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Feb 18, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And then. Welcome surrealist state radio we here host Jason status. Wanna share your real estate stories call now at 5126409610. And now here's Jason Stubbs. And we are back central Texas. This is real say radio I'm Jason stub your host of branch manager of general mortgage in your consumer advocate for all things real estate hopefully caller TV shows today. Real state radio okay it beats the oath that is KB be held at noon today. And if you missed it guys we're trying to do is bring Texas hill country into your living room every Sunday. We're bringing vetted experts in this industry were bringing some beautiful homes. All the way from I mean marble falls stuff to tailor an elevated Georgetown and San Marcus and in everything in between. Appreciate stern and Tom as always we're here every Sunday on talk thirteen 70 AM. We appreciate you it RO MO MM LS is 181407. Especial thanks a patent law firm closing officer Texas American title on they've been a support us for the forty years that we've been sitting here. Doing the show. Guys. If you're out there in you have not turn them off from we need to best in the business I've been using them for fourteen years. That's no joke did generally go to church ripping appreciate you. Realtors you get a free. Roof inspection and that is good information for you to have a good information you're class to have give dale Fischer ripping a shot and also guys keep that text message. That. Text message shock tomorrow meego mobile app Lou how few humans to do missile. Yemen and Iran the number. You don't know dam on our app by texting. 79 some of them and out of their shopping and everybody. Senior loan low loan officer within our mortgage. It what we're trying to get out here we got an. App it's just been doing fantastic get over thousand downloads real easy to do you text atx. 231996. You can shop homes get interest rates calculate your payment. All that stuff it's really easy to do text atx at 319 and six. All right we are further ado Renault get right into Augusta got a full show were packed literally packed house today. So this rule states show were to get right into it a little welcome back Crist and Kristen Jacobs with regional property group back on the show how you doing I'm doing things haven't back I'm Jason just just just very welcome has a symmetry. It's great beautiful day did what it would if you've been up to you. Well I'm just working on a few upcoming listings and trying to spend some family time between the madness. Fantastic world so shot what so would put total slowed developed to you guys huddled. Little love Valentine's Day. That's what Joseph did yeah Chris and I went non hung out in the teachers' lounge of vodka Linda elementary school or their Banja Ben White. We brought them some lunch and some information on some loan programs. As especially hometown heroes. Which is indeed downpayment assistance program for first responders and teachers. Com and we just kind of hung out. There are not eight launch though many answering questions they may add. As they as they came and went in provide them some information on you know they manage is buying or renting and now. So a couple hours and missile launch yeah so is are they are there any opportunities for teachers out there I mean work or can now working about a they're deathly army there's all different kinds of programs available off for teachers to help if they don't have down payments calm I'd say you know obviously on the teachers. The other salaries aren't the largest so a lot of times it seems like we're working than not Maynor hot though. Kyle you know those kind of areas Omnia South Boston. A little east but rather a lot of great programs out there for them and you know we love helping teach yourself if fire any teachers out there think about buying a house. Gives usher Chris they all go Tex lines open fob war. 2640916. And if you're just too man this is rules say radio. Appreciate you spinning a little bit of your Sunday with this so Christians let's let's get back to you let's talk little rules stated I mean. Yeah there's there's lots areas that we covered central Texas and actually we cover all of them but. Four for the good. Just I think if there's a portion of this city that that gets a lot of attention and that's South Boston. But they be southwest's side in particular. You know we just don't seem to talk about business you just don't hear as much about it. What's going on in that you southwest parkway a court or area. Well southwest parkway about a six mile stretch from low pact to 71. And some of the large her residential neighborhoods are Travis country Lantana charts country west. Is gone there condos and new and I well there are some that have been existing for about ten years or so and then there's still some new development. But there's a lot of commercial development coming to the southwest parkway court. Which is good and because if you bring commercial. You it's fair to say that residential gonna follow. In a kind of got this out of this. MB maybe you can help me but it's it's how far away a round trip to HEB and act like that's become such. You perfect or our important thing here in central Texas. Bride welded to the locally TV it's pretty close but it's not it's kind of rundown line at the white Oak Hill though. The hope is that there will be a new grocery store preferably NH she'd be out somewhere along the southwest parkway corridor. And you give 110 minutes of thriller and bad. 71 and BK if I just out of the men and another popular one is over and as Carmen village in circle C Jones classics usually what else commercial out there what's who's who's who's well. Yeah Eddie as living there headquarters from further down on southwest parkway near map pack two closer to blame Kana and institution and it it's pretty near can completion now it's right outside of the Lantana subdivision. And I am on the west side of yeah Eddie will be and you couple office buildings as well as wonder well it's a Montessori esque sort of private school that's going and I get ahead and be on they've RD pre and rolled. I know dozens and dozens of kids so that's going to be pretty hot and then there's waiting list for those all over town every week we've looked into some of the stuff and I mean you better you better get a list absolutely the big development however is that southwest parkway and blame cannon and it sent the Lantana development they're calling it. And it's in and consists from some office buildings that several restaurants coffee shop and then many house eatery is actually going to be the anchor there so I'm I'm pretty stepped up facts available to yeah they're reader so that kind of par lays into my next question but what are the perk to mean what what's the draw water people living selfless Olson. Well I think at least along southwest parkway corridor there is a lot of open green space and kind of Rolling Hills so it is picking compete and it's beautiful. I think development will be somewhat restricted because of the watershed and then he sabre springs and so that's part of the appeal the other thing is that it is so sweetly situated you can incentive valley from the shopping options they have within ten minutes downtown in ten minutes. Overt had to be caves in the gallery and ten minutes I mean. Honestly if it's it's and my pen in the perfect place almost. Reno ruby rolling woods parred to the right now it'd I think it has the potential Sean he's selfless for what I Yousef was parkway. That's probably nearly daily went out and that's how from like way it's it's the best way to get downtown. Yeah you without a doubt it used to be kind of a little hidden Jim may I get the airport Koppel on their near lightly on her eldest everybody not easiest road Kuwait but don't tell anybody that just because about it while me when your alternatives to go to the Y. It's like do I want issue myself why earned loud I don't know why exactly and so now now now they've got you know vote the widest it's they did make some improvements elect what they did over there is that what's called your from Jersey what's the the jug handle jug handle all the pretty that's like the quickest -- way to get off tonight and Iraq is like switch up traffic. Why yeah. Yeah Beisel is cluster yeah it's like you're in an eight waste stop. In doubt we're we're sharing a ride a ways and valued Austin Austin nights that's like you know that those who like dragons. But he's. You as far as that goes man you know driving guy. You know it's outdated we struggle I don't even like drive another in the dark the freedom and get the wrong lane you know I've done it out across ever stand I guess public I'm guilty how wild a longtime Moscow backed away and I'll cut our cut down Thomas brings rodent and get relative to do for the Wyeth. And all possible Obama. We'll get a deal so Chris I mean we're talking about southwest. You area southwest Austin I mean we've talked a little bit about commercial. You know you mentioned condos I mean what so tell us a little bit about that development what are they doing. I'd ask Tamara konduz their high end luxury and some of them have views and downtown heroic. Yeah they sell the price climbed from about. Five to 650. From us a Mac itchy about maybe 19100 or so square feet that's bigger than our thought. It you know I think I price and I agree I think they're fairly well priced being that they kind of back to Barton creek in some high ends real estate. So and I did more with the single family yeah along topless parkway so that's more my expertise yes I guess some that will so in you've got a couple young couple listens up there. Idea actually have one and the Lantana subdivision it's it's under contract and all are as of last week with multiple offers. So preset track that and I haven't I'm coming up in South Boston 7704. And well to money seven NCAA mesa drive it's 2754 square feet total 384. Square feet of which is the garage apartment. Main house's three veterans and have fast. And and the garage studio has a one actually one poll bathroom and another half after a while as well as the room and I am. So it's a it's a really beautiful craftsman style home and I'm looking part of putting on the market this week this week. So what's on the big question now what was so what's the price point yet where there take guests. I had Saturdays and how Murphy at me for it's funny 700 flavor excel and. 699. 900 nothing had exactly. Only 326 is where liberal groups Orange County California take seriously what I'm I'm from Orange, California a lot more there 'cause I got a feeling like why actually I read an article it was today actually was an article from the New York Times writing about east Austin yeah. In the last two years the average cost of home and east Austin has gone from about a 160 dollars square foot. To over 300 artists prefer is that it leaves you in two years will I it's too close to downtown I mean it's right beer or let's listen there's there's literally they are out of develop. Land that can be developed west of 35 yes so we're in the downtown area so their only choice is CO east. Stuff like yours soon and this is realists say radio I'm Jason Stubbs and we've got Kristin Jacobs with the regional property group. And we just talking about a listing out their 7704. Chris and how do our listeners can contact with you they want a more information on this house they can visit my website hum search ATX dot com or are and email me at Crist and Aaron regent PG dot com. Carried out whether you have a Gaza let's take a quick break we come back we'll be talking about a little more about a book to christened just mentioned which is multiple offers. We've got to amber Lamberth coming up well with the Riley realtors stick around you'll miss us. Let me welcome back to the show's central Texas you'll stay radio I'm Jason Stubbs. In doubt got shot Finnegan senior loan officer in RL mortgage sit in here with me my apartment co host and Sean. It's gone. How much ran faster asserting your busy. Yeah this is about time you were stars who get busy so we had a little viewers get a little wall kinda November December January and February things are certainly seemed taken nine years disc yeah you you've been moving. Yeah a lot on the phone and and I got a bunch clients the line in and what would we see lately we've seen a and we saw a four plex come away with soft four plex or open how aggressive four plex these little work we had kind of a VA deal we need on rush because. The fallout. From another lender and we just help somebody a lovely to engage Kabul by their first home Maynor he so that was fun I love me here. You know Maynard is it's common man is right there on the edge that whole way you can copy vote on there and you're a mean. We've been out there have been wanna still it's still affordable you can mean these these folks bought a really nice three bedroom two bath bath you know for under 200000 dollars you know entry next neighborhood which. There's not many places and Austin they can say anymore yes no doubt about it. Aaron yes proceed he worked downtown to the if you work downtown domain area greener with the Toro right there no problem right there no doubt all club instead of a you know I sit here talking about several state what we introduce our next guest the lovely amber Lamberth with Riley realtors welcome the show. Are you don't you do it houses Sunday treatment and then get up and spend some time at the same plane to him it to my son Selig and the beats them are each in me. How how was that I mean not I don't I don't wanna know. You can relate if I've or is it Lego Batman and is I think when Lego Batman so shot and I have. But three year olds is fairly yeah and yeah mine's mild little not going to be three on the sixth of march but I don't I don't know what no I don't care about how the movie was what was the movie theater like. We just this pack it was is it your craziness going around the goodness look at what we've got a ma ma thankfully my mind lovely wife is gonna take us. My son to that would hurt my friends and Mikey does assistant for ten minutes are about two hours so yeah it's not. You know about it gets even a chance to take him to death no we have not attempted the movie theater with. With three that you. A white takers in a Little Mermaid at Lake Travis high school they made it to the First Act. Analysis and that was that I had to leave it at an intermission they left count what ever let's get right into a girl I mean before we we hopper's rules say thank tells a little bit about. The little bit about you a little bit about Riley realtors. I think why am I and then and that relationship building business for about ten years yes and that a real estate for three. Today work for ready they're great companies am. The support there is amazing and we've had a bunch of feel on I mean I'm just from work with lots of via me and a lot of us now do you know there is. I mean if not a lot compared to the other you know the the red colored company. But it's. You know it's you guys have quality you know you've you've got leaders and it is a shame my clothes there are fantastic what they do and and I think that you know they kind of bring you know folks in it that are are are vetted that it that debt undersea in the business that do well. In and they can't give you the tools can take it to the next level. Ranked Connecticut at that they're good at that Walt what let me let's talk a little we knew what would we have would tell what are people doing this coming here. And it is getting this me out in LM and I was busy November December as well that now you know listings are propping up buyers are coming out. So it's it's filling next summer I eat it it definitely has. Hey guys this is a real say ready if you're just tuning in I'm Jason styles were here every Sunday at twelve noon were also our TV shows running at twelve noon on KB BOB should take a look at that. We've got out Aybar Lamberth of Riley realtors or taking your questions right now. 5126409. 610. Gives attacks. And we've actually got one sitting here which is reminded me that kind of put that number out there but. You so I've got to listener questions in this for you we got Jonathan out of Cedar Park. How many sand. What are what are the key negotiating points. During the real state process. OK so and this is one thing islanders talked to clients about and because that's a question I asked a lot especially during summer and spring time and it's really hot. And but there's some things he can you don't really meet your offers and now especially when they're gone against tenor twelve other operators all meet here here's the term and yet we we took about four months off of the multiple offer term threat because you we just all you a little bit distill inventory none you know buyers were really. Behind as fast as they are but we're back in it here in the law offers all of the place of folks get ready don't follow your first house and. The idea that the key thing is you know in buying our selling home is very emotional for people. And so you know the main thing I tell my clients is writing a personal letter something they love about the house put a picture of themselves. On the letter I know that golden would only Golden Retriever it works if you know I've had and several people coming they chose our offer because. They liked the family they love the story. So I mean my client flat that mean when I tell Matt Bennett it works a lot of end another thing is just to have your lender called the listing in Jen and just kind of reassure them on your financing. I love to do that did you know I've met so many just really cool people that. Classical people mean just folks that you just get that feel like you just wanna work with them right. You know you just kind of hear the first couple minutes of phone call mom just had one yet this week in and you were me enough for coffee it to talk you know discussing what we can do we can help each other is anything but I think that's great analysts. Well and that's what this whole businesses building really issues and the people you wanna work with someone and I wanna work with clients that I lanky you know they wanna work with me because they like cleanly build relationships so having that lender calling discount them. Given the Mormon 'cause he's helped. Definitely I totally agree with it so we get questions all the time we've got a strong investor pool out their listeners some folks that. You have been pretty active with out in the text line and calling and all that stuff and give there's a bit if I could this question all the time and throw it to you feel are there still fuels in central Texas I mean are you know are we paying full price for everything or. Are there occasional opportunities where you can you can get a deal. So yeah and I mean it definitely depends on the area and the price claim then there's definitely until she can still get and facts. Last month I helped a client get a home. We got 101000 dollars under ask keen fully furnished. In image in my 151000 dollars in equity sell out there. So I'm fully furnished the apple is on the keys are accidents that limited and they live from California you're moving trucks sold dollar assassinated. As he made dread and that's terrific guys and they will give Dili others do you working with with a lot of out of state. Via actually a lot from California and of these are states that when you get out of the cold. How do you ease that news funny 'cause obviously there you it's more than just a move on the you're talking about your potentially moving kids. Changing health care changing jobs bank accounts valued all of the utilities. Potentially cellphone service. Him. Health insurance and all that stuff we wouldn't what do you do runner or what advice can you get some folks kind of eased that. That pay a little bit. Animal just being there through the whole thing you know like that after even after my clients close a deal lake I don't Philly guy in that relationship I just stick with some. So helping them through all that giving him the right contacts showing a mall that our city has softer really held soon. I'm especially if they're coming from somewhere up north for their indoors all the time he can come here and be outside. 360 and is your most of the time so yeah. Some SS or most people let's pursue Melissa come from California are they kind of calling you and know where they wanna be in town or they kind of saying. This is what we want what part of town put you know what kind of best fit us. Yeah I'm just a time names they know what kind of home they whine and I have to direct them in the right area. And actually a lot of my clients I don't even meet until lean mean at the closing table I am I'll go to the house isn't face time. And just deal like a regular showing on the weekend and they we face time you know technology is amazing these days film. That's. I mean you can do light work of media is crews room to room you guys can talk till speakerphone go oil and EM that's a great that's a great way to do it again you know tour you're actually previewing because. You know there's a lot of pictures that sometimes you just can't get perspectives. In all leave that alone but Oreo in the picture you say man. I'm not a photographer right are there for just gave me an extra script to Ireland and armor we sold our house and and our ruler came back with our age you know just the summer. And I saw the pictures and I'm like that's not my house. Peter you don't like that is not my house all right yeah. Are you can't see the neighborhood and you know it's not around these numbing that cliche in the neighborhood chain of others I've cars in the drive Linux or out. You got like the of the front yard with the gates with W we got. Five pupils well yeah I could just run an unlit Aaron when. Clinton's yeah there's some of that and in what I would Apache sure you are talking about a mixed bag for me. Thought we had everything from the meth trailer to the three million dollar lake Austin lake front. If you know a state says an everything and everybody and everything in anything between reads like we we played to get every night. The game was I was at a gunshots or fireworks that that was pretty much the game that was the game like gunshots or borrower is a look good neighbor a FaceBook page. Somebody's posed what gunshots or fireworks with. You know news is everybody yes kid DO does lead you're just tuning in this is real say radio I'm Jason Stubbs appreciate you stick around what has ever artists and got a listing out there. Let's hear about it. And so it's in meadow lakes which is right next to marble falls Graham it's literally ninety miles from my heart goes down downtown marble falls. Marble falls is under rated a great love it it's fantastic. Are rallying California listening get too much in your car dry about marble falls and why you're at it take a look at this listing yet Phyllis you're meg getting into play other real honesty brings an added on to eagle on. Well it's not open today that's for sure yeah the. So tell us about this how yeah SL it's Q house on the golf course and eating lean and mean 24 hour security. It's on a dead end street so you don't have that through traffic. And it's three badgering and she bath has extra and study can be a fourth bedroom if you need that. And 2718. Square feet right and it's gonna be 3103. Cents. A marble falls if anchor Bob Dole one I go arts marble falls Amin I had to drown out that way their day mean especially here with a partner Tom a you're southwest parkway near lake way your beat Steve yeah. Moral false forty minutes there I mean it IKEA tomorrow false. At 5 PM a lot of ashtanga downtown. Absent it's viewed it's a lot prettier tomorrow mall operator no doubt he's right they got some great restaurants or some breweries there are some vineyards up that way. I'm also is on the tenth fairway it is this really prime spot for the golf course I don't know I don't golf colleague guy doesn't like and want to. He jabbed me too. A good deal Lola ever tell our our listeners out there how to get in contact with you whether they just what talk did you or. On the they won't want more information on your listing him marble falls yes then making good in my plane and amber cells. Atx dot com or my email as amber Pat Riley REI Allah ally. Realtors dot com. Perfect whereas let's take a quick break we come back we're gonna talk a little Williamson county we're going to be talking about. A I am broker's job there realty taxes so you wanna stick around for that we'll be right back. Can you. Thank you so moment. Welcome back central Texas this is real state radio I'm Jason selves we appreciate you stick around through that break. We're we're back and we got more action fortieth on Souter joined. By some wonderful wonderful folks out there and excited to introduce. Before I introduce you guys are Sean Finnegan how we go so far Purdue and gets so far yeah we'll give thanks are back in my direction. We got Jack Stapleton in Lisa Ormsby. Both owners will. Realty taxes welcome to show. They haven't house's Sunday do you treat you guys excellent yes really nice so we'll tell us about it I mean let's hear it I about crashed your. Grand opening party last weekend just hotels little bit about the road to Texas. Thank you as pretty exciting we have both been in the business for more than a decade yes and we open realty Texas on January 1. Had a ribbon cutting last week. And we had about 200 people come to the office. Fantastic and yet. Yeah it started is sort didn't fit there and that's I took you up on the adult beverage and then not about by around. And out of our carbon male what a success and what a huge group of people. Muscle lots of faces that I I knew just trying to sneak out and you know had a ran into some folks it was just fantastic to see hadn't seen a lot of those the folks in in a while also. Deathly good kids. To us to get out and say hello so tell us I mean tell us about your location it why and let's let's hear about tell where he doesn't take this thing. Realty Texas the name it's got it's not a big assured us this area. But we are born and raised realtors yes we are focused in wins and counting in round rock. We opened in a strip mall we wanted to be where the people were out sure so we're right next afflicts pronounced. Nice and we kind consider that central Texas I know a lot of people think of Austin has been Jim Hill but not so. Anymore I agree. I agree I mean you guys throughout their mean you've got a segment of central Texas. That doesn't get is much press either you're you're right here I mean how far away yes from Georgetown. Protections earlier touching it in what's the big trawl mean Georgetown I think is it's a hidden gym. I'm what's the draw Alter that to that area. I think what people think Texas to think gland yeah inland is the new goal. And land is expensive especially as you get towards north Austin so people are finding affordable housing which is a huge issue and how hard it is now they're going to round rock. Politico huddled Georgetown those areas where they combine nice family home in the high 200 to a 300 which is almost impossible to find an Austin. That is in Gaza as Jack stable manager here from right there Jack before we go any further with this only back up just for a second in. Tell us a little bit about a meat out of I've seen you here everywhere man. I mean yeah I just I see all over the place and you've got. A lot of business a lot of folks that you work with a lot that your working on but tell some of these. I mean association says that if you work with flawlessly it. You podium spot to distill it. Well. I was between fifteen president for the Lincoln County association it's huge on that's a big deal. It was a lot of responsibility a lot of fund probably the most fun I've had in a long time what's scarier and our realtor and street. I don't know that all of the presidents would I have that same. Take on it but I hope so so glad you had fun and for our for art in south there can explain what that board does. Sure so the associations as a trade association for the realtors and we are there to help raise the bar professionalism in our industry to. Give our. Realtors access to education. Knowledge of what's going on in the marketplace we also you know. Involved in the political aspect yes definitely and so I mean the political aspect meaning the local level meetings central Texas. Even even political meaning taxes and and obviously we as national too cute candid interviews. And fining people who are. Friends of realtors on the Texas association of realtors every legislative year 'cause a set of think that they're looking for in these candidates writer you those candidates to find out if they're friendly to real state in the prior property rights and if they are then we support them through. Campaign donations directly. On and also sending out cards and information on their behalf to help keep them in the chair. Fantastic it so I'm now were were on we Williamson county BS central the new central Texas Lisa. All all try to help you get that point across good luck I kind of agree. I've renamed our city to baby Hollywood's so like this publicity we're looking out the window here that's maybe Hollywood if you wanna go to central Texas you got to move up. Move up no pack after thought of it. But come alone. What what I mean you guys got a a new in ML last system. Out there and done you a free folks out there don't know if that is a mean that's that's where you go to see what is for sale what's sold all that stuff. Suit your Jack kind of take it from there explain why in what that means. Two years you guys as far as your role state agents out there and then to the end all be all buyers and sellers. Back in the day we had a book and agents would share their listings in the book and published in print yet to print it in a bind it type that I was crazy thing in the crazy things like you know we are about like how how they pulled credit reports twenty years ago. In out there are some guy in a room that got to Faxon. Politics here. And instead of the Polaroid was huge thing for the industry can I get a photo and yeah it was a crazy and so they adopted the technology into that and they've taken a book and turn it into a multiple listing system to realtors have to subscribe to belong threat and that information is syndicated to REALTOR.com to truly it's all the third party sites that the consumers use then to the realtors have to pay to subscribe to the system and it's interesting because the consumers have access to REALTOR.com what's right all the listings across the entire nation correct. Whereas the realtor has access to their small subset of local data correct to the consumers have access to more data general took us. In most cases yet that makes zero sense I sounds like the banking industry over the river just like the mortgage industry. We don't need it started to affect so the realtor associations are taking their dad and they're combining them into regional and molasses so the realtors now have access to more territory for the same fee. So for rivers which is realtor association that's just south of Boston red to blue belt and went to county. And a few others have come together and put all their data into one system so the awesome board of realtors has actress which is. Austin yes and then the CTX and alas is the data all the way around. While. That I mean that is something it you know it it makes sense that you know you we just have to of all you care fight technology. And value a lot of times Solio folks out there wolf we'll just kind of wanna stick to that that old same old same old but you can't do you can't do it. And it's all about the consumer trying to give the consumer access to better data that's what it's all about it I mean how how do you how do you guys how does that help you to have access to more data let's say. Let's just take culling and if you could Koppel wanna see what's for so luckily give me kind of a situation where that would benefit you or client. Share for two reasons one appraisals appraisers are in the system and are looking for data. Gone. Our lines are being blurred so it really they areas that are impacted for the places between clean and simple realm are between temple Bowman wincing counting. Where maybe a temple Belton pro Alter. Works in north Georgetown and they have listings north Georgetown. Right now they would have to belong to two separate and molasses but that data and her separately managed those records separately Sony unless it's combined into one. The may have to manage one analyst listing and it's just half the expense for the realtor yes. And all of the data is in one system for the appraisers to make sure that we're praising the properties daily. I mean in and that's a huge deal I mean appraisals you know you can kind of come back Sean on YouTube to our side. You know whip when there's there's not enough information to get that firm appraisal guys. You win your outfit thinking about you know I want to what I can sell my house were like what's my house worth and the house is worth exactly what other homes in neighborhoods that are comparable viewers have sold for house. That we had access to the data yes and that's a big thing I mean to opt. I don't have we'd on the pros buchert awesome but I can tell you. I'd I've done quite a few transactions sound enough port ranges and that three of the big problems 'cause you get a lot of cash sales. And you get a lot of on site sales and then not a ray's report and MLS and he gets some lazy appraisers that. I mean it's simple like I had to do it for mother called the sells office at a community others and taken you out. I sesame you know yours you're sold the last two months yeah me Oceanic six are now or never even in the MLS while. You know is incredibly actually seen appraisals. When house across the street from another one was and once system in their praise that you know a larger amount and no one was in the other system and it came in lower I mean that literally affects the market in a negative way I mean. Because you're not getting true market value. In that's that's very important I mean you're talking. You know tens of thousands of dollars in sometimes whether it even if it's just thousands I mean that makes that you know for seller that's a lot absolutely you know for a lot of people that's a lot of nicer guys appears to an end this is real state radio. I'm Jason Stubbs we appreciate you out stick around with us today on the Sunday we've got Jack Stapleton at least so Ormsby owners of real TX's. And we're sitting here and just haven't the good old time Jack and Bob or hear your grand opening. We come up you mentioned something about. You've you you can find homes are you found homes under that 200000 dollar mark is that still locked out there or did I just put you in a corner not at all in fact the. You're not gonna believe this but it's as the Florida have weeks ago I decline coming to me with a 100000 dollar budget and said I need you to help me find my grandson home. And we were hit the ground running we found a Condo town home in when Damir and flew up. It was listed for a 99000 it was 11100 square feet two bedroom two bath. It was not as distressed as you think it would be was in move in ready that's exactly what else they come back Kimberly cabinets and for her captors forced your toss in faith they needed pain carpet because what I needed Santana yesterday we're up against nine offers to ours accepted and we closed just over a hundred. How'd you do I mean you know we talked about multiple offers me. Yeah express restart didn't really go in the spring and summer America talk about it every show. But what. I mean how do you guys advise folks on you know exact type a price point obviously you're gonna be competing. We know that anything under 200. It's fair to say anything around around 250. You're gonna be competing if you're not the home probably not priced right or they're something that dates cannot obviously. The the reason why it's not selling but how do you guys you know emotionally prepare your clients for these multiple offer situations. Well I can't speak for Lisa and she's very experienced in this as well what I. Advise my client's first of all as we need a strong pre qualification letter from the lender gonna make sure that we have the financing lined up from the very get go. We can't be free wearing about the financing when your multiple offices where definitely have that. Figured out in how they're down payment on the reforms that we approve the funds for that once we have that I tell my clients he got one opportunity to get this home you have to put your best. Put forward absolutely in doubt because they're you have a Jack Stapleton Elise orgy with Texas. With realty taxes and how aura house or you can touch it yes. Well you can and give us occur all I'm tired. We have 800 numbers Kimmel. Okay. And then we also have a website which is to Texas dot com that's probably the easiest way to tell where on Twitter round face black. My missing easy fantastic wanna show you our listeners a phone numbers so I didn't matter so it's 800. 6601022. But he got skipped. They're Gus go well we appreciate you choose for hanging out with this this. This Sunday won't get you back in and and I mean you are kind of what you got to be a little bit of our lifeline out in that area. So hopefully that he you know he began just more involved in dot expert contributors we we've got a habit and they are folks out there deserve it nothing to Gaza. Help us with that so we appreciate you. Got sick route we got more comes. They welcome back to the show's central Texas. This real say radio I'm Jason subs are appreciates take a little time on your Sunday. There's been what this for talking about all things. Rules say grocery industry mortgage and all that stuff we wanna hear from me whether. You are upset with your lender or don't know how to choose a realtor boards have a general question we got lots of questions we've been field knows and answer some of those today. Appreciate you folks reaching out to us Tex lines open it'll remain open for an hour after the show so reach out to a stop 12640. 9610. That's 512640. 9060 and it also. Be sure take a look at our FaceBook page rule state radio has a FaceBook page where you kind of see. What we're doing now more post different podcasts and in all kinds of stuff we've got folks. Asking questions and get involved in comical rules they community whether you're. You you'd just you'd be you'd like me in your kind of a mortgage and in numbers rate nerve weirdo or if you just like palaces and my two programs we think shall. Yeah let's get meaning any David any interest and real stay whatsoever so pretty little site to jump around it is in as always our app is available for you guys reaching shop homes get interest rates and calculate your own payments it's easy to do. Pull up a text message you're text atx. 231996. Click on the link scroll over click save to home screen. And you can start shop and homes get interest rate to calculate your pain turnout so without up further dude. We've got the owner of temperature probe. Tim Hoss that are in the studio I don't have. I'm do not think you will get deal would appreciate you common in and in hang out with us. How houses and they treat me. So far so good now spring Tom busy for you. It you know it's about to get busy spring is when it picks up we're actually coming up or slow season are not anywhere in February usually mild weather where those heating and air systems are so stressed attack. We're ramping up and plan on big summer we'll tell us some tell us a little bit about your your your company a temperature probe. But temperature Prodi is it's a new up and coming national franchise actually from the other founders of pop lock the unless the services and around 25 years. And they've been testing a model with that with H factor the last couple years and just started to open about a 25 or thirty outlets throughout the country this last summer. And this next summer though probably 25 or thirty more. While it's usually so what topic calls are you do you take in you know this past week a new woody woody here on out there. Well if he had this time of the year we get some some unusual calls some you know with. Stinky air conditioning systems what happens when heaters c'mon is a certain bacteria can grow on some systems. Unquote inside in this image and the AC in the that oil skin moist again from sensation you get a weird smell. I got to consider sending it there's some cleaning process is it take care of that but the people coliseum at the strain smoke coming from my system what's going on. In your preacher you know that is usually have and that's always that seems like the first time you put heat on communities on the opposite burning yeah ourselves is burning. If he's out there objective check below zero outside makes the units on fire in baton yet meet meet checking my own units like a look at how exactly like after that in my moves I don't see sparks and the -- is spinning so all the odds are what else is wrong and not making a weird noises and I'm not touching it yeah that's what dom. So obviously you know it's it's February were certain to come up Beano Texas circuit not your soon. Armed border some things folks should be doing I guess solar system now. You know because the dreaded call nobody ever wants to make the AC company is you know it's a hundred yet are alive July 3 it's a 107. Degrees outside in your race he's not working and it's not working because of something you probably should've done months earlier that. To prevent it helps the other pay out about them the next the most common thing that people should always be looking at is there air filter straight viciously filter somewhere in an intake inventor at the unit. And have those filters get really dirty especially after allergy season you know we just had cedar pollen finish up here and there. And so this filter can get pretty clog or Fiat pats just normal operation every few months checked those filters because that's one of the worst enemies is air restriction. Lawmakers to some not perform well. I mean how can you get the most life I mean other than filters I mean. You know we've got give folks all the time you they get these inspection reports back and it's like move. You know H backs on its last leg you know how. It was just say that you fur fur for us Armenia are our our checks old but I knew what are some tips or some maintenance some things that we can do to kind of get. The most bang for buck can make sure we're efficient doing that. Oh there's several things that mean then that the biggest one is the filters second behind man is springing up just hosing off that assay condenser unit the thing with the fans spends on the ice and I can believe that one time and I in my old house seat now lets arm a city boy on the you know. I'm gonna do it yourself for minority leader on the pick and then I called an AC goes before I met him I call AC guy and it's always like. So sprayed down with a hose and Mike. Despray don't oppose that Chertoff this is a list that that was the problem like wow okay this break down those really high pressure yet in just the standard garden hose keep it clean you know a couple times a year spring and fall maybe. You know after that may and its programs you know that is you know down those couple of things there's not much else you can do it and then just like your card and you take it in for regular maintenance yeah so how often should someone coming and I had you all out. On a couple mock strategy has come out of my system how often should folks. Com you know give their system looked at. Well yeah that after the first three years of service obviously an assistant going to be okay. But you know service intuit dot twice a year every six months is isn't good period to have your system checked. And you know basic up ms. Akers will come out and now. Yes not just it does is examining things in terms of making sure things are connector and operating random we'll check. Operating voltage is an operating temperatures and pressures to make sure that things are in scope and will often find things that are out of scope before they died. And we can given the choice at that point have taken their place in now or you can wait until a 105 degree day. You know yeah struck out and let live out in the guy call him on the hundred warm as old house format Emma I've been the guy called the 105 degree day. And then this winter I was called him on the fifth to 25 degree I remember you were whining yeah aka big thing like we came all clear. We're out about six hours that I accommodate in my house that you I can see my breath in my house and my my thermostat is just off. Blank there's just now in the screen is dead. Ten Annie is like 10 o'clock on Sunday in my Tim ma sapphire was able to get it going at least for the night and then you know. Tim is great I think is guy I was out there by 9 am next morning they were out there but you know if they'll tell you folks out there. That tend to be cheap on certain things like myself on the amount of Tim Watson. Say was prices are over the over there but you know them to the system check was very affordable well are they came out I mean super cheap. Deathly worth it put this way you know that the the the price for the check out if you wanna call it is way worth it compared to you know they might catch something that will save you thousands of dollars down the road affluent. What does the B hop in their real quick if you're just tune in this is roles they radio I'm Jason suffer here every Sunday. On not talked thirteen seventy a M at noon so shock thing and I will be you're backwoods next week so well we appreciate appreciate just union. We would hear from him Gaza Tex lines open if you got questions. Anything all things I mean a seat right here I mean Tim is your guy with the temperature probe that number spot 12640. 9610. So. I mean tell let's talk about you at what point. Did you have an operating system on the analysts say that it is still moving doing some things it's supposed to. But do we do we really need let these things just die before we replace. Well that that is definitely a personal choice you know unfortunately when they dies in Kansas in the peak of the summer and air conditioning as can be and I demand sprite used to and it now they don't get this guy when it's 62 around though they don't yet the fifth but mine is forty outlaw he. Forty sold me looks old. I mean it's old news at a forty year old Alicea media entity and it on a pedestal the old. Yeah we might be on our last leg blemish this it could I am I know be no big thing. You know B gets solar power and energy efficient people and green building green I mean I assume there's got to be some units out there that are cheaper. As far meet them and our army cheaper price to me they cannot be save on electric currents are not you know really some other for that. Well there are some pretty energy efficient as anybody's guess our energy efficient sorry guys you're like yeah must duplicate that serious seasonal energy efficiency ratio which is basically manager and you sit and all major plants as. An amendment say that we can sell these days is fourteen and if you got a system that's probably over five to ten years old it's probably somewhere in eleven or twelve. Range. Those are just relative numbers at the end of the day you know it the efficiencies are getting better and better. We saw some brands so we so focus on how clinics and carrier and train as well as Goodman. And in some of those go up to as high as 26 here which is really efficient off. Depends on the style and there's different technologies that are commissioners spent on energy efficiency is important a lot of people. We do we do take care of rebates that are offered by AM Austin energy power company dollars per Nellis. It's got to give their take advantage and we did a pretty customer area free money. Yet it is now they require sixteen here which is a very common energy rating recognizes that fourteens and then. It is sixteen oftentimes those rebates will make your sixteens your system cost less than a fourteenth sir. Wow fantastic. Good deal also. What a meat is forced coming out just doing like routine maintenance check up something like duck is. You folks. I mean we've got lots listeners out there that are more pro active so they what they want you come out while there's not a problem so there won't be a problem. And what do you what do you do when you get out there what what can expect. Well they can expect this is definitely check the operation of of the thermostat make sure has gone for heat or cool depending on the time of the year. We'll check steady pressures to make sure they'll toasters no leaks in your debt system. Because a lot of systems do sometimes get cracks her leaks up in their attic spaces in your blown cold air Haider into the attic and wasting money yes and as you said before you know we'll tackle electrical perimeters we'll check out operating currents. Just to see your he strips are actually fully powered in an operating like they should because these things do sometimes start to show signs. A deterioration before they die and you can catch him before neo. Yes definitely it does it mean if you're out there you want sub to talk go with him. It ended just having come out of the house is a great gosh on knobs no money for awhile on these they're very plugged in in the community. He's out there good guy Tim how or. Folks can count equity well you can finest on the Internet for sure website is says temperature pro west Austin dot com all one word. Of course throughout their own FaceBook and Twitter and next door house dot com we were just selected Tony seventeen best of cows suffer service fantastic. Austin these guys are great I'm in half and they bats last couple times about an older home I got a little bit lower unit. Had some problems and Lisa their prices are great. Chris is actually do not my house the the take this is my mouse he's awesome. All in on how he recommend these guys of your problem on don't hesitate to call Tim. Fantastic gospel there you have it that's our show for this week tech slump will remain open it's 51264096. January get in contact of any of our guests that we had on. Give us a shout give us tax give us a call. Rules that radio FaceBook page will be back next week take care.