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Learn To Buy And Sell Cars, 02/12

Feb 12, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Had a welcome to learn to buy and sell cars with your host Randi. Hour by our surely you can't see Randy. For decades. I'm ready to share with you everything you need to know about buying selling and trading and dealing with tires. Yeah you're OK. Again. There ain't no bad. Oh Alston Texas. Hello all we have had a great day is there any animal learn about sell cars not god and man update you on our one lead do I love being on the radio. I've stirred up everybody hey if you're nature agents. Out in an aerial listen as a show. And you tell me you block Texas doesn't happy Abdi. We are happy aptly emulsion State's big Ohio and news full hearted each Minnesota nerves. So many states have it but not Texas. I did come down on wall salutes. When should be happy pay. I don't want to ask this question. You Europe your own church age it I'd like to answer this question by you. While two other states. When there's somebody is an accident and it she you're customer. Did you should pay your customer off and then you fight. The insurance company. For your customer to get your money back. What has happened at Texas. What has happened that taken care of our customer. They insurance companies. Have deserted asks. No you grew also love and Palin don't notice it anymore. Social policies. And you don't even tell us that we need we should get. The diminished value you don't help us collect all of our investment. You just leave us out in the colonel who voted out would just slow bar insurance agents and Texans. May have what is going on home. An animal tell the big shape grip on the second half the last quarter of the show. So make sure you collier family members your France I shall but I keep going watched teammate tarred sound I don't enlist in the my show. Where here and talk thirteen seventy Austin, Texas they came to Maine because they awarded this radio station game to make. They want you educate. They won't should make better decisions they wanted to take share it they're worried about your well being. There won't Judah have opened ask open land singer what's going don't understand what is going all in the business world. They care about she not care about she. That's why I work so hard that. Thank thank you rocks go over eight and if you get tab called my buddy rocks over and I keel. Response should the show. Rocks his phone number I'll mortgage didn't take any PT just a few minutes and go to work Sundays but this man worked six days a week. But Carl rocks Italy word today or tomorrow piled one take. 72. C 1318. Touched club one taped. At 728131. Night Carl rocks and going to do the show because a lot she knows that if you know the difference. You know what you're doing and how you're doing it. He knows that he tells the truth. He's one of those 20% dealers it makes small percentage old car must sell large volume. Hey I'm not does it wouldn't for forty years never had a problem with that zero. And you won't either. So with water before he won't she'd be educated because he knows if you do the right he'll come to see him. This patient watching the educated. Syrian nurturing. War chiefs to see the truth. Sometimes these insurance agents are only minutes hang madrassa. Lately and has now. They're not helping us. I told you about the man Santonio broadly his truck. The only five units all injured about one guy up for fifteen years a gentleman hits abroad the rare does brain damage. Make it exit Eagles are injured agency published Moscow radio named Randy Adams he says I got diminished value companies I don't know you don't. Can set I don't he's the model. He should okay shut you up to dead away and it comes to Bol lot. And he says I liked Seles struck I don't rated anymore my company gave me a truck and I've got too many units I got file level and all. Only made forward the most open really only need three but I got 11 player. A warm solid asset OK and I'll look at Assad search many career and say yeah I know. Asomugha pull it up all the car of complex in SA BS you've got an accident claimed innocent he said yep. Message you get diminished value said no my insurance agent told Rihanna didn't have become a can you believe that. Let this man and he's got fourth lap out this is a part to port four wheel drive these so this is not a cheap unit. And is it insurance agent Doug Warner giving Manning money. I hate lawyers. Who were we'd Latin woodland how Escobar. We're not we're not taking care of the customers. Hate it's so all of our transportation worst investment world. That's wild millenniums. Are you liking you share Iraq had been a bird I'll let other stuff. They know how bad investment it is. They're starting to show you how their parents or an historical debt for all their lap and it to end to the mall they just great but half. But I can payments on the car insurance claim and this certainly other. We need to make better decisions are still cabs and cars of Gordon came aboard man McCain afford to hurt cheap cost gene by gene. Home and just gave you got to get behind the wheel every day you got here you what day you all when you showed a ball as you know I don't just slow now you didn't. Yeah I didn't argued that need to Albert about how well you work so hard out but you deserve it and that it won't argue it. Bob murder it's still remaining at tap. So it firms and insurance. Agent out there than explain why we don't have T aptly and why they don't fight other insurers to take care of their customers. And you can give us a call here get top thirteen seven day trying to start to 7 AM. We'd love to tell you the phone number your Bible and take. Sixth Gortari. 5483. Phone number here at all thirteen and suddenly it stopped one taped so export three. Top 483. Like a sense the second half of the show what a little secret how you can go and when the tiny but good gas. Our guard should tell you the truth they're gonna do it right. And you know 80% level don't want you to know about what I'm about to tell you the last half of the show. The 20%. Do it right tell the truth know that go are your business Jewish are must tell you know the truth is. So they're not worried about it. It's all and suddenly almighty and nobody. So you know. I'll allow it might it take it up like Scully pretty generously so tell you bring Australian neighbors tell you family. Any man. The last twenty minutes of the show or don't but yeah explain it to you and them don't talk about second. Pardon wished this show in between. We're gonna talk about. The update. What is it. And why not thinking Asia and the war in the battle we're having right now I'd get calls every week. This gentleman had his car parked in the proper place. And he worked at Wal-Mart. Can you know wal mart's not the big prior to world. It was a super NASA hopes that she'll wait crit care. With good miles. And miss you Ron comes flat through idiots sit and tell was an app plus hits another Munich next to him and toads and a so the insurance company of this. Says well we're going to digging 2000 per year truck he should butt out 121000 well I'm sorry that's all we're given is Nan LE. Hey this trucks parked. It was a no right position you're customer total rule it out. And you're not help but Alaska. Hey Bob mother taught me years ago if mobile picks it it ain't broke. I was supposed to take care of my and cash and no you're liberals and Alston but I don't know piers you know probably 45% I think picked it up Sarah or liberals. You won't the government to paper everything. And the government got a bad with the insurance companies. I explained that last week. Don't you feel go to a lot of Google financial and then see what these insurance companies worked in 2000 GM. Now they're up three and 400%. In bagging. Looks like to me either don't forget it was mob as we look I was smiled network was up 3400000%. And we don't wanna take care. Of our coach. Are people. Man and cash and you know working mortgage lenders won't we made it worse Elizabeth Warren Murr whoever I out. Elizabeth Warren man she was gone updates ever buying your member of what she was so hot. All my aunt she was not. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau she was gone up peaks are replied how they kept them out of power or make it twenty billion a year. She voiced her opinion is she ran her mouth for two weeks. And I'll tell you she's gonna show you Alec Calais to cabbage mad she was told by our. Annum actress Bette. Tapped about two or three weeks should say a word she had some words sense did you get paid off. Money talks with a her a lot. She says she's in and yet she's not she says all kinds of stuff but our main. Hi folks. I'm trying to show he's that good the bad neo about our business about the shirt business because I'm singing it every day. Dude this radio program. Which teaches us so many so much. I get a lot of calls they called me in my office chair I'll give you malthus number 830. 657159. Hits 830. Sixty. 71. Button that gives me the call will talk about the good the bad knee ugly. You know so. How what you don't know exactly what's going home. In the title loans please do not do tunnel just 3030%. Interest in the UK changer right. We had more of the title all simple I know what my customers. Said they only charge a 100% interest watered there's still much. But dale. Because he parred 101000 dollars he played like 300. Amal the strategy he came out this week. He played 300. A mock. For eleven months he played in 3300. And so dollars it was a little over 300. In eleven months own a 2000 dollar loan and they re told his Lincoln Navigator. And he said brandy I need to get. 2000 dollars to get my link to navigate I say you can't get over 3300. And he still low 2006 DL on penalties. Interest and this that the other. Hey nobody can handle let they repo nanny percent of the cardinal title home. I want you to know that tell you brands tell your neighbors tell everybody not to do on layers super super bad. Nobody can overcome it go to my website alarmed by cell car like gob described the car. I'll tell you what I'll give port so it to me so somebody asked Tim your business due to cheap transportation. Because what's gonna happen. They ever does all man it's so easy to get up thousands slowly easing get 3000 so easy get by a thousand. You know we don't want your car we're just more money bank. What are they get five tabs a money back. That's how lawyer robbery. Went out of Bristol. And so. Don't do it. Tell you friends take your children Italian neighbors don't ever body know do a title. And don't do rapid Greek bond we got an up next chicks go much. It's not three money that she your money you gave me the go well late to get away from me and give it to you wished not get out your paycheck every month. So that's not three government money it's your hard earned money make better decisions don't give rapid refund. They take wait to go to your money here are our money. So start study and what you should do your money today right that T and race for your income text checked government. We're about maybe start have a government that they're talking like February 23. It's the start praying about study about it work and only a little work mostly be a little money a lot of work mostly be a bunch of money. So wouldn't want you to know exactly what you don't do that money in my goal was decision for you and your family. What you need what your family made what you can afford what your budget. What your budget can afford and now one slight budget now can someone explain why. We don't talk about budget who later. What your budget can afford. You know what man might break so don't last forever not they don't last forever that man my ex. So do you need to make that was the decision today. Or watch how you want spent that money. Don't just run doubting giddy excited that the first car bigger the most violent shoot. They're slab hundred coordinators and Austin area that would financially and helped launch a new coordinators. While bed talking to several of their buyer player I've got one in San Antonio the best guy that I know the most honest guy in San Antonio. You tank if you want the best deal best financed Neil I can did you panel in San Antonio for yet to come all the say Dario. Sixty plowed someone Bob and I loved LP out there. But I've also talked to Kevin. And part coast auto sales are like those guys all like the way they do business. Public dropped welcomed them in his spot from the show. You may if you happen to know our coaching need to go bother telling my are ready I was talking about your show won't you show because. Most guys seem to be inland trust in Aladdin and work hard to do it right. So don't give exciting shop shop shop price shop shop what you need Dalton led that dig their pay when your credit week. You look at a dealership and they're going to put achievement what they won't sale about what ditch your budget while pitcher friendly needs. Shop shop shop I can't hardly any good tough. To try out its solid. Pay out what you cool calm collective confidence knowing exactly what you're doing in control. On a preferred customer rubbed me up feel like these this new guard. You show is an Austin, Texas. Goes you'll be slaughtered our goal now when you popular because your other educate out what you educate a what you see what's going how I want you to make the best decisions. Maude Santonio up talked to so many people were you up because she burst. And now they'll wait too much owned shawl but they didn't tinderbox. 85% of people buy something I don't intend to blab their unhappy with the I don't want you and happy you can go to hassle free auto buy dot com. And will make the purchase for. What you have to walk into the dealership. You don't want to the fear walk in and good leadership you wept up they're going to end up and not apartment you want to pick here about. It ripped all you don't care about but no wrong county unit. We're going to make your view would wanna make sure that you were handled properly correctly Olerud. So you know exactly what you're doing him in what your bank would not take a break here and just made it. I tell you friends and members give us a call we won't know will answer any question you got going on here. Any fear and insurance agent new job meanwhile we don't have to yuppie. Now explain that to the next twenty minutes the phone number your style one take 6435483. God did own dark tonight I present himself Blanton would make sense where a Dylan thank you know and why didn't Megan I might keep top thirteen seventy. Don't shouldn't list looked up the order to ensure they got a great programming here. But they also care about your education or well being better decisions are open minded open us. They didn't care about cheap and I do you care about wanna be your minister. Power will be your educator. I want to show you what really is going home I'll make you a better person you have desire to be the best person you can win. We ought to have desire to spend anymore either way you want to but I'd rather see spend it right. This is Randy absorb about sell cars like cal won't be ride black. Ten friends and neighbors to do and and we'd all love you today. AT&T and we'd love to talk about. Walton will I'll forgive this live near flat on your purchase but my head up sometimes a good year low lovely mess so I. God Bush's we'll be right back. The parent. No matter where he shot no matter what you've been offered at Hobart will meet in. Hi I'm Ginny Covert and we had the best selection about the need Seve and GMC trucks in one location. In that color style and with all the options you can one. All that at the famous letter overpriced that no one can tax. Not now not ever we want to be your drug dealer. Let us prove it even covers an idea indians' season seven of two highways anyone ambassador I'll work on my name cobra mascot dot com. Making talk radio upgrade again somebody has to come out and tell it like it is top thirteen seventy the right choice. We're here. You know I'm. Okay. You're an inch. I. Motivation. Okay. Now. Oh. Okay. Yeah I love America when everybody loves America. No one who built on the constitution amid the kuwaitis and make this country strong and great and everybody was coming here. But you global list won't everybody be able walked in every day anyway anyhow. Yeah job rushing your site where hull hockey believe they're sure. Of Travis County or at most thirty nano just like us led. You won't notice the mayor and the City Council won't star power. To Mike Ulster in the Sanctuary City. What if you want the power. You won't know authority and you warned Mike that decision for everybody live and in the tread discounting. Post June same moment courthouse square and your address phone number in your lawyer. So if somebody who's here illegally kill somebody. They'll know who to contact the lawyer's son. You won't that power. It's so back up what your doing. Take accountability. A what you're doing and that shirt she let 39 guys out they probably shouldn't be out maybe she needs to take accountability. Maybe she needs to back up her actions hurt belts her weeks. Maybe she needs no may we may do. Who put her address. Phone number and a lawyer posted on what count town square somewhere. Because you know she's doing something her own opinion our power or authority. Let her be accountable let her baca. What she saw and what she didn't. No that's good. Why don't we that's what this is all about have we got to a society. That we can all I am glad to the customer. We can laugh everybody. And it's okay. If you words not good general good at all or is stood. Not that tell me that in 1963. Albums by selling car or sport take Chinese shown if your words not good you are good. Well you know if we get these positions. Where we won't let. Why not insurance companies do we sell Pia. Don't look for every way in the World League ever dollar out of our pocket she can't. TI IT NT shirts personal injury protection. Minnesota's got a Wisconsin's got it Ohio's got an order is gonna but Texas I've never heard about it in Texas. And l.'s zero. Never heard about it. Let me explain to you what it is personal injury protection is it somebody can achieve. You're a car accident. You've got insurers to make sure your bills get tight and make sure your medical bills get paid but surely that Ralph claimant just play. It's 20000. Dollars to do. To keep on living. Any other states haven't but Texas I've never ever heard I could be wrong and we may edit. But maybe be somewhere down below maybe the lawyers. If it stops all serious challenge down all shapes. Is that why would Atlanta because it that you lawyers are keep it out of Texas such a ball. I've got multiple of that I'll could be wrong. You know Omega largely to call me and explain to me how wrong. But somebody's keeping an out of Texas. It's cheap insurance. To provide for you in your family if you better and actually it. And you know what about un and a shirt. People that you achieve what happens there. Yes she got it which during an insurance company. Just in case. But how much how quick and what happens there. Well you know we. Need to look out we want to bring you a lot of corners it don't know how to drive. Of Syria and from all these other countries. And I don't know how to drive. And what are total blue's own lap thirty I have worse and mineral out run at the united bubble in the loop. Out there are around Austin all the total light. Other don't have insurance. Can't make up boarding assurance can be afforded good save car. Went on the run around. A legal have to cover for the help. What you gonna be an athlete Texas leads that were boring and and so many farmers. I think we need some kind of in charge protect us our business right. Or should animals get the state combined pre op. You know socialist and I need not even a social season columnist minute to a we got so many young people look like Bernie Sanders has answered. I young people want to get their desire to be the best person you can get the desire to go to work you know what's happened we haven't tell young kids how to work. And armed her own and pay their way. You know let's wake of go to work and I of their life. I don't forget the last twenty minutes of the show a bullet a big secret out. Are aware of the most education. For free you can give about the car business. No let up all jobs are a bit older now don't you. But I'm more tolerant at least while I think you're ready I think you should mob vision you each and what I'm trying to do. Wanna try GOP whip but I more let the big secret happy Mike collier friends and neighbors they're gonna wanna know you're gonna wanna know. Fought good big secret in the car business it is public's mind one more album but this little lady big had a big trap. Well that make billions all man barrel up TNN San Antonio. But the big insurance company little old lady 7273. Years so she's no matter how hard our muscles scary. I grabbed it as a seizure of their company catcher she got to know three. We have abortion don't go for an aborted shoe don't need to go far she no money don't know where that honored it will. So. They tell her car up our little reps or old British Gulbis of mr. Adams. Always given me a sixteen dollar and eight about her reps or for 16100 said that you wanted to run. She said got to have a Jerome said 16100. Resolve or give me. I sit at what your thoughts she said no I got rearing and no I. I should in this big tub Canadian dollar company that won't have to replace your car Null. I bet Tiger Woods Lumpur mall the only wanna give me his sixteen under and about to take Lauren go away. Aren't they dash. Billion and Doris Anderson for Wallace to your right. Big damage or Scott may not all take your won't let up I don't know that the eight. Play and subcontract that out I know how are these these. A claims adjusters and coming out and be good customers up. And didn't get all the money being spent to keep their pockets. Here's a poor little lady is going to be helped put Leno giver 16100. How all well last O Lugar. Well. G banks insurance companies let me tell you something in forward. And Minnesota Wisconsin Ohio if you run accident. Era insurance agent goes to work for it. They settle with you that make sure your taking care of and then nation and like the other insurance company. Hey insurers as you know bloodied up. I don't I don't see it may also mean you show your claims also my claims right attorney senators half representatives or wait out there. Are you know listen to my show or yellow ashamed of my show. You tell them tell the truth. Well why don't. I think they're bugging you about pop up when they partnered up. I hasten it would not gonna do you you don't go actress but others states. Argent and erratic. They're taking care of the customers. You know I bet. Insurance agent out of San Antonio bit bizarre rate would main gold mater San Antonio show and that's that's it to redeploy or walk on Kate gets late pop victory AM. You can just turn your dollar run over to. Top 50 AM from treated before it's a little different show it's gonna be some of the same stuff today. But give me and junior Jimmie. And it's illegal it's not what I got to say and go to priced book. And subscribe to learn about silicone or dot com and subscribe to you need to go learn about sell cars that can't. Describe a may get my numbers up early eighties. But. I think these insurance companies and teamed up. And I don't want should meet show that they don't want to fight each other like I figured out at all Lewis already you know appear. And won't let the consumer. The customer who has fight didn't it. Take to get. So what is obvious explain and always had this gap from San Antonio injured agent my producers should Randi man I've got a gal blood and tears hot. But it geez I don't know well put it all alas I'm back up in by not saying he should he sure Russia Vietnam put him home so people involved. Some establish your all wrong morneau made his couch hot. Up like it is about choice words or who I have to do it big out of the situation. And it said the possible hold it. Right here I sit this guy's name is James listen James I should go here's the deal. If five commands about policy premier. Do you give me the price or does the company. Faces a company. I said OK. Now yet vote. I have an accident. And I need to collect. Do you give me the prices are doesn't claims adjuster yet Meet the Press he said the claims that gesture huge huge price. So should I want your job bubble I'll look it tell you know that he gave me the money and did nothing. Said well we lose something and so we did give the price. He should well what should you do get the prize so subtle but well I'll sit and they we had a gap in here last week and at what it was only four. What day here's assured agent agent told a media and have diminished by you coming. I said the only way back it clear that insurance agent talent that customer there. His slaying company must get this gap and needed in order Kelly here's company. And he was helped but here's customer get diminished by. I hope. You all understand. What's going hone in this world. You know the politicians. Glad to us and ridiculously loveless and their goal or represented us. And they're going to do what's right and it title loans they're ripped the big ball that they won't drink going about it. They wanna make this George shady and without a handful of people that won't be accountable and don't wanna banking and a you know 80%. Cardigan is. He won't tell you the truth that's flop I lost hassle free out of line. We make the purchase for you would make sure you get ready for your trade you make sure you get direct interest rate you get a with the right company about Iraq car. The pitcher butch Japan we will make sure you did there's a little right bigger ship we get it. Delivered to your house 90% of the time. Has so three out of buying made look at and it charges only automatic out dollars a huge debate I start tornadic. But for a came on the radio but I charged that don't like doctors and lawyers that did towards the end all the didn't twist it off. Didn't bolts all they did warm body usually battle over what they really need it. Cassell Corey all the blood and help she's so much that uttered not make you save thousands all of it. So go and hassle free auto buying dot com. And we would be glad to make the purchase forty upbeat through this process but your car now the other day had to dig into it needed to trade in. Any war to get crazy money sport and I and we left it with the customer mock customer got a thousand more that I don't give the government but kept that dealer. And it customer they had to have that unit it was perfect ball. I don't know why. I'll or make sure you get plenty of money fear trade. And how bad the good the bad and the ugly I'm glad she sort of let you third truck trite now but she's cargo bench from a plumbing company. I bud. Sixteen core bad although some people. Bob good the bad news delivered you got percent of go to learn about cell Karzai can't describe your car or I'm not all like. I used to be will it auto trader Brian singer. They entice you becoming a that puts your pin number and they cut union knees and then they wannabe Jew reporter ever lose digging you never lose scratched. Ever playing in the world. I had job and had county what do CarMax in San Antonio. They BM up. And they said well you ourselves Carson Bob Melissa Randy actually pulls up on my lot. He makes you don't know what may well mayor I'll walk out look at it it would go around the block a comeback not tell him what a money deal and he said Arnold beat me up. A simple want to say well look let there's a little worn on the C. That's a that's normal cities got a couple door thanks so much normal should you know I'm boring no let up cynically used car. I'm not expected at bringing new not paying 70000. You played for this car. He was super happy. It's because it's that you scholars don't common sense let's push you know let's write in truthful with Cust marsh. Let's what I try to be bullied that are not if you don't like Saab and you brothel for fifty years. I get voted whatever we wanted. And we're getting tired of it goes it's it's not worth note that I what you have casually browse for paper most popular these car. Dealer and bin not a new gospel has for years and years and years but where. Worried your team I've I am no whoa whoa ray and how by. And that's what rocks already us. Peace. Low overhead where prices. I've volume. And right now Jason put so much money in a carjacking are buying thanks Robin. Williams should prepare whether this customers. So. Well. A big opponent insurance companies win at a Colin about it most called talked about major companies in Korea paid. But we're gonna have a little time left I'm all at the big secret that don't forget to phone number here are one to 86435483. If you would like to meet to Swedish person in the world is my sister candy Haney. She sells furniture. She's a good interior decorator. And I won't tell you she's actually disperse some TV Jenny Stahl real brick the only back she's had massive structural board wrote. And feuds like just talked jerk and she doesn't care decorate it to end these numbers filed one today. Here's our number seven suddenly want. Seventh lap 74. Settled southern one. 7574. Cobbled sister killed bustle furniture they need interior decorating. She told me she was a two million dollar I'll still an alien open the lady. And well I'll say the I guess she get reported acting but I can't afford the taxes on two million dollar house. You've got you people and I'll speak you know how to live your make that money. Water deal so this is brand Martin Biron sell cars dot com. Be sure and tell your friends and I don't know like a big secret out. And the next twenty minutes. What you can go to be educated. Is she really what the real world's all about in the car business. Help people were trained. How sound manner trying. Out these big companies like big damn money. Goes they need it might kick in order to cover girl greater. Barack's and failures. Don't sell as many coerce because the other works but they got to make it up on the big guy you. So we're working hard to show you exactly. What you should do and what she made this is Randy Adams. Ron about it sell cars dot com. Be sure. You fragile legs well that big secret out next right after we come back get in this little short. Break. Today and a multiracial. We don't talk a little bit sometime about how bad campers more. Trying to mud just voted camper. Fit we'll imminent lapels are a little bit it. Like 40000 dollars Ford. Well there's laughed decided. They would go away certainly she jumped up off. Some other things happen and so he took it back to the dealership to sell it. Stanford and maintain thousand dollars about a bad investment. That's why not what how wardrobe go camp but I'll rent but for every green army. That's Johnny's displacing may browse full but I don't pay me to do this commercial here in Austin. But I like good guys who have a great RV dot com. And their phone numbers like 30655500. Are they so much business well I did either Paul number and I I ran a camper. Take it back to home you'll have to story you don't have to clean it. In your man of glory experience. I think the camp for blacks to own. There's so many places that dampening brothel and hotel rooms are so hot you're better off we're at camp are going to happen now. Taking your family and enjoying yourself. What you do at my body but Newt camper now I guess to keep it because. He did standard 22000. Dollar also Brandon camper. You think cars to diet to lose the valuation we'd take a ball over the curb pay camper or motor homes or worse. I end to ever bring got a great selection right now should. Give them a call or go to every green dot com and cheap thrills in my nobody. Asked for sheets when you go in there he's a great great gap. And you'll live token to you won't make it right back this year brandy and a blurb about cell guards got up Mikey dump there. Things it's. So I am now. No matter where you shot no matter what you've been offered at Hobart will meet in. I am Ginny Covert and we had the best selection above knee Seve and GMC trucks in one location. In that color style and with all the options you can one. All of that at the famous letter overpriced that no one can tax. Not now not ever we want to be your drug dealer. Let us traded to even covers an idea kinsey NC a seven as to how was anyone in fast out our online it covered mascot dot com. We knew how did it happen this year topping thirteen seventy downright silly. Don't feel about it at. But now you won't get him they ship it's. By adulthood and Bob battery life. I love him hate they're my bigger ships. A little doing business little salmon numbers one for forty years and never had a problem. Bob dawn they're also to deal with they're also our level. Good night you'll never get no satisfaction. I sort all of the big secret out are you ready for this first all. Album duty news sacred but there's a ditched it. You've got to go to YouTube. Go to learn to buy and sell cars dot com and six glad about web site allowed you to leave. Channel now more brutal bunch of new stuff all poor kid aren't up probably got it figured out. I've got about. Fifty almost slam owner and the next few weeks but should scrubbed alarmed by himself cart dot com up next to ditch Nat. And why you're up here look up the guy named genome. Ziglar the CE IE. GL ER. How to put a deal to get. Pete trains in new coordinators. How to make more money although beauty. And there's a bunch of what got a couple Leno who crunch problem. Hey how would you like to be a better sales month you can learn from the YouTube video. These and pungent. Genome says no never mentioned blood June. They want you to pay more than your budget I don't care. If you paid too much for a car. Like you can't OF. They wanna share you collect her money put Joseph on the street and it's a bunker and near problem. Newton isn't going to open your bit. What do you think. Go to UT tapering ends I have found something new and take me also that no matter. Don't need to go warrant a bunch of cars dot com. And subscribe to that people that didn't feel my videos like a set up got about her like twenty Eleanor were about to put. Probably fifty or sixty more longer. So we will June. Big sister subscriber that oil may get my numbers up that'll help me get it going up also hired a company. That is a super company but who led my show live bullets in my show they love mud YouTube ideas. And so we're trying to build all let helped everybody. Well a little bit and entertaining work on big chart below more entertaining and they got some great ideas and I'll put together but. Take this opportunity. For you. And your family and your friends and your neighbors and everybody around go to you take the hey and look up how knows how to make a deal in the car biz G Jones-Drew ZIE. GL ER. And you are so much. About what they're trying to do its job I'm trying to explain EU. Oh no wish George and don't just go for eight years coordinators go to schools for amber. U Brian don't change that technology changes to rules change. May be news it's finding exchange or led only led. No surgeon and yeah maybe they need to do a little training in June and no little. Shark attack. One car dealers 365. Days a year. More apt to give every available dollar we'd get all your pocket and 80% over what ripped you off 20% won't do it right. Treat you right and so take my advise to do that are below our desire do you wanna save money or you won't throw some light. I was at a dealership the other night. So Goldman cartman flopped a daylong look manager's best. Managers say all man good deal. So looks at seven pounder. Even read 7000 profit and said now ten pounder. Ten to 101000 dollar profit oldies car. Should all credit last I'll tell the 2200. Bigger pack. And that somebody I've mentioned bet your bottom up going to guest said who wants dealer pack. As a bigger package is that money that didn't guard that you put on a vehicle. Especially the bad guys. Where the so London to participate. In the profit he didn't get a percentage of that 22 under this sales month. Got 25%. Up 101000. And that 2200 didn't take into account so that particular direction 2200 I don't know that for a fact. And I made 101000 so the bigger actually made almost 101000 home regardless seldom made 2500. Now that was an exceptional led deal goes a lot of big hitters didn't do gators work on three and 4000 profit. You know all and that's why I can in fact that this same dealership. They called mail are missing grand Euro are a sudden know that this is a genial. Uncertain what you call me a liar should hear why don't you show. Us that I am he said yeah. He said. We'd give all the money don't betrayed us save it for you adult. I stood my neighbor shot Detroit Indiana Carty you bitch usually. And our bridge all thousand dollar Porsche can show where we had to mania at the trap. Assad has no excuses Myanmar from new snowballs. Are supposed to step up pony I don't care if you had audio. So well wit to admit it to Diana I said yeah I know young lady man and cannot do appreciate you make me look like a genius. I'm so well bush just said to media I said OK now. Yeah all the Auld made 28000. Last week only twenty cars pitcher did serial. They said well yeah I guess your how should did you give those customers all the money. Well. No we didn't Paramount has said you like 20000. I'll let you make money on the car so real. Did you give him all the money. Well I should know he didn't. You might 28000. Home twenty cars you do it won't talk. How much money do you Michael Bacardi won't. Below balls math scores they treat Becky and clean the cars that you want to make it you can marine shale. That's the cars you did won't. The city. People don't realize they. Need to know. What their vehicles were that's why you go to learn by cell cars dot com. Describe your car I'll warn about our gear beat fair market press how more Michael Bonnie don't jump up and were overhead big volume. And people are happy what I'm given a buyout bid CarMax nine out of ten times. And how warm up by your car. If you go to traded again if this. We've known it lightly a couple of times but dictatorships not want to give the money I'm given for the vehicle. So the people take not draft and trade to go inside the text money I get the vehicle. Goes very active region dean Hirsch know what the real world's all about. I've got twin any answers. Full flop album good bar ponies car. And that that I've got a blue listed doubly so does I'll run through them again. To let you know what did it up like about a year ago and I explained why. And what I'd do I'd ship cars all of the United States about the good the bad good I don't care what you got out more about how bar a lot of lecturer now. I'm gone up a bit old to have twelve forwards who would let voters there have balls your company trucks. And all filed let either bad engines transmissions up I had that great frontrunner but will wait known it right now. Just brought up fourteen. Chevrolet cargo grant with a bad motor. So all main. It's god but ye es name you know go to wanna buy and sell cars dot com and describe your car I'll try to but then go to the other side. Angola to amp TC got frank tell me Charles not go best placed to check your credit. So what your credit score is who attention credit card and make sure there is cleaned up make sure that it's right. Make sure that it's best that you can give it because it doesn't matter to you up botch. And all of us reporting bureau. Senior credit debt then take go to blank credit you shop everybody. How the citadel the banker but this week. And a biker so we're doing it about yet another bad paper owned these cars. And his secretary said we are you should give out so we've got some money sitting. And it's not do any good you were thinking about. And we've got reindeer here and we won't help the help. Called salt doesn't helplessly while we need to do and how we need to do it and also we're thinking about Latin cars. But card classic course. That have credit may now I'm sort accident reports all right and we need to know. How to look at those and that's. One of the reasons we've been talking to Randy. That's a gal more help be out there will be glad to TV classes and it does your lenders. And the people is going to be doing it. And the ladies and oh how much are we go home. And he's so well worst it won't quite a bit of money and I said. Judge should know quite a bit of money that you get blown out twenty tabs yeah it sure with a blank several 100000 Mike and won't that two million. What no problem at all. That's a lot of loans. At two in 34%. Sure affects the whole loans or make him drink 400%. Interest that's pretty good money. So. Shop shop shop banks. Your credit union. Find out what interest rates got to be how long you've got to type what the total notes got a big. Make sure you got every bank and do it get your budget Jim ziglar says did not bring up budget but you need to bring up budget asked Dave Ramsey. He's an expert. So look at your budget. Make sure states find out what you had done your bit banker cult here but can't tell you body shop talk to somebody owns those top. Talked to a mechanic at one of those that were called Obama out talked your part chassis the parts is are so talked to everybody in the world. This is the worst investment Warwick each money who loses money what man might wage. Tires brakes and they were out insures everything in the world. Hey ensures people bring up one rope like I forgot the barrel don't bring up hey. Let's not if I'm glad insurance policy ought to be a Coke and you don't have the press. But I need you to give me the press what shall I immediate but total lulls have sold my car and honor for a year. Paid legislators. Let's try the act was to -- sure urged companies to back up what they're slay what they're doing. So after you shop shop shop. Ideology Trey get it's worth and keep shopped at. Make sure you're making a right decision. On every unit pitcher which admit it sure money after tax money hard earned money. We were cheated know exactly what Jewish but I knew exactly what should do it. I hate figure out how long enormity of what the car's only worth down the road. Let's get more on this story years five years though with the balls that you gonna guess you don't have won't it talk your mechanic what might have to do maintenance coming up. Look at every avenue ever spot every situation. That you've got all right automobile. How old tube cool calm collected in control and know what exactly what you do I don't want your preferred VIP customer goes you'll get slaughtered. I want you shall educated that you can teach other options. I am grows up Bob might not be needed here five years now waving my Allah might how much shut teach everybody. But will keep going home to Brock and I'll keep bring it up stuff so are you ready willing and able. To know what you're doing and how you buy this is Randy Adams this year and go to YouTube alarmed by itself cart dot com. And this is tribe please should listen to more watch copper bigot but I also look up all those other guys are teaching their car dealers also coerced. Go to a passive three out of buying guide cover. Go to you want to buy sell Karzai government and give us a cult you'd like to talk just 830. Sixteenth. 7159. Get a chance you say Iraq's Covert telling my you liked the show and thank you for sponsored. And you know they are great great people there at the dealership I deal with. Hear it all the time is a horrible my trust of probably that I'm after forward over forty years of doing business who watched over we never had a problem. And one bunnies a factor in never had a problem. That's been pretty good leadership to deal wit. I think so that's not leadership but wanna I wanna deal with. You get time tuning in the tape TSA fat 50 AM in San Antonio. Wanna put this out pat down. I'll Skype Kennedy and right can you believe in old fart like may Skype editing and I'm sky Canadian commented JT SA studio. I've got Chris should wait and home they were about to tune it up. There were gonna go from three to four more Erik so tell and we gig call's San Antonio. We got people that have opponent Carl you know what's wrong on the people most of course insurers say just say go to cobble up may get some concerns don't have. God myself love you for Jim but everybody here who long for a good portion that you got all the meetings don't know what I'm scared and so you should beat. Gaza why she's thank you. So I am now.