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Inside Austin, 01/22

Jan 22, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcomes inside us and I'm actually pretty excited about our next interview way. I found out about this organization through PSA. Heard on the radio. And I and I thought they're pretty cool they were talking about treason and the trees in your neighborhood so this is this is going to be. An interview about nature and a sense so wanna welcome to the program tie east Perkins she's the executive director for tree folks. And treat folks as nonprofit organization that's been around for 27 plus years in the Austin area. Teresa walk into the program trying hi I am glad to be hair so. Let's give our listeners of pride to kind of introduction to treat folks. Sure you know you mission we've been around for 27 years here Austin. For most of that time we did community tree planting sinking free trees away and it's something that we still do still loved you. Our mission is to empower central Texans. To build stronger communities to the camp planting trees. And that's very true to what we do to this day but we're about half. What I think of as classic urban forestry. So education in the city center community tree plantings and parks and schools. And I've given away free trees and we do 4000 year of those 4000 choosy aha here in Austin. But the other half of what we do you. Is in our surrounding communities me working bass drop along the Blanco river. To help people recover from natural disasters that we forests and land and that's mostly private land he so after the fire. You know Chester county we've been working with landowners there we planted 2.2 million. Baby countries. There screech yeah eyes it's it's it's really rewarding work. And and then now we're also helping people who were flooded along the Blanco river recovers well. You know that fire was just devastating I. Never knew a forest fire and be we'll see like that from here moved here seven years ago and always. Well it's hot and has it rain but it still monkey but they moved here from the desert. So I didn't realize that it was dry considering the amount of vegetation we have in the area. And that fire was. So something else I've never seen that before in my life and I drove by it last year when I was going to Houston. And and I know only saw just a small piece of damage that was done. Anyone who drives to Houston is gonna pass through it. And it's also very beautiful area and dimples should go visit if they can't that's the unique ecosystem that was about to ask. Did people like a hundred something years ago plan pine trees there. Now and saying I'm EC seem pine trees. And in like dead the Lincoln National force in New Mexico that's where I grow a 'cause they're European and Al paso we would go up to the mountains. For pine trees and to cool off. I never neither pine trees and in Texas right from Houston all the way to connects OK some massive. Historically pint dominated ecosystem he lob early pines or the dominating time okay there are very used to be more of a mix now closely timber farms and so we've taken and a lot of old growth. But that patch of kinds of their best trop is the same. As a leveling kinds on the East Coast bullying and it glacial event in the glaciers were here you how the longer that was they cut off. That area of pines when the glaciers retreated. That little island of pine stayed. And so they've drifted genetically to. They're not quite as such species from the other kind group but they are distinct. OK and that they are drought resistant okay. And so win that. Ecosystem burned to the ground and you know quite a lot of it did its 95% of the national park tees there. And you know their a lot of endangered species that are linked. To those trees. And people's sense of identity we're very much tied up of those countries it's is so unique. Let a lot of the people who live there. I other moves therapy congress. The enjoyed those trees or they just have a sense of place that came with them. Yeah so. They think people there were very motivated to replace the forest as part of their healing from the trauma. Of having lost everything else to him so we go and we resigned free trees make it implanted for folks. We help them understand how to care for them into the future. And I think it heals a Landon and also helps heal people's hearts. I choose grew. Quickly very gas some of the ones we planet. In your one's wearing your five and became some of those are is because I am okay. And it will be another. You know fifteen years before you look out and really go cable that's starting to look like a forest but it's not. As long as people think it will be a long time before it they have something that exactly matches. What it was people have lost. But I think it will not look like a burned over landscape. You know it's the longest and yeah frank and in the earth has a way and you know recovering from natural disasters that's. No so what got you involved with tree folks how long have you been with them. Ice and the director for two and a half years personally knew. This organization like I mentioned has a very long history. I I personally came to this work from. Senior research scientist I was a landscape ecologist. And had that Tony universities now works for the city of Austin in a watershed protection department for a little while. And then moved into non profit work and it is the most rewarding. Being that I have ever done there's nothing like showing up for free trees. To people who were smiling receive coming. My it has been my favorite line of work ever quote. Well considering that even if you go to like all departments or trees are fairly expensive when you give someone a tree. I imagine you give some quite a bit of information for care. We DL we do you know you can move gift trees a way as long as you want but unless people know how to take care of them. It's enough to fare very well particularly here in Texas and we've historically been the baby treat people you know we enjoying. In teaching people how to care for baby trees but I do wanna mention that the older trees that we have here in Austin. Are under significant pressure from drought. And just from Austin's growth it takes a lot longer for a tree to grow. You know here in central Texas Minot does and other areas that are wetter. So we can take a hundred years to put on the growth of a tree here that you know someone like Louisiana my teeth when he. Brad it's it's a huge difference so feed trees that we hang out. Are just as important if not more important. Than than putting entries in the ground that being sent since during very quickly. Of necessity. And it and so finding new places to plant trees and working with homeowners to get healthy trees into the yards is really important part of what we do you. We have an education program. That has a lot of different facets to it. One of my favorite things is. That we use something called a fun. Family friendly. Free and frequent tree AD walk. And so we do these 280 walks in the spring and in the fall all over Austin. It's for all ages and all skill levels and and you just register on our web site to show up and we will take normal tour. At the trees that park neighborhood and help you learn how to identify them we have a lot of new people here yeah. From other places and gay love. Having an introduction to the trees around him. Trees early farmer since the place may be bringing their names you it makes you feel comfortable and familiar with your environment. Yeah that's actually it was a little toward that I wanted to take some time ago. I just never got around to it how can you know if someone like me that. Doesn't really know how to navigate. You have a web site correct tree folks Cadillac and he and under there would be under the programs. It you can't look under the programs tab under education. TAT lost him there or you could go to events and opportunity locks will be there. We're just starting to get them scheduled in the spring so don't worry if you don't see too many ranked the second we are still in one is tree planting season OK in Texas tree planting season in Texas is October to march. The best and play during the winner that's right it's a little letter the trees are not losing so much water through about vote inspiration at just about operation theatre leaves. It's so hot here over the summer and that it's really hard to plant a tree and had to make it yeah they just don't have the roots. Established to support the greenery at top. Because it's hot you so in other places the tree planting season may be spring or summer here it's the winner yeah yeah. I don't wanna say it's like an old wise tale. Where you come down a tree you answer and in order replace its oxygen. Released. You would have to plant three more trees well an order to replace an older tree manhandled a tree okay good. So it just takes awhile to get there and even if you plant three baby trees it's so it take awhile. Two it is a match yeah and a and other carbon sequestration and the oxygen production. You know and it in a city. The size of Boston or really any city you know the tree canopy has a lot to do with air quality okay. So all of that carbon monoxide coming out of the cars. You know that can be offset by an the metabolic processes trees and also trees just cool things down. So we struggle in the city with a dozen attainment you know I mean those levels and a healthy tree canopy is one of the best things you can do you. Trees are public infrastructure. Right they're not just wonderful friendly things that we like just been timely from the front yard there also provide these ecosystem services within city. So there are slowing storm water they're cleaning water. The shade is actually helping less water evaporate in the summer so when you have a shade it creek. It actually does more watering creek you a lot of people think if you plant trees along the creek they must suck up all the water. But in fact that the balance of the Shays increase that's why our military OK so leaves at their little Pollyanna again does say you know some waters of operating that more is being capped. Rate them a lot of what the city's really good at the city is planting trees along stream banks okay. We have a lot of volunteer opportunities here in Austin to help. Us help this city and help other people plant trees. You can go to the tree folks let's night you'll see. Opportunities to come out and help us plant trees and parks. Opportunities to come. Help us give away trees to homeowners. If you were really into it you could be H three docent you can help us lead tree eighty walks. And help us teach others how to plant trees we have a cadre of people we caller planting supervisors who. Sort of handheld volunteers at planting events and teach them how to get trees in the ground properly. And then you can also come out to vast job along Blanco river and help us with our reforestation plantings and we still have some of those available as spring yet. The whole thing's gonna shut down the tree planting perspective in mid march. And at that point will be doing a lot more of our educational activities. But you can always order a tree very blessed to be delivered to your home. Even if it's about the rights he symbol just puts on the list for next fall. You can always sign up for an educational activity. And we don't just do the walks we also. Having citizen science training academy. Called urban forest or its. And that's a yearlong program to help people understand in debt. Countries work in the city and also helps people learn how to leave their own Clinton event to their neighborhoods. And that's a lot of fun now and and we ran a certified. And you like the certification to be in our priest in me I can help you without. We have some tree adventures and one of the things I think we'll be working on for the fall is going to be a tree climbing course. Looking come in learn Hannity scripts and get in the trees and crime and that and that's going to be a lot of fun. You know what is rewarding about buck planning to treat I know why did. I feel like at five accomplished anything in life at a SLA planted a tree. And I also planted pine tree and and that and get on a plan to do one other one but it didn't survive. So how rewarding is it when you see your volunteers going in and they plant something. It's just so direct ya you know barrel on issues in this world particularly environmental issues that you know you can. Feel at times like there's nothing you can directly do to make something better but she can put your hands on a tree go out there and planted in care for it in there will be tree there. And I think just that tackle connection with having made the world a better place. Is so powerful for people. And the music community building people come on the plant trees together they need their neighbors they meet people they might not of that and other ways and and that's powerful too. And it's one of the reasons sent the trees and parks on our street speak to us. It sounds like you've created a program that's. That's just Creighton connecting the community together that's married here all doing something proved. The good of mankind and the future as planting trees are just giving it Torre getting to know your neighbors. Felons and houses and your other neighbors have been there the whole time the trees have in this around you felt like a happy when I said that. But they generate down yeah. Prettier original tree cutters ready. Yeah and there's so many jets figure remained it's it's kind of endless yeah but it's cherry nannies and trees are long term project and they can take a whole community. To make that happen but they also sort of binds us together. I would like the listeners out there maybe to know a little bit about how to care for treatment and put in the ground you know. Over the summer that is. Good deep watering. Every two weeks. At least over the summer he can manage every week that's good but to deep water and deep watering is five gallon buckets worth of water. That is allowed to penetrate into the soil. So a lot of people drill little holes in the bottom five gallon bucket and just walking around the tree you that's a good way to get that water in there but if you water. Every day but just a little. Then what the tree tries to do is put its roots credit at the top. And it never really develops the kind of network of brits it needs to stay upright needs to grow down right. Most of it tree's roots are in the upper six inches of soil that's Daschle for a tree but it also needs interest. You so those deep watering her training tree. To learn how to suck up the arraignment of all comes at once yeah and then to make it through the next you know few weeks of not having. Survival food use. Without also keep it from operating in the near future. Yes you get there is system established then you don't get treated falls on him okay as readily later. You can get he'll steal a lot of places and streets are a place we see this a lot. But they've laid in a sidewalk next to us nice big. Alder tree and a big rain comes in those soil loosens up a false river you know because you've cut off. A big part of the root system that's keeping an upright. Do we in Austin have. Like a tree you know what I mean like liquor really get your Blake. In California they had that sycamore tree that unfortunate US we will have a favorite to you know I think AM yeah and which ones are favor I have my real favorite. And a few favorites well and then there's the iconic favorite if anybody really knows about and that would be the treaty at. Which is massive and there's a lot of cultural history behind it it was one of the trees it was here in Austin was established. There was a lot of interplay between the native Americans and the people who came in to establish Austin that was not. Positive thing but a lot of the consulting went on around the treaty -- and is it really you know going out and sort of Reading about it and and looking up what happened with the streak. As a good way to get acquainted with Austin's history but my personal favorite is a thorough look behind the Sachs got theater. It is so huge and so pretty and I love Brooke so much and there's a couple of Cyprus along the lake. And I really like because my personal favorite treat is as cypress tree come from Louisiana. I did a lot of research there. My grew up there and a nice big cypress is enough to really send me those are ones. It looks like pine trees that they change color in the fall that's right they're the only decision was tougher. What about you what's your favorite tree. In Austin yes or any or anywhere. Do you know I a really enjoy it like it could like solid oak tree but it. I think in San Antonio I saw one that was some massive by the Alamo that they had I have. And supporting the branches and I just I just enjoy it when they're really. Well it really spreads out. San Marcus has. Is that the sycamore trees or is that which when they love I have Cyprus along long the Cyprus is that they do a lot of sycamore tea okay he woke. I guess the ones that change colors in the past those type of Cyprus Seattle. And in San Marcus when I went to school there. I loved those trees along. I guess. I guess along the creeks are where they errors of river that runs right through the middle campus just because. They felt shall taller than you wouldn't walk underneath them and you felt a little on brace underneath as well I don't know I hang out and we should join us for our kayaking create detour with him you have that we're gonna do one on kayaks and now here in only reflect our suite. Yeah. I've also noticed that. With the labor lake in older pictures. Hello mysteries. And are now is that true. That's right let's proclaimed OK you know and it is flooded frequently he and there had obviously been some disturbance that. Had wiped out and the trees that it was kind of bear and the trail foundation was instrumental in getting trees and around the lake and nobody can imagine. What that trailer with the lakers feel like without the trees there now that tells sort of wedded to them we are but you know. With mankind comes. Because some very serious tree planting and great care if you can get behind it. It's counts just such a good example of a positive impact we can have and our communities instead of just constantly. What feels likes and degrading the environment by air presents. You know with with the tension in and we can build the kind of environment we want to listen you can't. So were the it's a future for tree folks but it what do you intend to do more. Well I think a pretty good level right now we grew a lot. Yeah and the last few years. We went from a staff size afford to lose you know rent fifteen people now. A what I would light. To see is more communities led. You know volunteers and around caring and specifically for young trees yeah. And parks and public spaces and around people's homes and I think. I think the education part is so important. And we'd like to just do more and more fan. If you would like to help ST at U that either buying. Donating to one of these programs investing your in forest. Or linking this up with somebody who could it. Then go to treat folks that'll work. Feel free to donate or to try to send email. You know getting in touch with us and telling us how we might be able to access what we need to go in these programs to serve even more people. That's pays you do have events coming up as well within the month of January correct I got. We have quiz for the cause trivia for tree folks and that's on January 24 a that's going to be defendants Atlanta prairie that's one of those geeks who drink. Yeah were the beneficiary welcomed the identical hand speed bag I see a couple of events for January 9 at low for listeners to. Certainly hear about it now in Aiken you know connect with you that way as well especially if the doctors wanted to dreary I think that's. Oh come on out to live brokering company on Tuesday January 24 and play trivia with us he will all be there. It's going to be a good time and and all the proceeds that I go to the organization. On Friday next Friday we've got to Blanco river planting you know he can drive down there and to help us we forest and the following Saturday. We are doing what's called a Brady set plant which means planting tiny little samplings. Along creeks eyes here in Austin. And gravity Lian Barton springs drive at 9 o'clock in the morning. That's Saturday January 28 and you could certainly. Sign up for that. And or later that same day you could come out to the treat fast at the Lady Bird Johnson wildflower center will be there. Educating and talking to people and leaving little TNT clocked you I think. And I think at like the listeners who know that before you go to any any of these events that you should really check out the website that tree folks dot org. Because they give you some safety tips as well as Gingrich and the path that they just all something as in you should Wear long pants and. Right if you sign up on the website we'll tell you what you need to now go. If you come out disarray for station where Kate yes he's deadly riddle long pants in the pits but in a week we have what you need again you know we have snacks and water. The gloves in some gloves Andy card has everything that you need. And we teach you how to do it we walk you through its with a really low stakes. Volunteer vintage stuff for we will provide you with everything you need and it's great for kids he utilized asking me bring their children absolutely. Kids love doing this and we like seeing those Muppets at their little hard hats on. It's it's an awful lot of fun now do you have anything that you would like to have. I hate you know I'm insists that like to encourage people if you are interested at all just gives com. We have we have people on the phone. Who can help you get a tree I had carefree change and anything eighteen. Sounds you know don't be intimidated that it justice pick up the phone to this call and let us now. How we can help you learn how to care for your enforced no human trees away is going to be up until March. Yao will be giving trees away until March. And then they'll be a gap you and then we'll pick back up great in the fall after that. And we are always looking for people who want to be morning. I'll even be supportive. And I think you know we need the media members and even workers. For your listeners out there who may be just isn't in a higher level surface. Well tase I want to thank you again for coming in and speaking about your organization. I really appreciate it and I know. Thank you that it's been lovely to be here and really appreciate the invitation. Again at street folks dot org tree folks out Rory. Can learn about their programs serve danced turned a volunteer. Get a free tree tree folks dot org. This is inside us and we'll be right back. There's something very dangerous in your home. It could be hiding in closets for weeding in the basement. It's not sharp or toxic or flammable. Either helped send more people to the trauma center within. Any other household item. Hey I'm doing a fever and gallbladder forming on the better idea let's just call somebody to clean the gutters are. To scope out a few leaves I'll be done and hard at all. It. Using a latter might seem easy misusing one is even easier ask any of the 150000. People who fell off their ladders. Into the trauma center last year alone. Don't let me do it yourself project. Do yourself fan. For tips on letter safety visit or go info dot award. A public service message from the American academy of orthopedic surgeons who want to keep your phone safe strong and well connected. Loom. Welcome to inside Hamas and my next interview is with doctor Bradford he's a doctor of pharmacy and he's here speaking on behalf of an eight CDS. The national association chain drug source foundation. And for the March of Dimes speaking about the Zeke a prevention campaign launched in Texas Florida and Louisiana. Doctor Bradford I wanna thank you for joining me on the program today. My pleasure. Extravagant doctor Bradford would you be so kind to Leonard listeners know a little bit about yourself what this year what is your background. So I'm a part of that that actually specializes in in public how so everything from on infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis C. Com influenza and pandemic influenza response. Two emergencies. Disasters and border by other focuses of the type of studies besides emerging infectious diseases he get. Many bola virus are deal Q it epidemic but they're talking about emerging infectious diseases. A particularly at least seek a buyer spend and how we can make people aware of it and help prevent some of the disastrous complications that occur. And it's she would put women at child very nature pregnant women. Get exposed to seek and pat but not sit there that they're fetuses. As eco was the probably one of the biggest stories have broke out and 2016 correct. I would say so yes yeah. So. What major wanna get involved with the March of Dimes then what and they CDS foundation. Did he reach out to you our current incarnation of. They approached me and says I don't who worked with them before they any media foundation and to the web and our last spraying when. We were. You don't have really and cutting edge of learning about you know what seeks a virus linked to I conceptually and other. Burt these facts that we were just confirming that in the spraying and so we get a it live webinar. Whipped represented at the March of Dimes and meet the representing NEC BS foundation. To really get the word out to help professional and really anyone. To know about this in relatively new and relatively I don't see is that don't virus so we don't have any. Not right now any vaccine or any real treatment four at. And only in the last year and we developed really the proper diagnostics. And figured out what kinds of people need to get tested it would be get tested so that's what I got aboard to talk to folks in the areas at highest risk to make sure people now. What they should. Be cautious what you know where he is in the world you can go to the March of Dimes. The CDC. Web site toward the NEC yet web site to find out. We critique is right now and infected section there were local. She's been transmitted by mosquitoes. In Brownsville and then do it do to a successful eradication campaign it's not just a caution so again especially focused on. The pregnant women. The because presentation is not just for mosquitoes in those areas it's also through unprotected sex and of course from women to their a pregnant women to their. If fetuses. It's important that everybody knows. You know but the symptoms are and how it's transmitted to end. You know do you Betty to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about. Being comprehensive bid in what the symptoms are when you get recognized. As one of the biggest concerns for being in wine talking is that. Only one in five people actually had any symptoms. And they're pretty mild symptoms greetings with a lot of people are pro shop you know CDs from red eyes eighties some muscle aches and pains and you can change. Either Taiwan dollars due to benefit to treat those things that. Yet not not very you know sometimes there's the PR. A lot of the time there's a rash so look like a lot of other common viruses. And it's only going to last maybe three days means seven days that the at the most common genetic code the way. You may not think anything now that it's important when people type symptoms even though people rarely have symptoms and especially if you're in a relationship. With someone who's pregnant or pregnant herself for thinking about getting pregnant the older I think to really watch for. If you're. They turn it into a relationship with someone who's traveled to an area where there's you get if you live in an area where there's because like for example Puerto Rico. I think it out of the news right now because it has fewer mosquitoes. And you know because we're paying attention to it. So Billiton the sentence to be aware of those little things try to your doctor or pharmacist about how to perpetuated and the winter and spring and summer are upon us breed mosquitoes mosquitoes begin their eighty did you kind mosquito. So we all can work to. Wear mosquito repellent and trained areas that are collecting water so mosquitoes can't. A reproduce state these mosquitoes don't actually travel very far so it's possible to eradicate that was strange but every person can work to. Prevent mosquitoes transmission. And tradition that it requires themselves to. Now once again seek is in a permanent virus. It is not permanent. I think what we've got about the past year or so due to the hard work yet. And now we have contribute funding from congress. About a billion dollars due to research. New vaccines and new medicines. What they were fairly certain about is that if someone is proven to be infected with some of the new diagnostic tests have. You're only able to transmit it for about eight weeks to hear a woman. Are your man you can transmit it to someone. To six months later through tramp protected sex and so those are the things that. If you're in by I. Lectured unseated him it didn't send them a young female students that yacht traveling to areas where they're seeing yet let it get seek I don't know what happened. You know because an attacked howls. Is the degree of birth defects that my children. But it future theoretical children they have and is it and that's not the case of the very common question but if you get infected. Over time you'll not be confident your test will be negative you can safely. Term planning equity. So they got an important point. That you are pregnant and you. And you you acquired cica. It's important that. It's important that you keep going to your doctor's visits to support that year here. Wearing repellent. Using barrier contraception are seeing them sank so that you don't transmitted to other adults adults are also at risk. Options such as speedy as well our babies unborn eighties. I don't can get it progressive hero on condition wary of temporary paralysis. I'm called DR Grey's syndrome. We don't open directly linked like we are confident that birth defects. Like micro step cleared these small hands and developmental. Disabilities and I problems I'm still Burks all of those. Port birth outcomes are such it would seek it but it will also be affected. Outside of being. Sort of what gives DD you can get it done it Tito and you can transmit it to other people so we all need to be. Vigilant about monitoring where the disputed have been trying to reduce transmission in every way. Listen be ignored right I mean if you you know it if you don't live in council where again you know helpful as they wayward. I didn't have any more more children in my house that is you know I'm good I'm going to Florida. Where I travel the taxes are you know by traveled to Puerto Rico or or South America. Or my wife does he that we can still transmitted to you know people what their neighborhood or people. That school in my wife's a school teacher she had began and it is June here and it in Rhode Island Massachusetts and she didn't know she had a you know again what only wanted to try people symptoms. There's the Pete at the bite her and buy her another pregnant teacher. Now there's the possibility there that it can be transmitted that we haven't really seen that most cases in the US. Our our travel so it would people acquire sun directly from the place that they haven't. Only in Florida and taxes that we see where. People who had no travel themselves. Acquired from mosquitoes. In that in that region. Often a long way delayed I know from from Brownsville but it's. It's certainly plays critters mosquitoes then that. It's important to be aware. And get a you know there's other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes to the advantages. Of using spray incident. Is it helps prevent those other diseases and in that area contraception for people. Also prevents other country. Transmitted infections that not only teacher and so I think there's other public health benefits for people to be aware of just no infections are transmitted and how we can prevent. They're transmission. If a listener right now would like more information I I see that they can visit Zeke had died and Nace he DS foundation dot org slash. March of Dimes. And and the campaign that. They UN and there and they CDS then and the March of Dimes have launched. My guess is that you just launched the campaign correct. I'll we greatly because the tour a few a few weeks Dahlia. And so as the beginning of the year did you do it as. As a way of a preventing. What happened in Brazil a team to keep from happening in pretty much a southern states of country where you know mosquito breeding is extremely high. Well I think I again I think that the dirt the CDC in March of Dimes. Or you know most especially the March of Dimes to the EDT and CDT foundation and any tedious and patient in the their their mission is to protect the health and well terror of all Americans. Where the mosquitoes are circulating you know where where I live there's that this species can appear that treatment he get. Is that here there's another species that but maybe here but again it's it's not found its frequently is that is. In the movie is yet scored in taxes so we need to target the campaign to do. To alert people to be aware you know you're vacationing and in the Miami area. You know be cautious sore or maybe delay. Your trip if you're pregnant are you planning it for. Toward July. You know be aware that there might be areas due area's premier hotel is that if you're pregnant or UN. Being pregnant Jeter partners pregnant when you travel. I'm be aware of those things it really you know look the public health promotion is really having keep be aware of the risks. And once you're aware of the Richmond you can be offered solutions that those web sites and again the CDC web site and any CDS foundation web site. Offer some of those solution been updates on. On how old were tracking the disease have been trying to prevent infections. The doctor Bradford do you have any final thoughts or words of maybe and I'm being involved with this campaign and what you've learned from researching this disease. I think what I learned is. We build it it disease and other diseases I've research and net. It added that it is one of those diseases where you may not know the effects of it for months and so you know we had. GAAP students seek that we could still births we've had. You know we've had babies born with micro centrally in taxes. And that does these you know we always focus on other diseases that. They kill a lot of people for example influenza is widespread in several states right now and one that killed at the 30000 people every year you know elderly people. Probably the majority of that. Population we have a vaccine to prevent that the when that. Cities are trying to promote the existing vaccine that which. Which helped prevent disease particularly don't have a vaccine. But we're studying want to keep we've got some great candidates in the pipeline. It's important that we let the public know and help professionals knows that they can talk to one another about cure this disease here's how it prevented. Because. It wasn't afraid Norman. The disease even they knew what she doesn't even though she's pregnant. There's some data that the disease has much greater. Side effects on the fetus on the growing fears. And that there's greater developmental delay and again while the baby's some are born stillborn those that are borne by conceptually have a lifetime. Of treatment. The group costly treatment you know which is really relatively minor to the devastation of these families who have raised. On this child from a disease that the police and some part. Abdicate some of these prevention messages. So that we don't have to have so we can reduce or eliminate. Those kinds of birth defects. While doctor Bradford way I want to see so much triggered joining us and giving us all this. Useful information. Again the web site for a any information on Zeke can be found on cica dot and a CTS. Foundation dot org. Back slash March of Dimes. Doctor Bradford went thank you again for joining us on the program that you have been my pleasure today. And going to need and they're going to need us all of he's going to help if you want to and you can't and you're fit he's going to need a determination. Passion. You're going to need the next generation of leaders to face the challenges the future of tree. And we can't. Beat. Best. Today for aids is scoring the next generation of leaders support us I have four H dog org. Yeah welcome to inside Austin my next guest. This is a shape province and she is founder of the third annual all were now going into third annual. Children seem BCC fashion show. The Shea welcome to the program needs you so much for having me really appreciate it well I'm really glad to have you here we were speaking. And that you were talking about this foundation and this program and how it got started. Escape her listeners some background about you. Sack sometimes LA to call myself a professional volunteer. I've in nineteen that the clinic they cancer clinic adult children for about six years now. And I also had done style lean projects here in Austin set organized fashion show moose and help style footage it's. And onsite have a lot of contacts Mary and so. With this events that I created it it's kind of a mix of the two I've combine the two passions I have. Into creating this and that kind of fashion is one big passion for exactly how did you get started in that. And you know I just always loved fashion and then. And how. You know Credo if they can make you feel and so I just kind of started helping friends and family with diet and then eventually started working with some groups here in Austin and so is it just kind of happens and I'm very fortunate and very lucky to pad those experiences. And right now my focus is just this particular fashion channel but it's. Kind of come full circle and become a really Great Dane and a great way to. Stream my past so you say you're a professional volunteer to be SNCF has had. What it. What brought you to the cancer clinic and Dell children's I mean it's it's a great hospital we we work with them every year. What inspired you to walk through those stores and and give your time. He has kind of a great story how it actually was able to to start helping. I head. Known and lady was a make up artist and she had volunteered for this event. About seven years ago an atlas a property that was been held until children's. Four of the kids that cancer clinic because a lot of them because they're means to stand and how they're feeling. They can't go to their problem. Like they're me existence just cannot take it and can't risk yet. And so promised created specifically for them to they can still had that experience and and that a their hair down there make it done beautiful outfits he's still beautiful and time when. You know it's hard to feel beautiful like the and I just thought it was a brilliant nineteen and I wanted to be a part of it. And so I actually tried to volunteer for about six months seven months get a in this kind of hard because there's a lot of good people of this community when a volunteer during. So. I kind of put that aside for a second inserted Valentin added trash shop in the very first day I was on T mean I asked that dress shop owner. Adam and it's awesome fairy godmother. If they'd ever heard of the property and how we should help in patient help focus would be great collaboration. And she said what actually. Actually given their addresses every year they can hit their all their prom dresses from the store and I can't go to the meetings this year will you go. So my first day volunteering at this trash out got me into. Being able to help with the prom and so that's kind of how it started and haven't left. Then and there that I helped with other events so like their big holiday party Ian. Races since I've become very close with a lot of people there it's kind of like my second emling. Well yeah I mean Nike said it it's hard to get in there and once Syrian you wanna dude the most that you can possess children. Now the event is Sunday February 12 whom what time does a star said the doors open at forest parity. And the first fashion show it is a really start to fight dirty money to people tiny get there walk around who had so many and things for them to do there. I'm just gonna get situated we'll start about fighting with the fashion show in the end. We have a long list of five events an asinine so what does that lay out look like I'm I'm trying to picture what a fashion show would look like inside the hospital. Actually we are not having it at the hospital okay 'cause I don't know that we have this base there. But we are very fortunate in that we do have a venue annum that is in super supportive of us super super supportive. And fair market which is east that street. They have been phenomenal in helping us. Kind of growth this event so our first event was in 2015. In July and I was playing him weakening element. But it kind of grew so fast it was so popular that we're on the third line in less than a year and a half while that's how quickly it's yeah about a stranger than math. Yeah I sent an ad yeah it's it's kind of but the kids in the failing isn't the clinic and the community it's kind of become a really. Great dating and I so much support tonight back yes fair market is where or how it and the Adam we kind of haven't really great set up. Very professional teen friendly show us nice yup there's an open to the public it is open to the public and it's the only friend me. This will be our first year to sell tickets. But it's. Every ticket that is purchased you'd go straight back to that fundraiser and the fund raiser. That we are raising funds for it is for the hungry patents. And the hungry banks as a teen support group that is part of the cancer clinic and they meet once a month. To do fun stuff they had I flyers 65 hazard to a movie home but they do once month and it's a support group so that way. The kids and the teens ski and have people that relate to them and meet new friends within. The circle their kind of living in right now. And it's and it's happy event so that way they haven't distractions from what they're going through so. I've kind of become close with that group and so I raise money for them so they can do future activities. Hmmm. So that's that's whether amateur tickets so yes so that tickets appear to anyone in app are twenty dollars again. The money a straight back to hanging banks. With that ticket you do get a free signature cocktail that is teen create depressed by it grates am. Community supporter source Kraft cartels though twenty dollars gets you entrance into the fashion show and the free cocktail. And access to all of our vendors and we have a life ninety minute concert at the into the night. But I love to talk talk about his I'm. For 21 and under it's ten dollars okay Hulu won't tell us more about the concert and asked how most music. Jack I am so excited and so grateful we're able to bring miss us our first year. Two awesome have a like they hadn't. And it was kind of requested last year after a second showed that. We have sort of celebration to and then he. Not only for the kids and their families through those who conduct for all the volunteers who put their time and so it's kind of like justify an after a celebration. And this year we had seen the night owls which are local. Soul band much who really excited to have and wanted to BN net. Kind of praise dance music fun for the kids. So gas so they'll be joining us where the concert after which we hope everything on the stage for. And this is our surfers you're to have. Full bar service is around. And how few tracks so have everything you need there you've expanded. My. Yes yes and less than three years yet and a half in it's I'm so fortunate and so grateful I know that. It when you added is without the community and how generous everyone's been he's so I'd I definitely want to say that I know this would never be possible without the community. That yet I. They've really have stepped happened. We have food trucks and shop been trucks. Full bar best interest for kids of course. We have had maybe production company how mean and setting up of maybe making station for the kids how sweet we have voted news we have these teeny Henna tattoos we have a raffle. The fashion show as well as. The concert afterwards he had this already sounds way more fun than my high school problems. Yeah well it's I mean it is a lot of fan and so I guess that's so at this kind of stand firm prom and this I Philly when I saw that girl's prom. Even the guys. 'cause the guys what's funny is I've learned is that. Teen boys actually love getting pampered in just such assessments is the girls maybe even more which is awesome but I am. Let me see they get dressed up in the you know pampered and haired and make it done. They feel it their face lights up yeah that's that's what I saw every year is how old they just lit up and they were just so. They felt beautiful and move to mean I seen if we can just give them another opportunity to fill that. I mean they deserve it you know everything's going to and so she sent another opportunity. For not allowing them to feel beautiful and celebrated and camper it and loved. But it's a chance for the community come together and see they physically see. Who their help lean and you know it's an important let them know that they are luncheon that we do care. Now do they get to pick up their benefits and aid to those so what's great about pride it's. They several local store owners who are helping us and so we assign. They do we have a list of kids and we assigned them to different stories and they get to pick. Too often teach him and they get to pick usually a fashion Jessica team. And for our show they just take whatever makes you happy whenever they put on that often they love it may feel good and confident that's what they Wear so it can be anywhere from. Athletic players to a formal cam but it's there's place. So the acid it's picked their profits and then strap them on their money. Baghdad has got a yen sounds very they have hum something really fun night catalog going non. You say it's it's it's a little difficult to get with the cancer clinic at Dell children's who volunteer but are you having separate volunteers or is are the volunteers all coming up until children no known unknown caller her. I would say. 1985%. Of our volunteers. Our community commentators so if anyone wanted it is so if someone listening right now would like to involved. What this because there's still some time to February 12 grade. Would they be able to contact you only have. Course I mean we would love that. Actually still looking for a few vendors so that would be great. And with our with. The volunteer Reynard say your business wants it to contribute contribute to there's two ways you can donate and that the teens on its flag acts to take columns and just the teens so they each hit a bag. It's full of story and make up and journals and gift cards it's just for them. So we're definitely still looking for items to go in the back is so they can take home. I'm really excited. This year Tiffany's. Has actually partnered with us and it jewelry story originally story. And the donating items for each of the teens to take home which is pretty special. 'cause with the cost of medical expenses. And whatnot I think. It's a very nice it's something that the teens puppet and have access to rate announcements. Where can people contact me so we have a web sites. It's www. CB CC. Dot fashion show atx. Dot com. Or they can actually email all that cancer clinic probably in I. They'll give him my information he or are they can email me so at. A YE SAP at Hotmail dot com so we also have a FaceBook page if you efforts under. Children letting cancer center fashion show. And on there has all the information about the event as well and and eventually let him buy tickets there are eaten by him on our website where you can actually buy them that they had a particular. So add another part of the event it is. We I wanted to share as well and I'm really excited about is. Oliver vendors who will be present act the event whether it be the food trucks or at the change stations or. There shopping stations every dollar that you spends. A portion of that will go back to our fundraisers so basically every. Every time you spend a dollar you hope ministries funds for that the charity that we're getting back to the fund raisers so. It's basically basically a win win you know you had a great hamburger and your happiness. Give money back to. The teens at the cancer clinics so. I just want people to know that every. Every penny counts and he didn't so go to the event. And go with an empty stomach yes good anti spam summit and there's the and could hit it looking for some fun things and I do I do want to say to that. Ad and mention earlier this is a family friendly events so there to this year we made an effort to make sure that there are. Am sections for it specifically for kids so they have stuff to do as well so I think we hope that our ages will come and enjoy it with us. Well. A shape. Before we go. I just wanna ask you one last question if you have anything to add. Whether be about the event or your time spent following tearing. The fact that it's the thirty year and you're hoping to continue until fourth and fifth round. Don't we have had. I'm you know I just gonna say that's when I just started this say it really didn't imagine it being where it is today and I know I am it's not possible without the generous community that we live and and I just wanna say then so grateful. Because all the time on the services donated that. Everything that we do look really does have an impact armies teens. They look forward to that fashion show they talk about it day it just gives him a moment to shine and I think that. That is so important for them to know that they are loved and cared about and they are beautiful. Because Eric going to analyze it in and I think Luke. You know in these times especially it's nice to be able to come together as a community. And loops chairs the goodness in the love with these kids but I guarantee you you'll lockout Phil leaned. Very touched me very. Happy that UK and it's just a very low filled events and so yeah I really hope that people consider how mean and and just showing these these teens he's preteens. That they that we care and and that their London. And we're here for them love and that's. It sounds like it's going to be great day and really help families rollout because I notice one thing. As when you go with the family in your bring your children with you. Because it I saw it myself at a young age you become very fortunate. Two count your blessings as in how lucky you can. You are and how like it. Too just not be going through. But some of these kids go through on a daily basis so it's it can be an eye opener to as well who. Count your blessings and and realize how fortunate you are and give back and make peace his feel special. Yeah for sure I mean it's it's searcher I mean every time. I'll be going to the cancer clinic after this person filming regain. And I will say every time airlock and and I walk out I have a fresh new perspective it's it's it's very I have seen no matter what your Charlotte is. You know sometimes it can be bills are I mean have so many parents to do when you walk into that house similar to that clinic you walk out. Knowing that you are so lucky to Claxton. And and you did your blessings so it is a very. Great perspective. Moments and I'm just so grateful to be able to bring a small moments in these at least it's. Bush Ellen thank you for coming in speaking to us today thank you so much I really appreciate it. That's a shame province she's the founder of the annual children's CB CC fashion show it's it is Sunday February 12. 2017. More information can be found on CB CC. Dot fashion show atx dot com again that's CB CC fashion show atx. Dot com. And you can buy your tickets there. You can find a way to make a donation if you can't make it out as well. This is inside us and we'll be right back. Have no place to go after school will make Leadbetter student. Having an outlet to express yourself makes him a better artist. Having something to do together we'll make you a better family. At the why we're helping build better friends listeners writers swimmers scientists and musicians once again for the time he ticket to opportunity. The point comply at lions being done now. The wine for a better. Oh the book lovers touch these two healthy for words and the nature lover's heart it flies time to turn. The idea whose time drumming vibrant with common. Food lover's heart it's smooth it's a crown winner here at the music lovers tell us how it's always in tune and Mac lovers and scientists trying to us. But the heart of some pulmonary hypertension PH or short. Flavors. PH it's unbearable stress on the heart which can cause deaths from heart through there. And it's often misdiagnosed his asthma the woods early accurate diagnosis new treatments are helping people with a PH lived longer and better. The pulmonary hypertension association gives hope to teach patients and caregivers. We want people to have. I'm that is strong. We're putting our earnings of signing it European morning PH association I don't work NS PH association.