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Speed City, 02/05

Feb 6, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well don't tell us beat city. Whip Jon massing hill let's Kaiser and John I think treat proxy fight in my place dot com. Upgrade your license plate at my place dot com. It's real fast as our other radio. Speeds city. Good evening gear heads welcome to speed city. The speed city on Super Bowl Sunday at halftime or if anybody's listening less. If that's. They're listening thirst commercials going on that's true there PO that it had like two minutes it was an in tonight and you are true gear heads and ever go away from all your friends and family watching the Super Bowl. Fiction in this insidious John Massa goes let's Kaiser and we got a Jonathan green calling in. From a New Zealand at the Toyota written answers mr. green has gone did. Good 8% of the jelly ball. It's very similar so says slightly larger than the chili bowl and smaller than the puppy bowl or whatever that puppy thing is they do architect Christopher. So mr. green. You would not only is it Monday's a year in the future but you're also you're also looking at what probably. The Formula One season. Nineteen net two to 20192002. When he was all the Coleman Young fallen wonder are you go there. Yeah well we are very much really I DJ Danny. Moments and that has been. And I lost that he knew what illiteracy there's little we did we'd done it then we tend to the final three erases all year which is next week and in the New Zealand gras parade. And we really do how. One bunch of teenagers. Do I think I'll bury not only way to Coleman won by some of the law already off a long names attached to them like Ferrari. I'm sorry cause India and Red Bulls go out and yes I'll read you read pressing ma. Well we're gonna talk a ton about the Toyota racing series you with mr. Greene also we're gonna talks of Formula One big suspense of interest jingle things developing there with Liberty Media. And now we're gonna talk a little bit of moto GP apparently they've got some spikes hidden in the did the track head though as testing tires announced new kinds of spark plugs in the oil and whatever else they're different technical. He lets us look stimulus hike. What are you talking about is seeing the I gotta say why John steals a little distracted he went home played in a CT SV yesterday. I did an and I I wind got a CT SV. In immediately. I shut the door and it started raining. I mean imagine a CJ so drifting ensued yeah enemy was literally no and the salesman. If you around if he could he could get the if you got yeah he was he was nervous let's put that away after a few consciousness stabs of the throttle. Two yeah that was it was not not near satisfying as easy as you'd expect to be driver amnesty GSE. But hey let's most of us the guitar but we're gonna talk had to order racing formula but GP and hold back. Paid attention to it. Check it out you'll find it dawned like Motrin on demand definitely has that have great coverage on it's a twelve our race. This year they started about like 430 or 5:30 in the morning so it was still dark. When they started the race in the sun came up in the sun went down seems like it's a song to do you either raise all day. And that coarsely run on is they really really tight course having some third in Summers there truly is zero runoff think Monaco think you know things like that. There's actually a corkscrew very much like Laguna sickness on the track as well with zero runoff hey Jonathan do you ever been about search. You know I happen and it. And it's it's all my bucket list of the race is to go to and unless I what I think makes about has some amazing Easter eggs at Daytona united that takes it sonogram. But equivalent if you like good old bats and good come out rises as the mobile prestigious over the years but I think. As has brought the biggest thing about it is it like a really. It's all around the let them mountains east she asked twisty tie and you can't write about my time. I mean does not like Daytona Sebring way you know you you're relatively flat tax you gonna opulent and hail and coming around blind corners. It's really really a taxi tests and write rice is as he's as. I is that sides are trying to used to be Burma Australian man with the occasional Florida asks how you know Tony the land air and on the very best. That come come on I thought it sides really get. Well you know arena you know some of the names we've heard of them they're certainly Ozzie BA guys are there in full force and really had a good time. For old amber was on a course this weekend as well and so we you know these are folks that we're gonna see here at certain America's CM at Daytona some. It's it's a great collection of folks from around the world that rundown there and you know we still kinda consider their off season. They're not quite kick him off thirty's barely catching these one off races but it's a great collection of drivers. Close. Fund because they had a great. They had a great stream and you can watch it on the way you watch it on margin on the men as well but the they had. Then again it was it was a very good they had to get some real law doing the commentary and it's it was fun to watch in how Washington disliked. Just like Daytona or any others watched a multiple devices you can net housekeeper and a blue and when I was out out out about those pretty cool but. I was pretty much of that Ferrari and AMG show who pretty much the weekend and apparently got pre. Actually missed about the last twenty minutes I fell asleep but. But it was so this Larry because of the race CR zodiac jump kind of sick this weekend that he had but I watched probably three or four hours of the total twelve. But but apparently SI. Web sites that we do it we do it adjourns rice we know who will put him in a lot. Variety is yeah you got a very good I. I know you guys seen the clip of when the story went off track it's going around the AMG. And was sort of dirt and that was that was that was a crazy good the end of that race. It really was Indian both men you know there where again with led the twelve are racist old comes in that close to find at the finish. And in you know there were there were some questionable passes or some contact. You know it then obviously there was they really fed really close near miss you know when we had the out he slammed the wall. And then at the field passes mine he got hit three more times and you know I'll say they're bumps. Messrs. legitimate. It was really just uninteresting to see how all of that played out in that narrow course. And then we are laughing it says the ops truck comes over and they load up. The LD. And they awestruck hustles pretty quick down what are they call their corkscrew method tonight with the car on bank unit the guy I was seven font color must everything's about how about the bad Thurston. This is a game this is a long standing tradition is detractors used to pull the cars off the track. I just look like a regular old junk they didn't just hire the farmers along their I had one addresses here in front of the continued to yank them off forest. But hey I know what's on your bucket list Jonathan because it was gorgeous house looking at the long shots I ask gorgeous and. Yeah it really is and also because the on idol I it's a festival unites suited to Salem on merit much it in a lot of ways is 'cause everybody asks that nobody goes down big backs Molina. I won't as we're gonna take a break in down when we come back we're gonna continuing to talk a lot about the Toyota racing series does this get down to the wire word for weeks. Four sessions in we got. One last week with three races and then of course we're gonna from the one moto GP and more you listen to speed city. Live from Austin, Texas back after a quick break. The 57 Chevy. A Rembrandt painting. The little black dress better when you're a classic view never go out of style may. There's no wife played stock car probably knows is the return of the classic like Texas license plate for the first time since 1968. Featuring cooler and timeless look you know older style and visit my plates dot com today to order this legendary classic like Texas license plate for your car or truck. Classes like this back at my place dot com. Susan camera and video is the largest camera store in Texas and I would 101000 square feet and I would all the latest map fracture offerings yeah. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated the last time his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. With handbags products and offhand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and it culminating sell stuff. The quality service to come CB itself precision camera video too full create west Anniston lane. As a ready you know even like the power this feels they're right wing coasting here knowing she'd save you cloudy Austin provides rice's. Finest in gaining delivers the best market off. First visit to Connie Austin I'm regulated just east of I 35 and throw your leg over the most iconic sports like Everett built. Even taking great test right away he was being described as part on wheels and Indian guest and you know you like CE added Heidi Austin. Online and I know boston.com. Theres nothing like getting on a motorcycle and exploring the hill country for the day what about taking that bucket list right of a lifetime to some far off destination for them. We're here to tell you things you don't have to own a motorcycle. Because with lone star Mo Jo Reynolds you can read you carding. BMW. KG M or other premium motorcycles. Visit lone star moto rentals dot com that's lone star moto rentals dot com and come right. You've made the right choice for top thirteen seventy. Speeds. Welcome back to speak city. We left we're talking much about first. All of our race that was on this weekend and just gonna wrap up that. You know we do we at least testing knowledge former buddies from wind cause deviates some. Can the US genuine cup daft was out in front at the end congrats Jamie yeah we had a little as you guys back I know. And we get OK what can we do to get those guys back we can't get a full fledged him Australia NBA super car race. Would you like some kind of mixed race just here in new you know I don't care what they come back in there are such a fun entertaining crowd to be around the streets in twelve hours so you're saying there we go there we go we're gonna put amend. How can cards. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter I think I was consider your budget you have to. Now I so understand where you're coming from that makes them the way more sense now on the hook up. Gas so they did Diaz genuine cupped it and they MG team was way up in the heat and they were definitely battling with the Tories. And there were several bumps the day and she seemed to generally come out to that the worst and and it. But there was definitely started to see and I said could go back to. The piece that we're talking about motor trend on demand has put a pretty great segment on it and some popcorn sedan and a country it's a great Hearst watched. Let's just didn't choose to a recent series because Johnson's down there and decent inspection gray navy you're gonna play some of those with the of the leaders in the series right now. And the Jonathan let's set up a little bit further note over the last few weeks we've talked about it. But what we do you know I wanna make sure that everybody understands and you alluded to the very top of the show we're talking about. The connections to the Formula One teams of Ferrari next generation. Yeah and but the direct connections right now and there's multiple drivers right now that have connections to. To Formula One teams. Yet the series is grown at a thirteen ending innings drones. And and this. Because of what it is an easy and some are. And now or all went zero and all that matters is wins opens so does not racing so it can attract IndyCar drivers from around the states should and contract. Cummings single seat drivers from Europe and South America which adds. I do but it also seems to be even breeding ground old seem granny if you will. With some of these Bowman want to use and subs are. Apple's idiots haven't cat and the driver which doesn't mean anything necessarily. Unless suddenly you saw achieves greatness and it is only year that makes us back when you don't need. And like I said with Richard Scholl who is I'm almost done you know adult gang in many ways because he's got the red believe it easy young sixty year old dutchman. And and he's costing way kitty and Barry getting DN looks as though he's gonna be teaming up with another young American. The Hagan and in this league and it isn't in this season in the red house trauma and normally you wouldn't hear and get a lot of TV coverage they get a low profile coverage. And they get to rice and first ever grow free and it gets CNN but a lot of coverage dynamics and down not to get suddenly you know meg he's claimed tens of this guy getting well what exposure shown in about ninety countries. Baton and we've also got Ferrari academy wit and T a New Zealand driver in the Hamas Armstrong's. Crown and then finally we got our course India are also involved with the a young to be really fascinating game because so yeah. You know Sarkozy at the old jewelry T run by an Indian India and now I'm Molly yes BJ Amalia but they know I and indeed driver to represent the imminent end and John arugula and just my box out it didn't really interested. Yeah that is awesome with all those connections and and of course in the future means like I was saying earlier indeed these are the guys do we expect to see. Racing in Formula One hour to hour or who knows where you know they can go to. You can do all the others that they can also end up and IndyCar you never know where these guys are you in sports cars so. And you know I shall be black stops. Yes I don't know that and Shelby so January 26. And you know we know three MacIntyre or a lot and I'm sure but he is probably the most distraught and yes we can see is an Indy Lights under is now back to go back again you can talk to and a media likes but hasn't really look too many trees around. I think he can hear X 82 at least thinking that it didn't give him mostly kids he's up against exceeds seventy. X boxes. Bob but frankly I think he's got a dozen of hair as he struggled some walk mainly qualifying. And they only get to twenty minute qualifying sessions on my side grades and your limit is still. This guy twenty it's really ought to love to say the top attraction site com did not like European tracks or even like down and he likes tracks or I will always likes what is a lot of room to to tell you. You are exhibit to build on an outside this is all about Johnson this is all about you know us split seconds a writer John Mike Dodd about the inside and I'm my news so yeah. Tossing the Cox's. I. And Shelby in my own admission has struggled. While look at the standings Johnson so right now we got Thomas ran over to assure Pedro PK Marcus Armstrong garage just under Ruhollah. And the top five and all those guys are so blizzards the poison with those guys are 26 only two down 2590. Something. So get the top five within a hundred points but so we got three races left. And would you say 75 points Theresa. Since that's what an interesting why don't do it. Yeah that's what makes it interesting is that the point system is not a home Le one. 68 seen as so you can still do well but she's not say DNA not to get into actions not because I. I'm lucky cited and ice. Niece said he thought Boise right next. The others crash are so. Why did not each race is set by points throw away and so there is like you say yeah let's do points but how does he wanna win. When the loss and then the robbery the final Grand Prix they drill these days that you find laps so this got some of the fifteen black mole on my used to do things so it's Reagan and test them physically spent again an example I city is the middle Osama. To try and British this weekend was 65 reasoned and well. Exactly extremely well so and I met zawahri back tot has Hinojosa but continues to read I caught Barry just doesn't let. Now I saw a photo that was tweet out. File one of the guys down there with dynamite buried very Thomas and he took heat up. A picture of I think it was Korean leader's car are often two wheels like. Way up on two wheels like 45 degree I'm looking at the bottom of his car. Yeah I yeah Torre's just tops the what are reasonable and he's got to get a break. He didn't I didn't do a lot are a was dragged out of the gravel. This weekend after an incident in the that's gonna. That any I have begun by Brett you really dark and he's a lovely bride. He's a radar guys you know aged you let this be great I am a uneasy. I. And he's probably the least experienced of the drivers at bats but he's probably getting the most out of his experience because he's really come home. I'm his rice price of rice crop is really. He just just seems to get it it's what Hillary's. Let me see who but it makes you should allow Mercedes contract that they don't like that time the Fed cup back. What we Ellis play a couple of these interviews done and let's. Let's start with this with Thomas ran you wanna set it up just a little bit. Shaw yes Thomas throttle AZ your all's. And it. Australian who's just I don't Bristol demonstrates. He probably has the most experienced all of those guys he's taking on the outside John reliance. And but I mean he is. And he got. And each day track and getting sports car driving and he brings a sort of fallen so where does footsteps and and getting away can do it doing that like is he doesn't deal he's got the finances to go Coleman along. This could all change if he wins this series and some cops around you know eight they wouldn't say I know when we knew it was going to be a test but he's nice to chase them to show off this weekend. Took the to the audacity to go one better and he's now leading the championship sucks I spoke to him off per week and web why he didn't win any thing but he now leads the championship so he's he's Taylor show. I don't know what speed city fast we've had a fantastic weekend in Tampa here in New Zealand and we have a new championship leader he is the woman Natalie. It's almost Randall we've been following his progress a Max. It's almost delighted for you great weekend the hostile once they would tell you lead the championship got into the final round. Thanks Jonathan mates that's in every weekend coming we do Mexican we didn't go off the ball position that. Gets it to come away with a champ issued late nineteen manager Otis is definitely and casings make at not being positive. Masai talking out of for another three races and had a real nobody else. It's gonna be tied I assure all of this who was leading the championship coming into this trend. Didn't have the best of weekends and obviously that helps you a little bit the terms of the points I'm like that Egypt let me festival stuff like the good Matt price three because. Boy that was a great battle to watch probably not much fun today because you're trying to get into third place ahead aspect. There was effectively defending his two teammates who first and second Marcus Armstrong first. And during her second. Yeah look at the sat right he's a great job of splitting up against the army desire. I'm I see him back office thanks to cap off the red flag period. And then thousands of potting mix with apps have took golf right and I mean you Stephanie holdings up just trying to can't think she should dissolve. Andrew is gone sire I was really trying to get in the fighting and he definitely didn't like it easy for me that's how we we had a few coming get this. Very lucky get away with the one XM one. But you know which he surprisingly good points ahead of maintain visual. Who want to change your rivals house that happens I think it's a 27 point lead on the show during into may and June he's excellent. The running game in your experience because you have done this championship before she's gonna play because what you like it or not that's just an extra added pressure it's the 62 running. All the drama free ad is going to be a big cried and it just adds a little bit more pressure and they see no longer races well did you arrest. Yeah I mean and the longest stretch of the Communist relapse and an entity to know sending a 622 lap and it's going to be said he thought that price. I'm there I'm sure there's going to be sank Utah's potential red flags sorry it's gonna go back even little. I'm out the so this waking qualifying is such a case not I felt like if I pulled the show was right right and now lately championships I've really made up my game. Hey that's sort of get back to plus hectare comeback I imagine down sorry if I could take another couple pole positions. I think that we. Right step forward in trying to get a championship. It sound its illustrious well this championship 75 points four win and there are on that walk five drivers full technical Natalie Armstrong getting another win. I've taken the title so what mistake could be you know Michael and also it's a case of being at the end of the week I have with so many points. Only collecting the telephone now realize what's at stake and I don't think anyone's gonna try any big risks going into the final ransacked. Everything she liked California so I mean if we can pull off the front camera. That essentially can help championships case. And I'm just gonna championship kind of a chicken and I can't at this stage yes. If I finish behind during laurel tomorrow's I want to positions I don't think that's going to be to begin to deal but it's the main thing is to finish in front of the shortened it and now they can't. You just come off and a successful pretty useful missed free championship a couple of wins they're few propositions are coming. Everybody comes hits on their skills for next season value that we run until pregame nap you must be doing the must've gone out of this what you wanna do regardless of what happens next weekend. It definitely MM in British history took me a lot. It's all about what happens in the sense random population. And have a shot through the fifth trying to send it to manifest I said I've seen it's. And I had to come right back some lost embody in the first channels into the stands squares here I was second straight points off site. Now it's just it's just pulled out of Santa Monica and when you when you coming into at this round with a really good time on knowing that you. Only three points behind it definitely helps and we have to pull back the twenty point that we had from the rostrum and NASA team and took 27. We lead busy he's really lousy for me. Desire. To really get my take got into the last round. And Americans. Listening to street city will be able to to jump into this almost ten on the bond. It's Hollywood thought so especially the only bullets and everything that we've got some great pricing. Definitely can I think he really do enjoy the almost from that loss crisis actually. Congratulations on your championship leader will see and actually can thank your challenges. Dad does and this is really tight race these cells like a great kid team and we get a jump straight to break but time when we come back. We're gonna have a little more on the Toyota racing series where conduct some Bowman won a in the second part of the show and so moto GP listened to speed city. Live from Austin back after these messages. Hi I have an official Texas license plate from my place dot com and I'm here to say next time you're good personal people tell the world who you are with a personalized play for my Blake's dot com like me. Talk into every color they're McCain Palin charity of the car's favorite state tax matters. Really have been smiley official Texas license plate from our plates that come and I want to be you are likely. Get him out. Susan cameras video is the largest camera store in Texas and have a 101000 square feet and packed with a all the latest map fracture offerings. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated the last time his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and Otterhound experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and accommodating sell stuff. The quality service to come CB itself precision camera videos too full create west Anniston lane. Went to drive your car ads feed on circuit of the American as exotic as your source for more code events and Morse code attracts. Whether you're looking to host your own event but just be a part of the action heads attic and he did in the driver's seat embracing like a proud and all levels of drivers and all types of cars are welcomed with instructors available for the first time in novice drivers like this short in adventures around every corner. So plain your high adrenaline experience with at Jack had as Jack thanks dot com hedge headaches. It's better to enjoy driving. As a riding you know what you like. Feel the ride. He comes to give you know what keeps you safe to caddie Austin provides dryness with the finest. An easy leathers the mass market office visit to Patti Austin don't regulate just east of I 35 and try you like over the most iconic sports like. You take it for a test drive or see what's been described. This off on wheels and the eucharist you know what you like the seed patty Austin online Patti Austin dot com. Read I radio. What's your most miracle a plea and Gary MacNamara. On the Sunday night Monday morning show back from a big weekend that since the end of football season. And we continue crazy season as a left reacts to everything and Donald Trump does. There could say about the IRS since moving to revoke passports now for unpaid taxes. Stay awake with the red eye radio and overnights on top thirteen seventy. Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. I don't stay connected with top thirteen seven deep the right choice. This is a best in talk radio this is that Dave Ramsey show. This is stuff we teacher we do it over and over and over and over and over time. Over this she still works why because the truth and the truth does not change depending on your generation the truth does not change depending on what decade it is the truth does not change depending on the economy. The only differences is that when things are normal really good stupid can be covered up and are sort of feel like it's Smart. Weekdays at eleven on top thirteen seventy. CBS news update. The first half of the Super Bowl belong to the Atlanta Falcons CBS's Steve government joins us live from Houston. And man boy did it right now at halftime the falcons are shocking the favorite New England Patriots 21 to three. The falcons scored their three touchdowns in that second quarter to take a 21 nothing lead. New England made a field goal in the final seconds of the half. Meanwhile by halftime show is just ended. And what they show what what was. Featuring Lady Gaga she rocked the house with an acrobatic performance of many of her biggest hits the halftime show ended with fireworks now we await the second half of football Pam. And in a first. No I miss him into that don't feel much of a role in the hell yeah. Pope Francis recorded a message designed to be shown on the giant screens around the stadium. He says he hopes to gain provides a sign a peace friendship and solidarity. For the world. CBS news update I'm Pam Coulter. On air online and on your Smart device. Some top thirteen seven neat isn't the right choice. Hi this Jeff Gordon and in unison as speed city. Welcome back on this Super Bowl Sunday. And he's still celebrate last week Tinsley and it requires the Daytona that he is a bit that was something that too there's a big deal Jeff Gordon I still I totally agree that head via a a bucket list. Item even for somebody. Know what goes championship season he yet. Peso mr. green down there in New Zealand I was Serb cooler you did with it's on your last one underlie interview there with your your boys leaned championship. But pitcher got a got caught up with a couple more these guys. I mean Thomas Randall on the CI. In the driver seat no pun intended but. He's only what thirty points ahead of her sure and but when you and you get an interview with him who would want to set that in Europe. He twice and what's in this article are twin the two of them unless and sadly I winning it impact any of the tall side if I need at all five. Sail it to score. Points scoring rice back in this championship immediately from all the leg and two lost his runner up John there levs is as horrible as India but sun the guy this really impressed me is Richard shall be busy weekend this weekend. By his sodas out of his voice that I because he should double winner it. Second run to two winds that he's been consistently on the podium shot Whipple curry couldn't get it together but what I was impressed with its gaze at you and you'll hear the engine you should be you know he's kind of. Decently. At least I think about it because. He's sixteen he wasn't Brazilians. Himself pretty sure that not on the angle what went wrong but. He is so this is Richard shore the rental junior wanted Pakistani city. Fans on hand where the man on Obama from the Netherlands Britain the joy and Richard tough weekend in many ways and pat perhaps the other weekends because you've been so dominant Nam. It was a tough weekend. Yeah yeah definitely going to deliver decision only should go along okay I'm really didn't make quicker so we are they get slower emit so. Yeah I have no idea where was Romans sitting wheels he sold it served its selling a shares well. It's for me instances where so far this. It's an experience for me. So we know are seen in solid team and it's time together to write them when we're getting yet arrived in quick to react to woods was seven and eights. I'm not gonna say up to be honest I think I mean you lost silly youngster and I think what you grew this weekend was well you have the tenacity to understand that when it's vital. You have to take the occasional seven the right because let's just like a las rice like out race three in the battle Woodley sacked could've gone so horribly wrong for you it's got nothing we used to stuck in that. He had ever came I always like did you move to finally dailies so Brendan I. Yeah we are both very very happy shows the limits. Then welcome back sometimes then. You know Louis amazing find it kind of goes then again it slid I had to learn and I'm so I think is very good grace and now I'm sergeant zero against the myself. And yet how do you feel about that I mean is going to be a frenetic weekend of crazy weekend. I'm 35 laps last rice so the drama free which are close. For the kiwi fans massive. It may not mean too much Amman and let them the then makes 62 years and in history. Not you incidents I'm mentally that's all for the really big weekend feel grip. Yeah already like fallen beginning unlike the even before I came in men's Juli says it's a dragon must look forward to break. Well Afghanistan should do and then with 37 that's amazing of course so I'm. Sophia so mad at day's end via the front of our idol lets welcome back you out I think give. Yeah Jonathan good point with him is that he he had a bad weekend and here is sitting still second place 27 points out. Yeah exactly I dig down. Even though he's done into the dog he's never seen the track he's going to yet seen any of the missile. On our. The other guy which all of New Zealand is really starting to wake up excuse moms Armstrong because he's just sixteen. You want to rice is the weekend and this put himself into contention last straw are you suggesting that it bought a Ferrari here in New Zealand she's been racing. Tiny dots and the -- level in Europe. Quite sometime now so he does -- to go on rice and you know Aaron Downey he's been picked up my Ferrari so they are very serious about our and then we always know the Ferrari and drivers you know are taken very seriously. And that didn't you know X numerous and plenty and didn't including all of you know Larry Jones and her recruits your heroes and to buy out. But then in the toss out. I mean look if if ferraris paying attention to him. The machine then obviously the kids get something going on so he's got to be so he's going to be some of the watch so let's go ahead play the and he did with Marcus Armstrong now. What is obesity fast on him the man who definitely won the weekend here tab program for the castle to better racing series. He's Marcus Armstrong from Christ church in New Zealand I'm puts himself right into contention again. Ways to win the feature race I don't win rice one not a good result in rice Taylor I'm Marcus is not a perfect weekend and I'll borrow it. It was say a very good weekend as he sits. Typical that I wouldn't my notably that way from the commentary box that I'm. Ten I was always an are ready merit systems. Still in your driver from. It's difficult to focus on the track and instead of their right behind you so yeah I was to go by enjoyed it. And we you on the we got a lead like that give you can't control in the rice and yeah you know you as a double Axel you don't wanna push to your audience. No absolutely and inside dodge and Christian god the fact I was very much of that myself. Because obviously I had that so I'm not mistaken race one that caused me know when I'm. You know I I drove them myself and I believe diet I had this may inside out there wasn't mature share. Got into competition fantastic job with the guy and now I'm indeed mean Thomas. So yes they think dividends. That is an interesting five weeks you've got the gamut of emotions started off with a winning you winning again now Randy Wolf I'm with a Johnson winning the overall thing. Lack come next weekend's out Martin you must be pleased with the way you've kept your head well. Yeah I'm sure the chairmanship looks like at the moment Sam and as I sit in the previous round had so it's going to be difficult when ascension from. From a few issues that had previously. Polio will push her Iceland's and that's exactly what we did this weekend and I'm very happy with the outcome form of the so you'll all of the driver academy for Ferrari and of course I want you to learn as much candy. How do you feel like you've done in the last few weeks as a driver lost yet to show I think. Half few recent costs. After the series completes hi Lou different they realize what problems at the moment and the thickening you know everything about it. Thoughts to share in a month's time I will be a lot better off. Finally to win the W memorial. Trophy which of course tad embarrassed by now and one in Argentina or not he said before. I'm must be a huge like you're well aleris kiwi at just what he meant to modest board in this country so that must be a special prize tonight. Yeah and then it's this issue because. We had to a pod farm. There was it was difficult conditions on a sunny and off the track temperature was well over sixty degrees and dynamics let its a very difficult situation to they put an. Passage CNN generous cut back as good as best so yet was to go. And there have. One that in a memorial church is obviously had a goner as well congratulations again we'll see a massive. Yeah Jonathan it's just going to be obvious these kids can be fun to watch I was just looking at these. The press release where Steve was my chosen for the in furry academy. And at the same time in a Fittipaldi. That may be the same sounds familiar then. Yeah yeah in his he's the grandson of two time world champion Lleyton say that name again the inside. Ends though that I have I don't know I think. In those sort of holding yeah he's got a if he didn't wind up on the podium he is gonna be embarrassed if you. In the next three isn't out and unique he's PJ. City Ali I Schumacher Errol rice in yeah I blend in singles is. Seriously in so that appalled at scary that unless they better come up then not have two left feet but how I eased. Yeah I had to read that twice to US I was like OK there's that that was absolutely not an accident itself. We're kid's got a target on his back already here ask. Well I wanna talk about a little bit of Formula One right now guys just a little bit and now and didn't just before Milan just to make sure you know the I'm really the best place I've found for the Toyota racing series is merchant on a man like they've got all the races as they finish them up they put him up there. And it's a great pleasure that's as well right yeah hi just watching again this morning actually here I think it's an anti. Well yeah and that was signed with Beth Hearst yup they're. Tell you I am I'm getting hooked on this merger and on the millions the up. Totals so I wanna get GS take on this because. You know and obviously we were so excited to your home look an American company like Formula One and all this but. This is an inch singles side stories that came out where. Liberty Media has set aside for easy to 40450. Million dollars. Aside for the teams to buy shares. In in in this new regime of Formula One. And I wanna start oh start with you mr. Kaiser what do you think about. You know would it if you're gene Haas is your you know if you eat do you Tom gene Haas if I'm gene Haas I am seriously considering it I'd need more details I want to know. A lot and he tells so Lou voting rights you know when as a stockholder you. He you know if your biggest stockholder you get a little more influence on boats and things like that they and so word. There's a lot of things I'd like to know personally I think would be pretty cool just did you know save up and buy one share stocks on Freeman threw on the wall and say that's. I'm an owner yeah. Well Jonathan I want to get your take on it but I wanted t.'s dad because only go to the break first we got to get in these messages okay gets to think about it the entire break a path a path and I already Warner Music going to be asked this question so. All right we'll take a quick break and we come back we'll get Johnson's thoughts on the teens buying into the Formula One maybe informant one. This is Dade city will react if these messages. Welcome it and your license plate eyes and different things and all right Mary Lou for the cast adrift and a new car Maine your license plate easy my plate is eighteen. ACLU TM. ABC ABC ABC news triple. Can't remember might bloody do you should've gotten a personal Texas played from my place dot com they're sell memorable night. It saved 40% with a five year commitment to real winner in order your personalized license plate from my place dot com. Susan camera and video is the largest camera store in Texas and have a 101000 square feet and packed with a all the latest map fracture offerings yeah. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated the last time his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. We can make products and offhand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable I'm. Culminating sales topped the quality service to come CB itself precision camera video too full create west Anniston lane. The race track it's way legends are born and only the finest machines and a reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find it Aston Martin lost in the notice of Boston Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor car. Boston exotic iconic automobiles it's racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny. Because you'll remember just a long ride. I like 183 not the only meal rose. Making talk radio upgrade again somebody has to come out and tell it like it is. Top thirteen seven the right. Payment plan may be an airlift and it means any. Welcome back to speed city when we left we were talking about a story in Formula One. Where Liberty Media the new owners of Formula One the new American team the American team American company that owns home in one. There is made some makes it shares available for the teens to buy into. Foreman won about 400 plus million dollars worth. And I wanted to get your take on that mr. Jonathan green. Yes it's interesting I am I said Goldman knew about as is typically live to dig out leagues I mean I ate a big man legal entity under the table and then I'll bring sheds. But says in law. What I mean by that is you know there's been a structure in place and after that he forty is. You know and just you know you mention Jeanne pass I agree with last night he let me let me see a business plan. But what they've given him six months to to sign up which is not a long time especially when you yeah. That it is the concorde agreement which is what winds Formula One teams among doesn't expire until 2020. So really. And in fact that the best does psychic you as a result hole is aids. Ferrari segment Yani said this is not a question of financial investment is so we didn't reliving shot at a very serious way bought. Becoming a normal buddy show held an event he would effectively keeps it's track without knowledge of what's gonna happen the 2021. Optics the concorde agreement collapses. I'm who you know always something to look at so I think. The GA is six months from now do you live at T you have the ability to let. People like Ferrari and let's face Ferrari's. The lion's share of the money from Bowman on in the top so I think I would still needs a very interesting prospect I didn't think it's like Darren. This team should have a share. Back and be invested. I think that's right business and full bloom and want to succeed in Asia but I think down yeah I I guess Libby team got to lay out what they want to do I'll did you drag to 20/20. One that goes to promote designed to track how loosen the and so is oracle. You know I'd I agree you know I'd conflicts that definitely gonna have more clarity about what is there an award is imported my shares doing. You know for me I can investing a lot of places in his former on the right place sort of tongue placed invest a like that burden truly is a Smart investor. Now that I I'd have to know. I'm Marty invested in the sport heavily. You know this thing Jerry Jones investing in NFL then that really. He didn't need to invest an affiliate of the teams he's that's is the business sport I he's got. And so you know it'd be great you know Mercedes might be likened to the Dallas cowboy for brand power and in value but. It's her own and they're in control that piece. You know with the exception of the regulations have been a fill for instance though I really don't know who. That I would buy a formal one shares as a team owner. Yeah it's interesting I. Sudden death rates at all or address prospect the only. You have to look at the history of all middle on a rise in what's my eighties in the last few years and we Ol and T gonna take in direction and hopefully will grow and other us so as a president of finance as a financial investment prospects from an outsider he's nothing to do this whole. I think is a very interesting prospect. We'll talk to you mentioned for our president CEOs mark Joni and in this hold liberty one and the Liberty Media story involving one is that. He came out it was yesterday or day before he he talked about. What his expectations. For liberty and what they he wants them to do. And he's saying get into according uses electric liberty and chase in particular. To have a very clear understanding of the fact that the entertainment cited. Needs to come back into play here in other words she. You know he's saying it they're losing audiences are decreasing ours is there for a variety of reasons but he's focusing on the inner attainment side. And odd to me that that immediately plays right into what country did then Tony sixteen is bringing Taylor Swift and I think that there. That was looked at pretty terribly across the across the the whole. Grid of teens because. When you get to 270000. People show up. They did something right. Absolutely and you know lot. Rory is a good example you know Ferrari is a lifestyle it's an aspiring. Products go maybe none of his way man around. But the point is we like to see we like to look at the guys. One because because it is inspirational I'm so it's a lifestyle thing and and lifestyle that you sold through entertainment should Manso Formula One is just onion on the race is that just one aspect. Italian Eagles Ferrari will an Abbott Abbie you eat a look at this is a much bigger entity. How you take that call which is the support bush and then sell it as a lifestyle and aspiration I wanna be about a band so I see those costs. So I can be caught all this lifestyle event. Yep and I think you get on with Ferrari that's but that's exactly do that aspiration Olin. It is so brand driven and he wants to see that entertainment factor come back into play in and out. I think it makes sense so Dan this is gonna be fun to watch and it's going to be fun to see. And particular. Next year how you know what subtle changes 'cause there's fighting to be some changes immediately we see this year and I wanna see how that plays out. Tonight throw a little bit less reddish and ranks but tonight so little real historian. I like oh yeah I don't think you have. How about McLaren and BMW. Chernoff yeah. Yeah elaborate a little. Well. 86. Story takes up all pre dot com which is a great sites into look at what's going on Leno do an error writing all the people don't want I evidently. Not developing a road who car project in June wait BMW and of course the city along well that's not my well with a Honda sound you will see what happens this year. But down the road could we be seeing a potential BMW. McLaren but gosh. And getting BMW got into solely a walk around the time he wouldn't be yeah just set about literacy BMW all one of those ultimate driving machine operational. And costs just like Mercedes. So I think you know. It's definitely worth taking seriously and it again and be involved in. All hot and sports cult like the McLaren Ryder Cup then why. You know what is it with McLaren the F I guess because they are a I really amazing cool smaller company but remember the apple rumors that apple was gonna buyout Clarin. Now it's BMW to team up I think it's because they're small enough to where. But they have such and and I'm really amazing brand. Of insurance commissioner and actually has a technology. Business within it that's very different a lot of folks may not realize that that is not just the cars that we all love here. But there's a complete technology and information business. That ties to a so that peace makes sense to me when we talk about apple getting involved with the you know on a folks kind of went astray it and immediately thought it was going to be car related but I was kind of question that piece yeah. Well we just get limited time left let's talk about motorcycles a little bit because it there's been some motorcycle starting up in the mood GP grid and a Nicky Hayden store to store without laissez EL SO and nick he's got to be happy tomorrow he sees the seventeen bike. They've been testing pieces it took but. Tomorrow infected will be on line and go to worlds this BK dot com. And they'll have a debut of the bike there are so I'm stoked to see Nicky. Finally getting that bike that was promised here you know he he came twirled survive because Honda promised they would give him fresh spike. And so you know we've been anxiously awaiting on it and here it is Johnson you think it's gonna make eroded difference. You're absolutely right I mean this is a whole deal was a song that he wanted to get an impressed are you want to get his legacy he's got a bit in the doldrums it moto GP. He's in its full home. For so long most of his career and you know another patent is pretty good Ellen and Roger as well and the American championship but I think he's also. Legacy depends on the all I got this on the committee. And also Honda eighties and bikes you know the EC BR is probably one of the best song motorcycles in the world shrank continues to be you know a go to the most motorcycle riders on the road. But I am I just hadn't been competitive they won a world championship a few years ago I am I went to ten got seen. And really this is this is in the other into the well sue box this is a big big moments on that Anthony Keith I think rod and it also notes that Ronald is also capable of world champion himself. I think this is yes this is a big story Russell Wilson the bikes and yes I really hope that it all comes together and we. Dixie. Nicky doing what he does best. Boy Exxon will always go one more they you're gonna like Jonathan him that maybe easier namesake it was raining and her arrest this week during testing. One particular Kawasaki rider. And just just littered in the rain. Had a great time Jonny Rea Johnny ray agenda. How do you say it Jonathan. Johnny early and I think there you get. I interrupted it tried again. But hey there you guys that Johnny ray was on fire in the rain fastest. Of the pack and you know that's I think. Big thing to say not all of the big names were there. It but still great seacoast psyche charge and up front in that kind of whether hand John array of all folks on it. Well those are the media to sort out so. Is and moto G yeah. And of course let me say John everybody's testing but the real name that really stressed me in the taxi and is the water and only c.'s own. I noted it was slightly quicker than his fellow Edmondson the cheap ride. Why are designed. I'd stunner of course and he. This is like you I have a heavyweight title fight the one guy doesn't like Holyfield doesn't fight so that both dizzy really young the world championship is the true world champion you know boy you have the Olympic swimming and felt it met some really wasn't a gold medal. Well this is it is how I feel like Casey's our arms I guess I know. He's the final public puzzles you know if we could see Lorenzo against soda against Marquez against. I am into this Llosa Nvidia all eyes that would be the ultimate and I'm just hoping that they can analysts going to come back because. He's believed that these amazing talked about the current moto GB model that leads to beat dad and he's still way. Okay well I was just about to last year I was like toy you were talking ornament or does he get a new pair leathers is got a new bike what is left. Our idea we'd love to see him back it definitely. Frequent guest could get an alliance. Men it's going to be fun to watch wheel guys were at a time and of course motorcycles racing is gonna hit tote up early yet motor America. I don't know the date of the testing rule looked at at and seed talk about it soon Middleby that becoming a pretty quick the course of motor America here with the with the motor GP. In April so we've got to of the April 21 to third so it'll won't be long we have motorcycles ride here in Austin. I guess so we don't we got to wrap it up tickets at a speed city broadcast dot com follow us on FaceBook and Twitter real lots of content out there all the time Jonathan. Have a good time though last seen last round down there it's a tourist users an easy in the body can. Us and guys season. You're right they tell you.