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Financial Safari, 02/19

Feb 18, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Imagine a time when you have the freedom and the resources to do help boost things you dreamed of with how worrying. It tax bill but time and place where all your hard earned money works for you. Some government bureaucracy. And tax free so. Call bill Capriati had a 18511636. Again that's. Why and why six. Threes. This week's episode of the financial safari is brought to you title filled Capriati and seeing your taxes and insurance and tiger's PR. Our financial and. Information provided just what it was for purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliant. What better accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Including usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional before taking any action. Good morning I'm bill Capriati can stay tuned today we're going to be talking about pensions diversification. And longevity so. Stay with us right here and we'll be looking forward to taking your questions. Hi this is coach Vinny and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. And we're talking winds still can operate audio all. Senior tax and ensure its advisors serving the Austin area and Phil we have a communication from the left with a question. Glenn in a shout out to Georgetown for this thank you Glenn Glenn says Phil. I've got to make a choice soon on my attention. While Weis says take the lumps solved. But I hate to leave money on the table like that so Phil what are the big pros and cons of wiser way. Well filled you know pensions have been going the way the buffalo what you being in one of the great state capitals. Of the country you probably seized some folks who still have pension issue don't you. You know we really do yeah I can talk about the subject probably for about three or four hours actually. We work with a lot of pensions so I'm gonna give you some good advice Glenn and and a please take heed the lesson for all of you folks out there that are getting ready retire recently retired and have. Defined benefit plans or if you have pensions where you have a lump sum payout option or a partial lump sum payout option. Make sure you research before you leap. So this is gonna be one word to the lies is sufficient so the first thing that and like to speak to with respect to pensions. Is many that many times what we find what many folks is they each take the recommendation. That there administrator tells them to without actually doing their due diligence so number one Glenn. Oh we speak to a pension specialist and I'm not necessarily talking about the administrator that ten handles your particular pension. I'm talking about an independent. Specialist. Actually like our company or someone like our company and actually issues to working with hundreds of pensions. And is capable of doing a what's called her what's known in the industry as a comparative analysis. You might say what is that fill up. Well you have to understand something there's more than one pension option and there's in the years more than one just taken a lump sum option. You can take that lump sum and you can actually shopped for the best pensions that are available. We wanna make sure that number one the pension is insured and guaranteed. So you don't have a high risk of tension to fall like we're seeing in some of these pensions around the country. So that's always a concern with folks. I'm what I like to do what we worked with clients in literally many dozens of tensions we've done comparative analysis on. So we're really in the catbird seat as far as expertise because we get an opportunity to do a lot of research in this area. What we like to do and I'll point out a couple things Glen and then I'll let you take it from there if you wanna commend the opposite talk further. I'll be happy to have candy give you one are complimentary consultations. Number one. Oh he's doing comparative analysis. Compare your addition your current options with all the other options that are available with licensed. And insured insurance companies did that offer these pensions and make sure you're getting the best bank Cuba. Number two always ask this is my attention static. Static means it does not provide you with a eight cost of living adjustment Horry cola. I always like to recommend when it's possible. Include eight cola to keep pace with cost of living in your pension. What happens when you do not look at it cola and incorporate that into your pension. What happens is your pension has a high propensity. To lose purchasing power as the years go on. We're familiar with what that means. So what I'm trying to say is let's assume for momma you have a 2000 dollar month pension. Will 2000 dollars to. A month today. Buys a lot more goods and services than say 2000 a month five years from now. Or ten years from now or twenty or thirty years from now so it's important to incorporated cola that's question number one number two. Does it provide free spousal benefit and if that does doesn't provide a 50% spousal benefits 75 a 100% spouse about a bit. What is it. You always need to look at the spousal benefit when your married. Extremely important because remember folks when your married and you lose a spouse what are you also loose that's right you lose Social Security checked many folks. Are appalled at the thought of not only losing their spouse and losing a Social Security check and then also losing attention on top so it's important to remember. And to be cognizant when you when you should make your choices today what's isn't gonna look like for my spouse am I going to provide here she. With a spousal benefit options. Next thing that I wanna take a look at this a one and know whether the pension. Earns money do I have a cash out lump some option after I exercise the tension. Or am I locked into. Just the monthly income with no access to the lump sum ever again. Some of the Newark pensions today allow you to number one receive a lifetime income with a 100% spousal benefit. And though include a cost of living adjustment and if you're unhappy with the performance or even if you collected for a decade or two. If there any benefits less than a lump sum of their eight year beneficiary your children or grandchildren or any other significant individual in Europe. In your life so we wanna take a look at. If it pays spousal benefits rate do I lose control of the lump sum once I elect the pension option to go like Taipei out does select sum pay out operate five years certain pay out the the tenure certain pale if it only as a single light tension. And I'm. I like to have my cake he needed to just to sum this topic up number one when we do pension searches are we doing compared of analysis for a client. The very first thing we're going to do is number one. We wanna provide the maximum amount above monthly benefit for the lumps and that's available. Number two if you have a spouse I wanna make sure that the spouses equally protected. If you pre decease your spouse that that pension transfers to the spouse 100%. Number three I wanna make sure that that tension has some sort of recourse so living. Increased each year and maybe shoot three we like the 4% variety and then number four there's anything less than the pension. I want my attention to be able to earn money while collecting like timing Khan and if there's any residual. Value left I wanna to be able to go to my beneficiaries. So as you can see there are many pension options. Remember folks you work your entire life for a decade or two decades or three decades with this company. Now they're offering new eatery pension or lump sum payout be judicious way and you. I'll make your election. Make sure you do the research go in with your eyes wide open. And Glenn I believe you just toward Phil say go ahead and make it a rage with a comment and free him on a complimentary basis. And the number to do with is eight whole neighborhood. 851. 16. Re sick stuff the number for finger Jackson insurance advisors that's still cap riady and his team. By the way yes it is a fool sort of us. Team of professionals. So old when Phil says research before you leap. This crew is equipped to help you do draws down the number again 808. Point 11636. Aired Phil we have just a prime. But this that but for me to ask you to share with our list or various special invitation new reserving drugs Wear them. We started doing. It's about six months ago it's become very popular we reserve three open consultations spots for our radio listening audience. We've now. Gosh the last three months to become extremely popular and they've been filling up quite quickly. Remember folks we do to educational workshops on retirement planning Social Security match this nation. We talk about required minimum distribution or distribution planning out of a qualified account and an tax reduction plan and we do it at the local libraries. So our schedule has book packed. Through these workshops however I be asking India to open up she's our office manager three appointments spots for a listening audience. To take advantage up. So feel free to call its an hour consultation we can talk about anything that's out on your mind any concerns you have. And and just about anything under the sun from Social Security strategies. To tax reduction strategies to wills and trusts and things of that nature this. Is an amazing opportunity for. The listener Ian the almost two and Oreo that number is 808. Point 11636. And yes. This initial consultation curious that no obligation and no cost and it is so real. Deal. There is nothing to lose the number again 808. Point 11636. Phil we need to take a break here but we will be back growing shortly. Please stay weather because it's just starting to get. Who had. And hoaxes that time for the show where I go out around the world and find someone who I think is making a difference in the world and especially. The financial world. And today is no exception we've got a great author -- effect I saw her she she writes a lot of articles for US news. And and I asked Astaro researchers to gush of blood the points really researching this Emily girl is. And on my search I found out she's an author of a great book called pension lists the ten step. Solution for a stress free retirement her name is Emily Brandon she's joining us on the show Emily where you located. Or San Francisco all right. Well egg. What is going on in the venture world these days many people I guess they think that they're gonna work for a company for twenty or thirty years or maybe longer than that. Who may be switch and worked for five or ten different companies but when they retire. Many people are not like our parents and grandparents they don't have a pension do that. Now but I don't receive a traditional pension term job anymore so it it got to find our own retirement. Only there's a lot you can do to make about the there and then back at you you do you have and it in the bucket goes through. Under current ways you can really prepare for retirement if you don't receive attention through your opt. And I think percentage wise and I hate percentages Cassini can twist him anyway you want but I think about 85% of Americans are not gonna have a pension now right. Yeah out but most of us do not receive attention through our top anymore she. And so it's something we really need it the plan on not having much you have but its debt it guaranteed three year. Your current employer and it looked at people who have government jobs or people at very large companies to still have. Now speaking of government jobs this just came across our newswire the other day you're out in California and you have calpers and that's a government pay faced with a government pension accounts and I saw an article that they are reducing. The amounts are going to give the people that are retired are retiring. And so having a pension isn't always guaranteed as well as a. It certainly and a public sector is that is true and it can be changed I'm in actor. I'm concerned served by the fact that governments and though and that he's third or up to a certain amount. But if you have a pension that promise of that amount you might not get the entire amount. Pilot com that they might not be answered after the blown out he might look at her reduction act. I've talked to several pilots who lost about half their pension when the when the airline they're working for went bankrupt and then of course the airlines know they are they reinvent themselves ligament of all the stock. They can rid of a lot of the pensions are a lot of the pension liability. And the come back out stronger than never but the employees are. Exactly and don't really speak to the importance of having a backup planet and saving on your own. Stick in the Internet will be okay is it something like that happen. Yeah and so is the again the of one of the subtitles under Booker the quote on the on the cup rebook retirement is a beginning. You get to leave all the judgment behind to pursue your own fulfillment so retirement is at the and that's what we used to look like we retire at 65 diets 66 back in the old days. But now people can live. Swanee 3040 years of retirement which is otherwise known as unemployment. Had. A beginning of a new lifestyle that doesn't involve going to work effort and and you don't reinvent your life and a and a new way and leave with money that you have been at it get by. You know you talk about in the book one of the enemies is is taxes when we wonder retire we have some personal pension accounts her ire raised we take the money now we don't get to take all that money home doing. Exactly their money that you haven't and traditional retirement accounts doesn't really belong to you because you haven't paid Pakistani IOU. You have to prepare for that. It is very important to realize that if you have a million dollars an entire way you really don't have the full amount you might be paying a quarter that in taxes. And they need to but nothing you can do you didn't like the Packers actually pulled money out of your retirement account and so important to look at acquired land distribution which. And have a plan for getting that money out of there in a way that might. Every down I'll have someone come in their over seven DNA and they're complaining about having to take money out of the diaries because the government makes you take dues are indeed required minimum distribution to what I tell them to say. The government's making it takes the money out have some fun with a or reinvested for your grandkids and their Korea a legacy something like that so. I know they make you take it out it's almost gonna have to pay that taxi muzzle pay it when. When you know what the tax levels are and get in a place were not taxable anymore. At that point people out of that account and we knew back to. And I'm you can do something great about it and not something happier children or grandchildren so it doesn't mean I have to spend it. There's actually one way you get it out without paying taxes now loud if you're over at and yet how she. It you I'd give that distribution directly to a qualifying charity you are not owe income tax on that distribution a 200000 dollars a though if you are charitably inclined you can do that to avoid the tax collector. Andy get a bigger stake when the have their little annual parties their for all the givers. I think at a park that I think that's right. Folks we're talking Emily Brandon g.'s senior editor for retirement at US news and she's been writing about retirement and aging firmed for over a decade and her book is potential list. And it's a great book you can get on Amazon Barnes & Noble anywhere books are sold. But it's step by step tenth step solution on how to make sure you have a stress free retirement and and we would work that was some of the big steps to you'd recommend people do to get the stress free retirement you talk about the book. Other a couple of different things you can deal one that the basic things you need do you have a plan to act my thought the security. Don't you want it pay careful attention to when you sign up and look at the strategies that are available he'll get a high that the the security payment and you can't. And are politically at bat that you can do that but act that started that there at the base camp that they retirement income you will happen is that local security act. So it is very important that to pay attention that you and I know. Yes Social Security is one of the the most important financial tools to do do we call flooring in retirement which gives you the money you need to pay your bills. And some supplemental pension plans are always good as as well lists for one case the more you can have coming in we call it the green flag on the mailbox during retirement. When you walked to the mailbox usually. You walked out to put the red flag focus your pay and bills would that be great to walk out to the mailbox and see green flag waving proudly and you know there's a check in that mailbox each and every month through retirement for you and the bigger the check the better that's why maximizing Social Security is very important is that. Exactly at one of the most important requirement that the don't make. Went to sign up about paint. Didn't think about a green flag it's pretty good in the you wait the checkered flag that's retirement then you walked to the mailbox and others a bigger green flag and red flag out there that's what you want you want bigger brains than reds and that is what you say in the book you have to reduce your cost of living sometimes if you retire and don't have enough savings you can still have a good retirement but it involves having to minimize what you've been doing so what I try to do the goal was always have people be able to do more retirement not less as an. Exactly you want to do the thing that you've been dreaming about doing throughout your life and finally you have the period high and what you can do that caught it it equally important he planned well and have the financial cart taking care. Yeah psychology and come ID you need to know which incomes going to be identify what it is what you need what you want. And but a lot of people unfortunately what I see play catch up towards the end when they get to the financial reds though. Which is about five years out of retirement. And they take way too much risk with their money they can't afford to lose and we what do you think about that. The problem as you get closer to your retirement they're the attempt he then you want to take at risk try to make up or pop a lack of anything. And add it to you that you're about it. If the stock market ducked down in the years leading up to retirement can order appeared to back starts. Stepping you still need some rest and your portfolio because you'll. Will have Barbara back it their retirement in all likelihood. That you'll need that I can't that you need to want some of that Rick and you really need to have a I'd find a balance that matches you're you're tolerant of red and and how long you expect the lip and retirement. You you very well might and several decades to retirement and you can't have strictly. Your money because you have a longtime practice I'm. And truly. You know I called the court explore you need some money in the court that the court needs to grow every year towards retirement because that's gonna funnier retirement. But the export side can have the potential for higher horsepower knowing full well that you could lose this some of their money in this explore side but if you lost it all Leven. Your core is still safe and so as we get older we want to make short corps builds and we wanna make sure that we take the right steps and here is one thing here well wanna talk about towards the end of the interview is I've been to Vegas several times I have no idea how to play craps craps is that tape where the roll of the dice there would get all excited and people need to be making a lot of money. As of your walking through the casino when you see that table while people give me to the high fives. You go with start putting money behind it to be basically copy somebody who's making money and then all of sudden someone rolls a seven I know fuel seven that's a bad thing it all the money gets swept off the table by the that the dealer and you lose that money. That's what happens Wiener a winner upmarket a lot of times people watch these TV shows there will thinks or an expert as the market goes up everyone feels like an expert. And then the other side of the coin shows and that's what we want to make sure people don't do is take too much risk as we get closer to retirement. I agree it easy to get caught up in bad financial news broke that record mad that you you've gotten it. He didn't based on what's happening and that and the current name. I'm at but it really bring it danger inherent investment strategy based on something happening in the current you're especially when at our long term. Financial goal like retirement that is. It's going to go on up are Beckett felt it it is easy to get caught up in that but it's important to try or that about it at least with your retirement money. Call money that you can't afford to lose. It sometimes it can't be fun to play a little bit about but for your retirement money it's important that we try to they always are. I paper ballot. Well it's always fun when you're winning but they want us to remember these the crowd stops cheering eventually for everyone and folks again. I'm cheering because this is a great book called pension lists and you could pick it up anywhere books are sold in her name is Emily Brandon. Angeles again the ten steps solution for a stress free retirement and we thanks for your time today. And folks if you join this interview late wanna hear it again its entirety can always go to financial safari dot com quick on that has heard on the show like gotten. We'll be right back after this. You'll listening to the financial safari news next well. The research indicates that over 40% of healthy folks in their sixties and seventies we'll meet some form of long term care. So what's the best stage to buy long term care insurance. According to coach preached classic book financial safari it's before your 64236. One the younger you are when you apply the less likely it is that you will be rejected it and tube. The younger you are when you apply. But lowered a premium will be so. The sooner you meet with the financial advisor to discuss long term care the better. And what about with bill covering audio evolves finger tax and insurance advisors serving the ports to an Peoria. And is still has made sure he offers Social Security maximum they should work drops in the Austin Rory including. Austin itself also Cedar Park gorge tone down Rome brought. Information on those dates and times is at 808511636. If I went to. 808. Point 11636. Or earlier or Phil we were talking about all tantrums and of course along with that issue. The went hand in hand with is the prospect oak lawn Jill Doherty and we know now all of that. Our laundry nobody is increasing the so retirement in the 24 century. It's for an entirely different times ban. Then in the twentieth century and our crack research staff provides me with a piece of information right here it is very intriguing. Docked you're moot Dawes moos saw who was the day physician at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Philadelphia. He is pioneering the concept. Of Adrian as a disease that can be prevented. And if that's the case to have been enhanced flu pork laundry over it but already I've that you were seeing folks the or in Kuwait launch nobody now anyway is that wrong. Well it certainly is really when you take a look at that's a common sense approach. Number one we see any major increase in medical technology. My daughter just finished about four years ago. Her Ph.D. in biochemical research. And she Gator post October Johns Hopkins the point numbering in us up. Is many of their researches. Are now that I mean they're actually starting to grow. She issue in jeans and and organs were not really far away from them growing. Hearts and lungs and livers and and we entry in all probability C and our our lifetime so with advances in medical technology also. With educating ourselves with respect to diet. You know what's good for us what's not good for us our parents and grandparents related to have all of this research available to them although. I like to think that my grandparents ate pretty good. And and took care of their bodies. Extremely well because they lived into their ninety's. But the point is. Some. Statistics we should now according to the Social Security new mortality tables action eerie publish couple years ago. Believe it or not folks you have form married couples you have 840%. Chance. Of living that one of you'll live to ninety's so let me rephrase that. There's a 40% chance rate almost 40% chance to at least one out of a couple lit agent ninety. Where years ago. You're lucky if you made it to 7580. You have a 25 or near 25 a goalie that's 24%. Chance that one W. Will live to age. 95. Can you imagine now with medical advances in medical technology and again. Oh with the additional knowledge with diet and and and things this nature. Many folks are just concerned with out living their money before they run out of the years. So the this is something that number one is a concern for most folks. When we provide individuals with the retirement income plan. In oh gosh we've done thousands of them. We'd like to plan your income out to age 100 believe it or not. There's 4% chance that tap for out of a hundred will actually make its 100. But we like to make sure that your income plan as good is good at least in ninety to 100 and so whenever we do a we calmer ripped a retirement income plant we. Actually help to take any consideration number one your taxes number tearing down. Cost of living we want to take a late look and inflation will look at Social Security edges. A plethora. Of income streams. And what we wanted to do basically is we want to make sure that you don't run out of income before you run out of light the so Philip itself collector of giving darker Moussa a green light go ahead an increase of life spans you hold a rarity. Really important and then when you look at rising healthcare cost and and you look at some of the expenses that Medicare and manic and Medicare does not cover most insurers don't cover like long term care extended the system letting. These are expenses they can be thrown on top. One we will go through our eighty's and ninety's I just experienced this with up with one of my family members so. It's extremely important folks put together a comprehensive retirement plan put it in writing. Preview it yearly do when your spouse Eddie professional you're married and do it with a professional if you're not but please make sure the you do it. It's extremely important nowadays. So full like with an automobile. Whose life you're trying to extend with regular. Diagnostics. So like does the civil approach to someone's financial plan and. It's extremely important and they can I normally recommend you worked with a certified financial planner someone who is licensed as a fiduciary. In their reasoning is. You really wanna make it's it's important to get a second opinion no matter how comfortable you are with your financial advisor or any type of advisor for that matter. And I'm talking about CPAs as well. It's always good to get a second opinion. And you'll also want to take a look at other options that are available to you so yet. Diagnosis. It's like anything when you go to would doctors use your very first diagnosis is what your blood test. I'll give you an example when clients commend all our office. After we've worked with them for an interviewer to only done a retirement income plan. Will give their portfolio a diagnosis will run eighty will run a report that actually rates each and every one of their investment choices what type of risk is in it. What type of return it's had in over the yet. During different periods in the economic cycle. We like to take a look because many folks when they come and I'll ask him how much Christie having your portfolio and they'll say. Gosh I don't really know so. Which is normally a red flag for me because this is something that all advisors should talk to with your clients. I'm so again. Bottom line get a diagnostic test you would take your car in foray diagnostic test take your financial plan and for one as well. Bedrooms like a primary health liberal wider Phil you have in tiger team is that Roy do take a look at someone's plan. That's corrected Gil on our web site you can actually take a look at Ted just about all of our team. So we have two CPA so we work with I'm gonna count myself so. We've do quite a number tax returns each year so we had attacked stamp. We have attorneys that we've also partnered up with a partnered up with. Odd that you traps. That you Medicaid planning we do wills and things of that nature. We have an entire insurance staph that does Medicare supplement Medicare Advantage planning. Health insurance planning under 65. We have a property casually division our platform that we use. Doesn't compare to the analysis with your property casually. A Mulligan and 6070 different companies so yeah we have about we have about 1516 people on staff every one. Specializes in a certain area so if you have a question whether it's health insurance like insurance pension or as taxes or what have you. We can help you. We partner with Phil and his team they are our local recruited coached in the almost an area and there are just a phone call away 800. Eight point 11636. It's 80811. 1636. Filled this segment had just flown bought all the terrific advice we're gonna need to take a break but I have just a moment to ask you again could you please share with our list Dirk. That's special invitation you have just for them teach. Yeah every week we like to set aside three appointment slots their complementary where you can meet with myself for one of our other professionals if you have questions basically about anything. Under the sun. With respect to your money your retirement planning candies just to give me the high signs that two of our appointment slots are have been taken. So we had a couple listeners call and so we do have one last. Feel free to take advantage of it we try to do this every week. So if you would like to commend for complimentary consultation. You have some concerns media attention you'd like has a look at. Or maybe some other information or other challenge that you have that you need expert advice on please feel free to give candy at call. And show make an appointment for a complimentary consultation. That's. At that number can you relate now it's 808. Lawn of 116364. Filled Capriati and his team. That is 808. Point one. 16364. That no cause no obligation initial consultation. Right there. Well will be right back and for our Lester we're gonna take a short break but will resume this exciting visit will fill account for naughty. It just a few minutes don't go anywhere. The best is skeptical. And will vote will go go we'll be oh look see your tax and joins advisors or being the Austin area. Ed we have been covering so much valuable ground today we're talking about laundry nobody before their pensions and they all go hand in hand. And let's say that we've gone our portfolio. It and we're looking at everywhere asking for the help of your team of professionals that seeger to accident trust advisors what are we looking and a body diversification. My generation we were bought the diversification had to do with. Old multiple stalks or maybe even mutual funds but what crack research team says that's kind of off the market that right Phil. Boy that's really old school none yet years ago and even it's amazing some advisors we still see. You know you may have its stock portfolio or equities you may have a bond portfolio. Stock bonds reach things this nature now we'd like to look at a portfolio and we like to use. Tactical asset management we like to use technology we like to use research. We looked like he used algorithms. Out for that matter. So the type of the tactical asset management we use is we want to twelve with a client and we wanna set three set loss limits. So a client may send me film. I don't wanna lose more than 7% 10% in any. In any given. In any given cycle and give an economic cycle or business cycle you know from peak to trough the what that means from top to bottom. I'm but it wanna maximize right returns so nowadays tactical asset management will used. Maybe 891012. Different asset classes. And then we want to be able to move money around in those asset classes based on what the market is doing what's make a nest egg what's giving us the best return with the least amount of risk so. When I look at a portfolio. And we actually. But I have my back office researched the portfolio look at the risk look at the reward look at the fees. You'd be surprised. I had a yeah I had a couple comment. Just last week and believe it or not they had a tactical portfolio and their portfolio manager there around. They're a financial advisor was charged in a 3%. In a year in fees Guam but I don't wanna get off on a subject at these but what I'm saying is you need to know all of the variables. So what we like to do is we like to look at number one. Here's what I recommend. Have and make sure that your portfolio are truly diversified and that means many different asset classes not just the stock and bond portfolio. Never too. Review your wrist tolerances and make sure that your financial advisors not chasing reach parents. And by chasing returns opening you left to excessive risk so we wanna take a look at that. Never too we normally like to recommend nowadays. In a more tactical active asset management as opposed to eight ass of buy and hold it watch it go up down and and so forth so yes diversification. Is extremely important nowadays but that doesn't mean just stocks and bonds. Like you did years ago that means many different asset classes. And making sure that these asset classes are being utilized to the best of your financial advisors ability. Make sure your financial advisor has a very deep bench and research team and also make sure their license fiduciary. Not a lot of moving parts and also fell but felt like in addition to market volatility. We've got a law don't Wear those thieves really important and well we do a lot of research before we actually make any type of recommendations. So I always ask my clients if they're unsure on what their fees are. They need to get sure. And so we have a we have a whole list of tough questions to ask your advisor the most important priority here folks. It's not about how good her how bad your advisor arch because the market really controls a lot. How prepared are you opt to take on losses and more importantly. How active is your advisor in. Managing actively managing your portfolio to minimize your risk. Maximize your returns. Especially touring the distribution process. Meaning you no longer contributing to these retirement accounts because you retired you're getting used to now. Taking money from your looking for distributions. So all of these variables weighing. In in at as part of a comprehensive. Retirement distribution plan. Make sure that your portfolio is set up for distribution as you get into retirement and injury tyrant mellowed. And distribution of. Philip we have had such fun today we'll running out of time I want rug rebel mall much. And employ you completely sure what our listener again that exciting opportunity that we have available right now. Yes folks. I we still have once but left I've love to visit with you in any of the topics we discussed here today are of interest TU please feel free. Call candy is senior tax and insurance advisors. And tell you'd like to speak with a either me here or one of our other experts will be happy to sit and listen to you and help you put together a plan Treo and your family. This is an incredible opportunity carries no cost no obligation there is nothing to lose let me get that number too late now 800. Eight point 11636. That's for Phil Capriati and his team as being your tax and insurance advisors 800. 8511636. Philip we look Ford talking to you next dog. Have a blessed week and I look forward to talking with you next week. As for you at home we look forward you to joining us for the next hole I applaud the financial safari. Currency RA. Information on this for the strip. Purposes only and does not constitute investment tax we'll advice and information contained. Sources that are deemed to be reliable what are. And receiving. We just cannot be guaranteed their Peter. We guarantees copies only a financial strength and claims paying ability of patient company. Individuals should thoroughly review the contract specific details of cost income payments of withdrawals from deferred annuities are generally taxable ordinary income in the year there.