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Financial Safari, 01/29

Jan 28, 2017|

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Imagine a time when you have the freedom and the resources to do help boost things you dreamed of with how worrying. That's good a time and place where all your hard earned money works for you. Some government bureaucracy. Yeah. Tax free so. Call bill capriati's NT 28511636. Again that's. Why and why six. Threes. This week's episode of the financial safari is brought to you try to build Capriati and seeing your taxes and insurance and bikers PLO. Your financial analyst. Information provided just what it was for purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliant. What better accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Including usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional before taking any action. Roth conversions is a free nation know your way around we're clearing up confusion and unravelling the secrets of the Roth conversion. That and much more coming out. Hi this is coach Vinny and and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place welcome to the financial safari. Roth conversions absolutely we definitely want to make sure that we have a handle on this hello everyone I'm kid Fitzsimmons. Here with Phil Capriati president of senior tax and insurance advisors PL LC. Phil has been an Ed slot master elite advisor for the past eight years. It's slot is known as America's I ERA expert now as we're discussing Roth conversions we do have an email. From a listener in Georgetown this comes from Kathy. And Kathy has a question about Roth conversions she says. What age have you found any Roth conversion doesn't make as much since. If I were 35 I'd be converting all of my IRA funds to Roth. But I'm not sure that it makes as much sense for me now at age 59 Phil what do you think. I think Kathleen you'd need a new financial advisor. Let me let me explain and I say that jokingly. Is it any time is a good time to do a Roth conversion understand what Roth conversion actually years. And Roth conversion is basically to the ability to convert your traditional higher ranked. Paid taxes on it now while taxes are relatively low. He basically buying out your partner the IRS. Out and he retirement plan one of the benefits of doing a Roth conversion at 59 really at any age is especially if you're using a Social Security Macs this nation's strategy. Many times by the time he reached seven and have when you're required minimum distributions kicking in or your. If you are overweight in your IRA and have medium to large aren't these eight could cause you're a serious tax problem with your Social Security. So I like the power zero I like to be any 0% tax bracket when my clients. And they Roth conversion is really the cornerstone to getting to that point a lot. And do you see folks coming and who are at their need to be looking at Roth conversions or. Are interested in doing growth conversions one of the disadvantages. Lack of education unfortunately in the financial world is not many folks understand what are Roth IRA is. Or how to do Lee Roth conversion. Many folks up until 2010. You had income qualifications. In order to qualify to contribute to a rock if your single. You have you can't make more than a 1181000. The year there's actually a spread there. Anything between a 118134000. Annie being over that amount Europe and eligible to make a rock contribution however you can still doing Roth conversion we're gonna talk about that Atlanta. If you're married filing enjoying. The income limit is a 482000. And of course these are 2017. Limits. So what are we talking about when we're talking about are brought higher rate than if folks aren't sure what it is it's important that we make sure they do know what it is. Here's a way wrought fiery works folks you have the ability to actually do a Roth IRA regardless of your income limit you can either do they Roth contribution. Or you doing Roth conversion. Or you can do both. Only speak at the local libraries and we'd actually talk and a subject many folks are confused. May be leaking clarify some of this today and radio show. When you make he wrote contribution you must have earned income. And you can make a Roth IRA contribution. That 5500 dollars if you're under age fifty if you're over age fifty. They allow you an extra thousand dollars so a total of 6500. Year. Let's assume for a moment you earned your single and you learn over a 133000. You know on eligible making rock contribution however. You can convert an existing traditional higher range. Or even in some cases 8401. K he may have with the previous employer. You can actually pay the taxes on the money now and actually mood or converted over to Iraq so contribution. Allowed you to take. It to make a contribution based on current earnings. Into a right now hiring more into that non led the benefits of the rock and a couple minutes. Order if you were over the income limits you can do a rock conversion you can convert to a traditional hiring. Order an existing IRA and then move it out of the hiring pay the taxes pay your Uncle Sam mop and move it into a Roth IRA. Are right so what about these benefits of the Roth IRA what makes it's so attractive a strategy to that sprint calls for these conversions. What makes it's so attractive and desirable is the fact that once you make a conversion once you start Roth IRA or start converting that to a Roth IRA. All of the earnings inside of the Roth of growth tax free. And they grew attack train not only for your life time also for your spouse's life time if you're married. And they also can convert or become an inherited Roth diary after you in Europe your spouse or finished on this earth they can actually be inherited. Tax free by your children are beneficiaries. What makes them especially so unique is what it does is it allows Hugh any third retirement account. Most folks most of their money in a traditional IRA or 41 K. This is a tax me later count. We're gonna take a tax referral today. Based on some future at that we'll pay the taxes later the ideas will pay the taxes on the crop not to seat now with those types of accounts. Every distribution. Is 100%. Taxable and it's 100% taxable I would ever the current tax rate is the time. Within each when he trillion dollar debt looming. Many professionals believe that taxes will be significantly higher in the future. Will be Roth hiring. Any contributions. Or conversions there are some rules a movie review them shortly. They're allowed to grow tax free. And launcher 59 and a half under normal circumstances you can actually withdrawn these and any time. And you can withdrawal. Beat earnings and the contributions. Completely tax free also. You are no longer required to take required minimum distributions from Iraq firing. You were and are required to take distributions from Barack tiring your spouse is not. There are required to take. IRA. However your children after you and your spouse or finished. Receiving and using this. Your beneficiaries. Are required to take an aren't deep in under Kerry attacks on they are not required to pay taxes on any of the earnings or any of the contributions. Well if you have any questions about Roth IRAs or Roth conversions that you can get in touch with failed Capriati at senior tax and insurance advisors PL OC. The number is 80851. 1636. For some folks Roth conversions could be the answer that you're looking forward for other folks in May not be the exact right option but sitting down for that no cost. No obligation consultation. And figuring out where you stand now and what strategies are gonna work best for you. Is so vitally important today is the date to make that call 80851. 1636. And this is a perfect time for folks to get your call is that right Phil. Yes it is my office manager candy sets aside three appointments a week for listening audience. You can come in will give you complimentary consultation. I'll be happy to meet with you will be happy to meet with your family we can talk about Roth contributions Roth conversions how beneficial they are. How they can affect you paying either zero tax on Social Security benefits or reduced tax. We can put it together and an overall retirement income plan. You want to make sure as you walk her retirement. That your retirement income plan is structured to minimize taxes on all distributions if you run a higher rate is an extremely important bar. In accomplishing that goal. That number again 808511636. Today is the perfect time to get on Phil's calendar. And get started planning your retirement or if you are already have a plan in place. Getting a second set of eyes on your plan so you know you're taking advantage of the best strategies out there for you and your specific situation. That number again 800. 8511636. And while thinking about it part of that consultation will be answering all of your questions and more importantly some of the questions that you may not have even. We'll be sharing those and much more answers they would. Yes imagine a time when you have the freedom and the resources to do help boost things you dreamed of with how worrying. At a time and place where all your hard earned money works for you and not some government bureaucracy. And tax free so. Call bill Capriati had a 18511636. Against that. 16 threes. Mark Twain once said it ain't what you don't know that gets into trouble it's what you know for sure but that just ain't so. So true making assumptions holding on to things that may have been true twenty years ago that can get us into trouble when we're trying to move forward as we planned for retirement right. Boy you're not kidding my father had a little cliche that he used to say it Iranian and my brother's kids. A little bit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing you better make sure that your armed with all of the facts before you start leaping into major decisions especially retirement planning decisions. Absolutely and there are questions that folks come into the office asking and we know those sorts of questions what as sorts of options are best for me I heard about this or that from my brother and our or my golf instructor what can you tell me about this but. There are some things that folks may not think to ask about and we wanted delve into those so. Let's talk about the implications. Of tax deferred savings a lot of folks don't think about the fact that. That doesn't mean tax free. It doesn't mean tax free and many times. Contributing to tax deferred savings really isn't the best option for an individual. Many times we'll find folks who arena relatively low tax bracket. And they're deferring. Taxes on retirement accounts. In a ten or 15% tax bracket even sometimes 25% tax bracket. Not realizing that taxes are as low as they'd be and then. Well really over fifty years. So one of the biggest concerns with folks and again with the especially with the tax deferral Carroll talk about is do you really want to pay taxes later. It's almost like going in applying for a mortgage you know the mortgage broker says sure you great credit you qualifying not a problem. Arm I'll be happy go to lunch you half a million dollars million dollars 400000 what have you. And when you go and asked the banker what the interest rate is he says well don't worry about it that's not really a problem I'll let you know with the interest stricter it is 101520. Years from now when you have to pay me back. So the point is with these tax deferred accounts but many folks don't understand. Is that not only can they become a tax nightmare in time borrow. But they can also force increase taxation on your Social Security benefits. You're going to be forced to take our d.s out of these accounts when you reach seven and a half. Every year that you get a year older BRD is going to be larger and larger for instance from seven and a half to 78. Your R&D is gonna range from about three point 65% to 5%. Once you hit that magic 78 member from 78 to 91. The armed egos from 5% to 10% per year is huge and right around the time when an individuals in their eighties especially with the Karen environment with this large looming debt we have. These are large IRA accounts any irony cannot can be means tax tested. We can we can see huge tax increases still have major effects on how much you and your family actually seep from your retirement accounts. And how much the government actually sees an informant taxes so. It's extremely important if you do have an irony worldwide and Kenny at 403 B or even afford 57. Any tax deferred plan. Let's take a look at it and look at the potential tax ramifications. To put together a plan to reduce those taxes. Always better to pay our debt now instead it later when you can and when you have a plan to do so. The number to call to reach Phil Capriati and get your questions answered. Is 808511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. We're talking about things you never knew ten ask about and one thing that comes up is realistic. Withdrawal rates now this is separate from the required withdrawals that we often. See folks who work too weary to pull out any money at all. And suddenly. All that hard work that we did saving up our money is turned into a locked box. That we never opened so what's the best method of withdrawal. Well the best thing to do and what we like to do is we like to take a look at the tax return she would your carrot tax bracket is because. The most realistic and best withdrawal rate is basically different with each and every person that depends on what their current tax bracket is so the first thing I'd like to do is no right to do attacks review I like to take to tax return. Let's see exactly where rear where. The next thing I like to do is I like to look at legal retirement income so I'll ask clients how much you're spending amount. What your budget what is it what is your income mean after taxes and we'll take a look at that will help structure. And actual income plan. And then we'll show through the through the use of of software and technology. What's the tax effect will be on withdrawals. Prior to collecting Social Security prior to collecting that tension. What type of tax bracket are this excessive RMD is going to cost and then we'll put together very judicious plan. To structure would draws and a tax efficient way so as to maximize. The amount of retirement benefits than an individual keeps remember folks. It's not how much you make in retirements on how much you spend in retirement it's how much you keeping retirement. It's extremely important not to give more than Europe will call a fair share back in the form of taxation. So in order to do that you really need to take a proactive approach really need to look at with a professional. With a tax professional within armed these specialist for at least with someone who is knowledgeable to help you understand what the pitfalls of what the road blocks are. In retirement. With respect to excessive taxation on retirement accounts pensions and Social Security benefits. You would not go into the jungle with out a guide and just the same way you would not want to go into retirement with out a financial coach. You can reach failed capriati's today and get on the right track. By calling 800. 8511636. Again 80851. 1636. And now is the perfect time to call because Phil keeps spaces on his calendar open specifically. For radio listeners is that right Phil. That's trading candy Tony we do you have to appointments left. So feel free to give our offices call I'd love to talk with you we can talk about just about anything. Taxes are increased especially with tax season coming up. We didn't have any tax special for all of our clients especially our new clients it's in 99 dollar. Tax special of course we have a staff for CPAs who'd been in the business for awhile but it any rate if you have a tax question even if you want jury turned on or maybe you want a second opinion. Q can you call lender know what it is you like to talk about and at first hours on me kimono and then let's talk. That number again 808511636. So much value in sitting down for just an hour and getting your questions answered. And more importantly finding out if there are questions out there you didn't even think to ask the number again 80851. 1636. Excuse a question for all you listeners out there. Do you agree with your significant other all the time. Be careful how you answer this one they might be in the room or they might be listening to him sometimes we have different ideas about retirement. And it's standard to discover it sooner than later. I can tell you for a fact with their clients and I've seen and we we put together close to 5000 retirement plans for couples. Very rarely do those spouses are both significant others aggrieved with a each other when it comes the retirement income plan when it comes to the amount of money that they expect to have in retirement. So let's get started with this crucial conversations. Come on and give us a call. And let's sit down and now let's talk about it we'll be right back. You're listening to the financial safari needs next well. Let's talk annuities. Annuities come in many flavors. These include fixed. The media's. Six indexing and various poems while we would never recommend a variable annuities because of the potential loss of income. The other three types of annuities fixed immediate and fixed index are valuable unwise addition to an investment portfolio. Let's X forty's it's not a fixed annuity operations similar to a CD at a bank. An insurance company guarantees of periodic accept payment as well as a minimum interest rates. He immediately knew he acts as an individual pension plan. And then come is guaranteed for life regardless of age and you have potential beneficiary options as well. Now unless a new would be to cover the Vicks index into what we are very popular today because they protect investment dollars by offering their share of the market's upside. Your return is based on an equity index such as the S&P 500. So steer clear. Variable annuities and remember health risks immediate and fixed indexed annuities operate. But before pursuing any specific investments and remember to be sure to have a clear understanding of the good bad and ugly. And mentally establish an exit strategy before you invest. And and. All right Phil you were talking about planning for couples before the break and I want to delve into this a little bit. We do know that it is very difficult to have to folks with two different viewpoints on life. Agree on 81 specific thing especially if that one specific thing. Is the next thirty or forty years of retirement. So let's talk a little bit about this and I wanted to start off with an email from a listener who has a bit of a related topic. Sarah in round rock says my husband and I are at odds about municipal bonds he thinks there are reliable source of income. And I frankly don't I think there are a bit risky. Can you settle this all right so let's let's go specific here what do you think about municipal. It's okay municipal bonds actually traditionally are relatively safe. Most Muni bonds are as they're referred to. You have the ability of the municipality. To tax the residence in that municipality in this is really were the bond issues come in so. And for the most part you you really don't have a whole lot of risk will we see it is a very little return. Where there risk alliances and interest rate risk if you have a Muni bond and it's five year ten year twenty years some of these armed issues are. Are quite long in duration. You have the ability or the lack of ability to keep pace with the inflation. So. Most of my clients that are high net worth clients who were talking about so we're talking about the yes. 4567. Million dollars. In now in liquid assets. Like Muni bonds because they are a form of tax free retirement planning. So the interest that you earned depending on where the Muni Bonnie as an end and who issued it can be tax free income for the normal couple. It depends on what your income is one whether we would recommend Muni bonds. But one of the biggest concerns that we fine. Is in any interest rate environment like we have right now you have to understand something coach with Danny bond whether it's a Muni bond or not. As interest rates go up. Municipal bond values and all on values tend to go down unless you keep them through the end of duration you can actually lose value. In that when this situation. When this situation presents itself so another words consider a seesaw. And down on one side of the seesaw you have a bond value and on the other side you have an interest rate. As the interest rate goes up high into the air the bond value drops down. And see interest rates go down the bond value goes up so this is one of these risks that you run. In getting bond had he will call mobility are generally safe. You do run the risk of inflation and interest rate risk not to mention. And being being forced to keep until duration very rarely do you happen to fall but there are certain cities I don't think that might tune municipal bonds and. Well let's talk a little bit you mentioned a seesaw earlier and that doesn't just apply to a municipal bonds that also applies to this conversation. Between spouses when they come into the office and Derek. Are two different opinions and their two possibly it's different outlooks on what retirement is gonna look like I. It do you find that most couples have spent a lot of time talking about their retirement plans before they come meet with few work. Does it seem like their first conversation about financial matters takes place at the off. So normally they've had some conversation but most cases they're not really both on the same page will we normally do with clients is the very first thing we'll do is. We'll have the conversation will put everything in writing and I have sophisticated software that we used to not only organize assets and income plans but but also to help folks understand it put it in an easy to under stand away. One of the things that will do with clients standard they may have a bond portfolio or stock portfolio. Who's one of the things that will offer our our clients or potential clients. He is not in addition surrounding a Social Security report to see what type of benefits that they can. I'll look forward to assume security won't run a Morningstar report and actually rate the portfolio. To see just how high rated it is what type of return it is. What type of risk reward is subside a bit. These types of planning techniques for clients are eye openers because. I always like to turn to professionals and I'm helping put together portfolio for client or clan. I always believe that upon the smartest person in the room then I'm in the wrong room. So we like to use our back office we like teas are expertise Cellini eve we like to use technology so. It's important to get many opinions not just other advisors opinions but go to the experts. And and and again if you are interested in having one of these reports are retirement reporter one of the other services that we offer please feel free to him give candy to car. Taken manager about our complimentary consultation and I'll be glad to talk with the about it in more detail. Again that consultation is. Absolutely free the number is 808511636. You can get that Morningstar report run for you. As well as get your questions answered and work with the experts to get on the right track as your heading into retirement. Now that Phil what are some of the things that husbands and wives often disagree on when it comes to their retirement plan. Well yeah most of us baby boomers all had happened to believe that we're going to live forever. So. In it's it's quite frequently we'll see I'll just be generic once doused believes they'll never get sick and never need to have long term care in nursing home care never being heard on the Stanley. Whereas the more sensible. Partner will say well it's really just part of life that the longer we lived them higher probability we're going to need here. What we find as many folks unfortunately. I would say good 80%. Do not make provisions for. Care as we get older ninety experiences with my own parents he might grandparents. It's inevitable that one's spouse will get sick. And and it's very possible that they they may not pass and it's very possible that the other elderly spouse will be forced to take hear them. So it's not only important to look your retirement income but it's also part of the retirement planning to actually look at retirement. Care. As we get into our octogenarian. Years our TVs and and and doing good lord willing ninety's. We want to make sure that god forbid if we get sick if we need care we made provisions as to not durden. The surviving spouse so this is an important part of your retirement planning process folks. Many advisors do not speak of it. We like to talk about it we should at least have a plan in and many of these retirement plans that we used on behalf traditions to cover. Home care nursing home care assisted living care and alike so. You should talk to a professional about this if you haven't talked about it with your spouse which we find many clients haven't. Maybe it's kind of a conversation with your spouse about what type of provisions you'd like to set aside god forbid either one or do you have become sick or hurt. And if you need any help sitting down and having that conversation with a full help of a financial coach who can run you through what options are out there and who can help possibly run a little bit of interference so that you have both the education and the options and at your fingertips as you're having that conversation with your spouse than the number to call to reach failed Capriati is 800. 851. 1636. Sit down for that initial no costs consultation. And get on the bright track to retirement that number again 80851. 1636. And feel what can they expect when they come in for one of those initial consultations. Well just about anything understand that we have a full office the professionals. We have though legal expertise here attorneys trust attorneys we have accountant CPA is. We have insurance professionals both Medicare Medicaid. We even have a full property casualty division our primary goal is tax advantaged in tax reduction retirement planning which is really like especially in has been three years understand I have an accounting and finance background so. We've been working into retirement income planning business for quite some time bush tax advantaged retirement. Distributions. This is really are key and with a complete staff of professionals it's very easy. Pressed to put this together you'll have the confidence of knowing we put together over I would say over 4000 plan is just for folks in the Austin area so needless to say we have quite a bit of experience. And quite a bit of expertise. I've had the pleasure of being an edge slot master relieve diarrhea advisor. Going on eight years now for those of you who may be unclear on who had slide is. And sliders a CPA he trains advisors and folks he's known as America's directs her. We have to recertify our credentials is Mets are advisor every six months. So it's a lot of continuing education but what it does is it brings a lot of knowledge a lot of knowledge that we can share with clients a lot of expertise that we can also share. And that's what really makes us and puts us a step above. The rest. That number is 808511636. To reach they'll capriati's precedent of senior tax and insurance advisors PL OC. And sat out that initial no cost consultation. To date is the date to get started again 800. 8511636. And when we return we're going to be talking about breaking down bad habits many retirees aren't even aware that they're falling into this. So film because the dark stay tuned. You're listening to the financial safari news next. Can can. Mean we won't know that having your money work for you was important but having your financial advisor understand your goals is just as vital to healthy financial plan. Your advisor should work for you can understand and control the amount of market risk you're exposed to work and especially as we approach retirement. The first thing to focus on is to simply start safe and what don't save and a place that could lead your hard earned savings over explosive risk. This is taken care of by having a proper diversification strategy for not having all your money in one place. Think with the financial coached and have them explain what your retirement would look like fives 10s20s. And even thirty years from now. So number one goal and financial planning is to look at the road you're on right now and make sure it's going to get you to the destination you really wanna get too yeah if you're not sure. Meet with the financial coach there are many different ways to manage your money and build it for retirement. And get a second opinion keep your rise on the ball. It's. It. All right bill before the break you were mentioning bad. Habits and that's the retirees. Can fall into and we want to avoid those sorts of pitfalls so let's talk about some of these. Bad habits the one that first comes to mind is. Debt as certainly there's good debt and bad debt and we can talk about what the differences but. Going into retirement with too much debt can be I'm major problem. Yes that's absolutely rape kit seriously one of the band have us believe it or not that I see what some folks who come in. Is taking on their children student debt. And I've seen this. Quite frequently actually. Where we had children later in life and out there they're actually one of the biggest debts that they have is there either paying off they second or third mortgage. Order in some cases. Actually paying off their children stand or even grandchildren stat. Himself and using. Their retirement accounts to do it so not only are they paying down the debt but they're using tax deferred funds to do it. She huge problem because it not only creates a tax problem. But it also. And also re forces. In major reduction in retirement accounts I had one couple commend you were paying now open over 200000 dollars to their children's there's two months. Bad habit absolutely. Now it in you mentioned. Before the break other bad habits and now I know that we talk about having a plan that takes you all the way to root retirement not just to retirement is that the sort of thing you're talking about. Yeah that's who can and the other thing another bad habit that we see is some folks they were good savers they saved. They did a lot of working they had greater earning cheer it earning years they could a lot of seeming. And what they find is at 77. Need to send any fine. They're required minimum distribution is they put all their eggs in one basket to put to all of their savings in. Higher race for a one case and tax deferred accounts. What they don't realize some one think until we commend all our office is that he required minimum distributions are going to cause a huge tax problem. Not just with taking distributions from the IRA. By the way folks is another reason to do Roth conversions and look at that but it causes pain massive expanse. In the form racing your part B Medicare premiums and also. Maximizing taxes on assures security. So we are talking about bad habits and bad habits need to be addressed sooner rather than later do not wait to not procrastinate. If you find yourself falling into any of these bad habits or. If you have started to feel like your financial advisor may have been leading you into these sorts of bad habits. Maybe it's time to get a second set of eyes on your plan to ensure that you are going to inch await the full retirement that you've been dreaming out. The number to call to reach Phil Capriati out senior tax and insurance advisors PL OC. Is 800. 8511636. Phil has been an edge slot master elite advisor for the past eight years. It's what is known as America's IRA expert and whether you have questions about IRAs Roth conversions or anything we've been talking about today on the financial safari. Today is the date to set up that initial no cost. Absolutely free consultation. With Phil Capriati. The number is 80851. 1636. And Phil this is a perfect time for them to call because you still do have a couple slots available is that correct I have. One slot left and yes please call speaking with candy I would absolutely love to meet you come visit with us and he gave candy and call you an idea what you like to speak with. She'll set up a consultation with a either me personally or wanna or other professionals depending on exactly what's your concern is. And I'd love to meet with you. Thank you so much for being on with us every single week here on the financial safari again that number is 80851. 1636. A team of experts were right there at senior tax and insurance advisors PL LC. 80851. 1636. Thanks so much for listening everyone will see you next week as well. Right here. On the financial so far. Currency RA. Information on this for the strength purposes only and does not constitute investment text we'll advice information has been painful. Sources that are deemed to be reliable when it. Receiving complete this cannot be guaranteed their Peter. We guarantees case only financial strength and claims paying ability you can sweet company. Individuals should thoroughly review the contract specific details of it. Cost income payments of withdrawals from deferred annuities are generally taxable ordinary income in the near near thing.