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Feb 18, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Insider show work. Appreciate you joining us on this absolutely gorgeous boy what a. Today here in mobile downtown Austin, Texas Vijay is behind on the last on the board. Yeah and now believe has about eighty degrees on the official. Talk thirteen seven BK JC. Right choice their mom what are we are. Thrilled to have you witnessed today and to him be able to. Visit a little bit about the latest in Texas politics hopefully provide you little sanity and reason may be them. A little truth in there and I tell you one of the issues that has been front and sinner and I tell you on the front page of the Austin on American states person not to leave. Misogynist stick or. Worry about the statesman the Austin American statesman has been doing a good job frankly covering the state legislature particularly. As the legislatures get ramp up the state senate and were. Thrilled to have witnessed today he's a freshman senator one of the leaders on any number of issues so far. This year make him a name for herself state senator Don bucking ham. From district. 24 goes from around lake way all the way up. Two. A little bit Weston Burnett nab that way and up to Fort Hood dawn thanks for joining us today. Well thanks Emma could die in a pleasure to be making this afternoon. Don you ran on. The issues of being them conservatives small business owner your room physician and an eye doctor and I think he even told me once we have viewed thanks for Rick Perry's new glasses the other day Tehran. I believe Rick Perry himself said that escaped from me to save that and yes as I 'cause in my office this morning and she and patience. Are good for you have it is a thankless job you make literally no money is the state legislature that's one of the things we love about our legislature beam citizen legislators but. Your seventh generation Texan graduated from west heights Westlake high school. I didn't realize this even looking into your your bio on your state of Texas web page your graduate and they Ian empire school. And Europe. A bit of a city's. And on the south end here burger Golden State senator of the district and then. Goes up as I mentioned nor tell us just a little bit before we get into this hot hot issue of Sanctuary Cities and beaten by the way you have been out. Champion of Ford in keeping our Travis can arrange it sheriff's Sally Hernandez honest but tells a little bit about the district and and how you're like in the being in a state senator so far. Absolutely and and thank you for your kind Martina district when he course starts and then dare give that to temple and get there trampoline we have 20000 Claremont heart attacks since. A bigger than many states themselves and geographic area. And that that district is mostly rural although we do you have a bit of a suburb and component Janet Keene and mean and rednecks had to count and actually the harsh Republican. From Cabot money ever elected into the Texas and Carol. It then a lot of fun out of the gate east course starting off with a bang and gone and the senate seat. There are weird aren't. Well one of the issues. Speaking of of coming out hot and heavy and we've talked him covered dome election and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and thank goodness this last election cycle whether you were a fan of Bernie Sanders on the laughter a fan of Donald Trump on the right. Tens of millions of Americans have come back to the the voting Booth they're coming back to the political arena and paying attention Donald Trump one of the first things he did was sign an executive order. Talking about building a wall and talking about putting a pause on. Our immigration policy there's been a lot of concern about that then we could talk for hours on them the national scene but locally here. Our noon. Freshman also were branding Travis county sheriff's LE Hernandez his said that. Then she ran on this saying that she was going to implement a Sanctuary Cities policy there is no formal definition. Of Sanctuary Cities that we know of but. Yet she has said the other day. Quote I've been given a mandate by the voters and I believe that I'm fulfilling what they've asked me to do. You obviously in the Texas senate have a little bit. Differing opinion and have been very vocal about it tell us what you've done in the last ten days or so on Sanctuary Cities. Absolutely you know I think she's jeopardizing the public safety in economic viability of our community. I'm just hit to get a little background information or speaking about it that. When calendar arrested for violent content. And they get that caddie. RB Evan that it's they can have prayed very acidic and I mean there's no question about that I beat in the fingerprints get senate which came to that thing immigration cat in the federal government and it says it says. Think that this individual is potentially someone has either committed another time our. Or danger risk and they will issue what they college this year quest. Now technically these are voluntary. And says to compile it all those miners meaning that every other sheriffs and access this complying last. The containers and our share ass has. Basically said she is not gonna comply with the containers except for. It keeps saying that she considers most important and she'd altered her policy in the last few days that Ron actually it's murder aggravated grave. Lose. Human trafficking. And you know bet bet you know. People accused of pedophilia as you find collect people accused. Burglaries in any kind of let go people accused. Are arrested for dealing drugs seem to be flying collect. Serious crimes in what you're talking about when you say she's the only sheriff. People may or may not know what we've got 254. Counties in Texas and every cow I mean has a sheriff's they're the highest ranking official in the Cammie. Yes sir. In until all those of another chance and actually that's. The head of the sheriff's association and it's come down and Cadillac C containers need to be respected so. That's an approach that and I have to give you says session air carried it'd been an amazing job defending that he's the primary author on the bill I'm one of the very proud be one of the co author. Or senator Terry a Lubbock correct. Yes sir can and so what what our bill says is. First of all it creates. And Crandall. Civil penalty if I wanna be folks gets let out. They're detain our question can and they got hurt somebody and people had every course is against the Turks let him out. Special person to second saying. And there are criminal penalty for having an overarching policy cannot respect the containers so we are spending were very clear message. Tell our officials and some of them appear to be a little foggy on me expect senators back the entertainer and we're saying you know laugh or make state Lotta have a policy your respect entertainers. And then if you down. It's going to be in the premier Daniel goes through Eaton yesterday due process but it sure convicted at that let demeanor calm. And you are no longer eligible to be serving in your elected office. And then there's a financial penalty as well all right yeah. And and by having a policy of not collecting that are not honoring entertainers and you make yourself an eligible for certain grants and affect your. And a portion of your office. There's been a lot of focus and attention about governor rabbit and making good on his promise. Brazil's politicians don't make good on their promises anymore but governor habits. Been in the news for carrying out his promise on Wednesday in cuttings in state funds to look I can mean but. Specifically. Governor have it made you think people don't realize that in the state legislature in the first 45 days stokes the legislature cannot. Act and pass any legislation. Unless it's been declared they quote unquote emergency issue by the governor and the reason that 45 who. Day waiting period is there is so. Nothing happens too fast nothing happens without committee hearings without hearing from the public. And so on but. Senator bucking him this has been declared a emergency issue. By governor habit you all moved something out of the senate last week. And talk about what your hearing from the citizens in what the reaction on the street is to sell you Hernandez being apparently the only. Kenny share from the state to have a quote unquote Sanctuary City pulse. Well you know our constituents and our district we're campaigning I mean the number one issue or chairing the border gate waiting getting red at the worst coach Sanctuary Cities really and that compromise economic viability in saint give Archimedes number one issue of turnout are. Are losing its. I'm sorry was close this you know night and Kyra yeah the site by a factor of ten is that those are folks are gaining as and a Claudine. And you know and their mind their lack of course that you're exactly what you do and they're not reaching. A server you know page come into the capital testifying to a lack of course argue and actually what we ash you do what you wanted to do which campaigned on bricks I didn't you know where we're I think you can get to opt. There's a lot of misinformation out there you know we shot demonstrations. And now congress avenue on Thursday. And cannot pay you let firing illegal immigrants into Max out. I wouldn't be able to demonstrate safely I wouldn't be able to send my kid over there you know. That is a very good point virtually. Every other country but particularly Mexico they have strict. Strict if I mean you lose your your first child and you're left armor something new if you break the law and illegally amendment gradient to Mexico. Yep that's it a little it's a little remaining need it we actually gotten to airplane. Where it's unacceptable by some Turks just followed a lot to burn country. And and that is a point that that Abbott and governor rabbit yourself and lieutenant governor Dan Patrick. Have made it repeatedly. Is that true or talk to the point. That sheriff's Sally Hernandez is is she or is she not obeying the laws. I believe you know I'm not a lawyer Hammond actor my understanding is that I ethnically. Their waivers I mean. Daryn. You entertain requests are it's a voluntary participation. So from the extent that not. Cooperating. With the container requests I think technically and she's very lawyer that you know the Democrats don't lack for a attorney and yeah I think she is within the bounds of the law. But the bigger question and she took an hour or so pulled a lot of them are staying and I believe our country. And they emigration laws are laws of our country that our state should also be following. And I think that's the plain fun the next point of view is that work we need to get back to the world blah we need to follow the laws that we have on the backs. I need to get away control of the camera people think that they can just pick and she's which slot that followed especially our law enforcement officers. Imagine that getting back to the law of the land and and hearing took home. To the laws on the books state senator Don bucking ham from senate district 24 here in lake way up for good. In that neighborhood we're gonna take a short break senator. Thanks for listening to talk thirteen seven me the right choice folks with the Texas insider show will be right back after a short message with senator John Buck and Saturday afternoon hours they're welcome back. Texas insider show which Jim Hart old lovely lovely day here in beautiful downtown Austin we appreciate you joining us talk about some Texas politics and churn go to our Texas insider. Dot org web page or check us out on FaceBook Texas insider. If you do that you're gonna see how some pretty hot and heavy in recent coverage on the issue of Sanctuary Cities because it's been in the news and then that's something the state legislature at least on the senate side it's been taking on right out of the shoot and the state senator Don bucking him thanks for. Joining us here today to talk about it meant for Europe you're work address in this important issue senator you are. On the health and human services committee because your doctor you're on the higher education committee. Because we've got Austin UT here in our neighborhood not to mention them probably another university up your temple. Mary Hardin-Simmons or whatever it is and you're also on the veterans affairs and border security. Committee so you were in the heat of the battle on this Sanctuary Cities which starts from president trump all the way down the governor habit and and Europe. State legislature I was reading in the paper the other day that Homeland Security secretary John Kelly said that. National League. Immigration and customs. Enforcement agency is targeting operations last week and most folks want no but the ice. Immigration customs and enforcement goes by I steer field offices Adams San Antonio which includes Austin. And he hit it sic a terrier Homeland Security secretary John Kelly has said that in her. Efforts so far in the last ten days they've detained more than 680. Individuals nationwide 75%. Of whom have criminal records including homicides and sexual abuse. And the San Antonio Austin office said that so far they've detained. And this is three or four days old they detained 51 foreign nationals 23 with criminal convictions. In the Austin area. As in business the same thing holds true in crime if you could catch. 20% of the bad guys you can get rid of 80% of the crime and yet there's been such an outcry. There were. I'm not adhering to the American way that we need to be welcoming. Foreign nationals it's what America is but yet we know that the crime is happening and particularly there was this case. In the last week where. There was a Hispanic. Illegal immigrant detained and almost released and it became a big problem talk about that. Immediate issue that we've been hearing about the last week or so here in Austin. Sharon won't like the fast by saying we do you welcome. Foreign nationals we are at country of immigrants and our country is based on an orderly sheltered them. Millionaires or really sort of emigration settle to what we're talking about a Sanctuary Cities and Andy Katz sustained and actually Colin immigration laws. We are welcoming but that you know let people may need to get could orderly process actually mean and then next week. It look like a neat story broke and hit it beat the got a little murky US. But a lawyer coming forward and let things they need nor Brad heavily Monday evening. I noticed that none of the liberal media in Austin let's take Canada. And so I would outraged by that and I had bitten her story that everybody needs to be aware of because. Yeah I during during count campaign when he did not Ben and I happen to be on the stage and Iranian nation have not met he caught it. I remember seeing you were sitting right next to our friend Sid Miller there are agriculture commissioner. As I was so you know on that stage where a bunch of moms. He had these horrific stories of their children. Being brutally murdered by illegal immigrants and and there are awful but the one that come ahead. Most poignantly with a mom mutilated I believe it was thirteen years to immigrate legally drink and seeking committed country. And shortly after she gets here illegally after going through that process. Her child brutally murdered and when she was telling the story yet how that's illegal immigrant he brutally murdered her child stood on that and and bragged. About the awful things he did that child. I swore if I would ever earn a position and to try and help save another mother from such pain I would be back and that's why you see need to shout out front. You know this is about getting criminals off of our streets and so when that story broke and I realized that. The rest of chat accounting may not hear the story. We held a press conference and I called a bunch of my house trapped. And they do every Republican senator Hillary story not a committee hearing looking behind actually had a huge area. And we just played that clip and we had to look at every indication that we are on a path to our worst fear being realized her worst fears that one of these folks is gonna be let go. And they are gone around and someone's life and the rest of their families lots you know there are cowed going to be a race somebody's going to be emerge bad things are gonna happen. And we just put out call we said Chatham county residents here share and needs to hear from me. She needs to narrows that you disagree with her policies and hear her phone number you. So so we did that that he had an amazing thing enter it at that press conference and and we didn't take questions because. And now they're mentioning you start answering questions and they are being able to write about pumped an outright talent that purity of message and I wanted to get that out which has can vanished. And it is a very straightforward. Issue in fact here there were looking at with the city. What you're absolutely entailed. The couple the democratic senators have locked up to me that before we locked into that press conference tourney and they can hate on board and it came here press conference. Not Blake and that's how well. Great and you know far be it for meted on the other senator they're not welcome Shaq absolutely you know and they kind of in the corner and then NetSuite laps. So they're showing a little submit a support but meanwhile you're having a semi out of body experience Lincoln nerd and undermine your press conference. That's pretty much but yeah I didn't realize they're gonna be paid her mean they're gonna get CNET car not saying thank you Tom and I'm like get them obsessed. And on the and did Q do you democratic senators taking LA. 800 public safety issue that is not a partisan issue and and weak link added that share her mandatory policies need to be changed. That bears the nuclear bomb that went off without actually speaking to have a large group as. At UT. Went wind can't I cannot answer then. Yeah Sergey and I and you know and and the group was. Clearly believe differently tonight and and and wanted to Democrat on the analysts are trying to sell the story of Visteon of all of a purely partisan issue and we're just you know push came carrying car. Primary voters and I can't let it clearly not because when you have Chiu has been taken and African American yet Kean senior democratic senators. Staining happens saying you know wet when might disagree on sent off for so we created these are concerned they can make. This is a huge development congratulations on your your work there I'm looking at the Austin American statesman article from Wednesday. To fifteenth this last week its headline inmates near exit Sanctuary City target. GO PCs designed near release as evidence of of the need to work on ice in this article says led by state senator Don bucking him of like way Republicans repeated their position Tuesday. That Hernandez's talking about. Hugo that hurts talking about Hernandez our share of seller Hernandez. Policy threatens public safety. Like have it bucking him tweeted about the case saying quote dangerous criminals being let out by the Travis County sheriff. Rather than turned over to ice period indefensible. Period pack and it appears this case I mean. The fellow's name is the Hugo Gallardo Gonzales 31 he's accused of sexual repeated sexual crimes with a minor horrible case. And it appears really that this. This stuff. Travis can share almost bungled it and that they were literally. Waiting to put a ankle bracelet on this guy to let him out when they reconsidered. Or found out some new information there were about to make a horrible mistake. But an 88 and then we can see. You know solid that she said well we'll start looking more deeply into these containers and inside market certainly would Contra and on and which ones are not. At some point you have to realize. Maybe don't have the expertise and the knowledge that the federal officials had Tunisia Egypt on the containers and parents. So there they're called son you know we wanna see all the containers. Observed and honored now there's occasionally we all that you know. No human is perfect are going to be times when you figure out the curse did actually asserted memberships. You know whatever they're going to be times we think this container pinot. Upon we're working on we're not comment Eleanor it if you don't want it Allen Boyd now or whatever bet. But to have a policy to think that you can. He knows things about the Turks and you're in jail that emigration captured its gonna have a little lecture knowledge so we think you should discard them. OK state senator Don Rockingham from senate district 24 we got a couple minutes or less left here on the show. Appreciate you joining us today but now that dissent at the state senate's acted I'm obviously you got to have that house. Move another bill they go to conference committee possibly before it gets to the governor's desk. Is this something and you've got until the end of may for this legislative session what are you hearing and again congratulations for getting Democrat involvement. On this important issue what are you seeing coming down the pike how quickly should folks expect that this is or isn't going to be. Moving through the house and what's your outlook. Well I think yeah that fact that you know and when we haven't figured out. Earlier this week in pretty short notice about it now aren't happy net it to where Colin and a press conference and I detected overlap with Penn State wraps and I texted just accidental Hayward in a press conference on Nancy's. At this time and if you wanna come come on let's to have the F. And a lot of them could count the others where we're at Aladdin committee hearing there's a trend that actually need. We saw that response and not think so great about that press conference is huge guy he nine at times. But house members and senators and again we had less harmful we hear your voice to capitol. Okay we are fighting here at the capitol that you guys have to be calling your share I think you have to kind RC leader. Should not okay. I'm hoping you know he never wanted to speak for a body and I'm hoping to get the house that they got their committee up and run and well. But it did stay pretty quick and hoping that there aren't very many differences start to train up the kind of person and then. When I honestly have to be on the conference committee. I had some definite priority within that bill and and I just wanna be sure that patient a clear message again Talal ports and officers. We expect she is. Donna that the containers and if you don't you're compromising the safety of our community and their consequences for us. State senator Don bucking him from Blake Wayne senate district 24 we certainly appreciate your monastery in we expect you to keep fighting. I think give governor Ravitch says that. Boston's destined to be the first Sanctuary City and he's gonna try and rumors she sheriff cell Hernandez hope you'll join us again senator DE. Yes Harrison enjoyed a pleasure I didn't beat you and thank you her leukemia really appreciate it yeah. Thanks for joining us folks on talk thirteen seven lead the right choice for the Texas insider show have a great Saturday I'm Jim Carr. Puck in the.