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Come and Talk It, 01/29

Jan 30, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for comment socket with your host Michael Carr guilt. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good afternoon. Austin, Texas the loud music capital the world less praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Today we won't have on the phone Tom Taylor the chief marketing officer and executive vice president for six hour. Also we have inside the studio my favorite instructor reach a Malone with Texas firearms freedoms. Also on the phone later in the hour. We won't have role Roy come macho would safety measures. But first let me walk until they show the executive VP for seeks our Tom Taylor. Tom welcome that come to talk you sir how you doing. Hey Tom welcome to come to talk and I do insert. I am good I carry you. Outstanding so and then there's a lot going on with six hour. You guys. That's it's been incredible last few couple years couple months couple weeks you name it it's literally incredible to. Track where the companies going how these days. And I and I hear you guys they've got a really big contract with the US army. Yeah we GO Thursday. We were notified that we have been awarded the the US military contract and Dorsey can't talk much about it we're kind of in a quiet period but you know it's it's exciting because it's only the third time. Since. Basically in March 11 that this has happened you know we have a 1911 the bread and now the city. What the base of the got a 5320s so pretty pretty exciting stuff to. To be awarded that contract to get some obviously some pretty a pretty strong competitors. OK you guys got a lot of new stuff going nine. Also soon. What what's new from the shot shall. Yes I mean we just just back from from shot in you know what. The mic built what most of will notice a shot is in our sort of currency brand positioning is you know Sig has become a complete systems provider. And nine are red noses for our our you know I handguns first and the rifle to come on in recent years. But you know also I don't talk over about ammo off to access oppressors they're guns. And we decided to do is try to be a full service. Really arms supply company in you know the strategy is working pretty well but but it just the charts show alone I think some of the most exciting stuff. Talk about the 320 you know being awarded the are very and of the three Torre being awarded a US military contractors with 320 RX. You know I think over the last couple years a lot of people of the country may with the 320 but. They are ex model is very exciting so you know they give you look at over the past few years people have been be a pretty pleased with the assessment of what sentiment he core horror. Block him OS and then and you go out you buy reflex topic forest. I think he's part of the issue been the you know you're probably in the that got for eleven or 12100 dollars but I'm about to go on the I'll figure it. Sided then and then make producers in the work together. What's excited about 320 our axes that when you buy the guy on the optics are our Romeo one reflects optic you installed on the gun cited him. Ready to go and it's been fully tested. The topic has been fully tested to that's a 101000 rounds. Which is. Pretty significant I think burst their competition and then you know we win. Think when you buy a city you expect a certain things sort USA got Dick is certainly one. Expect something really good so. I don't know if you ever shot in the reflects softer can get under the kind of changes the way issues. A nice top. And so I only see guys get into the business of ammunitions what is what exactly does that mean. Yeah. Took about two years ago sitting decided to. It to the the ammunition. Area and I think. You know like when you hear a lot of companies there's there's two ways people do it most most commonly that's acquisition a lot of companies can't acquire companies are ammunition companies. Have acquired other companies in the case of if Federal Reserve them for the big boys and they've got to come here to expand didn't. Require a lot of different good things but Singh decided to go about it a little different route. We we brought in our own now business leader who is very experienced and went out again now are our own staff and start your own facility. In Kentucky and we do the ammo and the six hour. In the performance of the crown which is the first thing we came out where it which is a really high performance self defense around and we have it based at all crystal Albers now started nine millimeter this number on the pretty much everything a handgun. We started their hand. Made our own product and that's the category forces grown so quickly that. Target date is march over the sort of march 10 will be opening of the brand new. Facility in Arkansas. Might not commit but our own ammo. Will be Americans. But the I'll point that we LB ground ball and ammo Bryant slam this year the nude shot sure Mamo. We're expanding into my number of I mean callow little star was recalled big HT. Will be in to do three surreal way. Wolf we have a number of variants of 300 block out. And then over the year will be expanding to 2252. Forestry and get thirty Essex saw on the typical. Will be unique you know later court or ten or twelve typical hunting. Caliber so were were full service animals supplier and we make our own them now in Kentucky and five midway through this year everything else pretty much be in house and our new new Arkansas facility. OK and we had to go for me inside the studio here one ask you some questions. On bourbon compliment I do you really like your nine millimeter on the first spoke about actually compared it to some ball ammunition probably not the best example but. On the end notices ridiculously a lot smoother so I can definitely about tree also line that I'm definitely impressed. Appreciated what one thing that you know not a lot of lawyers are one another camera that does sister won't we developed our our ball and are being crowned our whole point. They they do. Have the same point I've made so when you go there and you wanna. You know I'm out of much a ball and a little cheaper at a price point and then changer ammo into your. Whole point it's the same point eventually don't have to worry about allowing her practicing torture as much richer. Paul's point the opposition to practiced it. You know you just you can knowing they have the same point a very mixed pretty big difference I so appreciate feedback. So I have a quick question for you with you get in the military contractor and Norman never dungeon anathema to them. Is that going to affect your. Consumer like if I go to. The bell was or you know any gun store and listen to touch is gonna arsons in China by your. By your city American avenue issues or rewrote fully expand enough turn compensate for that so there's going to be a lack. Yeah I mean the you know we've been observed planning for this day if you pick came we we knew we had to make some pretty significant changes to our capacity and we've been planning for that we've we've been planning for space for equipment for. You know anything that we do with regard to the 320 we've been playing for that and so you know be hard to say it won't affect it at all. But for right now especially in the early portion of the contract. It doesn't it's not gonna effect it quite honestly as much as the overall demand in the commercial market. We've we've been behind on the 324. Over a year and you know that we do have a lot of other law enforcement military contracts you know that was so is this the normal slow that I have a business. But the the issue we've had a 320 is just city continues to gain popularity and not now introducing RX and then the other. The sort of talked about a long ago the other guy and then the three point line is there was probably the biggest tradition Russia was called the X series. And the X series is actually the frame and the platform that the military project was built around. And you know that's that was probably are our biggest hit of the show so. Let's say the bigger issues just demand. So we know we were were wrapping up as fast we can and we hope to keep up and but it said the military contract will be more to slow slow roll into the big numbers and about time we do that they've been sort of give us time to to catch up. Pacino expect a military contractor really slow things down. With the production of everything else. Now now I mean it's it's. We play assist to to do something like that if the magnitude of that contract if we had to make plans to be ready for them and we get a little bit of time to do that but. You know it's the three Tony had already reached a certain level popularity and then I guess the downside is that the upside. You know overall the bit down signed for for the consumer long termer has is. That is popular with a gun just keeps making it kind of hard to get so that's that's the bigger issue is just the demand in the consumer market right now. Shifting gears a little bit as a manufacture what are your thoughts on the new progress on the hearing protection act. Well you know we can do is is. You know kind of follow along and we are you know as as manufacture we are involved in the Americas press association were involved in the the lobbying and legislation for that as a suppressor manufacture and you know we just like everybody else or are. You know we're trying to do our part to smooth long it's obviously it changes things you can walk into a gun store by. By your firearm and then buyers suppressor in the same manner just simply by junior forty force of mystery and walking out of suppressor or mean talk about capacity constraints. You know if that happens we'll have to be settlement be bigger challenge of the 320. If that happens were were little concern that with all the things on. The new. You know breathing in smoke played that we're not sure that's even better so they're gonna take on this year in 2017 we hope for a hopeful of that. But more or hearing is is probably more like a 2018 initiative so. But we will will certainly be part of the fight to try to make it happen is. As fast as we can't. Hi this is racial and so as a firearms instructor I'm very interested in the phenomenon of the reflex optics on handguns. And as you mentioned yeah I they they definitely take a steep learning curve and take specific training to be able to use them. I'm so as an instructor it's important to me to stay on top of that curve and be able to instruct people coming and I'm wondering do you first see those really taking over. I'm the standard site from pistols. You know I think I think it's hard to say right now our estimates are that only about between one and two percentage shooters is I have ever really. Put them on their guns Zune store for very low number as a racial that the structure you probably know that may but you know I think it's. When people get a chance to shoot them and as you've probably done it it is a game changer rank have it's it's nothing about ten years ago the colts they could do was throw like a Troy battle site under here you are and you thought your school now you go to the range and you're nobody goes there ready to had a red dot on AR is so much easier this year. And so you know. Because we hope to make this vote. Affordable but also at the same time I have a very high quality product on something that's very difficult to make high quality I'll I'll adamant that. A handgun of all they really be set off the cuff and took quite a bit of it took about eighteen months from the from the time we finished it sort of how we serve blessed and so it was ready to get its. No launched a market and so I think it's just like everything else says it'll take training but once people. Put another gun once it. Become hopefully more affordable deal not just from us or from other manufactures and how little they really will make he'll continue I think to make. She eating more fun as we all know that do it that'll introduce more negotiators of the sport. It's self defense and all those great things. Coleman sounds very. All right so let me go to the phone line now are calling numbers 512643. Lives that's 5126435483. Come in talking. So we go to lie and one just in the loss legislative director for most ardent gun rights. Justin yet a question mark or the VP and seeks out and doing great. You have got a question actually regarding the not on the topic of borrowed our sites. Album art design and far more round red outside because I I think one of the biggest totaled about those users durable cumbersome and America. They're kind of comparable to carry want to define a slide it has to be integrated into it to where it's fully protected and much more low profile. I think that's say. What its greatest questions can be asked Bennett if manufacture and I'll work on something like that I think I'd be remiss of me that's you know that's. That's it's got that they. As ritual that's all ago it is there is going to be a little bit of a wave of the future and the more we can get it down you know on the side and then. Potentially to manufacture in the slot I think that's wonderful idea and it's it's something that I think could be out there in the future. And I don't enjoy Turkey. So impressionable and most rural I think at a loss firearms ordinance are coming. Internally suppressed a murder assault and you're gonna can tell all the searching a lot more new models which. Are coming out with a stop surgical patrols called it simple par is a small will be much cheaper. Home as well because of equality and stop you're gonna be sound. Yeah I think if you look in the back shops of most. You know sort of build great. They are style rifles. You know you see projects and have those in a role model that sort of thing the military's been sort of on that and you know they've understood the serious issue for many many years and and I think that's been sort of on the drawing board and then. I think some of the funding got pulled back from that point pulled back you know from our our current conflict a few years ago but thank everybody understands that that is. The future and I think we talk of you talk about red dot optics on handgun you talked by animals oppression. I think coming with a friendly environment because I mean if you think about it as manufacturer who has spent a lot of time sort of you know in certain environments. I didn't help save the Second Amendment that sort of thing just like you know many of them have of Americans do we reinvest a lot of time and effort in heaven now that we can. Hopefully take a deep breath on that side of the equation began to it to work on legislation middle. Make all all things either force that that we do support. Farms in the second lemon nope make. She easier and quieter and more you know help these three years all those things. Think you'll see the other you see a lot of innovation. Over the coming years I think that's something that's where we're headed. I also didn't have gotten. Good report might have got a question regarding the tree corner now. I go forth the bird that's retort you guys are Colbert mocked when he thought Clark. Now that the handgun it's different some in page 45 was you know classic 226 been around for. For many many years in the MK 25. Variant is the gun the Navy SEALs have been carrying for many many years so. That I don't have to upload going to us regarding now I guess I guess the new 320 going to be called in case seventeen month of march 17. Well what were. Where you leave the the project name the military side to when it was in development was that except seventy is on the press release so it's it's you can go read it but that's why can talk about it but via. The project was called ex im seventeen and and our understanding is the finished product is called the M seventeen. And then so. Maybe along same onto them I don't know but to be honest with you we don't know what it's going to be called yet that's kind of why it took quite tired right now though the military has told us. You know any more information about what they wanna call it had to be out to be honest they're the boss you know we know when you go through. They contract. Battle like this and and you know you end up in this position all we can do is is sort of respect their wishes and and go this so when you read about it right now a lot of people would make cult going to be calling you pay him seventeen but in terms of you know commercial. You know the commercial name or what they'll allow us to do in the commercial market is still love someone unknown. Right may not say thanks Tom I really appreciate you coming on the show and in lay in the south force. And I definitely wishing luck down the road would say again I hope we can still get pills products out this year. Well or were we can there I think that I had awesome man thinking Tom Taylor executive VP was six hour. All right so weird we're talking with seeing that would talk about what's going on down the road and we're also. After this break we're gonna discuss constitutional carrying some instructors afford some instructors are against this is Michael Cargill. And you are listening to come and talk. Hello this is Gerald already has the precinct three Kelly commissioner here in trials and the and you're listening to come and talk just. Welcome back to come and socket with Michael car deal. We're talking all things firearms now here's Michael kargil. And now it's time for GG in the global venues global good news sponsored by GDS enterprise GPS the largest supplier of air fifteen parts and accessories so for all on the air fifteen parts success we need to go to GDS. In a prize located at 321 was Ben White boulevard suite T 02 in Austin, Texas located right next door to central Texas gun works. India news. New Hampshire a constitutional Kerry. Wally gun control bill in New Hampshire was going through a hearing with the criminal justice committee. A constitutional Kerry bill was being passed through the New Hampshire Senate Judiciary Committee. The governor gave his support to the bill in the statement released on the ninth of this month. In the statement he described the bill is common sense legislation in support of citizens' fundamental right to carry a firearm. The bill passed the send along party lines with the majority thirteen Republican senators. Voting for the bill while the minority ten Democrats senators voted against it. The bill is expected to pass in the house since it is also Republican majority control. Previous deals had attempted to be put through but had been vetoed in their attempts by former governor Maggie. A son. Would be robbers scared away in Dallas. Last Saturday morning a Dallas man was lying in his bed asleep when he heard a noise that caused some concern. Luckily he was prepared he awoke and looked at the security monitors set up around his home. The camera footage shows two young men one armed with a rifle the other with a crowbar as they attempted to break open the homeowners store. Saying this on the screen the homer in the home owner Terri Morgan quickly grabbed the shotgun. And went to scare them away. He scared them away with a loud noises and approached the door. That's when they started to shoot into the house as they begin to risk it. Morgan opened the door and fired back to the burglars while they tried to run into a vehicle with three other individuals. Morgan has this message. For the would be murderers. I'm told him we had nothing. You know you take from people way and I think I will fight for everything. Every way he gets cost something better education sales gift shop and that you can do better in breaking people's home because you will be keel. The footage from earlier in the night shows a female who was working with the others attempting to determine if anyone was home by knocking on the door. Morgan wasn't hurt and doesn't believe he was able to shoot any of the suspects. Wyoming making its way to campus Kerry. A Wyoming state House Judiciary Committee. Further advance to pay their bills earlier this week that would effectively legalize campus Kerry if they were in stated. The bill's supporters. Like Republican rep both Pittman. Stated quote the purpose of the bill is to restore fundamental natural rights to self defense and quote. Some parents have even come out and support of the bill saying they would still safer knowing that good guys with guns. Would be able to protect their children while on campus. Jan laughter it's one of those parents stated. Criminals target areas. As we all know they are not allowed to have guns and quote. Detractors from the bill are saying that there would create more crime. Such as Chris Boswell who is worried about the likelihood of suicide on campus increasing your campus Kerry were allowed to pass. House bill 136 advanced through the Judiciary Committee. And the bill would allow the carrying of firearms by a licensed individual on college campuses including an athletic event. Without written consent from the school. The same day the committee advanced HB 137. Which allows concealed carry by a licensed person into any government entity. Or any meeting of the legislature or committees there of senator Anthony Borchard. Also a sponsor of the bill said quote in a perfect world we wouldn't require. A permit to carry on campus and quote. Arizona heroes speaks out. After an anonymous good samaritan save the life of an Arizona State trooper earlier this month when the trooper was being beaten on the side of the road. The story got some national attention for some time to good samaritan elected to remain unknown. But recently his identity was revealed to the public has 43 year old Thomas he talks all the photographer. Avid reader. And a former felon with restoring gun rights. As he detailed in a press conference. He takes his responsibility. Of being in gun owner very seriously with a lot of discipline. Despite the fact that he has no law enforcement or military experience. He describes the event and the impact it had on himself in this press conference. Gloria I never what do trapped. That was gonna save somebody's life. Well I won't take life with another individual. That is something that will stick with Maine yeah. 'cause I was coming up onto the scene. Slowing down yeah I can see Trevor Anderson is lights aren't enough players on the road. Because I proceeded to go forward. I notice a suspect on top of that trip and should be amateur savage way. I immediately pulled over. Spot that your brandish it. Commands or ignored by the suspect as chipper actually called for help. Alleviated this threat to happen. I firmly believe that that morning Ellis cut. They're as almost that set before. I got. It's difficult to think about. About that day still. I'm just thankful. I was able to respond. To courage. Dignity great support its. Ultimately say trip Anderson's life. He goes on to say that he does not consider himself a hero at all. And that he states the only reason he came forward this to help himself get through this situation can begin the healing process. And this is vineyard global gun news report for this week of January 29 2000. Let's say he may not consider himself a hero and he's definitely hero in my eyes and I love the way he worried that the jury and I do alleviated a threat. And he sure didn't parried so now where we're gonna bring into the conversation role Roy Camacho. Rose and bill TC instructor in he's the owner of safety measures about role welcome to come and talk to certain. Thank you appreciate you being I appreciate you couldn't hear us. Outstanding and so are rolled so we think about constitutional caring now that's a big topic of the week representative Jonathan stick Glenn. Now filed a bill this year in and a lot of people supported constitutional Kerry and for those that do not know. Constitutional Kerry means day you will be able to carry year firearms openly or concealed without a license. Still roll and LTC instructor what are your thoughts on that. Well my I'm really Laporte and god put different than that doesn't make me anti Second Amendment ring connect how I'm not strong believer in the Second Amendment. But also believe that the fourteenth amendment. You know and told us stayed so we have an Armenian state the right salute. And he gives some kind of authorities don't worry of the arms. Control. A lower or stage. We go to our state statute. You know our constitutional statute cannot think it's it's against statute and the only need to be changed. Right so and let me bring into the conversation. I just and a lost a legislative director for most ardent gun rights. I just in what's your response to that. I'd also like to bring a put and a member of the powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution. Nor government invited to understand our reserve time spent respectively. Orchard to people. What people think about. I mean there's a lot of middle under the law. Top American port would people have different opinions of orbit. But believe he did about what twelve people eleven. Supreme Court cases they also the same thing that the states have. No right to really aware of arms and so would have been my debt level that would certainly in the. I agreed or got a lot Omagh Bowden lost posture for sure a lot of disagree without at all. So they are saying today he knows it pretty courts made up street Bernard and I understand what you're saying under sanctions because they've out about law. Does not mean that it though right. I think I think what justice is really asking is what do you have a problem with the fundamentals. Constitutional Carrey you. Of the government. Let Israel do to put the words is that we're not just you know you never leading and who received mean Bennett. And it's different entry into the rhetoric but talk more multi NRA members believe we can do it took her permit program. Not the majority. Most gun owners believe in some kind of vetting as well. People believed it feel to be educated and trained and done. United going to be turning out in public so. But that's hung being controlled by the government that's up to the gun owner to make the decision to go learn how to use that firearm shouldn't be used. State mandated or federal mandated so you have to do this but my question is. Why do you think we should have to pay money to be taxed to military air gun. What about the 75 year old Graham. That's on Social Security that can barely afford to pay their bills but still want to be able to cure they're done inside HEB. Eric I can't take care of their guns because what you're attentive to our dollars to take class. Yeah I'm not only read. The first thing you'd you know charged 140 bucks and think they said I'm very much for persons do we don't send to a regular license or permit. Plus I don't understand some mornings. Scholars or something that you can afford 25 dollars. You don't know. League if you look at TV these are Graham all the documentation being on the dirt dirt dirt dirty in the discount her or perceive yourself. Gaylord about the Tony eight year old single mother of three that the dad left in his abusive. And she wants to have a guy and and carry it around honored to protect yourself from abusive dad wants to kidnap the kids but what about that mom what do you say in her when she has to go undecided. What do I feed my kids or do I go and get her done. And carrying around orders should decide to go and break the law concealed carry a gun and hope she and every car with a having used there's. There's hundreds of her circumstances what about the 22 year old college kid the north's military our campus and he doesn't even have a job because he's a football player and he's on scholarship and scholarship students are allowed don't have a job they can have employment or they lose their full scholarship. Sort of out that kid what do you tell them they just because you're on scholarship too badly ever gonna. And 1%. Don't always know that you're given me is less than 1%. You know it's. Still under person. It's still warm person you are already so their rights are being untrue and I hold on let's go the good news just and I just. Lol let me ask you this what what percentage of tax and do you think drugs are normal and gun from the book are now. Don't run a bit this year. I would I would argue that it's probably more more going around the world that would and governor in the glove compartment Bennett but it got to CHO would you agree without a disagree. Today I mean it's back coming we know that Google are no match so that's not going to be the issue the issue is that we're now. We're in the data mama did his words they doubt the backdrop that he can you're claiming you're going to happen. Because there is not. Well the data that I'm looking at it actually is what's in the data and having another country's military states. You know people are saying that you know that kind of gunned down. Wyoming is violence in Vermont as violence. They're the safest states in the union are firm. Don't have like I did my research I know that's what we live out laugh don't he get the thing about. We have to think about league deal population. They also allow felons to carry up there because of that the animals so it's. You can't really answer take all Alaska and did. Surprise that a lot of problems people phones will come true noncriminal somebody's going to nonviolent to carry guns on our problems that. But I do have a volatile ones who were you know there are violent. Shouldn't it be carried out just let me do it's good should begin licensing multiple purchase firearms. Luckily it went up. Do you think that we should commit that we should have to go through a safety course and have a license in order to purchase firearms. Not look for purchasing brilliant and caring again in public he Bernal to hundred no begun. Because I mean that's only right you have. That is that usual pool and that's full moon is you know I can be Billy is simply that he's slightly. And so I think none education should be the forefront. What I owing to a shooting range you don't think that people like I'm a perfect example okay. I have a gun I don't have. Open carry. License I never went on the business owner I've tried I've scheduled but often times there's a conflict of interest. And. My priority is running my business. I was in an abusive relations said. And got divorced and have been attacked and so I've made it a priority to carry guns legally where I can. But one thing I'd do is I go to shooting range and I learned how to shoot because guess solidify shoot if it's five fired again I wanna hit the person OK I don't wanna mess. So. I make sure that I know how do you set. Don't you think that people that carry guy he's either just an abiding gun throat in their glove compartment and never figure out how to use. Can he yes absolutely. We know for a fact that most people really read instructions on a firearm. We know sort of I thought that most people don't have to get there TC. Didn't ever do Horton and further their training. And you know I guess. So don't eat so you think that we should have a law will we make him take the class. If they're gonna carry hadn't done all the life of security yes and I Davis Cup is a very same thing. I mean even surprise coming Google are enormous and the law mean there's people there that think that it took finishes alone just recently just doesn't mean the property. You the other instructors you should know that SI mean the other students in there that think it's okay issue. Chester Arthur just for simply trespassing on the property which is incorrect. Two of the need to be here on knowledge has been important you can return to god are you meet are abusing his guns and you know personal defense. So row all of this is Rachel I'm also an instructor and here in Austin site of a couple questions for you so I am I did this book I support constitutional carry I think there are several reasons that we began. Allegedly argues with the constitutional Kerry is the correct option for taxes. I believe it is a safer option and I I believe I have some statistics to support I also believe that. I see that sex is legislature has been given the authority to rage killing the wearing of arms with a view to prevent crime. I don't believe that the determining assists and prevents crime and so therefore I believe that is a legitimate to drop license requirement that honestly. To mean the most important reason why I support constitutionally carries I don't believe it's the government's responsibility. To protect us nor do I believe they even could protect us if we wanted them to. Or if we sign not authority and I deleted as a personal responsibility issue so. And dat is the ultimate reason why I support permanent a scary because it is ultimately up dip to the individual. To protect themselves and I'd love to hear your comments on map so when we come back. We're talking with Rachel Malone Texas firearms freedoms were talking with the wrong royko modules safety measures. And we're talking about people that are for and against constitutional care to talk about instructors who talk in two instructors who were for and against. This is Michael Cargill and youth are listening to come and talk. This is serious it is just pick one and you're listening to you to comment at all it is Monday August 13 indefinitely. Welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael's car he'll find we're talking with instructors that up for constitutional carrying against constitutional case. So let me bring back to the Mike unreachable lol good Texas firearms freedom Goodrich. I think you so Rowell. I just asked a question so on I. Believe constitutionally Carrey is the correct options for taxes not only because I think is legitimately did do you. The in the best interest of text into the legislature to drop the requirement I believe it's safer I believe the results let's kinda ultimate only. Because I believe it's our own personal responsibility. To protect ourselves and not up to the government nor should we assign an authority. And I was interested to hear your comments on that issue. Yeah like an individual from our mindset I mean that's why you're here. You know it might mean a libertarian and you know they think gives its that simple literally irresponsible. However there was going to be knowledgeable to law all the heat and able to handle and get you know instantly or there born. He ripped. You know knowledge of how responsible. You run for office is libertarian. Our military and my principal told credit so you know military Israeli runs as a libertarian. Yeah element to return urine for Democrat so you know we. We you know we heard but my principles are little different trying to open the hole right in the military mindset because. He really weren't a libertarian and as a libertarian so. Do you think that. This constitutional caring is past and there's this can be. Blood in the streets in new while our west and shoot outs everywhere simply because that's what I honestly feel like you're saying are just constitutional Kerry comes to fruition then. Frankly kind of gunned down. Output dropped a whole nation we know that perfect enough not always have a neutral students are we know that the because they were carrying guns in the conceal or can help you carry. Martin you're the facts when you look at stuff lately pollutants like the last guy collapse contender custody period. Since 2003. And if you look at the DPD. I erased the bottom crimes I would result already has this guy wrote skyrocketing. For the past. Here we also have an insane mess this year and speed issue there that a lot more issues and gun issues open last us our last is really not too fair. To lumpiness let's go after the other states besides last about Vermont the safest state in the entire union. What about Wyoming the other safest state in the union what about those two they both have constitutional care they require. No permit no nothing and yet there's no shootouts is no blood mysteries is nobody can happen each other doing drive byes and all out of the crap. So I just I don't see where your where your free catalyst. Local newspaper story and they do a lot of hunting. Their population is completely different from marsh. And so in a while wincing pain of the demographics in the international. Did population very different. So those are those people more special than we are they more educated they more. John savvy or her way what's know what what's the difference between me being a Texan and then being no Wyoming in or whatever they're called. But what's different. All the things Millie and certainly not the most Walsh going up this afternoon sending units that because we have the most guns either. He remembered all we know for a fact yet deal resource and Iowa have the most just per capita. And so that tells you right there than we here in Texas we need albeit we did a lot of big. And it gets what you think we should decent we have more laws to restrict guns which was should we didn't. I don't know Irish strict so let's see we did a lot of work on mountain and when did what she would do. Well I have a I have a question. Yeah education and training of succeeding and that seems to be in the argument between. In Toledo they were indicating they're training people here in Austin, Texas. But when you don't they ridge canyon training people here. Well we are doing that will soon be a tough decision Jerry. Not that train again go away from. People are gonna park here after they've got to get their gotta think indeed and gonna really hinges. Call featuring a lot of these. You do you said that they use has the most lost or stolen guns correct. Is that blue dress up the street Guillen up. OK okay I'm not I'm not disputing that. So if we have the most lost or stolen guns apparently somebody stealing them and when there's lost whoever's finding them is not. Returning him to whomever they belong to. Do you think those people that steal but guns. Are going to go get their license. Or boarding. None what do you think you're going to solve. Away. OK you know every fact I think it brings about well into the personal responsibility issue so you're asked to sing earlier I sounded libertarian or sand and like I expected everybody to. Do the right thing. Actually I believe in personal responsibility because I don't expect everybody do the right thing I expect there to be stupid people I expect there'd be people who break the lies and do the wrong thing and one a cause harm. Hopefully not the majority probably yes those people will always be that there will always be people who break the lies and want to cause Harman do evil. And the government is not capable of protecting although. Peaceful law abiding citizens who don't want to break the lock from those who would do harm. And because that's stated evil exists that's why I believe that those of us who would like to Obey the lock. Should be. The station recognize our ability to protect ourselves our right to put ourselves and should not radio late that rates and that's why I believe in the permit system. As I understand it that's fine. Yeah you're you're the only one. Until one additionally sending him to be a bad data what are they gonna be 'cause all the while aspirants but to lose another side of the 400 people who are just not. Beat up to that we're not from a permanent return of the people the governor said don't take it and the other ticket trying to grab some people who don't want to be educated. Right in there will always be those people around you no matter what governor requirements there are. Both analysts say solutions president also revealed Michael cardinals endured lady given barrier because. He's not already secured because spin up friend up later that she porn again toward some cheers this year. Here talking about guitar dramatic customer that came into the store and Kyra that Mike my employees used a code word for it because she almost the problem was. She said some things like is if I need to find something that I can kill someone with. As this that's what's your current team so we removed her from those stores. It was either remove her from the store are called the police. So what she did issue an outside the store sit down in the park glad I left the review. If that's what you're referring to. Okay right where she really kills a go ahead. No no she did not purchase our went out and efforts is a farm so when it walks and a gun store his act I need I need something this gonna kill I wanna kill someone. Well the little collection so if you don't want to have a firearm woman slipped into the field to really get around on the road. She really the issue recant what she says she regrets what she says nonissue right now farm. Well I listen up how about how about Iraq about the guy that came from the hospital itself first array downstream from my shop. Who walked into the shop did want to buy me an Indian you turnaround he's you know he's anyone invited to a guy and end. About a 150 rounds of ammunition to go to the hospital she killing one of the hospital she would've sold him again as well. Know what we do is we called the police and haven't put in jail. When the differences is our record shop they had their rights still had never lost their right to own a firearm. They never yes never lost serve right but should they have the right to carry. And unlike other people I don't have the tightest. I don't have time to sit in review people reviews and my job is to instruct people so what's your point. And then the question do it just didn't do they have no rights no that they are mentally you know to restore our right to have a gun. Is that we are really good that we are saying that they. Here's your scenario the scenario was lady went in Psycho style. Mike refuse service businesses can refuse service does not mean that she lost her rights have been two weeks later she decides to go to GT. Or any other gun store. And my gun and she's not going and there's an element kill somebody even a portion of my gun now later she decides to use that gun and actually kill someone than she's held responsible and she can deal with the consequences exactly but that's not my ex responsibility to regulate that he can refuse service that he wants to. Yeah and if we don't like who is legally allowed to possess a firearm that's a completely different issue that constitutional care to constitutionally and carry bill. Provides it whoever is legally author rice to possess a firearm or who is not prohibited from possession may care in our firearms so if it's a possession issue let's address that separately and let's not hi Dottie and because in my mind if if what if you believe that somebody is is not safe enough to possess a firearm. That that also the upper and also not be safe to carry. It sounds to me like he thinks we should have to have a license and an order purchase arms that's what some document that. Honestly they impolite about you that you need to left. Experts again sign is that. Oh you're you're you're walking down that dot all when you. I don't know if you put more than a mile flexible fields of libertarian mindset towards individual each individual little mindset your earlier but more and Atlanta now are well I'm from Atlanta I'm trying to and then I had everything I have a right to bite you know my guess yes we understand that they would have a right to be known I would go first so defensive front brawl that. Yes there's got to be some data allowances and. Idaho but but scenario you're talking about that you tried to bring a bit examples. What what all of upper Brendon de Mike did the right thing and refuse service to them so. And that have not and it would constitutional carry and we were part of people already legally possess our arms being able to carry them and and you brought up something about. Somebody purchasing arms he wanted to stop the line here. And there'll you'll always be stupid people are criminals are people with evil intent what people who just aren't trained to have firearms and they will be breaking lies or not breaking laws that there will be those stupid people. Her around and our defense against that is take personal responsibility beach train ourselves and be armed and be responsible for our own protection. Well itself but to me that you liberal paper stupid people to buy firearms. Absolutely not and that's in his. And saying yeah and get a certain constitutional right that it only. I do not telling you look at this more people are a number of it stupid people greatly I don't I don't believe in having the Smart people ought to go to these regulations. This off a few bad apples but what I. Believe and we need funny YouTube videos c'mon man. Don't I want to bring this in though so let's say this lady. It's stupid people start bureau injury or you know killing don't parties. What's the big bunny then. And they go to jail and they dual threat that's what happens when a little when you go to class and learn how to shoot. If I if I mean the story and guys driver in the store. And I shoot that guy and the boy goes through him and hits the clerk barring the calendar and I kill that person I'm held responsible. It doesn't matter who you are you kill somebody shooting someone and not in offense. Then you're gonna go to jail if he's stupid people want to go by firearm and then go shoot somebody by accident or not. Then they should go to jail that's that's how it works. No advantage if you think that's simple to I mean there's a little bit more car like a little bit more complicated than that you know. This premiere of the benefits of mandatory license to carry. First brought you didn't write this case. That's not hold that thought right come back from break hold that thought. I'm here and a whole lot of lip and eleven slip the slab engineering jammed into. Paso we're gonna have to get down to the bottom this mockery this is Michael Cargill and you are listing to come and talk to. They're just very great thanking my level of venues from Michael's heart health. I'm cutting helped get. Listen surround welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael kargil OK so now let's dig into this and let's dissect this a lose its sole role you know I'm I'm. I look confused now because all you or an LTC instructor and he ran as the libertarian. For office and what you're on the board. Four earned Texas gun since then in Texas gun since his Rachel. So I'm look at the mission statement protect his gun since from the website it says Texas guns and advocates for common sense evidence based policies to reduce gun injuries and after. To his guns and respects the Second Amendment also believes a public safety can be improved by strengthening gun laws now. What I advocate for gun rights in the capital through Texas firearms freedom wished my organization. I always Intel and Texas gun since representatives lobbying their and there are always. Testifying against the gun bills and I'm testifying for so there for greater gun restrictions so I I would just like to know. Whites. Public sick or what I'm gonna lies do you think. Would improve public safety. I brought her car bomb on the board member of their truly national Bob safety committee. So when it comes to farm training and safety. Number one number of them. OK so when done last night I think. We're still says you you believe Texas dozens believes a public safety can be improved by strengthening gun lies what gun laws is that talking about the. Well definitely do background checks commercial back country experience. That's one person you really were educated and trained with farms and that and then we ought to be responsible for others don't that. We have seen this. Early on earlier you said that only talking universal background checks go hit. Earlier you said then. When he comes universal background check she said that for background checks you know if you weren't a light get upset when you live it was like. You. A felon with the and it fits like a crime gets a person then you know you said you're fine with that person you own and again right go ahead. That. You know let me ask a question personal for me certainly question I answer question. If you look at you Michael and Rachel ray all the construction direct. Is okay so we're wrote to me that can work on it to the major problem but I is committed by people. 'cause done what I thank for it to me later all of us probably an accident happened committed by people. Tell us. No you know we should note. Let us know. Tell us this Gerry did this your question I tell us. I'm happy I'm a little earlier question you should know that your instructor. Did something that you need to know to tell your students complete video please submit to your audience what are the two major. I'd tell us are living your gut tell us. Who will folding home. And I hope to relate to get bigger picture that is right and he's doled out. Brandish know that they didn't. So you have admitted to having mandatory license to carry education these people knowledge. It's informative and provide extra destruction discipline it and can't do. So tell me what do you want. What do you want the state of Texas. OK so you don't actually want to improve that by strengthening them Ozzie just want to maintain. I'm looking to go out there perfect waiter brought us the next step or maybe maybe yes you do some. So you're sending gun laws a person but she wants and strength and how I don't stance or do you not agree with the mission statement among pentagon sent switcher board on the board of directors for. Prices go lower the price for the national. You know not to seek class I think coming up I do. Normally commentators and ending don't follow Gregory would the movement and you have to actually looking to agree with subject that is get a sense blow the thing figuratively got essential that we should read and do everything possible. How do not provide public awareness. Things they didn't do impossible as they're track they've been trying to restrict. Law abiding citizens to be able to carry Houston Texans. Are really no big game actually lobby against everything that we lobby floor yeah I actually talked to though the lobbyists from their Eminem the capital and we we discussed and they say actually I'd that they tell me they disagree everything that I'm testify or. Not yet it is not a political I don't know if I had real about what they sink. Yeah nobody your understands there's. No opposition whatsoever in the state of Texas for anything that we're trying to push. Do you have problems and then whoever started backgrounds come to my thing that I see. There's. But it is trying to do is Korean. Hostages and Kerry because they know that education. And in India are trained to an open door. And there's not a role that I think that you get I think that. And look at your statement about constitutional Carey actually more people end up getting a licensed by the way. So do you think there are taking a six hour glass. And shooting fifty rounds of ammunition makes an expert. Don't know what we're not going to do matter apparently does. So that's clearly if you meet a lot of fear that the I don't no matter the question we should. He asked me you'd like to have the cup you sure you stay in place who were older people go into your class. Did drain mobile. That little bit percentage of people that don't you class task. Did put her one and also at risk. Regularly denouncing clapping yelling look beautiful trees and. When he comes to the classroom or do you not know that back in 1995 organizations like Texas gun says it was they were calls something else back then they're actually lobbying against handgun license noble field organization a year on board with now. And they also know that all the power came the scary. Did you know that too didn't we know that I don't agree with everything that these but I think. Let me ask you this. Run what I'm just confused why would you have you heard if you claim to be someone that is until Second Amendment what would you be on board with the anti gun organizations. They're not anti war I got enough that it did just rhetoric these guys talk about all. Bro I'm in this moment amassed an. I come out of the testimony so less says Sheen and the time before I I've testified on not to tinged when he gun bills. I've run into people who him the Texas gun says card Sam testified with Tyson doesn't let's take I I I support a lot of sense and logic let's talk and they say they look at my card system to firearms tree and they say oh no we're on the other side. Those are the exact words I've heard from the. It doesn't mean that I agree with that. Nor would it down so our. Team operates B GeForce six multiple bridge between prime time. Aren't so you know I need nerves there's different there's differences early have a different opinion you have. Meaning NRA member of it and it did not agree what a way to generate hadn't itself. Double what the are doing is they're actually going to be in our board meetings in there actually saying hey why don't they are actually being proactive and say this is the way we should do things and and get into the process. With the side they know. That it is the better side but Scherer you're advocating against lawful gun owners are advocating against people that you know like we sit here today. That are not able to afford you know those things that everyone can afford. Credit me. And you're doing is just trying to make sure that you know my business get enough to evocative of the. I don't know let me ask your question and we're growing this is legit from what you said. Literally get her great I'm gonna sincerity you honor your whole another side of town in an honest I don't eat and you don't hear anything done that in some. This is the come to talk radio show so let me ask you this role so. You said that of constitutional Kerry goes into effect that all of the training room go out the window so. Do you really think that means taking two or six hour class and shooting fifty rounds through Marin pistol. Is really efficient enough training to certify ever I mean. You're talking about training and you just said most people don't ever come back so do you believe that one class the one time you see that person. They could be 21 years old 175. Years old. They haven't gone back to a single class. I don't understand your logic on all of this simply because of that. Log either but. You know something is better than no training at all right. Nikki Nikki Haley agree without. A false sense of security with when the government says attended class and you're gonna license you is worse than giving it a person full responsibility and saying. You it is up CU two is resurgent final level of training that is were at a responsible level for a citizen who carries again and exactly. So I won't let him go out into the the majority of gun range safety officers are recruitment dealers and arms Circuit Court agreed and that really good news in bars. The traverse city and others who. Absolutely and we have great instructor do we able to come to classes and not just so we can teach them the because we really don't want to little learn and be educated and indeed better shots and understand a lot better. Absolutely all for example it. I'm gonna say nobody disagree but I early thanks to dish out more training mission console pursuit trying perhaps about having the date beer dirty work for you and end all of all business courier there must. Not go. And they aren't it's an honor in forty bucks on actual firearms training instead of wasting money on a license and while usually concealed carry holders are open carry holders are using a firearm when they use it for self defense ultimately I believe there right to keep and bear arms. Was established not in non threatening obviously not just yourself defends that ultimately isn't a defense against a tyrannical government so my issue is. If the government has control over who has access and who was allowed to bury those arms. We defeat the purpose of our right to keep Americans. Only the cultural weren't so I don't agree very anti government about everything felt like you know I mean. The majority of our. Armed people there they believe that payload education changed me important. And if you can be carrying in public he built earlier Dylan. So. Just you don't understand a lot to give us. Sits out fascinates you know what you're doing it. At home mind then maybe or sovereign citizens I have no idea. But I mean definitely hold. Again so I'll put things in this perspective so we are going for. Regulations. And no regulations. So from one I'm listening hear from let's go to enact an example earlier word you know so what cargo refuse service. K so what's stopping her from going to weigh in unregulated. Locations such as a store. And buying a hammer and doing the job or buying fertilizer and turning a bomber taking ammonia must stand around. Bleach in making mustard gas was stopping her from going to an unregulated place that can potentially do more Harmer taken her car impound their bunch or crap out. And to me that's all. In a sense compared to farms that's and and owning controlled environment we're trying to control something. And what's funny is we see all this under control stuff going on on a daily basis you know buying hammers tools vehicles going down the road and in the amount and to me the air ratio to farms is so. Minister goal so and when we take constitutional carrier it Carrie were actually just evening the playing field when I'm singing. So you don't you think your pro abortion. Now I'm not pro abortion in any regard to how much. Rather than pro choice because that's what's best for everybody. And my personal opinion I would say no if you're gonna have a kid you know you need to. Actually had a kid you started a cycle of life that's Rooney in so what is well what's your point. Abilities saying that the chemistry involved. And then my end your life but not you know they're gonna. No we seen guys I mean allow the government had a bald and all that to mean the only thing the government should have any authority of doing is because first through the people by the people to create some framework or a base to build off of that's the only way I see it. They should be able to say this you know. Us working with them sing okay this is one how we need to stabilize your cells as a society they're just a foundation. And why should the foundation hmmm I thought in the thing and start bleeding and. Well there's no limit to really understand. I say ever wanted to do whatever they want regardless of whether it's good or bad it's up to the person there's a demand supply and demand an effort gonna keep giving the demand of people to kill people. Then yes there's going to be continuing issue the question is how do we supplement that demand to be lower to dump would be diminished. For this to be a restriction that rejection that never has worked. So what can we do society or people for the people by the people to act sure remove this demand that's Illinois is going to go away. Yeah it looked worse than people. People blamed government. Actually it's been so highly demanding this foreign donors to be responsible to be educated and so forth so. They've done Garamendi you know trying to live that every hole into the peak. These these government leaders meant they had constituents felt there in the UK and it looked. We're going to discuss solutions series. Did graduate you know education training. We do know that most states to have you know this company's series. Please there's a lot of actions except for two of them. Which of the Wyoming and what. An hour now and now lives and Idaho all Arkansas mean here's your. Go ahead I'm. Article Bob quietly contacted Google doing might get might an hour now I would call national appearing on. Sort of can't do you remember nineteen. This should be ready to put. Bird and the same don't you just didn't just yeah. Yes sir Gerald continued submitted data Vista supports your your claim that have anything new officers carry. Become a pilot debater turn before an apple culture and Carrie there's no difference. They don't position that there is a little bit different from you see the way that the current trends and changed. How you look overall kind of dropped the ball when it comes to murder. But she can't you cannot prove that has anything to do a constitutional care. Great. Fiscal position no contest to be very lovable duo two rich traditionally older and don't. Cannot prove that has anything do a constitutional care. So does dragnet Johnny Allen the backwards. Who's doing what he wants and never intends to get a permanent or anything anyways because he shoots himself in the foot. We all should suffer for constitutional cares sawing chairman and then there's backwoods redneck Johnny can't hold the shotgun not blows toes off his coach said. And the real thing in this world record and so we have a lot of you know we have a lot of fear itself there men don't salute our resume. The rumor but those accidents in the end you know. Let's say what we do undo or roll over bend is gonna send them to you because we know you can educate them. At this we're talking about people better for constitutional Gary mark talk about people that are against constitutional theory this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk it. Treat it isn't much to say he'll listen to comment on the radio with my heart. And I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm confident. I'll welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael Cargill I know. Yeah I know of. Place that we all need to go right now. I cannot say yeah I did it may be church. Maybe vendors and tell us how dare I. Definitely to the bar again I'll tell you rate yeah Neitzel role can you tell us something positive about you know what do you like about gun owners and. They're good people who download to their real little things that we are we're not a whole bunch of you know got another cup there there are under is just didn't. There's also going on and handgun that's what is reasonable to me the difference. Why aren't licenses from different what do you like positive about your you know about you Steve mistake come TU and in the end. You know what what positive experience would you like for the lead with. And they learn something I mean they you know didn't get understand that lifestyle you're entering. You know he's going to be pentagon on a daily basis. You're cholesterol extension rights they flooded out. And unless there are parties you usually know how to be lawful. I'm reminds us. And you not think that all all instructors who want the same thing. Well you know it didn't look different they got started running out of government. Intriguing things like talking to your question do you want government to us I'm doing my conscience and you open you might done. I don't know if you want government out of your life so much you re just not doing background check done. Oh. Well what's different between then and having a permanent done. See here's the thing when you walk into the gun store you can in the gun store it in the here at the film dealers are governed by the the federal government. So you have to follow federal guidelines yap a fall bulls rules but what becomes more talk about universal background checks. When you say universal background checks which are talking my dear Asia talking not. You know regulating a proud animal who's talking in the background but if he wants to come to them I don't want to Mike and s's question. But if you're you don't talk about a private cell from one person to another. That I have a problem with you know regulating a private silt from one in the village to another because we don't do that would be a little products that veteran being sold out there. So when it comes to. You know universal background checks yelled that's an issue what about a convicted felon what if I did something you'll thirty years ago. In that I'd never done anything wrong ever since I'm an outstanding citizen I paid my debt to society. Then. I should be able to you know own a gun at home for personal protection. Action. Org without my got a target now so I RA it's almost almost problems up front and all but not. Bringing it probably didn't show anti government. I just I just you ask the questions I told the users get all your rights should be owned regulated. Tradition. Be a lot less regulation works right what right is regulated besides the Second Amendment. What's on the right is regulated. But the person that shaped sometimes in certain games you can play semi pro didn't you only those things both. You know you start disrupting the peace until you start playing someone heard doing in the united nature whatever McDermott didn't know they're gonna to the left. I'm sort everything they have every right we have just being regulated in some fashion show manner. OK so if we use common stints as the guideline I wish you know we we set up our regulations that's vary from person to person what one person thinks is common sense another person's gonna disagree which is a beauty of the Americans residing in Texas. And so the way I would bring up as our as our guidelines for when the government should get involved as well another person has caused harm to another. The government can come in punish him for example a soft the government can come in jail a person. Losers in Britain. Of course hold an intense they've actually got to look at a different views of consistent look where we if you GP. Can't pull our federal statutes. Can make sure that are residents same page so that's. There's no there can be no argument. I don't just. I ya gotta have a question holder article Supreme Court cases earlier are you familiar with the Supreme Court cases that state that cops have no constitutional duty to protect you. Actually we usually plants. Animals definitely thought to myself Soriano that we resource people and we stripped of their own breath that he knows is horrible person but you. He came we relied on anybody else but yourself. Exactly is Julie and placing more bears improbable law abiding citizens. Don't little bit of a barrier what are you going to get audited definitely barrier. He said the only can you believe in her on sin do you believe in placing more barriers. On law abiding citizens. Not understand how many other times you look through any educational. Didn't untrained. You go to military class and I have not been barriers are taking enhancing our rights if given the knowledge and and information forever and I'll look you handle certain certain situations. I don't know it is an area that's only pneumonia but the competition every bit of revelation you're talking about we do get folks worry we have the Internet. We don't have to go to your cloud normal or not. But you know look you know we've done everything he really didn't do that so an actress I had. And so in this. We know where to go to to get accurate or complete non farm safety the law is everything we know where to go to call. We don't know if you're out of order to have our best to all of our government it. You get instructors out there and are providing training and cereal on the Internet that is actually television inaccurate so the American people. Learning and some training methods or whatever happens you know our national life and factually incorrect. You know look personally cable. I don't handle misfires. You know. I was one of the biggest misconceptions out there when asked. Now wanna give a shout outs in my neighbor Fred mania helped me a whole lot this weekend fixing her car so I was able to get him to show and have fun with you guys so Moody's read our restaurant. Paul wanted to say aero quick they're what's stopping some from like Washington new means an ally know everything I know how to holding a gun because to me. A farm is since seem mentioning gunpowder. Since Acton in China to me it's never been easier to kill somebody in I think. This is why it's O'Connor virtual because it's so easy but still it's pretty easy to kill somebody in their sleep. So to me it's what's stopping some from kills them initially but the night fur rock. Stuff. And Alan did shut the great people who have helped me become who I am an have been Stanley T by teaching about firearms teaching about safety and health immediate batter checks in. Just so much and an awesome instructing you are as well thank you aren't. It's you know role wanna thank you thank you for coming on the show really appreciate you don't have in the show today and I hope. All the media you me we don't fare little unbalanced playing our whole bunch of instructors in the north was also just totally disagree with the Canadian side and. I'm not a problem and that and that's your rain and that and we we wish she will and I and whoever else all they spew their in the background who wished him well too and they can also hang up you know hang on the phone and they can. Uniting Collison talked to listen we love dissent within his well you know I rolled god bless you have won a caressing your weekend. All right so the we cannot say is interesting conversation in a very interesting conversation. Pound our goal here is do you make sure that we're all educated to make sure that you have a choice YouTube. You have a right to go and take a class and learn you know those things learn safety we encourage you do that he knows he got to carry a firearm. Definitely go our fears you know and take that classy take some private classes or whatever and and learn all the things that you know are about to firemen definitely learn some safety. Now we don't think that you know should be something that's mandated by the state of the government. I issue be your choice to do indeed that is always more guns equals list track. But by yourself when you guys you've been listening common talking. With Michael Carney. June yours.