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Jan 28, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

While two and natural underground or radio show and podcast dedicated to the natural food industry. I'm your host Al springer. Joining me in the studio today. I'm going to be honest look we. We wanted to have an all star cast amnesty if you are just game changer and experts from blizzard really. But none of those people were available until you have range Russell and Ryan Mouton. All I. Thank you man and we couldn't find a hole is so we just kind of pulled this guy off the streets I was threatening us now I was at a multi station earlier and they forced me to be here is when exactly who sometimes it seems like it oh yeah that's at well. Feel like these guys together are very fun and lots of personnel on the and they have a great product it's very tasty it's. Recovery drink for post workout or post card team in any time you need to replenish your MI. You look at Ryan during that part of it is just as subtle. Sort of feel a lot of judgment Elena oh there's lots of judgment and welcome back they. I don't really. I just think any judge get older than hangovers goers are so sure though it is it is you know it's a recovery drink for both hard work and work and out. Kind of who were athletes get a position themselves or if you push yourself a little bit because you were out till 3 in the morning I think he's what is that they say work hard play hard recover faster. That's right so it's rehydration. Replenishment model satellites and recovery. We'll have them on the second segment right to see. They're excited. We are also excited to launch a new segment ask him. Move yes you can't thank them knee and really you know 91 not at all is going to be and we actually found one I would I don't like it and prove to people on the radio show when she found the next authority and knows something that is Adam Greenberger he's the managing partner it's right capital. Rim asked him about the process he uses to evaluate France right at all yeah I mean it's gonna get. But I think we'll do that little bit later in the hour so awesome. Looked we're also gonna have a new brain university class and this today we're gonna talk about that concept of brand ambassadors. So I think a lot of people and a brand ambassadors as OK a brand ambassador and it is like a celebrity. Or. Spokes person or someone you engage it's a big influence or Reich as we talk about this all the time certainly. If you're starting a business of any kind. It's always wise to find brand ambassadors like bloggers. Editors piano that are athletes celebrities anybody that. Literally holds away and just like they sway and move over your target audience you're Jimmer. That is one type of brand ambassador what we'll talk about little bit later in the hour it in our new brand class you bring university class. Is more a brand ambassador army or people that you have to go out in bookstores in other words if you're out there starting a cookie company. We've got a big idea for something to bill building a brand. You're gonna have people would go out in blitz stores with you even beyond your sales people if you use of food broker of some kind even beyond that it's the guys who commend. And bring those cool shirts and hats that if you this lag this why he wants Angelina there. You probably notice often those folks are wearing gear from different brands right and how do you get that out there and then. More importantly once you get those people kind of up and running and trained and you they now are effective at what they do you know what happens. Daily because somebody in the market finds them and think he thinks well this person's pretty sharp somebody else's train them I'll take him so in our class today we're gonna talk about. How do we get those people so plugged in your organization and feeling good about their job well compensated and a path forward. That they wanna stay because that's the problem you build an army of people out there and they often. Ultimately get better odds of him is I'm depressed it is volley or hopefully won't fix all that everybody Lee when you get to it that he's happy at the okay enough of that we don't want just want to be depressed about this that topic it's a lot deeper than that isn't there could be many more initiatives fifty OK if that. Time on the show where we go the marketplace and find the next cool thing the thing that just we think is going to be the future so check it out what do we call it. They didn't know she. Good so it's in my phone yeah. Rule. In the at what they are we were the only ones feeling gentlemen we're Ted we went out when it blew my third three of us. Never mind yeah. In the show even go on a comment like bowler on it and the people that come in here and that would throw the model that can join us we can throw that would throw people off that you go to auditions for court than just the three of a few actually guys do it we just this how we bring something different. Throat singers can sing two notes at the same time that's neither of the inability to send throat singers like TU BA AA and my name and have mastered how to harmonized with himself that's like us since and I am talent. Yang it's it sounds bad you could could be that. All right offend any throat singers than analysts didn't put it back to our product of the week. Her throat singers and you write full house health problem link on our social media yeah pleased that we play it but it's really weird actor. A touch agency an island. That's not nothing good that feeling good we're gonna I don't know if you really does take your pop up bloggers out and out now write it any in this country and otherwise. Okay our product and quick our product is so cool CF OK right so we're kind of chip snobs. That's my commitment and that's irony on the weekend is go I think chip snob he's hit eight of snobs here. So we found this chip called CF OK here in Austin and it's rain free so tortilla chips that's super cool ball right friend. On trend and packaging you how would you describe this packaging it's like it almost looks like Mexican drug Blake hits like carries out Weller. Logo and will New Mexico vibe as well. There's a few years ago all seventy yet ping yen eight dollar actually sent in seven and that's freshman lost DOS tres. Members of the Garza family began exercising together and adopted a new low inflammation. Grain free diet to support Veronica whose Ron can you ask who is further cuts are apparently it's a sister and daughter and we've been diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions. And so they develop the swine grain free products right stuff. Tough and they started making it but then grandpa couples commented that Veronica first creation of grain free Allman flour tortilla. Tastes it even better than the homemade and so when you read that stuff you like a year now right. But then you open up the sole thank goodness and politics and French you know this is slow. We're actually prove that reunite eaten so many vets out client running out it's like men left and there really it's not yet if there's very low crunch levels because it. If I'm just contain and Ford crumbs on the bottom we ate the entire bag. While we were sitting there on on here nacho flavored she's DS OK guys so lights meet with cassava root flower even. And that makes that they get the grain free none but in the middle of spices it's really good I mentioned we're chips knobs so we love like they did eighteen. The good been so good because as all that it's coated with slavery is are two different types of chip very different. But yeah any kind of thick and knees are like light and real super thin yeah but what's interest he Joyce I have an arsenal good snacks around you probably right. So just to make it make against the grain free nature of these though that Sandra a pass and that they delivered a great case if you wanna know more. It's what's the website there. CSK foods dot com that's SI ETE. In case you didn't take spend Haskell like ages and just did fancy food I think they're about 500 stores from what I read and read while our call. So guys I'm telling you check this one out. More on trend that's. All right. We time for a break when we come back we're gonna hit. Eric we hit Erica no apology what happens there and one is a lawyer slept I won't end well he's been good but they do have a great product they do have a great product recovery. Indeed these guys dig their product you're listening to the natural underground. And this now. Let him help him. And yes. Welcome back to the natural underground loan. But here in new listener this is our favorite part of the show and it just like yeah. Apart or you don't talk as well OK okay it's Q or how we're gonna plant. This the part we get to interview on two for Norris people who were out there are actually doing all the stuff we talk about Carolina brand put themselves out there and night out just how hard it actually right you think it all right on today's show we're very lucky to have the founder and and the two guys that are really just drive and everything at rally recovery drink. Right and we all need that this is Oprah really etched in product because this position to. Really for people who are high performance athletes who were looking for that rehydration replenishment recovery food but a little secret on the side you know who also uses the stuff for people that may be pushed her body little hard on a Friday or stagnant he is this a new or islands over nears again hence the name recovery. Well that Eric and Alex welcome to financial underground group. They observers yes they absolutely thank shrapnel. Yeah so why is there a different people don't know and I noses news a lot to be able don't know what his rally recovery drink what is it. Yeah in a nutshell this is feel like Pergo. Are they are very common well known and well established. Company who was making any recovery drink and we wanted to it will work. And those simply make it available to all other walks like beside the popular old mob. He gets while adults start using that work. It is simply the functionality. And that is where we wanted to take your light at rebrand it everybody else and you're old enough. Hell that I used to regularly do you try tri athlete is a tri athlete in. In his EP gap we go to lunch or something in the back of his car like on the floor board. Would be empty PD allowed but bottles is that they're into they know that like hardcore athletes we use it as some sort of Gatorade 2.0 right. Yet Al that's really funny that you use that there. And out touched on earlier like yeah we're would realize that. Bird dog we did want to recreate that we did your body had this all voters scoreboard tonight. That actually where I noticed. Kind of overlap analogy occurred totally different read that touched on before but I don't want my buddy's car is like a work out three. And he would feel like everywhere too and I'll like manner so up until this stuff that are really doing the trick across all collide. In the adult sector who wanted to look into it and you know truth be told there really wasn't a lot out there that what they're tweaking it in ways that didn't need to be. He'd be doc we just kind of ran with it improved. So what was going on in your life. That actually made you want to start this brand. This might be my question unfortunately it we're speaking openly here. Yes absolutely you hold on we're in a circle of trust. Let's call it a little drilling already in it yes safety net circle of trust whatever extra. They blow. Between you and myself and I'm sure India thousands of listeners that listen to send the live there. Go to Europe and LSU boy Alex is well and honestly are our lifestyle in college perhaps not the healthiest. LL owners locked I'm shocked that we got Louisiana may have. Under on the parties regal yeah I've made it out go to the harder to dish out. A little. We're not we're not known for our academic. That's our. But between the college lifestyle and I continued on in the law school but I. Maintained that I call it lifestyle for some reason this you know we're we're playing pretty hard right and then. Of course blocked Hulu joke leaders who work world so I'm playing pretty hard and an expected to be back in action until next. Pills. When I say playing hard I mean like LSU part. Yeah this. And that is yeah that's the professional lol aren't I believe. We knew we were packed it in or around and so I ended up at. That are really large law firm during trial lurched and every kind of dinner meeting you know these partners are ordering borrow a line. In the recruited at 10 o'clock in the morning. And I tell it to be there at six and it just wasn't adding up. And so actually they're getting music particularly particular radio person like go to the doctor's office actually looked obvious some raw. You clear this is this is ridiculous year you're just going out to hardening your waking up at 6 o'clock in the morning it's all getting old babies. Now new cuts that. Don't like first year of law to from what I've heard. They run you pretty rough just. By definition right kind of almost every now and then you're then you're up at night dinners and your everywhere that you went out your friends. And is survival mode. It is survival and a and that's why our motto is play hard work hard to recover faster. So every Sunday I'm sitting here crews in the baby islanders single. Mahan with no child I mean like what we years back and having a treaty delay in the office. Yet. It's. Update your blog you know if there's nothing out there that not doing the trick known marketing this properly. Two you don't demographic that using it just off the chart. What do we just don't do it and so we went ahead and started researching how to do that that was an interest in carpet it and. How did you figure out what ingredients should go and it. We've got to Kabul we want or will use really high in sugar coated debate constructs which would always stick with what we're not reinvent the wheel you'll be at our absolute success. Regarding hormone when we wanted to do was kicked out what you didn't your soul but personally have no artificial. Tiger colors. No artificial preservatives and no artificial flavors. And then we also strip this group the table sugar and we out of B twelve. So per corny ounces are getting only sixty calories and nine grams sugar. Yet. It's signal well above and beyond you know you try to drink or use. The more commonly found export strength that you can get out today. So those ingredients you wanted to take out with all the high sugar but what what is actually in a rally that makes it we see those who recover that quickly. Well the biggest thing you're going to be the electric lights are reported assaults are not look at the absorbed by your body into the bloodstream in bleacher water structure body. Which again dehydration and a lot of water you'll experience. Did he get nausea headaches I need to be across the border one of those in that we are the biggest component or are you the electoral. If you really wanted to. Dumbed down and make it like why is rally so much better than what else is out there you've got exactly what Alex just said you get it. Stamped up version of electoral like that it don't need and that actually the root of the problem. But they do go up there and look at all of these kind of like. You know for the party people that they hangover gimmicks and all that they are these. Big B twelve shots which make you feel alert. In Europe you feel like you're doing better but then you crash because that really solve the root problem too gracious so when you shut the rally. But you immediately feel alert without opening your heart crater like that there's no therapy you're feeling better. Put in the back and you actually have that electoral solution that that saw in the problem. So not just a joke you're actually getting their country that you need in a real way. Crank so you figure oh what ingredients you need to put and it makes people feel better how do you settle on what flavors and what was that process liken formulating those. Continued I don't want about flavored drink so we're sitting on one all you heard it. We looked at what was available. And the original four ready just mentioned cab for cutie urgent that that's just not Al Horford though. So what that okay what's working know what is monkey don't look at any cooler you'll see when a lie through orange orange and green. Just done of the classics. Well if you're starting a new brand you don't wanna deviate too far from witching there's gonna work. So of course we kept the letters in the mix but we're also looking at this trend towards. Things like Brett Barry gray cool blue Rick Perry all of those are actually really idea. On the pole for. America's favorite. We thought you know we can play safe school auto maker Ford Wear something a little on you you're not a traditional. We let that raspberry grade and we've got about a million others in the making that or are you ready to go. The yuppie canoe and pop up here and there depending on your reach the debt are. Our standard for you yet the women line through college tea green and then the rest very great widget marketer. Yeah no man they're all delicious we are sipping on some earlier today come before the show and their. Near hysteria we are getting in the spirit of that in fact we should add some spirits and LA how does that yeah when you dairy allergy ad out here all in the rally. Meant Alec cannot take this one. Don't know that's really bond it's out. You know we went out Padilla. We're actually in Austin it was just reached this year. It was labored as we went out of orbit well I don't establishment out on the Liddy. Big kick out there music's going in my body and to do it had. But it happened we have. The connection with they a hockey company did not stem data is caught in Texas. And so. You are on the throne and had to come over and we said look you'll probably check it out see which can't make some Nixon beat this works. So the bartender grab a bunch of bottled the rallies start going to count but there's no way. That the recovery period is supposed to match with the blockage or it's or not he comes back like sixty shot. And then next thing you know you've got this whole party go on in other rally critics are rallying for that but man they're gonna need Camara this year. Six you know I think it follows the generally widely held view our set the rule that bond cash and a lot of things percent to ultimately are pretty fun. Who's gay but he did so but AM makes sense usually also the flavor of it a little bit sweeter I can see where that would actually be perfect thing how fun. I let's go back we only have a minute or two in this first segment. I'm sure you hear lots of success stories anybody that's pushed their body right whether there there hardcore athletes are just recovering from a hard hang out. Old what are the success stories is give us one or two the share with the listeners. Yeah they're dealing with extreme not believe dealing with these special forces guys go there we go where. All the way down here just your traditional weekend warrior. Well a lot of the success that we've heard of and it's. Again. For health reasons people started to ship what they're drinking without having shopping maybe I have this state is it is it's kind of on and played with in terms how. Everything that we see out there. What looks on the road trying to do the right thing it's just not getting you there. How engine. Alex mentioned one of the things is kind of interesting about this is just got to be a little bit of any issue with people grad you know walking around with a appeal like bottle loses there's. It's kind of a weird factor uncool factor fewer if you're not a kid or mom of the kid. So this must address that writes I mean is this past to help with that kind of stigma of carrying around some this not a sports drink you know to address that issue. 11 of the reasons we start this company had Eric being a single spot on the man could not walk radio. And I got cleared out a weird. Yeah I couldn't have my best you know Parker that's great that it works well. I'm not weird yeah of violence. We actually thought about that in the initial brand so. You know there is no stigma I would carry around is it doesn't look like it's labor it's that doesn't look like a melted optical. So you don't know for what purpose did you need it all he knows that you needed and it works and it doesn't look ridiculous it looks like a sport strictly is just way above and beyond. Absolutely all right we take a break but we've Demi Moore with with both Eric and Alex and we come back. When we come back we get into moral that the entrepreneurial side of of these guys and how they started the brand will be back in a moment you're listening to the natural underground. I mean the most laugh and be in new man snaps in the next. This game. Okay. Okay. Welcome back to the national underground we're continuing our conversation. But Eric and Alex from rally recovery drink. Are you recovering or ready just slowly insipid. Yeah you know and I just. I'm wondering if they think this but just when I'm just general generally come a rundown it seems like it helps still I'm not hung over. Well at. Yeah you know I got hung up yet. Is he just I'm drinking eight minutes ago it takes it hasn't kicked in yet has not that I'm still around and hit the so we're gonna ask you some of the same questions Alex and Eric do we ask all of our guests than. One is where did you guys grow up. Don't want to know. No it and I've got the phony story. That you think we'll get us into this segment go yeah that would put crooks used. Do you realize what health feeding it was how we actually met in he's been a weary day when that we're picking your little bit out there you have. We really but he's out Orlando we are carrying twelve pack of Coke and there's the cool okay. But told Mexico Quentin can't right exactly. Yeah. It tonight oh yeah. How will parents at the house. The terror group effort they have not left yet so Erica our runner recon mission will. Well in daylight hours and we were we were avid speaker out together in the first round we met. Needed an extra and straight to get the job done. They see each other from. From Houston all way to college and LSU and forward. Yeah. So that backcourt should wait forty years back when you guys were younger is maybe even before fifteen what did you want to be when you grow up because I would imagine. You never thought about those selling beverages. So Internet accounts and or would be wrong. Yeah I don't tied that they're trying to believable. Oh god Eric what do you wanna be. There are mariachi band. You wanna be an entire man you're just implemented now and like one of those lower on the street yet and have a little girl or that they get every we infinity. Very cool what you'll go in all seriousness is out to know if you wanted to be. No I mean I was. I don't know I guess I might my family has quite a U. Really ought to lawyers and it solid kind of destined to. Right but I never thought that idea. Beverage Lincoln lawyer but that happened. That's I think combo. Alex will what was your big dreams. Oh my god I would probably have to say that look my interest is flying and the pilot. Oh lol do you really couldn't tell you about my drinking. The I was gonna say if you are pilot we may wanna re edit some this just fears they put out. For now I play on my iPad simulator so I'm not a danger can U people yeah. So well let's fast forward a bit what did your. Family and friends say either when you guys we've got involved in kind of you know I'll launch a brand. The way it really started that it didn't really approached and so we had. From what I thought at the time with a widget plan but turned violent. He got talked out that it should hand over a table instead look good to it to approach the minister Netanyahu he's done their research. We'll help you out a little bit and so they thought it was. If we are looking back into the hearing her talk about it I think they thought we would learn more by failing. And yet you are getting getting experience that they are very supportive and it felt we are crazy I feel foolish looking back at our remember. We're trying to yet a first round of capital together and Alex and I went to. And entrepreneurs count has done extraordinarily well would several brand throughout her life. Go to we're sitting on the couch in her you know. You out nicely study when she comes down. And my college girl is how much you believe how he used to and so she trying to learn and and looking back after 23 years I'm like analysis stupid comment I'm sure she is thinking this just get ready. Did it earlier to wait five minutes and it's gonna change. Yeah so it's it's been a tough process you know between. Figuring out. Raise money to work with friends and get job done when you get you know resource has let he's got to be created in with a little bit. We do. Well it's an ear canal but get NBA's without even with 80000 dollar debt. Yeah well you are dead he'll just be differing treatment that can test different diet. Honor. We'll seems like your first probably task was choosing the name and it does seem very self explanatory but users story behind how you settled on around linked. Not just what you call wait a minute what we bought it. All linked group but like I just like the grand ingredient like recreate. It so natural. The show taught what it is. Make it what it is and make sure or could just go light your concern because this took little tricky route that's sure. Rim has so how did you see it the product how did you get as you approach your first single store how how did that. What was up how do you walk and start talking don't. Kind of yeah. A lot of time and money on this unbelievably. Good looking sexy box. We walking in the fire and it had been before he can be put your blog you agree. That Shaq in the net like LED lights go into the bottom of the bottle. In this perhaps a little yeah well we were so proud of that one little box. Kampala and I are not sure where you're going to get you said sexy we rarely and then they got cleared their first I thought. So why I can understand what you just that describe you had an LEB what what are. No imagine like that they'll hit boxer. You can open the front of the lone bottle they're like beauty Buell beauty up yeah corrected in underneath each bottle they had like this battery pack though he DC you'd open up the box. He was she really bright bright light to bottle. And India looked awesome and it looked like we're at super established product literally this guy knows that we had. Funded in produced. Like a trailer load of this product without any customers although he really had a word a lot of product and it. Yeah how many of those body agreed yeah I did you a lot of emergency is make Onebox. We had a lot but never like. The most extensive boxes that are never nudity. And imagine there's like rave music claim to when you open it up for some it's. They have those interesting market of both you know high performance or athletes as well as people out there are some fun. How do you market the product and I need product out in front of people. We would put our money work opted to disarm. Which we stand on this is something that we accrued location. We we show that aspect every time we get in front of people which again this is a priority for us. He didn't even know we're both founders and owners are. Everything from street level up you know we have some daily involvement in it. All he got there. I mean we started that first account Alex and I. It in the door and that mean actors that's a marketing base that you sit there and you talk to people and educate them on what you are. You know hopefully you can build up so other people can do that job but you're never gonna be worn out like you've got a cat and dog. Marketing from flyers we did a huge party with. And Austin based group were like that monsters tailgate and kind of head teams out there explaining every single person in just. You know keep possibly make sure everybody knows what you are like you better. One of the things that you guys did I think it was kind of funny as she did something with like a fraternity row outside a major college right where you basically accurate drove a truck up and said take as much as you want next thirty seconds or something out of that worked. It doesn't go admire you and you are. Actually we had that big tailgate and you know we brought down an eighteen wheelers size truck to just under one that is the big tailgate and really it was multiple Decker. Beat it out there looking at what point. What are people want to anonymous item welcomed the post you. Lose big. An epic but afterwards I had like you know they're good course and it looked over luckily it do it now don't agree that Houston I guess we could. But you what that that exposure I knew it was what we are all the fraternities and I had done that. Under these guys sort of completely dehydrated in the garden you know working on whatever chrome took all sort all of that struck. And screw up the back gate not that you get the parties out. You know we had our street girl telling you'll pay this is what we are this is Howard here yeah I get. Through early Korean ambassador Pak and. And then watched and missed reiterated. That you know he is clever though onion that's a little different. Yeah so they these these pledges just went crazy on the truck I'm not eating getting English completely stripped like Lucas hit. They remembered because every weekend at our account it often we're sold out. Little later in the show after you guys have. Exited stage left or right or whatever it's supposed to be that theater person just on this you connect it whichever way it's ever Iowa. So what what's interesting is we're talking a little bit about brand ambassadors and you I think Alex have talked to you a little bit over lunch about brand ambassadors then you birdied building some interest team people because. In the world of high performance athletes high performance people. You and I can imagine you've already made some instant connections. Who are we yeah who who would give me just an example that the name names yet just do what kind of people are you are you looking at. Oh my god we've had great success story the kid from our special forces group downs used some very fit Austin nights. Are you. One of them like you are sub promote the gap in the pitched in with our 930 kilograms and she can actually completely bare arms do it honored our schedule. And I didn't experience that that cramping that they can come along without. While very cool food. So there there there's always that common pain rightly get it not so much. But specific type of person that they all share this. Mentality they go big and when that your being they need this result so. Pretty wide range of consumer out there. I love it well this is this is fun so if people want find a little bit more about our rally recovery drink what's website they should be look at. Jewelry and rally dot com is our web site and we are actually making some adjustments to it as we speak Ed Reed saying in the wild world. Dehydration. Or understanding who we are we should have up and running up fighting in the month. You only get one up there now and you got clearly the no end to Graham accounts and everything like that they'll link together. You cannot. Email us sit in so at drink rally and I every single one personally and I will worst. Aren't you you know we won't abuse that power I don't like it. Our go to guy is sort this has been great to I think the product is really unique and that's what our show's all about is finding those kind of products that are very different. The consumer and for that. The industry so this has been terrific we've got to we've had Eric and Alex on from rally recovery and we'll hope to have you on again soon guys. Then we we don't have an. All right we'll be back after a break we're gonna hit a class on brand ambassadors on our new bring university drop them. You're listening to the national underground scene. And now it's. Okay. On news. Do it. Again. I think those plants. Indian name man. Yeah welcome back to the natural underground now. Kimberly you're still aren't that many who you know what are you listed in this aren't they don't fit and how has been broken up your radio and utterly out and you held by you and can't have ten you can't reach the radio. If people are your computer and and our final segment and we love this part because it's our chance to little Klaas from you bring university but we've kind of compress them and schooled about. I'm minutes five points in five minutes right now our thing. And then we're gonna have at the very end this segment we're gonna have our ask an expert and a Foleo wasn't slurring today I. Can I ask Shaq man after I admit it. This week's topic and apply step businesses of all types not just consumer packaged goods at this idea we mentioned the opening a brand ambassador right right. It's our guests today talked about and using brand ambassadors and one point. And Christine term. And then in the world of marketing we think a brand a masters as celebrities influencers. People that really become sort of spokes people for your brand frank we're talking about today is just a little bit different. Type of brand ambassador it's more. The practical every day important work of if you launch something's a listening ear listening in home for example and you're just launching a cookie company. Or I drink or shampoo whatever your bill and write a drink that is shampoo but also functions as a cookie. I don't know what's happening but you've got an idea you wanna get it out to the stores so you wanna have. Someone go out beyond just your sales folks beyond your means you have a food broker are wrapped. But someone who's bring in all the gears swagger as you college just one shirts hats because the bright shiny and care. They assume the brand educating them right talking to the store people all those things. Right the challenge is always and then when you do something like that. First got to find them that they need to keep home. So fining them sometimes is this how do you think because whether they're somebody fresh out of school or somebody in college or may be. Apparent from mom that wants to work only part time very limited hours. You can find those people that are pretty good at being shiny happy people right. Yeah what is difficult is keeping them because you are a bit like that recruiter and who. Finds a player that you want your college and then when she's sort of validate them and train them. And start talking about them then all the other colleges one guy two or them or the a woman. So here's our 55. Tips today for how do we keep a good brand ambassador once their own board right. No war. This does sound a little limit meaning calorie into her to counter intuitive but hire folks who have very specific and somewhat limited hours. By that I mean media tell mom that wants to be home to pick up for kids at 230. So she can only work for maybe nine to 230. The reason you wanna do stuff like that is because by definition now your. Engaging with someone who has sort of limited time and you're being flexible in working around that now ya actually have to honor their request right or they're gonna bolt. So you need to find activities they can do in places they can go that fit within that. But if they do they you're kind of eat your making it easy for them to stay. Because it fits so perfectly with what they wanna do make sense when it hits the people if they're part time people and I can't leave. As easily that thrives on early because that's hard to find that kind of job that they feel good about. Absolutely no to. Paid them more than the industry average not sound like such a throwaway line more yelling only pay him a million bucks in the numbers never. But what I mean by that is you don't have to double the salary but pay them don't get cheap. With people who are working part time with something like this because ultimately they're gonna just thing grab that next opportunity whatever it is that pays a little bit more. So if you party matched up hours that fit and that's attractive. Then say okay by the time I get them trained it up and running and actually impacting my business. I'm gonna wanna people. So paid him a little bit more and you should be good. Number three is to give them ways via video performance to earn extra money and other words okay here's the basics of your job you're gonna go into the story and greet the people the store. Maybe train them about the product matrix on the shelf prima teacher. If there's things beyond that like hey if you can managed to get them to carry another item of of the product line you're selling that they weren't gonna do it. You get a little something extra if you were able to build a big crazy creative display in the store and get them don't care where you're there for some extra training or something. Give them a way to make more money and if those objectives are important enough to get a make your business money and ultimately everybody wins. Full give some creative things to do you know wine in any job. Likes the same routine every day gets boring and right as you just no matter how you do it gets boring. So you can give folks so another words hate. You've got somebody managing its territory for you when he crate a display contest something that's fun that they can put together that does the parameters of the key elements of the program and then let them kind of have fun visiting store to store. And buying gauging with there your customers that way they start to become more more popular your brand becomes more popular. And everyone loves to be popular right just one you love to be found in China and for years now and it didn't want us. Syndrome big center I chose theatre through yeah. A hide behind it and I need project down Nolan as a pillar in high school than at the at the end of love it and people then people screaming on our homeland and now so low on the totem pole all right. Number. We go far. Like any job give them a path for a man Smith and that they don't have to be the CEO tomorrow and not re you know me here vice president of finance. But you start by saying look if we if we can set it up the you do a great job in your territory. They give the chance to romance maybe they get to go to the next market and help source and train and manage people that are doing the job they've been doing. And guess what they give some coastal bit to travel it's maybe historically that wasn't part of a job they have before so now that's a new learning for them in new experiences. Other words reward the people who have leaned in and are trying to help by giving them additional opportunities okay. That's a pretty simple straight up a way a look at but you'd be amazed the number of people talked to a since then hired these folks. I got all excited knicks you know the ones about the time I started doing while some of the brand hired. And you should take these people seriously because they form part of the front line of your business there's a purely motivated happy people because they can impact your brand image and don't forget that's exactly right Ryan's the face of the brand and often. You we have our people retailers all the times than we know. I would Kerry kept carrying a prim and I never see them I never hear from my barely they know that I'm alive and I don't know that there around. So wait but the opposite is if your brain is wander in and those stores shiny happy people big smile making things happen solving problems when they come up. Now your whole business is thought of differently right. Cool or really excited for this next segment we've energy use something called ask an expert we get so many questions of our company whether it's. Trademarks. Or herb specific distributor questions so we thought each week we're in a highlight the different area misspeak we're very excited to have. Adam Greenberger on the shelves Iraq capital in New York he's the real deal and he's gonna talk about what he looks forward he's evaluating a brand they wanna invest. At a welcome to the natural underground. I'm happy that we are absolutely. Just undermine deal like this because Adam absolutely requested. If he could class during this and be bleeped out during this interview. And so we agreed that we can collect duel one time so how's the weather out there Adam today in New York City. It is so. Why. Call your city yeah. Unlike former years and it is an Oscar you probably isn't. It's only 58 or sixty degrees today see probably what how warm as they actually today. It is. Is it it may climb into the eighty. Well I don't believe you said that you make sense. All right well. And they believe in that part out to the theft of art and so when you look at growing so happy there you go when you look at brands one of the metrics you look for. When evaluating the potential of bran what are you how do you judge them. So you know I had Al you know I'm gonna talk to you from experience working at small. Really entrepreneurial France where. You know we don't have reams of data. That we can sort of analyze you know what yeah where we look at it we sort of start and this seems a bit candidates we really start with species and the most important. One is really the category so he won't go or even actually speak to an entrepreneur or. Dig into the company we really to look at the dynamics in the category because there's always data about a category absolutely we can see what's now a category. Are we investing into our rising tide which is always easier. That's sort of watered dynamics there and and assuming that that we'd like the dynamics of the category. Then we take him to do you have some of the other which is the two other species and those being the consumer which I think he needs no explanation you know who's buying the product. But more importantly the customer and the customer and consumer. Are different. And so we'd like to see. How is this small brand partnering at retail how are they leveraging online and and sort of what your relationship with their cost of ours doesn't. But to really restart those places. So they checked that check on that so category you're obviously looking for some sort of up trending category or one I would imagine there may be. There's avoided that in some kind of looks like his mean underserved. Exactly we wanted to see if he either is fast growing exciting category. Or is it a category that's so sleepy it's just ripe for disruption. I love it and then on the consumer side your second C. That's why it's more challenging is that for smaller brands that you get the insights they don't have a lot of money to spend on consumer insights to determine. If there's real upside there by you still trying to strata they do they know who their consumer is. They have some way of getting a hold of roaming contact communicating women that which are looking for. He and an aren't there line of their products align with their consumer strategy we we don't want. You know companies that is. Sort of aiming to sell into the geriatric market. But marketing and creating products that are really cool war. Millennial conference continued we really want to see. Connection between. Company knowing who their consumers this album and producing for their consumers you Sheila. Entrepreneurs actually just. Create product that they themselves like and then try to market that your consumer that is different. Looked sort of a watch out for us. It's funny you say that we're rice asking people who don't have a lot of money at it two spent on consumer research but they're trying to fare on the consumer is we often ask entrepreneurs. Why is list yourself because most likely you launched a product that you yourself would buy. And to your point if there's a disconnect that they're going after somebody else than it gets little trickier. Because now they don't know that group they don't understand them but they understand themselves so they ought to be targeting themselves most likely. Well they want and. And and there are some interest thing low cost proxy ways or entrepreneurs. To figure out who their consumers aren't and you know it's a social media. Following them who's interacting with. You know in sticker there is to grab a counselor FaceBook account. He can start to get an idea. Who is your most loyal and hard core consumers are. Awesome lassie was customer. I meant and that's just the lining up with the retailers in the channel types with that consumer and that category. Exactly and really. You know the brands that want him either brands that take part burying the Wii is there retailers that are custom car. Very seriously and and and that is that partnership and that innovation. With their customer. That's gonna help them win and keep winning. Other things may be one thing that entrepreneurs that when their peak Sheen you or your Yemen and a valuation process. Due diligence process or are there things that entrepreneurs. Try and tell you that you just don't care about. Well they're planning it saying. I think what I what I think you're an entrepreneur. Who is. But it you know overworked and underpaid. Honestly see you deuces replace any out of Crist questioning. You know over doing it over sinking projections. And sort of the near term business plan is really a waste of time because it anybody investing in this state knows. That it's highly variable. One account can make your year break you're here. And it is concerted investing in UC PG companies. You know under ten million dollars up and under five million dollars in revenue. More smaller. You know good projections. Our great to have but really. You know spend that time selling instead of worrying about having Arctic projections and a perfect business plan it's all gonna change month to month cutting. That is such grace great advice it's a foundational stuff get it right don't worry so much about the projections as to your point. You're kind of yes seen any way there's so many factors but if you have the the product to position mean the distribution right. The good things will come. Right and I thank you knew what other important watch out. That that will sort of scare us immediately it is very small brand that has quote unquote national distribution. And it's hard as an entrepreneur is saying no to new distribution. But again. The key to success is partnering with your distribution partner in Erie teller. Partnering on shelves and it tear tiny brand and so that you're trying to roll out in. Six different reasons regions of the United States. You're really setting up a failure so we we really you know they've got a big watch how we really like to see. Companies that have. Gone deep in their home region. And really made it work and and proved that it can work before they try and roll out across. And I establish a success story. This is celebrate Adam if people wanna get all you send you some information what's a good email or contact for him. So the best email from me is Adam Adam. Dot Greenberger. The GRE EM BE RG ER at Surat group dot com and that Surat like B artists this C year. That sounds perfect man this is so fun it's so good having you on then. Happen in your expertise we hope we can now do that a lot of the future. Happy to do it any time and thanks sir thanks for having me. Absolutely. Well thank you to Adam Greenberg character of Sarah capital for being on the show this week as well as Eric and Alex from rally recovery drink we had a great time talking to. All of our guests get any questions press please email us at info and Ukrainian Kristi dot com or please follow us on FaceBook. At the natural underground they look forward to hearing from you next week. See you next week. But yeah.