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Feb 4, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And afternoon off. Austin welcome news. A lovely lovely. Saturday here at the beginning of February and the Texas insider show with your host I'm Jim Correll. Simon drizzly Saturday but little. Winner whether I think is something a lot of us appreciate having a hero then. Kind of fun every now and then and them. Keeps you in the winner spirit and makes you thankful for the sunny days which we had a couple of this last week I am thrilled beyond thirteen seven be the right choice Casey's brother. Kinda bored today and now. I think them. Jason Johns official thermometer has this in the mid fifties today Adam. Just thrilled to be here and glad your here joining us we have more than enough to talk about on the Texas insider show be sure to visit us. On our website every day if you can Texas insider dot org FaceBook us Texas insider news. More than enough going on here. After a couple weeks of Maine M basketball. The piles been getting bigger and bigger and bigger and Donald Trump's been doing things nationally for shirt Charles Chuck Schumer earn Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have been. Countering a new and plenty of stuff there. As well as the state legislature Meehan intend now they started back at the beginning in January were about four weeks in a lot of folks don't realize. The Texas legislature only meets for a 140 days every other year in the odd numbered years a 140 days. They're prohibited from doing any thing for the first 45 days. You don't wanna unless the governor makes it an emergency issue governor gave his state of the state earlier this week and made Child Protective Services in Sanctuary Cities and a couple of other things emergency issues that. Put that probation for 45 days on their so that nothing. Can be ramrod it through they have to go through a deliberative long arduous process having hearings that's a good thing you want government to move slow but. Governments state governments back in town Dan Patrick on the lieutenant governor senate side and Joseph Straus on the house side is speaker of the house but. We may get to that in a little bit up first more talk about a couple things everybody everybody and I'm telling you mile friend bill Merck to send. Wrote that book former Dallas. Morning Dallas chronicle. Right or a lot of you will have heard of bill marks and wrote a book about fifteen years code ago called there's more to life in politics and it was a political junkie are certainly. Gotta remember that there would have been good advice to be my thinking about last year and it's now certainly not a bad. Idea but. My job here I think is going to be to try and provide a little sanity in truth maybe even a little better reason to. All this stuff and I was thinking and the other day trying to figure out which one of these articles or what subject to be talking about today. There was I used to work on Capitol Hill on their system of little corner of restaurants on the house side of the capitol. Everybody knows the big dome in the middle of the house side is one. Extension. To him to the house side and then there's the senate. Chamber in the senate buildings on the other side but on the house side. There's a couple of restaurants. Still there one called bull feathers. Teddy Roosevelt. Made that phrase slam semi famous way back in the day have been. Think in about a horse hockey your people been using different phrases that depending on which. Point that part of deciding you're coming from what Donald Trump's donor what. The Democrats are doing to stop or don't try to stop what Donald trumps doing another one is called the loyal opposition. And the Democrats. Have been. Struggling after this election the initial shock and awe of Donald Trump in the shock the Democrats trying to figure out what they're going to be doing an end. The term and phrase loyal opposition is an option they can have been a loyal opposition or they can. Being disruptive and try and stop everything and they are. Clearly deciding not to take the position that the Republicans did under Barack Obama and when Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi work. In the majority the Democrats were in the majority the Republicans played the role of the loyal opposition you know they kind of put up a fight not too big fight that's what. Frustrated a lot of Americans on the left side Bernie Sanders followers were frustrated on the Republican conservative side Donald Trump's folks were. Frustrated. Because things just kind of went along in the problems existed and the promises were broken. And year after year after year people just my only got tired of being in the got sick and tired of being sick and tired. And that's where we are today so the Democrats. Our herb and trying to play the role either of loyal opposition or just flat out disrupt there's clearly I think. In my humble opinion and may not be in the loyal opposition they're being disrupt her sweet scene all these protests across the country. But Donald Trump I'd tell you he is. I got a plan he is delivering on his promises like what he is doing her not to be honest with you I think most Americans. Don't give into the weeds on the policy issues. They certainly didn't on the election in the elections. They didn't care if Hillary Clinton had more experience or if Donald Trump. Couldn't control his mouth and his tweets and had a colored past they just want somebody that was gonna do what he says he or she Shep said in. Followed through on their promises and that is what Donald Trump is doing. He is named conservatives to virtually every position in his cabinet the Democrats are. Trying to block that. Secretary of this in secretary that'll talk Brett debt minute they're most importantly these days trying to block his Supreme Court nomination. Threatening to filibuster. And he's issued executive orders to build the wall he's. Issued executive orders to renegotiate NAFTA and her return jobs I loved it about three weeks ago when he. Overturned Obama is that prison and a former president Obama's. Executive order to not build the keystone pipeline and a couple other. Environmental EPA type regulatory. Efforts and Obama put in place he's not only said that he hears my executive order to build the Keystone Pipeline Russia after that he turned around. Some of you may have seen this he gets his vice president behind him and his chief staff and Kellyanne Conway is there and maybe your congressman or two I was. Throw this morning if you open up to young American states person complained. The Austin American statesman seem a friend congressman Jeb cancer link from Dallas he is the chairman of the house banking and financial services committee and Trump's overturning something called Dodd-Frank. Senator Dodd was a former senator from Rhode Island I believe Barney Frank was a former congressman from Massachusetts at first openly gay congressman. My wife and I used to see him walking around on Capitol Hill when we lived up there is one of our neighbors. Dodd-Frank is the name you keep hearing of a bill they passed that regulates banks to the point that they either can't loan money. Ports so arduous that. Than typical borrowers finance source sheep won't cause them to say we can't lend you the money but. President trump was overdone. The Dodd-Frank and on the Keystone Pipeline he not only said we're gonna build the pipeline. But we're going to then the next executive order cynical gonna build a pipeline. Why don't we build the pipe in America. Excuse me. Loved that thing it's it's make America great again it's at return jobs to America we are gonna have to use American made pipe. Not imported from shook from China not imported from anywhere else around the globe I think people. Are going to be loving that stuff they like to see somebody's doing something proactive as opposed to either not doing something or saying it's the other guy's ball. And that's my point in all of this is that the Democrats right now really I think arbor are bless their hearts are. Taking the wrong tactic because they are trying to disrupt and by and large that's not going to be selling well with America I've got one particular example to make this point. Lot of you have been following these appointments. One in particular was the first one that he made and it was a controversial one for the attorney general of the United States. Alabama senator Jeff session was president elect trumps nomination to be nominee to be the attorney general. And he has a hearing up in the senate as a home secretaries have to go through June you know the vetting process. And the way that works is you go in front of the respective committee. The secretary of state goes before the senate foreign affairs committee the secretary of the treasury. Goes in front of the Senate Finance Committee. The secretary of education goes before the senate education committee secretary of health and human services goes in front of the senate health committee. It's Jeff Sessions as attorney general went before the Senate Judiciary Committee and that hearing was absolutely fascinating because. The opposition had three witnesses. To come up and talk against senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama and trying payments are racist who's out of touch with America. The proponents. Of sessions mean attorney general there were three of them to. They happen to be black. So this this panel hearing. Here had the opposition. Members who happened to be members of the congressional. Black caucus they testified in opposition. And said that this man's heart. Was not in the right place. That he was a racist that he had come from the south that he. Had never done any thing strong enough to overturn oppression and overturn. I'm minority rights. On and on and on that did typical blather than the liberal left. On the right you had a former US attorney general who worked with senator sessions and Alabama he was a black man. A former US Marshal who worked with sessions in new attorney general's office and Alabama worst session started he was a black man. As well as the first black General Counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee. So here you have the guys on the left to make Iraq get out of the Congressional Black Caucus and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who. Shakedown corporate America that's how they raise their money. And then you have them the supporters. Who have actually worked with senator sessions for over twenty years so what you had was people who had. Professionally and personally. Known senator sessions for over twenty years talking about his heart talking about his personal integrity. All testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. That this was a man of gratitude this was they spoke of their affection for this man. Once said quote after twenty years of working with just sessions I have not seen the slightest indication of racism. Because it does not exist. In contrast to that you had the black caucus members. Going on and on about their opposition against his alleged weakness on civil rights which is a white polite way to say that he's a racist. But they had no evidence virtually no evidence or. Allegations irk or evidence to show of support their allegations. You have people saying we know his heart and other saying. We think we'd know his positions but we don't know him we never worked with them and ultimately. This is him. The spot that we are today in politics complaining racism. On the left. Saying that if you're conservative. It doesn't matter what your beliefs are we all remember back adjustments Clarence Thomas who still sits on the Supreme Court a black man married to a white woman Ginny Thomas eastern Virginia work done. Capitol Hill for Dick Armey congressman from Texas. And they tried to kill him and he was famous for quoting some of you will have seen it or will see it as this. Supreme Court nomination goes forward. It was a high tech lynching and that's what Democrats trying to do and that's what I'm trying to do. And I don't think it's gonna go over where overwhelmed with the American people you know you may not agree with president trumps. Every position but at least he he ought to have the right to be able to. Execute the office of the presidency. And people want us to get out embrace rule riots they want to see us start. Building American jobs again they want to see people with sincerity. Which again like trumps positions or not you got them people respect his honest. And it gets him in intro a little bit of trouble every now and then but they wanna see that type of person who's not a politician so. There was once said that every great cause starts out as a movement. Then becomes a business. And eventually denigrates into Iraq it. That's where I think we are right now with the political left the black caucus certainly express that sings a racist because only he was a conservative. Vs the people who knew him and said that he was honest good man I think. A lot of the laps run into the point now that it's a racket. And Woolsey it's cheap entertainment. Frustrating if you're in the opposition whether you're the loyal opposition or the disrupt durst and an exciting time if you're. I'm I'm I can't say necessarily conservatives because there's Republican establishment folks who were not happy with Donald Trump and are gonna have to swallow their pride to get through the next four years we'll talk about. This type of thing and some more dynamic cinema Hampton in the last couple weeks. Again this is the Texas insider show which I'm coral checks sent to Texas insider dot org. Will be right back here on thirteen seven be the right choice at poker and a good Saturday will be right back. This is Lynn Woolley we recently partnered with Jim cardinal and the good folks at Texas insider located in Austin the heart of Texas politics just blocks away from the State Capitol. We've also received a lot of inquiries from folks wanting more information so in a recent interview with Jim I asked him to tell our listeners about how they can become Texas insiders take you. Texas insiders of the daily online newsletter that takes the press releases in the latest info. From generally conservative. Texas legislators Kazaa that's basically what the Texas legislature is at this point that. Try to get their message out we'd been there are hot on the trail. What's going on over there and it's free sign up. We send you an email about every day or so when you can't see what's going on the on the inside a Texas politics. Go to Texas insider dot org today and sign up for our daily newsletter it's free remember you're either an insider or you're not. Texas insider dot org. Making talk radio upgrade again somebody has to come out and tell it like it is. Top thirteen seventy the right choice. Good afternoon. New ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Texas insider show it's lovely Saturday afternoon with overcast skies and drizzle I'm your host Jim Correll each insurance check is set at Texas insider about order on FaceBook Texas insider. What are. The same thing I'm trying to squeeze in and I'm telling you about an inch. Worth the material here piled up over the last three or four weeks while Texas a and m.'s been on. On Saturday afternoon radio we've been. Waiting and anxious to get back on the air and talk about some of them was the latest state of politics. Which you and talking about the current state of affairs nationally yet Donald Trump in the White House excusing them penned an agenda I'm naming secretaries. Referrals cabinet positions naming a Supreme Court justice overturning. No Obama's executive orders and building the Keystone Pipeline building a wall stopping. Refugees from coming in. From overseas Austin has been in the news nationally with our local sheriff's LE Hernandez. Running on and you got your credit for following through what she ran on the voters in terms can't exported it that she was gonna make. Trevor scanning in Austin a Sanctuary City trump comes back on the other hand says. He's putting a temporary hold its not a band if you hear anybody in the press talk about it being a man on Muslims it is not a ban on Muslims are a ban on. People from the seven countries in seven countries by the way that no President Obama identified himself it wasn't Donald Trump there was President Obama. To back about three years ago put them. Hold on this pain seven countries. Came and went pretty quickly. Now Donald Trump saying he wants to do the same thing and it's not a bandits of it's saved him hold on these people because the government has admitted whether it be the CIA or the secretary of state John Kerry admitted it in front of senate hearings or. You've gotten. People like our own Michael McCall congressman here from Austin who's chairman of the house homeland security committee. Congressman McCall gets the same briefings as the president does is chairman of that committee and they've said. People like him have said we don't know how to vet people coming in in such massive number so America is at risk. And here locally. Just steps some are you probably saw yesterday in the paper the first day February 1 rolls around and Austin and Travis scanning your Sanctuary Cities 37 people posted bail. And were able to walk free without dean. I didn't know illegal immigrants who had committed some type of crime to be in them. The local jail were able to post bond and not be turned over to immigration and Customs Service. And that's. There is no definition of a Sanctuary City by the way but. Various governors or have made there's one governor who's made their statement sanctuary state most cities there's about a 130. Counties or states or municipalities across country there is no definition Sanctuary City other men. They are not going to follow them at the national law of turning over. Arrested and criminally charged people to federal or authorities when they're known illegal aliens so. Interesting that Austin's been in the news for the Democrats right now or in a real box they are going through a election for who's gonna run the Democrat national committee nationally. It was interesting in the last week that. Former vice president Joseph Biden has backed a guy by the name of Tom Perez spurred. DNC chair DNC is acronym for Democratic National Committee. Lot of people remember Debbie Wasserman Schultz got in trouble during the convention troop tilting everything toward Hillary Clinton. Came out as part of them the leaks that were exposed and and the other leading candidate is a fellow by the name of Ellison. Congressman Ellison is from. The state Minnesota he's a first term congressman he is the first Muslim to ever be elected to congress anywhere in the nation when he took the oath. He did not swear on the Bible he swore on the Koran. To uphold the laws of the United States and now this is what is going on in the Democrat party they are faced with. Joseph Biden and a Hispanic Tom Perez who was president Barack Obama's secretary of labor. Running to be chairman or Keith Ellison a Muslim congressman that's got the backing of Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders. They're going through real knock down drag out war. It's all gonna come to culmination here at the end of February is when the Democratic National Committee meets. It doesn't get in the news but I'm telling you hear everything on the on the TV see all the stuff of criticism of Donald Trump or cut the criticism by. Chuck Schumer in the moon moon loyal opposition or do disrupt durst on the left trying to shut down what trumps doing that told in the news but behind the scenes the Democrats are. Going through internal term more we're gonna keep us. Tab on mad and then finally I want them I can't in the show without. Mentioning. The process behind the Supreme Court justice it's a little esoteric but it's really pretty darned simple. And that's why I'm gonna try and lay out here and give you a little reason behind this. Typically a Supreme Court justice and typically frankly. Up until the last four years. If a president nominate somebody to be name cabinet secretary or to the Supreme Court they've had to traditionally by the senate rules and yet. Sixty votes. To overcome a filibuster of filibusters when somebody stands up and kills a bill or kills a nominee by talking forever. And as a result the proponents of the bill or the proponents of the nominee just give weapons and they withdraw the nominee. Democrats. Are looking at it from the perspective that Barack Obama Justice Scalia died a year ago but eleven months ago. And there was an opening on the Supreme Court. Barack Obama name somebody to the Supreme Court and the Republicans in the senate who were in the majority of the senate. Refuse to have a hearing on Barack Obama's nominee if you hear in the news over the coming weeks. That the Republicans are doing something that's never been done before that they stole the seat Barack Obama and I nominated for the Supreme Court. You need to remember that that is a flat out missed truth and a misrepresentation. Of history. This is going to be the only the second time if the Democrats filibustered this is only going to be dissent a second time in history. In the history of our country. That a Supreme Court justice has been filibustered. And the Democrats are gonna use the concept that Republicans last time didn't give a hearing to Barack Obama's nominee well the reason they didn't. Is because they have the ability to do that and the Democrats have over the years during. Daddy Bush's term during George W Bush's term. Commonly. Did not have. He hearings or they've filibuster in committee this is all been done before it's typical tactics it's a contact sport all's fair in love war and politics. And it's just not true that this hasn't been done before so don't send the Supreme Court nominee has to go before the Senate Judiciary Committee in Chuck Schumer on the record. Saying that he will fight tooth and nail any economic team nominee who isn't mainstream quote unquote mainstream that is a key phrase. The problem with this guy that Brock a dead president trumps. Nominated is that he isn't mainstream. He has been given the highest recommendation by the American Bar Association usually described as a liberal organization so. He's been blessed by the American Bar Association. When he was nominated by President Bush George W. Nine years ago to his current position. He went through the senate and there wasn't even a recorded vote he went through you know him asleep on a vote voice vote. So every one of these senators including Barack Obama voted for this guy unanimously saying he was. Legit he was mainstream. And he was worthy of the position so now Democrats are coming back hypocritical in saying that this man. Is not mainstream when in fact they've already voted and not alleging that he has. And interest rates senate Democrats came out even before truck named who the person was going to be and said Morgan stopped that I don't. Care who it is who won fellow senator from the northeast so I would definitely object to a simple majority vote so. Now what you hear this phrase the nuclear option what that means is that the senate majority party the Republicans. Would have to change the rules. And they had to do this in some of these committees to get some of Trump's cabinet nominees as the Democrats are filibustering. The nuclear option would changed them vote total required to get the Supreme Court justice confirmed from sixty votes to fifty votes. But if that's done the Democrats know if they forced the republicans' hand that they're got him. Lower the threshold and that means Trump's going to be able to do whatever he wants so interesting interest in time folks I'm telling him. It's the best entertainment in town. My personal opinion is everything's positive I hope peers is too because this country economically is gonna get back on the right track in the stock markets. Indicating that I'm Jim Correll with the Texas insider showed checks out on to Texas insider dot org and be sure and tune in. We appreciate your listening hear on talk thirteen seven be the right choice facing great job behind the glass. And we hope you have a good Austin today I'm Jim Arnold thanks for joining us.