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Learn To Buy And Sell Cars, 02/19

Feb 19, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to learn to buy and sell cars with your host Randi. Our guy our Chevrolet you can see Randy. For decades and is ready to share with you every. Know about buying selling and trading and dealing with cars. You're OK. Again. Undue pain you know that. Yeah all of whom are now love all of that I love central Texas. And our buys but don't much easier in this country go to new rules alive yesterday. And rural lab today. Our own place book a home amazing technology. We've got this we're Skype billion Ullman a studio in San Antonio and talked to yell loud and weaken even recently cultural mute. Surely if you had a lack of Carlos. Singer Fareed you give us a cult what goes we will I will talk to you won't will answer your questions will be. You know there's so much to talk about the car business I did put on FaceBook. That. Mood throw those are a bargaining chip Murdoch talk a little bit about that we're gonna talk about packing the same months. All year we just got so much to talk about. And it's a much using what's going on in this world. And I also wouldn't wouldn't want to talk here if you got any questions at all you should Carl we glad to talk G. About the good the bad and the ugly double file a phone number I got so many stations are partially. Now I gotta keep the ball straight. And I won't give me the wrong phone number and that's problem taking. 643. 5483. Gibson called don't ask any questions good the bad and the ugly dress like a refereed today. And I'll explain that a Melamine gave vulnerable yeah Motown crowd won't take 6435483. And I'm dressed Flacco will have to worry. You and cigarette for re when you walk into these car dealerships I would tell and you. It's all battle. You get a beer have been clipped. Wagner cards bigger heavier government clip buck guarding government bland cited by carding a child out we got to file here. Yeah we had a file we don't show you the good the bad the ugly. It sure hard earned money that your flight four after tax money into some adult up to your bio. And it's all your money. Should take my glass in new interview won't do but how all my money. I'll be in control of how we think we're in control. I just talked about. But a cap manager my producer in San Antonio. He talked about the last Abby motor car and how based money and how they work they know what they did to him and how they did it. You know it's such a hassle bonnet Carre. You know all that you don't have enough education. No referee he's mobile all smooth referees knows what it takes making gains go. But you don't have that rep for either you've got to have professional team stranded near great at managing they'll take your yeah well. You wanna be and a situation 80% of the dealers. Will take you at all twenty personally look. We'll tell you the truth play the game fire while Matt just like rocks Covert he won't she'd know the difference. She believes that if you do it he does it right. It tells you the truth gives you great service you don't hear the commercials. I won't tell you about this they have. He's taught these children work all those children work. Hey they know how to work they know what how to be successful a lot how to have that peace joy and in happiness. But these two kids it. Don't know how to work. Home and never and help battle every day. Well remember all of my mouth I war more or armed and has a new Matt. I desirable or won't do about lady today Mercedes. Bids. My friend solve trap Porsche uses I lost my eight K and my hands worked are all my lap. We know they'll throw operatives so lord won't you buy me a Mercedes. Maybe police and government. Old government would you bombing of Mercedes BM. I worked hard while I have these millennium so a lot of work we didn't teach you how to work that's why. I'll try to know rocks Colbert didn't Covert I'll look over family because it only takes up to. They need to help their children who worked there is no free trip hey these people are no free grads. But they do it right there honestly trying to children matter wait what kind of example are we think what kind of example or some of these scar big deals. Have you seen. That these people. Will laugh she ran on black T not to aid the truth. I mean they won't Jeep buried they don't care they want opt out you better warmed lands do they want to clamp. Which you need to ramp falling out of your repertory I'm your master of here to show that good the bad medley just like. I did not hale you're thrown over. I can't tune a card here. Prior lead photos as a bargaining chip. I marijuana blastocyst. You'd gotten this lady's home. And they got their pictures of her attitude and they're gonna blasted over the Internet. You know how I wrote a question owner how far were car dealers go. What are. I another lady. Her phone over to the leadership problems saw her husband did what are what our. But did he had need photos or here's why they blasted Internet there was a legal Wall Street. You don't think they won't take it by any G anyway in any fashion meaning half. Hate is the good the bad and the Billy. Hey but you what's called all of this over here. Because so much money. To be in business to do business they got to make so much money and they got to make you don't need. But the people who have been in the business for a long time and keep our overhead and down I don't have to fight always allow siege for a lot of people are. Taken her nude pictures out of their funk. So I can do that right. Do you wanna do it right I go to alarm about I'd sell cars dot com. Fairly easy process out more by your call Alibaba group of course I don't get what they are what they look at act. I'm here to buy your car. I'll make it off on you called not Allred trader buying Sara not gonna and Taj she decode may have put the then number in coaching and he's big due up. Now I want like your vehicle I'm Obama honored she you know it's a mulch sure sign me your unit I want jury unit. Should go to wanted to buy and sell cart dot com she just grab your vehicle looked at it real close I think they mentioned they don't know what you're Dravid. Take a good look at it right around the block to birdie any issues don't it. So you describe your route I'd make it good player offer you shelter made you know what you stand you can traded again you can do something with it. We want you predict deemed productive every day. Are you wasting time yeah we need some downtime we always need a little down time everybody needs down tamp. But I mean most of the day especially when supplies by U 48 hour day do you put in eight hours. The reproductive we are grow understand. But how would you know the system she wailed. Which you can train other people teach especially your children she might shoot friends and neighbors. And then go to milder side of the web site. And that's sort of buy sell cars or cup and followed that easy process. I go to captain singing god go get your credit score might share that it's cleaned up no she's if there aren't pixel. And then talked a bank credit union find out what your interest rates going to shop shop shop urged. Got to have stalled in the big banker the other day they should not a lot of cash. But it won't get into the financing business. And they know you'll help but they've got amid talk to make and we're trying to design a system so they know a lot of vehicles were. Some banks no cure if you play it way too much for cargo remind more interest and you're tired of being you won't go to another bike. But I'd rather. You know do it right and understand what you're doing so shop shop shop Chretien's bank. Where have you do business which shop a bunch of she went to credit rating is seeing what they're right it's going to be. How long you norm met along the money what it ditch your budget. Just like we brought up last week rose last week no big secret. How would you like to know the mix it I some reality kitchen aid last week I want to give you the big secret. The big secret is go to UT were. There's Jim singular honor there's all kinds of people who are professional. Trainers for carding harsh. How would you like to see. What the Dallas Cowboys like to know ever played that Green Bay packer rant against when they lost here a couple of weeks ago. How would they like to know exactly what they think it exactly how they're trying to. Exactly what to pay play book gives how would you can go to YouTube and watch training. Or how to sell how to make a big deal or off. There must be a hundred different training videos. Card readers and that's just one little piece of peace. Of the training. And drill sergeant goes to school free eight years carding Hersh go to school forever. So ever but times change and you are out of looked at changes in the car business the last fifteen years. Let me sit down and figure out exactly and I'm thanking her assertion but get no matter because thanks to exit computers changed all exchange. Technology change cars change gas models change. How many changes as are but you got to put all let him together on your needs to what you need and had you wanna do it. How many do you have a big fan this gas mileage and a safety means something to eat. You know how I'm gonna keep the car how many miles you could already hear once an insurance run only. All my and I got dangerous people would stop Steele should say that injures people should. When will you make when Bob policy should he should tell us what our vehicles are worth now. If we're an accident an honor it for twelve months. But don't go like that that there was just too much government since there for milk and little Carlos give me enough money and a Monday method that's what my most teachers agents who say why and Texas thank you politicians out there. Why can't Texas. Don't the insurance company. The willow late in San Antonio got hit by somebody else won in her insurance company show up with terror and then go after that other insurance companies. We got that good ol' bullet right launch an emotional maybe I'll look good ol' Barney jurors bears are what you just showed me. Not at all won't shoot you let's let our customers via outlook the claims adjusters. And then that way we make a lot more money. And agents don't they're not the they don't help us was diminished that you little help us let us know what our cars work day and I got to account manager what are my radio shows. That tight 15100. For full coverage insurance in his car not totally out at 8800. 800. Dollars. Decent right now should ask you what my car work before about the insurance policy I got my man new measures man. If Reid got guts enough to say Obama don't like fifty dollar acquisition of additional happens your car. Buffalo will be able place of may not look they don't know. Now all night turnover outside contractor these claims adjusters and are trying to beat you up 200 dollar late didn't achieve. All we'll let you give me though muddy we're just boggle you that the what is archer. That's the way it goes we don't learn to buy and sell cars dot com. And follow pretty easy process after he'd talked a blank credit union might shoot it fits your budget because Jim ziglar. Owned YouTube shows do not. Mitch and budget we don't want me here budget we don't want to understand budget Newton not talk about budget. Plus swap talk about Dave Ramsey talks about budget. Usually preempt talks about budget like talked about what but not guarding don't know where an old debt deal to go alone on a team that black sheep their war real quack. We don't want anybody here what's going all but dead. So we won't you know exactly. They're worried control rotate 85%. Of the people but so they don't engine that I wanna walk into the dealership. You excuse me losing control. Hole yeah there's a big bonus so this odd ball color. Ill equipped car but made it pretty he'll fit you perfect you don't need all among the judge they'll break let me show you this car so I'm like a big bonus they don't have to tell you that. They got a big bonus so much I want. Why. And I just don't tell my hand this morning. He had that I can't believe this but 2000 TN end of Malibu. Many thousand miles anywhere to war elect our workforce 4500. Goes into it dealership a month ago. And they tell and all of his car was worth was up files 1000. Dollars that was clear and he's lucky to get back. This guy you can just tell by the way presents itself where he handles himself the way he dresses the way talks about that call was Max. My Iran big. You've got to go to learn about hate these borrowers don't know about you are a bunch of cars a month ago I have found out all what trained to work. Then Lily beat me up and up but I'm apartment just shouldn't be decent I would never looked at my contract that's a total. And then they don't know. It should not auto and home look at my contract Redknapp I say I can't it goes I know it's a disaster. You'd have to look into your contract next fashionable how many months she should sixty S said sure he said I'm positive. She will released but won't let you know about release is not 84 months. I needed home. So when you go to our about a sell cars dot com and find out what your goals then what do it what you gonna cost you many shop shop shop. Talk to mechanics don't too big to all those colors had a guy call in sitcoms I don't know report. Yeah I think it should know report displayed little money here they're already noticed a little. Joseph most Lulu so you know no hate me they're biased. But in general what I'll remember them years ago oh when they all want coaching torso that was dubbed as Garber built man it was a bargain. And everybody should borrow one. And man were they not good coerced mercy mercy mercy it was actually 20% of were good cars and other 80% match. There and then take care and all along you know but owning consumer report now. You can drag it open coming talked to people don't talk to mechanics stopped at a dramatic form aren't talked report again. Gallbladder researching check not everything only Internet shortened but most of stuff keep it sunk via. Haven't talked to people who own most scholars and he hears something consumer report brought out a until they said wow. Only 10% of the people would buy the same college they didn't just vote if they go out about another car. Any gossip why why is it Cadillac should expectations. Many are on her show us that it's a best part big car and mode world. And if she knew it'd smiles and too old when it smells good you're good at parts later. And so it. You know many adults well they you know Morgan gets dirty don't look know that things break you gotta take it in the Serbs and the and can't slot. We still got to put tires or if they were right yep put Rachel yeah I wouldn't change a whole. You've got to but few germs part. And if you windshield bus GOP connected up on the insurance and if you have an accident you know all about nomination say. So this brand new car you go well for Garber you can also. Wouldn't dealer yeah. It's not new you know more you know well that no more of an all let an 84 mauled by. We're still got seventy tiny monster of Michael newsroom car that we don't like no more. I don't think about it we know what normally would continue to buy our war walked in here. So you you know he got to being mentally physically spiritually ready that's why you gotta talk to so many people. This should be hello we're here all. Yeah every day thinking about your next purchase you know what to think of it real hard just being observed and talk to people ask questions. Because I won't tell you something new like couples certain model Heidi let's go bust a new car yet come all let's go. Were merely physically when Miller all our homework we know exactly what we're doing it won't we won't tell you don't. And you're going against met professional team. Up to three salesman took three closures to thirty managers that are 89 TO against you lose you. Just like you that stadium much talk about mirror in the middle of a 101000 seat stadium. And their fire an arc jet to insurance companies have gainers all adds it to end looks too good to be true beauty is here ideas. And it just like they've got a thousand dollars for his car that big that the leadership advertises a San Antonio. That they're the best bars around bring your car and we don't wanna show you car where you were up by your car. We wanna buy your car when won't trash or you want come to iron out talked about a hundred people. You'll spend two to three hours trying to get out of that place. I'll file flat wrong glad to us. That's like. Go on emotion when you're not supposed to. That's what led big. It's like pushing from the back a slight grabbed you ever head the face mask is that steering the grab you by the face mask all the car I drank. You around to show you the car that won't say you. You still like the face mask that's a fifteen yard penalty should not be 50000. Not fifteen yards extra hard earned your money out of my pocket national. I sure don't take a short break we're going to big black. You can look at salt won't fledged book were lab rat there we're gonna bail now mar Mike just must make sure blank scoop make sure still all. And we're all. That's talk thirteen seventy dot com RT said the AM and Austin, Texas thank you Megan I don't know that I got on the board today but. They might need Dylan. So a little tight short break we're going to be back in a minute. And they're great friends and neighbors know replaced brokerage and channel radio. Thank you boom right back. So I think now. No matter where you shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet in. I am Ginny Covert and we had the best selection about the need Seve and GMC trucks in one location. In that color style and with all the options you can one. All that famous love overpriced that no one can tax. Not now not ever we want to be your drug dealer. Let us printed T even covering Chevrolet Buick and GM CE seven as to how would anyone and that's not a mark on my name covered mascot dot com. Top thirteen seven and did the right choice. You know I'm. Okay. Early age. I. You know that she. Okay. Matt. Okay. And try it. Our American Mall of America. A pushed everybody to see at the athletes college. English you live but in roughly the colleges. Part teaching our students are Huskers are teaching us. Mitt morals are not accountable. No morals are not accountable and all week general acted the customer to Iraq that are voter shall we get Larry everybody. And are not accountable whether we Mueller asked accountability without morals. Why. Were we act when your words no good you're no good. That's why I was grown up and a few huge furor was some people you might never give back. Have our politicians. Glad to us where we. Think it's okay that morals don't kill me anymore but we can go to insulate your water we won't. And we are not accountable and it didn't matter. What we have outing just like us should. One of these sanctuary or Sarah didn't get as at a podium at parliament Meyer. And the City Council well mayor City Council put Jermaine told number. Address in your opinion you are your name and phone number up there such a body that shouldn't be in this state in this city. Does harm to somebody else still Melinda she did you have the power or a lot of responsibility. You aren't good they get up already you know what everybody does suffer through what should stations are take accountability. Standout Schaub did this now what we're gonna do you know why don't you do it right. I'm the chef tarmac out hurting and criminals. Should it might be need to put those to her name and phone number owner. She's known and what she won't stood did not want the community in the voters won't mind she won't get reelected. But we need that. I share that somebody with a little mole. But little character. Runs. Oh what happened to politicians. Car dealers businesspeople. How about tell him a true weeks. In the mirror or something but surely you don't and they know I love Roscoe over we've done business over forty years together. And we never had a problem I've never read to him and he's never had to make out what is left works. Little bit though it never tried this stuff but nude photos themselves monitor no better net rocks would put up with the why are we doing math and they don't clearly shenanigans. But that whole end lot of dealerships. 80% of we'll try to say you don't tighten its. Fluidity friend of mine when an inmate soon as she walked in the door and they started hammer home payments. They had some guy and I did because she had emailed them what she won't have class. And now I'm nude as she can get by with a about 3220. Among so why they try to close your own 400. Only 84 months. I should but Cheryl did you Advanta. She should know. Let's 35000. Dollars in the shale. 484. Months. I saw her on a money. How should you need about that car. Somewhere around 282 that you won't. She said yeah but they they got a closed at 400. What started their college you sent them information and you were prepared they got prepared they knew exactly. How much money they could by going. Well it up pretty you mean that I wore beautiful thank dead phone but I just picked up if she decided she got the call eight. She should know Randy I'm just real uncomfortable at this you wouldn't think about the honor of lump all of Canterbury base Cameron I said excuse me. What. No no no no try sheer trade worth 5000 dollars would give me 3000. Some early you know we're all new ownership to a turnaround that leadership will be sooner or somewhere else. Gortat superior auto buying guide com we do with debt that they have Walcott and leadership would take to get out of Balkan area that I department. Got three do the perch for you. Exactly what you need you want it done. And you doubt what you want about and we make sure he'd give you financing and we shop shop shop. Just like that web sites out of my you shop shop shop found that if you're in a new market know market what's going home with a market. Make sure you know exactly. Where you need to stand. 400 a month 600 a month 800 a month I that's all packed in there may even put packed payments and their. I even had a a dual tech payments are also training I even got. Three. She's took. Millennium training how to trying millenniums to sail. There's so many magazines so many books so much email. So much training up there and you got none 00. Trying. We go to school forever buying in the world but we don't go to school for Bynum show and Carter's. I think they wanted TP and a dark just like the issue urged companies they know what you don't know whoever bang but now made putter roll the tape. Flat top is great secrets out how their body know last week this year and averaged just mutated hey it's entertaining. How are you a little bit. Follow our what usually got if you try to do it. That it won't ever available dollar out of your bedroom door don't mention budget but Troy should dole mentioned that you know what I won't mention that. What you've got to mention tightness and a pull out of my 600 look every other month but man walked in about new drug. But hey he said he barely got out the door or barely introduces shelters settlement when disseminating an open date under a month. He's you have drug you're gonna trap game he said yeah well not worth much it's not. He should we're actually worth a lot to me are not worth much. Well it's you know whether I should answer what the figures or what do you know laid under a month. You should know I got to thank you Randy you told me if somebody. Was trying to put me together. To make sure that they're not talk indictments. They said they're talking times I wouldn't give me a price. I don't know how much is truckloads. And then they're trying to steer me no matter what I met Colin knew the place mask you know right you have been face mask and a football game when they tell you around our hearts. And it cost shifting tone if you are appellate bench not a not a got different steer you around to a car that like make a whole lot more money they're pulling you by the face mask. Cost you our money you get it clear up to no good clip got your money batten leadership. Have you ever been totally won't bite out of a talk that a producer told me. Shouldn't man I was an iron salesman promised me all these things and not to input your own paper being kept. Norman the shark going talking about how what he was nobody former. He should probably got them out the guy wouldn't put it own paper. Simon got up and walked out. Got the senate manager carton won't go away caps won't know where you go that I can work with the salesperson. He tells me one thing you were writing that these men and a sharp goalies that are made around. They should out published does not show radio I don't know when I'll get supply. And a gamespot. You know why kids don't learn it. Don't want it got to work so it was just shot just second hour fired that guy I don't know they really did or not probably not I'm just trying to do that. He's trying to get every available dollar working as hard as he came. I doubt. Mayor seriously make garden. Are they putting with a note Michelle person. And then worked a deal worked a deal you know and he's brought to get out walk out again when but seemed to key. They had the perfect trip for him. Look partly true. And that's when he warned about color equipment. Ever thought. But you don't know much the perfect truck. Don't let them know when they're steer near around. And you look at it illusion all year they got Jamal helmet and they got my face mask and ripped a new round trying to steer you to know they're better deal. That you understand what you're trying to dig. Any smaller MCM I work but genome and a foul ball to about 1001. But I might buy it your brother in this one you know. It's. Good poker probably don't show his hand. Well like its face up to Nestle led to a bit of better now but had good poker and poker player that shows tea. Good car bar that shows tea. You need to be in control your emotions in control what you should think about what she is sorry. Don't let that kid out of the egg all odds still perfect color all it's a perfect equipment all of this (%expletive) I got I have that. And it's our only target honored 88 dollars a month old man I get a port deployment. But they come wherever thirty Geddes. We well all 84 months. Patent auction and somebody strokes and almost 80000. Dollars million. And 400000 miles from now be worth thirty. I invested my money and I tore right I'm losing money. I he just doesn't show that well Mal Moore too hard for a lot of money. Now know war just give it away. Specially the card either. We don't appreciate it who packed the Karstens salesman don't get the men living wills and rarely got to make a million and I have to look for most of the so whoever had make good money don't guess what Luke. Little slow late to tell you they let me. We're going to be friends for ever million day exam you know they are bad but the next hour from I don't hate you then all right give they don't make fun admit. No I actually know that I have been you know. All of you I was at a dealership here about six months you don't didn't shares moved up to deal down. You should buy and it's a good when that policy should got a big when he says six pounder Pressler told she expire under certain knowledge but I eight pounder. It should all knowledge modernized and ten pounder. A shock Kim at 2200 I had it to do their best but salesman don't participate in. So I really meg 121200. All of you scar. Well I don't meet I an interest own math. I'm no profit and then you've got to pay. After Texas Uncle Sam gold gaining as part should all edgy day you love me you'll take it away from the city. You don't get to see him take it away. And so why don't talk a little bit. About. Income tax money is not clean government money. There's so many people think it's free government money is not. Too narrow. It's your hard earned money but they took out that you didn't see him take out. And now it's coming back to eat some go low ball it goes it's flurry. He worked all right all year long and don't do it rapid refund they take a big Hulk. Out of the yen it very hard they'll take out 20/20 5% of your money not government free money you money you were part. And then. No. It didn't if you get paid monthly ER wait thirty days for your check. If you get paid loud multiply that wait fourteen days for years chick who do get paid weekly you got to wait seven days feature so while I need somebody to get your money ran away when you gonna give it seven at GM they started that town. And studied hard worked course worth what you were about what you want it's bad that money what your family needs stretch safety gas mileage. I don't you go to keep it current good work on it work on it. Remind just mode jaguar. I said do you take you by your mechanic and talking about Leeson now Asomugha made should I just didn't think about it. Assume you don't take it over to know that mechanic I don't think you political jaguars are no lack of considered well let nobody out there come to find out McCann told should not only knew I would Jen worst sorry. You Rome I ripped by new mechanic Newman thanks for that. And this guy runs all I can imagine jaguar got 400000 miles on which okay price Mozilla aloha. You know for the market for the car there's certainly other. And now the mechanic and I only work on it all Bubba. On it she owned Arab Paul Muslim and Aggies to deadly when LA goes mistakes but I've got somebody to grant us. But I do laugh Polynesia and promote this thing you got to give I don't know what you'll ever done. Hold my hat we are he should've borrowed this guy but the engine you honey you tell laid it flat. And all I did not round I want you to feel good over in near real works of art. An hour who has these so what should you really wanted so yeah apology but they do much money prior to our Internet and you and I a year bet. Hit it to you live a long period not that leapt out at you like that I'd. Yeah world means a rash Barbara avenues. Brand name readings so little about what you're on drive and a brand new drug. And it is losing value about club owner won't know where Mike an eight under our moped when we're gaining ground. Yeah we are. I DN AV four months. What are glad that I thought maybe you know we weren't much money but we're gonna had to pay for Iowa Pena wonderful. Missouri that don't gee well why don't we are trying these millennium had a slew of other millenniums. Who goes so far he's like maybe it's tough to sell low incomes. We're just not include. Because it you gotta use current technology. Homeland barely get displaced will work opened his work and I might have might not be working. Probably not there don't own any buying electronics computers are certainly other. And they're talking more about here documents and everything editing or should we have. So much to be documented. And it. And in just five short years. There are aggressive good power of consumer complaints are all financial World War I million complaints. This past September I. Mercy these guys are overworked. You're talking about more talk about a AFDC Federal Trade Commission got a rundown always carting her search for a million complaints. A million. These these court against your own a good example is that they have TC recently announced payment packing I do. Payment packing her more I'm Tony member of the extent liberal. Pine but a 4050 dollars you don't notice its own contract that you went over and you didn't ask about it. And it's all profits of the dealership you sign up for 84 months can make 3200. But I mean. He. Sat right here we're gonna take care of you. There ought to be happy with a brand new car you know let it forever its never gonna break well you gotta warn you when this. Yeah I've got a funny they tell you it's a perfect colors of NASCAR rebel but that percentage to warrant. If it's the best I never really want on each letter warned. And the gap all managed to keep its value this car look a lot of money you're gonna love it. And when you they're tied in part a miracle Radmanovic and lashing GAAP. I made about yeah watts bar where registration or an accident you know these insurance companies will be chew up. Got caught keep its night but the claims adjusters beats Hewitt what widening gap now disk did she ever an accident. Not because of the car will not worth the money. But waiting to say you gap more gap cause all it's a thousand dollars and it's a real bargain. A man you played 50000 dollar for discards ultimately we'll smile under 2%. You know 2% insurance is cheap. I mean do I meet. You need everybody needs it. Well I got news for your homeowner's policy can certainly provide a 175 dollars if you think you need it. And I won't tell you the way the insurance agencies. And insurance businesses and Texas partly due to the point we don't need it. Because I'm just don't get so many calls every week. Tell me how bad it is now time to show why it won't be back in a manner no place looks work and a more take another look at it. And tell your friends neighbors and we've got to show in San Antonio and profit DA I am from three to four Crockett and try to FaceBook get the owls. You know technologies over my rib problem. I love ya Austin, Texas ala Jimmy and you have a sister that sells furniture massive car Jerome Favre has broad. Then you should ask her mind since January leveraging its shouldn't sleep first. We'll do that but I. No matter where he shot no matter what you've been offered at Hobart will meet in. Hi I'm Ginny Covert and we had the best selection about the need Seve and GMC trucks in one location. In that color style and with all the options you can one. All that at the famous letter overpriced that no one can tax not now not ever we want to be your drug dealer. Lettuce for it's even covering Chevrolet Buick and GMC. Seven at two highways anyone and that's not marked on my name cobra mascot dot com. The right choice. Okay yeah oh yeah bailout what about your business. Usually lose why did he win and lose lose lose sleep and you NATO rap for. It's a fight for your money. We gotta get June moon this brilliant deal. To understand that but you don't want gardeners don't want you to know the playing field is old Joey equal playing field they wanna be better educated better to take all the money they can't. And Iraq War each. On your next meal go to alarmed about sell cars that come and hassle free auto Byron got knocked up are coming at my office. But mobile malthus number 830. Sixteenth. 7159. But hey there you know sixty fats should have been one bugged man. Because what McCain shocked that that satisfaction. Last about a month. Maybe ten. The new and you realize that I didn't go over thirty day he's into what nick are you ordered. And you just figured out everybody and neighborhoods got a new car. All my hand. And I was going somewhere the other day. And I looked up and here comes this little old lady with a smaller all of her plays dubbed a Bora and mayor Mercedes. Alert for a way to stop sign. And I think given so Smart all right well better not pull out. And got dying how did she ran the stop shot I almost all her road. Where she's special because she was driving a Mercedes. And how would. Where she's mentioned because when you're still ahead Mike Pagel let. You know the bigger take she'd just borrowed it. Was she in a trance where she'll. So wait yeah I'd say it was about three and 5050 that much younger may but it didn't matter and she just wants to stop trying to. She's in a trance in this brand new car while. I must've been all rehearsed treat. They're bailout voice only spent the last dollar car yard day but that guy gets out of Georgia go to and he sticks his own our home on miles or Roddy. Anybody see you around routed a game where player in a lot of good I don't say today hail and snow right here a mile route miles neurotic. No but I've seen the report times I go to burst out laughing. I hadn't seen it unless he's done something else right now AJ you know Puerto maintenance and upkeep of breakage don't let deluge. All by and I got bloody Matt says I want to find mania Ferrari what you're learning more. For 200000. Dollars. I'm totally one up frowned and that's a no listen. But yeah is is it is a tough field NASCAR. All blog you know nobody's mind during guards wanna watch and you can reported mr. gadget guards afford can't afford it can afford it. So sure okay we don't give it. We got it born. All three months later it takes in a shopper regular my initial retainer about 101000 dollars later. It comes out. Decent man. Let her absolutely link should list and I'll tell you it was buddies aren't going to just bad. I said well do you know that kind of card you can afford it shouldn't know. Got to keep it up plus it was a run bad we need to get him no. I was checking in July I don't know no lights no. You just take it to regular maintenance and it was 101000 dollar yeah oh yeah man. Are Jewish but issue. But I do love you but not a direct admin service router rose darling yeah give me my commission I'll call for a way beyond take a break and should. I say they say you've got that's all right you can afford it who. Paid I didn't know. We are ran into something the other day that was kind of interesting drove 2000 years know. That Paris because they refused to load the truth. And so recently for this reason god guns might powerful delusion. So that they will believe a lot. Always believable Olazabal with only. Politicians. I sure got some Democrat buddies I've got shouldn't Republican buddies and our intense sense differs between Obama independent. And they. Gagged but delusion has come only would they believe the last. So. They're all they can deal and who do not believe the truth. Are you struggle with peace because you don't believe the truth. Are you haven't told Ty. Which you're my man how are you won't get out there protest ever playing and the level raised just more protests. But. Have delighted in there will wickedness. In July when you're doing wrong and you know you're wrong what are your conscience mobile you still got to count Jim Jim Jim Burnett it. I just keep we will need more of those that are going all the old radio TV. Car dealers politicians. I mean he's just ensures people. I mean just so much my church was Wells Fargo did here wall by Chase Bank. I changed my strong Dowd and everybody. I bet a lot of peace profit from not Baltimore hour up for a million dollars or middle bring that million dollar buying. I don't know where how would you know what must we make a lot of money but I explained his decision people. There were basket may edit out at agent church is not teachers schools from that date just goes Albright wrote your marriage blow up. Today you don't lose your relationship Malaysia last and you haven't gotten less salt and you know when you've got to have this big fancy car or just getting Baja they're trying to play and get ready for your college. These last two kids who didn't let the parking lots of some of these high schools. Who are shake. My gut high dollar cars everywhere. All you may have gotten worn down a road about six months to go home to 81 Santonio. And this Ferrari will miss your match sixteen a sister looked like she was may be geared to younger but I poet know how school. A Ferrari. Orlando high school so nobody Madsen is a need but no real sharp I don't care of the models scored but forty's so. Because of what are you don't need it truncation it is for a grinch he said man I've got a good grandson. No drugs no alcohol problems playing football playing basketball good good kid I wanna rewarded with. Class and well mules then what he shouts went up 50000. Dollars. So he said. Bush over the air to ask Lucy what else is in the parking lot where woods or learn not jumping. Go with a we ran I could not believe. Bookmark it brought. But I do look like a friend jazz did you're out there would all the late model Alaska harsh. Courses screws and a better school district in San Antonio. The Ferrari what Larry that was at another school district. What I mean do we got to put our kids always pulling our kids we don't teach the war except to go stationers. We don't teach children right from wrong we don't teach him that they got to be accountable for the morals. We don't teach them all why would teach what kind of example or when that would Dunlap. Our is our budget in Orion. Yes budget don't let those guys on you to do you you don't mention budget we need a budget everybody needs a budget. But I you follow in your budget what she looked forward. Are you put yourself in a matter US food card leaders are Luttig marriage sooner this guardian or. And we believed the truth are we rationalize it you know rationalizing is rational. Let's try to make rational what we're doing. Blood yes we know it's not right. Where you know we gain at forty we know there's over our budget we know bit. You know we're trying to keep up with the Jones is trying to make better parents would try to become that car. I he'd never seen somebody with com buy car. Can you show went through all that it. That you know he plumbing big here's an example. Harley buyers friend of mine and I train in the garb his went back to only one that's again they don't sell motorcycles. New level near named big show and motorcycles. So it would sell motorcycles. And one day gain by the lot we were token I should ask Nigel wanna decent man hurt. Bottom bikes overruled Slobodan man though Paris sales just blew the roof. I said that clothes and jackets and stuff he should it stunned the room. He should we got won't obeying Harley riders governor and amid all know bike in all innate biological. Oaks possible got at closing what he should mandate paid big region for. He says that what we did so by. We usually average person's bed at 4004. They get out the no. I said 4000 more apparel he shouldn't have nothing to it. Bought out the norm. I'm main we may. I just can believe. What are we doing. We society. Where we go along with it. How we make it a better decision. I want him any if you got something going on right now and you need to show it finished. Not being productive. You know like that brother Waller system all you outward form non productive. It pedal car that truck that ran anything's land around I go to wanted to buy sell cars dot com. Follow the easy process described in that car. So I'll make an opera McCaw I don't care bad voter bad transmission rich outlaw a lot of those got a course. But we're viral map where borrow good stuff but just both sixteen core bad. About a lot of others extend or bad. Just won't dubbed it not to trade for the nicest fourteen Ford diesel four by four upstate in a long time from a friend of mine. He's got that. These downsized and he's got that he's got to AS 63 Mercedes it looks like it's bravely. But he is downsizing these these thank you are worried needs to Maine he's retired he says you know. That truck got got Bassam what do you hallway they should well. I should let them but air. He said yeah possible let me do need to do something else I'll buy you truck up by your Mercedes. And output should sell my house the well where would do the right vehicle. Hassle free auto buying dot com is looking for several bit machine several people. We look constantly put the right unit for you. So we help people buy cars Walken a minute dealerships but we make sure you get prank free trade. And away in a situation couple weeks ago we had a guy. That out of Kuwait great Ford pick up fourteen Abacha brand name. And I made him an opera on it and he went to the dealership we got him a new name the vehicle. Eight to switch into a car. And that leadership should I need that vehicle. Andy said Randi what do you give the sport not some women 25000. He said dad needed. Is there any way I did get 26000. Somewhat to the customers say they're open 26008. There were deep. They're given all the money let it might have. So I'll let them have a which you need to know what your vehicles work you need to shut up shop price do you need to. Know exactly where you stay here. Because you may know exactly what your car's worth what you're spending what your budget is. What did you straight years. There's so many different options to Blatter car. And you got to be mentally physically spiritually ready to go witness but because you won't give in no professional boxing ring. And the guys trained in shape got coaching god ever count of people and personal roundup for Elmo knew. He's a bug shears off just like the new coordinators. You know taking mugged last new interview want to. But I had no I want to save my money don't might derive purchase all by what can afford and you know sometimes. I knew it was a way to go. How bad a friend of mine won't make a ton of Monday this week. Let's sync stating that they sixteen Honda Civic has said no you won't won't malls mass never Bennett array. I said 60% of the cars out there have been an action. That's why I'm trying known diminished value that's why I'm working don't have my anger out understand diminish drag. And so it should while. One of my Norman no that's it Bob Mayo at number one interest rate reaching number ten you get exactly what you won't number three no miles and Duarte. And I know what you get the bugs out before the war he runs out and when not taking eighty yen. I told my sit tight and when it's got about 34000. Miles lift going. And downplay elated to soldiers in Hondo college and I'd say you extra reward then you make that decision. I have. The lady that worked for me she wrote a brand new. Challenger to shoot 74 miles and the guy runs stops and the future. While I should make for mulls. Should not be give her a new one. She voted sticker warning how much more that. I might we should get back the number much they'll all take a percentage on it this is Brandi had a normal and so cargo come be sure to go to my web site. Be sure to go to UT. I subscribe to much am. You dig channel learn to buy and sell cars dugout please I need to help but needless descriptions. I'd just let it be of benefit from may I. Call rocks over some dam until and thank you drew spots and they show. God bless each and every person that there would Maura LB I'll be your manager. I go to FaceBook were put an all out I've got to face for radio not a place for cheap date but. Abdel what my radio stations won't read today Gosling won't post it showed they expand across the nation. Other cities were good for corporate sponsors that want to prove that community. That they want helping educate your best friend and god bless you this trend absorbed by myself cart dot com you may call 83060. 71 by a man god bless you all the Texas a luggage. So I think now.