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Learn To Buy And Sell Cars, 02/05

Feb 5, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A. Welcome to learn to buy and sell cars with your coach Randy and our right call for surely you can see Randy. For decades. I'm ready to share with you everything you need to know about buying selling and trading and dealing with cars. You're okay Randy again. There ain't no bad. Also the Texas this is Randy Adams learned lots of cars dot com thank you thank you did inning and fail we will have a big game going owners everybody and GT Lewiston. For a little bit or don't talk about the good the bad news at all I had Bubba let me show you know his car never allowed only golf but. 80% today though we're allowed to and 20% would tell you the truth I know the ones old today the jury only deal will go on and tell you the truth. In fact had a big time San Antonio or dealer who's up all our parent who hates America and hates America but actually beside the point. And he made on remaining made this koehlke sounds what are his hands and he said. Knowledge laws laws that's all you're doing you're not are not hurt less. We're still like him any money only on stupid Americans well I guess so you know you better watch out or you can only Jewish day. You when you're borrowing your money I work too hard for my money. I don't wanna give it away to the government I know wanna give it away the car dealer I don't walk up. Wasted your knowledge too hard to come by here lately is not used to mimic yours if you're living on welfare. And it bureau are not working and not go must answer replying in Maine thank you know butter for you but how are going to be productive. How wanna be the best person I can be out or give black. I'll world sure about moral low ball will be the best I can be now we'll tell you what's going all the car business goes on want to racial the I've got three nearest dealer. Previous salesman previous sales manager. Kelvin to me. To help them get a new car. I got hassle free auto buying dot com hassle free auto buying take two are walking leadership figure out walk up. And not talked about the guy that mouse morale as hope that's our I think things are nose at all but let me tell you there's. Seven or eight different ways to make money only customer. And he got he got no normal warm way and they wouldn't tell you when you're telling the truth. That what cutting my deal before. So she already come and Aaron lynch he wins he's got is always had big name popped up a proud get real big and he gets all excited we think she's women. And I'll take advantage of a mob don't mean it'll happen I have seen it many doubt they don't easiest person shrill. And the car biz Asia know at all. Just popping up. Yes sure you know what you're doing man this is not sure first rodeo rush man acting buddy Bob manager gave you such a great deal. Man you're good at this map we didn't get knocked over all new you know what you're doing in my and a until you really do you. Well that's that's how you show we'll know what else no problem at all. And then you know I I've done a bunch YouTube's the lately. Explain stand. Foursquare age square. Think you should explain a lot of stuff didn't go to YouTube aren't about sell cars dot com. We got some first videos all Arab world work on I would probably got about kick you don't put all in the next. Probably in the next two weeks. We've got a bunch of new information a lot of stuff coming up your a lot of stuff like oh my musings and Maggie you know. But you know 20% of the dealers won't tell you truthfully honest what you. And and tell you what's going home. And make sure you know it's just like rocks Covert. And if you if you liked this show and you'd like that. Helped me out a little bit. How would you give rocks at college get his office night not Darryl shunning the just man works a bunch. These wall in my hands only wish he didn't seem have a door on his office can you believe that most. Most owners are in Houston her mama is yourself not all but he's there wore TE. And you walk in her top ten on an all time cool talking this may be great great our mayor. Like so we've been doing this is over forty years rocks is number is filed wanting. So talented team 1318. Jim rocks the college say thank you for sponsor Randy Evans show. Let me tell you she's a Chevrolet dealer that I do business and it did all of a Buick GMC aged. Though Chevrolet that's ride ago. Hate. To do business with a man for forty years and never ever problem and when money's the biggest factor into this deal. That's pretty also remain our world known as the rocks I won't tell you Jenny stepped up. A motel AJ he's a good general manager he gives all the money for the trades he makes it tough false wholesalers. And they'll be fair we did that take my customers Blair that's rod like and right now take my Ford customers to seek Ginny. Kenny Covert ops Colin we've sold a few for them the next Covert forward Greg Craig Colbert. No dealerships. Are built bar owners and managers. But the owners know what they won't. What to expect. What they expect other employees. And they bring that down and it trickles down own the rest of the organizations. The owners or get into ridge take advantage everybody black everybody they give it to either managers or no matter Julie given to the sales month. So it blows that wide but when you got good Covert organization has been around over a hundred years. They do it right. CNN STT know where we're in the right owners the right managers. Make sure that your customers and it taking Europe. I've got Toyota dealer chipped in San Antonio deliberately knew when to your door got to give me a column my office office numbers 83060. Laps 715. NAND. What did you need to yield of delivered to your door big east Germans look let me up on FaceBook pitcher Randy Adams a car got architecture you got. Randy Adams on FaceBook go to YouTube aren't biased sell cars dot com and we're back to try to get. Sound cloud up and going yeah dismount computer person I'm 68 years OK when I was an Haskell computer drew bigger bucks. I'm laying you know I I don't know much about but I Mormon I'm growing. My all my kids and grandkids know bottom I'm left to get them to help make. Goals I sure don't understand about it better edit. So hang in there we're gonna give it all online and do better and better. Hey we're thinking about going to Blog Talk Radio dot com I think that's open come dying broad talk radio dot com. We signed up there we're gonna have slash show and I shall recorded shows. I don't know how much time that I am workaholic and in getting better and better. And we're gonna talk about all cabs and and stuff going on out study in rejection. How does rejections. Affect your buying. Yeah I thought about it. Rejection and you're lacking here red rejection then you're laugh. Well just give an example. Our president George source and it ex president and our ex ex president. Obama both I am place rejected a Obama is Muller didn't morning while Obama's Fowler didn't wind Obama's grandmother good morning maybe you know. Hey didn't know if he was most rural America they felt like they rejected it. Big shadings from a foreign country to get free ride in college after getting it won't nobody warning. I mean he feels rejection he won't she really is kind consortium's slowing white. Geez SARS and ran our country written policy say the sick and great you'll understand what went only United States last eight years. Because George source. And so George SARS policies Zander but he was rejected he hates America hates Americans. They learn how to be a millionaire but Jimmie Rodgers I god no but I guess I've read about yet. And it rejection but when you got rejection and your lack. Google are trying to outdo everybody you don't want them to feed your tying your kid's lunch right you can think straight you don't grow right from wrong. In your always dean would turn more and you warn everybody else should turn all but when the parent term won't do you like a good decision. It's a sound common sense decision. Well. And if you feel rejection in your lap you've got to get rid of that its lack forgiveness she got her forget where her body and forgive that rejection. The culture in the greatest country in the world there's got prosperity op trip opportunity. Just Everett playing all right way. When you get rid of him though aren't forgiveness or rejection. Of pride dream team and help with the joneses the shell station us. And we can get down to basic common sense you could make a better decision. Here's a key. The key is when you've got rejection and you're laughing you are all pumped up. You got a problem wouldn't and you walk into a dealership he's I mean these cells are trained to picked up on it. They learn to pick up or near the way you conduct yourself your body actions your voice the way you did you look at her car. You know how to push your button and it's not only an easy payment. Our own food or about them but keep no word buckle also by don't worry about breakage don't but more about replace Darcy writes don't worry about insurance. Think about the name it's the same tactic celts. Limitation on the few rob out timeouts. You'll have a circle of death for the rest of your left. You've got to make a better decision owned by and that car you've got to me and straight. Got to understand what you do and how you do know why you do it once did Cherie can't make your budget what that your family so I. Everything needs. You got together. And what you do that and you follow my system Marta bus sell cars dot com. Hey number one spot what you Craig were you played for that car it cheers is sure possession. Do you wanna give it away. The only given away some. Taylor tape I'm not dig there's like ten and 20000 a week only cars like trade for and they don't even more all. I was talking to a dealer other dynamic 28000. Almost up their wholesale move prior week and it is ones that have malls and had problems. And any of general Myers and Randy you're wrong. And how are wrong. Shouldn't you tell her body we don't give enough for the trades. A city which he usually. He said yeah you tell her body we don't give enough for their trunks said. You already are just totally made 28000. Home winning you its last week old sailor at your big sale. Did you give those people all the money so about the car Jean cap there were low miles and nice. The gym or make three more Bob Graham bill. Did you give them all the money. Actually that's the key. They they won't that opportunity you've got class low mileage car you got something there's not enough trouble you've taken care of you deserve more money. That's why you need to go Laura must sell cars dot com describe your car problem Mike you know problem make money Monterrey the tree. But I'm a good fair market are a strong borrow big CarMax not a attitudes task in San Antonio area whenever. Somebody's been CarMax up beta bobbing to go out the other night. We doubles thrill he said I knew this was a lot easier than I was you know what's. With CarMax Karl's sleeve may I'll win now. A Tim of those those bids. I bought company units are above the good the bad the ugly about it to burst your bench cargo vans I've got all mileage sixteen connecting bash your plans a gutsy more Ramallah street quarter managed just. I got available for you to show but I won't cheer try eat. I won't give you fair market from your trade. So don't want to buy and sell cars dot com I'm not an auto trader buying share. And how laws for sixty days and I got out of his stances I could. We're trying. To entice you to come if and when you come the end. We could have been number reigning coach he knew he would cut 20% health club and and we're trying to beat you up only ever mixed grant eat buying any. Tying it at all. FaceBook goes they want every body did due to sign boy to BL program why don't wanna be that way you used car. The gathered so only the Saudi. He said that. CarMax beat him up on his car and I didn't say a word about how well Braun drove it made him an offer Bob. Peaceable she's so Warner awesome let's normal. Lisa I guess nor things don't decide cousin that's normal piece on this a couple spots touch and so that's normal. But it is safe sign about hey it's a used car is not a brand new car. We won't. The good the bad the ugly but we're wanna be tire about a mile an all black team beats you up if the shot I've got to think you have got to fix. And they go to about other side of the web site learn about sell cars that got. And look at your credit score FTC doesn't go go looking at an option which score is who look that your credit. Not enough people look at her critic. Make sure it's cleaned up my church right. If there's a few issues getting played all straighten it all up and then talked a buying credit union talked a bunch of shop shop shop. There's got to pay. This there's the rich and got too much money and here's the key about a banker credit unions I think a 100000 sit in a bank. They can loan it twenty to warn that's ten million dollar should make alone now. They're begging for business because they got a 100000 marinate it might come up about a thousand mom or are not a thousand but. Leg and probably long 500 and at bad hundred. At 10%. That's a thousand interest could. So I mean they won't finance people actually shop shop shop talk ever Craig unit ever bank. Ever body available they were looking for sponsors on the show. If you wanna prove to the community. Which you warm them educated make better decisions. Open as what's going on in a world open as it took purchases. But I give them a better person understanding what's on our world educating. Them would go to school for are playing a world but we don't go to school combined sullen curse. If you want sponsored domain column office say 3060. Glad someone above Matt. And I do you got your financing lab that. Amish interest rates or run found out how many times is going to be what the total no IES going to be make sure that your budget. Figuring insurance for your and breaking cheap or tires. Breaks. Everything that comes with the car could you understand the deal. So I've team got that all figured out. Is done the dale what you are Matt. What she goes beyond talk you bike. Can't you create unique document can't make sure if you want to work was caller talked to people who have traditionally on those cars are or who drive those cars to right. Paint shop shop shop talk to everybody talked a body shop how much are parts. You don't warn about Alexis Ol or not most parts or arching ball more money out in those parts about cheap owned by and how those breeze Parti cheap. And very easy to work on we do this windy back. So it's all up you a little work actually be a little money a lot of work we'll save you a whole a lot of money. And that's to teach cheer hard our money. Take my advice is do or you won't whether. Remember there's only two guys or cars or forty contain important obtain important or most remote and you got to drown them ever day you know is do you laugh. Home my end the inning no fun at all. She shop shop shop why don't the marketeers pitch up or down find out what the car they years found out what done. How many Molly you don't put all our car how long it's gonna beat. And why is it only works when you pay and offered to tap the traded off. Tigger who also buddies take. They're aware of 35 year old cars million that like your China back with the miles you Gibson is gonna be all right. And so I want to show up our walked or worked. We're about to take a short break we'll be back in a minute this trend at a slower to buy and sell cars dot com hey. Austere not to be a Sanctuary Cities. Got a question ask the public. The mayor. And his city cancel. And who's responsible. Who's accountable. They're the ones in power were not talk about that always get back here woolly ride back I tell you friends and neighbors are tuning in just we do not yet they went out the Austin, Texas. So I think now. Hi I'm Randy Adams let me tell you about my friends and Covert Chevrolet GMC and Buick amassed throughout Texas amended and there's little family over forty years they're the best people around they're honest or fair a day what we've done business all over the years and we never had a problem not one thing when you're dealing with money and not have a problem you know there -- good honest people in fact they do this is the way I teach people combined sales if you're gonna shop for flash they're going to be everybody's -- -- referred thousands of people to whom we do business every day and it's a pleasure doing this move they do this is real flashy way no gimmicks no games no problems and our love unpleasant little you will tell you. Over and Iraq's Covert is my favorite dealership business where. And when you do business rhythm you'll feel the same way so give them McAuliffe 12772131. Right now Austin, Texas and go to their web site. Over the last drop dot com. The right choice her beauty. You know I'm. Okay. Per inch. I. My motivation. Now. Okay. Yeah I'm hired gun who. Love America everybody wants to come here and got a stranger and everybody wants to come here and we'll wait Daly and some other foreign country. But. Question to the mire of Austin, Texas my question to his City Council. You wanna be a sanction word shady. While if you got the power you've got to desire. You've got the vote. In your control in the city. And so you wanna Micah she Sanctuary City. But it. Are you responsible are the people who have. Foreigners that come over here were criminals and kill people are decent tin in the public showing you pretty Mike did that decision. Why not you're in control you your voting noting you won't hit you have the power. Now step up and take the responsibility. So if somebody. Gets murdered but somebody that should didn't hear that should've been out of the country. And make Roman shoot you. For having enough power and authority. To make a salute Sanctuary City. You don't care that if it happens to you might change your ma. But we don't like about comments show notes are not all we won't actually be a Sanctuary City. But what it calls is all the trouble are you going to run in hat or you don't stand up until the shady and everybody and it. And the victims. I am voted did you. Now back up any blank say on this radio show. But do the politicians not have to back up what what they wanna put on us. While we need to think about it we need we need to understand. There when you get in office. You're responsible accountable to the voter should. And we're supposed to be this is supposed to be the power and my hands of the voters. Not the mayor and City Council. Do they just like our senators and house representatives did in Travis County angle brain dead our water. This is the best country. People want to come here but do they want a little bit right. Do they only a bubble Walsh do the warmly up properly critically or biblically. How many we've got to stop in the way you know what's going home. We already had so much going home. And nobody wants distilled truths. Nobody wants you it's amazing to me we take Everett buying in a war we pitch politicians it all last. And twisted the story isn't current stories. But we don't really going about it well. I want him back up to any kind that SA. How would be the best person I can they. The whole world everybody cared about everybody reach out to everybody I'm giving back this is all. Bob but pocket nationally show cost me money and thank you rocks Covert. Because he won't he knows it if you know the truth. You'll buy commercial mail. I know the truth about cars from a I know that he walls made a comeback peace ferries honestly tells truth he won't cheat to keep on coming back a linked to be and this is a hundred years let family. Those boards are different swing right rob they got character or word is good. If your words not good you're no good at the well politicians are your word you're. Taking mud blasts and weigh it up you better look at it. Hard hard hard and let's finish up. You shop emperor card you shopping for price. You know what you trades worth the Coast Guard then you'll learn to muscle cars dot com which no worst and paid maybe go to CarMax. You don't find out why college cardboard check let me pile which car is worth even now. Caused many dealers make a lot of money only try each. So you won't all the money you gotta come because you paid for that or remember when you played 30000 dollars for now there won't give you six or 7000 dollars. Well let your hard earned money after tax money remember that part. So after you shop shop shop you know what you radius and if you're trying to buy our car believe trade out. All I got it sold I've got his shoulder CarMax I've got a soul Randi had a dog got social body. It all muttered as somebody. And worked a deal this price Cahill. Right need debt now print it off. I had a buddy of mine. They wouldn't. He was trying to mark Carl real Internet from a new color story in San Antonio religions San Antonio. I wouldn't let these prices. They quarter mobile phone but they wouldn't Carmona Internet they would. 101000 port mass civilian. He said oh yeah. I don't they don't sell it to me I assume no no that won't. He's out do you not so loud they are all leaders by the same price that's the key. No they. And the dealership or talk about the already here is tremendous. And they brought it all collar vehicles are barred money. So there I'm not I you. That Augusta you let you know for that kind of mull by our nation our city he got it riding no but. They don't they would Kamal what should yeah they won't cheat in the door do you usually tell you any playing you know world. To teach you all. They're turf. Hey it's home field advantage. Just like Super Bowl. At all or video involved fail to binds to all all we're bubble site is doll. Show usually door yeah I'd like to dials well it's only suffered a midget that was only snow it was only someone could try to dig. That Mosul police. Well when I got this little bitty Nissan I can cite you for 24000. Dollars. Warrick. Who I am radio. Up. You editor Bob Briggs sport utility is you very. Any good walks out of the little big car for 56000. More. A home field advantage. Let me give Jewell makai interpret we're gonna talk about it hey I'm only here without a car. Hubble shut wanna pay the lowest of that at all my and it looks good it smells so good. And I made a commitment now bought a car today that's what's so soon. I'm in front of Montel makes and I got out Randy don't look at it car. Any said this guy I don't know may not buddy can how big the sport got any cash. Decent again out to look at the stroke. And the first going salesman says hello my name's Joey. What got a payment you won't. He should just did they would the plane went. Without any other question I said yeah that's what he's trying to you know any city every what twelve hotter tomorrow. And I told the gossip not just look at some well know we can DG Sandra today what got tight but can't you tell me talk my manager. He's set up just you look at. Each and gamble we can put you run run away. And he said what kind of tightly do you wall. Farley tell was Joseph in yourself he said hey. Here's a real blow to follow distraught comrade that chick I'm I'm I'm not going to make I national Oceanic. Hey have you been in prison lightly. Well they sent prison Billups style combat when you're locked me up on a payment for 84. Months. Oh woo man may have Bonn and now their luggage and a 108. Month high much. Well tiger mine blast do whatever you want to but I'm not hey you know what it's only one moment the next seven years. Are you gonna keep your job you don't keep your health or you don't keep your laughs. I'm laying there's Kleiza can change. And they were you wanna get locked up for 84 months. I don't warm be locked up at all. Com or Michael better common sense choice. Of one Ira had. Yes Bob Bob didn't get a lot of new tell you Otis for friends month. Because that's what they need that's what they do have Ford and NATO war they don't need no troubleshoot an extra four years he should moms. And they've got. Child's sport cub and hand the ticket director of the car they need to call for transportation and the kids. You know I there won't make a bottom overall knowledge they're putting sixteen Camry. They're better off by a million. There's a lot of situations debris and these are great gap. He knows his business. My mother could toting a buddy he knows his business. So why in the world. You know there's certain situations. That you can't find a great dependable car for three to 56000. Dollars escape our our every day. And now we've got and got decked checks. Or yeah a free government money now at age free government money ball well. That's money the government took away from me all year. Mr. round win it and now they don't send it back if they came pioneer of flattery is not Capote. So don't get excited. I've got the best buy here pay your guide San Antonio. Nadal in the third coast auto shows and often they're they are good honest guy asked. I'll look for good by year by year twice this. But those are hard to find that. She all of these places I sale to wells drilled to a got 6000 passing them on her lot for sixteen match. But some of these guys pressed to carve right try to treat customer right true hey they got mechanics all Pena. She got a way up to your doing business we can win and I do income tax check comes in and do not do the rapid refund. They'll take due to a thousand dollars of your hard earned money that is your money's not government free money. I am their own. Just to teach you cut your money. Seven to ten days early hey. If you're getting paid monthly you gotta wait thirty days for your objective to get by Bob monkey got away Ford team based. While he's somebody 200 got and each individual liberty. Commercials. We'll give you think people want to do you bring your income tax. Diapers they hadn't got all want to be fifteenth or she'll one up. Well yeah he's got a home field advantage again. Got older and here we get control of your income tax return. Get a control abuse wouldn't be fifty bullets or you feel big headed it wonderful likelier winner. But there weren't charging a thousand. To give it to play a year income tax money early and we get to make all that money. You think they put all these ads out there. And John give it away if they're not make it a bunch of money. You really don't I'm lame and just come home well. I they've they're they're going to take care had not we don't like all this money on your income tax so yeah we're or take care of the component here. Don't give excited. I hate what you don't your money. Why you don't because you ought to be praying about you ought to be thinking a body of the examined about it you'll be doing something productive. To know what to do with that money the next ten days before he comes here. Like about her decision talked to your fan racing what you need to do to ensure mania really they don't feel. Legged how are ever day and I am all lists. He's gathered find out what is going to bring if you really need a vehicle European got a not to pay cash. I do lots of times that thousand dollars you give to rapid refund. But hey you can that'll teach you a good cash card they'll do achieved through the year. And maybe have a little bite you live for night she contrite you don't something else. While man might ranks they don't last forever well. Now. You need to make better decisions find good cheap transportation. Pay. Take your little car. Notre expressly for some my Chinese all or change old yourself. Hey take cure of the plane dropped cycle tried it I don't care if itself. 61 Buick or whatever is your boots you know Manny laptop arched you know. You know cleaning it up take care of it. It's your possession you played four or are your plane only a changed at all take care and cleaning them up. You know. We don't take care of Walt went home. And if you are proud of it you. Take your car and take good Luke. And I had a friend of mine that. Warner's seller car. She could sell it. And it did have a hub caps aren't had been cleaned up. What geo was busted. And fasten. You any top money out of this car I didn't really really didn't. Saga are a windshield for a 130 books. She could want Sheila is centered around the to AutoZone. Daughter's twenty dollar set a hug chips. And told her to go take a blow to scrub down their own car bank may have stuck for sale sign out there she sold the car round away. Do you want Abbas something that looks like nobody's taking care of the that have no desire to take care of it. You know she got the money for her car she put little effort did little effort which are you money no effort which are no money. If you've got a car you've got to try museum but I. Take 39 fiscal scrub and I don't. Do something about it Nike better improve it. It'll work it'll help. I might get a little fiery and you might get a little pride has built up an exercise and feel better about yourself and now being productive. How many are you wasting time you know boulder right yet no more worry and not wasting draft. I guess is why I'm reading more study and more work in more. As I know that I'm all short time mommy when you press 68 years old. You know you didn't have better wage and I'll shop around much more common house door that lure Joliet we'd hang out but on the day. How or being productive total they had yeah. Now wanna help you only teach won't we don't talk about spinning a little bit more maybe we'll foursquare H square what's going home. You don't get respond when you go to rocks Covert mic over our group you know give foursquare. When you go there you get the best price the best service. Best things that you need I mean that's the way the years. And that's a ladies man. And that I guarantee you that's way the family's gonna continue to be there are also also the way they do business. And yell. They've been around. For a hundred. Families maybe in the core business a hundred years. So omni but you know what's going on I know how to take care of a customer. You know and had Covert mainly about verge simple rule. You have to offer more than the competition ever date. And they have to offer better service I have better technicians and they've got six convenient locations. And their their factory trained and certified. And they want to make sure that you get the best servers anywhere so there's always is a small part of to oversee is ours to give you Grady spears say cult church. As they hope. To be here for all your automotive leads for generations to come paid they got all there. Their family worked in her grandchildren work and and they're all hard they do Islamic culture kids to work. Just one more way to make it true. They'd they wanna be your digger that's over chilled laid Butte GM's seat. Always said they want the best drop try and build new roads going to blaster out. This kind of painful or are they wore car service and work our own like image right. Am I don't think you are foursquare. That's well album out of my I don't know how they deal out dealt with a for forty years. And that's what you need debate are you a spectator. Are your participant. The petition but it puts a deal together spectator sits there and if she salesmen tell what Cuba. Total what they can afford tell them what talent do it. You wanna be a participant are you won't be a spectator. And spectators walk out go on a bunch of money. I won't achieve coup calm collected. Know what you do. Confident and not opera forward or be happy customer because they get slaughtered at those dealerships. But walked Guillen like got a special mullet heads is bigger round and the salesman tells me now mom be big I got a little old lady. And near Brownsville. She golf shoes of VIP customer. She walked in a while most preferred customer dealerships. She walked out shields 151000. Too much. Regular open about international 20000 too much get what the vehicle she and get it back. She let Sean salesman could answer this was a better deal. I'll launching coup calm collected understanding open minded. Open ask don't looked for a strong look through the whole vision actually no hope playing video honors. And that sure about the walk in dual heat beat think that football games don't be tough today. You walk into a leadership. They got better coaches they've gotten better owners I got Jim Miller general managers. And I trained hate football season six more outs. Car dealership train. Every day of the year I general surgeon goes to school for eight years. I carcinoma go to school for a laugh track I never quit thanks changed. They're bound and all of my guts those matter really act closures but I got everybody in the world war demand to little limit. Your part time bar won't can him until full train pulled. Well all machine. Don't take ever by a bull dollar party your budget. They can give. So my extra when he style percent. Of the prophet they genius. And a sales manager Schmoll all the way to the bank. You don't think that these dealerships are not money can house I've got to be used car magazine. And any ghosts are just in the options and it talks about competition among dealer groups trying to buy up all the leadership shake it buck. Bill more dealerships. You've got also these guys she used car superstore chains. Building he's buying and building on thirty Bob Eckert I Hattie what kind of money. 35 acres could bill. A used car superstore in Austin, Texas. Yeah probably start off to 4050 million just from the property. You don't think they're not money counts. They don't Billings 4050 million dollar Bill Owens. Third know a lot of money to my cannot take some time mark one know all or talked I'm bailout talk about one done. The investment he can't. I told ramadi and doubling to do it misses us live this on your own terms follow you got that forty million dollar million. Not all Randy buddies make it big time money. And that's what it takes this is Randy Adams learned about it sell cars like I'm Mikey taught third take seventy. Bernanke Megan. Tell you what a lot of Austin, Texas I'm not allowed does a lot of friends there. God what she did Ukraine's neighbors we got a few more minutes left in the show I ever did give the phone number I guess nobody almost all anyway. But it was one of these days will will get a few more colors out I hate dictate paper and I won't tell you that the best. Home decorator and virtual shelves were around my sister candy and you won't give me your phone number and many. And if you got a quick question you girls club wanting 643. 5483. Bob one to 8643. Up 483. Will be right back thank you very much from the. Hi I'm Randy Adams let me tell you about my friends and Covert Chevrolet GMC and Buick amassed throughout Texas commended and there's a little over family over forty years they're the the best people around they're honest or fair I tell you what we've done business all over the years and we never had a problem not one thing when you're dealing with money and not have a problem you know there are good honest people can track like new this is the way I teach people combined sales if you're gonna shop for flash they're -- -- -- everybody's prices have -- thousands of people to home we do business every day and it's a pleasure doing -- -- they do business the old fashioned way no gimmicks no games no problems and I love doing business with them you will tell you. Over and Iraq's Covert is my favorite dealership big business. And when you do business with a you'll feel the same way so give them what college 128772131. Right now Austin, Texas and go to their web site. Over the last drop dot com. Hey Austin wake up and fly right on talk thirteen seventy. You do. You know I'm. Okay. You're an inch. Okay. Motivation. Okay. Mad. Okay. John. Now America. We love America love Texas who almost didn't look central Texas. Only have nowhere else got pummeled today sometimes don't wanna but these politicians. I'm Aurora they come from Megan why did order a good. And all Kansas stuff going oh. Crazy stuff. But I won't tell you are. All of you must like Indy. Hey do you got that desire. Think about it some guy on the question of the week here is Gibbs are businessperson you may. Yeah bizarre to listen more than these talk unlocked outlawed only show doesn't take some. I'm Laura militia and to mug callers. But. Listeners. I do a lot of columns at my office say 3060. Clad shove won five. Lots of calls them all she won't talk until. But I'll warrant from listeners Laura what they need to know. How they're growing. You know how they're learning. How wanna be their forty. And if you wanna should be a sponsor on the show GM should go we don't work don't let and I had a call from a lady. That's sad. And Phoenix Arizona. Am I got a buddy out there instead fragile this lady you she said though I wished I had taken your advice. Should what do you make ma'am she said well. People won't know borrow my car I have come to my house. They came back and stole her car Stoller title. I'm a human being if you're trying to sell some to you gotta watch out scary out there. You need to take it to move meet him at the fire station may him at the police station. But I'd sure. That should know that she got somebody with you this lady was alone. In a tighter breeder. And laughter for day it. And have a good friend bird got word about her reject or have had to teeter asked goes a lot else up all the way out. And god laughs and founder. And she's almost they had. You've got to be careful if you're so are car people out here today will steal a car steal the title steeler rebutting that your house. Go to PlayStation don't fire station. Gets a body until we get a pitcher of their driver's lessons. Send it to family actually is saying now shown his car and you see in person I'm shown in tape don't rule out eventually the title. Until you see the money. Tell you got a good clean title. Falwell also has title okay well wouldn't make a copy of it but you have to. But don't tell them word sex and do you give the money in hey. The Blair. I'd just like this get hammers. Friend of mine and Santonio. There's more just got out of drug Maria. Try to get his lap back straight need to pick up these are. He does I didn't work at houses and he's a car owner pretty handy GAAP. But yeah Malaysia new drugs and now he's cleaned up and he's ready to go to work. So yeah a little money's put up from his family they gathered up some money. He says 6000 dollars to Dallas to get this unbelievable. Too good to be true pick up. And why happen. You almost 6000. They never seemed to pick. Nobody answers the phone. Ali got a forever most of time it was done by email you know most down there after you know 45600. But they got him for 6000 dollars or so many scams going oh my god culled from the gap the other day. And 66 coordinated take a thousand dollars more. Awesome okay. Scott should worry you that. He should get a comment LA NASA what part of LA you should listen out of LA and that's a good I got a buddy lives out there. And how love get him to go look at two car and tell you a thousand dollars given the address how well are getting back we have got to address. So you know one Canadian and they had car for a thousand dollars and I know it. So then. I do it cults. From a guy in Nashville Tennessee. Hey I got this car I've got this the 272 door hard top Chevrolet out loud and didn't beg Matt come all the English fifty and forward. GAAP net state do you ever see in your lap Obama fifty up boards have 600. And a ball the first half done won the first half tons with four wheel drive forward thinking and Ford regular cab four bucks for. Just are reporting that mark. Got a bunch of crew callers but budget needs staff got a real need 89 GT mustang convertible. That's a bargain at two I'm 65 honored a lot of car a lot of funds aren't the only good the bad he had a good I don't care order is. Alibi at all and download controlled trucks are no car should you got some good there when you got a show coming up Dan Cruz doesn't. In San Antonio you give me a college you may be getting numbers are good at they'll what they'll give it called my office. So. God man this victory now and forward you just also target disk golf from this guy has been to more shelf that showed shuttle. Nashville Tennessee. Lisa and Hank tonnage Seles cars 15100. How should you should did you study showed me pictures up and I'm not sure it was a Chicago man this was a killer car it's awesome okay. So I'm calling back. Had a busy with a dealer Nashville to actually a just got to tell contained in Yoakam wanted to car and thank you for the car. All of you know we we got to make a so damn long massive that's my name and address should give gallon down and I'll make sure you get so there he never come back the address. There will stand main. I'm getting calls all time cause I ever does and a bunch O car magazines goes well I'd go course. You know that's my hobby I'll level Karzai about a 69 Volkswagen bug I love right that got shot about. That's mop. How big a level mind can't drop to 63 Ford pickup. It's a cool truck. So teeny tiny niche this different how life ain't buying this over I'll like. I've gotten a business back in 1963. By any Compton's she'll pull a Georgetown Texas 49ers did you want boards I'm partial to 49 to it to one forged. Are not honest laying out there in the world there are few people know warmer like Merck cared about him but I'm doing. They have got a 51 Ford convertible try to finish a little street road. I got update on T bird that I can't like but it got to got drawn an idea it's a street run real coup. So how I go Karzai ally being productive I like making things better. How are working don't work what my hands. I want to improve those things show you know. Now you know watch out for the scams you gotta watch out of the crook she got worked out watch out for the people try to steal cars from. That you try shale. How adding to lady the other day that calming her husband passed away this year at three car she needs sale. And so. Love the lady said we're gonna listen you are radio and we trust that you could come out to our house in book. A so well let me c'mon Tim take a look at someone after a ball to three car sure. But yell at you you got don't know who you're dealing with before you let him go were you living in what's going home. Just not anybody that you want out there snoop on Iran Seymour really of what she got. You know they're allowed to come back with a group of people vote this lady she noted. IRows knows best when she's out there by herself Connick and ended little room. So that would be a different situation there and dangerous situation. And after she sold the car she said she was so glad to get ran out she did want Sharm all her own and I understand there. You know it's different golf trying to people who would cash item people who you know will buy. So. Oh look out what you're doing helped somebody in and some might come by about a car. Constructing a Montgomery instructing you I want you to be so confident. What you are so much but she did teach others. No matter buys foolishness radio show. And so but we wouldn't want a beer for you are so I've got the mentioned. And every tell mile walk into a big time auction all the dealers stalemate Randy. You've got to tell everybody. How bad catalogs where Warren Buffett couldn't handle 330%. Interest. My auntie did a year crazy. I was gonna move big tab isn't new guard Taylor the other day. Anyway still only about a banker then add a title all our car that day it traded far and they were trying to get the title in a cattle own place had it. He should shouldn't imagine a banker a surge especially when they interest rates should watch inch restricted to percent. I'm sure now. How long are you send a 100%. I should do not know. 330%. Interest he couldn't believe it cocaine believe. They SanDisk got a big canceled while I hate editor's House of Representatives and anxiously illegal. 27 states and Texas but go to your buddies on the license. And you don't wanna change interest rates don't change it down nearly 6070%. Or something only given 60% of the car bag you. If you got somebody it's about my cantata alone don't go to my website or to buy and sell cars aren't gone. Describe your car I'll buy your car you Seles somebody else tip your business kitchen Suu Kyi transportation. You've got illusion they ran a 102. Weeks ago they ran a 170. But I won't repose. Atlanta auction. The following week a hundred did they tell me they're looking and honored when he 270. Every week so long repose. That's one option there for all she just run him. Hey. Don't get involved in a title please know. This is Randy absorbed by the sell cars that come all preeminent Greg Saturday afternoon and get ready for the big old game yep. Yeah a written through Atlanta but I don't going to go away and I just hope it's a good game not only enjoy little payback is not Dallas. So no I'm not my won't be real happy there. I mean sure you go to FaceBook Randy Adams I go to due to a blog about cell car dot com. Go to sound clowns learn about sell cars like Cobb. And don't make sure you go to Florida buy sell cars not coming give me a call my office 830657159. And JD Cheney I love you that's my sister. She sales for Julie she's the best interior decorator rounds tell her numbers filed one to you. Southern southern water set. 574. Did Janet Kong a loaded Danny have a great days unless you. Trying.