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Feb 18, 2017|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well and talk thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life that's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. Hey she said this is a lot of shame we don't get any calls but I want to watch and that's okay. It's like to listen you just listen enjoy and 643. Love 512643. LO VE. Warning us that we are alive today by the way in in today's February 17. And this move broad condemnation the perfect time at a similar trauma to weather a thing as I gotta get to. Our first guest on the show. Apparel maker heralding the right. That you write what I see here apparel maker and a half I thought I'm sure if you do tell them. Good morning I knew what. Yeah good morning everyone thanks for having me on the show you have my our current date yep backwards named eight. Prepared me I guess that are pretty engaged to be tough. Call but I get sent all the blogs. Clues thank you sue the morning Seawright. Well not yeah that's pretty mosquito I think I'd be thankful for that masters so I know do we gotta talk about this time. Taxes you have a Ph.D. by the way your doctor. Yeah I have at Ph.D. from the universe. That are welcome. In my doctorate in masters. Or doesn't help education. And you know great. Public health to public health so you're you're so please pick a public health he put together something that's really. Maybe it into the you do Leonard are you working out for you charge revenues is time Texas and. I'm the founder in this CEO. Nonprofits aren't taxes but it is absolutely UT not we have that. A wonderful team so folks out there are people who are really passionate about help them understand. The critical role health plays in our lives. And we all work together I'm Sudan's permission at a time. But I truly great doctors great doctors and dropping them choke. And they are definitely and health doctor Maria companies and doctor Ted Strickland. Aron Ralston to you so. So what's yeah. And are happy meal it's wonderful to meet you all over over the radio I'm. You know where we're. Whereas it's really looking forward to hearing more about your program and what what you guys do. Yes so it's time Texas. Is a two year old nonprofit I mentioned base here and as third guard named him Clyde we work our state can repel. Our programs and services empower Texans who not only help your lives. But also build healthier communities because we know you know that sounds an individual really only as healthy as in my armor that they live there. Hands so what we do as an organization has provide local resources score. Individuals and institutions like schools Gergen Reuters. Childcare centers throughout all communities and then we work across the state to help organize and accelerate all the work. Firms that got really focused on improving population now. Going to one million program so are we just have about a minute left to lose yeah PSA so. How can people get involved in the. Yet so right now all we have one of our our big dean ornish is the call in its context singing challenge. Two totally free competition. Stabilize. On that allow communities to compete against each other to see which to mobilize the most help action and demonstrate the greatest commitment to help. New website is IT TP. Challenge dot com. Our own totally free individuals can upload help sell these. They can log physical activity and weight loss there are opportunities for schools and orders. And may years to get on order media outlet should and organizations like you're. I'm can also helped contribute to the score. In Auckland is in the lead off and actually oh win in the metro category. Firm the prior four years San Antonio and wanted to soak. He's doing really well armed but it changed around some heat wave your listeners to get involved I teach me challenged our armed. And if you wanna learn more about our organization our work to help improve the lives. Thought Texans are put off on the right. That's it's turned Texas dot or. Its current exodus. I know Archie. It's time. And we Bush's wartime we'll get you back to do that week we got Thomas Moore could restart we have until. The end of marches around her friend Triton demolishing the current remark chimps illustrated time to get involved so listen this feature back in. About a British. Worked you do thanks for the work he's doing it and thank you for the show thank you for educating. The population helping our. Our our community to come help here thank you again for having me I'd love to come back and talk more about the. Were we really don't give you more time next time for sure Creighton in the meantime go to ITT community challenge dot com you can learn about it. And get involved so. We keep people need to get involved and they love it when they do so then. Doctor Carol thanks again for for all your information what you're doing is time Texas is a new organization will probably a program so. Would take blue route get the next guest don't so. Where equation back soon OK doctor own. 10 yeah YouTube thank you YouTube thank you all right who got a joy in lane holding. And you're telling all your remote at your all the way from Surrey England is that right. Yes susteren accessory you have to save but stopping me to learn English and some. It's great to pleasure to have you on the show you have something that we talk about and we love it love it when you have done and your passion. Because you went through. You've tasted her very tough to read your life. We suicide. Yes yes that's right new book and music coup we are still some Kris thank you listen to what. And it was tends to yeah not too often it's too we found out is something very important to them magically. I was China these what's so breezy which I'd teach and we it's an ambulance to sneak to the script from. And when Chris Swiss stuff and he talked to head injury neutral enough to to treat. I'm dreaming about to each it would heats traction to Scully and arguments in a coup in the tree weakened and it was a very serious injury. Anyway and often these suicides. When you say it's you run hit and we trounced. And we found to practicing he's house that he and his girlfriend's could never known each suit had sex bleak. I'm done. The world. My sister. I system is still religious head injury Massoud had something to do it taste and she and she Google's and she found that there was a lot of research to show did you if you have a head injury. And it's a serious serious one. You out of Gaza City to send Johns damaging. You'll be too she sounds and the deputy energy plans is often spend lots of conditions in your ability and it can govern. It got into a sex but do you insect strife until at least see. And you'll move which I do any Jennifer Lewis. Owns them. Your response to stress basically stay stinks you. And so it seemed possible. Effects on deceased wife had chris' a disc problem. And Shiites and we seemed stoked teaching do we we know who talked. I need to academic. And recession it clearly but it's the stuff that's written to patients didn't seem to mention it to tool that's. So that's why I decided to try to seek to warn people say date. Nobody else would have to go through what we unit comes through. Well congratulations and thank you so much from this because this is a terrible thing you went through 31 years old. In the prime of his life and yeah audience and get easy NHS there really do seem to have taken an interest to Richard compelling. So. So weather person has a head injury. Aren't there are. Any kind of bio markers or blood tasks or anything. Or diagnostic. Tools that that can be done early on to see if there is damage to your pituitary. Yes there on blood test is usually done by blood tests and the that are about tiny. Coal mine this indicated that she contest breach it's news. Thank you Mano signed it's I mean anyone can be damaged all in new rules life. And you could also stop mid to cheer chain and she may or may not seem damage sometimes it doesn't shattered say they're violent protests. Some. And this is symptoms can be callers I'm looking at about 15%. Or twenty. You normally could compete lots of things because those two symptoms that. But the blood to guess is she accurate. Yes that's right iPhone hype so much so putrid. You're serious in yeah very hard to stay into and it's taken me years to let's say. Yes. Several hundred is up that's up. And what he did it TT HP that's easy staying new commissions post traumatic Taipei pitcher Richardson. So peachy HP. Yeah remnant low. So such interest and interest to say erectile dysfunction decrease in pressure or body here as many grow older you know if you had a bad something happened company football. In this country. They are contest and right encouraged concussions caused it to solicit a head injury. And I don't think it's clear yet how many people who have a concussion like Siskel on at how this problem obesity and to be less. But he finished it's a tiny tiny percentage so to speak to lots and lots of people who have it because of seek huge number of concussions. So there's a diagnosis and as low. Clouds are low. Well aren't what they should be a great woman and damaged tissue going to be depressed you might get to obese. Or it could be no I am it's called AC TH is is what stimulate Sheila potential on this and distant insists option would be. Couldn't so well. Tendency to change and lo and seeing. Then. Inability to respond to stress property. Spend endless sex ones so there is an energy treatment. From the recent CNN news. Yes us right to me what should discuss its strategic you don't hold my knees so we'll have to do is to keep you warm and replacing its. I'm too that there is the right constitutes should be. I'm done. You can restore rule of sexual function and you can restores it to Jesse and done. Obesity in you can use weights and. Islands. It is thought to sort of full precinct because of pageantry to damage people in the waste say you may find. That's it isn't a magical fix that you hoped it would be but it will set you make mistakes until flash that's it. Nadal is also co loosely blistering heat and I'm Anglican to Lister I'm. We trust these racial. Was sentenced to get it right goes melatonin in Peru pouring them prone yes yes yes and he a lot of trouble sleeping I'm sure. And I think to a CN Dawson data content trumpet seeking but you don't sleep my hand that as soon. That you just you don't turmoil won't thing you know. Yes yes needs to insults at the stakes you shouldn't Yang thank you Mitchell actually seek. Kid yourself when you're in the states where the book you wrote mother rose suicide body for the truth that's for sure doing fund from the truth. Yes because if somebody doesn't give a child. That no matter what age that had been severe concussion. And he was he was. Conserve a coma because her for a week is that correct. If sets rice in hospital for three more weeks of if you have so if you have something that's serious and never challenge that are put her adult human. Then who knows. But the doctor no through those those who have been rare this season. Is that if your problem was that it recognize and I didn't. The latest on the basis. If you look at if you have to head injury in do you can you don't know what's it like American. You don't and you get to discharge to that sister Telus you plum. Suit tipped come talk to doctor Josie truly you don't. If you have sneaky sure no no reception that state date just mentioned this problem which is so serious. So it's not like she's my so we're outside where they seek campaigned in shorter people to New Orleans right. Death and by the way people wanna found the book you read about essar ignored. Is don't Amazon hasn't occurred to present a special deserve every guest host. And they have to pugnacious called accidents press that you tell me she confined to anonymous in and don't near. Portrait peace until we we have units. I have to. To a very look portions to them to coast today and both of them work. Doctors immeasurably from master university. And their parent and you know United States in Seattle. And they're very good. Has. Just you don't deciphering what's wrong people know. Time and I'm I'm I'm really curious because you know I thought I had actually never heard about this. Tom Kite I treat children and people with head injuries. And especially with coming up at three weekend. We can help to restore balance. Even if the head injury occurred you know 2030 years ago. But a lot of these symptoms are so so I'm curious about how. I mean it's it's obvious when you have a you know someone who's injured or had and she's in a coma that's more severe. But there's a whole range of minor head injuries and minor concussions. And I'm wondering now all about. You know the impact of that. On the pituitary. And yes sir how how severe is your research how severe head injury do you feel. Needs to are good are they finding that needs to happen to it to trigger the damage to the to a Terry and is it. Partial damage full day you know posted tell us a little bit about what what you've researched this. Know him well. Concussion. I'd be there about 25 percentage concussions did you did a cools and complex and can't remember these tendency means some people they wreak Havoc in and things go wrong. And I think convinced Casey's. You shouldn't. I'll investigate the cheers she had it. I just think she. I think what she said bats and the Simpsons. Being quite possibly caused by a listings is terrific you truth is digesting states. I took pitcher Richardson is something that should be knowing about and should be in Libyan Tate sort of intimidated so early early on in the investigation. And before he starts going onto those listings. Is simply be because it's history simple and it's relatively simple. I guess so and so's is a Christian so I I'm. Curious does that happen right away Eli cannot be tested right away Eric. If that happens in a seven year old do we need to wait until they start going through puberty like how would you follow up on that's. I think we didn't receive direct Calista music you should test. Injury can't look at halftime but it's only seen nick Childs and I teens like. Facility into stride and and you know really going to know until that I dealt so I think you have two very minds at description. I mean there isn't it insists that computers in Kemp showed decades off to hedge injury so you can enough to really artists who were its. Mixing. Well we also sees some suicide young people today. Who maybe didn't have an injury and you mentioned your book that driver Roger cry petite. Can also trigger powerful forwards. Coming hypo active pitchers and they just aren't ism is an exercise that's O. Components in the each piece chp stick up her you can teach well I don't know it chp because inclusive if they posttraumatic is with me says is about changing. And yet very. Let's set of people coop was seized its enemy and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome could treat it it's but it's it's often. I mean DT HP is often mistake can mean. And I'm Neal who's a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and people who to critique it sent down that cruised since and teaching exercise routine. And scope to sit behavioral therapy to people they know they should've been checked out faced particularly kinetic and DOS. And Austria tied to injury or perhaps exposures to stroke a neutral states in into trying to think. We have that this country. To do you couldn't appreciation to repeat the test is pitchers pro recovers and I'm thinking. Did you get coverage of their fears. And to be sunny Houston's okay good courageous surged into disorienting. So I don't know what I'm just making sure that people as on how expensive it is but. But whatever car this announcement be covered by our insurance if you shouldn't turns my insurance I was just to test just happens to us from. Nowhere you know yeah. I'm curious yet we know how much the risk of suicide increases with PT HP's. But are interesting that's known but what she's gotten the gist is this if you have a hedging Judy Muller and you would like secretive committee suicides. These three times this not show us no need lessons. I am and come before times. Icing which indicates the bruising and teaching to the brain. And solution is that this hormonal deficiency is playing it not mean I'm trying to think it does because. The DA is ice hockey tour. Write to me Steve how tied to impeach your twosome or who have it's a who have and who confessed to me that they have had suicidal thoughts and in some cases have even tried to commit serious right. So it and I mean the proportionate to include scientists to meet is about them. I stood at five or six to send to people say. It is quite a sizable proportion and the so I mean Keenan. Punching changed at the very soon and the connection. Well you know I can get the book folks get in and I think the big thing is failure child or you don't even handle whatever. Has had a concussion these football personal concussions and their. Their knocked up for a while they're out they're not in the hospital. Maybe a week like your son wants to have to to shut the door and it'll present and in the forms I fill out now I don't I don't remember seeing concussions I had a concussion. And it does not ask a lot of doctors and leisure Shanghai Knight so it's one of those things that if you have all these yes I listened to. Does things yet that you have to beverage ninety announcing their parents since it does so and so Dorsey seemed depressed you know when they reach adolescence and that just to sort of lost its nosy questions about sex hinted. If we had our Sosa and I think Keener and seems budgeting completely different. Your music you could have a card to defend. AJ guess we could it has become aware bullied at Google did you know. Thank you for Google right. But yes they did go to assess the temperature. We go a lot of things anyway so. Than in the book is available at Amazon is not that expensive at all. And it's no American can say is she Tony not to think trump doing addition American many pitches since about chief Palestinian Jewish let me show the book is non. Nine pounds. Yes that's I was in Indonesia tonight nationals turn now to two dollars three are true. So those Irish dancers and hit a child who's had it. Tended to give the doctor hook made maybe you can read it from her opponent at a that is rare that is pretty rare. Mr. movement and so. Regardless Christian I think yes you have to tip on how about it. Yeah credits at the disk gossipy extremely common BS IRS right British pursue serious agents since estimated to us about it. There between her opinion on dominion. I mean this huge number 100 number yes I think quantities in America to its Maria Teresa and the other in the immediate real possibility scene they should people. It's enough for Sharon and I'm gonna be more aware. Cannot and I think that there might see alternative therapies that could. Potentially intervened especially in the beginning and especially it's only mild to moderate. We can help stimulate its military to military stamina so there is hope yes until it gets PSI headset. Will still play February thank you prefer and are doing Manson and I'm so sorry for your loss but if he's turned it into. You know I'm very. Positive. We have really appreciate your contribution. Coming along rolling well yeah but I really appreciate you having me on the show this affects adults who will get your body UN and your comments please. You come next vacation that he should do if you're coming to Texas in the Boston. Those you know I can't do that but I knew nothing about it. And I started to you. Thank you thank thanks so much I guess I think Jason. Think you can. Your list. Let's get healthy bills whale season and by the people often global ballistic Harvick. Let's get healthy food fills well on top thirteen seventeen frenzy by people. I'm 1264. Alien while that's why it's Hillary I know he's three. Much of co host today Doctor Murray and companies in doctor. Ted Strickland. Per don't talk about something exciting I couldn't hear what the reciting the substance found argue about. And actually have caused Jim Meier. Had jumped. And Jim. Doctor Meyer. Who do. And well looks like we'll be talking Souter about our country itself can't just delegate count offer something happens I don't know so Kosier. I don't know just. Movement you don't Jim is a super Smart you know he's an uneasy on the city's entire Pakistan. No he's a pharmacist and this is a pharmacist is a warranty all right concise. OK I jumped. Anyway he he's. UP by the way thirsty nights he has consultations is to sell submerged or. And he does a good job with people you don't so. So all I didn't know pharmacists can. Not prescribe. Don't know I don't prescribe only as of the scratch okay fisherman nutritional should be can I just went. They've built it there thank you Jim. Yeah it's about time he does come we're trying to hide premier Jacques Pepin author pro and that doesn't get. What year you live quite a bit east of here don't shoot. Yeah I live there's no land sincere note. Zero. I hope. Is well. Astronauts. Yes hotel get ripped. Between you know get him Astra. Until somebody IE experiencing allergies out there. Here we sure about these gifted. Suggesting the PLO over the cars in the house and start hacking and wheezing. Through so what do you recommend for allergies. Well there's our product called seasonal shield. It works really well it's kind of ideals for places like central Texas here we've got overlapping agencies into the allergy so he gets a year and then the and then. Down and then rent lead. And it works really well it's one of those synergistic blend since. It's really good. Perceive or type I allergies because it works quickly. In hopes to start to take effect within fifteen to thirty minutes. And it's it's loaded with vitamin C had some vitamin. But it's also get good person to person ten from playing in metal extract which actually up to. Stabilize the mast cells or release system in such such as. Blocking his demeanor at the researchers say it's actually reducing the load at system mean on the body. But the other thing contains his cement that sealed sustained. Which is. An important any accent but and free radical scavengers but it's also. Important for a make included higher on good asylum is one of the ultimate detox of fires in the body delivered attaches great this time around too. That's a toxins and tell ocean and then. Anything the body needs to clear to make it water soluble to get out of body. So on this because I can say in this overlapping area here words when you're going from warm and allergy season to another. It's kind of ideal because it it works quickly. I won't interfere with any medications as somebody may be taken for allergies and it also has some natural. Decongestant effects too because. Of course it's then and but slowly and metal are also anti inflammatory. City get the decongestant effects without. This stimulant effect if things I extradition and so a lot of friends. Pay. See the vitamin C vitamin. Absolutely. Miss. And they can't get things all help suppress that exaggerated immune response we get intelligence. You know looks like a good formula I and every I've never use this with patient side always recommend it's something else but all. Well give it to trying so it is so so the dosages to two capsules. Two times today. Now they can. Take for capsules once today. So you can okay. Yeah and it works well achieve ever gone to bed feeling congested and stopped. Can take this in the evening we'll lake. And feel the breeder I didn't read well through the night so you get better sleep. Better oxygen nationwide are sleeping too Lori can take it in the morning. Get through that day once you've dusted they yell beer Costa car. And expose yourself to. You can take this before hander after that due to flakus that it works quickly that's the big advantage to that. You. Can we'll breezy well it's not it is so critical than that because that's a lot of times so. I don't know my more than all have problems. General stroke in the night and she's actually had another major stroke later on because they prove something's. This columns send drugs this just in the blood and just what. Do work I don't know if you want my love them but. And we'll get in trouble here but but it did it does in any bigger than Texas to prevent a stroke when mr. present problems possibly were. Yeah word because they've admitted that his stinging response is also excited Torre in the central nervous system. So if we lower used to mean in the evening we sleep better because we're not as excited but we're also. We're also likes originating from burning in the tissue. I take some last night because like I was envious of those comic I don't know I woke up this morning I slept well and I'm breathing well. Yeah it's. As far as this type of product it's one of the best ones I've seen. You can you do more than RG need to do more than. For a day. Yes I needed various not pagan overdose. And here's C could take four twice a day if needed. But most people do really well on this once a day goes there. Who can end. So he got the sniffles and you have the sneezing and your third clogged up here which is which you have last night use this as it'll. The other pro seasonal shielded by an America which is a a really good company there called me. Assassinations and science so sees an issue. Great job researching during periods. There's talk of expansion is there. Ferrari torn marshals. That's it's a good price and it's. Well worth it. But Jim we miss cheers or co host Judy coaster sometimes and so. You know primers to close practice because. You can you're at the store you get around to the stores. As pharmacists you can record thanks I think this season because you walk in the store and they want to farm system proposal and cozy Kos and I think that. Sort of things so like about it if you're on medication we don't have to worry about miniseries for her actions. You know interactions with any of their allergy medications that people may already be taken. We'll give any concern about the the length of time that people used this formula. Let's get saying if it works quickly so it's been so he could sell us things and has the build up in the system. But no it's K can be taken long term is needed if you're one of those people that. Literally does go from one allergy season to another you can you can take it all year long issue needs to. What Jim has been a pleasure talking to you have to run your career could produce o'clock so. OK I have to give back which is that you have to do reassured. Yes yeah you come afterward in person we like you who who came into the I can do yeah okay I'm okay. Lewis talked to send it here and thank you thank you do have time to publish tell we have. And the extremists just talk about substance that you are excited about. That your treating patients who have. OK doctor test your doctor the most musically doctor tests doctor Strickland. This and allies to take a for profit. What that idea ever take a really good. I tell you so where we're experimenting. Win if two seam route patients especially with more complex. Of issues. We're experimenting with seeing them. It's not together but separately but. But. Seeing them at different times so they get the best of which she can offer in the best of what I can offers so you tell tell them a little bit about. What we how we. Your Kelly approaches aren't tremendously heartening because what we're finding out is that money is coming up the C without removing some of the Berry yours to cure. You know like they're environmental writer in an environment that's very toxic or their diet it's their diet is. Very heavy and inflammatory. Come foods can mean different things it depends on the case but we find that if we don't address have been coming out these that doctor companies. Uses doesn't doesn't isn't able to really work to its fullest potential so seeing that we decided to work together. Because homeopathy takes a lot of time in Ing idiot cases you can really take the time to get the right remedy. Until she can really focus on getting that right remedy really taking time with the case. And I can focus on really. Finding out where some barriers secure our I can really look at their Diana can look at their environments I can look at supplements you're taking. And really figure out the very best way for them to. Be in the best possible shape when they do they're coming up at least they could really make it work right. You can just tell our committee grand rounds elusive you know when you're having to sit around table and talk so much you just. Quickly you find out she's done that it do you gonna do now if I thought somebody has all the answers Xia a drug the other way yeah. Yeah right I don't hangars now NASA saying you know we're able to complement each other and that outcomes that we get are much greater. And so yes I'm really happy tenth partner like this together and now. We are most doctors should measure of the things and so. If you got one more that it would that be better value I think dollar just probably could scrape. Well many hand sir always good yes son and a images are shooting you know anything it's because any that people are getting two people working on their case you know we often that we can you know and that we have a close relationship where we can you know talk about. The case together I'd like that we and that's exciting yeah. Noticed are doing your resume and yeah but we're seeing good outcomes are really seeing a different game. Well we talked my later we're going to should back and talk Russian war room we got to overuse of the big clock now so we're gonna take a break here. And we have. Doctor Dan Voss and her. Who's gonna talk about every generation did OK to shoot yeah I think so let's listen to the breaking. Do you like people. Thanks so let's get healthy with bills well on top thirteen seventy rusty by people's Constance favorite pharmacy. Call us live at 512643. Lives that's I want you six point three buys port 83. Welcome back to show is I'm 45 and Austin, Texas. The weather's beautiful by the way get out there it's designed walking or jogging would really like to do. But right now we got doctored then I'll singer on the show this. And you have your practice here in Austin don't choose. Do German keeper. Appreciate it. You know. We're gonna we're gonna talk we're gonna tobacco and we can't cover all the necessity can just. This tennis we have a lot well for this so let's let's talk about them. What you do and and I did if you go which by the way you're you're 3300. Usually. Off of 400 Arnold streak the other the most creek. Promotion think. OK so your breath I'll post after a lot of people. But what can you do for people put it would if you learn to do a lot of your blood while practice was in Mexico which is they allow. Course and if GA allows more things over there I'm sure. You know there are lot more freedom over there. I graduated from the national go to our budget back in 1993 paramedic are cool. We're taught you about regeneration a method that regenerate the body in there. That's the natural process the body that dumb I think a lot of my daughter Madison doesn't really fit into how well. What were born when cultures all come together. They are treated to put yourself over your handle Dermot Burma not so there is no overt reserve grimace every helped off all but. And you are you have this perfect blueprint for this purpose through electronic blueprints that map so every single so what the word. If you burger fingerprint off the exact fingerprint. Recalled that I've got her warm but this same exact what do you think about that that's pretty incredible. And so this body has faced man out. That represents every single cell throughout the whole body so what we can order regarding no Jacob died a few years back. It actually mapped out the here and different partly here have different rules are different frequencies so how to get certain collective feet. We ever arguably the body doesn't recognize how do rolled the actual cells that were mapped out before and what I guess what they in other words. Your whole body odor dining you want to replace what all the time he's like he's born on your body break now. So with I'd seen it can't hurt that Matt if it's stored. Simple we can do we can electronically. Recess that mass. To give back to your loved the bodies of global you'll be shelled again. Our legs just or electric charges me every which ended. Yeah you're electric it your natural body's natural biological. Activity is going on there were writers college innate intelligence. I don't you Porsche is cheap but. It's it's the same type of electrical carpentry about it pretty much current coach hurt. And aboriginal culture of the whole body can't hurt so much energy to. I'm so we're not your thought about Mexico Tom. I've been doing this for about 24 years and down my mentor who are. That's where a few years ago I'm. I want to Mexico who do a lot more work them down. And what are terminal cancer patients were complaining but it doesn't matter about treatment that every third repeat I'm not treating the cancer. For the diabetes they are ordinary folk not the other degrees. Under treatment body's ability. Really all all watchful blocks the reset settle current second grow. Knew how we felt the weight Aerosmith BF four. And it doesn't matter if you're not it doesn't matter here. On newborn. Besides regenerate. I'll order. I'll need organ. Everything regenerate slugger all participants can Muster what your whole life so. We all cultural cancer patients older content. And I'll. But didn't recoveries the volume goals he is certainly generating healthy self therefore other four other recent susser. So this is Carol I prevention. You're here prevent diseases can may be cancer things like that I read generally nobody. Has. Prefecture. It sounds like your current leader of our chronic illness. It's nobody's told you to start making you healthy cells and so what you can regenerate you result strong pretty much has this whole. I mean that you can overcome what it so reverse a lot of things. Well have a birthday next week. And so thanks say their birthdays are not reverse countdown. And you know sure I'm not an eight keynote fan but you know when she was shirt during though is changing that. That paradigm. Rice so he got actually into a pool healthier body dole wants to turn fifty in a couple weeks. Can you do that. Could cost you say what it. There well it like let's hear what you're ninety years old or you're through your result the bodies they're old they're. Growing and healthy cells every single day. And replacing the old so go to war now in other words it's like oh what's held up about a 120 days on average. White blood cells probably help you can you tell us about the corporate your turn before. Per my tongue so yes talk talk some want to write and. Right those cells regenerate fairly quickly especially through the GI tract is well true so you don't feel effort talking after a few hours anymore. Also go regenerative. No regenerate burger court court which is good news. Right Derek. No less it's it's continuous for a whole body which is really good all we're going to have to learn to let natural body electrical current. And open up and release a lot or out of the category if you have to do just fine for the public torch course and you don't care. And release and all that energy culture there and make sure there's Obama picked him like a certain body virtual beleaguered and that's important. And champion feels okay. Suicide machine the use straight and then you put it on and how how does that work and do you have one and the country he uses your practice here. Yeah I thought it's a typical thriller Michael occurring in your body you have certain frequency and the best cheering for frequencies and the Michael Clark that match you provide electricity for very very well. And it pretty personal about three to twelve Kuerten that changed it from different sequence just like the bears hibernate in winter time. Thought flowers are blooming in the springtime in the leader Falwell we are legal or changes to the so they're a bit Portugal frequencies. That are sold in different seasonal changes. Like I'm ready you know that's why you get allergies more toward the springtime or more along the large intestine. Problem that happened more for the autumn primary and partner CU which is you're going to be in the summer I worked worked out so they're they're not they're stuck with them. There's so on they're the reason for that. Well so is your website you can go to find out more about this comes forward I gotta get back on because we just don't have enough time to. Used to sneak her daughter but they go to regenerate. UCL dot com. And you see some of the case growth was trading down their Mexico as well a couple people out here that I treated that we're researching your permanent Howell just. One is we're getting crowd also vacuum and shared cancer. And out the other one was they may use our severe radiation to Bernard to try to. Block hobbled blood vessels don't beat mr. Fisher girl and she had severe burns or you'll see fictional let America cultural and we regenerate the Trisha back all the blood vessels came back the nervous she's getting her sensitivity attacked the scar tissue was turner what he's done. So that report matter worried about a body let it all regenerate which is great group. The web site he's drew generates. Regenerate heal. Up generate to heal. There must come. Okay. Did you do your all right also we just. As is to say I never. You're a YouTube it it's a this is Spanish. Yes you were getting their translator. I'm right now but if you understand Spanish if you go too bad not trigger. Allard in and you know he'll treat me and there are there is like Good Morning America show down there they are dirt continental interview my patients. That's in everybody's SeaWorld trouble honor. And a felt guilty from hurting pretty pretty conclude that reversing these. You know ten or you're you're gonna. Were you saying. Not place modern merchants network or you know Australia where the tour include all. Got to regenerate to heal Lebanese the west had to go to kind of what you do and say tell us your address and there's thing about children and I think a visit would. Would be well worth your time you can see. And last thing mop my dog. As a rescue dog and a fleet Carlson blindness in this I was that bacteria. He's just so cornea is everything I think that you can do for for something like that her blindness and these aren't. Sir there. I've done enough people probably restore blindness definitely felt like there are people. I'll buy every Jeff Greene yeah I've also end up actually had a chip that was some. Three years old to resolve they didn't vaccinations. And down they didn't. If you're alert us to make it wasn't a negotiated with the vaccinations or he could become deaf blind and per share separate get in the vaccinations. And that three years old. That he had gotten blind in one besides how do you or nine years old is that I'm that I field. Can tell you can imagine. He didn't have any learning that Roy placed between three and I don't mean when you're double blind your environment is pretty much to help worker you know. And our coherent organization that don't sir it was forty quite up in their seat down first 20/20 six is and he opened the minor. I know reading and down further isolate and the spirit came back on the outlet mall and we look at the regeneration better well not yet so go back him. Re learn all about what yes between the years at three a nine foot sound so you know mother had a trip and elsewhere. But no it doesn't matter is the difference. You know reduction also you're gonna get you back home is just so we can we were times spent with you this is to interest in. Can you got some circumcision Sharon okay. All right and thank you so much for being known and to regenerate to heal doc commissary you go to find out all about system. Sorry or thanks Derrick you bet okay you to. All right we got some some things coming up here for children. We lose so sorry Madison doctor Jane you've she's acupuncture since February 21 and you go to a website depends on what. Not disease support group if you ask you have non disease or somebody does Selma disease that you know about Saturday they're really into it. And 7 PM this is the people's house tour next to read laughter. And once again you can penalties on I don't know web site peoples RX dot com he was our next and then not to use our tech coming them there were 21. We as 7 PM. Combining eastern and western viewpoints are immune conditions we Jessica mentioned. And that's good too if she don't she does a good job so this muscle just go to our website and find out about what's coming up and tell you they're all free. Talk how we first quarter from chuck if we do we actually sometimes that's not true people so so. And congratulations for you a fortune during your practice. A partner in pink hue and guess where we're delighted we're sure price is located so our practice is on south Lamar. That tore you down your web saying how that stuff that's happening. Some time and then near future yes we will be. Relocating but not just yet though will be relocating right on the streets so don't connect no biggie so you can you can contact us by going to Austin. Natural path click. Dot com. Austin. Notre president dot com Conan to address and you beautiful pictures and deaths continue to help them then you know. Because they're beautiful pictures. Well thank our thank you they should be if they aren't you about a photographer. Aren't. Well below what would you say this about birthdays Roberts is community. I can remember when you should get lost in the shuffle. Not just shuffled to the loss to the yeah. And so did you get all Robbie Sims as you get older those things happen we just do you you've still got a lot of life in the oh. Most to go before us. All right we've got to run is that right we rotate those shows too bad you. Everybody next Saturday at 9 AM this first tensions between now and again and you'll come back soon okay. No I Texans don't come back. Our listing breaking. It's. 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