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Feb 11, 2017|

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Well guns are real estate radio read your host Jason studs wanna share your real estate stories. Coming out at five point 26409610. And now here's Jason Stubbs. And it's Sunday were backed central Texas this is real state radio I'm your host Jason Stubbs branch manager of general mortgage. Annual consumer advocate for all things real state. Hopefully caught our TV shows today. Or KB via at noon if you missed them more reduce or bring in the Texas hill country do you in your living room every Sunday and of course right here. Talk thirteen 7 AM. Guys you can actually see what we're doing here in the radio studio on the on the the TV show and so keep tune in you're your responses have been fantastic so. Banks are reaching out to a sophomore open attacks line right now 512640. 9610. So we wanna hear from you. We are packed show today. On lots of a good stuff coming up also got to say ethics the patent law firm closing officer Texas American title. And in guys if you're out there and you're in the industry you realtors you builders. I mean these folks are doing after hours closings weekends. I mean there's there's senate votes all over town picking up stuff in it really really give Donovan worked with them since 2003. And be sure take a look at to appeal left PC dot com end up all the tools and it all of that is on on line for you right there are also special thanks to Dan kid rolling with the church roofing. Agents also talk you again free roof inspection that's good information to have before you wish your client's home. How to prevent some hiccups we column hurdles in the mortgage business. So definitely reach out to Dan caroling with bush church roofing. In rural and alas is 181407. Got also are out it's been doing fantastic well we I mean we broke a thousand downloads. I mean it's a bit about a month and a half ago so we appreciate that to release the to download or happened what it does you shop who's get interest rates and calculate your payment. So it's really easy to do pull up a text message you're enter atx injured and text. That this number 31996. So text 31996. Annual and two letters atx you're gonna get a text message sent to you click on the link. Scroll over to add to home screen and you can start shopping homes right now. Are we got a packed show. Got when introduced and we've got three ladies that will be. Sit him with a suffer the majority of the show all realtors we got the lovely Rachel Hawkins realty Austin. Ellen outlaw Riley realtors back on the show again and in that Laura Gabriel with finals and homes. Also guys text us right now when I hear from me 5126409. 610 welcome ladies how we do this and a hey Jay Wright and Jason good deal well before the show started we comics are have some conversations I would with prosecutors to show back on the minutes ago probably not. Glad glad you're flat wrong. Glen Rock get along so far I think. That's awesome. So I mean let's talk about a meters Sunday you know last Sunday we were. You kind of getting ready debt to eat some wings and barbecue in you know kind of the American. Way so would you guys do for the Super Bowl. Well I had a crop as well in my house that's not surprising tonight I know being from Nolan that that there could be heard that. New Orleans love it love it and says the same sort of play and we're going against the dirty birds of course they have. I don't doubt about it no doubt about it and who's who's Poland anybody pull for Tom Brady. Crickets are. Yeah. I don't I don't get it dummy you why's it such a big deal and why it's so easy not like this guy with a problem he's good looking he's got hot wise. And he's the best quarterback ever I think we might throw excuse me adjectives ever drew series yet. Did you don't like him not a fan you know you'd you have to admit I was a pretty miraculous. Recovery they made there and yeah and of winning and that shocking no doubt about it they shocked that I think it's Super Bowl was here again yeah on on Saturday extending the day before the game my wife now what's in the rodeo gala. And we you know round up bunch of folks and did hole limo and all that deal but my whole my whole like inside joke to myself was as our secure until people hate conference they subpoenaed you know that the elect is the day before the simple. Now that you he has called mayors like pickle here is it like to sit in his living room with and I went oh my god I never told anybody else joke and so during that Super Bowl that next day. Folks are trying to spread that information with us with their feet. Could cut the costs are I think 1250 even rumors. A time period where we're very proud of that and I knew about Thelma take in this small city did. Do I got a if you if you're just tuning in this is real say radio I'm Jason Stubbs we've got three fantastic guy realtors with us today be sit in the whole show. It does what we do here on Rosie radio as we set everybody comes on the show these folks are pros you're not gonna hear from anybody that has not been vetted. And these folks are definitely are so we'll go hop right into a little literal say we I think. Sounds good what Ella let's start with you and Ellen is bright with Riley realtors. In an Ellen I mean both yesterday were kind of have a little bit of conversation about you know what what's going on in in the area the industry the market. And I mean you know you mentioned a little bit about Cedar Park Leander round rock to mean tell us a little bit about what's going on. In that area. Oh man well and striker up and around Iraq back when Cedar Park was like nothing nothing yeah. Ask your old broad who wanted to early Cedar Park. Yeah I mean it's it's really grown so much in fact I have listing in red oaks that's going to be lives. On Friday. And that that's my old neighbor head and that neighbor and I mean it it's just grown tremendously the whole area they they have so much new business 1890 rains came. Several years ago and now all. Where used to feel like a drive to Cedar Park yeah and and then it became a drive to leaner. Now it's like Cedar Park Leander and Larry held Georgetown they're all growing and there's tons of business which is really get fur jobs. It's nice to suspect a smaller communities outside Austin I mean did their creating. Their own. You don't own economies right argue they're bringing in the restaurants and commercial growth is what's really drives and people look you come up there I mean you you remember what it was like to live with no HEV right I remembered anymore I don't I. Still does relative to help. Well the and I mean I think Kyle still waiting on HUV. I don't think so yeah hassle and I noticed Kyle harmony street I think it's close enough that it doesn't means yet get it out right there yeah. Well the domain to only need think about he used to be handed drive to Austin to go downtown now that's I mean it's. Like traffic and in they've XP and though pact which sure that's that's wearing yours you and how we're we're one exit north of the domain I'll man and I didn't rule out a few has been a San Diego but I mean it's likely cut out the lamp light district in littering just picked it up and air live at the north Austin but -- thirty Dylan Oliver Austan just said to be able to have people. On top of each yeah in certain areas that poll in August retail into these locations like you said that usually wouldn't have. What they're bringing some of that now which is cool that's one of the things are talking about Cedar Park and in they're getting we're getting DSW. And there's a lot of big retail that's coming out there are so it's kind of cool enough caffeine to drive an just DOS anymore and I have the domain and now I used. Actually have things write your own you know neck and legs and. Pay attention to to what's coming in now and that's Eliot big indicator for a lot of homeowners that are deciding to sell. And move other places and buyers that are coming in from other states. They wanna know what's around us they wanna know in my driving thirty miles to grocery store. And I'm driving twenty miles just to go to. You know Nordstrom's yes. Where my Dowling and the shops that you see are indicative of the type of people that are moving in and wouldn't they have money to spend for what do you do Lar I mean do you you know just gonna keep an eye on the commercial space and yeah it's it's commercial space its its retail it's it's city parks it's. It's all those things that kind of make the community you know I area I pay attention to everything I really do I'm I'm kind of an old school realtor had been in the business a long time. And I don't literally just go out and drive I don't know how many realtors do that anymore but I do I go out and drew Hyatt and I say okay. I have clients that are interest in the Syrian and see what's so there we see how long it takes to get to the gerchas struck out how long does take to get to the train station where the good schools. I look all of that information up and I driver ran and I take a look and is really fascinating to see and and you kind of have to put yourself in that mindset to say. Do you I want to live here are heard and if I do how do I share that with my client and that's really important. It is like Nolan that surrounding area here we had a client recently that had lived in Austin 1213 years ago. Spent the last four and Ireland. If I'm yes so he's he's back in town. And the first thing you Colombia is actually a listener of the show game because I mean arguably your call me. I am just ask I quit which we have. We had a great conversation and DDoS or we think Boston is man's place is different here and you guys are being at thirteen who might tell you he was he works try to live the 360 bridge where where oh where I am. And if he's one to look at like. Briar cliff spice would dripping. And you say do you mean do you know how long it would take from the spice would do you have a lot I mean you're doomed it you know liquid tweet she tweet you or close to forty. Are you just seem to get up around 3 AM I thought our go to jail to house yes were cut. Yeah I noted that got about a dozen years and as usual stay ready I'm Jason styles were talking rose they all day. You got questions let us know when I hear from you filed 126 or 096. Tim we get back we'll talk to more Cedar Park. Leander round rock got a couple listens we also stick around. You've. Welcome back central Texas this is rose radio I'm Jason stubs if you stuck around through that break we appreciate you you just tune and welcome welcome we're here every Sunday on talk thirteen 70 AM talk in real estate talk and mortgage pocket Austin, Texas AKA baby Hollywood yes that is. I'm that's how that Yahoo! robbery name does not remain the city still so hey Californians out their pay attention you're gonna need to know how we do in Texas fifth. If you're first thing I don't want your your mouth as well back in California week is tell you we don't. So capacity it is not. Yeah but so you know how hey come on him too long and we got room. Did just glancing like NN well here you can get a kind of a little bit about a litmus test of what's going on with the market in Austin by just looking out the window here you gotta love how the cranes we we did out on occasion you know 12345678. You can't see one behind the tree about blogger what they're doing some beginner pour Rainey street. I'm so mad cow fat how. Finally I thought it was part of its parking areas as it is and I am company of people coming in the people of Anaconda has environments it ruined. Have a client his son transferring his company and two different location and and the biggest thing for them as parking Australia that charge for parking is. Abstract and comical it is ridiculous got to deal. Two out much and and he it's anywhere between two and 400 dollars per person per space while it's ridiculous. Winger down this year car at speed through for some. So how many more unrestricted rights Karzai could I at least we have that anyway everything. Thanks. Says big Mallory street you guys remember the Obama member walking on the street there's a big piece of plywood and spray paint. We only got spray painted it not for sale yeah. What about playing present but that was a genius what are you got paid like three times the amount he did just not put that oh yeah what about the limits still standing at this cricket does it literally is an hour 45 degree angle now people still live there wolf if is it and it might yeah tower of Austin. I lose some but their hold now until they're still there. Will that help with the name of the hotel. Only it's always an archer archer and Anne Archer. Milestone means you'll learn to turn the Lindsay can manage the rather throw it. Really is actually another name. Tell Hyundai aren't interested in that Indian this really cool lots and I mean there's a million different little pocket the link. Yeah I haven't I've been van Zandt and thanks for that producer and that the president and a half Asian carriers of his dad aren't going to have to. Table let's get back to littoral state I mean before the break we're talking a little bit about Cedar Park. Leander. Round rock west and -- and I urge you got a couple love couple listings you until about yes sir what you first and first up is well I guess we'll start in associate in Cedar Park I have ahead analysts seem it score and live there or altered in any live on Friday. 301 Glenn Hollis street that ones in red oaks that was and didn't referring to earlier. 38 37 square feet it's beautiful has like a split staircase. Huge Cormier kitchen and we're gonna list Fallon for 449. There's bring your elementary school is just a few years old right in the neighborhoods can watch your kids to school awesome. The pools really closer on the court this is on a really quiet nice quiet streets that's a beautiful home. And next that is. 2400 blended tree ranch that's over in shady oaks this comes really really pretty it's beautiful on outside to have cart rides. 3558. Square feet and we're analysts Falcone for 399 that's a really good price and how on the homes less than two years old. School really close by park side it's just right on the streets he can mark your kids to school there to in this house has a lot of upgrades as wood tile floors throughout not a very pretty. And then the last one is 3320 pine needles circle. And that when we're gonna list for 330 and I aimed its 2743. Square feet it's over in May filled rants very very popular neighbor made. Really good schools close access to everything. This town literally looks like a model home it has so many custom taxes and. And this owner they had the best furniture I've ever seen a lot in their listing of what might well. It's Restoration Hardware redstone mill things like how does perfect you know we had I had. Was upset having to pull stuff out because I loved everything in our their furniture to stage another child yeah look you know I walked in there it looked like you know magnolia over in and it literally looked like wow some sort of stage or BI's it's amazing how all three these are really really nice everybody took really did care homes so they they really require a lot of work. On the Mercury just kind of wait and what's the what's a price point on the par Neil. In May filled rant it's 339330. On yet I was 339. 2743. Square feet so I've got some friends on that it reached out a horror are armed renting right now Tom because in in the whole idea for them is is they're gonna move out a little bit they wanna see how was before they pulled the trigger. You know quote way out there which is not way out anywhere and being aware you need to go. But they might beached itself also it all takes 45 minutes to get to anyway now yeah. No matter Lang X acts it's getting better and environment not that they built so many roads up north it's like not bad I mean I guess maybe I'm used to driving on Tony three hole that's for. Next hole I zip around them all over Ronald Reagan's opened. 1430 one's getting better yet dead I am the one offered blended tree range is rye author of Ronald ray in its super close and you'd think it's further out because in your head you're thinking where is that. When she get out there I mean that's only five minutes from the listing in red oaks and perhaps the only. Ten minutes from Austin that's not really isn't far out of a more. Definitely aren't out of out of let's kind of turn the page a little bit. And let's settle Laurie being quiet over their Laura Gabriel well left listening fine Austin homes. And yeah you don't you know we've we've got quite a few conversations into their very censored yeah. I doubt we'll tell us a little bit about you. How well I've been in the business about. Sixteen years yeah going on sixteen years I started off actually in mortgage I started off as senior underwriter or were you thinking I now right that has to help stability not that I was thinking you. Yeah definitely that's a cable boy it's good to see us. I am right yeah and now I I I actually really has love. Digging in their paperwork in people's files and that kind of thing and so and I wanted to help that way and so that's how I learned the business. And and decided that now I wanted to be in front of people so then I switched over to real estate probably about twelve years ago yeah. I'm so. It's been an interesting journey I love the fact that I know both sides. That's I think it comes in so here with my clients because there aren't any really good or really bad yet you feel I guess it give you what if if you get a little dangerous on the all the months I can't really defend what you start thinking logically on the mortgage side it can it can drive you nuts yet because unfortunately were so far away from a handshake it's just about logic anymore it's we need this this is why. And given the burden of proof is on the client out of it dietary fat sound. Now I really enjoy it and I love doing real estate but it does help a lot of my clients especially first time homebuyers and work a lot with first time home buyers yeah. And he just simply do not know the process yet they don't understand what it takes to start the process of down into a home. They're somewhat favors some work to what several now. And I just a love it I mean it's it's not tell you know that the majority when I do what I do get him alone quite absolutely love them it's. You know it's it's and that's when your experience comes out that's when your your your willingness to help people and Echelon in the business you know says to be able to kind of you know help folks. Through their real state journey takes talk in we love seeing people you know especially first time homebuyers and everybody don't get me wrong I love all buyers and sellers but first time homebuyers they're so. Joseph I didn't it guided in you know what does this mean in what can we do here and it's a really exciting journey and when you finally given the keys to their house they are just over the moon they can't believe they've done ness and and I really appreciative of that's what we make our job or yes yeah are obvious and worth it. They -- is the end giants left smiling Aaron Aaron that's what makes it all weren't that the first on home ours I mean where can I buy homes and in obviously reluctant I mean it seems like that magic number. Is a meets its 30250. Yeah. Yes his vision to seventy I mean of go ahead try to find a house I got three agents will be showing homes today. To first time homebuyers are looking in that stuff. You know once once try to like 29. 250 G sixty where they look and sound we've got to. I love liberty so I have limited had a girl. First and our and you can't funnyman ascent on dune country finally matched Texans had did country. Still I mean you know under 300 you've got to finance some objective hello work into it I think that's kind of when those things I IE and you sort for dollars sisal new homes so. New is easy it's like for in new you can picture are so yeah there's more to diet and sellers that line center in and I try not to immediately. And you're like their hair they'd be definite appeal to buying new economy it feels get right expression clean but it. These homes that are out there I try and help clients say you know we're flooring is huge just put in some point it's really not that expense. Because you can either doing yourself if you're Haney word. I think this hiring people to do flooring is. His very affordable in Texas especially compared I say about materials and where dad and to maintain their stopping her yeah I mean that it is here fresh and let me help you are quick guys if you're just tuning in Israel stay radio. Indo we've got three lovely. Agents so with us for the majority show today Rachel pop and realty Austin Alan out all running realtors. In the lovely large Gabriel with him. Finalists announced. All right so I mean let's took I want to get to this because we've you know we've got a lot of folks from out of town move and here we know that's why I called them. Are you a caller beautiful city may be Hollywood. Humble sees death sticks but if it doesn't we're still gonna have out of state bar's moving here so on the rates and your work with Al state bar but what all news gonna open up the forty guys. Q what do you out of state buyers being folks moving in. To Austin from Alice they would do what they need to know. First off they need to know the area yeah I mean. In order to explain to somebody is new to Austin what you've known your whole life yes is very difficult especially with the changes and we have got areas that are gender Brian where they've got like a dilapidated little. Cottage next in this enormous modern new thing I've heard and they're going to want military I told you don't understand this isn't good part you know I don't. So it's explaining to do it how different Austin is now on that we're kind of in the middle of getting everything situated I feel like so. That's probably the hardest part with the the people living here from Boston is figuring out what area yeah fits them the most they usually ask them as described where they live now and to try to put him in the part of Austin that best fits her. More what are some of the things that some folks moving in from out of town won't. Necessarily think oh. Well you know I I actually meant California native myself there you handle that so I did go through the process some me time it was really difficult. You know coming across country with. Two kids in a dog. You know and a and a husband is not easy and so when you're thinking about everything else is going on in your life with. Job change. You know health care changed daycare change school changed you know all of the other stuff in your life that is so important. As much as she want to move street into a house when you get to Austin. You don't know the area. Like Rachel said you know you don't know where you wanna move yet you don't know where the good schools are you need someone to really take you around and I think it's so important to find that realtor that. Understands. The process that you're going through. And says here let me take this offer your shoulders let me lying this up for you and help you you know just kind of take that journey. And and they don't think about you know wow are the school systems all good out here they are bad we're going down you know that's. And did a fine there are many things are so yeah and you know doctors that you find new doctors and and change your health bureau remains yet change bank account gap announced. You know it's teaching little folks with community banks I mean you never buy it and bank with a big B a day so. If so it's all those little bitty things shall think of even all your. You're utilities and in services and all that stuff but I need to add and has that concierge service that is saying yes yes yes. So yeah buyers both transfer need to that we have those job mean I'll hop in there it's out 360 home connect him basis when they do. Is today bill come on and you are a did you warn back on the show me he's been on several times that. The army for those yup there if you wanna get in touch with some folks who do all that stuff orient on talk and they rule they'll shop you're your cable yourself on your literally every service. That you can think of they've already kind of struck deals and you're thinking oh they're just were to pay more to get them to do this that's not the case. They're basic and outsourced. Sales people that aren't employees CI a employee taxes and benefits and all that stuff to these guys coming in California. But Tex lines open you wanna. Got any questions for these ladies wanna hear from me 5126409610. This real state radio stick around you right back. And we welcome back to the show's central Texas this liberals say radio I'm Jason Stubbs thanks for hanging out with us on this Sunday were here every. Sunday afternoon. On not talk thirteen 70 AM and be sure take a look at our TV show mr. Poland and into your driveway right now ran inside pulled KB DO. In rural state radio is a hundred TV so are trying to bring central Texas. Real Citi mortgage all of this stuff into your living room every Sunday. Also Tex lines open right now we're gonna get right back he's a lovely realtors we got with the sun today. Tech's last 5126409. 610. It has always app is available for you right now you can shop homes get interest rates in calculate payments right now. You're text the letters atx 231996. Click on the link scroll over and a home screen and shopping to get rates are gonna payments are. So before the break we are talking about all kind of talk that an Internet well. Yeah are honest with you three here. A week ago four or five hours I don't know where they shall mean I'm not kidding you if you do a whole half a day long if we had a lot of online yeah. And I had I actually cut in store. Getting out you. They get to that yeah we're gonna go about apartheid continue some adult beverages after the sell you or are in invited to attend to that they'll laugh I think I am allowed invited ironic that one minute and I know and and you can I guess to me personally. Recruited for the parents will take you out and hit her well back tee back to little bit rules state. I mean. Rachel Hoffman let's go to you on this I mean you've got now let's Al states. Buyer total bit about the most is an investor apps folder of four plex UT area way back mundane. And she saw something online. Brought it to my attention and I was like oh my gosh you have to buy is completely remodeled the only thing is they have made offers it hit the market yesterday mouth. And she's you know that's the thing about Austin and investing it's not a bad place and that's the cash is king yeah there's had to be multiple offers you're gonna have to cover that appraised value because they're bidders out there are people that want it. Come in and invest in Austin and they don't care about him cash flow they want appreciation or you know there's so many different types of investors. Just want everybody know when you do come to Austin to invest please note that it's a multiple offers it is the theory competitive market area and there's option. For folks who don't have to check but guess you are you've got you've got to we call private money whose term horrible food and that would not called private money and what in we what we do is you when their terms coming up and so than paying an action like 2% fee up front to extend that. You don't. Eight to 12% interest rates from the folks it just you know. Wrecked in their car meat and meat if that's not abnormal. If you know 812 century but beer baby they're doing that so they have the ability to close in a week and half for. And then you know they can refinance that you know six. Months twelve months later and or something permanent it's just the cost of doing business so they take right cost of that expensive money can add that into there in a total investment. There's a lot of tricks to to doing that your lender is key for sure whatever type of loaded up closing quick we'll definitely trump sometimes your money I had. Ford. Deals that were multiple offers a week got accepted. Asking price we did not have to go over they're not they're terms and tricks on the contractor is in a lot of places to think they're showing outages they contract price break people don't think about those kind of things and there are some investors that are stuck with how they do that with their earnest money in their option fees. You've got to be a little lenient and tried switch it up and think outside the box ya gonna right until I. Clients Timmy there's so a lot of places and that's where you don't have to have cash news in between 5% now I twenty or 25% generally. So I don't want people who feel intimidated like you can't get into the investment game if you don't have cashed. Because there's still that places a little bit further Al yeah there's very good investments and everything's kind of moving out I mean. Right interior Lawson and very expensive values you don't have to be like and you know have fifteen properties to be in the game you can kinda get started. You start out a little bit further out something you may be needed six and hold onto for five or ten years and then down. We got her land. Guy Jason but that's that's for your real her comes in key exactly you have to have a good realtor. And as you know that knows Austin but but else knows the team I mean. You know. Austin is an amazing place it's one of the few cities in the country that are growing so rapidly that we can barely keep up yeah. And you can make some good money here hit a real through that really understands where the city is growing. You know not just those stick to downtown so that you can make you know the acts RO I now. You need to look at the little communities like I said Trevor Graham take a low you have your ritual calling you on a women to say hey. I know you've never heard this little section of Boston. The U need to come check it out don't I don't him to schools and it's got to bring you grow Sri stores are bringing shopping right it got a check. You fill I thought about liberty held hands of liberty hill guy I really don't kid me just he's so far out it's now rallying now you know my little community community I mean it's got and it's on his driving the schools there's ounce or ten even Georgetown even like and ranchers CNN yeah it is somebody's you know. Communities that aren't technically in liberty hill feed in delivering an idea on clay and people are really excited that it's slippery hello I'm seeing red letter about liberty Ellis you can actually get an acre lot or more yeah that's what else. I am new delta are crazy about liberty hill as it it used to be you dub game we've been in the show five years and people call it likely won't throw what floor for enters the belly wasn't three it wasn't far. The Pentagon about half and I'm not once a war. On occasion that I forget about that number will be comfortable and that is the ball on occasion I would guess that arguably personally like when we just weren't you doing. I didn't you know I do the same person calling over and over and I think I thought I was game has done you know it's really. Our lunch here is some of your listeners who do you drive out towards liberty Hiller drive live in liberty hill. A look at that population sign down people please take a look at that population size and deploy it is hysterical. Is is 967. People. The material that is my sad to watch for the next. That is my subdivision I it is so cute and like wind can change that sign they're OK I like that aside I love that sun yet. I doubt that sought I mean it's speaking liberty on and off had myself set up on a search for four acres. There's so much since I. There's like 45 years ago liberty hill is your rain like four of the hour. Here could and that's the message frontier is pirate and I don't matter really good built through the liberty Hillary can only one yeah. Could you it was like you. 3375. Uganda house and four acres live real good drive on four acres in the real winters and snow yeah that's gotten a little tough actually come back and I began arriving even 3035 it's getting tougher meaner amber for something that still has a structure on yeah so now the folks there incident but it didn't. Live in a more condensed areas like you about Tony's Steiner ranch circles he. Yes on these more prominent neighborhoods and they want that fortified acre track where they go. In his now yeah and I go. They they go Leander. On some parts Leander in the interest butyl liberally to howling wind really truly is your beans really believe we only six and said and I I went to school when it was southwest that exist a while back it does a mile an hour. Amber yeah I remember a little when really wasn't that busy and look like in its expensive now he used also be able to get encouraging Kyle imbued and now that they've blown up so much it's very hard to developers yeah it masks dropped my young Andrea Sheldon I understand capitalism but these people to we have more than seventeen feet on either side of the house now our. I felt like home under a lot Lyon yup he studies and in your garage kept her chemistry I can't. So we will help you if you compare. It will help you find yeah and you know it. It's a lot of mean Wembley and you lucky got a lot of it dripping springs is doing well on the I love my gosh how. These tough talking about it. Hello price myself out of the but he says it's briar cliff. I just it's it sure is pretty early for Kyle it's Willie Nelson's neighborhood. You know there's there's about three or four restaurants it's on a you know little cove of Lake Travis. And you know I'd and that's kind of where I'm lean and as violent adjacent building something there with you know when my buddies on four acres now. But what are your buddies out your wife's sitting here. That and like yeah I don't know that I improvements. Foreign money he had come. Yeah I don't. That definitely would be nice but we accidents Summers airplay is that youthful hey I know is on engine by it will announce another well on the he does show up to. Louis nine you know brought little golf cart around he's got three tractor or you can see how do you you'll see is that he sees the tip of his barn and then that's about it that's saying he's a he put his house on the other southern hills and Cummings yeah. Hey you know blaming Al snap its new voted yes but such a stir. He's in. Sydney I can't. They hit a couple of guys is that if you're a student in this is real state radio I'm Jason Stubbs and we appreciate you being with us to be got checks on open you what he got any questions. At all mortgage rules state not sure you how to take a real Ciurciu realtor mortgage questions I'd love to have him 512640. 9610. And I wasn't gonna do but I think I'm going to have yeah we got who got to put it on FaceBook but the real state radio FaceBook also check that out. Com but I got a text from the text line last Sunday a Super Bowl Sunday in down it was why does your face a part of Venus. Oh I. And I don't care yeah why he'd say. Well you know you know I'd wanna put out here DNA turner I don't even before cool yeah looking at him nine. It's truly know what I do have a couple answers I don't worry so far but Blair Tony yeah that's that's not go our breath too tough for the they're happy artifacts. You meant to happen after this. Yeah W Tex lines up in Gaza Bob you wanna hear these votes and I'm Ellen I thought with the Riley realtors have on this. Contract here remains right where everything after. Right. Tell us how to get contact with the look at you can go to my website. Www. Allen cells Austin dot com where he give me a call. Five point 27319481. Rachel Robinson howdy intensity of. I prefer a phone call or text emails fine by numbers by 128257043. And that's Rachel Hoffman at realty Austin dot com. And it's spelled RA CH EL yes. Now I live as soon as we sat tango racial boundaries yeah. That's after an employee comes out about my yeah I can look at pentagon you know we forgive himself hooked. Laura. Zero with he and I mean let's hear fun Austin home salary in touch with the. Well you can go on no my website Lar fine Austin Helms dot com. I also have a FaceBook page Larry Gabrielle. And you can call me 5126387. Or 86. Any time. And I can answer or text. Well fantastic guys we come back till we've got to Josh Nichols to come and he's just about personal for him I want my favorite people mis guys actually injured more stick around just stay here in talks. But that he's with Wesley commercial. A home commercial services we'll get more him later. Tex lines open right now 512640916. And Bure back. Now this is so just let that roll let Israel say radio doesn't appreciate stick around what does this Sunday I'm Jason stub your house where every Sunday at noon. On talk thirteen seventy be sure take a peek at our TV shows out there OK BDO at twelve noon. Also. Guys are text lines open if you would talk to any of the that agents that that were were here to previously. Just give us and give us called she's text 512640. 9610. Part without further do you have got mob Bob buddy my partner. I made good friend of mine Josh Nichols with Westlake home commercial services so Josh what some of them may we be talking nugget you more for brought me in about three years. It is definitely it's never have been brought up once or twice but we're here now trying to I appreciate the Enron did mail get to have you on social about a little bit about you and load the Dutch company. Man you know that I don't know if I have enough time to tell you about me in the you know I've been here are awesome for about eleven years I come from a a service industry background. A lot of corporate training as well south. Yeah solemn very personable as you know you're not Rudolph first time yeah that. I'm a felony level multifamily in this market which he was really easy to do when he's noticed all the cranes downtown Jaffna go out so. He's not I'm I've been in multifamily fur for bound up in eight years now become. I love that it's my passion and like to be interconnected with a lot of different people at a lot of different things bullets like your busy guy I mean you got to. I mean what are some these these organizations that that your part of really Holley involved with Alston apartment association. Got a strong passion mayor manned out to younger people did really good group and they were they were really a key to my success in doing business here in Austin on. I've been involved enough there and our co chair the young professionals group for them the next gen committee I'm a member of their products and services council which is Cadillac. You know there are a little committee that's a spokesperson or a voice for the vendors and yet. May have been fortunate enough to be a finalist for supplier of the year twice so I would. It's been fun man told my doubt we'll tell us a little bit about what's lake home commercial services in. In down. Some stuff that tell you guys are doing nothing well are maimed and butters or power washing. You know different types also higher pressure no pressure zero pressure. How would you roof washing in the rocks Spanish tile tire groups which general most people with Lincoln once there. Dirty you have to just replace it with gene that we clean those up for you gutter cleaner out window carpet cleaning tol and growl. I'm even getting into a pox in ceiling. So what's. I mean as far as the rules state sodomy goes I mean are you working with realtors and builders out there. Like before homes are listed or stuff like that we do we do we've actually done a pretty good job networking ourselves out with different developers little sometimes have to put them a little four plex or whatnot they'll have us come in and do all the construction clean up when it's brand new. Get to get some of that construction dust and stuff moved out of that out of the areas I mean that's just hard to get rid of it is you can't do with a broom. Trod and you sweep in game watcher does Sweden is right back and if you want to actually buy a berm that side. You're not gonna happen in order to put it I had better take the car out of Nicaragua and you don't yet know down but you know we also work with a lot of you know real orders well you know any town they have a property whether it's commercial or residential by Hamas comment then and clean it from. Top to bottom I doubt we'll do the inside and the outside. Carpet cleaning windows claiming it would what I think a lot of people understand is like when you're constructing. Hewlett were rock your world and office for about 360 bridge and there's a bunch of house's. Over there that are up on top level hill and either big knock down to their building. You know a new house in between two others. And I mean you can see the construction dust and it's taken over the road. So you can imagine like what to do and those neighboring homes and you know it and it not only do you get that without loans mature getting it with everywhere in Austin there's so much construction and you know if you're in a situation. Where. You know Ali you and your neighbor and these two homes and there's this big you know new apartment gone up across the street there's construction dust blowing on your house every day and can't see out your phone windows you can actually lock approach down. And and and have a request written to have them clinging to clean your property in their typically if you approach than their insurance will cover just approach from real nicely. Yeah you know he killing Muqtada this community even. Let's look at Caltech walk me to quit this this thing our bill looks real yes. Yeah yeah I think he must truck is grave love thy neighbor yesterday it would shine in July. Galley talking to think about that but. You know if you're not talking just be a couple days ago and it's like you know build the misconceptions about power washing me think you think about a power washing company. In you know it's it is it fair to say that to most people think in in Ghazi probably feel me up there. If you think about the mice brain and a drop. Well I'm I'm down if I can't even imagine how many times you've either said to yourself why aren't just go to Home Depot and get a power washer. Yeah then easily call us everyday life golf warn it's a nightmare. I mean it's like hell electorate Bob got the course in the wheels in the it's it's it's awful man because water and electricity area while bass Obama and how she bought it because I want to like power wash the ramble mob pulled because it's porous and it's got that mildew milk and it didn't do anything army spray that sucker in and just I don't know if I'll I think up precious than a bit more money on my power orchard. We're just cause you guys are you know there there. That's usually there's a lot of steps that go into coming to that conclusion on a Tom's but. You know it truly is a skill Romania it's not something that. A Seymour got published a journal can seem more drama ways that are scarred India the wife's mad because he's you know dad thought he could do it himself up to their new house and now they're drop what looks like someone's trying to teach their Kindle drawl. Choreography is sick and there's a startups yeah it you have to know what you're doing. Absolutely so I mean talk to folks out there I mean I know I'll talk Riyadh before and you a lot of people in Austin I mean you're the conservation. Folks in in kind of the the way that we are but I mean talk about the view of the misconception about water usage. You know I first solo thing that's really important for people to realize that. You know. What we we care about our environment to yeah you know we want a war in this community we are now have a child you know you people about how frail he daddy can grants by a mile away Q are you like how dropped. Is wrong with me deal I. I don't know I showed that I mean the guy had even you know taken a quick who NetApp Paul. I mean I didn't speak there may be fake it till you make it that's right enemies that pop and there'll quick as if you're just and its role say ready I'm Jason Stubbs. While we've got to Josh Nichols with west lake home. It commercial services we're talking a bit about you some of things at their duel with power washing some of the misconceptions. ME Joshua that water thing I mean. How do you guys you know make sure this year just not waste in about a water well he you know. My mom business partner JT was it was really important to him to make sure that tip to do it right you have to spend the money to get the right equipment yes and and I don't think he can go anywhere in this entire country and find equipment that's more Fisher. We have different options in you don't big misconception is you don't need high pressure. To. To claim some or you don't need pressure to clean some doubt she talked to me but I mean low pressure power washing I mean it's a what do you mean give me examples what is that yet exact that what is that. So in. It's so exciting for example armed look around Donaldson an exciting right here but. Hit deciding his desire for Rainwater to move down OK and so. You know we end and stuff when it rains it's not coming in from the side got you so a lot of times that people hired inexperienced Karl washing company and the first thing they're gonna do is come in into the ninety degree angle. More last catch their own signing which which you might not notice it that day but it your literally gonna get water behind on the wall. And your exterior Mowlds Kidd hit. Is eventually gonna turn into interior mauled and end and then then you start getting into a lot of other issues and he'd used typically don't even found out to Leonard down the road so there are salt washing techniques not a lot of steam. Stained you know you have less Rahm off for sure so and you using less water so. A lot of people get all that's gonna make my water bill Lee you know you know I can't afford that Ramallah. I mean you'd be minimal minimal amount he's got a really really big house pinch your water bill Mott be a little bigger but threat. Does toppled water reclaiming and and you know we we we dump our water all saw and in certain areas that are approved by the city. And everything that we do. Is approved by the city day that actual word vendor for them and they they love our work so I figure if city of Boston glacier pretty efficient. I don't a lot of water head unit probably doing pretty good job. That's not easy to did have smiling next to pursue it our city mean them with the permeating the regulations and in all that hey we got a great place and they're trying to protect and I get it but man they make it difficult boss sometimes but. And that's all right so also mean you know look let's talk about like people like before. You list your home you're you're about to sell your home spring Tom's comment and if you want power washing anything you prussian soldier home in. Do you have December that right absorb it now they've you know what she's Arsene Greengrass. Either you be you better circling some stuff up where some of the things that some people do before they lesser. Well I think the ward who you know the feedback I've gotten from most of the real sent agents that we deal with currently is that you know they've got a call. A lot of times they're calling a carpet cleaner and then their call on a power wash her and then they're calling a company to come in and possibly claim and excuse me top they're tile and grout yet they're having someone come in and do the windows and not only that like they're not trying to manage their customer already they've got to manage all these different people and organize it look as you know none of us actually have anything to do like. They call us we come out we give him a bid to do a basically it's a property detail Armitage if the roof needs to be done. After it's a lot of limestone amend it doesn't matter but we can do it from the gutters to root for exterior walls two windows the carpet tile and grout. And and you have one guy pitcher Dylan what yen for him that's freeing up so much more time they get to sell more. It's it's I mean you take age off of the house fits your literally it's curb appeal to beautify and you know while we live in the Alamo and they were like for you three and a half sides. Old just stone Amir looks like Alamo there isn't and when we came in bought this saying you know once empower Washington. Hated I mean it just literally brighten up the whole thing. It's amazing you know what it does you know to deal to any type of of siding or would that's around your home well. It really brings and some not think's important to point out as you know there are some companies that. You know on I don't I don't like to use the term cheaper but they're much less expensive and people go oh my gosh are. In a way more in any of your pulse is higher and I always tell people. Role in not only that but we. You know we're gonna actually kill them all right we're not just erasing it from the surface and three months from now when it rains again you're gonna have. Black mold everywhere it's gone it's killed and at alternately after regroup. I've got you well that you have a Josh Nichols may have sort of cut short dude we gotta get you back in here no doubt about it guys Josh Nichols Westlake homer commercial services this is you war. Power washing and into commercial services I mean these guys work with. They graced our regarding construction city of Austin just to name a few they know what they're doing it Josh Howard or listeners in contact with the. I eat out emailing is always the best way I Joshua Wesley power washing dot com and of course my cell number as far more than 2913. 7740. And always leave me a message and I'm Jason stufflebeem back here next Sunday at noon and until then have a good one.