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Financial Safari, 02/12

Feb 11, 2017|

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Imagine a time when you have the freedom and resources to do help boost things you dreamed. With how worrying. But time and place where all your hard earned money works for you. Some government bureaucracy. And tax free so. Call bill Capriati had a 18511636. Again that's. Why and why six. Threes. This week's episode of the financial safari is brought to you fight filled Capriati and seeing your taxes and insurance and tiger's PR. Your financial analyst. Information provided just what it was for purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be relying. What better accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Including usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional before taking any action. He's your money get lazy. Make sure this working as hard for you would you work trip to stay tuned you don't want to miss what's coming up next. Hi this is coach Vinny and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. No we obviously don't water all over money just stealth you don't though mantras. Our bureau boy the way with Phil care real audio all fleeing your tax and insurance advisors serving or listeners in greater Austin. Know Phil how safe is to a safe have you ever heard of such a thing. Yeah I certainly had been a shock and we and we police see it's a time and have a quick funny story. About money stops and a mattress when I was younger but you know I grew out red grouper and outside of Philadelphia. And now we had a little dumped down the street it was actually down a mile away. And so we used to go and explorer eight and down. There was a little crater named Darby trigger right next to him anyway long story assured me in a couple of my friends saw no mattress and we decided to brew and float the mattress down the creek in. It of course it was a winner day in and it was freezing cold and and lo and behold we pick up the matters to floated down a creek and don't you know the dog gone thing is stuffed with tens and twenties and fives and ones sell off all week and couldn't believe it is there I saw little green I saw green dollar bill hanging out and I hope that the match comes up on well there must have been about a couple hundred hours you would think we'd won the lottery that in any rate he kind of re met reminded me of that story because it was one of those things should never forget. Yet giving back to the 83 qualities of money and really is your money to shape. When I look at safe money I normally recommend will were helping folks put together your retirement plan. You wanna make sure the amount he's working for you and you really shouldn't have more than 678. Months. In actual cash for as an emergency fumble we would like to call on emergency on any more than that and I can tell who the clients. Assets their money is really not being managed properly because they're overly concerned with risk. Which means that they probably have been burned once or twice in the past so again we go into out over we go into protection overload my nose attitude. My crack research staff reminds me that there or. Different qualities of money they had done a full life. Three growth safety and liquidity. Then it's always a balancing act Phillip does not know what works. It really isn't you have to understand folks when we're looking at money. We have to at least be able to keep pace through pace of inflation so that's an extremely important variable. So the way I look at it won't we look at money if I look at her retirement savings plan especially as someone who has. Saved you literally tens or hundreds of thousands and Irsay IRA for a one K or so porch and maybe has not had any attention. Maybe they don't never worked for the federal government state government or any one of the local few companies. Anymore than all for pensions. They're pension is actually inside the 401K. In a form of liquidity OK just all cash so will we wanna take a look at is we really want to set up the portfolio we wanna look at money that you need now or we run the setup that emergency fund. We wanted to take a look at sending an increasing income and should not. Inside this. Account you wanna make sure that as you reach your eighties to larger RMD's. Do not force you to. Run out of money we also want to make sure that you don't have access of market volatility of our marketing exposure. So judiciously this money should be manage it should be managed in segments. We need certain amount and liquidity we need certain amount of income and only need certain amount we need certain amount of money. For emergency expenses were Phil I'm curious with the three. Qualities of money then those the balance among those three change and shift at these stages of our financial life. It really does so the first thing we wanna ask ourselves of course is one are we gonna retire now and pure currently working if you have may be 12 or who say one to five years left before you retire. We won a seventh inning come planned it. That provides for income replacement. After you retire understand. We're used to getting that paycheck year in and year out it's extremely important once we retire that regular paycheck retires along with us so we want us an opening come plan or an income replacement plan bush using our savings primarily. Retirement savings. Qualified plan retirement savings to actually set up they paycheck we'll say so. If you're working with a money manager or your not your you were you are your own money manager what you need to do is organize. Your retirement income in segments you wanna make sure you have a bridge for income once you retire. And you no longer have that paycheck. You have a bridge and allows you to maximize your Social Security. You wanna that you wanna take a careful look and work with eight professional retirement income planner and hopefully tax professionals they can help you balance income. By minimizing taxes and also set an Upton segments we're going to take the money for the first five years we're going to take the money for mere six through ten. And then one would only take the money after that. What type of income provision. Have I set aside if I'm married at the death of the first house when I lose that lower super smaller Social Security checks from what provision have a need for Matt. So planning is key the only to create an adequate cohesive plan. Is a plan to fail for sure. Will throw open its not like before we take a break you're. Then you're definitely stating that mattresses or for sleeping. They are absolutely sleeping make sure they're comfortable rush path and try and do your best not to stop them full of money up a thought for those that is a fascinating. Incidental I don't know if you wrote noble yet or magazine and oracle but you got to include that story when you do. We've we've done a few men men and magazine articles and fortune money and business and Bloomberg business that. We are in the process of writing a book and I'll make sure that we put that the memoirs. Absolutely we want all of our listeners to be aware of that also when it hits the threats just for those of you folks listening I have instructed candy our office manager to allow for three complimentary. Pre appointments for a listening audience if you call our office. You can come in we can talk about taxes as you probably know we have a full tax practice. And we have a couple CPAs to work with us as well as not licensed tax prepare is right here in house if you wanna talk about taxes if you wanna talk about retirement income. If you wanna talk about looking at reducing taxes on retirement income or Howard or how to manage. Your Social Security. Strategy feel free to give our officers call. I'll be glad to sit down with you or construct one of our licensed professionals to sit down with you helping us here questions in and put together. For help you put together a plan that helps you to accomplish your goal and objectives. This is a threat testicle opportunity for all listener and the number could take advantage of it is 808. 51. 1636. Dole did mention. That gets a limited sol now is that time to. And this is a no cost no obligation initial consultation. With Phil and his team of professionals. A senior tax and ensure it's a voice this is not a five minute watered down pep talk. This is the real deal what they are making available to you. You'll instantly be aware of where you stand and how to get to where would you wanna be. And what we say no cost that means three. No obligation that means there is nothing to lose the number is 80851. 162. 36. Folksy realize in only 8% of Americans retire into the lifestyles that they've been used to living up to that point. We want to get your plan back on track to make sure that you don't fall into the other 92%. You're listening to the financial safari needs next. Inflation has been low for years and is still running at a lower level. So why worry about inflation and our retirement planning well coach Pete warns that even low inflation consistently erodes your dollars. And Albert retirement isn't lasting longer than ever being accumulated loss of buying power can have a disastrous effect on your savings. While CDs are safe and they're low interest rates in return is on track to be outpaced by inflation. Coach advises caution as always. But he adds that your portfolio needs built in growth vehicles to outpace inflation. Philip only 8% of retiring into the wind sterile that there actually use true. Four years. That doesn't mean as you said that. 92 out of every 100. Aren't meeting their retirement goals know what standing under way. Well both the lead the worst part of that statistic is basically it's a failure to plan. And many of these folks don't even realize that they're not going to be real meaning their retirement goals. Yeah there are a lot of different variables we have to look at so. I like to look at and one we council folks only council literally thousands of folks. Lack of knowledge. Blackened discs discipline. The EU do willingness to be able to realistically look at the future and plan accordingly these are extremely important variables so. It would how would we start well we start with having that conversation. Where they licensed trained professional. If you you can have a conversation with your brother in law your sister all your priest your banker. OK but the fact of the matter is. Unless you sit down and if you married sit down with your spouse and sit down with a professional someone that understands how to organize and help you coordinated which. Cordon has the experience to help you look at. What is my goal retirement income Hattaway adjust for inflation how to light count for taxes. And input and a cohesive plan that's organized well thought out. And professionally done. Many folks again as I said before if you fail to plan you're basically planning to fail. There's no if ands or buts about it so what we normally do for folks is we like to take him into the office to first thing we do as many of you probably know is we like to start your Social Security. Understand folks to many of us have been paying into Social Security coming up to fifty years. That's five decades that not only we've been paying into our Social Security trust fund. But our employers have also been matching those who are security payments. So this is really one of the largest income streams. And can be one of the largest income streams if it's planned and thought out properly so we like to start. With organizing. A Social Security Matt Smith station report in order to do that we have sophisticated software. But we basically need to looking your earnings records shall have clients take their earnings records. And that's that little record you get from their weaves together and every single year chewed every single year and what we earned during that year what we paid in the Social Security will we pain and for Medicare taxes so. This is really. What we need to get started on putting this Social Security naturalization plan which every single clients who earnings records different every single clients longevity. Is different every single clients' retirement income goal is to pursuing wanna start with that and then we won it imported into a retirement income plan. Might take away is that. You and your team could actually make prudent reductions in looked kind of ended the few true yeah we not only can make projections but we can help folks understand okay. This is what my Social Security time you know and if it were married this is what our Social Security is gonna look it like it this year and if we use say a 1% cost of living adjustment our software allows us to point and a modest cola adjustment which is included in our Social Security pensioner benefits. We would all accounts for bat. And now. What is our goal retirement income how much of that Social Security benefited that is actually getting us to that goal retirement income. And then weird we layer other income streams whether they be pensions whether they be aren't d.s what do they be straight out distributions. What do they beat earnings on our retirement accounts how do we layer than in and then how as they inflation each year affect increasing. That goal and how it taxes also have an overall that a basically taking back a piece of that retirement income so. It means the be structured it needs to be planned it needs to be done professionally. And it needs to be done price someone who is used to doing this really as a career. Really don't take it for granted not every not all financial advisors are created the cool that's in God's honest fact she hung you wanna work with someone even if you working with an asset manager so when you feel comfortable with when it comes to planning the retirement income. Leave it to the professionals work with someone that she used to organizing all of these different levels of being town. Including Social Security if your financial advisor is unwilling to put a Social Security report together for you. Or is unaware or a knowledgeable on how to do it can't talk to a professional. Let's do it right it's important to do it right to first time my dad used to have a saying folks. And yet it was really quite simple and it's stuck with me through my whole life. If you going to do a job do it right or don't do it at all what when it comes to retirement income planning. We need to incorporate Social Security as well as earnings and other variables. In putting together a life long retirement income plan for not only inches ourselves metaphor married for a spouses is well. Our situation is going to be different from anyone else's he would close family member or say an in law. Still our situation is going to be different and not only that. But we're also indicating. Dead we have different options and they're going to be different depending on which path we take we're depending on what stage of the game more in that I get that right. Ian you do get it right and it will we do is will start with the list of questions so we'll do a fact finder will talk with clients actually just have a conversation. About what they wanna accomplish. And actually methodically list these questions and of course our our software is stated the aren't our knowledge is second to none. And will help folks actually put together a cohesive plan any picture. Will look at it and then make adjustments accordingly the important thing when you put together retirement income plan folks is to make sure each year plan. One that fits your goals needs and objectives. And not someone else's. Before an advisor advises they should really distort listening and asking questions farce and that's what you do is that I get that right. You did get that brain and unfortunately weights here there are far too many advisors and and I don't mean to be down on advisors today this year far too many in depth advisors. Are in that do and I say not as I do and in nine in the explaining though they're not into teaching no they don't actually teach you why. We need to do this because of this this and that. You know explaining a Roth conversion I'll have many advisors tell clients. Oh my god that's horrible to do Roth conversion why would you ever won a pin attacks is now. But again what we put that all we put the numbers together. One of the reasons is because the folks aren't d.s are so high that there Medicare part B premiums jumped from a 120 amounts to 300 or 400 a month while at the end and we see this all the time. Will look at taxes are are engaged jumping from the 15% that tax bracket and there's 2528%. Tax bracket. And that same advisor will look ME dumped out and say oh I didn't understand and realize that well again. Buy buy it again my like keep quote my father. A little bit and knowledge is a dangerous things who have you're going to put together an income plan for folks better make sure they you know. Just about everything that's necessary to know in order to put together again a complete cohesive. Comprehensive plan. We're coming up on break on. Vote one week calm but we were going to get into the coal man months of investing missile Phillip you all about knowledge. And M how much can rule information. We're gonna give you more chance to go through this we're gonna go to the top of the mountain we're gonna come down with the commandments of investing. I'm looking forward to it I'm earlier I had mentioned that I told her office manager candy to make sure we have three open complimentary appointment spots for our listening audience to come into the office and talk about anything that they need to talk the better any concerns they may have. We have two spots less so police give us call will be happy to talk about taxes or retirement income planning Social Security planning. As states wills trusts would never seems to be Europe concern or whatever questions you have especially as it relates he retirement income plan were at your service and 100% complimentary. This is short shrift to get him on a golden opportunity eight onward. 851. 1636. Dialing that number gets you a place at the table you don't want to miss this and it's conclusively for you. 808. Point 11636. Will we come back will be looking forward to analyzing and dissecting that ten commandments of investing. You're listening to the financial safari news next plus. An easy way to look at how to properly allocate assets in retirement can be summed up with these three colors. Red green and yellow. Yellow was basically your emergency account its money's in the bank CDs that kind of thing. The stuff going to grow much but it shouldn't be going away either. The problem and reason we call it yellow money is because it's losing money safely. Red money is money that could be in stocks bonds mutual funds variable annuities. He TS real estate investment trusts gold silver or precious metals. That's anything that you could put money and that has the possibility that it won't go down. A lot of people who get into a lot of financial vehicles don't realize there's downside because there advisor never told them that it could go down. Green money is money that you know was going to be there. An example of this is Social Security we don't assign agreeing to an asset Phyllis is going to be 100%. Safe and give you an in. Come that is guaranteed in retirement. An extra tip for those who were starting late to save more but don't put your money gets undue risks. If you're trying to play catch up a lot of times shall take more risks and you really should I do end up losing even more get the right plan together. For the right timing your life. You'll listening to the financial safari news next. Every sound retirement plan includes long term care in the mix. It's a conversation many people don't wanna have fun wouldn't it be better to have a plan and not needed then to needed and not have a plan. The cost of long term care are hard and often not anticipated. So long term care insurance is valuable protection against potential catastrophic loss. The catch is you can't just fire long term care insurance you have to qualify for it. Since help and major factors determining your coverage this soon you apply for a long term care insurance to better. There are also alternative strategies such as hybrid life insurance policies with living benefits. Second do the same as the traditional long term care insurance policies. Make sure your considering all your options by sitting down with a financial professional. World audience we promised you with the co men live oaks in investing. And here is number war. That's one of the most important. And many of the folks that I have been in quite a few of the folks in the criminal our office she would think that first commandment is thou shall not plan ahead. But actually because many folks unfortunately you cannot plan considers you a couple of and unfortunately if you plan if you if you do not plan ahead you simply plan to fail. You can't fake it. When it comes to retirement income you you really important at number one you define your goals it's really important to do that folks. We like to help folks do that because many times people just don't sit down. Think about it or talk about it or maybe they have some of their goals in mind but they've really not put pen to paper. The second Rolla Tom and with respect sued Dell shop plan ahead is. You really want and need to be able to provide yourself and your family with 7080% of your current income while you were working we like to aim for 80%. You should be in a lower tax bracket that's not always the case depending on whether or what sources of income individuals have whether they had pensions in the light. Large arteries for a one case but we like to provide at least 80%. Said the need the least at 80% you'd be surprised folks. Your spending habits don't really significantly change is a matter of fact when you retired you actually have more free time. Actually do little more spending so we like to address that issue. On many Americans are failing to save on a regular basis now most of our clients are not guilty of this particular send. Most of them are good sabres were they are late savers they just started late in the game so we can play catch up even if we did start late in the game because many of us like myself five children and four in college and one getting ready to go to college. These are major expenses for those of us who are baby boomers sent who have worked harder and paralyzed. Feel and out raised families and pay taxes so. We want to take a look at if we have been plan. Or have been a secured a very solid retirement plan or retirement income account it's never too late to start. Fill out what you go hitter bridge from command mode one to command with two. We always have to look at the numbers the numbers do not lie especially if they are structured accurately. Understand folks give me an example let's assume for a moment you have a 60000 dollar retirement income goal now many of our clients have a 100120. Even are gonna happen. Well we'll take we'll go small. You wanna take on 60000. Dollars to retire and and retirement income income after taxes well let's assume we can get 45000 a year on Social Security. Well only half the ban across we have that may be taxable based on our provisional income formula and I know I might be speaking Greek to Sami you folks. This this is these are some of the topics we'll talk about when you commit to the office. If they get 45000. A year from Social Security only need to take 151000 a year for my retirement accounts. That puts me any extremely low tax bracket 15% tax bracket now let's say that same individual with the same 60000 dollar goal retirement income. They only take 20000 from Social Security. Because they didn't do planning or they didn't Wear with a professional with truly understood what their options work. Now they need to take 40000 dollars or retirement income for my retirement accounts to reach that same 60000 dollars in gold retirement income. Wow what a mistake I made. Or not only is half the Social Security taxable props like 101000 but the whole 40000. Coming into the irony is taxable. Nolan being taxed at 50% or 50000 dollars. As opposed to being taxed on possibly thirty these types of map. Equations are the type of work you can expect from our office. We not only wanna help you read reach your goal retirement income but we really wanna help you met minimize your taxes. Along the way. I'm glad you mentioned Philip because I was just thinking you know I'm kind of math full written on a lot of folks aren't knocked. How we're over there is sometimes a reluctance to actually get down on the table and look at the numbers just because we're kind of well you're full oral bowler was about what the numbers are gonna shake out derby which you're mentioning that we can't really make a course correction. Until we know what the numbers are built with pure hell. You in your client get to where they need to be in you relieve some of that anxiety. That's correct and again it worked it all comes down to putting together a cohesive plan. That's well thought out and that is accurate we've put together literally thousands of retirement income plans for folks in the Austin area over the last 67 years on and death hopefully over the next ten years will put together another 5000 retirement income plans. I'll make sure that you work with a professional that has the expertise to look at all these different variables. Understand. It's not just about the money you receive your retirement income and it's also about how much you've given back to Uncle Sam. My thought process is quite simple. I've been paying Uncle Sam for the last fifty years 45 to fifty years of my working life in retirement. All of a leg up on paying back to Uncle Sam I think I've done my fair share or so to speak so in order to do that. Each it's extremely important to organize your retirement income and attacks a petition away I love commandment number three thou shalt love father time. Yes you know the funny thing about this is especially is baby boomer you folks all know that we have and will we were younger we all thought we pretty much where. I'm only just in fallible. But we were indestructible as well do you remember those days off the hook up I'm afraid I you do like goes Clinton like so they must ponder one's solidified known only to relive those long undertaken Barrick Carol myself. If I had half a dozen and that you poke. The funny thing is we need to take a look at it eventually time heals all wounds and it also and it also does some other things with respect to health care. As party retirement mean come plan folks it's really important to take a look at what provisions have I mean god forbid if my body breaks down. Or my spouse's body breaks down what type of plan have a put into place you'd be surprised. How many folks. Failed to plan for these types of situations so folks commandment number three. The and now shall respect our warranty. I think your warranty only last first. For a while depending on depending on many different variables we only have so many decades before our help Warren who wears out. So we wanna make sure that we made provisions to account for that and for those of you do have been listening every single week we offer. We offer complementary in their views. For a listening audience we have one left folks want left. So please take advantage of and if you wanna commit and talk about taxes retirement income planning Social Security planning. We can talk about any type of retirement. Question you may have. And maybe by talking with us we may help you bring out the other questions you may not applaud up so feel free to take advantage of her expertise. And feel free to take advantage of our complementary. Interviews it can be a call at our office and will be happy to do so with the. Candy is waiting for your call right now it is on him and that is 808511636. To take advantage. Of this wonderful invitation from Phil and his team. It's no cost no obligation. It you won't have the tools you need to step forward confidently. Into retirement. Or whatever stage of financial life you're at right now that number is 808511636. You would you need to take a break but when we return will be digging into more commandments of investing says stay tuned there's more financial safari coming out. You're listening to the financial safari news next plus. Tied shares are real estate. Bart they offer only partial ownership for access to a property. Such a financial arrangement can lead to complications and no legitimate transaction. And even fraud in a worst case scenario. Coach Pete in this classic book. Fine print fiasco simplifies many business concepts what stresses that time shares are very complex entities. There are attractive because of their resort locations. But coach warns that paradise comes with a price. Potential pitfalls include maintenance issues. Questionable resale value. Added fees and other hidden cost. Researching a timeshare with diligence is a must before you sign on the dotted line. Though we from a starlets do that we would now look at something that concerns a lot of folks especially in their working life. And that is. Just take advantage of company sponsored glad it's. And again it reminds me of another one of my lifelong lessons learned throughout bringing my grandfather used to say enemy. The lead they believe they want somebody hands you money use simply say thank you cook a also a hook up a crap I'm gonna repair to my grandfather Phillip and I'm gonna referred to his words of wisdom. Folks would you have a company plan and your company is willing to match your 401K. Contributions are yourself firing contributions. Or any type of contribution that you may have. Police hey that free money police say yes. Contribute. Up to the limit. That the company is willing to match you may contribute more with the you're also self directed plans that you can take advantage of and if you commit to the office we can explain about those. Because we really want to be diversified. In these plans that absolutely. Do not leave free money on the table. Remember Graham popular belief that. When someone wants to give you free money you just say thank you. Just slate grunts they grunts the and get away from the table just say it's just that that suggested New York send you read that. Shall I looked at such a location plan. Well you know and that's extremely important now we offer a lot of services is senior tax and insurance advisors in one of our. One of our company out west part of it's a spin off our company is DiNardo wealth management. We worked with a lot of different money mart managers like Morningstar we worked with a number of different money managers but nowadays. It's extremely important. That when you put together. An asset management plan you have number money time horizon. You have to look at what your risk tolerances. We want to take a look at your retirement objectives. And one of the other things that we wanna do is really want you get away from passive asset management that buy and hold strategy from Tulane where tactical active asset management. Folks we actually have money management platforms that we use for clients that are algorithm based. These these. Asset management plans used. Use certain asset classes and we do asset class rotation but in any red I don't wanna get in a little long confusing dissertation. The simple part of it is. We can structuring portfolio to maximize returns and minimize risk another words. You can put a floor when he rescued can say Philip I don't want my portfolio Newt ever lose more than 7%. I don't want an evermore and I don't want it to ever lose more than 10%. Actually put a qualified number audit and then manage the assets that like with algorithm portfolios. And using tactical asset management we can now accomplished those objectives. And believe it or not many money managers are many asset managers are not using these types of implant surgery date is still using that old fashioned by and hold strategy which does have its benefits but it also have this is weaknesses the listing that any one of our clients wants to see is another 2008 where their portfolio drops thirty or forty or 50%. Or 8911. In 2000 want her to win their portfolio again dropped. 20/20 53040%. When he comes to retirement. It's extremely important to understand that these retirement accounts are secret. Dave court they have the last two lifetime. So minimizing. Market volatility. Is an absolute must and should be part of your retirement income planning process. When we sit down and actually put the other plan these are questions we're gonna ask our clients these are areas who want to dig into. I wanna put it maximum floor for market volatility built right into the portfolio to make sure when we see the next 2000 neighbor the next 2001. We want to make sure. That the error fail safes built into the management portfolio. That are allow our clients to have maximum lost target ratios. Feel we're Gurode need to go over the rest of the commandments of investing all an unknown through shell because we've had so much fun today we have just about run out of. Time for those of you folks who are. Who have been listening and actually many view loyal listeners we've got so many emails unfortunately we're unable to get to them today I told candy I know open up one her appointment spots so for those of you want to command. Maybe you wanna talk about tactical asset management may be wanna talk about taxes may be wanna talk about a retirement income plan or Social Security plan. Whenever it is said this concern. As part of your retirement income plan. Give us a call candy will set up an appointment to meet with us personally. Not absolutely no charges are strictly confidential. And it's strictly complimentary. Will be happy to visit with you and we look forward to helping all of our radio listening audience. Though Philip is extending. This chance for you to have a personal initial consultation with Phil and his team. It's just a phone call away is so easy 808511636. You can call right now they're waiting 800. 8511636. At filled hasn't been a tremendous visit ice early enjoyed it and you gave me a lot of takeaways today I really enjoyed it to god bless you all have a great week in my top of the next Sunday. In for the real storm virtual. Our listener this is consumer bird go Ribble Rick went inviting you to what is next on right here on the potential snowfall. Currency RA. Information on this for the strip. Purposes only and does not constitute investment tax relief funds information has been paying for. Sources that are deemed to be reliable when it. Receiving complete this cannot be guaranteed their Peter. We guarantees pays only a financial strength and claims paying ability to pick sweet company. Individuals should thoroughly review the contract specific details of call us income payments of withdrawals from deferred annuities are generally taxable ordinary income in the year parent.