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Jan 29, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to inside Hostin I have with me today. Married Linda rice lively and she is on the board of directors the president. A Texas guy and sense and Texas gun sensor is a nonprofit organization. And Texas and based out of Boston but I don't know too much about it so I'm gonna have marry. Tell slow but more may welcome to program at my expense here I'm really pleased to be here. Says. Matthew mentioned we have been around. Really since 2007 and again. As a small group. Have people. Interested and stopping gun violence specifically in schools as was right after the Virginia Tech shooting. And over the years and by 2013. Texas and since it became a more broadly focused nonprofit. Focus specifically on public safety and public health related to gun violence. Right now we have been operating as Texas gun since almost four years we are a home ground Texas supported. Nonprofit organization without any. Direct. Monetary affiliation with any group like every town and in those sorts of things of course week. Communicate with them and listen cares carefully to the issues that. That they bring up mom's demand action is another group. Specifically the mission statement of Texas and sense we are advocating for common sense experience space policies to reduce. Gun injuries and deaths. And we. Emphasized the evidence based. Policies so that everything that we do and say has been. Researched and referenced. And this is is with the goal of trying to dispel. Some impressions that people might have a group like Texas and since. We respect the Second Amendment where in Texas we understand that the Second Amendment means a lot of people here. And we also believe that public safety. Should be of interest everybody. And we think. And feel very strongly that improving and strengthening gun laws weekend. Decrease this over 3000. Gun violence desolate that we have in Texas a year. People people often. You know so I well. You know 3000 that's not so bad and if 3000 too many in our opinion. It's one of those who what one life is too many young situations act like something that could be easily prevented exactly. One of the things that will often bring up and we have a conversation with someone. Is that. Think about strengthening. The policies and and the related to public education about gun safety. We have four of the 2017. For the first time we've developed a legislative agenda. And we've been working with. The still legislators. Cents a day will line on. Finding sponsors for some of these for bills that would support face these agenda items. And the first one on our our list is to reduce suicides and accidents from firearms. That seems like something that. A lot everybody's you know would agree upon me I don't know if you're aware of it but. 60%. Of the gun dance are suicide related. We have one of the highest suicide by gun. Rates in the country. In Texas and Texas Texas that has one of the highest suicide by gun rights. And happily. We've had noticed that there's been a bill introduced by an represented Donna Howard. To improve site state efforts to educate the public. And license holders. About. Recognizing the risks. Two people who are. Should not have readily available firearms and so represented Howard hasn't been introduced a hospitals 631. We also have been working. With the state Health Department says that department of health services. Two alpha counting review team. There are stunning statistics about. Yes I chilled from you know children dying 500 Texas children. Are killed or injured by guns every year in Texas. There's not a few weeks that goes by where I open up a news article and they sees something where. The toddler got a hold of it gone right for a small child got a hold exactly and takes out another family member crop by complete accident yeah. Anna did it breaks our heart you know him everyone's heart. And when this happens. We lead the nation and the number of children killed or injured every year by defense. Guns are the second cause of accidental death for children and Harris County alone. And I was amazed to find out that 200000. Kids live in homes. With loaded. Unlocked and secured. Firearms. And so one of our goals it is to educate the public and they people. I don't think they did deliberately they just don't think about it and give. We have we're working right now with the Texas public safety and there are working a little. Add that. People that go to renewed their driver's license we'll see on site storage mean this is huge to us this is this is a coup because we've never done anything like this until they involve people who have to go through and that might light it. To get their driver's license or renew their driver's license you know if we can save one child's life. I this public education effort would be fantastic 40% of Texas households have guns and Texas. And we would hope that everyone who has a gun or multiple. Weapons in their house RD had a plan you know for where they store their weapons. And not keeping in under the pillow or in the drawer by the on the Dresser by the banter under the bent. Globulin just don't don't think about this and so that does is certainly a goal of our public. Awareness campaign. We also want to keep guns out of the hands of people whose ardea prohibited from owning these. And it improved state enforcement Angus. This common sense to me you know if people have been prohibited from panic and we don't want them to have a gun and we want to improve the state enforcement. There we're at it asking for a state law to be enacted Tamara of the broken at prohibition. And improve enforcement and you know just by enforcing federal law. Many criminals not surprising they're also domestic abusers and represented on TN. Has introduced house bills 25059. To. Keep high risk. Individuals at high risk of harming others from having access to against us again just to may sounds like common sense but. We are very. Appreciative. Represented ninety us work honest and are looking forward to seeing how these how these bills. Progress. That I think they've been ardea over fifty are related bills introduced to the legislature. And we've got fourteen. That we have are working with legislators to. Refine the bills date I think there's a holding period you know once a Villa submitted their sort of have to wait a certain number of days before they bit. Make it to the hearing so yeah we're realistic we know a lot of these may not make it all the way through to it to passage that printer. Delighted that we have so much support for. A number of these issues. The other thing is to. Increase our understanding of gun violence and develop targeted solutions and we're working with. A Texas university to conduct research. A comprehensive study of Texas gun violence and the gaps in data this this hasn't been done. And we've already talked to a university that's already done some research on gunboats in Texas and we think this will be part. Generally have our public awareness campaign. You know basically we just think Texas can do a lot more to save lives and prevent injuries while still respecting the Second Amendment Rights. Now for anyone listening right now. What is one way that that they can get involved with helping your organization Texas gun sense push one of these bills forward. Yeah well one is to find out that your. State representative and and state senator in us so really been Travis County exactly if you live in Travis County. You can actually just go to our website in which is TX gun cents dot or. And we have a link to find out who your representatives he. Find out take a look at it fair. Stances on gun violence. Prevention issues. And column. Go down to the Statehouse while the legislature's in session go in and speak to their staff is calling and going down there. More effective than emailing her writing a letter well not everybody you know can come to Austin. You and do that we're we're fortunate that we live here. One of the ways I got involved in Texas gun since initially was after. One of the shootings I think it was. Let's orders for a television stations burst some place in North Carolina and they are just Andrea Mueller from the chamber of commerce and somebody came up and killed the woman. Journalist and killed her her cameraman. And I made the decision OK that's enough I can just keep getting angry about this and I just went online and and Texas co incidence of the director was very responsiveness are volunteering and but I did was I would might try to make weekly visits to the legislature we had to go last year of walking and every single office 280 something and legislators. And make sure they knew about Texas gun since they were available to help her with research and that sort of thing he butter banking did it you know but if they. If I can't come to Austin they can certainly call and you know particularly of late there's a lot of turmoil about some of the things that are going on in DC right now and one thing that we've learned is that riding an email or filling out a comment form is certainly one way to do it but. If it something that's up is urgent that's up for a vote we recommend calling. Because staffers did keep a tally of how their constituents feel you and that's the right and and I would say the responsibility of every citizen. Well and a representative is also pretty much employees upon your vote exactly exactly. With Texas kansans were always looking for volunteers. Right now you know I would say we have probably over 5000 supporters. And that's financial supporters we have a very active FaceBook page like just a replacement. To go to our website you know when you are in a position where you can donate money you know like any struggling nonprofit where RD always looking for. Contributions. Where your heart we have one full time employees that gives you an idea of center funding here. Our funding and she is just recently fulltime and that's our executive director Andrea brown are you. But we have you know part time employees we have you know very active volunteer group. Lots of different ways for for people get involved what what what is something a volunteer can expect to do. Well of people who are in Austin you know we try it now that the legislature's in session we tried to make. Weekly visits to them. We're very fortunate this year to have a grant from lush cosmetics. He thank you lashed and it allowed us to higher pay part time lobbyist. And so we have been working with wonderful person who is. Helping guide us and spending our time wisely like go to the legislature. For businesses we had a lot everyday. On January 11. And so that's one way if if there at Austin if they're not an Austin. They could hold meetings around the state house meetings you know. Ms. Barrett brown our executive director can't be everywhere but. You know we may have right now we're trying to build our groups and in the major cities across Texas. In fact she's going tonight to San Antonio to a hold of a house meeting. We're at San Diego over now representative. Of the San Antonio area and he's gonna talk to. Gun issues and the Texas legislature this year so that's one way. The other is very of the bride you know op Ed piece for your newspaper. Some comments to the letter you know letters to the editor who you know everybody's different and I have different skills and different things that they're comfortable with the you know someone has an interest in volunteering if they just context as you know on the web pages and say they want to volunteer well we'll find something for two days. What about education. Is say someone doesn't know the gun laws and town or they're just not too familiar with and I wanna be involved. A listeners on your side and but. Tonight while important that's because they may have not taken an interest and share and gun issues in the past but. You know they may be getting fed up with what they see online right. Is there a way that they can learn from you. Absolutely. Again you know and then back to our web page in you know not everybody is on face that could be we have. As several post of weak on FaceBook where we're calling. To just you know people who follow the page to their attention. Things related to gun laws in Texas specifically but also around the country. We also have on the web page and link to find more information about and they have always hot topics. Such as what's happening in the mill health community but what are people in the mental health community concerned about relating to gun laws and it. Goes and you know two days describing those laws. What about domestic violence. So their and then we provide links to other kind of national. Resources on this one of our big sources is Lawson to prevent gun violence in California. And it's say nonprofit organization group of lawyers. That Golan analyzed other analyzing all the bills are. Taking place around the country and you know advising. Groups such as ours around the country. Also if if somebody has a question. They can and you know always contact us at Texas nonsense and you know we can point them to a specific information. All the bills that are currently being filed are open and available for people who look at online this public and for me exactly if thanking doses. Sides of the pup at the Texas legislature the Texas legislative library as a wonderful resource and I have. Fantastic information on lines and if you're not in Austin or don't call them. You know you can educate yourself they're. And certainly we all know. Bills. Not the most exciting smack. That right we did tonight and not necessarily Hemingway when you're going to write their own let's eight is someone has a question. They can certainly email you about a certain bill at T expense and some org exactly exactly. Now merry land do you have any final thoughts about this legislative secession or our. Even your time with guns and. Right well. You know I'll say specifically I'm a retired. And retired from the University of Texas where I was an associate named. Also you know in my career was library hands on the information person. And one of the things that you know besides just being heartbroken. Constantly. I letter read the newspaper every day I think. NATO down. Did it for me you know if if we can't change our laws to protect children. Where big trouble. And and so I can say I have the luxury of having time to devote to an organization like Texas and since it's. It's been very satisfying to me to. Be more active. Politically you this and you know I love. The Texas State capital it's just I get chills or how Walken announcing its its fantastic beautiful building beautiful grounds. And you know I'm in and fortunate to have the time to to spend working on this issues. You know as frustrated as I did with the state and a native Texan. I love it and I hate you know I wanna say Texas. Via model for the rest of the country on how we can respect the Second Amendment and the same time. Keep our citizens safe from needless gun violence. And I think that this organization works extremely hard on behalf of those issues and another a lot of people that think the same way as I do they love this state and may not just might not know how to get involved and if you look at ever. A project. You know we're good organization to channel on your touchdown your energies or your money. You know I can't recommend it highly enough. Well. Melee and rice lightly on thank you again for coming in in having a great conversation. Thank you Matt I enjoyed it. That's mayor Lynn price slightly. She's president of Texas consonants are more questions to get facts to get information to even to sign up for newsletter to make a donation. Any information about guns within the state of Texas. It's TX gun cents dot org again that's TX don't sense dot org. This is incite us. Sharing has never been easier but what if we can actually do more than just collect likes. The national MS society is building a place where everyone can share their experiences are good. Capture what you love and pass it on and you're stronger than and that's talent. That chilly at thanks so much for having me again to talk about the Salvation Army. I think we always are emphasizing that Salvation Army enters its 365 days a year 24 hours today. I think one thing that the people don't realize is that we work in a huge collaboration on cold weather and I. To make sure that no one in Austin area asked. Have to sleep outside that everybody's. Can have a warm place to flee. Well that is so important and we just had you know a couple of really cold night from really like you know in the mid twenty kind of nice. It's been it's been odd right because I mean at eighty degrees one day and then it dips to thirty minutes in the twenty's and so I think when the are out there talking about cold weather people don't always. Realize that you it we have been experiencing an Austin and so we've already had a seven cold weather night here. Which is pretty high Austin until the cold weather for grass is any scene that is freezing. Or 35 degrees and wet. Needs. It's of in the way it works is that it's that collaborations. The Salvation Army the city of cost and arts eight PD capital metro we all come together. And make sure that everyone has a place to go into that means that at the Salvation Army we are their primary. Provider of shelter for family and women and children and so. We'd take any of those folks. And then in a collaboration we worked together. To blasts two different recreation centers and places. Men so that they too can have a warm place so how I'm really work I'm just thinking like. You know people who might normally be sleeping on the streets absolutely can't do that when it gets cold so C got the word out that they need to go to Salvation Army the then. How do you have room for everybody. That that's the collaboration comes and so we work with capital metro to bus them to recreation center and and we take turns operating. That recreation center has and really a triage emergency shelter to get us and tackled other night so no one's turn away. I actually noticed right away I think the one thing that really. Goes into effect does it. It's such a wonderful thing to know that everyone is seeking care that they wanna be taking care of between get them off the streets. The thing that's hard is that we've been I'm in sharing with our neighbors that we worked so hard to new people from matter their moment of crisis the self sufficiency case management it. Tearing the wind. Child care with almost things that go into helpless seemly stabilized. But when there's a club when other night particular resource some of the more cold whether or nights we have. It takes away from our ability. In times our finances. To move forward on all the other things that we need you to keep people moving and I continued care to get that memo to self sufficiency. Yeah I can see that that's a real talent so how do you manage that gap. Three man is the gap by a talking. To having opportunities like this to share the story the reality evident that. You contrast the Salvation Army if there's and eat in this community we're gonna step up until and it's cold we're gonna step up and help those folks. And then it's getting the word out that. We need we be more hell you know you can help us because. Clearly no one once someone on the streets on a freezing night. But we also know that people wanna make sure that if a woman and that her kids who wanted to help. That the salvation army's gonna be there to help. Right so may not and with just a night of shelter on a freezing night it could and it can you know continue on with supportive tools on that path to self sufficiency yes there's there and while we're taking care of those folks that are they're just been a night sometimes you are coming off the streets just for the night we're gonna be there for them. But there's still that family in the dorm room. That's been there and is working in their play hand and we know when I take away from an airplane and to help with the cold and so what we do is we come out of the community and say hey all we already had seven nights of freezing. That means there's seven night and our staff was working. Overtime being pulled away that we were providing breakfast and more people that we were providing blankets on laundry service and helping the transportation and all the aspects that go into cold weather night. And so frankly for a financial same plane that. And then makes a gap from the other perspective. That's where you can tell you go online to Salvation Army Austin dot org. You can read about how we help with cold weather nights. And then you must make a donation and have a direct impact to help ensure that we continue serving those families and those kids that are working so hard for self sufficiency. And there were also there for that. AM lean or that. That man on the street that wants to come inside the court and not be out there is pressure and we've all been there with you know you have your budget for the month. And then something unexpected happens flaky guy keep the air conditioning fixed in the car you know something expensive happens it's kinda same thing in a you don't know how many cold weather nights we're gonna have Karen Austin and we are he had seven. Since you have it in your budget to make you get to the Salvation Army it's really easy just got a Salvation Army Austin dot org and click on the donate now button. Not a help ease the financial strain because. You're looking for a we stood at some winner here only on how many more cold nights or have a straight. Exactly we really don't know with the weather the hot and it fluctuations the really hot days to freezing cold days I think we had a record this year. When of the coldest days in decades and one of the hottest days ever on record out it's crazy the weather is really strange and I think because we've had so many warm days. People's minds they're feeling like we're this is thinner relieve mild winter but when you talk about seven nights at freezing or 35 degrees and wet and mean fassel high. That's a lot and that's dangerous that is dangerous for our neighbors as dangerous for her our community and so. That's where you can trust to Salvation Army and so like he said we worked to budget for this we were let it work to make sure that we have the resources for these nights. But the reality is those nights have been increasing in you can't predict and so out there now sharing with folks has been more than we've I. And even help you get Salvation Army Austin got worried and make a donation every little bit. And it's great to know that when you make a gift to Salvation Army. Your money stays here in Austin it's used here in the Austin community I think that's an important point Gmail because a lot of times people making gifts and organization. Un and they just don't know where it goes you know and so it's kind of nice just to have that peace of mind. Absolutely you can trust the Salvation Army when you donate the Salvation Army Salvation Army often got word your Manny stays right here are serving those folks in China certainly think. So the next time you are thinking about. Being grateful for your warm jacket or the heater in your car. You might remember that there are people who are not as fortunate as you and don't have a nice warm place to spend the night. And I'm so grateful for my warm bed every night that it. It's it's hard to to think about the people who don't have that nice to know that you could go to the Salvation Army Austin dot org and make sure you're doing your part to help the Salvation Army. Make sure there are no freezing folks out who are homeless on those nights when it's really tests beyond cold. It's great thing else to know that you want people to know how their about the Salvation Army and the work they're doing here in the house and Mimi as you do sell much 365 days out of the year. Is there anything possibly people will be aware of it just like to thank every line after hearing the stories of the Salvation Army and learning about. That we've been here in the community for. Nearly a 130 years serving Canucks and thank you for listening thank you for supporting thank you for being open to hear about the work for the Salvation Army is doing for our community we appreciate everything you. We can lend a hand to the Salvation Army right now help them fortify for cold nights that may come ahead. And help them close the gap for all the resources that they are used up in keeping people warm honest freezing night. Make sure that the programs that there and acting or Al this 2017 calendar. Are gonna have enough resources to see them through go to Salvation Army cost and dot org and click on the donate now button. To milk thanks for being here thanks so much for having. You're going to me it is. You're going to need us. I. All of its. You're going to need or technical skills and I'm Max and engineering student. He's going to me that's how quick you want to. He and this is. You're going to need their organizational skills her problem solving skills. Is going to need a determination. Our aunts our compassion. You're going to need the next generation of leaders to face the challenges of the future will bring. And we comics. Who people. Today. For aids is going the next generation of leaders. Support ads before age and go to work. Who the book lovers touch his two healthy from Lawrence. And the nature lover's heart it flies times. Parents. The hardest someone pulmonary hypertension. And often misdiagnosed his asthma is unfairly stressed and can fail at the pulmonary hypertension association we want PH patients to. Hi. We're putting our heart into signing a cure to learn more PH association down over dad's PH association title work. Who's still leave and move up. When young man turned into a to read you know we think yeah. It was a little. There will be around didn't end. Do it much he's you know it's. Because www. Benson hasn't hasn't undergone a it. Thanks Julie coming up next is their reign in your weekend. Forecast we'll find. He. It's been a lot of great plays and nice neighborhood humans have a strong community association board. Thanks I guess so bud and I don't pay any attention of that stuff. Series. How do you know for sure that Gordon community mean nature are making the right decisions to protect your investment but I don't but what am I supposed to do. You get involved. And connect to a CA IICA. He wants. See any tiny community associations instant hit there and nonprofit group that is helped instill the great community. The F free resource industry association board professional training for community managers. It's helpful information for homeowners. Thanks Al. Definitely do that. Is the time and investment you made your home and community protected. CA I'm responsible communities dot com. This is the sound of Salmonella gyrating on your undercooked chicken. And it looks like mom might be taking it out the little group. Don't let some an elegant funky chicken. On average one in six Americans will get a food borne illness this year. So use a thermometer cook each type of meat to the right time. Keep your family safe at food safety dot gov brought you by the USDA HHS and the ActiveX. Loom. Welcome to inside Hamas and my next interview is with doctor Bradford he's a doctor of pharmacy and he's here speaking on behalf of that an eight CDS. The national association chain drugstores foundation and for the March of Dimes. Speaking about the Zeke a prevention campaign launched in Texas Florida and Louisiana. Doctor Bradford I wanna thank you for joining me on the program today it. Doctor Bradford would you be some kind to let her listeners know a little bit about yourself what is year what is your background. So I'm a part of that that actually specializes in in public health so everything from. On the infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis C com influenza and pandemic influenza response. Two emergencies. Disasters and border by other focuses of advent of studies besides emerging infectious diseases he get. And Ebola Virus are deal QA epidemic but they're talking about emerging infectious diseases. A particularly at least seek iris and how we can make people aware of it and help prevent some of the disastrous complications that occur. Then. It's such it would put women at child very nature pregnant women. Get exposed to see dad passed down to there that there fetuses. Those eco was the probably one of the biggest stories have broke out and 2016 correct. I would say yes yeah. So. What major wanna get involved with the March of Dimes and what and they CDS foundation. Did he reach out to you aren't going to validation of. They approached me instead I don't who work with them before they any immediate foundation and did a web and our last spring when. We heard. You don't have really and cutting edge of learning about you know what seek the virus linked to bankers sexually and other. Birth defects and we were just confirming that in the spraying and so we did take it live webinar. Whipped represented at the March of Dimes and need the representing any CDS foundation. To really get the word out to help professional and really anyone. To know about this in relatively new abruptly. Go to sees that known virus what we don't have any. Not right now any vaccine or any real treatment four it. And only in the last year and we developed. Really the proper diagnostics. And figured out what kinds of people need to get past that it would be get tested so that's quite an award to pocketbooks send them. Areas at highest risk to make sure people though. What they should. Be cautious what you know where. She is in the world you can go to their departure times. The CDC. Web site shortly NE TF website to find out winners PK is right now and in Texas actually there were local. She'd been transmitted by mosquitoes. Been brown so it meant to it due to a successful eradication campaign it's not just a caution so again especially focused on. The pregnant women. The because thread it is not just from mosquitoes in those areas it's also through unprotected sex and of course from women to their. The pregnant women to their fetuses. It's important that everybody knows. You know but the symptoms are and how it's transmitted at. You know be ready to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about. Being comprehensive bend in what the symptoms are one to get recognized. That one of the biggest concerns for being in wine talking is that. Only one in five people actually had any symptoms. And they're pretty mild symptoms greetings with a lot of people are pro shop you know TDs from red eyes eighties some muscle aches and pain can you content each. Either Taiwan dollars due to benefit to treat those things that. They're not not very you know sometimes there's a PR. A lot of the time there's a rash so looked like a lot of other common viruses. And it's only really last maybe three days means seven days have been at the most common and it goes away. You cannot take anything not it is important when people type symptoms even though people rarely get symptoms and especially if you're in a relationship. With somebody who's pregnant are pregnant herself for thinking about getting pregnant the older things to really watch for. If you're. Picture and it and it relationship with someone who's traveled to an area where there's because if you live in an area where there's because like for example Puerto Rico. But I think it's not in the news right now because there's fewer mosquitoes. And you know because we're paying attention to it. So Billiton dissent has to be aware of those are the things to try to your doctor or pharmacist about how to prevented and in the winter and spring and summer upon its breed mosquitoes mosquitoes begin mid eighty's did you kind of Quito. And so we know where to. Wear mosquito repellent and trained in areas that are collected water so mosquitoes can't. A reproduce state these mosquitoes don't actually travel very far so it's possible to eradicate that was strange but every person can work to. Prevent mosquito transmission. And tradition of the need to buyers themselves to. Now once again seek is in a permanent virus. It is not permanent. I think what we've found out the past year or so due to the hard work yet. And now we have two to get funding from congress. About a billion dollars due to research. New vaccines in new medicines. What they were fairly certain about it that if someone is proven to be infected with some of the new diagnostic tests have. You're only able to transmit it for about eight weeks this year a woman. Our pyramid and you can transmit it to someone. Just six months later through trial protected sex and so those are the things that. If you're in quiet I've lectured on the it to my experience than them. Have a young team opted instead yacht traveling areas where there's deep yet let it get seek I don't know what happened. You know because in effect howl. In the degree of birth defects that my children. And that future theoretical children they have and an event that about the cases the very common question but if you get infected. Over time you'll not be positive test will be negative you can safely. Serb planning to camp when he. Certainly that's an important point. That you are pregnant and you. And you you'll acquired cica. It's important that. It's important that you keep going to your doctor's visits to support that your here. Wearing repellent as. Using carrier contraception or abstaining from sank so that you don't transmitted to other adults adults are also at risk. Not just such as speedy as well our babies unborn babies. Adult can get it. I regret that underlie condition wary of temporary paralysis. Called Dion great syndrome. We don't open directly linked likely. Are confident that birth defects like micro sect leader of the small hands and develop at all. Disabilities and I problems I'm still birds all of those. Port birth outcomes are associated with seek it but it will also be affected. Outside of dean. Sort of what gives DD you could it department Tito and you can transmit it to other people so we all need to be. Vigilant about monitoring where the disputed have been trying to reduce transmission and every way. Listen be ignored ride I mean if you. You know it if you don't live in a household where again it'd help focus the same way or not. I didn't have any more more children my house but as you know I'm good I'm going to Florida. Where I travel the tax dessert you know I traveled to Puerto Rico or or South America. Or my wife does he that we can still transmitted to you know people are neighbor there are people. That's cool in my wife's a school teacher she had Giguere and it is June here and it in Rhode Island Massachusetts and she didn't know she added it elegant one point one Thai people symptoms. There's been cheated that by turn by her another pregnant teacher now there's the possibility there that it can be transmitted would have. I've really seen that most cases in the US. Our our travel so seat where people acquire. Directly from the place that they hadn't. Only in Florida and taxes that we see where. People who had no. Travel themselves. Acquired from mosquitoes. In that in that region. Often a long way delayed I know from from Brownsville but it's. It's certainly a place where there's mosquitoes and then. It's important to be aware. To get a you know there's other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes to the advantages of using spray incident. Is that helps prevent those other diseases and in that area contraception for people. Also prevents other especially. Transmitted infections that not only speak up. So I think there's other public health benefits for people to be aware of just how old infections are transmitted and how we can prevent their transmission. If a listener right now would like more information I I see that they can visit Zeke had died and Nace he. March of Dimes. And and the campaign that. They UN and then and they CDS then and the March of Dimes have launched. My guess is that you just launched the campaign correct. I'll we greatly begin at her a few a few weeks Dahlia. And so as the beginning of the year did you do it as. As a way of a preventing. What happen embers ill team to keep from happening in pretty much a southern states of country where you know mosquito breeding is extremely high. Well I think I again I think that the there's the CDC in March of Dimes. Hurting the most especially the margin guidance for the CDC and CDT foundation and any tedious foundation in the their their mission is to protect the health and welfare. Of all Americans. Where the mosquitoes are circulating you know where where I live there's that this species and appear that transparency get. Is that here there's another species that that may be here but again it's it's not found its frequently is that is in Louisiana. Ported taxes so we need to target the campaign to do. To alert people to be aware you're vacationing and in the Miami area. You know be cautious sore or maybe delay your trip appear pregnant are you planning it for. Port July. You know be aware that there might be areas Q area's premier hotel is that if you're pregnant or gender. Being pregnant Jeter partners pregnant when you travel. Be aware of those things it really you know look at public health promotion is really having keep be aware of arrests. And once you're aware of the risk than you can be offered solutions that those web science and again the CDC web site and any CDS foundation web site. Offer some of those solutions and updates on. On how old were tracking the disease and and trying to prevent actions. The doctor Bradford do you have any final thoughts or words of maybe on an on been involved with this campaign and what you've learned from researching this disease. I think what I learned is. We build it this disease and other diseases I've research and that. Either did it it it's one of those diseases where you may not know the effect of it for months and so you know we've had the GAAP students seek that we could still births we've had. You know we've had babies born with Microsoft fully in taxes. And that does these you know we always focus on other diseases that. That kill a lot of people for example influenza is widespread in several states right now in order. Killed at the 30000 people every year you know elderly people. Probably the majority of that. Population we have a vaccine to prevent that so when that. That these were trying to promote the existing vaccine at which. Which helped broker complete split equally don't have a bad vaccine. But we're steady want to keep we've got some great candidates in the pipeline that important that. We let the public now and health professionals notes that they can talk to one another about cure this disease here's how it prevented. Because. It once a great woman. Out to defeat even they knew what she doesn't even though she's pregnant. There's some data that the disease has much. Greater. Side effects on the fetus on the growing fears that there is greater developmental delay and again while the baby's some. Our board still mourn those that are borne by conceptually have a lifetime. Of treatment. The group costly treatment you know which is really relatively minor to the devastation of these families who have raised on this child from a disease that. The lead since some part. Advocates some of these prevention messages. So that we don't have to have so we can reduce or eliminate. Those kinds of Turkey's thanks. While doctor effort say I want to see so much triggered joining us and giving us solve this. Useful information. Again the web site for. Any information on Zeke can be found on C dead dot and a CTS. Foundation dot org. Back slash March of Dimes. Doctor Brett for Arlen thank you again for joining us on the program that you had been my pleasure today. The following message is brought to you by goodwill and the ad council. We have here right to work little. One of the element of revenue and a brief meeting. And maybe a man with a bottle of the Mediterranean. And it's landed it should be moved with a high prevalence of debate though we saw this opportunity is available. Law the enjoyment of all. We have broad list of problems are rare and I'm a little garrido. Finding and not on the that we have. You'll stuff and he not powerfully you think. You stuff can be a resource for change and donate to goodwill yeah when your donations helped my job placement and training for people in your community. Well yeah donate stuff and create jobs. I your nearest donation center and goodwill satellite. Men who both car and if you read reports that. You dedicated. And hard Carl Long. Are quite familiar face multiple. Figures could I toss line picked on Bermuda today and learn more at 877 unforced errors you know 114 deuces follow. Brought to you by the US department of health and and human services and he had counsel. Welcome to inside us and my guest today is Dominique. Williams and she is the president of the town only chapter here and Austin, Texas and have an event coming up. But before begin until all of that I want introduced Dominique Dominique thank you for joining us on the program today thank you for having me to make as we were saying before the show. Town lake links is actually a part of links incorporated which is a national organization. Now for listeners of would you be so kind to let us know about links incorporated and possibly a little bit about town lake links in Austin it's. Are the links incorporated is an international women's organization predominantly black when mini. And refocus our areas and on five different facets. And the facets are the arts national trends international trends in services health and human services and services to eat. And basically what we do is try to create programming. On that will impact in those different areas so you. Have you know voter registration drives you have impact from the schools on the tele chapter in particular. Is one of three chapters in the Austin area. And we have a lot of focus on the youth and we do a lot of stem programming so we work and Norman elementary we also have. Unchartered. Junior now as new group which of the national sized society of black engineers. And we have on the middle school and high school students that are preparing to do robotics competitions and to encourage a stem education. On in the young people so that we can get more under represented. Minorities and on young people interested in getting into these kind of on jobs and I'm going to school to study these these areas. You're the president of the town lake links chapter in Austin how it how did you just start there what what made you want to. Get involved and how did you get to where your today. Well I am originally from New York City. And when I got married I moved here to Austin area and my mother block was actually a member of the atomic chapter. If you thought it would be a good way to get again involved in Austin community. On and to meet other unlike minded women and to kind of on forms of friendships in the basis of the league's incorporated is a group of women and working together to serve our communities but doing friendship and service. And so definitely that's sisterhood part is a big part of the organization. Let's face off I can only imagine your likeness of or I I really of the group I've been a member now since 2007. You have an event coming up Mardi Gras magic correct and that's going to be happening. February 11 it at the height at the Hyatt downtown downtown what is Marty grow magic. So it's our annual fund raiser and it is a party with a purpose and so we do this every year to help raise money for our scholarship fund. Of food program means that we help to support with a capital area food bank. And also. The programming that we talked about like our stem programming and some of the work that we do in the community as well. So. Is this an annual and of it meant yes we do this every year so how successful was last. Successful actually we were able to sponsor the backpack program at a Bertha means on Sadler. Elementary school it's young women's academy. And so we were able to address the issue of food just efficiency in the young people there. And so we work with the central Texas food bank in order to do on support that back program. On week two at 20000 dollars worth of scholarships every year. So once stood it I am to four students 5000 dollars each you know each year we have a new person rely. We also have two arms of smaller scholarships at Houston took thing university. On ACC. And we work with students. At the University of Texas. On the and so we've just done. Tried to and I mentioned before with our stem programming and trying to do robotics he can imagine that kind of getting the kids and different things like that. I'm can be very expensive and so. We raise money so that we can kind of do our programming on the comedian try to make a difference so what is the main goal for this year. The main goal for this year is on hopefully. On to reach a 100000 dollars. I'm used to try to I'll support even more sound we wanna give more to the stamp program print on we wanna continue definitely the backpack program and we know that. You know every year there are more students that need the help and so we can even expand that. Is looking to do that. And then to continue on our work at the elementary schools on and with the mentoring and some of the work that you do with our national organizations so. We've been our western area of our group is supporting and initiatives in Haiti alone. And so we'd have an international focus as well so we try to broaden our reach anyway we can. So to help out a little bit more and to keep everything else that you'd done in the past sustainable exactly. And it is good it is only possible through donations and and everything else that you have throughout the year but of this fund raiser is it open to everyone in the. Open to every one most definitely will be selling tickets online if you go to our website towns they could links dot ORG. You can it will lead you to where you can purchase tickets you can buy an ad he can also make a donation and we also are having. A silent auction so that if people have donations of pieces of art pieces of jewelry or and in that they think. That. Might be of interest while we do I'm restaurants come. Gift cards and things of that nature so we can make a donation a monetary or. Peace for our auction Horry combine add or can buy tickets because of course we want bodies there. So you've been here in Austin for about a decade and you've been involved with this organization for some time. Have you personally seen the lives. That you've helped people students changed. Well definitely I mean last year and our event we had one of our scholarship recipients come and talk about the impact. That on the scholarship made in his life in getting him through his college education and he is an engineering student and so we've seen. You know graduates come through weeks if some of some of our other members who have been with the chapter even longer than I have. Has seen some of the students that we used to have meant her in elementary school only mentored fifth graders at a Campbell and not Norman. And they seem them go on to become college students and soul. I'm definitely seemed impact there we've gotten letters home from our scholarship recipients and also again when you go we got numbed. Mailings from. Of the capital Eric central Texas who might be changed her name is digesting Iraq. The central Texas food bank in knows that when they send out their annual report they talked about the impact that. Food insufficiency and the backpack program has made in the lives of these children and helping them to achieve their educational dreams because they don't have to worry about hunger. And so you know it's very gratifying for us to see that what we're doing makes a difference and even if this just in terms of exposure. You know than showing you know young people that there are. Not only helping them with education Michelin them all the different opportunities that are available to them and so it's very exciting. You know I didn't want to mention that you know what if somebody has something that's closer their hearts. I'm stole one of our members has a relationship with Wal-Mart they wanted their donations specifically to go to helping to feed. Children and so baby is because of their support that were able to support the central Texas food bank in the backpack program. On some people feel strongly about stem education and so. Other thing too is you can't specify. Where you'd like her kidney donation to go when we you know we do fund the need. But there's different needs their scholarship means there is the backpack program that the stem education as of someone has something nearing get to their heart they can also make a donation. And specifically say where they'd like their funds to go to. Seek you know is direct the donation. And it's sort well. Dominique is there anything that you would like to have. Maybe about town like links which you've done your experience here in Austin. I think that what's been wonderful. I guess I guess again about being a member of this organization is that we have a lot of dynamic women in our chapter. And they all are just doing different things we have educators we have physicians we have business women you know and they all bring something. So it just kind of get exposed. On our young people to just the different opportunities there are that you not the traditional you know necessarily lawyer doctor. I'm accountant but. That they they are very. They're very diverse in their interests and I think that you know they. They work hard to try to make a difference and in the community. And so hopefully you know that through mentoring and you know our visit increasing our visibility we can make more impact. Well dominate I'm sure you Jerry are well on your way to doing that I want I think he's so much for joining us on the inside Austin today. They really appreciate it thank you. That's Dominic Williams the president of the town lake chapter of the links incorporated again their event is February 11 2017 it is open to the public. It's a Mardi Gras magic. And for more information you can visit town lake links dot org again that's town lake links dot ORG. This is inside us. You're going to need. You're going to need us. All of us. He's going to meet the next generation of leaders to face the challenges the future of free and support us I have four H dog or.