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Retirement Planning Show, 01/28

Jan 28, 2017|

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Welcome to the retirement planning show with Teamsters ASCII. Call Steve now at 1804571298. And now here's Steve's just asking. Do you know oh win welcomed him this safe money in return requirements show. This is the used to assess your host and thanks for tuning in on this glorious weekend. And I'm located right here in the Austin area. We're in round rock. We've been in round rock area known for war for thirty years. Helping people. To prepare for retirement. Who have been retirement. No we've been on thirteen seventy a down within a great relationship with them for over seven years. Were on Saturday. At new room and him mister show on Saturday were on Sunday morning dead media room. So grab a piece of paper and and you're gonna need this number that's one. 8304. Pars 7129. And they too. And of course don't go to our web site. Which is safe money taxes dot com that's safe money taxes dot com. Should give us a call at 1804571298. You can call 24/7. Paul any time might humor receptions for standing by. Carl and let's discuss your concerns. Let me answer your questions. Or for a radio listeners we do offer free consultation and our consultation. It's. No obligation. No cost weave your checkbook at home. And income and our office if he liked in round rock warm welcome to your close of business. Where you residents who whichever ones that aren't able to make it him because of health issues or something whose time restraints. Give us a call and so we're happy justice drugs and up something for you. At 1804. Pars seven. Wells nine DA to. You know my core philosophy is that I do believe that all wealth comes from guard. It's my responsibility. To be a good Steward would go on and trust in me. And a good stewards should first. That as well from loss. And second make it work as hard as possible. This philosophy. Is what I base Almonte clients recommendations on. Give me a call 1804571298. At 1804. Pars and 129. DA to. Non licensed by the state of Texas. I'm an independent agent. I don't work burning specific company urine large corporation and a big box permanent. House of Representatives walked off for. And what not to off. What I do. It's very simply. Is going to the world of finance to find the best. Cutting edge products and solutions. To meet your specific financial goals. As an independent firm. We are not restricted in products. And services. That we can offer you. We feel that our professional independence. Is critical. To our ability to serve your best interest. No the variety of options. That we can offer as a result of our independence. As one of the main reasons that are clients choose to do business there firm. Once you become educated and all the available options. You realize. What you were messing with your previous investment firm. We feel that the financial options available you should only be limited. To one is available total world finance. Why do we do it. Most people spend the majority of their lives. Sri being the most valuable asset. Purchase time. For money. Horsemen of formal flavor. Why are we so willing to sacrifice from most valuable asset. In pursuit of money. Yet so apathetic when it comes to preserve and. Securing them. And so for managing up. This mindset. With a descent during traditional pension plan to prove to talk about before. Is all but these with the greatest generation. As our country heading for the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. The retirement precious. You know the first we wouldn't do it yourself retirement planners. Is upon us. And the most people. Are not getting the pass and buried. You know a month 80% of Americans. Don't have the argues clue Lamar retirement. That's right. In 2014. In the study done by New York. Like senator for retirement income only 20%. Of those surveyed. Received a pass and score of 60%. This is not good news. For the seventy million people that are going to retire over the next fifteen years. You know you worked. Long and hard. Year after year. To accumulate two world that you have for retirement. Don't you think you might do a good idea to maybe take an hour. To make sure. That you're doing things drive ventures to preserve. And protect your investment. Give me a call. Misses a free service that would provide to a radio listeners and that free our first our consultation. At 1804. Pars 71298. That's 18045712. Nine DA to. You know in the past you've ever been talked about. My buddy Patrick telling. And Patrick is written in an exceptional Reid called stress free retirement. Use this book I have two penalty on behalf TV you to firsthand call hours. This is a book it is in little panel floater brochure. It is known over a 120. Pages long. And and stress free retirement. Patrick will bring to you and show you how to illuminate to gain in hassles of the investment lines. In this book that we'll show you how to protect that your life savings against loss. Greed income strange on the overall live. Receive unlimited upside gain potential was zero risk of Mars. Yes. Today we have our own cap strategies. Portability. And for use to really have exceptional returns. You can stop it can also lose in those ugly management feast your stockbroker in your money managers. Now there's been a number of people who wrote in an effort to read the book and Bob Traber view rights it this hands to be the simplest and the most in form my own formative retirement vote him. Steve pro growth that you know he has a gift. He's renowned financial author. An expert who can make a complex. Subject simple and farm. Was thoroughly enjoy the quick read. And it just poetry do you change your financial future for a you know the financial services world is so confusing and dominating. That your book helped me start understanding my retirement. And scriptural Karr wrote. This is an exceptional ruined it's a great book 32 in the next the first ten called next time the first time. Noon to begin at stress free retirement. Call and leave the appropriate information by team receptionist I will call you back personally to make sure. That you received this book. The end if you are coming off to retirement or if you are retired. This is a must read. Stress. Free retirement. This is Steve's recessed can. You're listening to the safe money in retirement plan and show. You know and I'll be back. Thanks for listening to the retirement planning show with Steve's recessed even if you are looking for annual interest rates of seven to 8% guaranteed up to twenty years equity income guaranteed for life income they can continue for the life of both spouses and start and stuff as he can lead us plus all moneys left on your demise go to your errors then Steve can help. Pick up the phone calls to Easter recess PM 1804571. To ninety that's 180457129. Me. Working at Stephens hassle free there's no sales pressure Steve's been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for you. So he can help you as well it's only for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost to the market. Gobbled up by broker fees were taken by Uncle Sam. All Steve she says he now at 180457129. Innings that's 1800. 457129. Hello and welcome to receive money in which our planet show this is the mistress as the year goes. And thanks for community and in this great weekend. Now we're located right here in the Austin area were in round rock have been round rock now for my goodness over thirty years. So. We're close by were convenient like to take advantage of a free consultation. No obligation legally chair broken home. You can come to our office Warren will come to your place of business were residents. Which you grew warrants. If you're unable to noon because of health issues her. One that remind the time restraints sure would have to have. Just give us a call or her have to become views wealth. So. Take advantage of our free consultation. Room. And provide an hour to our radio listeners with the no cost again mr. Who say we've future of broken home it's. We have moved a couple of exceptional schools. If you are in retirement. Or coming up to retirement. You definitely wanna take advantage who were re retirement income analysis. There's just an exceptional tool and really feel. Bring in and out and show you where you Bratton word you're headed and how long your phones alas and it's just too much to say really a great tool. In addition of that then talked about in the last sentiments. The hymn books were from my buddy Patrick. Stress free retirement again if you are prominent retirement or in retirement this is a must read. Need to first and callers from will be happy to get it out to you. We have no cost. You know we and call you back can confirm that you received a to make sure that you receive it so give me a call 1804571298. Who wanted to be convention to free book. Or free consultation. 1804571298. Don't forget about her web site seize money taxes. I'm sure you'll enjoy a safe money taxes. So if you arm. Come out of retirement or again if you are retirement. Have you prepared. For the consequences of your retirement actions. You don't use your retirement riding on two major. Launched. In fall one handling your retirement income riding on the stock market. Going in one direction. Well. The fact is the stock market to move in three directions. Up down or sideways. Most people have almost all of newness to one basket. There artery is invested in mutual owns. That goal or go off if the market goes up. The gulf war one can use investors' mutual funds. Then goes up if the market it was. Through individual accounts are invested in mutual farms. Course they go off if the market ozone. In all markets are dynamic. And in the long term. There always gonna correct. So having on the all new currency. In mutual funds in. And in the market. There is some other tools. There is some other options that you have available. Call us at 1804. Pars 71298. Take advantage of our free consultation. No obligation. So Bruce or restore radio listeners. By calling 1804. Pars 712 an idea and you know the second flaw is news investing through traditional wisdom. This is still believe. A buying bonds to protect your portfolio. That's crazy. Interest rates are historical lows thanks to the Federal Reserve. But here's the secret. To reserve cannot control the interest rate market. As investors come become more more comfortable or worse yet panicked. Interest rates rise. And of course caused bond prices to fall. But still even with historical low interest rates. The medical advice to student Ashton bonds covering safety. In room. That was cookies. When interest rates were falling. But now. Interest rates are rising. And is rates rise. Investors. Mon funds stand to lose value just as quickly as investors lost value in stacked. And tech stocks smacked in 2002002. How much were you lose if the stock kind of bond market crashes together like to didn't 2009 to. You think that could happen again. We have been the principal. Will you be able to retire in the capital. You know each week I get calls from people were worried about the amount of debt to government hands. All eighteen through nineteen trillion dollars in torrents in nineteen. You know the political scheme is being employed. In the on using this of the economy. All of this is leading to the perfect storm. Poor bear market that unleashes every one wouldn't learn from 2000 to 2000 thanked. Personally I'm not willing to lend you lose two walls for. We hope investors are preparing them for financial collapse in the bond and star park. We work with you would have to deeper there. Regardless of the market corrections. We make sure you have underlining. Guarantees of principle. We can help you X gave from the printing money experiment. Give me a call. At 1804571298. That's 1800. 4571298. In been helping people. In reviewed with our retirement services and financial services. Rule over thirty years. We've been helping. People prepare for a comparable retirement to live in retirement. Call me. We'll talk about your concerns. Call 1804. Pars 71298. Take advantage over retirement income analysis. Read to a radio listeners who started one hour consultation. Need to check broken home. No. Bad finances can cause you to lose sleep. In the rate on healthy. Life full of stress. Stop the nonsense. Give us a call. Let us hope you can show you. Is some advance planning methods. Can eliminate all that uncertainty. But calling 180457129. DA to. Take advantage over revoke offer my buddy Patrick. Stress free retirement and at this time copies to give out call 180457129. DA. Don't make sure you receive it. This is Teamsters husky you listening to save money in return planning show. Him. All be back. Thanks for listening to the retirement planning show with Steve's just ST if you would like to reduce your future income taxes reduce the amount of your Social Security income included as taxable income. And avoid taking required distributions from your IRA that you may not need. Plus provide heirs of a lifetime of income tax free distributions. Steve can help. Got the phone calls to Easter recess 1804571298. Working with Steve as hassle free there's no sales pressure. Steve has been helping those in fourth down to retire in the Austin area for years and he can help you as well. Oh wait for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost the market gobbled up by broker fees or taken by Uncle Sam. All Steve's assessed he now at 1804571298. That's 1800. 457129. Ain't. Welcome this is Steve's recessed view and you're listening to news this series money and retire or apartment show. And thanks for two and and in this weekend. You know we're located Roy here in round rock right here in the Austin area. And we have been for over thirty years. It's grab a piece of paper burner and you're gonna need this number that's 1804. Par seven. 1290 day to don't forget our web site. C. Mullen the x.s dot com let's say if money Texas dot com contact to sort of web site as well. I'm sure you'll find some things in there very interesting to be on there. In the again you can give us call anytime 21847. And two receptionists are standing by. 1800. Or 571298. He'll the most important thing is you've become educated. Under different options that are available today as far as income planning. This is an area that we spend most of our time and would lose so many exceptional rules that we have added to provide two and provide you. With the knowledge that you need. And the security indeed. In the ability to make in the right choices. To simply because you have the proper information. So give me a call 1804471298. Take advantage of the free consultation. There's no obligation. There's no cost to. And freedom our radio listeners. Taken advantage of the worst in the canal and as you have an exceptional couple coffin maker knew Brandon. And a couple of free book. So. And give us a call 1804. Point 712 minute. To convince their free consultation or just cuts of questions need some answers. Let's discuss. Your concerns. Me and your questions. So give us a call 804 or 7129 unity. You know we talked about in compliance. One of the areas which used. Really is an area that has to be addressed and look at the home most brokerage firms won't talk about in complying. Or expertise whose growth. And that's what the most pro from brokerage firms around to. So there assisting you until retirement or close to retirement. And making sure that your assets from rural. And in points doesn't happen. But that is more so there job than and in fact. Bowen and junior missive in many many times as a basically take over words they leave off. Were brokers involved in the bankruptcy law. And we take over from the IR. And to assist you and make sure. That you have the income that you need. Do you enjoy retirement to do do things that you wanna do. And to make shrewd that you never run out of money. You know we look at income planning in this sequence of returns. Is. Extremely important. It is most planners use what's called the system of cash. And what they're really doing is you're sliding moaning from your brokerage account. Sell an awesome in your arms. And then stick and in the cash. And then you pull it out of your cash account. Well the problem is is that with the sequence to return. Ernst who returns. And especially for onto in the market you know they go off and down market your ego. So. When your phones are sold law. It might be when their down. There doing their what would things have been probably wandered down. And the thing of it is is that they can't. Say to you. There are you know and that the data from the mortgage burden you know Tory vote in new tone to blow it you know a story of pain in your electric bill. Those people wanna refrain. So alone they have to be sold with the term this can drastically. Affect your accounts. And if drastically affect how long morning's violence. So with so many options that are available today it is used would with guaranteed tales. And with guaranteed to fail to have that option. You are not affected my career to retire. No matter what happens you know you're gonna get their checks. Month after month after month after month regardless what the market to us. And that's an option you would enjoy. Another option is annuity is an ancient war lifetime income benefits. These again are a way of making sure you get a check for a then we have to look at of course is you've been depends upon age. When you retire. We need single payments or are they altered joined via its. And this and make more sense to have. Some sort of a out of that contract. Instead of deportation papers or join me now. There's many things to look at and fortunately. There's many options to take. And of course you're there to thing of course is inflation that's silent killer. We've got to be concerned about the rift the mixtures that you keep abreast with inflation. To make sure that as our school world that your income goes accordingly. And of course. Newt always have to be concerned about health changes. Will there be. Cost for medical. Costs for doctors'. Prescriptions. Or. What do over the course may be in the in that arena. Or do you worst where you need to long term care skilled pier at home care. How does that affect. Your accounts were how does that come in the war. You know and if you're married obviously it's also has to consider each other. So in income planning these are all things that have to be taken into consideration. And of course that's what we specializing. So give us a call at 1804571298. That's 1804571298. To take advantage of our free consultation. Again no cost my radio listeners. You can call 2147. He knew we have been books from Patrick always stress free retirement. Went to take advantage of a couple of these ten. That'd be great a mature that you receive it. This is the mistress husky you're listening to the safe money and retirement plan and show. And. Oh B Burke. You've been listening to the retirement planning show with Steve stores asking. Call Steve at 1804571298. And tune in next week for another edition of the retirement planning staff.