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Feb 4, 2017|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well and talk thirteen seventy and he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life. That's 5126435483. And now here's mills flail. Well good morning folks this is bill spoil what a pleasure to have our co host today. Doctor Henry tiger. Good morning in this cold wintry us today. House couldn't Wear a stud too cold again I guess I guess we'll let that I think that they thankfully Wednesday that there's a little sleet snow sleet and this little. Blue water mistreated so be careful when you're driving to a fault too. Can help them a thing if you get if your old is probably your brain. So there's still phone right. Did you of that. Garnett deplete. Look at is sort of what we do we have a buried is such a pleasure and all the work and talent and you came just to me on the shoulder. Just the majority I gotta tell you did you practice let's talk brings joke mean I have got a pretty effective because segued like Chris. It is you know like I like dual host jokes too I'm got a birthday this month when my favorite though the three sounds of old age first your memory. And I carry out other four. I thought I. OK okay immediate cease script all of us us. I know this this I now do we think he missed his calling of the comedians I think there's still well if you well Chris billion. OK anyway I outback Amy we haven't had a chance sure it needs it to say is almost each of our own bill. Let's talk a little bit. Houston we got a great program coming up tomorrow. Processed and when the epicenter mark this afternoon. Actually they have deception knew this forward your place. Yes those Telesis. Garnett about then narrowly so than LA is something that you had convinces ends you're here today in Austin although we contaminants they're saying. And you gonna talk this afternoon. And soreness and yeah discuss that's right in there and actually. If creature date training coming up after that brought Tia. You know about Amy column I'll talk to to go right now a little bit about just because both he united them. Around long enough in me I assume that secured you're you haven't hit the clock as many terms is still alive else. That well this just turned forty. I don't know anything any trend we're gonna go to. A big point and under to make a quick reference to that but you know bill you and I and a lot of others have been around long enough. To see the evolution. What we call wellness in relation to shout outs you know so much of the early wellness. Didn't seem to have a base in science than a year by year we see that it turns and where the it's evolving in the and this is where than their relationship shouldn't because. Frankly the thing that excites me most. Is not so much to their light itself it's a tool but what excites me the most is loosely called neural cluster sedate the 380. Degree change. In medical science when we think about the brain you know we use I think we were talking as a matter of fact. That once you're in adulthood around 25. That was it you've got a brain and all that can happen words because G courage. And nerve plaster city says that troll completely. You can always learn who you can always change as a matter of fact. No matter what. And this is really important no matter what the state of your brain today. There are certain techniques that can be better tomorrow to me that's the best news in China and so long. I know Anthony. You have to win they will know that Teresa when. It's new it's relatively new it's new medicine that is getting. Finally got into the the popular culture media surely it is so the question is how can you do it well basically. Exercise and learning what we know about the body in general William broke out. Force a reminder in general actually directly applies to the brain and there are three basic ways to get there. You can do it through different kind of movements. That's one of the ways to exercise can teach some brains we know better but exercise that we didn't know exactly how stretched for the second his mentor cognitive. And there are. We know there's a whole bunch of ways of doing it I. It's at all like everything else is simple compliance when you actually do it the third thing. It's third avenue and this is under alleges that actually. You can exercise can even teach deliberating through the census in the case with an early. Light and sound and to meet you put all that together and had meetings could things you know naming your forty's to famous big 40 since. Supreme insurers. My science at a road 25 years old it takes is believe it or not been ready for those of us are parents were concerned we knew it all along. Sort of takes it takes up until around 25 years old for the brain to actually complete control group name and then. It's kind of tied to those until around. I don't know pure delight concern not until around the age of forty yeah. And then after forty unless you do something about it the famous user loser. Kicks into gear and that's why we need to wake up and know that we're not don't just one single. And how of certain cards that we can always do better and I guess there's alliance but also they would choose. It it's it's not a happy happy message. But Dirk it's starts off with a question. Do you wanna live a long life. I think most certainly do you want to live a long line. Yes I do know OK I think most everybody says yes to that was. No here's a kind of here's the upsetting thing but also it's a wake up call. In the industrialized. Countries like our own here. By the time a person reaches eighty years old. There's a 5050 chance that god has some degree of solo dementia or else did. That's not good news may if we wanna live long lives and were being able to do that we wanna live long healthy happy life so. To meet this is that this is why admiral plaster seduced it is just just some of the best news ever and regardless of how are you engage it. You should do it every one of us should do attend. I'm happy to say you know given a chance. Come by bill's play of so called it people's pharmacy and W talking about a but the Motorola it is. It's it's easy to use its impressive it's based on research. And it's one of the ways of exercising. And learning changing your brain for the better. And by the way if you're practitioner. Yeah usher encompass it is a great way to help her patients. It took me like other content to use too little sessions to them concessions. And it was our last recession I don't. Bill I had a chance that a little bit of time together if you had a taste of what looked like. And you know it's it's one of those things you don't have to put you don't have to put in sugar don't make it's we destructive all by itself I'm at the same time. Is designed so that the person can use it would seem like family and friends or. Which education relations or whatever it may be it's a great it's a great great Agile. To whatever kind of what was practiced persons engaged in and moved up because I admitted that I'm impressed by it I can tell you just really really pleased. To be involved. We will sounds fascinating in the and so we learn action even those today 46 there's a talk and visit something due to call ahead to going to show up. All Eastern Shore and components of the supplement the Texas right come on over come. I don't know if someone wants to learn more they can go to Danny Danny de Debbie does that narrow late dot com. But anyway Larry both LAD I'm big on. Yep this is a trick to make sure you put in the word. Yeah or light about their life didn't end like you sit and you are low light without her like dot com it's a nice site it's pretty easy. And you have a chance go to do complied it looked mutual person whoever you are. Yep sounds great we'll thank you so much for your time amen and we look for intent hearing more and please join us on the show again you said given up coming longer look at training. That's in the snow. Mongering a full. Two days training for free. But doesn't matter what you have and there are life or not it just made you wait she learned more about our domesticity. But it is all about using the tool as well. Finding out of the event where the location as a tier dostum. And you know I'm doing it because it's one of those I'd love to share learning and the others it's good chance to to meet some people here. To go. You know yes got to give me your look you gotta give me your list of jokes or take some. The it's a long list we'll play them again Hillary Clinton staying in Austin for a lab and so forth since the. Well you know the truth is I'm also visiting my granddaughter and daughter so it's not hard to keep. I know I say I know them they're wonderful they are really also wants a future if your practitioner or make you pay in advance. You might have alzheimer's or you might have to mention pretty good. That's. So soda my mother or this is a free seminar you should use you should children is great period. He got it merely smiled and anxious to get the associated. Thank you Imus fair and I can honestly thank you your approach as your good thank you see littered the audio right now keep them apart. All right. I'm Sally. I'm here yeah pleasure to have you on the show thank you thank you you're my hero to get to a real I know in the training day. Throwing their hat on. Well you have done so much to help this country we nutrition. Well thank you hear of people right because there's a lot of misinformation out there. So there is and I think people get shunted down the wrong path from. I'm part of mainly because they have this fear of cholesterol and saturated have to have a fear of animal fats. And it just takes people down the wrong road and you know come let us reason together mankind has been eating animal fats. Forever. And when you look at the diets of traditional people they choose the animal perhaps they want to cap they want the status to animals. He and hunter gatherer societies they actually if I went hunting with a good picture of the meet the way they just want captain's ready organs. Huge. Well wilt you know now as you were around and it. Yeah plenty eating lean meat DeWitt I personally find it in digestible I have I just can't do that but yeah. Justice Christina my motto everything it takes so much better what splatter on it. Yeah and I needed that real what are you what are your dad so in today's paper. This is the big article pregnant women and showed Ernie we're finished. With the right kind. Of safe can. And this is my doctor Hubbard grows deeper most of my wanna pick a blueprint for Regis this. He's the medical Rosser saint David's south Austin medical center. And so he's off to fishing gynecologist. That would courses let's talk about. The fish today and you meet today in the fat today. Not being really the best cleanest that we can get and so you get toxins. Aren't as you toxins from vessels to. You know you can get toxins from everything that's everything. And I always say we need to clean up our act right across the board fish meat. Grains vegetable. Gary we we need to be cleaned foods recruits have been raised without all the toxins. And then what bothers me is the big stick out one thing animal fats and they don't need to animal fats because they're toxic. Dark. Anything can be toxic hope these people are conscious about what breeding I do agree. Their pregnant women should be plenty of seafood. There has been a kind of panic about the Mercury and seafood got to come. You know distinctions they could get protection against Mercury also likes selenium. And if you're eating good wild fish could last seafood I think it's very important for pregnant women. But there's another side to this. The Omega threes that we get from the fish and they very important perhaps valuable item until we get from the each seafood. I don't work well or let's put this way they need to be balanced by two things one is saturated fast food. And the other is something called electronic acid two which we get exclusively from animal perhaps than we need both of these together. I Europe the previous. Person on your interview with talking their brain health. 11% of the brain is made up of Iraq to Ghana after this is an Omega six fatty acid we get from animal Baptist. Seoul. Is great to get our Omega three terms seafood and I do agree pregnant women need to eat seafood that they need to be balanced with the animal fats. Please put butter on your fish right and. I remember writing her. Yeah and so you have disclosed a new book called nursing facts. Yes I am so excited about this book. I had written down the outlined the actual contents to this book about. Just fifteen years ago hole. When I was working with Maryann Baker who is now departed the brat she and I thought it would be very important to write a book. That didn't make any apologies for animal trap and showed why they're so important in the diet. So I am unfortunately I wasn't able to do this book with Mary and glad to. I would not trying to get an out and they textbook is actually dedicated to her. Meet Mary. Mary and I'm glad they elected biochemist. She weren't that great scientists to blew the whistle on trans fats. Blue announced alerted the public to the real dangers of transparent. And of course he's been completely vindicated. We know another chance to have a very bad and the industry has done everything it can't to get rid of them. But the other part of her message are well I hope this book well indicate jury and that the other part of her message whereas the saturated perhaps the animal fats are good. You call about the queen and queen of passing defense system. Yeah. And they are so many things that butter that people don't realize it's not just. You know saturated after there's a mono unsaturated fatty butter there's a great balance of Omega three it'll make you sick just to any direct economic asset. But there is one of our best source this and checked out almost an exclusive sort sort of something called Marie to kick ass then. Which we need for kidney function and look at the kidney problems that people are having today. Kidney failure of our number one medical cost in this country a country peach and Murtha Cassidy is critical for kidney function and we get perhaps from. Certain animals captain especially Blatter. Well would you suggest organic butter. But yes I would suggest it's certainly pastor get better so they're not getting a lot of grain little organic it's good also. Yeah the better the quality of the better and that's plenty of fat choices out there. The good daughter. I've got to Tyler really today she's a major parent doctor and insurance and yeah Emma and a big fans so it's exciting to have you on the show thank you're thinking on to work for along time. So and and yes love that you. Are steering the message of Mary is a look at she had a book back coat in the day new offense which was. A primary just for helping people understand the different very different types of fats and how they work. So. Can you didn't give us a few you think are some simple things that people can do to because I think was Tennessee Chen's moving away from and a furlong time. People are told they still see people with this mindset that. You know if they wanna lose that there lose a way they need says restrict that Amanda and they need says there's a lot of process curbs considered replacing that fat. So how do you help people understand. That that's not the rate. Rare actually have quite extensive collection in my book on weight loss and what do studies have shown in the studies consistently shown that you really better off. Haven't put any of fat in your direction and cutting back on the car to to lose weight. And there's number of reasons for this first to fall your body your body absolutely. Need saturated that you needed in every shell he needed your mitochondria you need to get treated perhaps. In your brain. He needs saturated fat to make hormones I mean your body just will not work without saturated fats. And they have to wait to get them. One is to eat them and the other is that if you don't eat enough saturated that your body makes them have carbohydrate food. And one thing that happens when you are limiting the saturated that's your diet issue become Vijay cravings for carbohydrates as your body says well. I need these carbohydrates because I have to have saturated fats. So instead people in the car and did that this thing has been a problem with carved as we don't have very good turnout mechanism for the carved. Are probably tells us we've had enough capital and they make it still does not just the sleepy too much fast but we don't have that for carved so we tend to overheat to carve some. And the other problem is that did some really important vitamins that we get from animals happy that we don't get anywhere else. And so if we're just dealing carved to make saturated then we will not be getting those nutrients yeah. So. It another very important point is you need saturated fats and the vitamins they can Cain like vitamin a. Clear tyra grant to work properly. And again again you know feel good about tyra grant you had a good healthy metabolism. Is easier to lose weight. May well I think on too fixated to hear this message in the thinking anymore offend people start really saying they feel more satisfied than they don't yes I do agree and the so it's I think once people experience that it's hard to go back you see there and it's and like you said this is the natural way that people be confirmed. Some burgers. And it makes sense. And you know look at it does step out attractive not only in butter etching cream and home health and cheese. And these are all great foods that can eat dinner food city that's fine as is that our taste good. And there's no reason to restrict herself when they screwed them days they should be. To help keep part of the diet. If you get muttered there's just not pasteurized so I would be ideal and it. That would be ideal unfortunately. That's hard to come by you there's only one state where you can direct had a better historic fact California whose lives yes. But the pasteurization actually is not. A very damaging to the test for themselves. How it stayed the most important thing is. To get a good quality battered its organic pastor had better. The real popular I don't know and people a friend's mother went to a forum conference. We're talking about a key Joseph CT tunes and doesn't know it which is I have to add that. I don't like that I had our I personally am. Don't like to see people go to extreme heat and their diet and we do need carbohydrates we need about a hundred grams of carbohydrates today. So unless you have some real serious medical conditions like seizures. Where the joke is this really does help. I would be a little bit cautious about today's. Bad diet could see no no leaving out all the cards. But do little good tabs that you really don't feel like eating a lot of car. Is that his era to wins. 80%. Of fats. And proteins and then pretty soon. Harvest network yeah but you are and I think that's good personal Odyssey. I'm done what you mean yeah which means he means by calories do you mean by eight. Volume argument I've waited for. Harry continued I think you have to Williams does I guess I guess it's important. The decisions and yes I mean when you look richer place. If you wanna divided into thirds. You've structure of protein foods like fish or or meet. Had a third. Vegetables. A third are little more and the potatoes or rice or whatever a third or a little less and then of course put butter all all over the. Some folks at graphics and it happened at the the book is available now right. It's just doubts that and it is written for the layman now one chapter a little bit scientific guess chapter two it. Lot of diagrams and so forth and breeders can just skip over that if they don't wanna read that. But it is that area very conversational type of books so it's just that it shouldn't be daunting to people. And I given the history against the it's actually kind of a sordid history of how. The industrial fats and oil took over from the healthy animals happens and then what it did to their national health. And I'm particularly concerned about children because children really do need these stats for growth. After all butter isn't just that in all mammalian milk that is for growth of incentives. And they need the animal adapts for the development of their brain. Something I like to point out that children cannot make cholesterol. And so the million mail has caught a lot of cholesterol and an end to special enzymes to ensure the baby. Absorbs a 100% of that cholesterol. And they need their cholesterol right through their growing years. And so they need to get the cholesterol from food. And how high cholesterol foods are things like butter egg jokes to deliver. I'll eat all the food for being told not to eat are the foods that that we unique and that children need especially. You get you Charlie glittery you're really lucky I. Oh yeah I am happy Agassi incidents moving to left. I look we know we recommend that the jury deliberately baby's first prudent. You put little fault the man some butter and the baby Lafayette and they just they don't have to keep up. And I'm kid tussle that my vote and at what age does someone start being able to make their own cholesterol. You know I don't know exactly I think it's a gradual thing. I'm guessing around about the age of cued it to child starts making cholesterol. But to eat you know he's still need to keep their cholesterol yeah it would during that period of growth. We're trying to crucial knowledge that in Roy you know. Even G even the most ardent promoters of the cholesterol theory of heart disease. Ed net debt the cholesterol and our food makes no difference. And they'd cholesterol levels and our blood. He's dreary days you know you just don't and I. Now as bags especially the egg yolk is such a powerhouse. Another thing you get from egg yolk and from the animal foods is calling. Which is that just critical for neurological development. Through childhood and then did neurological maintenance today and adulthood. And we get the polling from egg yolk and an animal perhaps. Another big focus and the book is feel good chemicals and how critical the animal to have to learn to make. The chemicals that help instill good did keep this from feeling depressed and that helped us deal with pain. Whether they're. By the way your recipes. In your book they're really good recipes. Yeah I mean couples as they loved it again and this book has some good risk is too good that you bad jokes. When you you make you. What you make a even talk show you a joke she would make tacos and three of our stores so we ought to. Glad I don't have to talk radio senator thin tacos but I certainly put the extra Yeltsin has scrambled egg. And the ice cream and. You know the beautiful thing about embracing these healthy animals pass is that food tastes delicious. It's really satisfying you never feel that you depriving yourself. There's no renunciation in this diet and I think that's the message to people want to hear. Food is supposed to be. Delicious and satisfying you spoke to look forward to your meal. And was chewed give yourself permission to include the animal have to that's what happened. Militancy come really happy times. You know this your your book out one more time notion facets and it looked. There pushing fast. Who why we need animals ask for health and happiness. And it's out now and on online booksellers. And damn. Yahoo!. You can you can try to worry about it everything radio Hershey traditions. Nursing tradition this might vodka and there's a link to the book on the block two to nursing students and. I'm friends and for it to be happy I think the thing you'd be happy and enjoy your motor. I think I play a lot of listeners and and enjoying this message thank you so much for joining us so you don't Austan let us know. Also thank you well you know if there are few months ago so did but I definitely well would you know. It's just all right appreciate it thanks for having me OK you did George thank you Bob I don't. Our listing to break in movies that night. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with phils well brush she bite people's Boston's favorite pharmacy will be back in just a few moments. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with bills well on top thirteen seventy press you buy people's Austin's favorite pharmacy college live at 512643. Lives that's 5126435483. We are Jason Mitchell with a us. Once again the soap is such a pleasure having you on the show you two about every two weeks. You appreciate it thank you got so much to talk about. Dinara talk about you. In the product that we carry in the stores you've fusion. That's a hot topic today. In fact a friend of mine. You're not in Texas are you. No I'm not I would actually in Florida. Okay we have you know there's a lady here in Texas this working with a huge industry. Trying to get all screwed where you're like we're trying to do on the show today. I'm famous temper or what he. Sheila temp pill and never thought about that that her name if there Hernandez who is destined to give her her mother way to she's. Our sheet Sheila and I have talked quite a bit actually. Over the last I would take six months or so long given some of the circumstances and challenges that armed that are happening. Not only if it's sexist but everywhere and trying to make sure that people understand the truth about so. He's amazing. Yup where she she's she's on fire for the kitten. Indoors she's a governor mr. McCain to run the when you support people like them so well. So let's talk about help there's such a one of my employees. In the front and decide to get some chocolate bars. With help CBD Chuck Norris. And that I don't know I do have a chance chickened out because she wrote we got to ask say there is in the comes in today this dvd. But I just I just accompanies. You are watching what they do. Is not a problem and I was fusion. No very careful. PM yeah up and explain to our listeners that CB he has family in new term fair to your listeners. Yeah let's talk about that percent can be can you know it's real interesting. And impact and marijuana are there other plants that are the sinner. Focus of all this discussion. And it in in in in certain states. There's a difference between marijuana and marijuana is to be classified as something that has. A level of something called TH C which actually does look like collect components. And there are some pretty. Pretty calm strict rules and laws that surround not plant in only a few states have actually gotten rid of those laws but. I don't it's a little bit different and it doesn't have that cycle active on TH seed player in the Clinton and be content that. It allows. A little bit more latitude legally to be able to use that planned and why it's so important that there are nutrients and side camps that are called kidnapped no it. And it can handle exert extremely powerful and beneficial for human help. And they actually help to support. A profit for the body called Communist basis sore or just to make it easier they support battle. In any time our bodies in better balance our bodies and you know like a typically better help. And so these nutrients have been studied were quite a bit of time now there's still tremendous more research needs to be done sure. But can this really powerful. And go to the front runner of all these different cabin noise is one called CBD it's the one that's getting most of the attention right now. And that's called Canada dial often abbreviation of CBB. And it's nutrient Scott you know it's received a lot of practice and a lot of research behind it because. If you were to extract. Whole basket of cabin or instrument implant. You would find its dvds one of the most abundant in there for sure. Now one of the challenges that we say we know that we we looked out cart and was that. Woolsey needy may be the most abundant but if it's the most important is the question. And where she immediate super important there are other cabin noise once called CB GR. We're CBC and there are some other lesser known dvd years he beat. She BN. And all of these different can have a nor do they work together and com search warrants should they like an entourage of fact they work together. Bomb from a nutrient standpoint helps support the body into work dvds valuable. Using the whole basket of goodies there is really important you know. In those immediate gotten a lot of it's it's received a lot of press for a number of reasons than you can research that online sure. Bomb it there was an epic there is a series on CNN. Posted by doctor Sanjay cooped up. Talking about the value of kidnap and Lloyd's from ten to console and choke pretty uninteresting there's a lot of research out there. Well yeah you can isolate that too. Who spent and best does a nice thing you know the drug companies. When looking out I've read to tell you they wanna get involved CBD because mission accomplished. Then he drugs that take people can might not but they can't. Really passionate because you have to change a molecule the patent so you can selling like this is a drug. But they try to use that with the and off your car malls which is the active ingredient. In broccoli and three joint committee working on that to two to actually produce and off your car most of that they prevent cancer and loss of us some good things. Precise right. And so the CBD is similar and had to endure through Karbala. I mean it's similar in the central dug them medical. Pacific pharmaceutical companies are looking to actually get short purposes. Firm for whatever medical purposes they wanna approach with a pair reached into single. The isolation of CBD. I think is a huge mistake. I think isolating it in a standardized format or super concentrating up the levels of CBB. Without considering. That the whole family of canal minority are valuable is a huge mistake. You know the primary reason that I say that is that you know if you were to look back at the father of Madison listening to you about Socrates and he said but truth be done medicine medicine be like fruit. You know its interest thing. I don't think if we went back and pockets pockets if you would've ever said. Let us standardized isolated and synthesize I sort from true do you medicine. And let an isolated nutrients from food synthesized beat medicine I just don't think you would ever say that. Because booed contained so much more than any singular I shall you know if you were to look back even in history. Where. Arm you know there's a term used for iris sailors coming over from Ireland and nick all the lying these in the reap what they did that. Was because they used the lion. In the nick found out that they had a lower percentage of people suffering from diseases like Kirby in the I state that isolated the spot down he will then it was a score which after the must've done. When in fact if you fast forward you know. Several decades when you get into the port would like you know what maybe we need to file wave or vitamin C and then just poured more decades like maybe there's other flat and are now today we're saying you should just eat a Sorrell. And the camel anomalous. Because they're telling you this CDC the food. And still we believe food and medicine in part of the reason why confusion is what it is. It is not an isolated dvd. It is designed in such a way to where we. We harvest all of the cabin noise and dvd will naturally be more abundant just because it is more on what. But we don't leave anything behind in fact we have as many as over 21 different can have a noise. In our in our raw material not only three can be accurately measured today because they're still developing testing methods that allow us to measure the master. In so we only put on our labels. You know the different types of typical content. On those three but here's the interesting thing when you use a full spectrum. And pull food product. There's so much more value value or not you know a lot of people are starting to use the term full spectrum but yet they only label she BD. And I think to be honest they won a bit wanna believe their product at CB you know on a full spectrum but yet they're isolating the CBD in a big stake. Because they're so much value enough plants. As a food substance that we need to focus more on not you know there was a research study. That was recently done. Mitch showed. That win if you were to use base and decided isolated dvd and then compare that to one that is. Full spectrum. The full spectrum play it had better results. And believe that study was done predominately on pain. Until they were starting to focus on the fact that the full spectrum approach was far more effective than a singular isolated ID BD. Futures tour and and little prediction the end this is the premises sounds like for him fusion and you're not just giving us concentrated CB deer getting all of these fado. Chemicals and there. With this attitude with good effect. Absolutely in agreement focusing on things called working which people are even talking about right now Europeans are what give the aroma the smell. You know a lot of people are starting to use its users what the output essential oil to the abusers. And in their allies or should say Blanche into the air all these aromatic properties. And like things like lavender had a very calming effect and that's because chirping the lighter than air so you adjust the small amount of that chirping from lavender. You begin to relax. And so when you can access these tell her people who they have very powerful strokes you know they worked very similar to how can have a Lloyds do in the body. In total you can look at the beauty of that plant in its totality as opposed to and I would. You begin to understand even more how food is truly the Madison. And we believe and there's a culture truth casino the feed. Themselves have protein fiber. They have essential fatty acid. And that's what you'll notice and confusion also that the when we look at the full spectrum of the plant. We have Omega 36 learning European canal Benoit we have fox the lipid. We have all these different food compounds that are credibly valuable to the body. And I'm not discern as say computers understand these are important things trust all focus on the whole food approaches that much better. Well absolutely and by the way Marcos today even talking to me oh is also a major pest. Yeah and returner. So. Took to guarantee you're getting a really good product confusion. CB you're going to must CBD make sure she'll fusion. Is up 2% to. You know I'd you're not I'm kind of by Ascot like. Come on deal one of the owners of the company but I'm very bias and confusion all of be completely honest everybody but. The whole driving force behind the way we formulated ten fusion. Was based on the principle that. What inspired by what happened to me personally I'm and I went through my own battle with the duties Don not suggesting that simple cheered myriad things of that nature I don't do that. Armed but I can't tell you that it was part of the tools that I used to recover my body and wind and I looked at food as a resource. And so because of that. I couldn't ignore that there are other values like for example CBD the one really bomb you know we won't know. There's another cannot annoyed cult PBG. Ending nickname that won the stem cell canal annoyed because trump PBG you're body can metabolize. Other can now Benoit. So as needed to. Using that CBG can have a noise you can actually begin to make other tabloids and the body one that you might need. Culturally important to realize that these other tabloids but all I'd be letter designations. Com are pretty super important it's not just to see BD and you know a lot of lectures and argue recently but I've titled beyond CBD. Because I think we're already beyond our research is already showing that there's more to repeal. And I think the years to come we're gonna be absolutely amazing at restart research even more. Will look we're at a time believe really enjoy here in everything into say a son wants unless they can go to confusion dot com. Has there not truly at capitol ligaments and so we appreciate your time Jason Mitchell. Thank you very much got a wonderful for educational outreach Bryant yeah doing songs we enjoy most. I look forward to our different I mean you handy today you can you go about our friend mr. rankings whereabouts. You're listening to let's get healthy with bills whale presented by people's. Boston's local holistic pharmacy we'll be back with more cutting edge news in health and wellness and a few minutes. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy the phils well on top thirteen seventy. Rescue by the people's Boston's favorite pharmacy. Well as live at 512643. Lives and that's 5126435483. I knew it was a welcome back condition what does this. We just and the tradition so much fun talking. Twelve by the way these and Tyler thank you removed from the UN conference neither this naming mr. Love doing this and learn something new every time this is this is thanks for the actually airplay on the show a few of my heroes. Tim and Kelly Phillips you're war heroes to. So that's cheered and so how much do you know. You still in Austin Houston. That's why I I moved here are what is so much I decided I would wheelchair I live now not when it's this doesn't we Greinke is your daughter right. That's right that's that's my kids will miss it more than an opt in so you know why wouldn't I be here. Slug I mean you have lifted my spirits I felt the upstate new York and I would. Just didn't you know rejected how much the message of national healing and again talking about it here sort of really thinking I'd get up and now I have to recreate my propaganda. Meted I don't web site to teach because there's so much contrast you have emulated you and the other news. Great how professional parent often. It's such a wonderful attitudes to open mindedness about the actual health arm. I never come across anything like to welcome my hats you know and so I'm actually thrilled to be. I'm back on my boy again and trying to change the way people think about he can now help the important college. What does not educate people and Austin until they they. They're they're open they're open they and Callista your retired holistic dentist. But you're not really return are you. Now I'm about to. No leverage at. I have a company I I have been solid all company. That I rotten. Mainly because and you could tell I couldn't find the paddock and I wanted to ask. Until I started. Making them but I can make up a little help compelled to ask somebody that you control quick cash I've got. 47 years that they had done this and three countries. I was a pediatric dentist I said geriatric and so I like to special needs kids. And in high can Tony lake areas where I would preventing disease so. China's economy experiencing who come to mean Clinton cavities like whose children who. Hundred year old I haven't been limited in my exposure. And I trained with the best people I mean I was incredibly fortunate. You know if you stand on the shoulders I couldn't on the open up the training I got back to sixty. Which wasn't that today that it cannot truly look I don't know who biochemistry at much. As they should be I think. We are exactly right and that's why they sometimes support things that aren't the healthiest and. So they don't know why I believe in my mind spending for that with food is and real switch to push into doing more Texans should make people look great. The cosmetic solution. Don't know you can look like he's got a great now how old teach I think your mouth unhealthy. You may not even know it. And it can be devastating Shearer general how. So he wants to by the way this reminds me just talking here but. But if you don't have a practice so somebody really. Most good due care. To listen Conoco produce emerge into an entire room has a nature person worsen elsewhere than. I mean isn't that definitely great for my goal to people is to get them to the point where they actually don't need any dentistry. And her I mean people get shocked by that but I won't go as far as they can how can help. I can convince you actually give me some time. Didn't you are better off. Without a clean and then usually shock people because they have been conditioned to believe you need six month cleaning. Get well I'm healthy people it kind of like going to the doctor and having around. Antibiotic everything clumsy if you were really infected you might be able to control infection played a lot. I would bet farcical you have a healthy mouth who's who and what he wanted to kind of doing for you and it blew me if you look at it my way it may even be. Disrupting the ecology of them now. Well this a good attitude good segue to also mention pitch. Thank you reach your personally and you're really. I've taken that the room hearings just this room is going to be full I'm not sure. Yeah I think whether. Where we got almost to capacity already I will do that again among late changes. But I would like anarchy because I know that they. Huge amount and I got people on pushing away your right now to the next one. And I'd love kids. It hasn't gotten out easily repair cavities you need it and you know and I'm disease. Let's tee or the seventh at the brother always took the people snowstorm drew laughter. Seven I 9 PM at and where should they you said you would like Aristide p.s should they called. On me people pumping newsletter. There's a link. To my email address actually it's just so that I can make shore and boy can get coal coal. Do you know attracting the current event where it people can get online and we don't compute. OK so people's RX dot com just go to the events calendar in the should be a link for your email. Me. Correct and and if they miss this time I'm gonna do it again not a mom should I will repeat the same one because I'd already put. You know a number of people on the waiting list. I don't personally know that wanted to come so I'm just confused by the support and I hope I can. Injustice to explaining. I think good years and have a lot of cleaning. And I have been tapped into having good health appeared to group being unhealthy bacteria that's. I didn't get prepared for that it has been a good parking lot of pain. And that kinda gonna get other people too and you'll be in that state and sustainable. Or how. Ultimately sustainable or help them. We're drew quick to accomplish from America parkway central institute that we can talk about. Think it's great people to. And right and we have let my Minnesota mixer we also give out the web save your company which we haven't talked much about which is so leaves dot com ZELL. I ES dot com. And that you here's products served. I'll tell containing guns and mince their very delicious attend the myself and now what it. And that if you have. Thank you and I I don't do this because of that if that happens to be central to push a very tiny amount of dollar toll essential to the program that I recommend people do to get and how healthy. And I think which I've been teaching their the Kennedy years I have a book. Cold kiss your dentist could not take you on Amazon that that it you know it it was written 25 years ago I did little to old but it. A lot of people who you information. And you can still get there on Amazon.com. You should in this. Larry yes and I'm about to launch a second look that you care here in Austin and we'll talk more about that makes the screen. Thank you go thank you so much whose June Illinois only question. Now I'm just I'm excited says no that you hear and so game means way of reaching people sounds like a steer books in your seminars you're not doing. Private consultations here retired for. I am part of your well no actually I'm just setting up an online news. That I found that individual I think it can be really need I will meet with Pam. But I'm going to try and be there who now I would you know Skype by eight tiny into next. So that I can reach a group session. And I'm in the process of stepping up right now so with an on a couple of months I'm hoping that should be a common join a group. Why larger envelopes thanks yeah this is so you don't just grab just. But I just love you you know you're doing such good work and people appreciate that so. Do you think you're just gonna run through when my times and actually appear cavities and gum disease with stuck Kelly Phillips that's Tuesday the seven suns ninety and people south we also I'm remain do today. At the same location people suffer a liar we have from four to 6 PM Garnett decrees with the narrow lanes and then you go to the narrowly dot com to learn more. A couple other upcoming seminars. Anxiety and depression the gut brain connects with doctor Alina villain Alina. Thursday February 9. And at the wellness center in Norris an anti candied and period day with some Barbara guest and mandates every six. And looks like attain that go to our website H island might people who are asked to come. Thank you so much doctor Phillips. Mr. Willis here all right thank you can't tell you right thinks are right. Okay folks thanks for listening you know good during the show full of information. And hope you enjoy your have a great weekend. And compliance policies must suit unseal certain you know. Get people south and I think sound proof your revenue breakdown can provide us.