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Speed City, 01/29

Jan 30, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well don't tell us beat city. With John Massey hill let's Kaiser and Jonathan treat proxy fight in my place dot com. Upgrade your license plate at my play. It's the fastest sour on the radio. Speed city. Good evening gear heads to welcome to speed C. We are bouncing off the walls because we've been watching. The Daytona for the 24 hours in the real racing season has kicked off. And is kicked off in an incredible fashion that last hour of the Rolex today. It was incredible I think glass I just John massing just less geysers and across mean Jonathan green's gonna join us from New Zealand here in a moment. Less I think I watched the Rolex on. At least four different devices. In about. Eight different locations over the last Tony designers aren't talking about a bunch of TV screens on your wall like illness and luckily in this every form of delivery costs more although multiple screens on the PC on the television you know both chrome casting or whatever casting and can we come on the phones yesterday we had lunch yesterday we had our phones we made the restaurant and and turn it over to their center and it should meets. Oh I don't know I haven't even plays a washed it but. As she goes to show how cool it is now how you can watch it but. Then we have got a fantastic show. It did the Rolex was so Beatles maybe forget about the Liberty Media news in Formula One this week or you talk a little narrow or Alex salivating for that I know and didn't get to. The Rolex Seoul's ministry a dramatic and of course we have Jordan Taylor. Joining us here at about 1015 minutes total boys are always find our own gosh I am so excited after watching them today. I'm ecstatic to have Jordan Taylor on the phone here in a few minutes so. Now I believe we've got to it mr. Jonathan green and calling in from the Toyota racing series in New Zealand mr. green how are you sir. He's how do you. That's that's good the producers getting good his seat his wrist is so fast now when you blast in he turns it down enough to keep everybody speaker Simone we're doing great mr. green. Yeah hasn't done their New Zealand. Still ahead you know. Go watch that. Oh you do oh that's just your voice buddy I know you play Mary snow volume levels theft. I noted the at Toyota racing series is heating up a little bit down there you boy you know we talked about having found the next. Max for step and in her shoe and but to at Thomas Randall is is trying to make this interesting up. And that we pick our way halfway point Mac and that is where woods outside Oakland got. At this weekend and mix we generally get antsy in Tampa. Adults we know prices and that in the final weekend is my arms sales which seasonal bombs went letter based and that's another three races so we have six rice is acting out all point scoring seven points for wing. And and yeah really really exciting so haven't. You know we. Get a kid and you got a gun that's so what's another act. Oh my gosh yeah that's going on a reader Jonathan I know you know what's going on but she. But obviously the Daytona today was just in incredible and have the Liberty Media story. But I wanna spend the first part of the show talk about the Daytona 24 because. It was Odyssey it had a little bit of everything including freezing cold weather and rain down into Lorraine and NASCAR drivers in that whether he's she's half. Yeah there's a few NASCAR drivers talking about driving in the rain for the first time never. So all that was incredible and Jonathan we just had what are your buddies call in I think he just kept one ups and yeah. What are your best and putting your buddies just called in from Daytona we got Jeremy Shaw on the line mr. Shaw has a Nolan. Gregor Gregor Gregor concurrent tie in Cuba. It's not see is not cold it's Florida what are you talking about. Yeah it's a certain way or wherever I gave lately I would Donovan putted in California which Christian extreme cold and trickling down a great old sonic and the sort of absolutely it was beautiful restaurant was. Pretty miserable too close to that but actually the racing was sensational. And other greedy eager crowd great event. You know specific credits reading some weekend. Well I was just tell on the gang now listen to your voice on about ten different devices this weekend on phones and TVs and all that role yeah. Falls into the though you guys did a great job I do never ends that's so what other see we get by the way we have Jordan Taylor coming on right after you hear in about five or ten minutes. So we're ecstatic to have him on the show. But so what are the stories for you because there's a bunch of stories in this this weekend. Remember that you won't start to mean that it would seem mr. read our Auburn started hearing into the into the incorrect speech and it's the season our carpet pose around. Because so munitions are our most not to be involved in an admission the sport solar blast. There was so many stores and I are reducing constituency most compared to shield it ever had. Durham extra neutral the united toes and it did equality of the interest there was nobody quite Charles yeah would I trust Charlotte that was 1980. So 24 out of them the winning margin was 73 laps. Treated first and second second the burden of eighteen laps how and yeah. Are there there's just no comparison to de villiers is they get every tower that was a potential winner reach is what we weren't political process. Cohen who I was was fantastic. Patent the latest eruption took transportation Brewster residence. Well I got to ask you one of the stories don't wanna make sure read we ask you before you go what is. The most guillotine Allegra toll what do you know about that story because I really had I didn't follow that closely. Well I mean that they did discount tickets on has been around school won't harm they used these kids. A seventeen year old son needed certainty now that Michael just didn't work racing courses in social and Karen moss Jerry wasn't that big old cup which comes missiles. Lead to. Here you can log in and do the same. In the in the Porsche USA's QGQ cup series loss season. So he he's totally due to kids to hear that too young Canadians Daniel marked them conscious or does it ever occurred one week. But Indian supported Porsche GT three cup series go to Canada. And the US arm and the market Christensen the French reporter brother a multi currency antimatter and dark already creating. Resort are really cool scotsman. Old school Garnett should be asked. Justine just went out to get out of particularly a pro amateur which can just chill Mittal was current market conditions into the contest agility encouraged. I'm at or near as a great sort having nobody knew anything really into that that cheating Gary and I'm that you really. You really into the sport but sir but they delivered. And they you know beating some credit where you have beating led. Acura and Lexus and timing isn't credible right a Everett. Only do we do not find different manufacturers and she's easy this year at do so I think it was sixteen different cal led the race. The world to talk knows somebody to lead changes it has to be certain you're HE. I'm Jordan a race who have. North American non different manufacturers at several of them all who ultimately motives in Jordan erase a one time or another and the other two which is last emotion and unlock McGee were very close second one portrait of Laguna race such. I don't know of the top 21 guitarist. So some time within 12 that he's a us why you aren't really almost too good luck in terms. That's crazy that is that it reasons how to say one of the highlights for me was seeing the unisex out on track. CNET car come back and we Jeff Hart the hood did so long have they gathers little embarrassment Claire but what goes I don't know if Hillary isn't good news coming I like they were seen in the these brands in these models hit it track again now. Yes it's great I mean yet and let the secretary this year. I'm saying is he this year Alexis is usually in elections run well every thought I was believe that haven't been hooked. No they weren't taking it seriously but the other can also competitive. Made the race. I'm near it and caught not sit and bones to try not to burn you talked to did really really well. Well I it was it was incredible watch this weekend 89 and especially the last hour or so we're excited talked to Jordan Taylor here a minute about. And how the happy about the win and Cadillac it's just incredible what the. Yeah 12100 it is brother Ricky also lead goes out there modular in my book but at some you have a really I wanna hear the chance to elaborate on that business. Well there are renewed ability these sources and you will need to look at that really wanted Blair. You know it was nude. But you know let it get western reporter certainly if you're carrying nuclear industrial under under Johnson's done yeah but but you're EDT reported up to you to win and actually yes a birdie at least one scene. It looks great shots from the televised side I was waiting. Your helmet obviously I'm not Germany has had these items are the odds not a coup well you don't that you. I'm sure he was really gracious also writes this he knew he wouldn't have been surprised at Seoul there's a penalty. Going to be cold fall on Ricky and the attitude toward Cuba Cuba ties back blossoming and our policy arm wouldn't must assure him. Too cute in the placed blackened and bring it back again it's good and had about situated about how little cultural untouched or because. The moved. Gary is sort of old school NASCAR possible docile and or will try to write your short term wretch in particular. About small guys dungeon mistreated bird facing huge. And about staunch did you smoke recessed just. The hard not to respect from the people who couldn't hear often gore column our research ask a little small well not be admitted militarily on the credit card and pay you know. Revenue racing as they say. Did not go round and how he was tremendously exciting well and he had to trust and honesty and they have that are invincible little bit about the race critic and either way. To a bunch of different reasons. Yeah out why Jeremy got to give it chance we get disturbed a few seconds left but. But Dodd had a he'd give you just talk your buddy Jonathan downy does the Toyota racing series watching all the action and their Jonathan's. Haney about any of Jeremy boys down there that he said the more twists. We go to exhaustion boys at hand but I agree we've got to Jeffrey you know you can't dig I would say it's not. Accessible expression. While I want to take off like four eyes and stuff that and the inside you've got to make you eat might like it so. But anyway I'm not gonna this year but we have three Americans and delighted to have them until I didn't see it does seem that sent. Some guys as well as the game is so well I whose in laws yet as he knows that. New robbery goat goes on from strength to strength and attitude do I want to be desired. And he's met quite a big part in getting those guys sense mall next year plays. It's yet I'd love to articulate what you Richard insurers download the Dutch and he's going to be teammates next here with very young Americans sixteen year old American. Gold Neil Abrams. I undermine what Halliburton. I am not due to get a little too Red Bull he's going to be talking about leadership knew what Hagan is ending torture council. Yeah we did we'll keep an eye Jonathan. Gave us that update in admirably in Washington with German we gotta run but thank you so much for coming on the show. I didn't go get some iPod coffee and then maybe portal sub minute do relax in the week you will see here and also through these races. I look forward Carl where chart sir rush all right thanks Jeremy. I. All right we'll Johnson we're gonna go and take a break and when we come back for you to be live with Jordan Taylor from that Daytona 24. Back after these messages. The 57 Chevy the Rembrandts crave it. The little black dress. When you're a classic view never go out of style meant to know Mike played stock car probably though is the return of the classic like Texas license plate. For the first time since 1968. Featuring cooler untimely slogan of older style. 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Visit to cut Yasser numbering Elaine just east of I 35 and throw your leg over the most iconic sports like never built. Even taking a great test right away he was in his dragon is par on wheels and Indian guest and you know you like this he added Heidi Austin. Online and I know boston.com. Sears is nothing like getting on a motorcycle and exploring the hill country for the day what about taking that bucket list right of a lifetime to some far off destination for event. We're here to tell you things you don't have to own a motorcycle. Because with lone star moto Reynolds you can really do Connie. BMW. KG M or other premium motorcycles. There's a lone star moto rentals dot com that's lone star moto rentals dot com and come Iraq. Its. And. Hi this Jeff Gordon in your listeners speeds city. Awesome. Jeff Gordon bring his back from the break you you know he's celebrating tonight. Well we've got a gentleman who is celebrating I know I am friendly with teams are probably within the and we are so excited we've been watching him race for the last 24 or so hours and they have. We are so ecstatic to have had Jordan Taylor on the though Jordan welcome back to speed city park. Chairman Herman and well congratulations sir. Yeah opening for me that that's obviously great for when there is a comparison of ever released faster. You know the past there I get the past five years now and run this race. Flawlessly in the you know never gonna you're rod never Kennedy saying it is not perfect drug and came up short so. Finally everything came together and you know in particular it. That is all in the past buddy you you guys looks fantastic this week in and that new Cadillac obviously did well. So hot worse so ecstatic Fauria the saw your interview after the race. I think there was a lot of people emotional watching you get eight it's it's just incredible to see you guys in the winner's circle like that. Yet there and defeat a lot of story lines coming during the weekend obviously I'd like to turn this court's current work separate saying. After I guess fifteen hiatus. Max retiring after the traders are being a lot of first Morris Jeff Gordon in the car. So yeah I taught a story London. Obvious secretly cattle like this you do it and then it come back and obviously fantastic they have maxed. Have this concern not put such a big victory. Denver's career so that's great to have packs you know leaving leading I east will also be around not receive it. But a different capacity so he likes them and so there was a there was a full Sammy Richard Taylor. To me that is awesome I mean and we have for you it's got to be fun to race with Macs but I got to ask because there's been speculation that Cadillac was sandbagging at the roar went. Panda here this balance of performance. I suspect you're gonna get a change on the net balance of performance rating there. Now I mean if you look at that all the Iran billiards you pretty much get an idea where ruler the Aurora. And submit their changes in the Rolex we can and everyone had a I had so. I think it go from there on program that these past then that's up to the serious. Two men and set it up to the indiscernible what they haven't. We don't like legitimate honest. They're not showing in if you look at the lap times we've picked up America we in my lifetime with. But. What they give us and we're awaiting also. New London you know anything and could not do it and so and I granting us this. There's just been we we were lacking. Merit aero. The moderation of facets of the curse at 200 miles an hour now a generation we can in earlier maybe a hundred and it seem all now ourselves. Not quite there and everyone. There's candidates did it seem like everyone lost some dispute her roar. But let me know obviously. A lot can be said about it but for us in particular are Cadillac PPI BR was the first part of the track last year dusting. And he had seven to 300 my outlook of cussing under its belt before this weekend blitzes. Tons of more than you do a corridor on the track this weekend so we came in you know the most apparent and I think that they're really showed. Yeah I do agree with you I'm watching it look like. I didn't see any particular speeded manager need any obvious there's either so I I regret I have to I have to agree with you there but. But yeah this there's a ton of good stories and everything from cadillacs from. Reentry and NASA. And the dvd DPI class in everything but. But there's also some fun stories payload you know I got to ask understand the tablet goes Ricky help introduce some water. Into the life and death was that help Jeff Gordon let me do that and did you have any experience of water did that help team. You're what are you thinking on that. I think this year yep that's what he's done this season. I don't footnote helped write the hotly. As he's spirit you know anybody's earned the right he's not he's NASCAR board itself is a close we're we're season. He did a great job there and well yeah yeah been together seven and he. You didn't enjoy their experience and luckily it there or tester intraday. And his you know our creditors collapsed be accountable so that brings in the race. I know I'm doing and thankfully that happened because. He was pretty much forced to drive and they're in the rain mistress. To get a lot lot of time in the car so. You gotta trust and the Ottawa and and you know you're awesome and brought along. That it that is awesome and folks the the the joke that's not really out there is Ritchie left the sink faucet running in the and they didn't find out when it came to bed time. The bull we left her like sponsored meet and greets her four hours. And we got back there and the whole thing a little excited and then we could see water pouring out the side of it. And we didn't know what you're not that we lost then. And classic tricky just leftist somehow you just want to know what to think drilling. There and it's filled up all the tanks and annoy or no real deal but sir over caloric. Then go forward discovered in order to keep that you have when you talk concert tour it just came like territorial volcano like pouring out of it. I think there. Okay now and where am I gonna meet upon Rickie too much does that sound like something I would do. You know this is the Daytona 24 hours these guys are frazzled they bend it you know preparing internally and physically for this for. For months now already in now it's all come down there's always weighed on their shoulders. Well I mean it it's our Super Bowl. Serbia assert spirit has happened to be our kickoff or at all so Fredrik you're the one. You could go to quarterback. Could it be integrated. You know it all on the line in the last hour the doctor Drew Carter on the lead lap and you know upsurge to get it done and you passed her lead was immediately our lady you know we're leading. Those are all looking good another yellow came not only cycle back to second again and they're all it's stressful display the past four years and then be made an awesome group Westlake. Utterly minister you know and got back in the lead and you end up to put a pit box when not. We gotta talk about that move we just said Germany show on just ahead a view and Gerri we say it was questionable what my thoughts at the nose didn't fit in that spot. Then there would have been questionable but the nose was there and hander Ricky stayed on course we name it he was taken an alternative line absolutely does he saw a gap. But he stuck it he was staying to the inside of the turn so honestly I'm with Ricky on that was a questionable you act I know senior father kind of Winston and wonder how the marshals rumors say. What are your personal feelings that if you could somehow forget you just won the. Yeah yeah I mean obviously they're gonna be upset that it happened but. I mean from Rick is pretty solid opening and he had the momentum going to that. That opened gap that would last. But that was not a manual and proactive in defending that position Zach you have to react pewter active so we're UN. And who you happen toes there and he was going with the moment and look forward and they got turned and closed yourself. My view it there was a reactive move not our proactive move itself. Yeah neck case that's that the weather is director explained it and every two hours mean that you can across it and are reactive so it's that's all fair game. You know and a couple of tweets oh we had no one of our regular followers. Between the same thing he's like you know you gotta protect those every APEC she got to protect him and so. Now proactive was exactly right and then of course. What's David Hobbs they were saying you you know you can't shut the barn door after the horse is halfway through you know those. I I I think did I have my opinion is a 100% the that was at the right move. And and I believe we still have Spiller marcos' son Jonathan green he's done at the Toyota racing series down a New Zealand. Mr. green and you and you get a new taking on for mr. for mr. Taylor here about to see where we're all are you saying that this wasn't the right move buddy. I. Did you just won a Daytona 24 out. I wouldn't tell honestly say congratulations and I would say. I want to thank. What people are raises in my times that comes a time when now all eight minutes ago and that's what you make doesn't it because it's your credit your gear and they stick by you. You get a second so they go I think that those are always questionable but anybody in the racing community would data would say. Yeah no problem it just it doesn't say let's let the rest. That's it and if know you guys I'm so ecstatic for years so. You know you've got this this car obviously is this set up right now you guys again a great season ahead view. A starting off with a win. So what are your wheel how you feel into the rest of the season now Jordan. I mean it looks good I'm not receive it the Cadillac sort of a lot of grace that we can. We've only really run competitively here at Daytona. So it obviously normally attracts like steering it toward Long Beach welcomes bloody prison where we put you know meet enough I don't port director on the car and see how to react in. We actually had to cut competitors so. I think we have a lot of trust in you know Cadillac into our needs are all the people who built this car he's. So we think we've got a great package didn't you know on it and keep this momentum gonna position dig it here. You know one thing about that package as this hard to argue with is that they look at that car I think is a gorgeous prototype car I leave my hands down. He does and Cadillac have done the candidate they've done an amazing job with. But what every aspect of the look at that car I think it's amazing. Yes I agree and even sound good too I mean a loss it's you know peace you don't do on prototypes off and have. You know quite sound silliness of the big nice six point tutor BA. Throw the noise syndicate you're coming along along well it so I'm glad that we can keep that aspect would just go and we changed platforms in the bit lower courts let. No he carried it over and elders that that part of it. That is the big part of it and I think it'll experience that and feel that when they're at the track so. But feel great in the bar prominent sound good outside at all. Well we we had Ricky on if you thought few weeks ago and we closed the show with the sound of that Cadillac as we've completely agree that this six point two liter V8. I think so I think what are you guys tweeting day the sound of that as somebody's. On the pit wall that went by and it sounds awesome that we we closed the show with that sounded. It is amazing. Well Jordan we are so whom they steady at Wal-Mart question less now noses clean slate votes be sure and check out Ricky and Jordan and there is the Wayne Taylor racing team. They're gonna be here may fourth fifth and six of search the America's. For that big event definitely huge to get snow there available. And selling out quick this is a great event get out this is one of those events we tell you come out participate you get all kinds of access come up. The Taylor family is always fun to visit come by get it photographed during the autograph sessions things like that so definitely Jordan I ask you about that circuit the American right here in our backyard. And a new look forward to coming here. Yeah definitely I mean we've we've all later on brought all there and we had a second it's usually elderly well last year. It's always Cedar Key for some reason we would enjoy go to never enjoyed the city of Boston the total for a total disregard communal coming calendars. It's just a couple agreed atmosphere. Not to detract put in the city as well. It's using one out of the big the big ticket items on our calendar. Well Jordan Taylor thank you so much congratulations. You guys goes so dead in Indian guy gets and it's more coffee after being a hundred cold Florida weather. And no Wilson and got a hotel room tonight instead of how. Blog to let us source RB. Derrick will see in Austin will be plenty warm here so thanks a lot Jordan appreciate you coming on the show. This it travels they are added that is awesome yeah he's not gonna prevent the cold coming here in May have been patent and more. Our arrival we're gonna take a break and when we come back we're gonna hear more from Jonathan green down their New Zealand we're getting you talk a little Formula One of the problem more Daytona 24 listened to speed city live from Austin, Texas. Back after a quick break. Hi I am an official Texas license plate from my place dot com and I'm gonna say next time you're good personal people tell the world who you are with a personalized my for my Blake's dot com like me. Talk and favorite color thing McCain Palin charity and of course favoring state Texas. Who really have been smiley official Texas license plate from our plates that come and I want to be you are likely play. Com and order me. That's what I'm dug him out. 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Well loved us so we had a few things to talk about we get Jonathan green down a New Zealand. I think she's about to blow a gasket after the political news I made it down there but mr. Greene who still hefty down from New Zealand. A FF that's a thorough Gillette passports that they thought credentials and we just we just got to producers the the interview from Thomas Randall sword and have that one of those troops herta racing yes he's a he's doing good he's good trend that have forces on the soil that the minute. That's and yet but you know Jeremy -- brought up the when the American decent with a what's the best Anthony's fifteen years old right. Was always going to be Richard the show's Teaneck mixed GA and his wife and I don't know but he's only he's got a and Japanese essentially come all touch. But like a bit like sure he's been a tough lady will both do forming a right now it looks like. In Europe in the Euro cup next year X so it definitely we got another American to look at force are very excited about. Yeah Al let's just say I'm sorry I think it kind of the beginning there. Not Julianne are now again sorry. So yeah now it is. Okay sorry Jonathan I can had to be put on the spot but. Somebody we gotta be watch NB you know listen and folks it's one of those things who has talked about the Toyota racing cereal has it. New one. Neo pagan BE RH a GE and now cash. So read Judy is that she it will be yet yes you do we know already beaten as a British driver Nico Ari. I take some UK. Richard visual clues Whitney are all under sixty year old. I'm Neal Hawkins and at least in my X from the US. Right. Well so I noticed she said that to and obviously with what Thomas Randall closed the gap now what are the other stories decides the the motorized so does that SOU tweeting out earlier. Well I mean the big story has stated that that Richard Jewell has been. Much the most consistent on any detainees. Didn't see this weekend action Dandridge always depth it's a little posse Europeans that guarantees and clear the -- those are excuses it was at night racing push I'm finding New Zealand's summit campaign. But it was pretty frantic. And peace. It sure did a good Joseph all. But he did mix up in an accident involving himself and Marcus Armstrong's strong New Zealand in the last rice on the day. Pat and that put him out yet to commend Purdue now is done in his front test is better shooting was Saddam damaged in that pulled the steering was damaged. You went back at it in about sixty position and made up well but there was adjudged to have been the cause of the incident and was penalized further. Meanwhile rattled was marching on to victory and he had a very consistent weekend to pole positions. I'm not famous win all blow unless I was drug these areas and New Zealand and that's why Enron and the Boxee because he's not. Exactly points to a long points also all but I. And the show always six races to go. I 75 points for a weigh in in an 82 Castro's letter racing series out you know what I hate is wide open. And there's others like one DJ and arugula. Adding how slick whose price it at all who. Rolling contention that rattles athlete and I'm making the most inroads on the shall leave. Well let's hear that if you did with with Thomas ran right now. Our guys reads that he plans on delighted to welcome once again the show Austria's Thomas Randall who's pretty much taken one of the best victories of his career. And I need lights to flag victory to win in the UK it happens and that's not judges festival tell us about what was a very long and well busy rice who thanks Jonathan vessel. Exactly I mean I was that. What -- rice and other it's not the way Jim went really well we will revisit old trying to practice Apple's bottom all but prices which for me was how major achievement. And then says tries on the track was right now which I'm never experience on my number. Now I'm bush then I'm which is still really good points. The second writes it's just one of those rises that just doesn't carry away and not being 77. Balls really unleashing a lot nicer day myself. And god bless god that thankfully and let the old white man you know energy jobs in the company's site not my flag then. I just didn't go ahead. That may exist in the united boss Bob lives on I don't want another new young zionists and took it easy and to bring in time for the golden boy is spending my engine and all these hills. So you must be aware of just historical prejudices run. The most famous and New Zealand does maximizing what you want him and his offense fuels he's got my name on it including some jam problem. Yes definitely you know all of them in the tragic couple has pulled right insane and I'm gonna. The mausoleum and it was hard Browning 9785. And a head that he went onto enemies of Iran great. Cyrus arts that we designed things sites inevitably that's an Australian lobster 41 years to win and he's a lot of calories. As prestigious as it is serious and deadly message even among very it's a beautifully. She six races to go now and you'll now have very. Solid second place in the championship behind which we shall but god knows that. You won't Owings gets old some exciting coming out of the feds grab the great plains and then you're Rambo Indiana sorry I didn't undesirable. Anything can happen and things like that one price size that Iran wins is good news. This is nothing to make me not so it was still waiting to guiding number and we know we are really gets me. If you win this whole thing will remain. I mean they've come. What is 25 day and unfortunately he has attended the championships. I got the company's business and this company. Outstanding at the top twenty volt concept credit column wins his second son I know it's tough and has a winning. These holes in the minor Ares I really don't sound right thanks so it's just thank you Jonathan chase. Yeah Jonathan obviously this is somebody re wanna watch just like so many these young drivers in the Toyota racing series in. It's going to be exciting to watch this kid but. John hello to shift gears on us pun intended I want to all the talk about Liberty Media I mean I was just so less it feels like this happens. They're all week or two ago because it was such huge news. That the need to deal with liberty media's finalized. That Bernie Ecclestone is no longer the CEO he's now chairman emeritus and that chase Kerry EA is. And then Ross brawn are now in the driver's seat this. I got to ask you John and you know being around Formula One for. A couple of decades plus how do you feel about this. I'm really excited and I you know us only showed last week I would be surprised at Walton a gradual move but it scenes and now tacked on to reflect on it seems to me and I pretty much. Instant take out and what I mean by that is they can't Bernie is a gentlemen. America's that usually means that a big big unto him. I'm Manny got his position in terms ends yeah he's welcome to a erased but it looks is over his decision making hay is our outlook. Says I think she will all be easily done on eight and then. In the waiting on the deals that he Maggie went to tracks with the promoters. Of the things which do the same places brawl broke on his own to back. Until 20/20 so. Even though this is a definite take a look and already grown as they him. On TV and radio ass is Chase Carey talking about their vision of the future. I think it's given me. Stop to see some movement probably as there is a strike X. The further. Try and this is championship now in terms of perhaps you tinkering. But I don't say that anything my age. For example they opportunity to pack. Say none out. Which could abandon all on the table didn't I I don't. I don't think that's possible but I am. I do you think that. We will stop to see incremental soul changes more almost side of marketing and down. Promotion. But I don't think it'll be until 20/20 usually do we see some age. How rule changes in the division of money and the promotion Ambien let's. All right I'm I'm gonna count or you just on one point. We saw a comment come out that chase wants an American. Road course 41. That's street race. And so you know there's there's been talk you know California there's been talk of Vegas. You know I still think Detroit it would be a great. Kind of in your face the answer to American. Men automotive world industry as we know it. Did have seen do you think they would turn around and add a race another race stateside. I think they did do it almost immediately not need wouldn't count is that an axiom and I think they could certainly get right T. I think street prices is a far more books well I'm easy uneasy about it that happened I think it's a formal around and we get this is temporary structure it's possible that's my vote would be someone like Miami Florida weather is an international grad can use that. All the time Amanda's sounds a little long is also all right you know percentages. Retirees summoned from the northeast who also on the sun's rays and my other shouldn't be in real somewhat less. And I like they did Detroit like it because I think there is a region dimension and I am a huge impact on the I think that Detroit welcome it we seem as excessive bow Lyle. I didn't bandwidth. And Gretel right across in Detroit much success class socially I think there is a want to go to it took about a city and something that are open for. Hey salutes let's talk about. Mattel says we relate Las Vegas. Chemicals known for gambling but they cannot handled the race a bit different isn't the government involved there. Yeah not sunny in but allergies now on 63 year it was very much you need is very much in a terrorism event. Then they won't know why tourist site wasn't always gambling capital macabre. And they used to be Elliott a tourist destinations element got robbery and laws to let people know where sat on the Mac now it's gambling an influx of Chinese. Downloads coming to exit from the mainland Gamal and Macau's mega BA's biggest economy in the world so it doesn't need to advertise its whereabouts. But I can look at Robert Cray is part of a lottery and potter in the glaze street circuit in rural. You know as a counter to Marco. I still think it had its place and it still must stages much rice in none. Southeast Asia and the Arafat's Ramallah jet I say this word Wilcox. Both formula three. GTE's Adam that you know I'm torn Gaza so I think it's you know it shape it has it's a sea ice but he's mores of motorized the NASA location and. You know along this story is asserted America's chairman Bobby Epstein. Weighed in on this this week local paper statesman interviewed him and he said he likes three years he said. That another US events. Should eventually build more interest in the united seize ground for even if it. Does make Austin's Austin suffer a little bit initially says in the long run it'll bring a little bit more attention to the sport and our race. And second race would keep the support of the sporting front of people for a longer period. And he does bring up and get a drawback. About the war the way it is now it's an all the other races no it started such odd times of the day for so many analysts. And a second race in the US would be easier to watch. So the only thing that I would say in that is I think Liberty Media will pay attention to it. The Mexico race in the Austin raced to me are two geographically. Too close to each other geographically. And so I kind of feel like they may be stealing a little audience from each other what if we hadn't you know the Dakota race and a Canadian race. Early in the year and then a second Americans. Re send in Mexico later in the year knowing that they're not going to be exactly close. Plus it would give timeframe for you know anybody wants to attend in person. To be able to gather up some vacation again and then restore their guns have been getting the other race Steve you know I'm bodied addresses. Not my second race in another way like Jonathan cities and races are expensive as says takes it would take sixty to ninety million dollars to setup a street course. And the logistics are very difficult just like Jonathan said and Jonathan this is a man who would probably know what it would cost to sell one of those up. So. And migrate. Oh yeah. Think I've got no problems apparently not it. US ground prayer really down and dig it it seems some might need it I think does that mean Max is that was built Obama once they get around but I think in order to get under the skin of the Americans little slack and you can't just how I want icu irritates you need to have more promotion and we got a warm as simple as that and you know there are all worries about are both single poll lights yeah Audi and possibly Brazil so there's opportunity and out of that. So what if the and if so Leah football Super Bowl only happen once a year Norris time the football players played in countries on the other side of the globe mean you have to do don't. It slowly and Matthew had a China NFL strand the drug did after awhile. Our whole we need to take a break guys and when we come back we're gonna continue to story because. We've got a little clip of an interview with the Ross brawn that was done by ESP in the UK. Talking about Austin and Taylor Swift. And how all this is a Taylor swift's fans here have. All of that has so. Is to quiz after the break we have very back from these messages and. Welcomed it and your license plate eyes and different things and all right Mary Lou for the cast adrift and a new car Maine your license plate easy my plate is eighteen teach what people are. ACL UTM. ABC ABC ABC news triple. Can't remember might bloody do you should've gotten a personal Texas played from my place dot com they're still memorable night. It's saved 40% with a five year commitment to real winner in order your personalized license plate from my place dot com. Susan camera and video is the largest camera store in Texas and at the 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest map fracture offerings yeah. Founded in 1976 and still on an already the last time his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. We can make products and Otterhound experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and it culminating sell stuff. The quality service to come CB itself precision camera videos to full 38 west out of some length. The race track it's way legends are born and only the finest machines and a reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find it Aston Martin lost in the notice of Boston Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor car. Boston exotic iconic automobiles it's racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny. Because you'll remember just a long ride. I like 183 not a big deal rose. I'm thinking OK. Hi this is Elaine Myers never tell anyone motor America seem like I have thirteen. Running rumors port in the ground our sport tracing. You're listening to speech Citi media. Taylor let's bring you back thank you producer. An online critics motorcycle collection gamma gamma site collection on American Tim because the moto GP limited notices. But still we left. We were good news we gonna play a little clip from model Ross brawn who is obviously going to be involved at liberty media and Formula One and a big way. And we got a clip from the paley did an interview with ESP UK. And he talks. About two specifically Taylor Swift. And the how Cota brought Taylor Swift and in his opinion on that well Jonathan I know you've worked around Ross brawn some more washed your little intro why we ought to listen this guy can't. Well I think cal and raw hole is probably the DE based. No good story you will come out of the lady liberty immediately go to an extra couple reasons who are Ross brawn has never done that got a T shirt he has been around for willow lawn or almost thirty years and he's one world championships wins both Ferrari each and missed safeties after his own seat. So there is nobody with more respect there is nobody understands both how to make it cops how to run a cop how to run a budget finish at the insides of working with a Bernie are you saw the working with FOM. Salute you right guy for the job and I think he can help Liberty Media get to where they need to do it. Well let's hear this this clip from Ross brawn talking about. Then Taylor shrift Canada and more. So Austin for instance I'm tired of drift homicides in times of great success. And then you get these get friends who may not be big race firm birthers are from consideration as well. Imagine yourself together crossover. Lindsay media. How were launcher over in my admiration Russian they're very important. I also commercial. Free news crosswind coming. And we want to be over how commercials. On the maturity of successful races. Like Singapore and shown them. And so you what we're doing already through my whole thing mormons timing package from trying create a template for insurgents to use. And then give them support you know. You too many for a whole weekend earlier in the week. Much mall. Successful. Package from Hewitt and also change your mindset of the team you drive me. The gruesome former suns. Really is remarkable drums and get them and you really. Giving them centers. Support programs perform. There's no real reason that we need him they were new generation change you'll be right next generation of drivers comes through nervous problems were responsible for us harm your home. I'm told immature or where we're from to erupt outsmart from Austria and honors philosophy for your situation. Only a lose lose you mean your objectives and lesson message. And I'm getting from memos were convinced me to get involved. Syndrome is a wonderful job. I'm no one can do it the way he's on the phone sort of rounds CN there. We saw again. I'm. I am free recovering a different approach which. Works in different ways. Jonathan I sounds argue that curry said that's why he's involved to it's a pretty pretty heavy endorse or not. I accidentally and and I I did a great mullet you know you look at the NASCAR. Mullen you look at these new models and in the Indy 500 which I've been involved in Bertha to the last ten years sucks those eyes are on junkets it's like a movie. They go on the talk shows they go around the country pre and they are seen him now shaking hands like political. You know and campaign cash. That tick tick tick hey Jim you know importance of engaging encouragement and gauge interest in the French which is the Indy 500 and Ross's. Point to the fact that Formula One chance to just land on Wednesday it should not let anybody in. To the product unless you have all the BID credentials. So don't running sixth mirror and so I think. I think probably would agree to none in particular the the pizza also moderated that has been to this to this point in their experience of Formula One yeah see you've got money you could experience it firsthand or do privileged enough to be in the media as we are. You did get to see it close. But I think that's gonna change didn't go out and not he says the new generation of drivers have got to be willing. To get that armed clashes symbolism. You know I think geared there I think all of your on the right course with that because you know who is the biggest. You know social. Media person in Formula One behind the wheel right now it connects with his audience without a doubt Lewis Hamilton. Correct and remember it was two years ago. That he got his wrist slap for snapped Channing from the panic because he didn't have broadcast rights. As little as it's exactly that's exactly right that does say at all it's crazy. You've got this immensely popular. Driver and doing something that that now Ross brawn and liberty media and Chase Carey are all saying they're going to encourage and that the old regime said. They didn't like Porter fiesta by a worldwide broadcast rights and access a statement does seriously that's it the new generation the new generations all slipped Chet. In Abu words were kind of behind the scene now on FaceBook and if you think you'll think that. So Lou I think the gutter right yet to reach the the next generation of race fans that they're gonna have to be there they're gonna be Taylor Swift savvy if you will. Yup and I think this I love that Ross brawn is endorsing that you know when I first heard about Taylor Swift at him I was gone this is great is going to be. You know a lot of people metals like do we is this the way we want to try to grow the sport and also I have an understanding in the middle accounts are with my daughter are hearing of the people there repercussions. For weeks after from all her friends and their parents absolutely. Absolutely zero. They're there while you're off on the cruise ship Jon Jonathan and I had Bobbi Bernstein on. And I slid to be quite honest I question that. Because I wasn't sure yeah a family would pay you for one price. To get Indus have their kids see Taylor Swift. And that is probably yes Darden looking up recipes for crow that was an awesome call. Death yeah absolutely. What Jonathan we've just got him a minute or so left. And any other thoughts on the liberty media and and Bernie and everything else sunning. I know one thing in my mind is it we we have to a big round of thanks for Bernie I know he's just he's been a strange character and all these years. But he's definitely put look he didn't a lot of great things for Foreman on. Yeah. Every is unknowing Angel it's a fantastic book that got black actually act they already read you really wanna hear about. History of modern racing I slept Porsche. Since the seven seasons has only been around it backstage truly amazing animals are reading Damon hill's book. The moment and Matt city what's expected because his father of course was a right bush two time world champions automatic to new era guys we should be absolutely excited and Cochran who we got some very very small guy is leading the way. I think we the media can help guide the I think we got a responsibility and act a rapid out to get more involved and offer our selves our time and energy space and more importantly carnage. Because seven closing at neck. Yep I agree more guys we're done with our time we wanna thank everybody for listening and now. Thanks to Jordan Taylor for coming on the show imagine that amazing win out there in Daytona. And check us out on our website speed city broadcast dot com. Follow us on social Twitter and FaceBook we're pretty active there and not try to put on the content all the time. Thanks for joining industry city we'll talk to next week. Carol Sato.