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Safe Money Retirement Planning Show, 02/04

Feb 4, 2017|

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Welcome to the retirement planning show with Teamsters ASCII. Call Steve now at 1804571298. And now here's Steve's just asking. Welcome to the save money and retirement plan and show necessities to suss you or host. And thanks for punitive in this glorious weekend. I'm located right here in the Austin round rock area. We even help the people in the Austin area now for over thirty years. Helping you to prepare for retirement. To in retirement. I've been on thirteen 70 AM now for over. Ovaries years. Or on Saturday at noon. And Sunday mornings at in the room. So grab a piece of paper and then you're gonna need this number that's 1804. Mar 7129. Days. He got some questions and needs some answers let's discuss your concerns. Give me a call 1804. By 71298. Our team receptions are standing by and you force sevens you can call any time. These people and information on the back to you personally and answer those questions. At 1804. Pars 7129. DA. And don't forget our web site the new website which is read. Oh. I achieved dot com that's red. Old. GB dot com so check card and a web site I'm sure you'll find it very very informative. An and give us a call as well at 1804. Pars seven. World ninety days. You know I'm licensed by this data taxes. I'm an independent agent. That'll work for an specific companies and a large wooden box big box for mcdougals were prisoners who were offering were not offer. What I do is blown to the world of finance find the best cutting its products and solutions. To meet your needs. No we feel that our professional independence. That is critical to our ability to serve your best interest. The variety of options that we can offer as a result of our independence. Is one of the main reasons for maneuver Clijsters who work with us. We feel that the financial school financial options available you should only be limited. What in the world of finance. So give us a call 1804. Cars haven't world non VA. Our team receptions are standing biochemist and 24/7. Student calls anytime. And in addition. You know my core philosophy news that I believe in all world comes from god. That's my responsibility. To be your group Stewart award gotten trust me. And a good Steward should first. Tipped his wealth from loss. And second make it work as hard as possible. This philosophy. Is what I base hole like climate recommendations. You know as always we're going to be discussing the issues sisters from listeners tour approach retirement. And those of you were already in retirement. You know when you retire your situation changes and immensely. Now it becomes very important to make sure to be able to protect the asterisk it's. In the make sure that turnout lost. Due to market declines. Taxation. Or management duties. Extremely important to make sure that the money that you do that your using. They've bills and take care of all the expenses that you. Enough to appreciate. You have to mixture of the injured and shoots with inflation. And you have to make sure that it's there when news. To take care of your expenses no matter what changes happen. As we all know things do happen health changes. And things of that nature reduced cost change shoes. Change in news. Spouse plays and they and things of this nature pages are going to hand and one who retire. And we have to make sure that that everything has treated everything is in order that we do some advance planning to make sure that. When things happen that it doesn't become a nightmare. That it can be taken heroes and can be handled appropriately and within the imprisoning column whether it. Would be used patent Euro. Medical expenses or Everett might be. That this is the user areas that are extremely important in the extreme and areas that. You have to advance plan for coming true that one does and that it doesn't create. Via our seniors in your life. So too for those of you were coming up to retirement there's many different issues. Have to be addressed and have to be taken care. In for those viewers now retired. And there are now. No return and drawing income it's extremely important is it true that your take meaning come from new pro influences. Whether it be for them all tried to count on all accounts. Combination. To. You know please call their reviews that we have to look at and we're told them no. And if you a little bit more attention to it is April 15 the instrument upon us. So. With that it's extremely important to mixtures that. Use your planning is. It is don't toy. So it's. We look at all the different accurate count our advance planning. One area that we look at him issues that. You maintain the masters that you would guarantee their principles and no matter what happens in the marketplace. You don't have to worry about losing your principal. You know with our advance planning with equity protected accounts. Will we have over. Banks CDs money market accounts. There's a benefit of triple compound in. And news show you to steps cities that we you can use. To simplify your finances. In this seat on complicated ways to handle the rule over your 401K your 403 B. Are you for 57 deferred comp plan. Thus just a brief list. That illustrates we have the resources. In the experience necessary to help you secure. Your retirement savings. No we news if you have changed jobs through someone. 0401 K sitting there you don't know quite what to do with a you know that's not doing well. Businesses in the area would be born caddies who have a qualified plan weather and news just you know IRAs. And then provide you. With the experience. We. To make sure that those accounts for transporting union positions to working harder than their report. To make sure that the growing to make sure that wanted those some time to. Retirement when you start pulling phones. That you gain maximum it. And that's where when I specialize in. To give us a call at 1804. Pars 71298. That's 1800. Or Faris twelve. This is peace process he drew listening to save money and retirement plan Rancho. And all you. Thanks for listening to the retirement planning show with Steve's recessed even if you're looking for annual interest rates of seven to 8% guaranteed up to twenty years with income guaranteed for life income that can continue for the life of both spouses and start and stuff as he pleased plus all moneys left on your demise go to your errors. Then Steve can help. Pick up the phone calls to Easter recess PM 1804571. To ninety that's 180457129. Me. Working at Stephens hassle free there's no sales pressure Steve's been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for you. So he can help you as well it's only for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost to the market. Gobbled up by broker fees were taken by uncle Saint Paul Steve she says he now at 1804571298. That's 180457129. It's these recess you knew it was me receive money was a fun show. And thanks to tune in this weekend. You know we're located right here in the Austin round rock area and have them over thirty years. And we've been on thirteen seventy. Him now Peru overeat years. Were on Saturdays at noon and Sunday mornings at 80 am. Grab a piece of paper and you're gonna need this number that's 1804. Pars 7129. Day. That's 1804. Cars and the world nine DA to. And don't forget our web site. In new website which is read all of them huge the dot com that's renal. Effigies dot com. Jericho to whips shrewd to enjoy influence. And formative. Information of Oreo. So again read old if she's. And give us a call my team receptions are standing by 24/7. Do you put your driving down road in Jericho road opener of chew over. The number of phone number 1804. Pars 7129. DA to. Contest to see the way. He's yet to questions so I'll get there to you personally and answer goes for you. Warp let's take advantage of our free consultation for radio listeners. Due to call him. Sort of your for your time in his. Again you call any time to do that. Enforce them and that's read to our radio listeners that free consultation. Yes to questions about two retirement income. Or whatever my sister investments you know give us a call. Have to settle free consultation Oreo. In addition of that. And books from our ability Patrick. Kelly wrote stress. Re retirement. And stress Fareed talks about. Protecting your life savings against laws. Reading. Income stream in a row windows. Losers receive on the limited upside gain potential was you were was the loss. And stop union knows only management she's cute stuff both money managers. Soon. Give us a call. Be happy to get this orca view. Free of charge. Give us a call 1804. Cars haven't twirled nine DA if you'd like to take advantage for free book offer. Opinion it's an exceptional Reid and his book it's not a pamphlet but it is an exceptional read. We have to give them Nokia. You know it's been the information. Union's stress free retirement. 1804. Pars 129 VA to a particular initiative free copy. In and be glad the Internet you provide appropriate information now could affect you personally to make sure that you receive it. Game give us a call 1804 plus and well nine DA. You know is a recent article has been an imam Rauf. I mean talks about who Roni you know out of phones in retirement. And what happens is loom of. Pines misinterpreted. Life expectancy data can lead to problems. This is milieu of great article just recently room. And goes on the say that. 59% to do you advisors. In Jerusalem us troops were re reported. The major concerns. About their clients all live in their process. You read this sort of horrifying. It's almost sixty there's in almost two thirds of the advisors out there. Believe the term the plants are gonna run out of money in their life. And Laura goes on the say that there's cautionary. Bills. A bone deep talent potential devastating no problems. Of the launch of the prices. The combination. Extended life span. Isn't in the attic with with term and an inadequate retirement plan. Has yet to force the masses to repay salary or income plan. During retirement. In order to not go live tomorrow. And so it's bananas and maturity at a time. There's income being compliant and is insufficient. Who will not last a lifetime. And horrifying thing is that the majority representatives authors. Fueled tabloid. You know this June and recently when you were in this moment you know this suggested. Advisors to take heavier hand in containers of cars have arisen distinct possibility ago was that the live into and ninety's. No of and businesses is there is a flawed understanding of the average life expectancy. Which the US Census Bureau places and currently at 78 point five years. And then we wanted to reasons or some prisoners or lack of financial preparation. And the figured all of this and not tell the whole story. Those senses drove gets its vigor by measuring life expectancy from birth. When life expectancy is measured from age 65. Things change from radically. What happens in life expectancy for a person who reaches age 65. Is he these three from males. And 86 for females. You know live reports that. Proper way to interpret these statistics is to assume half of the mills who reaches its 65. Will loop pass 83. And half of the females who reached. That age rule was passed 86. And hand out of all couples. Re treated sixty fives if you news pros who was used to drive. Wanna you. Is gonna hit ninety. And when Louis Ross has obviously. If he uses education and guidance. And we truly falls on your advisor to a certain extent and a majority of not doing their job. That's at least in a swimmers and in these who's and they go on to say that it crucial. Clue we. Have a good understanding. Oh one's assets and how long that will live according to the currently expect answers. And how Long Will it last. And even discipline planners and it was strategies that can Chinese teams do and can now live there. Suzanne just have a plan in place doesn't mean that you're not gonna run on money the majority rules still do. You have to have the appropriate plan employees. And the rest of justice by advising. He due to begin their advisors to Rudy begins seriously discussing products. With guaranteed income solutions. Such as annuities with the cards. And one I've specialized in and half for over thirty years is income protection. And make sure. That you're not gonna run out of money. You or yours problems. Give me a call. At 1804. Pars or even 129 BA. That's one he 304 mar 71298. Let's set a time. For consultation. Your pre income analysis. To make sure. We needed a Beattie that your not gonna run out of money. Give me a call 1804. Cars haven't dwelled on you need to. My radio listeners. Future free income analysis. This is teams' concerns and you're listening to this morning return of fun. In all you've done. Thanks for listening to the retirement planning show with Steve's just ST if you would like to reduce your future income taxes reduce the amount of your Social Security income included this taxable income. And avoid taking required distributions from your IRA that you may not need. Plus provide airs with a lifetime of income tax free distributions. Steve can help. Got the phone calls to Easter recess PM 1804571298. Working with Steve this hassle free there's no sales pressure. Steve has been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for years and he can help you as well. Oh wait for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost the market gobbled up by broker fees or taken by Uncle Sam. All Steve's assessed he now at 1804571298. That's 1800. 457129. Ain't. About his speech was a ski and you listening to receive money it was time of poncho. And thanks to them and in this weekend. Grosses weekend is Super Bowl weekend. Who we hope that your team. Of your choice Williams. You know we speak about winning. That's one. Area that we can assist you with this car's retirement income. This is an area is you know more specialized in. We love to do an analysis for you. And make sure. That when you do that in the retirement and of two retirement. You have a winning plan put together that you don't have to worry about run on money. You give us a call 1804571298. That retirement income and house loses mr. reed in my radio listeners. But call 180457129. Unity. And thanks again for tune in this weekend and you know were located. Right here in the Austin round rock area and have been for over thirty years. We've been and then on thirteen seventy him now for over eight years. From now with an exceptional relationship a great relationship with them. You know. In addition of that. We have an exceptional and new. And new. A web sites that a for you. And it's underneath you read them. Ole. LGG. Dot com that's read the old death cheat dot com. Take a look at our web site. I'm sure you'll find it more than informative. Provides you with just a tremendous amount information. To take advantage of that. And if you wanna take advantage to a free consultation to mention you need some income analysis there it was like an income analysis that. As growth will be happy to provide this for you. Or if you just need a clear understanding of where you are more you have it. Storage of finance and give us a call 1804. Point 71290. Day. And you know not too long ago. I wrote. We. Port. And it's called the seven and a half cardinal sins of retirement and compartment. And this is just an exceptional report. It'll provide you some information on this seven and I have parkinson's does. Main things that you don't wanna do. A lot of people who wanna planners as we talked about the last segment just dismissed. This is just an exceptional report. Would be happy to get this out to your food you would like. Give you an example. Us and number two is ignoring the need to preserve what you have. You know the one rule of investing. And especially retirement plan in his you have to and Noelle. News preservation of capital. This is your your largest priority is preservation of capital. Don't keep questions you have to ask yourself this what strategies and tactics to a have a place. To protect my capital. What are the real risk of each tomorrow investment vehicles. In my imploring strategies to consider risk and absolute. Terms. And of course. Will my retirement schools' speech shattered by a bear market. This just that's just to second cardinals and it's just an exceptional report and route you'll enjoy it if you like your free copy of it. Give me a call. 1804. Pars 71298. If you'd like to and the other six and a half promotions. Give us a call 1804. Pars 71298. The active missions my team receptionist. He would we'll give that you personally make sure you receive this report. And unity isn't mr. Gregory so it was a call 800 or custom. 129. Deity. You know. As we are taught him before you know about retirement income planning in the last segment. You know. Who ordered it. He's in retirement planning. And the key word from from most of us who simplicity. For most of loss. Simpler. Better. And that's what I can do for you is simplify. Your finances. He doesn't have to be. Complicated. And longs stretched out drawn out. Plan by no means. The main thing of course we talk about retirement income is to make sure as we talked about in the last segment. Is it you don't run on a morning. Now we know. That the market is gonna go out. You know it was down you know it's gonna move sideways. You know and that's an area that you don't have to worry about. Our advanced planning. His unit will go with the next newscast it is houses and effective workflow we don't even have to worry about what president drove the losses. How that's gonna report oil. Did you notice is his thing in an office for about two weeks and if you watched your portfolio last two weeks and Nintendo video ago. You don't have to worry about it you don't have to worry about what's going on in Europe or China. Did you hear now that China news put together a deal with Mexico to build. Inaudible the current build an automobile plant to build automobiles on this world. In Mexico so I'm. It's just some of the things are going on in someone's of these decree thing use with our advanced planning. You don't have to be concerned. We canoe limited on post editorial. I finding safe places for you or your income. Save money please is that guarantee your principal. Gains are reluctant. So the market those draft you don't have to worry about. Losing to your principal or the gains in the than ever credited your town. You have liquidity. It's lawsuit. We can defer some taxes Torino. And they are being reduced from new taxes Social Security border. Then he news is simplicity and if he use this to simplify your put your finances he don't have all the words used in uncertainty. Should give us a call. If you'd like to have simplicity and clear understanding. Of where your going. And what to expect when you get there. And that's who we can do with our advanced planning. Call me 1804. Prize 7129. DA. That's 1804571298. In addition of that. You have to ask yourself is. And in this state that you have now can you afford to lose. It really a simple question. And there's assumed or answer. That if you can't afford to lose. What you have in the market. Then you better give me a call at 1804. Pars 71298. Who was induced you into a simple form decision to. That's on complicated and secure. We can do that with her advance planning. My team a receptionist is standing by. You can call any time. This isn't there isn't that the consultation mr. re no obligation there's no pressure. Come to our off. Russian. And NATO or if you can't because of time restraints through more disability. Or health reasons we're government these. Welcome to you know. The place of business were you home. Give us a call 1804. Prize 71290s. To get a clearer understanding. Check our website read the old she's dot com. This is Steve's success can you lose sleep through the save money in return on until. June. You've been listening to the retirement planning show with Steve stores asking. Call Steve at 1804571298. And tune in next week for another edition of the retirement planning staff.