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Feb 13, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for comment socket with your host Michael Carr guilt. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as sports magazine. Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good afternoon. Prospect Tex is the live music capital of the world less praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Today on the show we won't have they packed studio on the phone we have state representative Harold Dutton junior. He's district 142. From Houston Texas. Inside the studio we have students for concealed carry on campus at University of Texas. A low wooden nickel role in our editorial student at UT. Nicks set with me on a panel discussion over the passage of Texas campus carry bill. Which requires universities to allow filled TC holders to carry handguns concealed on a college campus. Now the student body including. That guild of protesters have largely remained quiet there we're gonna talk was his proposal carry on campus about that. Now initially of course after the bill was passed then went into action late last year the anti gun organization Cox not blocks. Began a pointless protests that somehow sought to fight the Sherrie dean. The absurdity. Now the protests which mostly consisted of dished. Distributing sex toy he's. All pulley on a college campus yelling out suggested phrases. As students gesturing in explicit what he's would be large black phallic symbol. Now while fun to laugh at it did nothing to change legislation. In the wake of the Texas campus carry bill becoming the long delay and not much cash change. And students still report not seeing anything in guns on campus. There has been no murders or mass shooting incidents. So the so called normalization of gun control that has that was actually warned about. Doesn't seem to be taken effect. And surprisingly. Not much more of a statement from the don't know wielding protesters. So one has to wonder what exactly was the point. So we're talking with you know we had talked with the stands for does appear on campus of BP we're gonna talk with nick wrote a Duck Tour a student at UT campus. And we have on the phone capacity ribs and Harold Dutton. But it I want you know state represented gotten to explain to us the importance of the concealed becomes very important. The death amendment which is an amendment that he brought forward. I in 2015. The Texas legislature in this submit it was very important he's gonna explain this to us in kind of lay it out listen to us state represented Dutton. If you were engaging in a long legs and then there's no reason for the police to bother you. I mean why would the police ever come bother you if you're engaging in a lawful activity because they suspect you may not be licensed. Well that's not enough. That's not enough unless we wanna start the police state in in this country whether please solve them based on their own suspicions. I just don't knock on the door and say well we came to see if you have anything in here that stolen car we came to see if there's a three PO we came to see whatever. It's not what we do in this country. And so I would ask you both took concur. With the senate amendments. And so that was state representative Harold Dutton junior and that was last year 2015. Guys doing session. And he was laid out his amendment he'd laid it out like it like he received in church on this Sunday morning. Not so let me welcome to the show state representative Harold Dutton welcome to come and talk a certain. Look like you thank you for inviting me. Absolutely sir can you kinda. But talk to us about you know why was this a minute so important what was the significance. Well most that started where the fact that our data and video on you do. About three different people. Were surely they could carry. I wonder why why why. They're in the way the white guys suited. All of that who didn't qualify that. Well compared with a way to like that is suited. Yeah who is it it did to me that's what we thought we. Is he ignored the law and the law is that if you're going to be you know lawful activity. That would have lowered the quality. And so that's what got it started employment by the pass an amendment. That really all they did was codified what he's missing all. But certainly don't get a volley if you're doing what he's good to be good. An Eagles back CU I. A recent case Jerry vs Ohio. We'll be very copied in the Fourth Amendment. What it is cold all modern law. All good candidates hope we don't know this afternoon. When they're supposed to do certain things and when they can actually posted bloom again tomorrow on our own. And so there are bothering you are probably won't believe that put the pedal amendment. We'll boot well you know that a person is really gave me a lawful activity. There's no reason for it was so fitted elbows. Out some of my colleagues go Carol how it goes to low fit you carbo like go to Paris. What we're big question how they know let your darling little like a good. Thing we don't give them a likely culprit all the and so if you're legally Obama have the right yeah about it. And that's what my convicted in New York City amendment. So basically literate and what you're saying he's just a mere fact that view a person driving a vehicle. That doesn't give an officer justification to stop you in check UC BMI at a driver's license just like you are in a handgun. They are college or not he'll break any laws there's a reason for the option to stopping asking for your handgun license. Exactly and that we'll go one of the moment and that's what. I think gay men did not look like always didn't quite understand it. And also look at the hands of a lot of the law enforcement agencies he'll make games board that does what's that bill last session. What's that amendment was added to the bill. Then it went over to visit. The senate and then all heck broke loose. Well at the pro but they people who consider it quite understand. The long it'd almost they think he admitted. Always thought ma. But law enforcement. And you're in you're not saying he would. It's so we got this it's not about police officers you know because it it so sucked into law enforcement officer that person is going T feel the full. Force of the law it's gonna come down low limit CD's onto a police officer would talk about protecting citizens. Well there are 12 AM Fourth Amendment would love to go to before police. Were designed as a good citizen. And he got a lot going on the background this has gotta benefit all the problems are what we're born of Florence plus belliard. GAAP totally understand here you busy years they representing your trap you. That's absolutely not so that I tell you it's in it's crazy because a lot of people lose site of teary vs Ohio. And why all of that was important and that's why can't eagle so far. And you know because you're you're interesting you know state representative because he typically upholds gun rights so when it comes together writes we're not on the same sheet music. But what I'd you know all of their Lotta things that well. What I think we all important foreign. Well yes it looks as soon keep white. Thought they could. Absolutely and in their beer you know there's some things that are really low botching the fact that you actually authored the S plea deals. Which are working really awesome. Well above their own war Boca me let it be included. What does that. Well we're here we are well below along the loot. Our literature I. They're needed repairs. In the law suit violation guy when I look forward it would double plays like a little. Won't let them off buffalo won't belong with the adult lot of them and then they also want the Bible then you think that I do. He's okay that's strange sort but it's not been at the ball well. And this Deanna where im actually glad did you offer that will. How does really because like I said you know typically you know what goes against we may get the green but we deftly we have a lot that we actually agree on. Just certain he does not a I. Still think he hears her. I. Okay. Eighteen years now. Didn't war yet they got you a little bit that. Thank you. Plus you prep a you know I go with the security IE well known idea in London this is okay. Literally make shield you don't mess up and actually take you guarantee security anything like that didn't. Put it on. What. Double up not won't we won't for the moment was this close. All the sudden it's one. That didn't go through all the way before. Now is there any chance that we're gonna see that in many men come up this session in 2017. Or possibly seen as a standalone bill. There you go away and let it. There is always bad thing. Sometimes really you don't. You don't publicize when we always knew the other side. Lighten the load pool only. By that bird is it possible. I tell you what I share hold the debt deal actually comes up. Because I I. If there's already case law. Already on the books right now this is hate anything wrong there's a reason for you'd have to stop to identify yourself you're not commit the crime. And just like to say that put certain people in harm's way and just because heals some people may perceive so want to look differently. Then someone else you know that puts people in harm's way if they have to stop and identify themselves you know they're. Assuming they're they've you know they've done something wrong we haven't done anything wrong you you didn't watch I'm committed crimes. Yeah about what really bothered me is the way that you apply it. There's different groups of people. That's so hopefully you know hopefully you will actually bring this bill Ford or bring it as a standalone bill maybe stood in as the mid mid this session. Fannie and hopefully we can get some people to the capital to actually support the bill he deftly give me a call now Duffy beat and is supported. I'll try to give some other people dear to support his well because I think it is really important time. Because it like a city did not commit a crime and I gave you wrong I shouldn't have to produce my he'd get licensed. But right now the loss is an idea of soul and we're gonna follow the law and do we're supposed to do. Where. Well and when he when he went and other years it's important also that all alone blunder. Somehow or another forgotten about them consultant they've gotten sued and in both cases the law. Food and yet there was another gentleman here that was gonna unity she. He actually Eagles around the state in yet she videotapes law enforcement officers. When neared you know maybe some things a field goal in the wrong way or whatever. And he's act she'd been involved in several lawsuits would several different please present it actually he's one. Then it's just the mere fact because he's a little different color. Yeah. Well in that it now from San adding get a chance to introduce to you guys are really what are you guys to me look good because he actually he's a really strong advocates. What you do when you remembered where we have what are your job. And I'll be glad to vote for. It's awesome and I don't trust the dual boot inherited Julio and I guess this. He. Not a prop not a problem and I I definitely want to thank you for coming on the show casting representative Harold Dutton junior. He's representative from Houston district 140 teams thank you very much sir we will see you when you get to Austin, Texas it about an hour so be. Thank you sir. Record Chrysler that was us state resident Harold Dutton junior and for district 142 from Houston Texas he actually was going. Did one get in trouble here. Bob and now we're gonna switch gears a little bit we're talking winds that. But our boys are stone is at the University of Texas campus we're gonna talk about concealed carry on campus we're gonna talk about all that mayhem that happened. In Austin last night down London and north Austin and Ron Byrd in Lamar let me tell you what's crazy alma highway hole for dinner with my family. And I tell you what I give X I guess spit dog. Before I hit my vehicle they'd want me to pastoral let me tell you guys better understand. You know if you wanna protests great gold hit a protest do what you gotta do. Absolutely bill when it comes to destroying property when it comes to messing with. In individuals vehicle their their personal property when it comes to mess with different businesses around this city this is not something we're gonna put out with. Also what some in my vehicle there's a thing that's called beat our castle doctrine it is called you know what in my vehicles backed up by seven point 62 by 39 and 7000 rounds. This is Michael Cargill and didn't. Are listening to come and talk him. See hidden my regular tunes. Comment talk radio what Michael Clark. Welcome back to come and socket and now here's Michael Cargill. Hi so backward talking about all that mayhem that happened last night in Austin, Texas. So. Let's see how how do we how we do this. So I'm basically you have president says that hey he's he's gonna enforce the immigration laws in a stiff taxes why in the country period. Where if a person is here illegally we're gonna have. Immigration officials you know outcome NN and get those people yeah I guess set him back as he can as he says it injuring the swamp. So they started that initiative over the weekend and some people just don't like that and we're talking about people that. Here that it beat here in the country. They were caught. Entry in the country and they have a court date. And then so they did not meet their court date did it to the court that day. And so now they have a wart for their arrests in Seoul bills people and in anyone else that was bin that has been charged with a crime. So these are people that we're talking about. Not you know what I talked about legal immigrants would talk about illegal immigrants so what bits here and it that's supposed to be here. And soul basically we have a City Council member Greek Sar decided that he was going to use. That seems. Tell hits did shrink. T protestor runs high do whatever he don't don't listen to authorities and that is not something that you expect your elected official to deem. We'll expect them to use. To give people bad advice you're an elected official you're so when missile looks up to you useful seek. He'll stand up for law enforcement and the civilians. As well and definitely for the people that put you in office. And now we're I have a problem with this is last night you know all of my way home. Where I was supposed to be the head net because that Webber Wright to be an anomaly home for dinner and then I ran across. A mob that's not a protest there's a protest when he when you think of protests I think of individual staying at a Saturn road hole look a sign he not only put these parameters around it but you're not destroying private property that story ms. decision not. Throwing things at cars you're not pulling people either vehicle Unita salting citizens. That's not a protest that is a mob in our rain into mob last night who just utterly relieved and toll we're not following any rules whatsoever. And it and it is just insane to be national understand it. And that's something that our City Council member great historic has condoned it has something that cannot be put up with in this country in Austin, Texas. Now in this state. And we've got to do so the body got to get this guy out of office because this is ridiculous. I because he's more concerned about people better each illegal they concerned about legal citizens here in this city. You get off my chest. At. So let me bring into the conversation Michael those you know she's a business owner. You know in its you know I know this didn't happen do you but you know pinch yourself you know at your business. In the. I'll send someone steals the one up fireworks. And it starts sending your business on fire. You know how would you feel about that because your biz owners around or better yet call the far. Apartment I'd be livid and and I'm concerned there's a there's another visit for an actual protests for some scheduled on the 25. And these are and they're getting more and more out of hand I lived downtown and I'm I'm witnessing it or not. Play and they're they're they're stopping in the middle of the street. And stop being trapped there except it they're not organize there and they're actually really getting dangerous they're the profanity isn't seen. And there's somebody came near my store was doing anything like that I guarantee you I'd pull my gun now. I call the police initially because you talk about people that destroying your business on the protect my property exactly so what this is removing your from your vehicle we talk about the castle doctrine here. You know so removes you from your vehicle they can't your vehicle unlawfully they would force you just by the use of force in daily force a stop them. Yeah I don't understand this and and I know that one of the problems we're having is the sheriff is. Com. Kind of not. Adhering to what governor Abbott has sent as well. And it seems like there's other people jumping on board and this really needs to stop it. Just like you said this is not about legal immigrants my father came to this country from Italy legally. Nobody has ever had a problem with legal immigration. It's illegals. And that and for these people to think that we're not treating them right I mean this country is great but things happen. And I can I can tell you from my own personal experience the person that attacked week. Was from Mexico does that mean I don't like people from Mexico no absolutely not but he wasn't supposed to be in this country. The war to the people that murdered my sister works from Cuba they weren't supposed to be in this country. These things happen and and just like I I say to some people that are acting like this is cool and and and bad behavior I say are why don't you leave your door at your house unlocked at night. Being born to do that leave it unlocked and you know somebody might come in some team. They might do harm they might not do harm maybe there's a 10% 5% chance that. Of all the people that come and one of them is gonna do harm would you like sat no would you like to know who's entering your home. What make it on a large scale all this is our country this is our home and all we're trying to do was protected. It does not mean that we hate immigrants. We love people from all over the world in this country. In the west what gets really upsetting about it. Is now we're talking about using taxpayers' money you know in a city of Boston do you. How come all the legal fees or or a tape to pay for legal fees or other services. For people better you know better being detained I'm known as and that's crazy and you talk less so here is who is here illegally. They've been detained by the federal authorities are you talk about he's in my taxpayer dollars to pay for some aid or assistance for them and that is. No actually not. Bad yeah I I don't understand these people's perspective I mean think about. You know that that case in San Francisco about poor girl that got murdered by. That Jack illegal person on that has come back to discuss they had to reenter the country I think maybe five times. And and continuously. Broken the law and then finally. Murders a girl this is that's how a lot of this kind of it came to be really on the news quite a bit because that was just horrible but I could have been prevented but in San Francisco they were protecting this man. Why do what about the girls that got murdered what about her family. Do it again actually I just don't know I I hope that people actually go to the city of Austin. And they actually protests you know the fact that your City Council members. What he wants to use your tax dollars to pay for it. Assistance for people who are illegally in this country who have been arrested by ice authorities. Yeah you definitely need any protests that they need to protest absolutely get to the capital and say no not my money not my tax dollars. That is just that's unacceptable. And he is a reason DS even got to control the first place. Because of his words and his actions. People went down near any block street C data control I did it out of him. Because in this is his dish yeah this is his district because of him is a reason this got to that point. People got hurt last night has some people. I their property was damaged last night your vehicles were damaged last night so be somebody went to the hospital last night the fire department was called in last night the police had these. Put themselves in in in right here last night in bill remove people from the streets now. That is just unacceptable bottles being thrown at police cars they try to set a police car on fire this is not something that happens and Austin, Texas. And I hope the governor so what do the governor's office is listening to. Because companies to be done because this Travis County sheriff is not doing her job because Agassi not one of Travis County sheriff deputy downed near what this was going on. Not one because she refuses to comply because she's a coward when he heard it when it balls LT that's right she refuses to comply for whatever reason I don't know what her motives are but she's not wanting to comply. That's how we definitely do something in and beat out people stand up and actually get down to the City Hall. And and didn't let your voice be heard because your tax peers here. You pay your taxes and that's not what you want your money to go. The city of Boston needs to pay attention and and user resource is to take your traffic and I 35 do that for me. You know I don't think it is let's let's really tracked like 35 and Diaz is that it hasn't my ten dollars for other things. Hey just insane to me right so we're talking about a lot of things that happened this weekend. Well during the week. Have the we're gonna change gears here now a little bit there was talk about console carry on campus. And I wanna bring into the conversation and but queen Cox is the vice president for students for concealed carry on campus correct. Is there are rain quit and walk to come to talk to certain thank you good I'm glad you remind me on dazzle looked real good about yourself and how did you use started to this fight. Or you know join this organization wishes for concealed carry on campus and actually you know start fighting for the right to carry in more places. One UT campus I Osama second year accounting major at a ET and my freshman year last year I started getting involved in neo libertarian or receive an organization called young Americans for liberty. And through that Imus someone who he was the got promoted to beating Texas a state. Director for students for concealed carry. And then you these kind of worked his way along there are many approached me after being promoted to the southwest director. On the how moma show ugly couple weeks ago yes and he approached me and a friend of mine who's you know we're new we're very passionate about the new concealed carrying of firearms in general. And he approached us and said if we wanted to start ET chapter Vienna where the flagship university in state at Texas enough. You know we got a lot of national coverage for this whole campus carry protest. And so why not have a section shall carry chapter here and so. We started out for a run to have our first meeting here in about two weeks yourself so well on the end so little we're gonna start to get in the fight here to I'm kind of peace in the misconceptions of CIA campus carry law and around the university and you know keep of the fight at the capitol and on campus. Now what does it as easy as soon pork you know there's there's a bill that's been. Proposed deal it's actually get rid of the console Gary campus yes so low right now I believe were working on AM. Clarification bills aren't in in those Texas a state legislator and I think legislature. And what that's gonna do basically is up on campus right now there's kind of a loophole because he. The bill was passed so quickly through the through legislature everything and because it was passed so quickly on their a lot of ways that at least professors and one not can get around moloch. And so upset look what they can do is that if they verbally tell you that they do not allow firearms in their offices so whenever someone is going an officer hours one not. On thin it is actually illegal to Kyrie inside that office and what they'll also accused say you have to leave your backpacks outside of their office. Regardless of anything and so that also brings of security concerns wondered if you're carrying their forcing you essentially to break the law because that backpack is leading airline site. And also security concerns were what if someone steals your backpack because that backpack is non your possession. And so all of the they have signs 199 you know they've put up. And you know with. Fancy writing in everything like that obviously not via a proper sign is that would need to be and a and a good place of business and everything so you're saying they're not posting any legitimate thirty got to six I neck she pulls seeing just some. Some other ICI has seen some myself I see pictures of one like there is there was one or it's like a picture of a little captain says gun free zone on the parents up it's not good. Not the proper signage or anything like that they have that and they also have if you verb you verbally warned their students. And then it actually becomes illegal to carry in the office and so. Because of all this there. Putting a clarification bill to kind of take out those. Loopholes and he may make it essentially better bill. So look at Tressel doesn't have to take a look at that X I know there isn't another bill that they're trying to tune really eliminate consult carrying. Altogether and enact she'd Diaz. The organization Godfrey yew tee and think Cox not blocks they were all actually pretty solid for quite awhile. Until this week. Win that bill was filed so they don't sending came out what words and little things. Couple little things went back and forth between. State resident Jonathan stickler has offices in I can't think of the other. Rips me or stay senator's name that filed the deal but they went back and forth with you know because I think state reps and a stickler and name that bill as the horse bill the week or something like that. So so we'll definitely see what happens without Jerry so we're talking width. Sees Africa is still care and can't talk with Quinn Cox here we also have been a steel nick Roland he's got to talk to us here in the second. How would talk about campus Gerri we're talking about all let me and it happened in Austin, Texas it was an up protest sales model that's right outstanding. Did it give you the story. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come to talk. This is Beirut that it just couldn't figure what thing you're listening to your comment at all it is on talk thirteen indefinitely. Welcome back to come into pocket with Michael kargil. We're talking all things firearms. Now here's Michael kargil now it's time for GG in global and needs just one guy and he sponsored by central Texas gun works. The largest online gun store in Texas. Indonesia's. Virginia victims concealed carry. Last Friday a deal was advance from the house of delegates in Virginia. That is intended to be a means of protection for victims of domestic violence. The house bill 1852. Which was introduced by a group of Republican delegates including Todd Gilbert. Do stated to local news that the deal would help people who have received protective orders from being victimized by domestic abuser. By expediting their concealed carry privilege. If so what would they protect the border has applied for a concealed carry permit. They would be allowed to carry a concealed firearm free maximum period of 45 days while waiting for their permit to be approved. The maximum time for a permit to be considered is 45 days. Eight period of time that Gilbert says kid be the difference between life and death. Democratic delegate Mark Levine who disagrees. He states that and I quote. No one wants to protect victims of domestic violence more than all right. But one of the things that people tell me. That is practice in this period is that increasingly. The abusers are seeking to block the system. There are seeking to seek protective orders. The Eagles want to save that the concern is with. Dishonest individuals giving needless protective orders so they can carry a gun without a permit. And that could causing a lot of damage. In response to these concerns. Delegate Gilbert stated. That there is a constant fallacy used by the anti gunners that somehow people will be deterred. Buy a new misdemeanor or rule or sign that tries to stop them from committing murder. The bill would now move on to the senate where. Accompanying bill senate bill 1299. Has recently been approved and is moving on to the house. Over in Georgia constitutional Kyrie. While Texas considers the constitutional Kerry bill championed by reps and a stick win. Multiple published east do the same in their considerations. Of constitutional Kyrie. Including Georgia which could add to the list of eleven states that pass constitutional Carrey recently dug peach state. It's currently looking at a petition with over 100000. Signatures. Voted in support a constitutional Kerry according to the Georgia gun owners dot com. That being said Georgia's governor has not penny straightforward gun rights agenda in the past. While he did sign the 2014. Save Kerry protection act which allows licensed carriers to carry into previously restricted areas. He also vetoed a campus carry bill last year so as far as culture shall carry goes it's not a sure thing. Passage of this bill would make Georgia the twelfth state to have constitutional carried. And it is amongst Indiana Pennsylvania Minnesota in of course. Texas a low our state and other states and considering similar deals in 2017. Over new mixing kid who New Mexico bill toward gun registry. In this legislative session for a New Mexico to compatible deals have entered the house and senate. Both bills which are gun control bills did pass what institute universal background checks for all private gun sales. Which of course would be unenforceable. Without a registry. And that's exactly what 32 of the 33 shares of New Mexico think. The majority of New Mexico Shearson signed a letter that was presented by sheriff Toni Mae east. What's explained their opposition. To the bills. Shares mace and the others argued that the legislation. Will of course only hinder the law abiding citizen or will build the foundation for a firearm registration. Now the Democrat who is sponsoring the bill. Senator Richard Martinez. States I believe in the Second Amendment but with our rights comes responsibility. Now senate they mayors also joined in support of the bills by seeing both hands are behind our backs. As DC that is trying to make sure people and you shouldn't have guns don't have guts. Now be in our arrangement has also voiced its opposition to the bills urging people to push back on house bill fifty. And senate bill 48. And that is your golden gun is important this week. February 2007. The pilot. And then as showed up at the Austin airport last night if you're not that we have her. Her yes she showed up Eddie Austin airport you know for her flight. She is supposed to meet captain she's captain of the other plane near should've been civilian clothes. And that not only she showed civilian clothes we should also showed up late. And then she started rambling on the microphone. Talking about how she'd just gotten divorce and she was upset because you know she'd vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. And she just really sure it's you know in the I had an eye on the flight there yeah I think of some past about twenty passengers. Got off the plane everybody's are complaining in the McVeigh got another pilot that was delayed two hours. We have Charles on lap plan on me like yeah man here yeah I don't done Dora purely he's a good. Yeah I just took literally just lost it and so you have people deciding what to rid our forum would this this person here did they just lost your stuff. So I have just crazy last thing Els and Austin airport you know flight united flight 45 from Austin to San Francisco. I'm pretty much insane. I don't know what's wrong with people that they're losing their mind need a you'll always win. You know what a concept you don't it. You know now they're there sometimes you lose we would get into this little this staying here where it's. Omar get his everyone gets a trophy guess what. Not everyone gets a trophy that sometimes you actually lose yet to try again later on down the road even cheer. Don't always get what you want people who have this sound like. He's got try real hard. Just what they. Sometimes just what you eat exactly. The that's just don't know Larry it's let me welcome to the showed big role in my doctor's orders data from the University of Texas snake welcome to come and talk deserves thanks from remark. I soul what do you agent in a ET. I'm a United States history. Ph.D. student but my guess is so wild look and that's exciting. I seen a lot about history could tell Alex thanks so what do you what do you do when you finish still. I'm attempting to working academia. You know it's a tough job market so so Woolsey that teach. Yeah I must allege teach don't get how did you get into the into the business of vaccine. Burn care and can still hidden then what what started G1 anti death. As I've always been in favor of consumer period growth and a family knows you know gun friendly and and so forth. Shot competitively and high school things of that nature. So. When I turned 21. I didn't actually get consumed period permit right away I'm from state Tennessee. But has won a school in Virginia Tech. I was seniors they're that. When he shooting happened and on April 16 2007 so you're actually a student at Virginia Tech when they had their. Cheating is contingent well OK yeah correct yeah I was senior. Listeners on April 16 2007. About three weeks pretty much we're in the semester now were you initiating actually happened. Tom I was on campus are I was on the core cadets Virginia Tech for people listen here in Texas are familiar is very similar to Texas signed them. So we have a core cadets. Just what pain and does and we all live on a certain part of campus and parents and everything kind of point for our military. School setting. So I was on campus all four years so yeah when it when it happened I was just. In my room as I could take an act you know that morning. After formation. In my room and upper quad there. Now it's rare to have someone you know. Connection was clear who's in support of console Cary hunt camp is usually the people that we've heard in the past. Come from the Cincinnati who'd been the most vocal are the ones that are gifts you know console here on campus they did it against guns period. They want universal background checks in those things that's really refreshing. To have someone inside the studio. That she's supports dental care in Kansas and you know thinks that people should be able to carry handgun with a you know legally. But did say that there's a lot of Virginia Tech students people who are graduated with don't agree with me. I wish they come for us I mean they're forced let me tell you let me hear your voice well there's a lot of there's a lot of money behind us the opposite side right and so I think we're kind of the silent. I won't say recital majority casinos but there are a lot of people that do support concealed carry people that weren't Virginia Tech. You know of students and so forth so it's it's not. Such overwhelmingly. Geared towards the other way as people. And pain and I think bright for an incidence in men. So not only will you hear that day how does that affect you that day when it happened you know what are gee you guys have they've. We lock down side yeah I mean date and no one really knew what was happening because he'd. The first shooting and taking place on the opposite side of campus he killed two people across campus. I think it was a diversion essentially. And then he walked across campus and the majority of the the shooting took place in Norris Hall. And it's. Our receivers it was over within minutes you know police responded quickly but as we've. All know. Please can respond within minutes and that's a long time and a situation like that. And so. By the time I kind of Arabic people I'm hallway talking about something happening I got up early demo window I saw people running away. And then yeah we we were. They told us not to go anywhere rural locked down the who went to a friend you got a TV newsroom we turn on the news this or watching naturally how we figure out what was Haskell an area that's crazy. Paula number is 51 G 6435483. That's 512643. Live coming talking so let me go to the full lies to gin. Jim you're gonna talk it. How important are your show. Our straw that broke war we told her bush term shall moral issue good. Preacher for Europe are here all records of Orange. Here is good to recycle remember I'm a little worried they're purchased Wal-Mart Kirsch. Animate this service and search use at all. Tend to not order brides celebratory definitely shouldn't cost you approach. We have a broad term evolution were true I talked storage. And overtake humor oratory. And I don't see the Second Amendment manager for most first worked a member of Borchardt Obama. I I agree with you I definitely greasy. You know meet the second protects small. I didn't even you know uber British dream you've got to get ready juror you murder regarding your program. Him he hits it's amazingly Merkel heroic arrows and return where you respect him or speak to Mary including John. It's somebody who think thorough disorders you remember sort of person have you ever Trevor Jeremy commercial court trial concerning. So I can remember Imelda apart or Syria of elderly. Somebody go provoke thought it. Oops yeah you know it's very disturbing to let him look. Especially to many people I've. Driving through hardship and know what I did in a good promoters are you sure Obama. Earlier I you're absolutely correct so and that's what we need people like he used to I'd definitely continue to come to the capital. How when these things come up here we have I guess in advance because I've later on this month on every day twentieth. We're gonna have they learn how to testify. How what you did you ever wanna come to central Texas gun works and learn how to testify we don't know. How do that you don't know how to present yourself you don't know what to say how to conduct yourself. Definitely come on down in in our Rachel moaned with Texas firearms freedom. She's gonna give us a nice class on how to testifies is told Larry to testify. Begin find a donor FaceBook page it's on these in Texas that works FaceBook page you can find on a College Hockey FaceBook page letter to test I just I didn't. In FaceBook learned to testify. Is that if the what you come down if you let your voice be heard a lot of good deals are in this session. Hi there there's a bill that says hate it here license holder and you're intoxicated for some reason you go out and you just you know he. Don't go straight home you have your gut it new vehicle we have you got on you. And you have a drink you have a couple of drinks you'll be able to lock that got in the trunk. We gotta get this bill pass you know does because right now you're held to much higher standard. I'd like he also a lot of people. Actually help a much higher stated a lot of good deals are geared. There's a bill that eliminates the fee for playing the lies there's a bill that costs usual period this is you don't legalized is there's so many different meals up there. If you want the past you want them to have a chance. Yeah I'll let people hear your voice. Bridget. Yes sir ugly remark or you're under person or are wrong. We have over towards one or more urge all my portion church ever burglar shoot around. Jews are outstanding and people have done little word shall syndrome or how some control and I have. Some people in our interest present themselves Smart scroll. You have to use Syrians. So may have done more harm occurred and heroic didn't really do street where there's pressure bringing Europe. It's harder you can Bershard critical. Issue or an Oprah truce but I think. That's not a Porsche where you're camouflage shirt. Do in my you weren't around much more committed unit doorway. Is professional and make him more sure and people surely you're our camera work. And give Bridget well before in certain. Actually I agree if you what do percent of what's get Colin numbers 512643. Live that's 5126435483. Coveted target price so we're talking winds. Big role in the news a doctoral student University of Texas. And we're talking about his experience. At and Virginia Tech would that she didn't yield took place and how we actually got involved in. I can still carry in the whole movement. Would talk about that we're gonna talk about a lot more stuff and we're gonna dab into that some of the things here. Then it. Everybody also old Taco Bell. There's a lot of there's a breaking news that's going on here as are gonna talk about that we come back from the heartbreak this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come to talk. Nose cone was just turn into and argument on this for more who called you home commons who can. It. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael hard pill hole. Right so my advice to everyone that's out there you pled not protesting tonight guess what. You know sometimes get knocked down you give meg gonna be tried again get a feel OK it's gonna be all right this. Oh destroy property don't miss what people's vehicles though attacking anyone tonight. You know holiest day Jill let let your voice be heard. But don't you know. So people don't cause mayhem though turning yourself into a Bob. Call in number is 526. Point three liar that's 5126435483. Come and talk it's a let me go to lead GO. But chill yo would come in talking. Well. I am Helen from Matt wake extract about Egypt Baylor University. And god not like to put a little bit of information out there are concealed carry. I'm a conservative could he could not very liberal campus. Partly tech campus liberal professors are asked him to get a lot of good spell for my thoughts are so much gives you should do this Palin's. Yes so they would have opted out of that concealed carry out I think nearly every private school has. I'm not really caught about wet pet when I'm conversations. With these other perk absurd. And students and people on campus and once you're organ that it petitions against concealed carry. Yeah yeah I did they don't really know anything ouch. I'm at all most of them and just think its in you're gonna be openly carrying. And another clapper and that's why there instead. They don't understand. And it didn't need to remember is that important. Tried to educate people to get lost count that makes candy got education rates should they don't know that people have to be 21. Get a concealed carry like who they think anybody can get water may be great pain. They don't understand the difference screen opening concealed carry at all. Things like that aggregates. You're you're right they don't know that you cannot open carry he had done what it calls Gibbs at all. You can actually with a handgun license you can open carry a concealed carry your he would go and on the street so walks walkways park rock you grudges hold an elementary school middle school high school. But you cannot openly carry that he had good. On the street sat walks while we sparkle. Exactly. Bella had no minister be may against this group. People who are highly educated and therefore understand how to get their agenda pushed me you got educated hours. They don't even know the basics. I think it's important to remind people who are foreclosure Gerri. You really did have to talk to people one on one. You know talked incompetent and you want I don't pretend to think that it's really all about it. I am what I would usually point out with that. Blockage and Kyrie. A private. Mostly to faculty and actually. Very Eugene Carroll not and add those two are very few are actually licensed to carry its. Basically you're just inhibiting your health care in there. Exactly Iranian mending those that are are at each tube utilizes them with the most of them don't even want to do it in the first place. So you talk about a small group of people that are able to carry better students. Exactly they're really at that moderate and I understand that community colleges and other places you can't get. Older nontraditional student in more than maybe you like just to carry imagine different debate. On mail him at saint. Philip broke out here and I tried. And that you and you're just going to be done that part either you know all you party and that would this be well they don't know that it's illegal to drinking Kerry. All they dates and not differentiate between law abiding students for this criminal. They think they're trying to help everybody could be one or the other they don't really differentiate in the alliance between these are the people. Right and you cannot be intoxicated why a year of your life is all they care and Garrard you know message that she laws and you'll never guess that didn't and what it can't just carry. You know it's funny because prior to August 1 between sixteen a person what they heating your license can carry he would go and concealed on the street sat walks walkways parking lots Greisen calls campus the only thing in that changed on August 1 2016. Is that same person that can carry that he'd been concealed outside the building can now walk into the building. Actually neighbor lost their their beloved law. Not and what not and didn't know there are illegal under that box I appreciate demanding profession about tension. Clue. On a key problem what let's look at what the lot currently allows they weren't shot dead it was legal. Carrier on the sidewalk and around grassy area there parking lots. And when you think about it it would be compared to make that illegal it's. You never dabbled violation stopped by 35. MI pulled off a jet dragster campaign it's a cautious they would look like. Right you don't wanna turn to our family and the there are good driver to ever and yes I'm just how they got in our current ninety going to really work at a slice again I can't. And on battery and that it Robert Gibbs like begin and end up at the very complicated. They know aside there's no line on the ground is that you can carry iriki Jerry there. NN that a lot of the matching confuse rain even just like you say they're confused because they don't know even right now today he. Even though Baylor University. I can walk on the street solid core grace park north of Rogers. You know what it can't disclose that avoided building I can walk through that can't dislike diesel care of him got. Yeah you are correct I think among the events going on big event. I generally speaking I think more people understand that out just because there is our art to put the legal high. Get me started some buildings I've noticed that yes I'm I'm a library. I have not actually noticed a legal fight for everything did you carry in my own building I am certain it's not every doorway. In C that's got to be a problem because they're supposed to post edit each entrance. I don't think so we could have knocked out of action to file a complaint with the Texas attorney general's office. In Lou we're gonna see about get net address would do that for Baylor University along to bolster them do you then save it which university. Because I don't see Edward CD the same thing the only pulse that beat intrigues of the gate when you're driving did. But what if I walk through that can't fix. It's not own any of the buildings in that that's that's not effectiveness. That's the problem. Well I had the main reason I called and it just to kind of point out that we really did need to educate. People who are against and your carry on campus of the basic facts and the starting point. How table thank you very much gel for Carolina from Waco Texas Baylor University. 'cause staff member there are really appreciate you it indefinitely stand up and and and hold on tight Pena they're fight with us. Thank you aren't great are you have one before this year we give. Her so so thick. So it's been so there's a lot going on that he had and Virginia Tech there's a lot happening yet. And in so yet she knew Colin Goddard who actually Eagles are rattled and he actually you know. Stands up well what would mobs of inaction only easily groups feel against concealed carry on campus. Yes I do know him personally don't think so so how does that work out. Yeah just yeah. Yeah I know I'm so during the break I was I told my can ever hear that he were action fantasy football league together so. I was friends of them at the time and I still consider him to be you know free now that's funny how we can be free as we can agree to disagree yeah I've been disagreeable for fresh guys that's something. You know you don't understand this see I told you guys. You know you eat you lost the election he'll be using come out the way you want them to you. It's okay it's going to be all right let's move for McCain it's gonna be okay in four years you can come back in you can bring your kid to begin. And an an it'll be fine OK and then see if he can win it's okay not everyone gets a trophy. It's a right. But it. Yeah I'm unfortunately though you know I also I didn't know. Him I knew him by side we lived actual same hallway but because the way to core cadets set up by class. Year at me as a senior and a lot of interaction with sophomore slumps. But I and Matt Laporte he was a member of Steve Virginia Tech corps cadets who was too old during the shooting. Is actually award posthumously the airman medal after several years ended an investigation determined that he. He was the last person to be shields apparently buys the shooter and that incident he picked up the desk and just charged. The shooter was shot multiple times and killed and then. You know that the for trainer killed committed suicide at that point. So I. There are costly come with all these scenarios of you know what if what if what if I mean the bottom line is that in a situation like that you're asking someone like myself. Again I'm a veteran as well I'm not just gonna try and run and hide you know depending on the situation but a pharmacist scenario like that where there's no word ago. And people are gonna die if somebody doesn't stand up and do something. What they're demanding to me is that I just use my body. You know yeah there's no you're not allowed to use any other means than just sacrifice yourself in that situation. And so I think it it's just really. The absurd. You know the day one department of surgery I mean it's the height of absurdity. To act like college campuses are the special area where somehow this law can't work as it has clearly in Texas for. What or twenty years ago right. And it'll heal like the other previous caller was saying you know a lot of people that know that you can actually. You'll carry your he had done with the license on the street so what's walkway sparklers or grudges concealed on the call campuses prior to August the first bright and and they wanna say that somehow this is gonna impact freedom of speech on campus I mean they're holding their protests some places where you can already. You know before the bill was pastor went into effect where you could. Where he could carry concealed I mean it. It true that grow with all the different protests at exactly and all you ever protests UT campus and you know go down congress fro ET can't this you know that right all these places relate to their violently protesting yes he said you know destroying property. You know that the threat is not firm consumed carriers. The interest free speech on campuses from. The speech codes you know the fact that there're as Jill alluded to there's almost no. Ideological diversity on campus and Marleau who I totally disagree with but my locating it comes to camp this. Is it getting to give a speech that he T. Right I think that's crazy right every I totally disagree with him he'll dole a lot of this stings but things he says but still he should be to speak. Bright yet air everyone on our on our campus like UT professors students whatever generally you know left to senator they pretty much all agree with each other. What free speech is there really because when someone says something outside of that spectrum they're treated like. There are some sort of mutant you know there are some danger to the campus community just by. Voicing a different opinion. I've got is this insane so hopefully you know I I'm hoping that you're going to be working with status for just look here on campus. Who. And you guys going to be working on billion organization of this year they got to be awesome I love. First he'd give me. Big huge. License here heat and course while we can't this you know are really knocked it out I think that'd be awesome you'll just do it where it. Almost make it free you know free wanna be here has just do it get it done. I think that a drive him crazy yeah yeah I'll help sponsor that the yeah. Yet there it is it's gonna help us out I'm having great to have and also another thing returning to use of like the previous caller mentioned as a there's a lot of misconceptions about the law and being that you knew you were able to care essentially carry on campus for the past twenty years and all this law did was allow you to take it in new building. And so that's one of our other main things is this trying to educate via the general student body on how this law really isn't that. As controversial as they're saying it's now has anyone been reaching out to the organization. Not not that I know of as dollar really only people move. They've reached out to us has been people who are wanna join her interest in K how many members do you have for right now I believe we have. 35 or forty they are better interest in and say we have email on our you know list and so we sent in those emails out certain our first meeting in the at least twenty firsts the better. Every 21 is the first median that is that Tenet three I believe it's Tuesday. It's Tuesday. Since this day be the Indian Tuesday look I'm certain era is easier next Tuesday so are you get past him. Don't yet that's also ridiculous attend that meeting. And if he taught you to the group had just beat your decision to back of the room just listen is that I think it's very important that we start this conversation. Do you have any female members. Yes you have media area quite a few seconds that's a problem a lot of women are are afraid of guns and we need to really change that because. My goodness they can protect you so many times Alyeska yeah. Absolutely right right so we're talking about I can't the scary we have but nick rolling in the studio we also have. It's district so Kieran Gibbs aside the studio we have some breaking news is that Chicago. Two girls eleven and twelve years Ole had been shot and hated is separate incidents in Chicago. Back I tell you I hope. Something happens with Chicago's yet to any kids that are actually losing their life. It and it's funny because of weak it was not funny but we doing having got stores in Chicago he does go to. They're no good stores in Chicago at all. Yeah that is is say they have still got stores so worldly goods come from the legal I had no idea. Deathly something needs to be death over the kids will come in they're clean that place up drain the swamp. Strain this war. This is Michael Cargill big you are listening to cover of talk. Didn't Britney grace and I get my level of venues from Michael cartels aren't common topic. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill. Right so what backed away talk away and that's what. It is city University of Texas campus about campus scary edit it and you know and so what just reminding me on why men it have. And that the situation in the gun free UT rally where he had people are cheap coal were protesting. You know at the rally ET this happened I guess a year or so ago and they actually a resident because they have the wrong sorry it's. They're holding up the wrong signs. And so this this this thing that we're getting into where it you know so what he has a different message from you. How we actually have them arrested or something like that you know all week. Peacefully protest we get arrested. But when it comes to the other side protesting becoming a mob knowing gets arrested and I I think that's just crazy. Now remember that is one of our good friends who got her arrested you know he's just in there with a sign in you know he was a big disorderly or anything like that it's had the wrong sign he was standing in the wrong area they say you know we're gonna arrest she is charged with trespassing and he's dealing with all alike you know all these problems and it's you know we just didn't trash and where I grew really hmmm how does one of us her own you know. Good the good guys they get she could say you know. Get trash it's just unacceptable. But yet they can go allow Mac like fools and billions last night. And now and then get locked in jail you know I know when it's really got arrested last idea that I know love and you know yet Austin police department there I didn't see anyone from the Travis county sheriff's department dear no no leadership preview like that you know and they're the ones that are not. Upholding the law to protect the citizens. I expect for my elected official Mike Travis County shared. Who is elected to office in this town and chief law enforcement officers to protect me as a citizen and not be so concerned with people that are here illegally who are not citizens. And as well except you know what I think you know to me fell like a home a lot of people are just not stand you know everyone's got to stand for something new you know there is other than that if you stand for nothing you'll fall for anything enough for for early fell like everybody's fault for anything once is AK hades Iran morals these are my goals you know this is my base. That's only if Irwin did that Catholic all of these problems sects who would be. Mitigated they wouldn't be as crazy the wannabe is bad and we can be civil. And be constructive. Gonna make how did you get thrown in TV console Kyrie talked at University of Texas campus. They say just kind of a reaction to all the rhetoric that I was Sina. I would get these emails through my department. List you know email lists. Where they were advertising their rallies and or meetings almost as if just the assumption is ever won here you know were all fellow travelers we all agree with us you know get picked and and in. So I was just kind of irritated about it and then I just kind of certain voice in my opinion on social media. And then yet to her credit one of the professors are in the history department who's been part of the country UT. She put reporter in touch with me. So. You know again she'll least acknowledged that she knew someone who was in favor of it. And so that's kind of when assertive to get more. Involved I guess so clear publicly in terms of support forum. Can't scare and have you had any backlash at all. No I mean the only thing. I think throwing 90% of students on campus. Are apathetic. To a whole situation. You know things haven't really changed so there's really not. Data de there's there's not a lot of kind of high stakes to figure out who's on which side does he can't see it but yeah I think that that's their big. There was. Before the fall semester or some parent wanted to know which class I was TA in salute their student wouldn't be in my class. Which is actually public information but I guess it is I don't look that up feeling so the university course hosing a tellem that. Some but that's that's about it. But for that's this crazy. Now where is it was the meeting going to be killed ten favorites when you first so we made a point to hold it any Pearson hall which I care some halter not familiar campus is the history department building and down. That's for a lot of them free tee signs are and so we just thought that the best way to analysts have an Akerson hall. Willing Godfrey yew tee signs are yes he and cure song there's one right across its in the end the south mall just on the south side are we know the BD. The east mall. Now will be able to carry into the ready to south I'm sorry am I don't mind directions speaks I will be to carry inside the yes sir you really has hit his announcer they they've got to buildings there's gears and in the one right across come from a they have been for UT signs all all over him and so we just thought to be. Nice to have our first meeting there. Don't industry and its. Back so their great city you know kick back and all have buried no bounce back room or negative. Your feedback from anyone at the UT campus and happy about that. We we think is next week when you graduate. I should be defended in May to graduate and all mistakes. So yeah I'm I'm actually kind of in the throes of finishing my dissertation right now. But you will like you said it's kind of interest and I was on cancer other day and I was in an elevator and someone. I think it was so thus student was talking to make your perspective student grad student I think just judging by other agents are worth. And they were talking about. Can't secure our Haldeman Lou those elevator here in this conversation the whole way and key to his credit he actually didn't know what the law sudden. And then they get an elevator knee in terms of this girl prospective student says but you know really nothing is different. But still I just don't like it but I don't often the next floor and that you know that that's really when it comes down to dinner the day I act I can go through this is a lot of my friends my colleagues. And they can see that concealed carry our camps is just it's really not a big deal any more than it is at Wal-Mart or church or whatever. To do today and they just don't like you know it's it's a culture thing so. Think he can be at the movie did you need to grow she story in your stating mixed you young lady who's actually console carrying her pistol. Please don't know there's so many people in Texas actually Kerry now we have over a million license holders here over a million. So believe anyone can be caring he's just he just don't know. So it really is not a big deal at all. That wouldn't think. No I don't think it's a big deal and all right and I don't understand why people. Make such a big deal events in you're in class Jewish day would you think about the class. I thought it was great news because you do a great job. My daughter even complimented you comment. You can also sickened. I think making it fun interesting and an easy tour retain the information for sure. Yeah I was great in a like they try to get people involved trying to keep him you know. Involved in the conversation and watch different videos and can make you think we can think about certain situations you know get cute he cheated. Please somebody your body can look at it from us look at it from someone else's perspective so I think that's really important also. Then I tell you what I thought when I think you guys you clearly showed they. I always think nick from University of Texas coming down grad student who was also. On the Virginia Tech campus when that she took place but I think him coming down to talk until us. Also one I think my. Quit Cox had mr. woodcock serious certain students from CDs for just look here on campus are coming down and talking to us today is well. And then also my cohost Jim aren't. I think you for its citizens showed a day in. Great and then have also would hit it just like the state. The release of some like getting yet he seemed. Can elect to say no on in the year and I think they got the point. Because you get a compliment though he has to say what do you ever like to stay here. OK you can check out what was a couple of times and old alike that name okay yeah I get don't look back it. Totally from your mother nature. And they have got the you've given me that let compliment before the OK not to go back. Well Larry it did so out here. Did today he had no there's going to be some more protests down on. It's gonna be intersection of Rosenberg and Lamar how big this time deftly gonna stay with remain a section I don't like him. Yet they gonna do it every night I'm sure. And I'll I'll watch from home and deathly not gonna go that we will look easier drone for Christmas so yeah I should I ask June exactly there you. But up I'm Michael T hit that direction in bill he said my favorite little. And little Korean restaurant that no legal team is so we'll go beards. Today I awake through all the stuff T accede bore down and actually in. Is that an a hole mine and we'll bring creator shrapnel they stand up you know overnight and it burned out or anything like that. So we'll see what happens maybe the chairs Kelly shares maybe she'll come out tonight and try to calm the crowd down since she's a part of the problem is well. By a matter reinforcing our in force in the loss. Aren't so prolific your body for like a sit kimono show today really appreciate it and is always. More guns equals less crime squad by yourself look good. Even listen come to talk it. With Michael cargo.