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Jan 28, 2017|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well and talk thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life. That's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. Good morning welcome. Well okay I guess what this is not pills well this is doctor Marianne cal and he is I'm not to Patrick's physician here in Austin and I'm sitting in for bills whale from people's pharmacy today. And co hosting with me I have doctor test strict Glenn who is also an actor Patrick physician practicing here in Austin. Good morning tests and go to doctor Strickland and yeah good morning. We're happy to have you here. So we have a great lineup for you today we're gonna talk to work first gonna go to nabbed. Padilla with. We're first gonna talk with Andrew smiley inked and he is these farmers market right now on as we speak crane. Do we have Andrew. It's OK it's hot and you are you there. I don't go to Florida and I I am shooting were your mixture of dirt cheap farmers market downtown. What are your permission I'd just look it up. Are under way. Oh wonderful well welcome Andrew are so happy to have you here this morning. Bring an end accreditation agreement what good morning good to see did you hear you through. Page so on so tell us what shocked that the farmer's market this morning. Well all calling. Well this sort are great plunge look forward bridge street bailout of the Ulster structure. I'm outraged Jewish farmers market Saturday morning we got there a farmer's market. I shot fat belly that opens at 9 o'clock extreme shut out of stood there until why are you don't try to paternity Ers center. Do challenge belly and then we also have heard I achieved a market don't tell that right that sort of Guadalupe there republic square park street. I did a quick corporate market a little earlier and just sort humiliate introduced. I know. Both markets. Future farmers were growing our creator right now pushed Bennett sure it'll other shirt collar mustard shouldn't. Even from the lord god creating our rural blue were also she'll work crop Shia especially Kara. Aren't there any strategic foolish. And the initial order or option like broccoli cauliflower cabbage bowl exposure. You know the certain what are your favorite territorial. Step towards a reality bit. Local farmers were potential what those items. What other bearish two we're 82 quad is still gave. So besides. Farm which is growing a she'll grow tomatoes but doctor green tell. Sort slow like tiger clinic tomatoes it's true under actually grown in the shields dirt it is critically help and they have amazing flavor. Yes and beside the down here it's so don't just market being short brought chill is over at hunter valley. With with a similar drugs produced similar. Production out of their. Tell you what a wonderful wonderful well you know what we have you on for a longer period of time injured because I would also love to talk to you about the farm director program that you're involved left. A truly govern what disturbing trudged all the great soft global here. The the farmers markets we were good farmers to show through up to other outlet we've been working for a while about ten years which school district sure to include local troops and their menus. Outreach. We've also been working with very hospital certain. Our university used to incorporate local troops in the thorough search service operations. And and other direct market. Like storm to work bench are too terribly so dub as let's take a little longer explanation. Yeah yeah that's just fabulous site really appreciate your work. For bringing you know healthy fresh local. And local food test to us to our community in Austin. Well thank you and Barack source sustainable future really is all about her mission and not much strengthening our locals should system. Bad error our goal is I healthy community. Where it's so you would access to freshen its notable fruit forever war. That is fabulous and everybody get down to the farmer's market it's it's it's a beautiful day you nice little chill in the parent. Can go buy yourself some fresh. Wonderful food. Yeah absolutely god. A clear once and talks to try and what till I am headed over to get my got pushed to have a refill on coffee government awaits toward the three Gibbs selections some good dance studio 2 o'clock cheer don't tell them that I'm better over the sort of belies. Two to pick up troops. Chickens don't do very ill. He listened to music sludge or so and so. Derrick Carter and then it's good pressure up and a pretty I'm not are they look out director Richard activity. Tell us sounds great yeah please do go go go support our local farmers and have fun and do your shopping okay thank you so much Andrew. Well did you direct government slow toward the dark until it intrigues. Because you okay. That's. A good day company. Okay yeah so our next guest. Is. David Foreman. Now he is very interesting news pharmacist he is called the herbal pharmacist so. He was a traditional pharmacist and now he is an herbal pharmacist and he is committed to educating people about. The role that tell natural medicine plays in in in our health and wellness. So David are you there. RRE your where you can thank you David so welcome to our show thank you time and happy. Just do you don't give bill my best pleased I always enjoy it. Seeing online what bill always. You know or receive pharmacist so there. In the United States made it kind of agree kind of agree to what I'm saying you know. Totally like yeah Elaine we are what are they pharmacists are really low but normally Doerr sitting up in what what bill and I believe the run. It's fifteen I hagel I think it's always the blessing to have another brother our daughter will. For sure for sure well you have you have to sister is here David wherever all Gloria you know where we're definitely you know we're not about the physicians and we and we're on the same page so it got harder so tell our listeners. Who aren't and how you got to where you are and and then what you're about and then we can dive into our subject to belts pharmaceuticals. Sure real quick any you can you can and elbit my origination and and help those around C. Actually own my own drugstore or did very well there. A couple of years before so all this which sold those out more years ago. My started getting interested in natural medicine. And one more step led to another as they educated myself sorted teaching. Classes in my karma see after hours for a tree what I had learned them. One there was a last so I guess on how local radio show and Richmond Virginia and a in the low post the shows and so we are pharmacist for a year earlier and these Serbs we totally all you exported out herbal pharmacist and luckily headset I gotta get this in Jenin will split modern medicine. And Colmes all sorts forty years ago devoting all my time and energy out of just you know helping people understand what it. It means to live and achieve a healthy lifestyle you know either maintain order or hurt or perhaps achieve the vitality and everybody in cereal or it. And you know actually own one of the biggest claims of same I have a little solid represent anybody asks yeah I'd. Sony saying I really am about educating people on what's the best to deal preempt. Great great well so. Yeah out we need more pharmacists like you doing. So I untouched so here so we gonna talk about addiction to prescription drugs in particular. For anxiety pain and insomnia right. And I asked you ask yes so so give us a little context to give this may be some statistics around. Really what just me and the scope of this problem and I'm sure that many people listening. To our our. I feel trapped with pharmaceutical drugs for one of those conditions anxiety pain or insomnia. And feel trapped and feel like there's no alternative so. Please speak to that. And the good and which one of my favorite. Topic to discuss is when they comic and editor in or we use what people are doing in modern medicine and then MMR for people well. What is and I hate to ease the word alternatives you know assuming natural. Way of looking at things and and then these three areas or are always the biggest point of entry into you'd. Drug is drug addiction and the United States there are more there are more people live. Addiction issues in our country then. People with cancer in a matter of fact these it's too. Yeah wanted to have to pines and number of people can't it would cancer have some sort of an addiction issue. On the you know and near nearly the amount of type two diabetic so we have our country. And and regret. Boy this is a loyalist topics that doesn't get talked about. And in some cases it doesn't get talked about. One out of shame. But Q I think a lot of people don't even realize it's become addicted and Buehrle. And I don't have a very good friend of mine his wife actually ended up going to jail what he didn't know is that she'd had surgery. They prescribed are decode own which is the most popular narcotic pain reliever out there for pain. And the district giving a tour and see you know I called slippery slope chi club on it. It became addicted and then when the doctor finally really well and people in addition need these anymore but you know stop prescribing. You know she won out on the street looking score and loans. Number I'm not saying everybody ends up on that path but you know this is a stay at home mom and I'm a good woman yeah noted that that accidentally be an addictive so ardent I'm trying to help people learn. Tate vs an apple things that you can do so that you don't necessarily require either as much of those medications. Or if you do things properly then I'm sure you two ladies know this you can try it long enough the body will heal itself but you won't need those at all. Brain granite. He so. So talk us more about what time. What kind of approaches you recommend doors or some specifics. For people that they might wanna try although I think. You know getting off these medications. It requires some care and they probably shouldn't do it on their own. But but just that they admit that people recognize that there are. Could natural therapeutics out there that can address their concerns. Bret well I think that really move. When it when it comes an actual medicine and the east three categories and anxiety. And insomnia is pure already being treated. There's really you really need to go back you're ever for stride those medications don't work out a program to wean yourself off beaches. He'll wind up feeling horrible time and in some cases there's some abuse really bad things you know try to section and things are gonna happen to. But you know. I think that there's some pretty remarkable people that minority are suffering from anxiety but perhaps it's not to the point where. You know they're being treated are there having you know like mile fifty year old guy and super active and I you have some things occurred you know. Or or for people you've got I think sleep disorders are so prevalent particulates. I think what I think award and I think one in three people so a third of the population has some sort of insomnia. Issue and a lot of people we've talked over a hundred million people in the United States you know long. You know I've met so he's you know like I guess they're really for the people who are. You know you you're trying to be over the counter things maybe you've gone on and off prescription things in your not on the now look like he's hot and what's games ID. I went through horrific period of relative up five years ago stretched. And and I can remember I did several things in order which was used but medicinal mushroom rate sheet. We and I'm certain that you had a real familiar what that you know it's me it is so it's a really good balance sir of the body com the you know and Chinese medicine and then fairly often talk about onyx I love these comics of people did it really just helps the body is when you're when you're stressed out it helps your body. Adapt and adjust to distressed. And add them in a more comfortable fashion and and then and then there's certainly passion flower actual flower. To me is. It was a very powerful chill pill that we call it immunity for some people will cost drowsiness go. You know for me what I had my horrific period of stress and I think most people have Strauss. Art on a daily basis you know it can be severe like I had at that point are to be mild what I have now you Tom and I believe and I believe in using something like a race she mushrooms are a daily basis. We're building civil war could mean I'm sure that he comes. Think you know people come see you do. Yet you know there's there's other suggestions out there besides the two things I just mentioned but I mean we obviously are tied for everything on this on this program. Grain grade and rude and also I think. The main point like you said it is too. Is to let people know that there is. You know it natural. Diet lifestyle all herbs vitamins and there's a lot of natural therapeutics and lifestyle. Alterations. That you can do. To Madras. Not feeling well whether it's physical boring very emotional and you know pharmaceuticals have their place. And I think you know for me I I definitely would recommend them as a very last resort. And and and yeah and usually that's pretty rare. Interestingly for me it is the operative pain. I was running half marathons years ago or I'm not a runner but most municipal over an awareness and Andre is a nonprofit that I'm a big standout. And then but it core I tore a ligament in my right knee did not get surgical procedure. And it's it's interesting because you just talk you mentioned quite well oftentimes our I've discussed what sub regards to any about. You know that there's several supplements that I I take on a daily basis warm exceed eat as part of my diet and that's armor. You really powerful antioxidant powerful. Four. Me and helping the body and try to go against simple nations. Like I take a supplement ingredients called solid brand. Children is another one of those ingredients and elsewhere and the wouldn't only be inflammatory. Process of the body and also helps that Turkey especially connective tissue responds and course for guys that had torn something collecting your connective tissue hell that's a good thing. An and topic Leo works as well also those supplements I live arm on a daily basis but I gotta say. Why don't go to the gym and or I don't walk or ride a bye week. I don't really run anymore and still enjoy it but it did I don't do some sort of activity will my legs eventually I'll have more discomfort certified didn't exercise and also really encouraged the people look. That's another lifestyle thing when you're dealing with the pain from his form what type of that activity you can do. Sort of yeah you actually will minimize the pain people always say it's counterproductive to U. Get some sort of activity your exercise and in reality it's one of the best things you can do. Woman number one can see your peers your hardest thing instructs upper hand it's yet activities and don't consult consult someone reckon they can give you some guidance. Brian were anchors it is individualized straight you know 'cause there's not a one size fits all with anything in life really hot including exercise and none so yeah it's it's important to. Keep the body moving and now and and find out what what exercise is best for you and three year constitution fears specific health conditions. Bread and a common obese person and I'd lack freedoms I should be doing is going out Iran. Yeah no writers are all the stress you're putting on your ankles. Your knees and your to mentally out of there something different you wanna do it and that's why it's important to use. You can see yourself in the foot without even loading the gun on if he if he can't expand. Well I'd anyway yeah it's sexist comment right there yeah. So I'm so David you wanna tell us about your book. Yeah I assure I wrote a book appears to go it's becoming more appropriate as Serb border rolls on here La it's a good book called four pillars of health. And it's on heart disease so we're told little heart disease you minutes for anybody that either like me had a family history lore for those people made suffer it's about understanding the condition so. Understanding the risk factors and learn how to address in and really. Eliminate those risk factors from the first control and on uncontrollable look at these two year old guy. Strike one strike two strike three I have a family history but there's a lot of controllable risk factors that I I can have an impact on like. My blood fats and whether or get exercise whether or not I smoke. And little book really helps lay out a good helps you lay out your program. It's about your health and your specific need not mine you know not yours Larry and not not. Task I mean we all have art art art differences and so the book really lays it all our people and you want Marla what are herbal pharmacist or are. Grade herbal pharmacist dot com and check it out. And ask don't even talk about the. Think at a low it well the third thing that certainly wouldn't automatically some alternatives are things we get much sleep again. You know I mentioned that a about a third of the people have an issue on a regular basis from but based on pocket of people I think everybody does. Yeah but is again you know sometimes treating the underlying reason why you're not sleeping at the party got going back and atop a war we talked about would. Using New York or passion flower or another one of my favorites for anxiety also did personally is aware and if you travel a lot like idea to dispute a year's fierce. Your circadian rhythms messed up from time zone changes yeah somebody sent this simple something as simple as melatonin. Can help kind of reset here your clock. Again you know it's worth listening to it but the frustrating part about doing a lunch orders political yet you know lot of time just in minutes but it. Shorter segment because they're really in order to help somebody did she used. No well most of looking for it really is about digging pilloried why you have that problem why can't easily. Val well. You know distressed W need to learn to manage the stress thanks you know and sometimes you know you can't get those thoughts out of your hat. And so you know what I have a stressful day I go to sleep what do prayer and the prayer and slid mediators ER. Thinking of something I'm grateful for the beginning of the latter day letter beat them. And let them much you know by the I never get to immediately people asleep on the call thing as a socially but at a spot in the eighth grade where I think it's a great way to end my segment there. Well that's great yeah that's a great suggestion David I love that. That's great RA unfeeling home relax now that was very nice except that fat tax and. I don't know. Good good good so we've just my deep voice you know kill bill it's one of El Paso visit this is David on. You. Young and David are a purple pharmacists and dot com thank you so much David we really appreciate me commerce secretary dated the best thing. Am not there I need daycare and didn't. All right it's there we're gonna take a little break now stands and will be back and a few and yeah nandrolone and and mint. I know let's get healthy food bills whale and the senate fight peoples'. Austin's local homeless aren't the only bad with more cutting its new health and wellness and a few minutes. Thanks for listening to let's get helping the bills like Allentown thirteenth avenue. Like people often say. College life by and sees things. Realize that's five points he's 6435483. Me I'm fat. Marion company. Myself and doctor pasture Glymph. We're filling in for phils whale from people's pharmacy. And we have online you Garnett to police have right are you there. You know I'm absolutely here and you're right now are good morning. Grade did I pronounce your name correctly. It couldn't have been better how fabulous the welcome. And you you are going to talk about this very interest staying. Approach. Called the new arrow light correct. That's absolutely right you know so you know they actually this before I would talk about the mineralized. For more and more important than the girl legislation cultural trust issue. And if you haven't heard about it I'm sure you have but is anybody listening hasn't heard about we're plaster city. Get ready because over these next coming years you're good to hear all about it all the talk. You had nerves elasticity and it is it is a very happy fact. That contrary to a lot of teaching for a lot of time at. Your brain my brain everybody's brain. Never stop learning never stops changing and we can take advantage of that Mr. Big news that's great here's I would say. Whatever the state of your brain just two days it would be better tomorrow. You that is fabulous news because he and in. Even when I went to school thirty years ago. It was a little bit you know like a little bit fiction he'd damage the brain and that sets. You know he. So so yeah I will tell the short you know what. I am sorry when a backup a little bit. We are neck and and let some let's talk about you for a mom and what's your background and value came together and I understand that you invented this this. This this technique in which you know. Is able to capitalize on that Europe plastics today. Yeah I'm sure. I'm a little bit. On the older side. Meaning had been doing this for a long while and I'm working complementary cultures until you're right it's. I don't broadridge education and to stand the last. What they almost 25 years specializing. In the end. Various types just to try to assist to enter series. Slipped natural regulatory process the body send. Now that you're blessed is that he has come to the forefront. My interest is really swung over and focus. In the arm that's so I was a design. Methodologies and devices and have been an education even let in my life at 67 just couldn't number on. And and Garnett can you just made maybe change your oppositional that is getting rules feedback and static. OK I want to make sure we don't miss anything you say. Yeah I'm in California just flew in from Thailand last night how well and they're good feedback about the becoming solidifies short. Might just like how much people vulnerable Alda. Okay so to go ahead ask your question no response and more. So go right assets so I am so you talked a little bit about turning Europe plus to city. Yeah I would take it from their candidacy something that is not nice. OK go flat and then after that everything will be much nicer out there. My other question for you than maybe anybody listing. Would you like to live along the likes. Yes OK. That's good news here's the other news so called bad. Could be bad. Right now statistically in industrialized. Countries. Personal sort reached the age of eighty period. 5050. Statistical chances of developing some degree of senile dementia or else I'm. It's oh my gosh that's. That's pretty significant half the people. See you imagine. Happy birthday here's a coin flip that. Did you win. It feels you don't have yeah so. Pursues. Its shocking yeah that's only series. You know I would series sobering for anyone of us and I would save most all of those wanna live a long life. That was a bad news and still is about news for good news. From the best of the best in neuroscience. Position called neural cluster city. It is the fact level already certain. That no matter what the state of your greatest today it can be better more. Band. That's why. A relief. I really try to so important to talk about Nora clusters have been first. And then this device called a literal like second because if you don't have an appreciation. The fact that the brain completely finishes saturation at around twenty car. Middle class so I'm speaking in general terms of their people would have significant problems in general terms. It'll plateau to around about forty put famous big 40 yeah. And then didn't know what to do something about it and begin to degrade. Yeah yeah. And that degradation. There's also interest only an aspect of neural clusters they broke ostensibly rule. And you know the classic bumper sticker there was actually curse phrase to 1949. Is if you're fired you water it. Meaning that these these information that stimulation that behavior. That you do it I mean right now at this moment. As the capacity. To be shifting and changing. The girl plastic conditions of the grain and her plastic conditions rules of neurological connections to assume lapses. Even in this is radical from earlier Madison. Right now no matter what our age my age. That I still had you still have the ability to create new. Neurons narrowed Genesis yeah and that those who have been the most startling there's people that have people live. Parts of the brain that don't work anymore or even in some shocking cases are not there. Traumatic head injuries gunshot wounds and so on that the brain is able to adopt functions. From one area to the other so. It's a big issue that may be. Well a lot of big issues in life but this is certainly one of the biggest ones. So because of that. What everybody can find if you're looking into it. Is that certain number of different methods are basically three different ways. That you could help your brain will be better tomorrow than it is today. One news. Through different movement sort of motor activities and this is. Even in traditional. Exercise process as in the good old. Taking a walk a little on the more advanced message here and you'll goes home to go listen all of these things when there are some very specialized ones and to serve us. That's why I'm so one avenue. All roads leading to roam here who won his movement drove motor the other. Probably the most famous most well development department alert cognitive techniques you and other critics personality you know. All those nasty video games are actually having done a whole new opportunity in well lit street goes there's a very aggressive effort. Three design video games specifically do parents know Gloucester girls Soros. Yeah you are it's also doing very exciting field. Okay the last one. That's being put to mineralized. As you can affect positively to changes in your brain. Using sensory. Signal that light and sound. And it's good girl lights specializes. In light and sound. Compositions. In different ways dirt streaked through parts of literal bridge street parts of the world like one is called brain food. The other is praying Jim. And then bring skills. Bring food. This is supposed to use that has the broadest base sort of fact. And used. Them very very successfully for nearly two decades old Asia. Out of Russia and mostly expressed known to China and that's where you actually. Stimulate. Blood third affects the brain. Then the stimulation from the looks a little bit funnel their different ways of doing that. But actually there's a very small and easy to use super safe device. So since your little cut situation. And it shines light. Injured knows it's not that there's still knows isn't new clothes are so thin the blood network is so dense. That it upload. A light stimulation in your blood to choose and they're two completely measurable. Oh very well known increasing mitochondria Lachey. You have. It's it is fascinating I have to say other. All of this and believing this subject is quite large it's the that is done wrong combination. Simplicity. And effectiveness. That impresses me so that's what brings food that's part of the world. Then we've got to bring Jim you know we do you go to the gym. To exercise no stand there are lights and sound. Signals. In a very attractive by the way is very attractive you live there. Your eyes are closed news of flushing moonlight it's not brain and treatment although Brennan tremendous years perhaps. Cole in some cases tend to assist to maybe 20% of the signaling characteristics. But in the same way when you go to the gym and you exercised. In different ways of these signals will actually exercised. The brain. In certain types of activities how to how to integrate certain mostly the degree of change the degree of complexity of the rate of change the intensity of the signal. It really is. Exercised. Through the census but there's blood and sorrow. You can actually exercise your brain and there's no argument that I can see anywhere. Where people could say that wellness. Does not have a very bold relationship to proper sustained exercise. Bird end. You know we're not talking about the mind and in what ever in the world that is. We're talking about the brain the brain as physical you got a body gets what your brain is your body body is great the sisters. And then you can exercise. I'm my last thing coaches and some have questioned as you may have blood test to bring skills. Bring skills you could imagine would be like it. Kind of a sport things that you want to do. Put your brain and it may be is obviously important just memory clarity and focus. Sleep patterns. Can advanced learning. Mood control all these kind of things looks in matches like play intense. Tennis is a skill you wanna play tennis. Well. I'd love to teach you to play tennis. But the fact it is. Who you don't quite have the stamina up. You're coordination is not quite so good. Maybe your shoulder restraint is not at a level that you wouldn't hurt yourself. So as much as I'd like to teach you play tennis and I can and you will. Did they do have to spend a little bit of time in the stranger it hurts never got to work out those abilities. And what civility is a regional level. At a quick so that you can actually go out there on the tennis court. With the bring skills sort of very attractive. Some of them quite elaborate. Light and sound compositions. Well actually. Fortified the larger brain towards skills. No let's be clear you just don't learn tennis. With the signals you have to practice. But that's what we bring skills do a column probability stage. They're really teach the brain skill sets so that you could naturalize and so what's the rural life. There and I have to do plugged there's a web site. The web so it is not. Neural iTunes dot com you got to remember we're gonna remote rural white dot com. Don't see a bunch of stuff. It's attractive it is to understand yeah. And that's the game gutsy game the game is neural cluster city fire it. To water you know the old saying. You don't use it. You lose that that's absolutely. Accurate wolf thank you so much. Garnett and I'm gonna I wanna talk about tell your visit here you are doing. Talk called total brain wellness. Time and you'll be at people Saturday February fun. Good to sit people's bookstore. The defense is like the match will be an Austin to make it talk court. That's for sure so people south conference tanner. These airs Saturday February 4 46 and come listened to Garnett to playing. And them feel and then you also you're also doing I'm treatment sessions is that correct. Well you I mean nothing good that's the talk. WW doing the street she's number one does all the talking. And you you probably noticed I like doing that's so has the war and I'm like talking about it and number two will be. Setting up circumstances. To give. But don't call demonstration. Sessions that well all be doing treatments. And there were also arranging. Period. What we'll call it. To date and we'll see exactly discussion with a two day training. Porphyry. For anybody that wants to sit and have a whole thing explained. Comfortably and that doesn't matter whether they've. Purchase of merlot or not that's not disappoint at all is it interest you this brain tells frame wellness. Interest you then your interest is to see how something like this could work. And you and ask me some questions with this longer answers. Movies dreamed up to that you can contact people's most of the location the costs. Right it's a people's south you can look at it on the people's web site and the admission is free comes C Garnett to clean. And learn about brain health and longevity and thank you so much we really enjoyed speaking with new and best TM. I have one last question yes. What are they had this doctor Marian tell means this doctor and they're very much time you're certainly welcome thank you so much. So this hero and our society not playing. OK I can take a little break. More cutting edge health information is right around the corner and you're listening to let's get healthy with bills well on talk thirteen Kennedy brought to you guys people's Constance favorite pharmacies. We'll be right back. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy that fills well on top thirteen 78 plus you by the people. Boston's favorite pharmacy college live. I'm twenty explored every night that's hi Lindsay 639. Hiatus. Is. Doctor Marion counties. Back again with doctor tester clamp. And now we are filling in for phils whale from people's pharmacy. And we hope you're having a lovely day on this nice cool morning in Austin. And this morning in our last but not least gast is. Herbalist. Extraordinaire. Who is Alan Zimmerman hi Eleanor you there. Hello oh hi hi Alan. I can hear me OK I can now you're coming in a little bit low. And you know learn. I bet is that any better that's much better. That I had done speaker and pressure down KE sorry yeah. Yet I lucked into Gloria cool morning didn't change. Trying to go alone really hit it should break. You know totally knocked you right now it's so slow. So how's your guard doing. Well the Guidant is minutes we interstate should do it hence certainly a beating on it now are. And they're dormant there's a few things popping up like I just flipping back up my FaceBook page and I have big thing about targeting chip Reid actually made a little video Irish chick we backed up already each. It's supposed to be up in the spring but she now that she's earned her some accepted it up now. And it's just that why so little plan to turn the machine no it doesn't pitch to Larry AM ED action. People call it that four letter word believed but really not. And very good that did show voluntary east current very new chit chat a little clan. That just popped up on my desk and on in my back yard and you can hardest hit now and try it and use it. Track as a need for a nutritional content that she needs. Healing and needs old folklore. Say that it's good for Adam. And as. Stalling an appetite a little bit the east peace failed like Elliott that that you distribution. I'm Tom that could be chair the and it also is has a wonderful and tight HE RP to me. So this little four letter word we'd he'd keep mentioning it in there you stroke that it just popping up in the winter I'm. So much straight putts but I like Ole sow so you know what since you brought up that four letter word. Clipped let's talk more about you know light for people who Wear our thinking like. We need won't what is really the difference between you know we need an an herb. I I said yeah let's let's let's push son Arlo Ben. Okay well I say that of a nerve in the plant that had that huge yeah any any use whatsoever. Culinary imitation though. Straight grand you know food Lil any plan really it sure he has shrugged. A little did he ground cover you know anything could really be contributed. And to actually in my opinion. I think that every plan. That was pretty here are the church has some sort of you. Agree yeah past and it's especially the ones that pop up in your area. I think they're trying to tell you something. If you need me church spots yeah. But that's my belief system and that really put that I didn't baggage but I do like to share that information that people. Yeah lie and I love that being in tune in nature in ten. Just you know having a respect generous card for the natural world and that it's it's not separate from sin and then we have you know. An appreciation and an an anti Koran and a and I connection to. And then there's her yeah yeah. Man who actually develop tech connection issues it's wonderful and that's what I love to do it live Q and you know can't comment and your nation's interest that she stomped. And I didn't have a few classes coming up effect kitten mentioned that. Yeah just absolutely act. I'm my web site he urged dot net. Yeah I have a link to just sort. A three clack are actually in an open house that I am having endless string of Mecca and my big program anymore I was being becoming an Airbus program for many many years and it and that's. Admire retirement wrote some mode. Clinton now has been mentioned okay. Do you have a program herbalist and I I did but he ten to. Yeah I'm giving him. Actually making putts which a lot of fun or trigger action which I actually love to teach people you know. Can grow in their own backyard pharmacy attract call it sandy and how to use these are actually now. He had to make a proper medicinal herbal tea how to make it cheap insurance at an oil and compress and pull that cash. And then how many intriguing new push Kurt stayed in for. Sure the medicinal benefit I mean I'd. I either to all the time you know I'm not opposed at all so disputing western medicine waiting Sherry but this shuttle many things we can do you know verbally you can actually track shelves. Yeah I love to teach people how to make their mentions. Oh that's what I wireless pedestal empowering I just love it SO. So and so does your listeners if you're interested in. In just you know beginning to understand her fury even advanced. Herbal you know they have a you've already dabbled in nerves. This really brings it to another level. In learning how to make you know your own poll taxes are teachers and sell my ego on the LEZ herbs dot net website Aden and look at the am two things coming up from from Alan. That's great. Barack there was another thing is let's see what kind of askew on all I just wanted to mention for our listeners. And that's. That easier sit Alan Zimmerman has her own line of herbal products that are carried. All around Austin and probably wider than that right through Telus. A little wider than that yeah that's pretty Adrian and expect different unprotected speech and people all four people pharmacies carry myself. She dirty you know that amok conch. Contrary to what I'm trying to teach people make their romantic than the that they can go quiet as people know that's not everybody can do that but it yeah exactly. At everybody want to do that and not a lot of people do come by the story and yeah it really kept careful track. Yeah yes so that's I am definitely continue easier. Vogel apps in the clashes that I turned down a little bit. I am having an open how much now and in April so that would be priced. And then go to plan block and I'm gonna comment on the spiritual aspect of air pollutants. Moaning about the fifth we need to pop up around you had to pay attention and the flight that's a little bit. Generic plant on another level works at a level that maybe. It and it is. A parent you know as you reading a book or kicking a clash you know. Piano at Kennedy at the really analyze. The began its and gave wonderful anchor and. It'll be fun. Springtime is just absolutely glorious here in Austin intranet. It's wonderful I love spring. Some time now Bluetooth. I wish that very very video it while at a health food products. Already popping up all over my each property I don't like don't interrupt oh man yeah we're ready and where I'm sorry yes. OK where's your product that you I'm 11826. Campaign and not color to. So calm the box than you but I think Salt Lake boulevard scenario. And luckily it barbecue planned and Luke asked. That's right they carried out here and hello relocation country it's my little. Sanctuaries mechanical. Sanctuary in the line that no load these lovely and that's for your having your open house correct. April training camp in April 22. Grade and I know I have. No I didn't say it and probably appreciate the painting everything on the web site. Exactly you read my mind thinking it. Except that she's in good shape to show you who think today it's a little bit yeah. Both good and are able anything else you I tell us to close. Gesture that this is a really good time of the season just. Can't think about your screen guard Daniel now look at him. Tea kettle can get some. She needs that you are thinking about rallying in should think about you know getting your soil already early spring planting. And scurrying here in Texas honestly is February yeah I had the end of February we can start really clamping shut the spring. So. You know are not the normal. Gardening community we and our own little unique. Way of doing things here. And don't get stressed that the spartans look. It's old dormant right now and you know extract clean it up again I'd tell people don't cut back everything. Could get it done they've probably gonna have another reader chill and it it cut things that can make a little plants more susceptible to. Freeze damage to go to. Yeah I wait until like C. Greenery you know at the bottom of the that they on the ground and at the plant is starting to re grow and I feel a cake cutting back I'll let that the you know ground interrogation ask. Green OK so Allan we've got to go but when it came loved speaking with you thank you say a month. Great playing QU two OK I'm ready. By. Okay well we hope you enjoyed our show and we have a few announcements doctor Strickland. CNN tell us what's happening it's people's pharmacy sheriff. That people's self. Saturday February 4 we have total brain wellness with K his dad. Garnett to pre inventor of the narrow lie in exciting new therapy we just spoke with him and I really think could be great opportunity for people to ask him more questions about when he spoke about. And then we have that was Saturday February 4 46. And then we have how often actually repair cavities and and gum disease with doctor. With doctor Kelly Phillips DBS. And that's Tuesday February 7 68 and you can look on the website for more details. Thank you so much well weeds he thoroughly enjoyed being here with T this morning thank you so much for listening we are so grateful. Have a wonderful day. Rabbi.