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Learn To Buy & Sell Cars with Randy Adams, 01/29

Jan 29, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News. Welcome to learn to buy and sell cars with your gross Randy and our I would call her surely you can't see Randy. For decades and is ready to share with you everything. To know about buying selling and trading and dealing with cars. You're OK. Again. There ain't no bad. Austin, Texas this is Randy Adams Marta monster a cart dot com hope you have a great Sunday afternoon. Oh man I am and it gorgeous shot deserved all of the text is whether I'd win a few days Ben wedeman out all of it. I loved I love what Sunday I love America. I'm proud to be an American I'm proud that tell wade got somebody has a prisoner. The loves America loves capitalism he's dropped straight in this place up. I'd tea I think I think we need to just settle down you know I. Some of these demonstrators and sees people on knob on the radio and TV. They remind me of that little three year old kid does have an outfit has got the water rose in the password you Cheney did all men ever body's. Greg may have been a melt down. I did have a melt down when Obama was elected not just got my big bullet dance all I want to work. I don't think he was good for the country I think we're gonna have a lot of love books written how bad he wasn't out. These are the country you know we had to dig out of that how we had to make changes. You know 10 load discussion was somebody on another radio shows sit well. Bush showed on calls the bad the bad recession. I said no he did not send the person that goes bad recession no way. Was Bill Clinton. He passed the prayer act lending act and that we had people and housing everywhere around well I got. Orange boy we're back to edit again. And we got. Six million homes. But governments say right now and the car business does not gonna get paid back. Snakes. May yet. That's a big number of folks and and they say there's twelve million. Loans. That are much huh. And pushed. Not need 220 day these. Boy that just wonderful. And you believe that. Well thank you tell thirteen sailor yeah thank you that she gave me an opportunity they all bear again on Sunday. Great people you know what I love about top thirteen seven. Is they care about your well being here education that what you gonna improve they want you to grow. They want you might better decisions and that's what I'm here about. LP examine your thoughts examine your a opinions. Your emotions. Your desires. They're replying that calls you to spend money. The poll number here just in case anybody out there would love to color so it's filed want to duke. 643. 483. Has filed want to you. 643. 483. I had a whole lot of calls this week from Ulster people. Want shell something. I can't believe how many calls a night out Alston and the last mile thanking me for the show. Ma added to you know. Polyps. My training my education. But that's what I want this show is yeah up by cars yeah that's part of the show is well blacked out just did a bunch for a dealership to skip a bunch of survey trucks. I just did. Some other cargo bands I've got to companies small and some I've got some addicting sixteen Chevrolet and Ford cargo vans. We are subjecting bash nearby and just case she when he knew Troy. Late and we want sure trades. Will bide your trades out any any condition probably survey units. Are dead run. Charming well above the good the bad and the ugly I had a ball some cool stuff this week. Man up about a young won't believe this but have 570. Forward. No and picked it up there and tape which is still kind of Peter mill type Gunner truck's gas tear manic killer truck. Obama stick to fab four don't let me and original playing pretty coup on ball is still a demand for regular camp for about four. When's the last time you saw one on the loose. Also also me and it's not by the good the bad knee Oden. Modest sixteen card debt market names suburban. Got a 2000. Korb they are not short enough iron and Corbett is teaming up. They're intelligent almost shot to Basel looks like it's so. Sami we buy the good the bad need to get it didn't matter border areas should go to about where should I buy sell cars dot com. Probably easy process. Club describe your car I'm not dollar trader buying Sarah mug only chew up when you get my lot. Had a gentleman they had been due CarMax San Antonio had a melody I need county VA with a with a six speed. Low malls. And they need Canadian always in rural state business. And he brought it to me after he'd want to my website are about a civil court to accomplish grabbed the vehicle to make. I told him I was between nine and 101000 dollar borrow immunity brought it to me. And I'll walk around at a synagogue Tomas give 9503. Car. He said you know I'm gonna beat me up for the door dings a couple of door so I got a cup rules scratches and and learn. You know I don't believe me I should Mosher says geez Karl are you should mail out it was a battle with car may actually beat me up bowling unit. And not so why easily beat CarMax auto lead a all the top banana out and times are much higher bar than they are. So anyway it was a great process but the guy was surprised. Then I didn't pick on his car I didn't pick their rules scratched this set any other. Activity muscle well. A sudden you brought it to sell lease out did Taylor said. 'cause is only empty including dare say you would expect him to drive him back. So I picked on him a little bit he thought it was funny and I thought it was funny so I enjoyed does. And Jordan guy and we carry conversation tour probably two when he mentioned I'll learn a little bit about him dealer who lived up may not by it would do more business together. I warned you bruises were the only player and I wouldn't original. It's tough from the garb there's just this real tough right now but go to my website described because I'm liking opera on the car. Now the other shuttle web site to learn a bombshell court cup. It is a process of how dark car. Very few people take an up down the black car. We know how to buy a car know what they won't. That's why eighty to 85%. Of the people but something they had no intentions of by someone who walk in a car lot car dealership. Because he's guarding her there are trying switching. Match which she does something they're need the sale switch you just something. But it got a big bonus Sony switch you just something the ball Sunnis get rid. So if you're not mentally. Physically spiritually ready to go into a battle. You're going to give sheep you know part tab bar going gets full time well trained. You know I've not told a radio shows this weekend. You don't know surgeon goes to school for eight years and somebody that they you know they keep updates and they do little for richer richter rushers to upload the ladies in the greatest. But I imitate some car dealers. Go to school. 365. Days said a year for ever. They never quit trying to learn. Improve. Understand. But come psychiatrist. Learn how to read people how to read your facial expressions. Your body movements. What you drive. What you thank you need how to push your button. We're whale trying so when you go to our web site. You go to FTC Doug which ranked Tommy Charles dot. And go get your credit score ranked Tommy chills not gonna get your credit score know exactly. What she deserved. And split each credit might surely its claim not sure there's no problems. No issues shelter in the. She need to play some mutter thank you did guy and they didn't take it off. He has got to be mentally physically spiritually ready for a battle. So I Steve Chia chi credit cling need to got to go on go talk to your banker credit union. Trigger out about what you go historian. Thought out what that your budget how long the bikers go wrong in the money what to total interest or being looked at total pie yeah that's going to be a I figure out what your car's only worth how long you normally keep a car three years. You know take three years figure out of guestimate Kamal geez thank you have a moment core. Can guestimate what do you think it's going to be. And then figure out what that cars normally work. So at your about a cardinals in the short 121000 dollars and in this go have a 150000. Miles on it. I mean it really is so it is in his going to be worth four to five Graham are you you'll be able to stand medal also will let picture budget. Well that's what you need to know Tokyo bank got you credit union tell everybody. A rail. Banker. Mechanic. Body shop. Trans people who almost iconic harsh specially can tell the mechanics that works on the start coerce. Who goes near you need to know exactly. Exactly what their work. And you want to know you want on make a good bad this year hard earned money after tax money. And Unita notion and then after you figure out about what you want about what your intentions are. What you blanks land the shop shop shop but what you trades were. Find out when your best tablet back. We're in a slow time right now income tax checks are not coming back till they now they say the first we'll hit. February 23. I think they're pretty close to 100 RB in here. So you can play your own that's the market will jump up I think the markets can be up to three weeks and that's about it. We got more cars and buyers. Were on talk about you know a little bit if you've got bad credit what you need to dig. If if you wait on income tax check what you need to do it. Everything to be set out what goes too many people like it's free money it's not free money. It's your money could go much took away from you remember they take it out of your check Kosher you don't actually going you don't realize this goal. So you feel like it's free money when he comes back that is your hard earned money. So you need to ask. You need to take care of it. Need to make sure that you spend it wisely. Hounds some little feature budget picture of Stanley. Josh it's ever since June ever with situation in your lap. Because if you don't. You'll make a mistake I've had so many people coming a mile off the stool last. Probably sixty days they have bulk. They got inland excitement that November December excitement are we got about new car they're never gonna be any cheaper then send them are going away and never come back. And they borrowed 26 gear model and 27 year month and they are all too much money and they would love little use of money. And get rid of it. But they can't even take that big yet. How big calls every day can you help me not came take it back to where you bought it I told us one guy said take the car backed. Asa did they brag all they brag how they gave me a great deal a great deal. So what he always had 44000. Person who carry a short take it back remind them late great deal. That they gave me and see what they'll give cash back sort. So they run over there he checked in with a man work to men worked many come back. Should you wanna give 181000 dollar short Asha how machines you could Downey should 5000. Let's say did you put 5000 new 245 and I want to deviate and there must not such a great deal is. And it loses seventeen model Mitsubishi. So. How wished he hadn't done that he wished he hadn't done that wish to just dug a little harder made a better decision. Yeah well I heard these commercials too good to be true. Go all the won't tell you. And I'm only a little help today we're gonna talk a little bit and I'd like to know it you know what we should know you. A good friend of mine's brother just got out of rehab. Is to older sisters gaming machine cash she was going to buy himself a truck. And go back to work he's pretty good coverage pretty good finer things going back to work. Try to make something out this lap he's also a drug drug now. And so he's got is a laugh I have four straight drug or the right direction. So. But he bought a car on Craig's list. And somehow some way. He was caddie and in Fort Hood. Then he gave on slicks back he gave 2500. Then he gave another Tories have ordered. Not take it back he gave the thousands many toys to have 12506000. Dollars and they were supposed to Mueller her the truck last week. Well now they don't answer the phone a truck never showed. You know that's fraud owned only Internet they fled scam this gap. Do week where we know the Federal Trade Commission her where to file a complaint. So if we can Tony's phone numbers then somebody contract these people you know obsolete in a bunch of this what Ford is 600 dollar. And I guess establish a little money because they figured you know they won't get chased down that away. But you know here this poor guy is. This sisters gave him 6000 dollars and now that one out the window and I did have 6000 you still going over trumpet work out of she's got to watch out for the scams. And not talk to you about. If you're trying to sell your own unit. Make sure you take it totally stationary power station a short don't let nobody know were yearly bill. Don't let nobody know what's going all. Get a copy of their driver's lessons. Don't show on the title. There Robin and they'll robbed you for your vehicle mostly used car there's still your title they'll still your jewelry. You're going nowhere Helio led Golar steeler rippling out of there. And now oh on an Arizona they're killing people for their car chiefs is that worth losing your lap over a car I don't think so. So you know that's what we want you to be prepared mentally physically and spiritually. To back. And show your next vehicle I try to take the good the bad the ugly about what's going on a core business and I won't tell you. It is crazy crazy crazy and a lot of crazies out there. So be prepared if she Randy Adams learned to buy and sell cars dot com. I'll make sure you're making a write purchase of next time you bar car. Mentally physically spiritually being prepared for Porsche where age square mile respond. 80% of the dealers that trade the trees 20% more likely. So which ones you're dealing with. We're gonna take a short break we got Casey. A work in movies board today does a great job thank you. Top thirteen seventy. Tell you friends or maybe you mean what are trumped a bout could go to bed in the you know the daily. Yeah Harry. Hi I'm Randy Adams let me tell you about my friends and Covert Chevrolet GMC and -- amassed throughout Texas amended and there's a little over family over forty years they're the best people around they're honest -- fair -- -- what we've done business all over the years and we never had a problem not one thing when you're dealing with money and not have a problem you know there are good honest people can track like new business the way I teach people combined sales if you're gonna shop for class they're going to be everybody's prices -- -- thousands of people to home we do business every day and it's a pleasure doing this little they do this -- the old fashioned way no gimmicks no games no problems and how long done business with them you will -- you. Over Fannie Mae and Roscoe over is my favorite leadership produces wind. And when you do business with a you'll feel the same way so give them my colleagues found wanting sub 7131. Right now Austin, Texas and go to their web site. Over the last drop dot com. You know I'm. Okay. Early age. I. Motivation. Okay. New. Okay. And god. The America I love America. How long's Americans safe sound and solid. Sometimes I wonder if we're bringing us some of these foreigners to get a meg don't. They don't want had a day in depth chart culture since anyone who lived in their own little. Communities and our own ways and liberal are prejudiced very very approached us. They know these people are content do you. They're very prejudice they wanna help there there are people from their countries. And they want to give my Angel moved Americans and I want to say that is eight back. Sees me now by equals sign estranged this morning. And you know I'll tell you something about Covert family they knew. They have warned there are simple rule that they offer more than the competition ever gonna. They have more of service technicians. At six convenient locations. And there are all factory trained and certified. And so at Culver. Would wanna make sure didn't she had the best service skating where services are always just a small part. Others are given great expression to Covert family. We helped you each you'll enjoy ever time that you need to occur. Have a situation with mail goes each it's a great experience I've always had a great experience with a Covert organization. I don't care which one it is but all of them are great polish. And we hope and we hope view. We'll have a great automotive. Service need it with him and for generations to come because they'd been there a hundred years can you imagine there. Man that's a long time. Just one more way we can prove. But they won't be your dealer. So Covert Schobel is. Buick GM actually didn't and mesh drop eight and the road to on the you'll -- ever bid to have done that they're warmer during which. So it's. What's gone on and a car business day we're always known and objection insurer would add three money not it's not free money. Yeah I bite my interest free money goes a government's sincerity and good text X. Not do Rhett they agree thought. That your hard earned money. After directs. Richard given away. You'll get 20%. In other words friend of mine had 42 under last year. He had 4200. Give coming back he paid a thousand dollars. To give it is 32 after they took about. His 3200. Back. But I don't manner we wait don't we wait on mom to get hurt injured you if you get paid markedly. You wait a month to get your check. If you get paid. But I luckily you wait for taking place to get cute chick. So while we pay two in 2000 dollars to get our check. Ten days early. Well I mean if you work week and he got to wait seven days for your check. So my shirt that you don't play rapid re bond. And you don't think they don't know they can make money on new. And San Antonio ever other bad. The last week two weeks. Has been. Would you wanna you view it in dollar for bringing year. Income tax returning him. Just bring it to us it would give me take care. Well. That students. You know to tell you that you coming and they do your income tax. Filing. And give me your money and in advance. And that slower that thousand dollars god he. Let me give you kicked in right now and honored. I know that all day long mills walked let me LL. Hey Daschle liberty tax. In San Antonio I know there in Alston. So don't to a rapid refund why don't your money go go go get there's premium prices only helped you being income tax return. This is so bushel from Dario for most people. And Kate click that money. But start thinking and praying and understanding the examine your needs. Your family needs everybody's needs. Exactly what she need to back. Is shop shop shop shop million. Shopping mall shop everywhere. Don't get excited for the first person that washed up financially. Bursts lab hundred dealers out there little by means you live heartbeat. So make sure that you take your tab. Shop shop I go to new coordinator I keep telling everybody. I'm Chilean dodge by people who have bad credit come sit in the they should be she's Nissan Toyota and I'm seeing a lot of new franchises bop people with weak credit. So shop shop shop how are you can't. Do not back up re not slowed down. And can't go a little effort will save you hundreds. A big effort will save you thousands. So take your time. You are what your doing. And make sure that you know neither Europe you make that next purchases are right one because let me tell you some. These dinners are out to get everybody able dollar you got they won't air Brees single dollar to the children deals player. And they'll work in their trained under professionals. And it takes such a tremendous amount of money every month to open the door. They wanna get all of that they can. Drum he'd. So. Tag mugged last new order re a little our desire that you may go are still be prepared mentally physically spiritually when you won't commit these dealerships. Make up a man what you need and stick with it. Don't let them push weigh in June. In a violent something. That you had no intentions about. No intentions of needing. And surely. Something that she can afford. The sales model tell you can afford dais. And that hey that's an easy payment and you know that's all you've got to play but don't forget about breakage Wear out. Accidents and church. And wanted to talk about insurance next half of the early show let me tell you something insurance. It as a mental battle lately these claims adjusters are beaten people up like you would not believe. I'm telling you there are certain people and you know where I you know retail price. Hey Al Shura preserves. A senators if you only shop for insurance business let's have him give us a price war when Bob policy. While our car be worth just in case. We have an accident and you have to pay this off. Jim many tabs were paying more in cherish their work our work. And Aaron you know we need to know you keep us in the dark. People need to understand exactly. And good friend of mine. He finally settled only his excursion. And he. Oh lady was texting and he had to dodge journey totally using these so billion mark Mac daddy bomb on your form we'll draw it. Excursion he saw a man I'm telling you it was a great unit he loved it but. He tow it out. And possible. You need me to help you move figure on your poem excursions and I'll now he said I got a 120%. Value on it. So let's go to 120% of what. He said I don't get the 120% remission I. Got a picture from the insurers what goes on to those who spend some money out. She and so. I'll update pictured on they're gonna pay me a picture. I sit war what danger are they usually. Michelle Rowe but there are no there aren't I being honored 1% on the day. I said you have your car praised your truck race he said no I Cindy John have a figure in my. When you bought these shares Paulson. They should know. Us and so what they hear ya gonna yeast that was ten months a note. Late filing filing several. And it wouldn't easy. He didn't get what he thought he should have. And they took a manager Bob Barr Darryl hall. Is laugh at black guy shouldn't you know well. I lost control. He had replacement. Cost own their own her car. And so it was total. So one million shares Maine came there. They're making an offer he called me up. DC cannot replace this car for let us know shoot period. Isa rules are paid replacement costs almost like how should we understand there. So black grip prices for that. Flush it out date. And shot told she's thanks to do and he'd be he had a battle with the you know each. These insurance companies they love the state a paper statement but they don't quite tight today. Insult. NBA agents before you call me. If if I want him brought policy from me. Two nights of trash year the company the company give us any Pugh end up I want collect because I got it. Do you like to pressure those claims adjuster a claims adjuster. So you so Paulson U jealousy you love us and you don't need not to. Prime. And that's the way it goes down. He's an insurance agency like the money. But they don't have the authority. They don't have the education. They don't have a way of fighting force and most of time they stay out of the way. Where we have to fight our own. We got a little lady in San Antonio. She's on welfare I'm sure Social Security data honored amongst government and she drives a a 180000. Moll rep or she gets it from the rarely told without it barely runs in grabs. And it wouldn't give her rent car. And it warned you were 16100 for wrath Ford should change by a method for sixteen or they can't replace it now here's a big tab. Insurance company in San Antonio Texas. Rural alone makes millions a year and they want help this lady out. Excuse me. DNA years and they won't help a little old lady out Gator. 34000. Dollar little rats for replacement. So she don't know should have any money. She's stuck. She's she's she's in trouble on his car and their not won't help. Well so he desk while we need to know and ever part of this business we need to know how to buy are right we know how to insure our right. We need know how shallow right. We need to open our eyes and be open minded on what's going own in the business. So you understand. Now. That we aired their consumer. Credit report we're. We had to well as you look worn as she Google's straighten out. These up allowed apartments. All across United States I guess she got paid off. We have an error word from there earns six months. They'll walk kind of deal is that. She was gonna show us how to result in Indonesia does go to straight bid. And she taught for one month. And now she is not said a word at all. God yes I guess she got laid off. But I solid buying I don't think. You know we got to understand our limit. And another I've got to mutations only. I got to understand that. There are some blame I don't know about. But the car dealers wanna keep you under dark. Attention people tell me when did talk about spinning again when he did talk about foursquare again. We got to go out of new listeners. And it's like I told you before foursquare they square. They've stepped it up it sold steroids now. Because they're gonna work you with your emotions with the proud greed selfishness that you have. And you just got to be mentally prepared to understand what's going on NB enabled could keep it up and walk out. Don't send an error don't let him take all your money. Don't senator thank you are doing the right thing don't sit in her letter to clean your ego. And it makes you feel so good. And feel like you deserve it can tell you how much you know you can't afford it. Which you run down there and you you know you be signing a contract. It's 84 balls contract most of these deals Nortel right now. So yeah. Forty don't do about 84 well you know what. What's so what are you normally do and seven year should now Alger tale tell your family how is your job. When wanna get locked in. Friend of mine got a lot to our holy six. Infected friends month and they're locked and only shoes and they got only home trials. And hey you know anyone out the cars they don't like the car Ers. They've been driving around for three years AA dome is still got a little time left on just. So. When you get ready to sign a contract with how many months serious. Any asked yourself. What am I don't be done and that will long amount time from now what am I gonna be you know. But if you you might derived decisions are right choices that I meant to be in your budget you won't get ripped off 80% of these repeal twenty ship would tell you the truth. I know the ones that tell you the truth. They're the ones I want to do business with the now what you did this is just. That's how we launched hassle free auto buying dot com. Broader money five dollars we show you thousands of dollars a month making. Make sure you are right price might shoot you get dry brush for your vehicle. To make sure you do you know whether right dealer. Make sure you don't Guinea add almost. Any action steps that she shouldn't be any info or. Esprit auto buying we've had very good success was that lately. And we're thrilled to have that people are happy with that so that she gives Janus go to. Hassle free auto buying dot com. That you've got any questions or whatever like to talk to mayor if you ever Coventry new draw also give a scholar Marcus 830. Sixteenth. 71. The man. And we loved to tell T. And commit any Yani questions still operating gives a call. Most of time that problem out there my opera should give you my mobile number I'll be glad to tell you back or cargo give even numbered Carl may. Danny percent a mob business right now is getting back. And I do wanna give back only LP orbit investment trek TN three G. And so. I wanna make sure that you're happy exactly. Will your next purchase or at least you understand it better. How may not tried to teach my account manager and Santonio. At a bar car. Anyway and often not cut SS black Camaro and he's got. Three little girls triplet girls or three years old one narrow bore. Now dead cardinal to a family man with four kids just. Thank much spare car if you ever need to move him kids go national parliament where. Stack of my co would guess I don't know well. But shell lobbed realizes sometimes I can talk all our wall and nurse about half the people understand half the people who love what I'm saying it. I have the people. Learn and grow and help others. And then there's other at the bank teller crazy. But maybe I am I don't know. Now a more rational more time in a mile opened somebody knows what we should do about my buddy was 6000 dollars. That dates scam involved in the Internet or truck. Do we go to FTC. Who do we reported today only scams. That people are selling cars and you never get a this was a great deal or truck buddy what dignity she not only show up. Would take a short break this Israeli Arabs learn to budge so caller dot com. Tell your friends and neighbors to tune in to us we're got another dictate many seeking jobs that golf here's slab want to. Loved the top 1086438. 483. Give us a call police. Still. Hi I'm Randy Adams let me tell you about my friends and Covert Chevrolet GMC and Buick amassed throughout Texas on the news and business of the -- family over forty years they're the best people around they're honest or fair a -- what we've done business all over the years and we've never had a problem not one thing when you're dealing with money and not have a problem you know there are good honest people can track like new business the way I teach people combined sales if you -- shop for flash they're going to be everybody's prices have referred thousands of people to home we do business every day and it's a pleasure doing business with a play do business the old fashioned way no gimmicks no games no problems and our -- unpleasant little you will tell you. Over Fannie Mae and Roscoe over is my favorite leadership produces wind. And when you do business with a you'll feel the same way so give them college 12772131. Right now Austin, Texas and go to their web site. Over the last drop dot com. The right choice eight. Great great. Hey you know I didn't I didn't know this but. That cobra family and I realize that they've been in the car business over a hundred years I have over a million says god custom large. I was pretty awesome in my opinion. I remember 1 rocks and am not a new leadership bass drop I'll be done business with the language but they had bad. Amended and as you of them all that long it's hard to believe. Lot of great schmooze relationship we've led the Covert action and you know everybody if you go a little time and neglecting to have. Help me out just a little bit. A mile view to give Roscoe over to cull. And if he's not and should not fall which can dismantle works a lot. He may not be working today but you know leave a message only strong and you can give me a call. It shares leadership cannot appreciate it just a rock star Kiefer. Ever tires and all Randy Adams sponsor Randy and show. Up wanting seven to retain. 1318. And give props should Corel has filed wanting seven to 101318. I team for. Trip I have a list sponsorship of the show it remains a bunch of made. Openings a bunch do you book goes on Monterey Covert. The auto group wants you to be well educated well prepared because they know if you know the difference. In you know how to do it right. That you do business with the help. And you'll continue to do business with a Mano a horribly and leadership. Not only in Austin, Texas after honored yours and not do it right then they have had the reputation they've got wholesome wholesome reputation. Sport talk but little ball that water holes that day. Sony commercial only storm affiliate that reminds may have some of these people that didn't get current their personal elected you know. But you know when people up for NG. Does that put you out of control. You ever thought about that. Are you so concerned about not getting your way did your show but at peak. Terribly unhappy. That you're so miserable. And your protest in your stand out a co. Now homeland. You know just you don't you keen even think straight. You're not even known even know why Euro. Your protest that. But you know what we gotta be thankful we live in the country really look you think all these people become now these other countries. That won't why won't live here but that that opportunity would you every got fault. So it's all. So nice. Let you know we don't care. They're. You know we want him we want our way all the time I don't get my way all the time I don't give my way all time in the car business. And a lap for nothing. But you know what these people who get offended all the time. They're the ones who live out of control and they're the ones that their mind's messed. McCain thinks straight. They don't have any common sense. But what happens when you go by car they can you need to control their land in our emotions are Cleveland's. What do do you have somebody asked do you get persuaded show easily. All the carbon people of these kind of people. Because they know that they can controller land control what their bumps are. Each of you know why you're the best you know what you do and they just don't know what else. Anna Walton there away. And they know how to push your button. Me exactly. Exactly. You know angers an addiction is a national strong were these Democrats looks like the league. I'm mainly Republicans when Obama was elected. GC that anger go rapid. Just say all the demonstrations. I immediate demonstrators alien a male social lacking your. That's what we have done a month Republicans and I'm not Republican I'm independent. But even the Republicans swell idea restrict only the masks but I angers an addiction. Because it justifies. Your bad actions. You're just because your feelings your emotions. They'll mop hanging up miserable I didn't get my way. There's nothing so league Zoller are in there is knowing that the pass is forgiven and forgotten. I know our new options or wait. So if you're out of control how do you print trait if you are out of controlling got ahead here away. How you productive I wanna be productive every day I wanna be the best person not to be ever. Is that those people out there are they being productive and best person they conveyed. And when you are productive. And the best person you know you make better decisions. You'll understand the car business better you'll understand what your purchase should better. You won't rule that every mine due to tag up and I'm not. Pitches short strata and not near read a situation home I'm so upset. I can't think straight. Well I'm main anger. Is and then they should. You feel so good Richard downing somebody. Adults we're beating somebody else. You know try and results from over bagging waiting ourselves. And under evaluating the others. Italy's two restlessness. Because it makes us. Dissatisfied. Boom while we have. And concerned about whatever else everybody else is doing. It keeps us always hungering for more attention. An aberration. Is that the people that are unhappy with how the election win. Are they wasting their time be a non productive. Do you think they don't change any kind of getting thing done. Yes you can protests did she got to right yes. I I got a right. I made mine what you know and evidently. I'm getting tremendous response from people who like my show maybe I'm speaking what's right. I'll wanna speak to truth. I want to do it in control. I wanna do it to best lob built in. How are they doing their best fit their ability. Well Mattel a sudden you care I'm mentally physically spiritually ready to walk into a dealership. And you walk in there when your kid messed up. You're mad because Hillary didn't get elected you're mad at goes in Republicans won't. You got your mind messed up what do you think about what's is being consumed about. Where do you stand where you do you understand your own relationship. You understand your finances. Your budget. Could you guys are all set up ready to go. Member of pride results. From over evaluating ourselves and unnerved about waiting others. You know it is sad because you're better than the Republicans. Are you be better than the people who voted for trump. Usually you evidently you must like yourself it is you think that you should really had jerk candidate. Get elected. Monetary sum you need your head straight. You can ain't going to a dealership. Not knowing exactly what you need to do and what you get up toward what your budget looks like. Understand what you need to buyer. What do you want an aide to the next three seven years. How low you gotta keep good what kind of protection you need so urgent need fuel mileage. There's so many different questions. But you've got to just shut down and figure out exactly what you can afford to grab a car look forward and can't afford just. We want to make sure. Your next purchase. Is one each in its forward. And police. Police are locked into so many options and our board tells me. Whatever you do tell everybody how bad title only shore yes. They're horrible. Yes or 330%. Interest. Tell you France and yet neighbors tell you wrote to us especially kids. If you need money go to Randy Adams site learn about cell of course that can't. Probably easy process. And describe your car and I'll try to back out warnings. In I'll know all about your car. The other side FTC got to go Florida which your credit score is looking chip credit. Make sure it's cleaned. It's not called me up got a guy that can work from new from corp priciest work for they've ran really a clean debt she. Love to get to straighten up for even if you're renting a house. Now an Asian major critic cleaned it it lots of blank should do a new new Egypt credit claimed. Just slow so we wanted to help in that situation. And then shop shop shop. Followed the process understand what's going on. Know what you trades worth. Talked GM shares man figure out what you spend Markel and find out that there's so many calls still car. We're gonna talk about next week foursquare we're gonna talk about spinning. We'll talk all about their. And it's you know we talk a little bit about IndyCar here a ball like sit up bulk some old trucks of Trotter about another old truck. But tell us. God Karl sixty. Man known. Merrill that are managed may be celebration and 55. She'll be two door hard top. And a 65 mustang past meg so they don't get all our stuff run at no out opportunity. Linda what have you got for sale I liked to try to go I like to set the market always show you know where he stands. So many channels right now these dealerships are trying to make TN. To 40000. A week on the you're trading and they don't even wall. Not the good ones that take it retail but once they can hold cell. I've got to dealer told me last week they make 40000 dollar while we coals so you wondered traits that they didn't want. Well that was your money you need to know what your garden work you need second opinion. You know you you and something more say in the text mine that's flat something balls soul all Errol let's find. Whatever you want to take my diocese juror vehicle Bubba you take part. So make sure that you get all money what is worst so you know. When we deal with our problems. You become anxious and angry. When you focus. Where did your focus. Where did you focus your attention. Screw you waged. You're. I won't cheat them focus so what you need to do. You know not leave that little ball led water hose or the Democrats. Do do you week because of your selfish crowd has been wounded. So that's what happened these greedy selfish Brad been wounded dating get the person elected they won't end there. Well. It happens happen to me eight years ago I didn't get my god my candidate intercourse scandal. He sure didn't get there you know. What is the most influential part of your left students influences G who's your manager. You know the other we drift in or so world the more we don't understandable we don't know. You know the little we think we know. You know does your desires to match up with your pocketbook. Just got some pretty easy question. Are you struggle and make your prime I don't hero automobile. Are you want them out of people that are praying that you know woken dealership and let them give you what you will only card Mitchell another new and you know another 101000 too much try to out run that payment. Well. That's that's what we're trying to do the vision in this in this radio show me your mentored open your eyes educate cheaper. Sure you will common sense. And as your needs junior Waltz. Will make a purchase that your pocketbook won't play. Have you been in this situation. Old man. I know this salesman were buddies he won't glad to me where good Koreans math he'll take care of me. I guarantee it. Page making point 5% on every dollar in lakes from me. You know. You know we don't believe any plans that we don't know about it takes knowledge what do you sold out. How good are you that welcome enrollees dealership shall there are so well trained. And you're not. They can foursquare you make this may need to split in is when I just continue to give enterprise trade. Interest rate number of payments and just keep going inner circle. Keep running bangs at you where you can't get solid all not done and they won't even tell you the truth that I told you about gas. Friend of mine and not for each goat they kept Jones 48 must 48 miles 48 months we shut up it was 84 months. What cannot do but Eddie sedar should play play play she play it. He's so they lied to make and so what you should eroded down you should go to that contract who really slow. You've got to go through these contracts vogue true really slow in a first any bang and that contract you don't understand. Ask that's why oh. Has sort three out of buying dot com when delivered many Purcell the cars to your door you don't even have to walk in her leadership take the fear I walk there leadership. Take that figure out walking up the love department. And we're ready to help you anyway make sure you about the right car. Get to write trash rag trade. Who make sure you deriding interest rates will make sure you get the best each and this is Randy Adams. Be sure AK GSA to update the eight young three to forward legislature and Dow over to KT SA. But it Gaiam we're going to be owner from three to four just demanded here. I've got like. I put it down and picked up the Mike it's gotten by Seattle.