police say you guys cut through the fourth place finish to start season but. I know you and I remember last year when we talked. The thing it did stuck in my mind and was the fact it. Year expect to win every race but I admit that anything below that isn't below your expectations of what you guys what do you think you're gonna be are you know there's some specific things you're doing that you've learned to Daytona and Richard that your gonna be either changes to the system the car what would you guys gonna try to give him two to win. Well you know that can be questioned you know the biggest thing from Daytona alone air after the operation shut down and look at the data. You know and a driver towards. You know the whole team. I'd that I hadn't had the read on their mind trying to figure out where do we make mistakes what can we do to correct that and we go back and actually what do you win. I think I have you know I personally have a pretty good idea in the midst of a little bit on the set up which is you know it happen drain and the fighting in. With November the November Daytona test December Daytona patent in the war. Our car was really good and we are very happy with the setup and long run capability and tire along Getty. And we got into the race we can help them track changed. And I think he's changed a lot. A lot more than we realize a lot in a lot more than a lot of other key Israel but as well so. We were a little bit on the back foot after the first session because they realize they're getting it changed so much and historically I think we realize that that's actually been happening. Often so you know obviously going into this year will think of that but now moving forward with neighboring. Are they go to Canada unique track. Because is it that all of us straight lines being but you know trying to balance. That straight line speed vs some of the braking and cornering and I secrets is something like Obama. They get complete collection agreeing yet so many different political unless you've got high speed got close to get heavy braking zones like breaks until you got. Latex corners early apex corner you got rough spots you've got a smooth area demeaning guy. Organic. A different types of corners and an attribution. The track in the end. This of course still going into the past which we have this coming week you know were we're really focusing on and try to maximize. Realistic thinker probably not so worried about how B Gary you're trying to maximize your your aero trying to maximize your breaking. And then your ability to the handle the bumps. And if you can really get those three sorted out the car will come view a land that sound like a lot but in the end of the era actually com. Come to understand he can create cars that are so high tech is so much technology is so much stuff and all the then you really have to hit. Hit the nail on the head on a lot of different parts before you can really circle and fast and in the dark Alley. We're very fortunate to have a car that like I downforce. And you know some of the IP corners like turn one turns seventeen. Firms in the conflict bishop band and so court. You know downforce makes. Makes a big gain there and elegant try to maximize that and hopefully we can. You know or strategize and have a good stuff and have everything we did you know or basically follow we get to Daytona with the with a good finish. You know you talk with value in the downforce you kind of read my mind is a one of the questions and I always think you know when. Especially in this kind of reaching his. What is the strength of the car in every car little different and and that's what makes it fun in my mind is that the cars are different and they all have different strengths who. It is downforce the strength is is it is the technology wouldn't what is the strength of this car and you Bruce slots different cans cars. Well I'd say when you look at the whole spectrum of GG three cars I think reality is more on the higher downforce I found. But you can look at that and the only the only car that made he is a little bit more headed down court should be McLaren. Luckily we don't have great sense of let me put my foot down but for it's really gonna be high speed. I'd be tracked we need a lot of downforce so I think our car really held at places like walking clan road America. No even lime rock. Areas where you don't have too many bumps and got really heavy break shall we can maximize their downforce and and also places. You know you gotta play what carousel at road America. You know in the bus stop in at drinking than to you know carousel at luck and good color click that that this car really comes alive. And it's not that we can't. Rate contracts that are well. Well we don't have a lot of grip level you know in and powered down on our. Or median street corner but but in the end this car really came to pay those high speed. Very fast tracked. And because of the downforce we have been mentally reaching creator set up. In the car seems to be very good breaks as well so we might not have a straight line speed at Volvo the cards you might not have. Indeed it torque of other cars but you know we can obviously try to throw her under them into a corner and you get breaking to make it past. So you know going into Sebring like it could get a little mix of both. They're you know actually. Well corners silk but it seems they depended anybody's game when you get to a place which Ebert. Some woman here in Lawson describe all these pieces of a new Rex so lost and I got to ask you obviously like really analyze a lot of details on the track. Walk us through fast lap of coda how you would describe it somebody who from your driver C. Well code and they couldn't live very tough track with it's very technical. Because you have a lot of taxes. You got these constant transitions back incorporate. The left. And in there I achieve their load speed they're median street do you have a whole lot mean a whole range of corners. But the one thing code that it's very different completely leaving burns and put it very smooth everywhere. You know you may have wanted to evoke fear there but it is smooth so to that track although I would say kind of gators. The won't moving to. But. You know looks are really cricket kind of run you through a couple quarters Siegel an at turn one and you have a big elevation change going. Right so we can act sort of compression with Carville you can really maximize your breaks down there and try to bring you latest possible but. Think he very got to go too far we can you get up on the profitability character much be declaring it a little bit light before you turn left. And you end up you know gone wide but the way to track Canada's steel and that whole sector. You know you can kind of get away with being a little like this sometimes you can kind of you create occur and so what particular moment but yeah momentum and support but. And then you Slidell all at the F Susan. You know that whole that whole range of corners Jeremy it's got to be. You know what Q five or 67 corner there. The funny thing about that whole section is picking back up one corner. It takes you maybe two or three back here lined up so it very immediate drop that in there without real. You know where you go to a normal attractive but another name yet who you miss one little corny but this could end at ten. Well there you get in this half a second at the peak. But the big chunk and a laugh at that that that wall so to really being per side or the attitude is probably the most important thing. And not not trying to extraordinary can best wanna kind of you are in charge engagements between you really wanna certain Billy remembered her out yesterday and into really trying to hammer on the last couple. Before you get you know down the street tour player and and then they say from there you have air and on the back straightaway what you need is Eddie gray zone you advocate the make sure you really kind of get a car rotated. You know seeing get this straight power down on the executed so tight there and it could there's there's just born to rumble strips on the negative. Let it be don't have the car really how to donate on eight texture really pull the power. The end of running at a track you have the list so obviously that can hurt young straightaway and from there you have a really. I really technical section word another air and that lead to a lot of transitions. You know left to a righty back to the laughter that kind of like us double apex. Oh he left and then you have your carousel there's so that whole section that's really slow. That's the technical section again a big place you can lose time so making sure your nation's mood. Really slow into the corners and again trying to maximize your acceleration. And get the car rotated into the important. And then from there yet that's the carousel which is tricky corner got a lot of technique actually is there a lot of different avenue QB. And then you're your final two corners for the one caller I usually when that putt on real quick is the second the last one ranking member of the number nineteen yeah nineteen. That that Ali's record I think they get everybody yup it. But that's fast corner but you have the Petri elevation. And then you have this huge run off areas so in the past where they allowed us to run out there sometimes didn't really crunch far out account that. No need to show look a little bulky but. But because of the elevation change because of the speed that Corey is typically creates. A pretty big over here. All the way into the corner so you have to be very cautious Lou how much frequently had. And it is very EU lose their car there's so even up to one corner vs like yeses or whatever that one corner I think it all into one of the most tricky spot the track for me. You know Lawson. Duke the very first race it was running Canada we're all out there in 2012 in the form of one Marreese came to town. We were they were us we were almost down and on nineteen virtually every single car. The track was so green Mitt asphalt it was just like guys but everybody. You know meant that the hot anti us level where everybody Lawson on nineteen minutes. I love would you set about the S is back in the back you know 5678 nets did that if you do you mess up one. And he's you just lose a couple of cents or 110 of what because one corner you you get the whole car Cadillac and and I heard love other drivers are saying you hadn't the loss and you'll appreciate this Mario Andretti said pretty much the same thing if you don't get those first turns right. Are you blown your entire lineup. Yes exactly exactly and that's what they're great like bat. If you don't even know even a track very long and so a lot of people expecting to have a lot of but they're not passing opportunities late in the end. He'll have an extremely long straightaway. Anywhere on the track which I which I like them and I think that's cool that you can't they corners and it really brings up a driver and everybody. But. It makes qualifying that much more important it any strategy for the answer is that much more important in your pit stops what are important so. That could track where it's very hard to read out so you really have to be on your game at all times since. And then I like quick like that because I think that really shows true character of certain drivers and teams in the third they're on their game you know they're gonna do well. Well you know what we're so excited that in so is I'm I'm ecstatic that it's a separate events this year you know it's funny I loved having and so on -- together here in Austin. And if it was a really amazing weekend. But yeah now we've got to separate incidents. And yeah I love it and you guys coming out may fourth and sixth. And you talk about the heat I mean did it it's funny because you're coming both in May and in September back window pro world challenge. And both of those are come on the be the beginning of the heat and and potentially after the heat and you never know we lost you you can easily be a hundred degrees on either one of those days but more than likely it won't be. So you've you've taken the pretty good times but I mean I love the they in so event by itself being able to everybody get down up close to the cars and Maurice in less kids twelve and under free a zillion others Super Bowl its tail and under. So with an adult twelve and under get in free. Hey you know one of the things so you know we've become friends with the Stephenson teams. And all of the things that is called you definitely got to come down and book you know when you can Kessel awesome he'll stop sicker and get a picture. You know it is so much fun the C met but especially come check out these guys come visit the paddock area. Yeah it is a great close up and it's a great atmosphere to actually be back in the panic it's one of the race you get to do that. Yeah absolutely and that's I think. Because very cool that all of guy got he's the last car to run support and I think it was obviously a really great show spoke of the fans and the period from the period perspective I think they did the right thing by excluding the races and it allowed us to get back. You know it could be an early show that we can end to end and I can get really showcases. What in so doing right now it. You know I think over the last couple of years there's been a lot of confusion. You know you have four classes you know different cars. And it and it is kind of can be tough hurt seemed to really relate to what we're trying to do. I think after you know Alan peaking goes away after this year and then you have you know prototype you GGE and then GTD. And I think over the next couple years I think all of us are hoping the PGD convergence happened sooner or later. Yeah and then you have at that point they knew that you've got your prototype and GT in about how it ends up going in a couple of years I think. That race weekend is gonna explode and I think it's going to be a really great event for a lot of people people liking prototypes. There's not that many of the people really like this yeah technology he knows aero and all the stuff that happened to them but. In the GT classes. In my mind from from just kind of a purist standpoint I think that's really where that. It's because people can really relate to those cards and when they see them out there and see how many guards we have on track every weekend. I think the fans are gonna love this show I think they're gonna have a great time and and we always loved coming Dawson that I think one of the best cities go on the circuit per share. You guys mentioned barbecued at the Mike Bard. Double X. I love comebacks they're lucky we can do it is with a great talent great city and obviously Craig track and then they had a meeting chance. Well we're excited and it's always so yes gonzo is some fantastic man in that. But it was a two hour forty minute race is so awesome I love the inspirational sports cars suck. Well Lawson and what also you come in for the the pro we will challenge in September right. We yes sir yes sir it is second around the barbecue. Yeah heck actually you know movement by any news in the future of us. Rick is that you know I hear flat panel there. When Noah Noah wasn't the last though there's little children so forehand or whatever it was is that being here. We ended up being at this place called coupe I think it Cooper Cooper is usually like that downtown. And I think right now let it become my favorites but you know like LA solid like a little and then it got so far been my favorite song is long gone back there so I didn't get my. In my cougar effect on that. But it now going up early we'll challenge. You know what. One thing that was really unique in the last year's ending the year before that. You know Cota was this sort of that the headlining event alert sorry Cota was the first event a little channel schedule and I remember. It was two years ago I wasn't running well challenge juggling their coaching some people that I was unable to run both series because of the complex. And I remember sitting in the stands out I was watching one of the races and those like if I was coaching someone and you had Digi key rate at that time. And there was there was because I'm not a fan there is out near. Right before the carousel. And that goal technical section yeah. And that there are so many kids until we can't think going all the McLaren oh look at the Bentley hello look at that valley and and they were that I think that one. Seen her way to save break. Right there is really click with me that you know we really have something special going on with with the world challenge as well it is. You know even other different classes and different races but. We've eliminated are what get what you're talking about the computer score curry thing in the world challenge straight I think it's very unique because. It only GT cars on the track it's only GPS car contracts so people can really understand what's going on out he can only complaint. And that. And I think. This year I think even more exciting because of that Digi key class is obviously been very strong you got honey. Yet new one coming and he got you know development cars can mean there's so many cool things happening in that side of the of the series. Now in DC yeah we had to do before class coming along these men put. With the team admiration for black ducks beat shall we got to gay people are generally Camaro come an end. This year and I think. Now you've got two races that people can watch they can really relate to a card yet really you know cool looking. After that he you know beautiful. And eighteen you know I can go on and on and on about all these cars that. He's got an incredible machinery on track and. I and stuff they can relate to the swelling down my back that's what makes it's so exciting it. The guys coming their Camaro and then see you racing and Camaro. Exactly and that's that appear to support everything right they are not well I think we're the ground floor of kind of an explosion in this sport because. You know every manufacturer want to be involved in sports Eric you're now you got a fourteen different GDP manufactures and you and I think you're gonna have at least a dozen. GT four manufacturers coming in. And hit it really goes to show you that you know they're realizing the benefits of this sport. And it because the fans can like you said relate to the cars and then manufacturers can actually. You know prove what a car's capable of against the competition. Yeah that's really what it's all about it's about bragging right out of the house. Stop taking their Camaro beating the mustang you know I know let's get to rival its arrival in it it'd be great right they should have and it could it pushing each company. I get better and better and better. So I think that'd be a part of that none that I can we can get back to Marilyn track. Blossoms race on Sunday sell on Monday odds are good up and we'll Lawson lost a lawsuit that we really appreciate you coming on BC again we're so excited that here and now look forward to seeing you here in Austin both times you can emir mullah we'll get the murky set out Korea. I didn't think I think fairly young guys are really appreciated I don't decent iron into Pakistan thank Allah I do next. By we got to take a break does will be right back after these messages beads and he lives lost. Welcomed it and your license plate eyes and different things and all right Mary Lou for the cast adrift and a new car Maine your license plate easy my plate is eighteen teach what people are. ACL UTM. 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Such a the next place you'll find at Aston Martin lost in the notice of Boston Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor cop. Austin exotic iconic automobiles it's racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny. Because you'll remember just a long ride. I like 183 not a big meal rose. Went to drive your car ads feed on circuit of the Americas. Exotic is your source for more code events and Morse code attracts. But a year looking to host your own event but just be a part of the action heads attic and he did in the driver's seat and racing like a proud. All levels of drivers and all types of cars are welcome. With instructors available for the first time in novice drivers like this short in adventures around every corner. So plain your high adrenaline experience with head Jack had Ed data dot com. Hedge headaches. It's better to enjoy driving here we Unita sock thirteen seventy. Down right silly. Blue. Okay and the only. Hi this Jeff Gordon in unison as speed city. Welcome back to speak seat. And when Lawson was talking about the kids in the stand are kids out on the right on turn two you would that he was in the data about them from the stadium area Natalie well what you saw him up when the kid says it's about a deadly announcing and that was one of the most unusual thing it's always a need sociedad giant Bentley actually following page is still a rock and a new you know and so are comics is the same this year. How he does with that now you know definitely like said. Be sure come on out to them so. Racism may fifth and sixth. And you know at the kids honestly grab some earplugs and bring sun screen and earplugs and yelled we suffered great weekend now. Our analyst episode two will lest he says about some loss when let's say absolutely. What the heck is a lost Winger you're stuck on food denied the fair pay cut. This is the new. You know less under restriction for the year 2017. No more external winging its. Did to cut he's been slipped ahead Hannah yeah did that mean that's the end you can't have what they're calling internal win lifts. So another words more aerodynamics. Basically inside the fairing. Well on air inside. Very F wanna ask a few things out about allowed to enter into the front opening behind the front tire and use that create downforce as well also. I think it I think the move from an external wing to an internal winning look easy. Could have been around injury you know that's a pretty sharp little blade there. And so now at whistling factional do we have any injuries with that last year trying to remember I don't. I hope I don't recall any injuries but you know honestly I could see it happening I'm glad they didn't wait I don't know if that was a big part of that but. Suzuki and a pro live and accounting were all playing with those. This week that's Phillip island test and so that is something that's going on they don't seem to be quite as effective as the extra going what's that we saw. You know on the outside of the pairings. So we'll see Melendez. You know certainly I got to follow up on what's gone on with Jorge Lorenzo after dressing in red. He had against had a good session. He it still making some personal adjustments to the colonies but you know nothing roast period they do have some things going on he was pleased with where he landed. After the first couple days of Phillip I'm eating eating used to giant power in the U caddies yeah are you know that is very different you know we're always solid Connie. All the stray away if they were lined up to the island cause they gave a solid run and usually wound up up front and so this is going to be something that's a little bit different. We'll see how it plays out I'm opening gets a handle on the turns and brings the turning speed to it. All right you go and of course but as you become an Austin April 21 between third. Are we wrap it up on foursome we had a love having Lawson on the no we we real long and as I go left was awesome yeah that's something in will put that in archives is now school couldn't and I love what he said and although the specifics along those lines so. And of course that is. In so may fifth and sixth circuit America's in the pearly world challenge September 2 third all right. Stakes Antonin speed seat tonight ticket seller website speed city broadcast dot com and if you don't follow us on social do it because we put a lot of content during the week you're listening out near miss now SP Caster on Twitter and SBC broadcast on FaceBook talk to you next week. Charles say go.