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Speed City, 02/12

Feb 13, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well John aids so speed city. With John Massey hill blessed Kaiser and Jonathan treat proxy fight in my place dot com. Upgrade your license plate that might play. It's go fast this hour on the radio. Speeds city. Good evening here heads welcome to speed city. We have a great shoe for you tonight. Is John Masson Gillis 'cause there's an extra studio we got Jonathan green down in net New Zealand the after he's been covering needs Toyota racing series it finally wrapped up mr. Greene hasn't gone. Now why are our guy. We are doing awesome and I know you are because I was following the Toyota racing series. More so than I ever have I mean I have followed every step of the way and that was unbelievable. The ending. Andy how all the points it was so close all the way down the wire. I didn't say I didn't involve one of that did you that didn't well all mad Max and not like I did do that. And absolutely brilliant it was the closest Japanese ship we packs in the thirty year history all the letter right series. I am I trained and it to the loss rice which is the 62. Mark and New Zealand ground curry but that's not. Our medical looks. Are we exactly how you wanna finish and also most races we have a fifteen to twenty laps to grow up praise that he thought. So effectively they're attempting did you see the races in one. Into the post on the most of these youngsters is the longest rice had a look and all of a sudden mentally physically really exhausting. Bright sunshine got a conditions. And as we can the greatest all the drama free it was one point. From the trust placed the second. And along Weis brought one point between second and third which nice young man who won whoever I was. It was the perfect straight rice whoever wants to end Adewale that is eighteen Gonzalez. Won the title. Wow man it was it was so much fun to follow this year. I mean there's so many stories and eager everything from. It there are these the big guys they were from the Ferrari academy in this installment of one and and this our force India there was so many cool connections this year. Yeah I mean we've always been problems. And they competitiveness of this year's championship was second and out on the field goal we aren't that long straw a lot a couple of years ago and yeah land that are a bit more slip and a gold decorated take it off. Well madam about to go and do and we'll with a one. And so we don't look behind until it Iraqis theory but PGA solvable I am. Applaud debuted at points I plugged it wasn't I that was between. Haven't wrote I'm bedroom they get not salute you guys on. Owns the rich and be sure that you mentioned we talked about earlier and you get a rental Julia. I am down and finally it's almost rival who just was in phenomenal all we'll talk about it Manitoba. Just communities uncle Corey and those are the speaker that's out. Who's trying. Yeah I was trying out for the first time really in international racing and release them and experience Lebanese and but it. Just eating raw examples a quote he was so we'll see you didn't qualifying I okay. But he was three weeks off Paul. Wow that is iPad app that's that's crazy. Well Anna and I know that. They can edit Fido that saudis and throughout the whole thing date date. We knew each and they were swapping leaders in the race and we one point we were talking richer for sure like this guy is going to be the next Max for staff and he's unbelievable. And then and the other guys just kept staying in big in the hunt with this thing was really fun to watch. Yeah and what happened laws you ride Richard Jewell and got to the ice right it really Aaron look really good and and to be honest I didn't let me just bull. He struggled. And that on the ultimate rat trap crowd and I don't really would tablet apple what ever reason. Many concluded SpinRite either Steve welcome to the. I don't like Italy and but he just couldn't really I'm. You don't get a better price than anybody else so you remind you mean he was you know what I said he won't quite know what in the go the whole thing himself. I mean things you know right there in second place at the end it's TJ was won Baghdad the most consistent I want to really feel the law. I drug because he really did plant brilliantly very cautious he never got into trouble and never actually. Anybody old golf eight. Let me also act you know but walnut place at the end because of Jack and was a strike is almost primal who took place. I chasing down all strong and the real Glock who won McGraw Brady. Are holes in the maxed second is that New Zealand's sap are now. So it was a running Barry sanity because Thomas triangle. Did they breach all be nice to come from wild in racing we go to it was a lot of get up default which put him on you know what point behind all important front in the others it was just an inciting. I've grown Brady it was like playing well crashes we were figured out I we did have one guy led a lot of resiliency theaters and I'm last cola but tablet and not make it very clear that he bought black rice add real thrill for Armando cracked acts have almost no. Yeah so is Tom usher in a better PK Richard for sure who were talking McCain third. Markets are strong John gruden to Rula. And I saw that effort on Hapsburg out he wasn't he was he to champion last year. Nobody said that you know Clinton didn't innings and won races last. I think he's proved again he's going to be racing in the end by eight he's getting is tonight. Except Colin India by a couple of three wishes are big here for the Australian spam. Act so yeah I think it really wasn't an amazing shoot up if you know full well its European transactional and Americans season. I shot I didn't know how bad the eleven years himself. I didn't see anybody you wouldn't open them all and because pentagon is already seeing a lot of Eli. But I'm himself to Sylvia. I never got a grip in the car of today I don't I feel like down Q and read aloud on the market oriented. But a lot of in terms of their race crop. I think you will see all of that and how really gives you know in America additional. Yeah I you know why you still I was just about to say about so we've Blackstock mean this is like you said the point is is a disguise achieved a lot he's in the Indy Lights. He's moving up the the road to Indy the latter. And he goes and into it it and struggles a bit now I I know that Steele I know it's just one season and all that but it's still hate it goes back to a decent start with. Is that this field is full of very talented drivers. And I think that championed during that proves that. Well even mentioned that you know a couple of weeks code that he was surprised at the level of competition that he walked into. Yeah absolutely. Well I didn't say let you know I've said all along that you know we've got a great success stories like long stroll what I didn't. Yeah you can do that and we'll be bounding around the rocky weeks for our audience that big lady not include making mental note. And balling them. Richard joy is going to be he got it done how many Americans. In Europe this year I think you know like I said these guys are gonna come through I got to take what I said about Joseph he was sensational he's sixteen. He was the rate it a little Ricky price is well. The prize giving I mean you know I was all right so I really do you think that sound. But radical was clean and across above the hole because he's. He's rice crop was just better maybe he really didn't he said it I mean let's listen rights to a woman basket of motorists not seen in a long talk. Well it was really fun to keep up with John and I am really jealous that she got to go down there this year do that. And I know and again you've done this so many times but this time just seemed a lot more competitive grit and not. I bet she guys that we see these names a lot that these guys at the way they were. The way the talent seemed a bit we're gonna see a bunch of these guests. Our guys bullets so let's could take a first break and one thing I didn't mention the top of the show there was IndyCar going on this weekend we're gonna talk a bit about that Al generosity had a big crash. And now we're talking about that he's fine. But it's we also don't forget we have just Siegel 24 in a mall winner Michael shank racing driver on this and now it's 730 and about fifteen minutes. 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Visit lone star moto rentals dot com that's lone star moto rentals dot com and come Mariah. Thanks for making the right choice. I don't know where I would get the truth if you're a warrant for you tossed thirteen seventy. Well part of new driver of number nineteen did BP. 991 cup card and you're listening to speed sitting. Welcome back to street city this whole Harmon Austin driver after the full story. Hey guys Monsanto is absolutely a phenomenon there and you know it's a really cool. You know he was a part of the Porsche challenge group that. Gosh I think we're there were this past. Couple weeks but they ran out and ran. Quite a few test and this was apparently grouping of the Porsche groups that came together. And what they do is they're testing the new car they are heard. You know Hartman. The more speed department team is run and a two car field this year and so really really looking to shape weapons and do a lot of things. Differently this year and so we're gonna have to check in with us you have more speed Scott. On on this year. Peso what are we jumping into a lot of talk a little on motorcycles first today kind of reversed or little bit Kamal we've been doing you know I'm against. How. I'm just so. What now we have mr. green fully connected Jonathan there's been in this says the story in moral super bikes. Our word for Nicky Hayden racists and they're talking about. Reverse grid and I know you know all about that because you just watched it down in New Zealand's 200 sensors down there and he's done their. So tell us a little bit about what they're doing an end now what you think about that. You can happen. That's not the word I'd use the much talked do you think is you really can't use that. Last night making matters. I am and it works for car wrecks and he doesn't work in my mind's a bike race. I hope we'll see how it works we'll say it plays I'm willing to give him the benefit and it looks but here's my opinion alma. Well some might test two races down a or a little weekend. And added. You know there's this and greatest about prices I can understand you not want to do things differently for the second rice. I would say it wherever you finish in race long could be a starting grid the race to I would liked but the white go to plan isn't there a message in Tulsa in other lessons and several dry and rod isn't getting bombed did you think finished between all the non engines also look. A coincident do in my mind is create confusion than a mile and a nice map of the commentators and that's probably why it is that it is very hot as a commentator. To explain that he didn't want to let's rice. It's so much Fossum McDyess should cost because he qualified teased at school you know what I have a right. And I just think if you're watching it even if you want so much sport here expectancy erased a 10 let's rid. I am you know what did he said was that. You know because it was that you know because it with the guys that we drew within the first black also because bike racing is so much easier bus crash in icing on the Toyota racing series the the guys who are Hossa and Arab that's great we have tall white. We have a model draws it can be takes top 60 topple remove us. So it works because if you want crazy stuff eighties. There's a good shots that we're gonna see how well you couldn't possibly cars on narrow subjects because that's real skills workshop I if you Asa. Yeah it's really you know to be honest it doesn't take much to cost extra opinion I think it's going to be hard for the commentary each team I have to explain all the signs. You know what to expect the outcome of the race he knew no one guy starting nod and he's probably gonna win. Well he yelled what's unless she had a funny look on your face she disagreed. Do you somewhat I mean I'd like the excitement of more passing at the beginning. You know I think that adds to the start of the race yeah I understand what you and it's hearsay and third. Was so Schobel the jungles. I had to juggle it these are you to say it. I think that's yeah I was juggle it and those really kick off the race the sec arrays with more excitement because. To me okay Nicky you know who have won the first race your worth singer ray send their level just jump out of runway again. And you know that that can be exciting at times but I'll like the idea of Macon. The field. I have to go through more passing with the entire grid and likes he almost. Maybe not the entire grid reversed. But DePaul those from the back up a little ways. Well we'll see I think the best way to do this to settle this or mr. let it play out and see what happens is going to be fun to watch O'Reilly. By several hours talk about a lot of talks in Formula One now boys. There is a couple stories not not a whole gone too much yet but there's a couple stories first crash car the season well that's true what was that was metal right. Mr. metal had a little slippery time and tickets car out moved the practice. And testing they were doing over there was that it her wrath I believe in the area where mr. metal did not start off well this time but you know that that's going to be that. You know and then you've got to know Ricardo talking about. This year's going to be dead and he's got the count a sly smile but somewhat poker faced it intended tranda. You know cats mean we're gonna keep a little bit quiet but you can tell something's going on and he just has an extra bit of confidence that seems so might be a well. Well I'm not you know I like the ball on I agree I think it's going to be great season bowl middle one and we call. Quiet you I'm not own my than sins. That so long stroll to meet crew and the Red Bull would you release that it got out because Larry pretty much nearly. The design of her Red Bull Lloyd Wright is money is what the rules change which they have this year. He John saw way the best design. Truly new rules as the quickest and most innovative designer and people know launch and he's very much glued to Red Bull. And so I figure it's sound. It's gonna be I think anybody's gonna step up and it will be Red Bull again because they were very competitive at the end of last year as you know shut the Ferrari how. To improve. I didn't say he's we'll still be that seemed to be but everybody's grappling with the new rules that it hasn't you know let. Slows please let Foster go range more downforce is going to be interesting because a lot more product is I just hope. Come out hugs they kind of just. You know it's the apple got a minute edit. Well you know I gotta say they're also if our call correctly their mess with the brake rotors to be so they're going to be thinner. Now I know you've made all these changes for bigger tires out on the end of that that's. There's just got a lot of dynamics ending united John the mayor called it right. Mr. newly may be the guide to you figure out that combination first that's going to be cool to watch what about the costs of one John Dunning. Coming in to this year no last year. Yeah I think Lee did you opt pre Christmas shows summed it up when he said you know dogs they had bad that had their honeymoon bash. I think everybody was kind of know and it would and they did unbelievably successfully. But can they repeat can they continue to pull leagues. I think I can I said it I think thank god I think in my present state golf genuinely somebody who's going to be more competitive IP Gutierrez was. Like eight Madison knows that this he's been to forty snacks this is he's lost Johnston Mikey he's got a fantastic thanks mom in garage all. Exams all that both very good drivers and the so much since things and it stars don't get me wrong isn't very good drive it suits a but he struggles we all know. To get as many points. Scruggs all I did was always going to be tough first year I think I hope. Let gene that's just each is a little battle intends an investment. And you know. And a meg working hard on the tee that's news they he had 2070 God's big says it. This is a big yes. Remember they had no sponsorship on the side of the chopped. We now have a new American owners say it was a bit low life the American handouts. Although we don't want and sends a bit being shined all. So. They continue to be successful Mac saw what. You know kind of step up now and in a little long and and get more than 28 points the night it lost. Yup I aid I don't know I I'm not as. I'm just worried this year and it did it would be a real shame if they went through this entire year with. I don't know I descend like no point to make it happen to a last year we were. We were kind of expecting last year to have either little or no points OK but Euro was you know once there is solidly into the racing season they can't make. Very substantial changes to the cars. And so think about all the data they collection last season. And now we can go back and they can make those you know changes that they wanted to were they discovered throughout all of last season. And so I'm Mike and I cut him short yet they would expressly if they come in. You know this year we'd like Zeum. You know a pretty consistently mid to a little closer to the front but I think that would be a reasonable. Reasonable place what do you think Jonathan. I think I've had to be done and out kid that they will move forward I mean you're very professional I finish. You may prove old Formula One that is wrong. Because everybody said he couldn't do it on board to protect continents I he I would have faced. In both England. Eight Italy and of course America but that's the way of modern technology. Can be back and you can write envelopes. While having no different. You know bases so I think they are the ultimate multiple little want to seem I think they may they may catch a few people out again. Well IA I like that optimism now likening that's more than optimism that some some logic behind Nassau copyright and because it was a blast watch in the last years score some points and really hope that happens again itself. You guys are talking about a couple things if somebody exceed tweet at us about there's some good couple of news stories about Formula One here in Austin one of them being. Powell. You know every year the Formula One team gets the iPhone did indeed the certain America's gets. A distribution from the state of Texas and then legitimate trust fund you know make your interest on just like to Super Bowl actually reimbursement fund it's yeah they changed the name a little bit touchy control whether the governor now. The governor's office vs comptroller. They'd be did this toward the first story about that is that it that is no longer a public number. Just kind of interstate now is that for every one or is that just for the Formula One you know. That story that I saw talked about specific. Business negotiations and it may be up to each individual transaction. So I don't know security deaths you know you don't have somebody else's you know you can't. You need you can no longer look in there and see what was negotiated for it that can do different things you know that kid kind of squelch the program itself. Which funds. You know the Super Bowl right was one of whom NBA talk for a a whole bunch of you know all those kind of things there's a huge clustering and Jimenez there. But it may actually impacts. F one's business side of it out of I can kind of understand it may in the nose body I'm Warren Moon a gamble see what happens there. It is and eat I eat one and that's what I think Illinois and bad news may not a great way you know and how much money being spent. Boy do I gotta respond to that is right quick. The short version is money that's in that fund did not come from. Us taxpayers here locally generated by folks that visit the state of Texas. And bring revenue to the state and there's lots of ways to argue that but it is a reimbursement of taxes. The other story is coming give it thirty seconds that's all it deserves is there some. Senator who's trying to eliminate death fund. I takes a state senator I think that senators probably just you know trying to make a name for themselves and stay on stand up to the taxpayer will no not not wind. You know the investment that you really don't understand it yeah. Our guys aborted take a break we come back we're excited because we have got 24 hour a mall winner Jeff Segal joining us right after the break listened to speed city live from Austin, Texas. After these messages. Hi I am an official Texas license plate from my place dot com and I'm gonna say next time you're good personal people tell the world who you are lovers. Personalized play for my Blake's dot com like me. Talk into every color favorite team they would charity and of course favoring state tax matters. Who really have been smiley official Texas license plate from my flights that come pillow underneath you are likely. Com and order me. A good amount. 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Of playing your high adrenaline experience with as Janet had at Jack thanks dot com hedge headaches. It's better to enjoy driving. The writing you know what you like Powell feels the ride. It comes to give you know what keeps you safe to Patti Austin provides drivers for the finest in an easy let us. Fast market office visit to Patti Austin on regulate just east of I 35 and try your leg over the most iconic sports like. You take it for a test drive or see what's been described as often on wheels and be a good stuff. You know what you'd like to see if it to Patti Austin online Patti Austin dot com. Here we UPS top thirteen seven these kids go right so I. Hi this is Jeff Gordon in unison as speed city. Welcome back to speed city. Speak live largest Texas we're fired up. As you guys know we're right down the road from circuit in the Americas and we're about to have a guest he's fresh uncertainty America's amongst other places. Including winning the Tony for hours in the mall so he does okay. He does a good idea he's not a he's not dead he's not a bad driver Elliott he's risen for a Michael shank racing right now we wanna what I wanna highlight as one thing. He's a murder and patent patron that pays American Asian round where in Philadelphia. For I wanna look at the show Jeff Segal Jeff welcome to speed city. Yeah I thank you very much for at me I'm very excited about hypocrisy got. Our IDA. You know we'd go likes that wooten were right down from circa America's it's beautiful you've you've had some good times here. Tell us about so what's new with your cars this year we've seen some rule changes and in some of the classes of what's going on with less. Well for us everything's new operating near accurate and XX GG streets our first year repair car. First time that his car ever turned to Hillary so that are at it I just 22 weeks ago. So pretty much it even full of firsts. And so far had a blast at Michael shank racing him. Developing this new car along with Acura motorsports. You know every eight years. Everything is new everything it's exciting you know every time we get a car each development at data are really look forward to getting to the fake that you've got your. And really hitting our stride and start to unlock the performed with the car at. So last year I hung out with some Carlos touted to be only forty inches tall back in life. This Germany with these guys have to that I. Well you know I watched you guys at the Daytona 24 and now was your car it was it he had the one where you get the obvious sega's it. Taking a brand new car is doing as well as you did in Daytona was phenomenal. But I did notice are all kinds of parts flying off that body part body panels coming off the actor was set your car. Now that would that that was my teammates that any rally in the 93 card you know I have to say that that 124 hours a lot can happen. Two with all the rain that we had you know I'll have a more can tap into. Meant we had our share of close you know sort of beginning to get strap there is nothing substantial what you sort of lead out people are about people. That think that that would fly up to that car was Mora. You know a result of some earlier contact your marriage and had losers that think about that a pack era there but our card that the 86 curry finished its place. Which is great for the videos of this program. The last moment even better was that we won the endurance. Endurance yet each part of this straight southerly that instead does that it's. It's sort of a championship within a championship then look at the this for a long endurance strictly so you have that Tony Clark these aren't at all American Ebert. This six hours at Watkins Glen and then to people who mark mandate paid back. Types of point four weight points during the race so I acted it's for example they get out oyster. For us we want that we want that by virtue of the fact that we led a lot of that great so it's great to win that. That component put that in a good position for the endurance championship which could be something like that fight for but. I guess the targets seemed a little bit is that we will let a lot of that Grayson at the end. You know to leave Daytona without a trophy without dash did you watch. You know that's never great healing after leading to a much. It is and you know it. I teased about it but I love coming to see you know who here we are Acura back in beautiful one that's out favorite street cars way back when and and it makes us see it haven't seen in person yet. Let to have them on the track it caught on sleazy more rival cause I'm not gonna get an accurate yet and I did say you know and then Jerry Seinfeld an enemy. At least half a NASA. Fit but what are these. You know Tillis you've German quite a variety of cars what is the fiscal last piece of this car. Do you as a driver that make it standout. I think I think the biggest game is at. I mean blanket statement it is very high tech car of and that carries through that street cars followed the race car. So it's one of the newest GT tree cars out there. And I think as a result that would probably have the most sophisticated. Aero dynamics of any of the cars out there are cars make a lot of downforce when you look at it. That body shape it's very purposeful that reared its users to orbit the rear wing news. Huge difference splitter on the cars is very powerful so you know everything on that car has done its for a reason. And when you look at how close the car resembled the mystery car. It's actually quite close so when you look at that reaching DNA at street car you know it's a pretty tight link there so it's you know it's it's very cold at cutting edge stuff. You know work sort of sat learning as we go here there's a lot of stuff that hasn't been done before that we're doing our best GT three. And China figured out and find unit didn't and get the most out of it but it's you know I don't it to rather have that. Potential for more performance as we start to understand. How to better use these tools and has something sort of plane incurred and you know our ideology our. Dad and you know what on top of that is he gorgeous car you know looking all the photos and I think. Obviously is stood out at Daytona big time not because you guys were leading the race a bunch and in doing so well but it is a fantastic looking car too. Lot of it that's one of the great things about sports car is figure it out you look back. You know a certain time period united people I guess I like golden years of operating. You know he'd be created he didn't think wearing one right now what you look at Il even just an AGT glad they EDT on a class that we can't yet. Just let it get there the manufacturers that you have there that this strain but the driver lineup said that he didn't manufacturers that are backed U rams. It dostum but even court artists you walk up and on the pit lane up and down Madrid. They're all cars and I would want their oil cartel killed at my garage. Duper super cool. You know that leads you to question you got so you talk about how this is very similar suited to the road car. So did they give you one for the road is. When I wouldn't else. I'm still working on that has since early planet my. Since I first day on the job and and then that was met with hey you know Jackie treatment thank you we do a good enough job at this. I risk that it merits FEMA analogy you know I was trying to work up the courage to ask so what am I get my Internet sex and they were is that. You know little odd that gram. The motorcycle on the head he was suggested that might. We have more like tomatoes are cool I like those those funds and got passed a one on the highway I couldn't believe that that's that's very cold but they're not at all Internet and now you can no way no earlier hey and suggest we have our our our correspondent Jonathan green a echoes of calling correspondent he's got a New Zealand right now need these I may meet Texan you don't please I wanna ask just seal the questions of mr. green got a New Zealand what is your question for a for Jesse. Yeah yeah I went to spectacular have a itself. All of them I've you'll be Barry Gallup until they mandate that I I was actually get opted to let the authority on the but I want to know more about it. And and it took me to do you drive annual era must be so exciting map crack through why last night I was especially the the treaty to use the pull my Ferrari and Ford driver that prevent them. I don't get by Jacqui eight civil legal battle that was pretty exciting but never met Jackie. Am but. You know he was talking about everybody talks about the sixties the golden era once pull it and Ferrari. And you know what you were at bat that bad call. I look at this era and I beat the same unequal. Just need the pot. You're coming in you are done the math to engage you writing bad enough these are exciting do you bird of the driver. Yeah definitely I mean you know I keep pinching myself because you knowing you beep when you look at it mr. everything. You know comes in cycles and it doesn't last forever. So it's it's really exciting to be a target but I have to say I'm definitely. I guess it's more enthused about you know the historical aspect of the sport because when you look at the cars. They were so brutal. And then opinion exit just Decatur dark cars are now. There they're apt in terms of performances mostly for safety reasons. So when you look at our act your and it sex race car. It has. A lot less technology in the street cart and a lot less power than the street car and I understand why that's done and you know I think at that the sanctioning body need to do that. But I have you know a whole lot more excitement looking back at some of the cars that great debt. Lamar back in the sixtieth miss that indeed how brutal they were for the drivers. You know that don't work out that the drivers at a mean you know. Are accurate and it deck it's a great car to drive we got powers you're saying we got air conditioning no doubt that the Mac glad that performance by the drivers and it Netflix there. And the elves but. You don't you think back when when the guys and girls were driving cars have been H pattern gearbox and know first year you had 230 mile an hour Lamar that's pretty cool. Not a good leader in law. One of the things cooks you know it is here is another example Jeff has the bag around that we talk about start off. You know in a cart you know yeah I know you spent some time in cars just to keep yourself sinden things like that we've been promoting an as the development of for a young drivers coming up. And yet you need sheets. Heat you know when he played courier and I'll learn aircraft. But it's also that your minutes not up on the mean there's nothing more. Directing connected dish Searle a cart and also beats the hell out at you you know just he forces that you have the intensity that the reaction time that you need to have. Potentially you can drive a cart quickly you can drive almost anything quickly so it's it to key in terms of learning very skilled at. That you need and for me it's a great way to stay sharp because what I just said exactly applies in the winter. If I can be on my game a lecturer at church thirty or forty minutes cart you keep my life terms at the not making mistakes and during a car and everything happens a lot slower. And everything's a lot easier. Yeah I and and it is fun to watch me you know I've seen so many you guys come the dew car unions funded see that progression but the I'll ask you next just when asked about the rest of the season and insert and obviously we went gutsy greens in a month. And what you guys are RX you know you take hoping to change the carded his head after what you found out in Daytona and what to expect for the rest of the season. Her and yeah I mean I think I think we're all very optimistic. We knew going into account of the that was going to be a really tricky race I think you bring McCain. When you have such a new car. You don't know what your weaknesses are until Eurasia and you know it's hard to learn a lot these lessons until ED 24 hours of Daytona. So now I think we have. A fair bit more confidence getting Zardari and looking pretty good in addition pretty well. That night it's good to the competence and it's well deserved by everybody yet at the performance. Development and Acura motorsports but when we go to Sebring it's different challenge its act. The link in terms of time. But the track is just brutal it's bumpy. And it's a lot more. Complicated for the driver it's a lot harder on the equipment that anything we had to ditch on up. That's a new challenge we've got to survive that one and then I think we've learned a tremendous him out more about our car and the rest of the year it's really about actually Judy. It's about polishing our car and get you know little each held out of it fine tuning that out. Trying to extract a little bit more performance and from the driver's side and not make any stupid mistakes we got to collect points or hear her championship. And you know it's a long heated. Well I know speaking to drivers you are not (%expletive) in the 86 named any deli chasm late in the 93 that. That looks like him like an all pro all star lineup my friend that's that's awesome. Oh we have a lot of fun together I mean not that I get along really well or both would be I hear it now so we're able to sort of you know compare notes and train and spent that aren't yet there in between there it it's a great start got the look the most up. But I think that the nicest thing about Michael shank it is that it. Really high level of professionalism. When it comes to campaigning these cars but. Everybody had a did China as well you know it's a cozy atmosphere. There's no ego. You know what you see is what you get I think that's really important when you're developing like the fact they expect GT treated the biggest complaint that I can have about what it's dark. And yet Dutch after the bogey which I find pretty weird but other. I'm would be on that. Yeah you know or it will take you barbecue if you have definitely done the move take care beyond that that front can't ask yet. I gotta I gotta give a little club yeah yeah come off the food is great but they're so little. Who little hole in the wall taco place right by the racetrack there I mean that place you'd manga I have never shot goes that the media Dax. When I think come of the Kodak ink I'm gonna get his. I'm gonna take you over to one and a million but now it's yes but only team that won tacos that thought perhaps six of anybody else's pay just I ask you this iteration chipping in that's awesome you're racing. Yeah I mean neighbor of the black that was there as a spectator it was it was good fun but I left there I think it might go kill it why can't you. Are due to compete and that I mean it looked. Look pretty rowdy Indian in my hometown and the moment in Miami you know I need I need be competing next year. Yeah he did continue to get behind the wheel so it's going to be in Miami next year as well. That was the rumor or whatever the multi year contract and kicked her out of Miami that no very international city have a lot of drivers still it's mostly because. You know any data in the winter months you're able to continue training and driving a cart do to help with no that very motor sport orient kitty. Well he I hate to argue with a guest but I can't say all of that about Boston's. You're right although I gotta tell you I've been testing an opt in November December. And I'd seen I. So not really conducive to you graduate test environments I loved go to loved coming up there actually and cannot find their own column one line that's that's a program to let you know whether Felix. In the week he is talking about training and endurance and all these things in the liberal bias appears aimed. We did pretty good. Do you really is no tires comment I'll make a great entire degree charge tire that they don't make note dark horse. Okay. So folks one of the things Michael shanks got a great. Groups have erasers and all the different classes and you know we wanna be sure and invites may fifth and sixth. They will be here at surge the America's beach or go by and meet Michael sixteen it's awesome that's one of those races where you pretty much get a run of the panic here you can walk up stand at the ropes at the edge lit. The garage is the drivers a lot of times make time to stand up and talk Tia. And you you know honestly I really you know nothing on just but I enjoy talking of the mechanics had to pick a good etc. yeah they can give the other dirt about death how the that. But it it is hey I gotta ask Jeff one questions we know he doesn't drive an accurate in SX every day. He might be getting a gram seem good but what's your usual daily ride. While man I'm I'm a car junky car addict that's I tend to like the older stuff again like it up with a little bit or. You know more connected and more visceral so. Couple different project cars that are influx here but ironically it's worked out really well so Mike greet you quit that accurate program. One of first cars ever drove on Larry check one of cars to their member of the most Hollywood and Integra type. And you know it was nice try early two thousands from accurate and up. That's the car that I would love to put back in my garage working on that right now they won't give Internet sex are due out at the bigger they are. You know let that just says she could calling you the word you brought halos that. A manufactures just deal that I don't think they give enough credit to the what a halo cars due for their brand liked it. The CB Dover are excellent server is we're such a granola car before for the the RX they came Ellen and an accurate you know it was a luxury car and then they came out with the Integra. With what they're like 85 RPM red line or whatever was that no those are that's a great car will. Just Siegel thank you for coming on speed city we really appreciate anyone wishing the best and let that backers are gorgeous car and obviously it's very fast. So I'm sure you guys are gonna be great for the rest of the season. Thank you very much guess there they appreciate that look forward to seeing you and everybody that we're coming down America and Obama yet Aamir I would be insecurity. They treat come on bike come check out our and it sixty KGB yep it sure you're out. Travel LA hey buddy thanks Jeff appreciate it like a Sebring digs spanky. All right guys we got to take a break it was awesome having Jeff Segal with whom we come back we're gonna talk a little more. Little of everything little two wheels at full business in the speed city live from Austin Texas Tech after. Welcomed it and your license plate eyes and different things and all right Mary Lou for the cast adrift and a new car Maine your license plate easy my plate is eighteen teach what people are. ACLU TM ABC ABC ABC news triple. Can't remember might bloody do you should've gotten a personal Texas played from my place dot com they're still memorable night. It saved 40% with a five year commitment to real winner in order your personalized license plate from my place dot com. Susan cameras video is the largest camera store in Texas and have a 101000 square feet and I would all the latest map fracture offerings yeah. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated the last time his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and offhand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and it culminating sell stuff. The quality service to come sepia self precision camera videos too full create west out of some length. The racetrack it's what religions and born and only the finest machines and a reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find at Aston Martin lost in the notice of Boston Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor car. Boston exotic iconic automobiles it's racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny. Because you'll never just along the ride. I like 183 not a big deal rose. There right choice. Danny walker from American super camp in the grocery chicken murders factory team. Thank you or listen to speed cities a picture elbows up. Perhaps bought back to speed city. Yes we are right now on the road concerted Americas and we're so excited not a consideration Maine that's going to be. I love the fact. Is this we will be in the years past we had both inside and whack at kind of the same weekend in September. That made a great day of racing a full day you know we get stimson got started like 11 in the morning. And that of course wick to go over raced into the night. But what I like about this is now we get too good to weekends in fact I actually. I think this is a lot better I'm really excited about this death did it is cool and then you know actually gets talked one of the racers this week I went to an event. And whose niece in one of the races are just talking about the excitement of having all of that going on and you still have the thriller world challenge as well slew. Lots of sports car times. Yep so mr. green I know we studied in there and then New Zealand's. Is still connected up just a little worried I heard a little static a minute ago. So. You know I know we are talking about the Jeff Segal and the guys in. And that accurate assessment and video of this brings to mind really. About sports car racing in general about as it just feels like it's gaining so much momentum over the last few years would you agree. Yeah to be honest that was going to be another question Clinton and witches and especially GTE's it is you know I'm bald and GT racing and Asia. And I am a cows well. And Mitch you know I. You know we that this recession is a way. Which is new now greatly celebrates Gittens let's let the second America's I'm loving every minute but it it's a way to. Ends is going through the root out that they and you know unified. Add the weather text series so long brilliant as an Amal you know the prestige along on the tribe is a track didn't like make a whole burden several others web but I sold so Bullocks I've. You know I'm wondering out there is room durable global GT series you know I don't speak as GT racing is a solid choice and that the driver. I was near the literacy series that you know these days sometimes not necessarily people that are down because they Massey professional racing. Gigi Gaza's as the way forward to like your career racing's ocean it's exciting times and I'd date you gonna see more prevalence. In high end. I mean we just didn't already accurate but high and production caused. But all the flagship of each Patrick's. You know decent cops will be in the future pricing I think. Yep and I think that the days the popularity of a mean look how much coverage we're getting with fox sports. From Samsung and whack. And that's to me that just proves that there in the popularity is going up that there will be if they're doing all this covers and there's a demand there. And I just think it's fantastic for our sport but paid less Kaiser speaking of really cool street cars I know you. He started sending me photos of dash is going to do you know what this is what's his car. Global what was the problem knowing that overnight this new car did this a brand new car was so over 700 horn section 712. To know which the first indicate my mind when you said this new car has 712 horsepower thinking OK that's five more than the hell cat which was like number four on the highest court are in production cars so this whatever this is LeapFrog a what did you go see yesterday as well I got invited out to the reveal of the 2017 Bentley Continental super sports. A Bentley with 712. To 700. Plus horsepower 750. Foot pounds of torque. Tough guy and this thing journalist. Who roll words. I love it it's got the crackle to it. In and I'll say in it in a very in a very pleasing way it's rather on Bentley like now in that when that roar comes to life. And this is over how I disloyal in Boston late European you know. Yes the Bentley dealership. You know if that is just spectacular you know it's going to be either a limited time that's one of the prototypes that they've released its Murano prayed because of the volume to. Families that are sold right here. They they got a well albeit a look forward to mud test drives under that I talked to Sonny's and I can come by said you and Jonathan. I knew he really didn't trust element he said he let me take it out so yeah I models like an amount that that kind of like Jeff he said he has a gram. That's a gram for me a little Honda ground doesn't look like a grasshopper on a fleets. All right so what else we got stories so I I do not know that the as some of the stories in Formula One have been. About. The downforce in the the wider tires. I mean obviously several different things that are gonna make this this season a little different. And Jonathan what about the you know they're saying the lap times are going to be faster I mean they are you know what have you heard about that. Good to be slow but. That doesn't bother me delay any and he really you know who and we've gone as he since it got away from the sort of tell about days are so strong from the and coach the B eight days and you know. Bigger range I. John's don't call me and I don't hate everybody gets trying to bat at night especially Americans because in these background. All also slacks and the way it's done in ovals on the 8500 Xbox. As long as this spectacle. And as long as everybody's you know going to the same Dyson was not a guy IC everybody's. Talking about Apple's increase of more than 20%. Should this year's Formula One. And so I think we're gonna see certain place likes all laugh. We'll try to apple hasn't cornering that's that's the law. And even the celebrity America's update it's going to be very interesting truce since 2345. And half a mile circuit Americas for example because that's a law looked Apple's. You know your time with John let the nose is going to be significantly longer this year. Do you know the users are are on but the woman gets my attention or the tires. The front tires will be almost two and a half inches wider and the rear tires are three. Point one inches. And to 405 millimeter that from 325 to for a club that's a huge increase SA huge increase in mean what this reminds me. This gets me back into the seventies mode we solid GI out wide tax on F one. Cars and I loved that'll work. The it. The back into the car's gonna have a little bit lower wing it and a little bit wider so that should be interesting as well from. I'm more of an almost the retro. Kind of styling and that the wings are you know way up high is says they cannot win if you compares the wing heights through history. I like those in the seventies you know what I it is definitely very retro with that huge tires that's going to be as community divot yeah you're right Jonathan I think. Most of the consensus that it will be slower but the I am I've never been caught up in. You know historic lap times last year were you know we're. But a second faster the other things that the people get upset about when they go well I used to love the sound of the beach and are there VA. And even allow time for faster but. You know competitive racing is really what it's all about anyway so it is but there are. I don't disagree you want it I think the governor and I don't Keller synthetic highlighted the the government like back but that this year which. Try each of seeing or hearing. We'd be talking down loaded jam in the New Zealand is right you see the formula this year apple Toyota actually but only would you be cold that would you the new good you know all old and it almost to the single dia. I'll let you back. Well most and you scream at and they are opening up and I think all of the multiples. Single biggest spectacle it. This noise this grumble. And you know you mentioning that would badly out of my big guy on. Yeah. Political. Yup Woolsey our guys all we are at a time we appreciate you tuning in to speed CD this we know they're using reverse. Thanks Jeff Segal coming on the show we appreciate your lucky this week this season and that's accessed BC broadcast dot com. Hockey next week travel safer ones. The proceedings and paid commercial program views and opinions expressed are those of the post or their guests and a not necessarily doesn't talk thirteen seventy or.